1-20 Josh Gorges Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, January 20th

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Yeah I mean. That's it that's a good hockey team with some high end players. And what do they do all homeless he just created turnovers through the puck in behind us. And went to work and the unfortunate Chevy. Through the neutral I mean there and they just to just go out compete. And that's what it takes wouldn't this then in this thing. I like I was saying earlier featured already that although effort compete I'll. Do you know when many others. Is it how do you convince he chose that that's unacceptable you guys have to do it together as a team. Mean we can we can see in the room. You can tell guys. At the end of the day. Such yourself. Nobody in the week you know we can make me. Do it I have to do myself. And I can make the next guy he can make the next guy that's at some point we got to look in the mirror. The onus is only on ourselves. I mean we we can talk and we know how many. Not to go crazy in Kuwait Bachmann and how how many years we've been talking about us trying to turn the page trying to figure what it takes to win. And more to make just who have. We estimate that since.