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Saturday, January 20th

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There comes or before I thought that was jerked him ahead it was Derek maul and apologized and Erica was. Trader ray and friend that you use and wanted to Pomona and you know he knows marriage Erik Dirk was on top of that he was he was ready to go. All right guys news and notes and know there's a lot happening Western New York athletics broke the story first gesture day. I was blown away when I saw frank sent me the message. Aero and why it. Francis laid out a smear. Hurt this year from maple girl football he resigned from his positions. The story is sigh he'd release a statement yesterday. And said that his time was done he wanted to focus mourn his Stanley. He eluded to that his kids were possibly seeking deeper. Stuff going on it's a shame if that's true certainly. But he left his position as softball coach those earlier in the fall and then he took a leave of absence from his basketball coach shop earlier this month. And then officially resign from an end. And from the baseball team. How can anybody give the fishers any kind of off lack consider what he's dawn in Maple Grove the new Brazilian wins. State titles. That this like Alabama covered out of your theory if an elevator where to best season or your calmed down and exe com mail almost threatened so law. Okay neck and it ran into the fours but they're they're still a lot of people out there that thinks Alabama should not have been reports lead out of bad German. Yeah that that that's for well alone when I invite you which is same in other words what I'm saying is is yep. Summary that is highly successful we should be cars at all and we hear him basketball. The Arab or be told stories about people upset with. Our culture and a state usually can't watch Malia Malia other people enrolling him in the owner approval Ono and her friends coaches Asia get used to go undefeated every year and if you don't understand memorable then maybe yes maybe you can keep your job com well you know he still. He's still a 74 I was behind. Monologue which German coach who just retired violence senior moment again but not yet couldn't act occurred Fisher. Tony you always you don't like what I see you know we know comfort and all Western New York team all star team to knowledge. I don't go blow you tell me about your players I go blow you tell me about your opponent's players right and Kerr up minimize it you know. He was the one that was always. Saying you know. And sometimes overdo Oreo. Or have a tough time it is here in numbers 34 over there. As soon as his last high school games that he's not even going to allergies origin of the NBA herself like yeah. Point being I love that style by all the time building up the opponents instead of me at all print your own guy and the back and all that I like epitomized that do you Ali a social let them smoke perfume. Yeah always treats me and you know off. People Don and nearest point treat me like royalty Saul why we will never know what hey you know hey you know. Every doctor is a city its own yet occurred right you're going to be immense. You know all detract from law. Where when UN translator drawn pad dead in those Randolph. Maple Grove football game apps that were always African all and you're going to be massacred. Best wishes. Isolated. We have now best wishes are right if you are a fan of basketball and you go out to Wilson High School on Tuesday night. The lake man in the lake women are having a fund raiser. Bring your nonperishable. Foods and they do this every year and it's great to that they do a great fund raiser. I'd get out there on Tuesday night in support. And the fossil cash girls' hockey became the ninth player Ing league history to score 100 points she team that Thursday night meaning three. And she got a hat trick so good for congrats to her and the cash shocked family. I would say Elliot ball on down and knowledge of those now the school's all time leading score after another big output the other night hand Greg only last night itself was honored for. Surpassing. Still stays yak and he's now the school's all time leading scores there it happened a few games ago they waited for the next game non rooms though. Why don't ask ask him I want another thirty points he had he's he really scoring this season which you know in the past he's maybe had some more help than just. Played all around that not that he doesn't have help this year and not that he's not the moving the ball but boy he's really gone out there on the shares that kind of funnel on Smart player. He had and I guess she. They've probably come to a conclusion at least a mostly just some miraculously. He probably won't add cash market poll. For raw deal as time career assists there. But I thought even when they told me yet as a freshman that he would break places to pull off ruling couple played five years. Parties terrorism is greater than through an analogue in and then I then would be a stretch for him to break that record. Greg didn't play varsity until it was a freshman any of Greg had played varsity. As an eighth grader he would have had a shot at dom waltzes all time points record because I think he's gonna past 2000 before this season's over. That's incredible now it really is actually. Cry over here you gave you you've you're have the opportunity. Colosio play at least once. He's a sight to behold I know what I like about him when I play against Dominic Walsh is there a mitigating these. The world and all that you are given me nicely made from eight it's only about 130 years