1-22 Nightcap with Ryan Gates

Monday, January 22nd

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WGR. WTA has played itself for the upcoming told our goals are started and why are releasing its press kit. To prepare working clowns for the movie. I'm wondering if it. Loan. Hello. I wonder if the V world clown association. World clowning association whichever one. If they did lose that big chunk of change they were talking about. They're really worried once that the new weight came out because apparently this phenomenon. Went all that came out. They're real lose money due to the fact that kids are going to be scared clowns again the kids haven't scared of clowns forever. Is that some new wage phenomenon. Kids being clear scared by clowns. Really scared by clowns really scared and script clones job. Now new people who worked here. Yeah and now as this. It's just. Just this this funny guys is this jokes here over here I mean creepy meaty definitely creepy creating phase in February no policy. Follower sprays water actually expecting ants. Then we heard. Weird weird people outside if your clone out there and I'm sorry I don't need to put down your profession and I'm sure that your. You're doing for the kids for the team and for the laughs. Clear out there trying to the world while I sit here and microphone and talk about that sports teams. An Alley can be daughter. Like I'm contributing Major League society something like what would they also are not appreciate the fact like clown. You call somebody wildly that is not a no that's not a couple held it is that an insult it's absolutely an insult in fact it's one of my favorite insult to toss at people. You do you call someone a clone is like the or you're not serious. No one takes you seriously your clock. And professional clowns serious clones you're right if you don't appreciate the work clone. Being used it is insulting manner that probably like for you to use a different clock. Well apparently there of the world clown association president that was mentioned in an open is no longer in the world clown association president so we must not of done a very good job is the new. President is named Pam moody. Cambodian mean him and moody OK well apparently the clone union voted the new president presidents and Pam moody now the CEO. Of the whenever the clown clown union and struggled on the WC AW CA in the world clown association. That's right. Our rights and the nightcap that's Jody BIC running gates right here. On WGR. It's such a weird week for the nightcap. The sabres it's it's sabres after dark week. The numbers sabres after dark week which means. We've got to 9 PM games coming up in the next two days at Calgary and Edmonton for the sabres. And that on Thursday. At Vancouver which at 10 PM start. On Wednesday there's a Niagara basketball game auger. Currently tied third in the metro. And they're gonna be playing the team they're tied for third way finance banking and can be. Be carried right here on WGR. So that means Thursday I have me he faults show I think even now the seat is now. How cognizant of things I am going on around here. I think that awful show on Thursday an awful show on Friday. But odd today tomorrow boy got an hour winds they know show Thursday Friday to fall shelves so he's says it's a little weird. Little bit of a weird schedule for the nightcap but I'm here tonight and we've got our Super Bowl match up. Our Super Bowl match up between the Jacksonville note. Now that didn't happen. That it didn't have a look for a little while that there was a possibility that the Jacksonville Jaguars were actually going to upset the New England Patriots but that goes down the typical path. That we're all used to as bill stands as it really fans of the NFL at this point. Of the patriots pulling it out Tom Brady throwing a touchdown with right around two minutes left in the game. They're being punt return returning the ball back to the 31. Of the worst pawn of Brad Norman's. Playoff run if you remember him against the bills he and the bills in the twenty yard line like seven or eight times in that game. And they really near a good part from him there and he couldn't deliver and the patriots back in the Super Bowl for what feels like. It's the eighth time but if you mostly it's way more feels it is currently more times than that. So it's gonna be the norm patriots in the Philadelphia Eagles. I would think that most bands around here word probably cheering for her there there rooting interest slide on two to the other teams. I know with the jaguars there was at a certain amounts of loathing. Towards Doug grown obviously. But for me personally in this might be different for other people I saw a few people tax into the tax fine during show open the Bulldog. Talking about how they were actually rooting for the patriots. But that's just because they're they're so used to being beat down by the patriots into real leader the kind of numb towards all of that. But it felt much more personal what Doug rounded to the Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Bills fans in the Buffalo Bills organization. That they could not bring themselves to wrote for. Doug Iran which I don't really get that for me it's just man. But the patriots who does what they do is just what they do over and over again this laws. According to analytics 538 the easiest path to the patriots have had to the super ball by playing the titans and jaguars. And now they will be facing backup quarterback nick also had an excellent team. Yesterday really in actually gained yesterday. And a will be getting into all that it 030550. 