1-20 Sam Reinhart Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, January 20th

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Sam mistakes are one thing that was tonight more earth this afternoon rather more and lack of effort times also. The times I think. For sure I think there every year and they're strong in the battle. You know from the start I think. There is a little push it's our second. And on your close enough of them we needed to compete with the team of that caliber. This isn't a new conversation that we've had over the years I mean how do you guys get together and decide hey that's unacceptable we have the better. Def I mean. It seems like. You know early searching for. You know for for whatever reason it's not. It's not working so. I mean it's come from all. So. The U there's there's there's there's something not we find it if it was an easy answer. New Hampshire I'm sure. Over here argument you. You know we don't know yet we go we got a social tomorrow we're competing and hopefully find an answer. And David room and all day all night on Thursday if you made a concerted effort just to get to the net neutrality must work there. I mean I think that's been my mentality earlier. You know I actually think it felt. Whose velocity discussion there which is I mean that's what the couple more bounces. He's not that that form so. You know I think. Been there it's just a matter of five finding the puck come and and ways for the puck finding me so. You can keep one. Notes it's tough out there and I'm sure you guys the group can understand fans' frustration to cancer I mean nobody likes to be booed off the ice but. He and I'm sure you understand where they're coming from two. Yeah I mean in other tournaments so. We got to be a lot better for them. I mean that they'd back us now my three years here that they've they've Baptist fallen and you haven't given them the best products that we reform.