ago. Why not. Coach job Paul puts him on our coach John-Michael. Puts him on. The other teams best player. And the other team's best players in the surly guard Greg so that's what's really most impressive about him. And sorry I didn't make Atlanta Sino is just so we've been on the weather but. Again congratulations. Through law. Greg in particular an old gold and fail. Congratulations our guys anything else for news and post before we move lot of talk basketball just real quick off five weeks later the news finally put out all the all Western New York teams from our Russian sports and all I hadn't. Just. Obviously too many to law mention all that money you reach out to law Rick Taylor Ryan from law. Kicker Aaron she's drawn the line for basketball she also made no western new York and volleyball. Our friend rich cozy actors on read all these CI CI that he wouldn't deserve a little bit of personal wanna give a shout. To am shocked that Casey enemy we know what kind of ice hockey player is she made all Western New York in field he is well. Granddaughter. 1964. Cents a Ingraham Tony. We won't hold it against her. Ray Sanders assistant coach at west Seneca west event and from whose nose before we move embodied. Major brought us that was our analysts were foreign forces this week. When you move. So some love there you go with that as part he. Forty points on the night when Western New York popped off it was on Tuesday night he scored forty there was another guy who scored authority that was Tyler -- on ran off and then there was a host of people that go over thirty that night it was a big night for whom yes are you choose. Who of course was in the week he's got. Truth if it can work. Are his talk of basketball Centre court's always a pleasure to have you in here don't think there's anybody more knowledgeable when it comes to. Boys basketball in Western New York color and appearance of the boys themselves well that's a hole pushed hard. Extremes excuse me. So don't talk so I don't know hurry didn't he do disrupted by bad everything anything because we laughed and cause me to cough I've been battling a virus since the end of November. And it's one of those things it just doesn't wanna go away then paint guy in the league to start the week off it's been a pleasure don't worry I'm no longer. Contagious. Thanks to doctor Simmons. And those miracle drops that I had it's good to hear that and find out there on the way and then I find out I have a deformity in my eight years were my ears are not slant is so it holds up fluid in my years causing. Legal lose my hearings has been a wonderful. Stretch right now. If you're wearing a helmet when your playing football writer couldn't have been more caused your problem I daily I did you know yeah. That's the problem brought it was it was eleventh he hit it yet look what no face mask. So that's what I've been dealing with and our NAFTA have tubes put in my ears so hopefully we can start to miss. Get myself feeling healthy but I did return to the gym yesterday rich got some of some time on the bike seat and did a couple of miles. Walked out managers cost nods. It is keep going through I am I had this is the best I've felt since so late November. I wanna get back in Alastair lifted and get my health back all right guys enough about to my sad story let's get and a how basketball like we sent Centre court army regardless of our large school were small school. Some teams that are jumping out. Really seem to be doing very well park usually tying men. All west Seneca west Lancaster Niagara Falls. And on and and team is doing well we'll your thoughts. Well the biggest game in town is this afternoon and I think it's got that's got your top two programs in the area. Parking kinesis going at a at 330 now times already beaten park so. Certain and Amex devote time and how to park right now also certainly they belong in that discussion to health sciences and small school ranks. Also deserves to be in that discarded get a number on global last night the. They gave creation is all I can handle a good challenge reckoned on December. They did and that you know I knew how good health sciences was obviously I I didn't think that they were going to give kinesis the game they got and I came away instead pay respect to the falcons based on data legitimately hung around with nations that whole game and you know that the think he's just won by double figures maybe twelve points but there wasn't a double figure game throughout it was very tight. It was very close within the last 13 minutes what do double header was finally been reports were that we will solve some time. Talk about four teams will tell me in Ontario Toronto yes absolutely. And resort. Us a case where any one of them could knock off the other on any given night. I I think I'd like this game today I don't know what's gonna happen and I think that's going to be a big ones kinesis kinesis is that part this is a huge game this afternoon my guess at times are you knocked off park. Tenacious is knocked off time and will solve knocked off time and yeah I guy I guess you could make that case it right now it's it's it's up in the area less uncool west who's fourteen and all the clobbered everybody. Saint Francis has a Winamp will sell this year so desperate are just right off the top yeah we've got a hole and then makes vote in the poll little difficult in here I was gonna. Ruffle someone's fathers when you don't have them higher than someone else on how you know. Believe she's got a lot to compare you know this one beat that one this one did well against the other. So you have a barometer there I do yeah and