1-20 Kyle Okposo Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, January 20th

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Thanks frank Kyle lump. Is it fair to say not enough effort tonight. Sure is. We Cisco worked and in it and came on the first period and to skated well known that it. Competed in the we go our tonight and made it one step forward two steps back with this corporate. It's broken record. It's. Frustrating. You know forget. Can find a way to work every name is. It's. It should be our thing to do come come to work and work. That's it that's that's what we needed to do in the and it's just we didn't do it time to convince each other to do that. I mean. It's that's knowing our question I mean. We've had stretches where we have. But you know time we didn't and today we didn't and it just it's. I don't doesn't make sense to me it doesn't and doesn't make any sense. Loss for words are now but we got to find a way don't come to work tomorrow and you know worker or a soft.