1888550. To 550 or phone numbers here one here thoughts on the dean's yesterday lots of talk about the officiating. You've got the refereeing is in the hands own. With the patriots got a big old smile on his face and of course Twitter goes and runs with that. That's reporter does he's got a big old smile on his face is the patriots are celebrating. And of course Porter Goss sounds like all the good that's more proof. The rough three is happy that the New England Patriots have scored. The referee is celebrating with the New England Patriots in the end zone and making no bones about it. Not even trying to hide the fact that there is obvious collusion. With the New England Patriots. I'm not sure about it he's the lead it's tough. You look at you look at the penalties. And it's. The patriots only getting one penalty is certainly. The fact that any teams get called for only one penalty thrown entire football game is kind of absurd. Especially that that last Rolen. There's a clear hold on Calvin Smith we we get that nice television English show us that but just the fact that there are there's only one penalty called on team throughout the entire game. Is is just weird. Because normally there's there's a lot more penalties. No special teams penalties. C'mon there's a penalty on every single special teams play a must as the New England Patriots apparently. Because. Every single time I see upon I am just wait for the laundry at the field. And yesterday nine not against the patriots. I really don't think there's any sort of grand conspiracy here or anything. But it does seem that some of that Donald Jones and saying going up to. Back in the season on the bills were getting right to play the patriots for the first time that it just. It always seems that the patriots. Get the calls. It always seems that way and I really don't think that there are some sort of grand conspiracy here. I think there was a lot of moments in that game with Jacksonville Jaguars could really. Done things differently. To change the outcome of that game. I think especially there at the end of the the first half. They pond with a running clock before the two minute warning. That the Fed necessarily was going to have a huge effect on the following plays. But. You know you gotta be a little more aware of the time the clock your game management. And outlaws. It was a botched job there to get to the two minute warning and he pointed to stop all the time outs anyways he just give him an extra stop Toronto play. And none that they'll pass interference along the sideline went. AJ boy AA. I don't know man that definitely tell me it's not a pass interference you look up in the rule book. They're certain areas with eight and eat in specific section. Of the the rule book where talks about passer fierce and we'll distracted because we got Justin. And I said one of my biggest concerns. About this leading up to this week. And next week even without the super ball is that we're going to be listening to ESP you're gonna be following some of the national coverage. And what you're gonna hear. Is that it's. This performance by. Rate this performance by Brady because all week what was the top O Brady's here and is Brady's hand actually injured. Yeah he's wearing a glove on his hand what does that mean. He wasn't wearing any puppets on his hand which I thought was the move. You go to the podium because some pop this on your hand and knows what to ask you questions and if they do. Be directly to the pulpit but anyways. From Justin JP tweet at me right on cue and in my mind. Worry was that people are gonna start comparing this game from Brady where he had a boo boo on his right hand. To. Michael Jordan's flu game. And he treats every right on cue Kevin Blackstone went to the quote this was Brady's Michael Jordan's flu game. Comparison on around our. So if you're gonna have to get used to it. To things like that. That's the one thing when I was I was getting rooting interest in line. Yeah sure we are gonna have to hear about how. Dug around and a great job in turning this program around in Jacksonville on only one year. And putting this team back on track and getting down to their first Super Bowl in franchise history what a great job he's done down there. Are you still gotta gets the year we've already got a week that. He's still gonna get praised and Wesley for the job he did down in Jacksonville regardless. Of whether he's in the Super Bowl or not. Or bargain deal with and aired it it's gonna be narrative throughout the offseason even if we're secure pick apart. All of these the mistakes that he made in the game in in game management and while the biggest mistakes he made in that game which is something that. We've seen here and awful lot was getting that lead and then just sitting on. Changing the defense from man to man defense which they're running in the first half effectively against the patriots and and turning it into a more. More zone drop back pre event style defense that Tom Brady the patriots. Figured out eventually tore up and get the result that we always see them getting. In a victory. Running the football I was reading it was. Warren shark and he does a lot of there's sharp football analysis doctor Hamid has a lot of studying of the film. And do the football analytics and