then might my defense is always hey I'm I've seen all these teams play and get now two games and it doesn't mean I'm right but. I I'm put as much thought and effort into this thing as I can and I'm trying to explain it away with as much logic as I can so by the way if you wanna get up to date of view from center court so that's where you wanna go. And you can check on all of was Centre court is. Put out there other teams that are. Maybe took their flying under the radar rate now but they're good. By. Internal. Honoree Aaron would be the proper terminology. I expected a drop off from Saint Francis from a you're going all that. Three they're playing well and I understand last night he beat saint Joe's without rather wrestler. Yeah. Both record and play last night and they they still got to win at San Jose a said that to a couple people who that was that that's a good win for Saint Francis to ruin you and on the road without ball I was impressed. There's very impressively managed really well. Street Joe's no slouch in the normal course Simon always has them ready but that is that that shows that it. Saint Francis is obviously more than just ball on both are only start that came back this year cell thing up four new starters and four new starters without ball plus whoever came up the banks to fill that spot and went and got a good wrote one. Why some of the other teams that are catching your attention when he's when you asked me someone plan under the radar I don't think they're under the radar but. Tapestry tapestry is being classy. They right now seem like a clear favorite to come out of the section on winning there. Having a great season. Freshman treat you banks having an awesome year forum Graham plumbers put up some good numbers there. The reason I have them as kind of an under the radar team is there's a lot of good small schools right now and their hovering right at the bottom of that small school Paul right around the ten spot and the reason for that is they and a lost O'Hair who's in there you know it. Yes you always got to kind of justify were your slot in the team's. In having them that low it's it's it's weird like there was one week where I wasn't able to vote him in the palm on the next week equipment tenants and you know when I'm. Put it on paper I'm like really that's as that's as high as they can get on but you know that's. You gotta go with what you write like you're going lead but that's the team Berger the team that is flying right. Are you going to bulldogs bulldogs took me a no college overtime last night. And milk does a seven year this year so there's the team and burger also got a big win over Franklin hill who is there a force in class gearing. I like that. You just remember him at. Well. I teams that aren't living up to expectation. All why do this to me capsize it. Not necessarily an expectation what you thought they do better. A team that I thought would do better. Let's let's come back to the island and another one and I'll think about a team that I thought would be. Better than where there right now OK we'll get to that or media and the next segment's talk about a sharp breaking down the small schools and you mentioned. You know if you wanna go in an order by. You know. Would division feel free but you know who are who are and who could we see apostate this year I like that question okay so buff state this year I think. Careful now if receive small school golf state this sort of preschools sees in these will be counted James are okay. Well they've already got a reserve saying there for polian you can come yeah okay spacious ballpark expects it does ML blacks can help. There there there are excellent again start and all underclassmen Orleans for real seemed. Same ball and same program they'll be there and I just different player I saw it's NC and and I think they're gonna win class B one. I don't know how they doing anything crazy if they are always Antonio what you wanna call them the cause you know one year of their bad numbers over yup and a next year their bread numbers income dropped down to be one meal from me to be one and the ironic thing is is when the year and after all there. Seniors are blocked and graduated in staging every Tuesday runner up the may have to go up in a while they get all her. You know bumps and bruises in class a and they're experienced and managed sub opponent beer at all was received. Unfair all hooked east schools do here they are proven play being able to play against C a schools with one more year guessing experience of one all. I think it says a lot about the feeder program as well our youth basketball and that area's going to be tremendous and a player that they have was under the radar and and shouldn't be outstanding point guard Mike Schmidt junior he he's so fun to watch such a good like a true point guard for that team and he has this drug busters that team drink right now. As far as other teams to get to buff state in in class B one play. I mean Cecile in the favorite. Then there's a whole lot of competition for her you know who's gonna play in that championship game against them and trying to in the back shot and that would include teams like new feigned junker clinical wanna. The pew. A team that's way under the radar CS ET CS ET is in class B one they play in the top out well just got a big win last night overnight wheat field. Watch out for CS ET show on upn and Berger who rarity mentioned they got city honors who's a B one this year. And they look like they might. And uptake in the Euro cup to a race. Got a big win this week over we've who was amnesty silent so. And that's just in class B