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Monday, January 22nd

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Hello Allen for a fact he finished strong he had the big game get central Michigan and he's got the physical capability that could do the job in the weather conditions like Ben Roethlisberger. And Carson went players for the quarterback will be compared to what that size in the N for the challenge norm strap the mobility and how that mr. Competitiveness we're playing in Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Baltimore every year well yeah that's why I think Alan wood for me with the big time arm in the thick body was the reason I gave him that Floyd as Joseph Rosen and Arnold. Phone home well. Josh held the top of his mock drafts. Me night I'm kind of a bill clipper fan but. A 100% he's he says a 100% a lot quarter percent Josh known as the top of that mock drafts we can change it. We can you imagine ESPN rolls out another mock draft and it's the same. Wait Mel we talked about this. We can't have passed. How we're gonna get all our guys walking around pointing at stuff and that's all the same and we can't have the same show. That he had to be sure you get out of that. Josh Allen. For well at the top of milk diapers big board. Joining me on the AT&T hotline is John ledger finreg sports and and DT scouting John I'm told you flew to Birmingham today. At the mobile allow them for Google it's not every year ago proper game. The ought to prop that especially at quarterback than usual tigers talk about this. You don't although it normally the team all the you know the back quarterback proper early at the time it may be argued that wake arsenal at that I wrote about here by. Usher group that we could this year's epic political talk show a lot of bullets and the major hurdle here hurt her beauty that I credit but so gym regularly. Yet even though the bills ended their playoff drought John I think I still feel like we should be talking about that are here. Maybe that's obvious may be that surprising I don't know but the bills at 41 and 42 I think are some. Kind of candidate to draft one of these guys if they can. What do you what do their chances feel like at that spot in the draft for somebody that maybe you would think could start as a rookie sick. I don't think that they're great to be honest just because I think Cleveland so fully go quarterback and number one on the Internet. Yeah yep then heard yet it's jet fighter that on the diet that you probably address that as well and if Arizona at a level recorder back a couple things that it's. Vote to move up the nice thing about the Pope this and if you are trumpet the fact is that poppy together. Lou popular got a good chance to compete if somebody going to boot them out got help and offer not a leader you know there are five or move it up. In the draft a quarterback you only eat franchise changer so partly to fit like that is no big deal also. They're gonna have the opportunity to do so something like that I think. Early opera that does it would just. More than a lot of other people want to vote for quarterback like. Maybe Jack and bill ready expert at the same or other teams in the back in the first round that are also inaudible they can't really offer a type of back and go. That's some and that that that the bill out there then is that. I would expect then to try to try to use it brought the awful the next couple months. Pride beginning ears start put the word out that we'd like to try to move often you know see what you'll come that I out of the next couple months. John ledger on the AT&T hotline from Federer exports and DT scouting. John as you sort of take an overview of this group at this point as early as it is. How does it feel compared with last year last year we talked a few times we ended up with quarterbacks taken in the first round of all traded up four. You part of this is enthusiasm. For the players part of it is needed to position we again have teams a couple of phone a couple of which you just mentioned that. Might be looking to the future perhaps even New England. At at quarterback so did this year compared to last year what comes to mind. Well I think it you have a couple teams that are at every kind of the clear or a back seat to the pop. They identify those right away but what does its job picture it like you said. There's a lot of playoff scene that he quarterback that you don't see her often so Leo is that at a time where. The charters are going to be looking in the viewers are going to be looking in the picture. This article is to back up so they're going to be looking and yet so there's a lot of that is being back in the first saint literature greed that situation it might be looking. The jaguar part. Al back a little black book is so. Maybe the law says there are just a lot of options later in the draft. And because there were after the collapse really isn't that great I don't feel like teens are gonna have a lock on the ballpark early around. And I don't think that is seen as a particularly deep draft. So I think that you're gonna be harder movement in the first round. He's being very aggressive and all heavily whoever if the move up I think that problem without opt out in crisis character previous years. Just because of the competition from fox I think you're gonna be a lot of work on it. Our leadership in this great year for. Strategizing. Properly on the GM but I think that they try to eat they didn't get something out you know that strapped to your team like. You know setup in the first travel does not accord or maybe the art and the movement come off office that he's gonna somebody's got in the jump up again at quarterback and there's over. Oh Washington or some of those was a rookie might need a quarterback. They might be able to come more at what I call even though they want to gain that they got a bit of a cute spot really that position to avoid it and I call. They want budgeting it struck that it can that they can they'll come away with something and such as what example does the couple in there might be enough votes so I do it how to wield beyond quarterback under. John what would you say of the giants in the colts in that respect at two and three. I think the cold situations really difficult to reach it because we don't know anything out of luck out that it. If you I knew that it doesn't you know