he was breaking down what the the patriots were doing in this Akron second half the specifically in the fourth quarter. It was breaking down what the jaguars were doing in the fourth quarter of all they were still holding on to lead and how predictable they were. Running the football out of shotgun on first down then on second down they would take a shot down on the field. With throws around twenty yards or longer. And that and there was a few times had a huge short throws it at some other things they ran the ball once on third down. But they did it continually. Forced the clock to run. They continually went up to the line and snapped the ball with nine seconds left on the play clock instead of letting the play count clock run down. To make it so bad it's. It's not that it's going to be a ton of time but the sockets at up to add up to a minute at some point. And not. Making those those tiny little moves. In those those tiny little decisions. That India and what cost you a football game especially at the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. And what they are able to do. Over and over and over again. We're sitting here we've we've read the script we watched the movie and I'm watching that game yesterday I watch it for the first half policy out of my house. The second half about halfway through the third quarter start driving to a friend's place to watch the fourth quarter there. And the fourth quarter and hours hanging out with some friends and they're pretty into the game they want the jaguars to win and cause if the patriots so learned the game. And I'm sitting back and you don't enjoy the about coverage and I'm sitting there and I'm just waiting for it to come. Figure OK. The jaguars have their opportunities here. They've had the ball a lot. They've had the opportunity instead of going into this conservative shell. And running the football every single time on first down and then throwing a long pass that's what's confusing me we're doing it pretty nice job in the first half. And I am I know that the patriots are great making adjustments at halftime but they're doing a great job in the first half. A just these short little passes over the middle getting Blake portals a little bit outside the pocket and he was making some throws like portal. A great game. For Blake portals at least we are really good game yesterday. You'd ask the Steelers yet you spend Miki throws the past two weeks which made you look at the plate portals that played the Buffalo Bills and meet you question. Kuo who this guy he has. Because he was making some great throws yesterday and it's a great throws gets Steelers last week and he was making some pretty nice place and I understand you don't wanna. Leave the game in that guy's hands. But you gotta give them a Chancy they took all these downfield shots on second down. And when you have the lead in the fourth quarter. Our second down. You wanna pick up some yardage. So that you're not putting yourself. Especially when you're running out shocker on first down only gaining one or two yards. If you pick up a few more yards on second down put yourself in third and manageable. A flop butter for the jaguars. Yesterday and third and under three yards. There really gut. The are almost perfect. So you wanna put yourself in those situations and move the chains presidency keep Tom Brady off the field but started they have the lead. Need to make those mistakes hands it ends up fighting on the and we've seen it all four BC at all before. With the patriots in a 30551888. Phi 52550. Your thoughts on the to gained yesterday between the jaguars and patriots won't we'll dig a little bit into. The Eagles and the vikings as well because next fall's. He had the game boy didn't have the game of his life because this is the guy that once threw seven touchdowns and one single game. So are gonna say that he played the best game of his career but he played. He really nice game we'll get into that a little bit and I also wanna talk about the guy who started DRs one mission. And see if you don't all the Mars one mission it's this idea that by 2031. He's gonna. Signed up for people rocket to create a permanent human settlement on Mars. And not have those people ever come back. Now he's got new plants he's got new plans to create giant balloon colonies. Off the moons of Jupiter media and destroyed and in the stormy skies of Venus. So Walt will dig a little into into that story as well because. Sign me up. The skies of Venus not even Venus beat humans will one day Livan balloons in the stormy skies and Venus claims entrepreneur behind bars one project. So global storage would get there we'll get there rotate this phone call from him in Rochester first Tim what's going on heard not to and Tom Thomas going on and are you. Are right in eight to touch base we'll let our net. Both games first of all that actual jaguars. I take you know Murrow when you get some credit but I think bore the imprint of that team the one who's blueprint that all the tough talk once. You brought him and it kind of strong defense of how. You know over the offseason he's trying to move up the guy to give him in their verdict on that commercial targets and all that. The he built that he spent away used to built the giants insult or that I think it is this sport say when he was quick check of global or. And then you know Spanish now for all of us up the gut that was his style as port they have I give him properly. Well