one. Be true I think obviously health sciences got to be the favorite we're considering them the the number one small school on an elite school overall in this area sewing class B two I would look for health sciences to be there. On middle college is going to obviously be big contender now at their up and be too. Teams Michael wand and JFK has sickle on December of a very good season so it's silver creek as well Arthur the other another and see that's OC is also having a very good season I'm Wilson. Maritime charter there's another one that's under the radar air time charter is. The beating the teams they need to be in their competing with the teams that you know once given the chance to compete with. But I think just saw and I know our job when I had an Internet presses three games it's always single elimination. Went. Looked on the line and anticipate only in vs how science from the crossover. In debt that's also technician for all the places there and of itself should fill a place of you wanna see some awesome high school basketball. What are the dates for rob Boston this year and I Jamestown. And believe that's it. On say that first weekend of march is that that very the first Saturday in March is when you're going to see those new findings of the apple finals. Friday night did Jamestown. Commute and yet you shall we are acknowledged would be what this season is d.s. Saturday. I have to go through reformer I'm sure they are we're a first aired. We aren't either Friday march 2 would be JCC championships. Says starts third is the buff state so what are we looking at the middle of February is the last regular season game in that Nazi blessed regular season games are supposed to be played by the sixteenth they moved to the they took some of the panel came make up games and put a month February 17 so that'll be the last official day that anybody in section six plays a regular season game. We're both emotional we manly games so you have to worry about power there are non league games so I don't know begins play today the seedings about the only way out exactly about the oil wants and pilot story about his view of what goes. Pre pre quarter finals let's play and to see you please who wouldn't prix quarterfinals and it's only guys pretty. There's so many schools in class. Our guys let's take a break when we come back and star break and continue to break down western or basketball C. Which teams are we can look forward to in. The playoffs will be back with more and inside high school sports. Now have free Iraq and in the free world where actions site high school sports. We're also joined by coach Parker and divide T gains of health science they're gonna come and we're gonna chime in with them and the last segment. But before we get into that we are talking with Centre court about Western New York high school basketball. Centre court changed that. Need to ink could go on Iran. To make it interest. Let's say. We were talking about the small schools when we left off and that's when I was looking at and as soon as you said that I I looked at a team like Allegheny limestone down a classy. That's a team that has the ability to make things interest thing they they could be a team that sits there and that final the end of the year against tapestry you know like. I think the projection of carlin's looking at I would say position topple lake tapestry final maybe silver creek gets summer may be ran off the incumbent you know. They get there and and I look at a team like Allegheny lines on and say hey why not them because. It where they're competing in their league this year they've got some good wins they've got a one of those senior Lleyton teams that maybe they don't have that stand out but they're a balanced team that. Did see that way so there's team that I think could. Nickel Illinois global concepts open there you with a big win over silver creek pencil McCree got him in the rematch pairing classy that's the team that I know wants a bring little shined their program right. Com. Alec you build on a class. Now you've got Franklin villainy start trying to consider the two horse race in. And Alec velvet they lost their first game Franklin villain and Franklin go kind of put it on the guys shoot and Isaac cap and the reason I came in the game got away from them. Still wouldn't just. I wouldn't hostility developed this year that's a very good small school you know class the small school that's that's as good as most solemn and I could see Allah give bill by the end of the year. Canon Rana everybody's parade Indians wow. I see capital three point issue ruin the surprise another captain to three point shooter remember brand cap. Earl sharks years ago says Bryan Caplan perhaps the best three point shooter he ever saw from a down there. Yeah so Isaac as a cup I guess in my bridges is much nature's it is nurture. He's already got two games this year is hitting threes down twice now and then when you look if you go on stay website and look at state records that that's the where it starts is 83 pointers in the game so wired I you know. Coach ask Allen said should level Mona to add Isaacson into the book and there are times too while. See our anybody also small before we jump to the large. When he mentioned Franklin from legend legend mention Franklin real well last thing we're talking about the small schools east title last couple games where they've it's like somebody kicked the hornet's nest overrun Northampton date have been. Beaten teams up and Willard Sterne a pop often get has just announced having a great year over there. That's a team that's now down all the way down a class B when