1-20 Jason Pominville Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, January 20th

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You find that we would definitely. Make adjustments but he has definitely. That's not the way you wanna respond after going to give a corner when. We spent a lot of time in an. So we got to respond better in math and we got momentum that Boston red hue and you can do it against teams that. Teams that play that way that don't give up much and that are that that's all it. His mistakes are wanting to tonight I think there was some lack of effort to time so it zapped its usual park yeah. A 100% sort of saying like that. The way they compete the way they battle the way they they executes. You can tell that mean they play and arguably the toughest division in the league news the central and every team every points in part for them in. They showed up and they competed they battled. Yeah they may place. But they defended. Our effort was wasn't good enough to the play with a minute how do you convince each other there hey that's not acceptable and in any game. You have I mean it's it's not it really isn't. I'm answerable. Come to work tomorrow and have a one of those press practices that are going to be about battles and compete and but yet it that we should now at this point I mean come on let's. To hasn't been around them and it's the way it is every coach soulful. Take pride in and telling us if we computer if we didn't and obviously tonight. Pretty easy to see that we didn't and they just outplayed us.