a bit more than not for meticulous in what they want to hear that that would actually. What are what about the the GM Dave Caldwell because he's always the guy that gets. Kind of tossed under and all this because of Coughlin being the president and that and admiral coming in and being the first your coach but here's a guy who. Really he's he's on the drafting over the past few years he's the guy who brings Ngo and Ramsey is a guy drafts while Jack in the second round and he's gonna be injured for an entire season brings and Alvin Smith. So he regrets the guy that really I think deserves a lot of credit for at least what they Jacksonville the fences. Agreed I think he deserves well I think he body art well and they know it okay republic of report because. You know being media senior guy in probably title on the same line agreement he has you'll build it from the U. In that room with the running game especially when you knew what you had public morals of it you're gonna limit him that just kind of being a game manager type and maybe. How does that make a couple throws here and there that it's you know it's too much trouble. What can I give them more but again though not so those guys that they actually du Jamal. And that's for Philadelphia viking. Make false just to meet played out of her mind and if he can play like that and I keep well all of that up that's what they're brought back. As he didn't need to play like that it get they obviously have a shop because they have a repeat that's. If they can put pressure on Brady didn't like the subject of all of our first day and they're gonna make the same estate cycle and amp. All dark and I'm not. Sure bet that's the way you've seen the orderly break the plus Super Bowl it to keep that continual ushered out of it. They seem to get into reverse the division to its all I don't see that they in the same. Well not only doubt but on the offensive side of the ball too because you hear the talk about. What they were doing yesterday. And you you you've heard from some of the players in the locker room after the game and what they were saying is we are seeing this whole week that this didn't have to be a close game. And they eat trust and it falls to go out there and continue to make plays even when they had. 824. To a mobile as a Tony for a time need at halftime 24 to ten lead at halftime. And they come out in that first drive and throw the flea flicker where nick false throws an incredible pass to Torrey Smith in the corner of the end zone so I think that's. More so and the defense even. That's for the jaguars failed yesterday was with their play calling on offense and not turn continuing. To golf in scoring more points because the only way that you're going to beat Tom Brady the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick over there. I don't news flash you score more points you beat the other team but as the score more points and they kind of took their foot off the gas pedal I would not expect Philadelphia to do the same thing. Yeah I thought they were trying to if it. A bad territory there when you sought to expo to start trying to run up the gut would they knew. That's all they were to do it displays try to protect daily eating people running up the middle out of as they just getting piled floor saying it was over that you just knew at that point. That and the couple calls though penalty call stick game everybody got away. Yeah thanks for the call Tom I appreciate it man in 0305518885525. That your phone numbers here you hop in. About yesterday's be against the jaguars. You saw coach Maroney yesterday. You saw in the limelight saw offensive coordinator Nathaniel packet. And what those guys they deserve some of the credit for for the first half because in the first half that Jacksonville offense was moving. Like sweet machine. There and rip on the moving down the field picking up chunks of yardage and putting themselves a good position. But that in the second half they got very predictable. And when he get predictable especially against a team like the New England Patriots. They're going to capitalize on. And that's what ended up happening. Tom Brady. Means they can they get a punt return for Danny Amendola. And we always hear about Tom Brady and how easy able to. Make the guys around him which yachts and nobody does that. But you see some leads that point in the back the hands on the Indian and all makes on the couch. Is an incredible play. I watched them the first time just watching it live action. I did not think there was a chance in hell he got that second foot down and they show the first version of the replay and I see. That puts down that puts down Obama while EU cans he can't fault them so. Yet talk radio I think he doesn't typically. Put his players in the best position to make plays and makes people around him better. We got to give credit where credit's due sometimes and he's got some good players and even when he's with out gronkowski. And without Julian Edelman. It'll for L 551888550. To 550. So yeah we got this guy blogs and Lance storm. His his idea now while he had the original idea of putting for human settlers on Mars and one way trip. So you're signing up for this Mars one mission it's a one way trip to Mars and you're never coming back. And hopefully be if you're gonna be the first forests settled there and another two years they're gonna bring in other four people there and so on and so forth. You're never