I started covering high school basketball. They were the overall a champ now and they dropped to be and they went to see now there are indeed Wahl watch out for the Panthers in capacity. And every place that defense too yeah yeah won't starling has his radical approach to basketball. You'd Tony you know we all the Chamber's 39 points if you'll have to score forty to win this go radical is unbelievable you have what is seen code you're alive or bad but you have. There's a defense wins championships. OK moving on to. March. Large schools we're where we're gonna project who we think is going to be there at the end of the year going to be a slow start and class double analysts at team we were talking mode over the break and I don't think we've talked about yet and that's Niagara Falls. And then asked since Roger just did one of those famous quotes that he does every week query says a few you know you only need to score forty if you hold the other team to 39 the other one as. Have Niagara Falls doesn't win class double a this year there should be. An investigation. And ago. I. Cause casts a TO ME he's amazing. Not just with the x.s and o.s but what he's able to do with this teen. It's just corn. Ask them to you know has he has some core beliefs and how he wants this program run and he sticks of them and it works yet eight heat in makes no apologies for who he is or how he runs his program he he wants kids that get to class he wants good grades he's trying to make. People that are gonna turn out to be productive people on in society and he sticks and dad and he said he does go in the hallway at 55 guys to beat my team but I that's not the player on our right and and there's so much talent and that city in Niagara Falls in to the players he has he gets them out there and he's down always plan they're young this year aren't thing. There's some other white meat greater contributing that they have to its creators contributing to lake. Probably high major in the future eighth graders and progress well Lightfoot variety dale gathered a lot about the double is gonna love life in the next few years yet absolutely. Okay it's dug it back to. So. The country see the fall's gonna vote to groan about state I do I do and then there's there's a whole host the team Rogers at because rusty and Mike literally that when I'm looking at who who could be staring down Niagara Falls and a double file it could be north they can be Clarence it could be Orchard Park block port Jamestown. Lancaster. I mean whoever runs and the other Lara Logan ready wanna really go hands right it double double a.'s wide open as to who's going to try to challenge falls but. You know as we said already launch an investigation files doesn't punch their ticket to the regional. Trek up the band cry out and saw a class a one that's another one where there's so much like. I wanna say parity it's it's that deep class this year there's a lot of good teams and classy one but setting up at the top you've got will sell and less cynical last. And it just seems like there on that collision course and she has a smile before and I just when I say that I look at the teams and I wonder. If their doors in the McKinley Mexican place spoiler today collision course because. It can you imagine that they're talking about it and a one file that doesn't include the masks so. That's a hurdle and I act you wanna finals always McKinley version rules now. Is it that like in the rules with its its bow out which say as the rules I don't know I the last two one. Fourteen years how many fans have been has anybody what are one or two and a 121 when your own. Narnia. Was it the first time it was and will sell. Or McKinley since that nose went. And you get me out the copy it I'm sorry there's there's there's it's it's one of those deals where it's like out of the last ten years it's eight to last ten that the youth. Advancers one Arnold some Williams's night finally it's one of those two teams is always there that he you get a few teams that comment and insert themselves once in awhile on this here website Nicholas looks like that team as traders say sorry guys we're here we're sport on the parties. Right now she had he talked about less cynical less they're currently thirteen you know is that something it's sustainable 1414 or know after that stunning it's really stayed all the people winning streak with that going. In basketball I think that less cynical west you know if you want prediction I think less cynical last shows up in the one filed a 221 record. Now. Yes I do I think they're going to be. How lost her on his you see you see one. Where they'll be going in was having been battle tested as opposed to going to relatively easy schedule. Well you know I've thought about this late the will north has probably considered the second best team in the east here I want my life program and their treading at number ten in the large school pole so all you got less cynical west they believe this number three or four and then you got north that time and then there's no other teams in the poll. But like I said before they're all so competitive and so close to each other like COC a lot of jockeying of positions by Tennessee's and ends absolutely and and you know what. People got to remember is. West cynical west is classy one everyone in their league is class double its of their competing in the league full of class double A teams. And they're the one team that's classy wants of the picking up atomic power points there winning all the games by double figures so it's not it. Their their playing some pretty good teams but they're taking care of business when