and go there at lucky feel really good about it your lock itself that I think that probably is all the or often turn to go I would assume that. That's a good sign for a La Salle coach great. For everybody after the game to beat you it's one identity quarterback but he felt the what but it also puts them in a situation where. It's hardly eat it Detroit got to get more. Or they sit there and take really be ultimately got her in the draft and Alcatel which is what I think if you're a lot of battle would know that app and how to. Helped fuel a lot and strap now a guidance. It's one of the best player in the hot seat and he doesn't hit it in the deepest group that stock up throughout Europe and India put a giant. They've kind of said it sounds like settlement that they organized that we're Eli Manning. But that really doesn't have a life quarterback in my opinion committed outplayed our right away or they may be out there wiped out and you know Rosetta and got a bit but off the ground do you put first and Garland got shout out good mover. In the road the top guy in the straps of the drive through Orlando have been number two. Are the giants are out of their roster got to play better they they got to become a better this year but they have a little bit rosters so. UN a guy like Rosen it to be your starter for the next ten to twelve years in the UC LU I mean does a great trade chip. Yeah you can cry if someone really valuable for Eli Manning if you end up creating a market seeing it is or back away. Eighty something like Jacksonville on the technically return there and have their quarterback of the future with some of the best weapons Italy would have an anchor and a BJ. During chocolates and ATP doesn't really pretty. As long as Cleveland straight straight to our runner on first I got a more about quarterback in the draft position itself. That future assets but yeah anyway Elam and at some point. About four more minutes left here was John ledger affair and re exports urine WGR. John and I'm curious about Lamar Jackson who. But I can't tell you now lol what happens of course but it feels like if the bills are too low for certain of those guys there may be not too low for him. Pollack citing his seat. Dagger. And what will promote the site that he significantly. This. He's not about something Ottawa the other guy that's certainly. He would like you're in golf or opt in doubt just like Josh out clearly decline that saw it earlier though he either goes out automate our. You know so there's concern that makes it Rudolph was it Curtis stepped forward you know some some of these other guys. Your state say yeah or got worse off of work it out here were marked acting. Literally we're good passer now I thought the ought to start a little bit here. But I guess that act by a factor at all levels feel a lot better decision making patient on the part of a lot better. So various dog perk but definitely we're gonna I would say. Polly's in the leak or about right now subsidy and felt by. Anti Catholic or black and his responsibility. Such practices. I can't real avid dirt he says that like our coverage. Since I took those down for a guy like Jack and yet you go into our got a quiet with the that it actually are there and they're basically. It's just. Watching what market act and every time it was north snap every obvious. So. You know that the limit what you can do with public and flexibility little bit easier it's that special athletes. And in this capability to make these apple would like it before about it's vital that put. How they are hardly ever go very shocked people because yes so that'll be able to escape those planes in one but attic Akbar played. You'd like to call it he got like got it either until. You're usually though honestly it. It can get better passer than the biggest thing our character is it artwork out of regarding. Absolutely totally confident in his ability as a quarterback and his ability to play at a high level in about why that error. What and a pop in there what route out and elaborate what that assurance that they've out early in the draft. Didn't matter what is that about where drop during that he became utterly yeah it dominated the level. I really believe it is quality somewhat followed Opel. He loved the game I think he thought our curt never thought that she should mr. another position or as the third player that without. John last thing do you have a particular idea for the bills you may not but maybe you do. Where you think like a certain player even if it's not a quarterback is the right fit maybe it's a team as there there will be some of these. Were you think may be a veteran is a better idea perhaps Jacksonville what do you what do you think about the bills what would be. Right now like a great result for them. The watchers here that they needed somebody like Al quickly become ill or it's not. Even though it will open order for you meet so all pushed. This production and I'll be able all but we're so much better yet real order black flies out here you just got it in product. Separate lives away and making them back side that I'm like god and the problem provided that is great uncle really. To me. Not you know one of those depict the or something pre seed order that. And that you have to be able capacity that's why many hours sitting up there rumors started the ball Washington's really. He offered out of seat and that I think you got it yet that how shall I saw. I'm you know so maybe that edged out structure they. It's been disappointed are also all Shaq Lawson Jarrett used really hot and cold player in this week you gotta get a guy in the house were dominant. On any given snap so I don't doubt that maybe it bottled here even Brian Cook war I think the only local option for them. Don't even outlawed paint from Alabama yet today from Washington I mean. They're the what do you think he's on a wild cheers Pete and supply draft. Especially the talk and I think that it really benefit from crowd I like that it could be the damage that's the one that actually take over the diet but they keep a couple away. But I think that something along Equant the auto the edge and a wide receiver quarterback probably their top priority. John I like it have a great time at the senior boy appreciate especially that you came on right off the plane like that thanks a lot. There's no prospect of a trap you know who that person.