gonna be able to shower there. You're gonna let these tiny little pods where they're going to make it reality show television out of your life. Then there was rumors at this project was gonna be delayed because they could get the funding for it. And they were negotiating a TV deal a reality TV deal with the maker of Big Brother. But that fell through some are trying to go through other reality show TV companies to to get the show produced where they're just gonna record these four people. Who made need to trip to Mars. In just record their lives and their struggles. A potentially third ducks on live television. So there's that the same guy though he now has another brilliant idea. His newest idea is he's going to create giant balloons cities. Going to create an insurance giant cities it's probably overstating it but floating balloons. That will. Be in the atmosphere of Venus. And near near one of Jupiter's largest moons Europa. Which is thought to have an ocean of water. So that's his newest plan is that he's gonna. Create these balloons Joseph was worried when I first told that's because he said Venus is far too hot for humans to live like 1000 meters. That's true but apparently inside its upper atmosphere is an ideal temperature for human habitat mural but does have. Oceans but it's. Allegedly on. Her late one mile of ice. So how did how does one drill through one mile ice in space. You know he pretty tough that would be pretty tough felt sounds vary expanse. Yes indeed the original estimates for the Mars one project. Who was six billion dollars which is actually less money than I would expected to cost. But 6000000006. Billion. With a B. I would expected to be like twenty and at least. The idea of humans living on other planets lifetime now so he declined Joseph would you sign up. You gotta you gotta go up there knowing that you be one of four people living on Mars originally. We're we're not sure about you know the other people that your gonna be living life and you're never gonna be able to comeback ever. I'd have to deal picked him repeat. Yeah but if you pick the other three people feel like you just into sole source of like shenanigans up on Mars yeah why what what four. I'll talk to survive not to get a machine and a guy if I can just try harder. I I don't hear you clearly go on Mars and I could find the hottest nightclub. We're gonna have to make him but at some point I mean did this that's the part colonization. If the build your way up to that stuff. I'm not I don't via ago. Yeah I mean although you would be like. You didn't historical phase you would be historical figures to be on the first four people that ever tried to two you know alt on Mars. In the eighty Needham martian maybe I would consider it if if I was promised that he be the first person stop. On Mars so you can have the the famous line like Neil Armstrong with the moon where he'd be like the first stop for humans on Mars in whatever. I didn't three. 8030551888550. To fight the fuel we'll get over to the the Eagles vikings game and why nick falls was able to do. The does kind of that offense is really. And the way that they make things easier for their quarterbacks. Is brilliant so we'll get into that after the break it down thought on that it got done nick folds. All you want me after seeing these these playoff gives you on it falls to be the bills quarterback on here for you. 8030551888. 5525. If your phone numbers here's the nightcap on WGR. Last year lost. Tight end receiver a running back to the center off the NFL so coming into this year it was it was deafening adjustment period we started teaching freshmen on our line we sort T true freshman receivers are the true freshman running back something a lot of youth and begin in the years it was tough as deftly you could see the difference you can feel the difference and that's where you know leadership ability. Of myself and the kicked in. That wasn't. A lot of senior leadership on the scene this year. You know I had that put everybody on my back and say this guy's gonna go or any of these this morning and do right so the team really bought into what I had to say. This clown and I use that word this on Joshua Allen. You gotta admire. I got us is. Bravado. The men. This guy maybe it's because I already have and it'll opinion unloading my cognitive bias against Josh Allen go against what he's saying here. Andy's trying to it the way that you'd describe es trying to talk about being a leader on this team he describes being a leader on this team. As quote putting the team on my back. On nobody Yuba wanna think of a leader of a football team in the quarterback position. Because you kind of do you want someone who will put the team on your back but he's got to beat the guy that says all the nice political correct answers about being a team and being Wii and all of that. Sick of pulling I'm sick of politically. Correct it's like sports interviews like a lot of guy like that come out to say yeah it's like filming. But what's Wyoming I'm out here on jump up pretty much put the team on my back while I mean aren't. Does does it matter that the year before what he did have all of those talents. That left left to Wyoming for the and a foul. That he threw five interceptions against Nebraska the only good TV played out here. Does that matter the Nina. Cancer that's pretty much where I rest my case because of one game. One game but you look at well all the stats stats why