they do and that's what you got to remember too is they're not just getting by teams there hammering teams. That's pretty strong yes. OK who the usual. Yeah right 282. Is like. Is why idol generates I think is there is this year. I think in the pre season I predicted South Park who played in the final they're last year. That's the team you know there. There's my answer your question from earlier under the radar playing up to no team has not playing up to expect all ten are not where I thought they'd be I would say itself park this year. I thought there were one and have a stronger season a pick and win the Al company picked in the win classy too. I I don't think I would stay within a prediction right now I don't think they're gonna win you know Koppen. To win classic who's going to be tough one it's not that they can't it's just a wide open they would after gore run right you've got Amber's got lake shore Maryville Lou port Cheektowaga. It's a pretty wide open race down there and any year where Christine can flight whim of the rate this year classy too. That's what's really be difficult to project and I was going to be there right now aren't very typical parent off we gotten in all the bigs. Yes we how Obama senior Murton. As a balcony shifts. No not now kinesis. Because layers that today he's got to play park. We don't know holiday games going kinesis to me is the favorite and how can not be the fearless as dominant program they ban and they beat this team called health sciences race this year her. Okay. But it's now it's it's there's no guarantee vote but that's who I would have played a push my chips Florida pushing for for contagious but. It's part is so good so talented it's it's outrageous. And then. Time has already been in Saint Francis. Saint Joe's. Drop down with a small schools that's the Superfund race with Saint Mary's. Nagger Catholic. SS Dark Knight Catholic as make its colonel Aaron Nichols. Yes it nagger Catholic has. All underclassmen line that they throw out there they remind me of park from 2014. That was the first year the partly in the monsignor Martin and there was all this talent. And and run that we're at heart come from the like an overnight sensation much the same thing now or Catholic is. All these kids showed up at camp but this year and they play their butts off they're so fun to watch. Jalen bread very. We keep signer. When Al Burch Amy and Harris Jamont turner there's a lot of talent over there mired Catholic right now. The Ky starts. How does Western New York. Stack up against section five. It's the that we stepped up. Pretty well class they want is gonna be real tough they've got a couple powerhouses over there and class a one man around Kuwait he's a sailor antiquated. Double A I think I think we got as good chances anybody. You know to win double you sent if we send Niagara Falls out there. Class B I love our chances in class B you know let's let's say it's health sciences comes out of our section I'll put them up against whoever writes Esther wants to bring growing class B. Class C they've got northstar Christian who is. I think ranked higher than tapestry I think tip street billion game no college has a win over then mr. Christian team already. And I think tapestries a comparable team to no college Donna class. I think we're winning a state championship and ST I think whoever comes out of the section when the class or when the state championship I just don't know who's coming out via the cities as of Franklin Roosevelt. What's rational that we've got multiple teams they can get it done. We've come all that I love request this is the most fun quest you rate we've ever had. Wow and it's off doing is they will be battle testimony or section five cruises toward just to get to that. Far west regional and class. For sure for sure and then section five people tell me. Then I'm way too under valuing Clyde Savannah from up that way that's that's the team that they they think this coming out so. Well. To see get a lot a lot of athletes kites and and others who law Maple Grove being in the far west regional for football eyes of and a very good lot of athletes that are. Question solace form when you when you think about which teams from section six could could move out. In my senior Marten do we have a chance as state championships. Definitely. Definitely will thesis is ranked number one state right now on all of class say so that includes the PSA Alvin York city teams and includes the public schools they. They said at the very top of that right now so. In my mind. And no look nation says bet on the team park has no on the team time and has I expect us to win a state championship this year and you know at least the Catholic state championship and class than I'd love to see somebody punched it taken when the Fed too because. I don't see why they can't have both representatives in the Fed championship from this area might not. That got us on net. Was it when Niagara Falls one. No Nichols one of federation requires anyone will let you ask not what we had to locals are playing each mightily in moderation was that he went east lake nations. I don't remember. Would have been on top eighteen and ask all Western New York Fred final that would should talk to Iran and I stand corrected. Yeah after they can and I think what it would have been traditional the traditional beat need shifts in the federation. And we gotta go we're going back you know hello and thanks for my charity that we assumptions on how proud I was when Niagara Falls when the state championship. That they played. That it was a match up locally for the fact championship all know that they didn't they've they've beat Arnold that's right they be a Long Island our team. All right let's take a break when we come back from knows how we're gonna have our coach type Parker and divides he gains from health sciences ticket. That ticket hit the east tall. At all. Rick it's talking to them. And the other side of the break don't forget sports talk Saturday is coming up at a lot of men. Our sabres against Dallas at 1 o'clock right here on WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports than the sports talk. Saturday coming your way as this has sabres against Dallas Stars at 1 o'clock. We are joined. By Dovonte gains and coach type Parker from health science. Dovonte gains will be headed to Tennessee. To play and continue his. His basketball career before we get to that though they are education. Parting and education and education of course I think that kind of goals without so programs brings to know. Thanks rich from always taking care of me. Centre court you have an effect. Our cover up well south wasn't to get what's called the center court classic it's going to be it will sell its February 3 for game event starts at noon soy got a game twelve to four and six that day. I would love to see that please allow for an. But I I arranged it might pick the match ups they reached out to the teens and I got the ones I want it. Well my whole concept was I wanted to see Niagara county team play these teams from the southern tier like let's take two teams that would never played each other that are good that got all their horse's back and put him on the court together so that day we start out wouldn't die you know. Was a two time league champ on the end all they play Franklin bill. That's your first game that you take delicate bell put him against new things we've got. The two best teams in the nano taking on the two best teams from CC AA one east measure first two games your third game is Saint Mary's. Against east high. Which is a great match up of two of the top. Four small schools in the area. That headliner. Dovonte gains and how sciences taken and Greg don't will solve Wahl who OK see you got. You got a couple future division one guy's going had a had a couple great programs like it's a great day of basketball I would love to see people get out there. You never seen Elliott bond play universities in America and play get out there and watch these kids Jalen Cooper's ness of that. You know we're a lot about him is right all Willard Anderson's the cement Anderson good talents and good match ups. I love to get some people out there. You argue more adamant that if we're. Waiting to argue with someone who has were stunned. A whole lot I'd love to see it I love ensued the crowd wonder why I just surprises you get as it is yeah yeah NJ yeah on the heels on what's ahead. The you told you guys not to kick you have to hear it makes it brings out to you. You're you're about to join some of the greats of the Johnnie flowing Christian Lleyton and Lazar Hayward. Don't moan brown Paul errors cliff Robinson those guys came from buffalo you're going to be now on that list going to a big time school Tennessee. My first part of the question is how did you choose Tennessee over new school so early and my second question how's it feel to be amongst those names are. We'll go home we'll going to hear mainly have a lot of offers us alone. As some mid majors low majors. On moment to Tennessee for the camp they offer me an. I thought about it for a couple weeks and a final it would be to this place for me. And join in indexes on name sign her tone is where I come from harm and no laws and we just have a player. Hinges. Grown up we go nuclear Iran today. Homeless. I hear Tennessee's a beautiful campus in all areas is gorgeous. So I think you can probably really enjoy enjoy it down there. The level of competition you're gonna go be going up against is. That's pretty stacked not used to go rockets government might be impediment. But pizza took over that. Good things from Tennessee you know Katie why were. All push yourself ball two years ago she went for UB freer and and transferred from her and her from her dad and I are no outs and run. Fantastic things about the University of Tennessee he gonna do I'm proud to do you approach. What does I mean. Just the fact that yeah major. Program like that you know knock connection door asking you to play for them as kind of special. Do you feel that. You've made it or do you feel day you have to work even harder now. And I just begun. And on until we're going to officially years. I don't think I mean is that there were to open and nobody know me wouldn't there's so academic and if so what part of your game do you think you need to improve on. Although on school wise for excellent game and allies France's. Slowly he says he's. Can control before going out there. This is something that you know you you get in coaches here. You know a coach Parker would like need to work on what you see in my game. Oh me so I only had Agassi living only on mistakes running game went into recorders we could to practice such hours on most things. Our coach with ties on nor are these in Iraq's was putters and how much care and attention outside of them the sports that he puts in with you. Talk about their relationship between close partner and when what is movement for you when your development as a dismantling them prosper over. Those are so blessed and hassle a cliff parkway is. Giving help me since I was eleven this is plan vessel on the common man to zone there in teaching me teen side. Lifeless as dial in that song education is important. Things. Lot of