don't you talk about putting the team on his back to his game blog. It's do you want from this year's awful music game ought from the year before he started fourteen games. And had this huge season that everyone was excited about because he had all the tools. They're not great it is not that good pins I guess the idea here is that he's he is the tools prospect. He is the tool. Tools prospect. But. I know you look you look up and down. There's nothing that impresses me. Production wise on this guy now he's six foot five that he super athletic does he have a cannon for an arm. Sure yeah he's got all those things to throw 8% perceptible passes this year oh yeah he's got that too. So are not just it is business potential probably the highest of any of the quarterbacks coming out of this draft. Probably. But it's already gambled a draft one of these guys. And I'm not saying that I want peace. Low ceiling highest for a guy which I think that's kind of mean besides that the top guys in Donald and Rosie and I think that's what Mason Rudolph kind of comes off as being the lowest. Potential in me be a higher floor than a guy like Josh Allen. The man I need I need to see some of the production. He goes to a bowl game last year against Brigham young seventeen of thirty to 202 yards two touchdowns and two picks. You know stats are for losers. Yet areas there is a guy and talking about how stats haven't Ayman Al paper must have the same age. It was just have the same age because not hyper comes out inside is a few days ago it is. Little press conferences phone press conference he had with national media members. Media members all across the United States of America. And he says stats are for losers and as it is a coincidence. That only 123. Days later. Josh on himself and Cleveland radio 92 point three. Comes downsize stats are for losers. Some sort of harmony going on there. Felt good. What what about all the film of him throwing interceptions. If there's some bad but some bad to film my god. I like the idea you can it is described the high ceiling. Low floor guy. I'd credit Steve. And because I'm I'm looking that you're looking at home run when you're trying to draft franchise quarterback. He's not looking for I don't want it draft which Teddy Bridgewater in my mind is. An average and a full starting quarterback and to me that's what he's always going to be some people think he's hired Nat who's that. Teddy Bridgewater are no idea tied her daughter if an average writes I don't wanna go out and draft the next Teddy Bridgewater who I know will be a starter in the NFL but I don't have the height. Outside that like I'm looking for me to the next character is. I I agree with you it took that. But. Just because this guy there'd have to be some sort of balance to. And maybe the bills are the position. With their draft status that they would never be able to to go whopping get roles are Arnold I saw my questions Bart Arnold just because of his. His his mechanics really his mechanics is elongated delivery. I think that's an issue that something that needs to be cleaned up in the NFL game. But. I don't know I get really caught up in. If you're that good. And I know it's double edged sword you're talking about talent that surrounds him in the talent and he's facing. But it's not like he's basing these high level teams he did have a pretty good game against Boise State I guess you could consider. Being a pretty good team in the we college football and that was a game last year re eighteen of 31. 24274. Yards three touchdowns and a peck. But he's not really playing this this high level. All of college football and I know Carson once didn't play this high level of college football either. But after watching nick fools play in that game yesterday. My questions are popping up Carson once. Because nick falls. Looked incredible that game and they just they make it easy decisions for the quarterbacks that are in that system. They make it easy for these guys they make it easy to make a decision it's a run pass option a lot of these plays. In the balls out of their hands and they just put the ball in the and a place where their receiver to get it. Ands. That's really. What the Eagles offense is based on. I think Doug Peterson and frank Reich is the office corny or there had done an excellent job in the playoffs so far with two. Throughout the season they did an excellent job to working with Carson lines Zach Kurtz had a huge season. Hellish on Jeffrey Nelson Al Gore had the best season of his career. Torrey Smith my view he was just kind of aside guys and in all this but. They've got deep running back committee where he you never know which guy is going to be the guy in that huge age IA seems to be rushed in that system. So I think they've done a really good job designing that Alfonse. But I just Arnold I don't trust the bill maybe Patrick my homes will come out this year be the starting quarterback of the chiefs and he was kind of the tools he guy last year. Be a better production. The of the tools that guy last year and make me feel like a dummy. But I there has to be a balance between the production and the tools. I can't see you going nine of 24. For 64 yards and an interception against Oregon. If you're putting quote the team on your back. I can't see you go nine of nineteen. For 92 yards and a touchdown against Hawaii. If you're quote putting the team on your back both of your breath home. Or neutral sites me. There