people get trying to get near here now that you're going to Tennessee. And the elect wanted to direct Jew and I'm sure a lot of it isn't good meaning what you got a lot of people just yet and that hearing now it is by no. All right see your stay focused how you do own and classroom. Would you would you want a major and I'm on the right undecided and ask faster better and better refresh and have to pick a major. You know assaulting that that in case basketball doesn't work out god forbid injuries things like that. You have to have that to fall back just like to ressam was really no we wanted to learn managed to Antony hey I change majors more than my socks hurry. So it done it happens a lot you know you don't quite know some some do some pretty focused but I was. Let me get into college let me ask you okay so my electors in first and as SeaWorld wanna go from there to stay productive yet that's when you do stay productive coast. What was that moment that you knew. I mean you met them once it was eleven so when it was a moment you knew that he was going to be that guy that fits our guard. Well it's actually. Allison was a McCarthy part ways and like instantly turn what are your cues we are one planet gets the team. Little team. And a CS IX. You know you know Romo willingly or it's really nice excuse Paris hi wise how tallest our taste our listeners know 67. Oh yeah six and aren't right right where we got to eat some wings. You know some weeks so. A suicide that I didn't you do as a game garden went on and I'm looking and oddly skills to be. Young with that size so offered some also. If you know I think. Do we Lehman you work miscues and she's and things you know maybe commended for us to be something and actually that's when I accordingly ticking Beck didn't Wear when I First Lady for. For those who don't don't know the ticket is Kevin Garnett is of hall of fame future hall of fame and Gabe Blair and that's who he reminds us of just look at. It does have that that fast food that build what are you sick coach where do you project have played in college will position. He's gonna played on the wing of the tour three but they also like the fact that he played point guard as well as six. That's a good thing Tony is different than nobody seems to be you know up until just momentarily. 67 he's not gonna play it was back to the basket he could play the one that two more than three has 67. That's a luxury at any level but I say and the level. And I essay about Dovonte who by the way he's good he needs eighteen points in his game today do you reaches a thousand for his career so. Our data we got by halftime right we think that's common. You know we all know that Dovonte can put up a lot of points and and he bends the rim as good as anybody in this area cash a check he and he is a heck of a darker. But in watching Delonte this year. Ty was just I must point guard skills that's what jumped off the page to me about him is. His handle how hole. Quick he makes decisions like heat comes full speed into the lane and he's either score or make in the right pass at the right time he keeps his teammates involved he is not a selfish basketball player he's a great defensive player. He really is detail the player. Qualls and I don't know where NBA's going to India is going to have guys 67 there have on the ball. That don't have their backs to the basket that are shooters that are making moves and then. I mean. This is very. In the past and paying. You know I try to you know we've wrongly accused and size height wise. Is in the NBA you know guards who seeks. 656 feet. So you've got to have a skill set to be that size and million away from the big name game like Shaquille O'Neal style players. Mental distress fives now so you've got to be a regular on the corner of some type skills that today's cultural would you like to see him work moron. Yeah he's stronger in the weight room he's got to do his body you know and that's one of the things where he's going approached who is when targeting military prep academy when it's the next season. Well because he's lot of things and yet the world for you to Tennessee that your organs by the U mormons leads off. You know. Always get you better excuse. You know what in the discipline side of our religion is like them it's regret. I mean as a basketball school right now he ranked third in the country. But you know we can about six and one of workouts and will be able to earn from classes and make sure. You lose the right way is supposed to be the hoses things that are affluent kids need more discipline in his and they. And before you take a step and go to a par five conference latency. That you need to do some teachers and Toulouse and president. Before you get peer he's already qualified. Including house knows raises great so he's his golden years to become better bass players get better discipline that we get more determined. Focus on what we do what you don't TC. Coach recommend you aren't on your guidance of Dovonte. Outstanding stuff. Obviously you're doing the right things for them. Special look to your club today the rest of the season Dovonte best luck to you can be followed you the rest of the whale but everything goes your way. And we look forward to read about you was seen you in the NBA. Center court always a blast to have you here. Will try to get chain here or we have to be junior when we get. Two playoff time again that's middle February after CDs and I'll talk more boys basketball yeah thanks very mean as as as load on. Rich Frances and Roger Joseph thank you for producing we'll talk to you next week with more inside high school sport to us.