argument facts straight here. Remarked extras reports there organ game was in the yard game was at home and I'm assuming the Hawaii game it was also at around. We just publisher that here quite yet are both at home. So if the team on your back did. You did do a very good job of it. That that Hawaii game was a win despite your nine of 1992 yards and a touchdown. Sound artist. I understand the home run hitter aspect of it and if this guy hits in turns into the next Aaron Rodgers. I'm going to be feel like a full because I've just spent four rushing him on the show the entire time and probably will continue to do so. Up until the draft. But I I need to see some production I can't just have it be. Eight of eleven that's not his his completion percentage was pretty good in that game eight of eleven for seventy yards and a touchdown. Against air force at air force me that was snowed in or something down and watch him. Honestly at these stats. No one's stats guy homestand sky looking at the stats sort of using the eye test Joseph Joseph is in the air. Joseph is I toughest guy on stats guy. The stats are for losers. Stats are for losers according did in took according to the man himself I'd never afflict the film guy overstepped ID which stats I think. Need to be utilized weighed more in sports I usually go to that so few players I haven't seen. But there's just something about when I've some of it's not even he's not consistent even watching him on each film I've watched but. There's just some throws in there that you can see almost nobody ever make. That he's like he's throwing fifty yard bombs of the corner of the end zone in double coverage right on the money on the run. And like those of throws that nobody makes silly keys that that's why see the potential in him I think that's how I like my homes last year and John ledger said today that. You know you put a good offensive line around him you given some receivers kind of protect him a little bit which you kind of describe that Eagles cars what's really good but. They've they've really help him out in that offense so if I really did get a quarterback with that ability. And surround him with stuff that helps them out then I think maybe the can reach the potential. It 30551888515. To 550 squeeze in a phone call before we have break here. We got it to be in Amherst ante in the nightcap. Hey Ryan saw at the pleasure as you got him out of slipped into your commentary you know what I I agree but not not only so I'm really bounded by you know. I think the ultimate room. Right now it's that we really don't have a shot at one of the top three up or. Geithner strap and I think we're all starting to let me Murdoch that would questions you may be the only option we have my question. It is I think the world coach McDermott I think he's Bryant do you think you a bit disappointed. Potentially. In effect where we are trapped by nobody wants to win now we need to catch the city for our team morale. Tax our fire. You know culture but you know I just feel like in talking about Mason Rudolph everybody's just so you know. Preston at straws I think that you'd Saddam higher firework player and I just been McDermott had them. Aren't all that somebody else mines are not sure what you art and cultural clerk recorder. Yeah I. I wouldn't say he definitely doesn't regret it just because I know the type of competitor. That coach McDermott is stands. There's a reason why he showed up and everything's playoff caliber and everything. You know that's that's a sign and that's what he's talking about with the team. And it's. He was a part of the the team on draft night which did get those. That second first round peck. And for whatever reason he didn't like Patrick Holmes last year he didn't like Shawn Watson because and he did like those guys that you would've drafted him that night. So he trades backe gets an extra value league it's not a first round pick with the thought being a meeting gulping get someone. And now he's in this position where it looks like he still might might not be able to even with that ammunition. So I'd say that he regrets and I certainly don't regret it because a lot that week but it's there and a more difficult position. And if they did wanna move up to go grab one of these guys in a year where I think it's it's one of the most QB needy years. In NFL offseason history where you've got so many teams looking guys because. You've got guys that are slowly EG out of believe gore and bill will be looking further potential successor. With Eli Manning. Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers even Tom Brady now that Jimmy crop blows out of there you've got all of those teams got teams like the builds the jags. That are looking for quarterbacks the Arizona Cardinals. So it got a lot of teams now obviously the Cleveland Browns. The jobs you've got a lot of teams are going to be taking a very good close look at all these guys sell. I think the idea was when that trade was made that they would be able to put themselves in a position to go up and grab one of those guys and that they be willing to do that. And maybe they still are but they're gonna be paying a high premium to get up to one of those spots to go get one of those guys. And it will be a a polarizing move because there's going to be a lot of people out there that think. OK you can use the draft just fill up some of these holes that you have you got it picks in the first five rounds fell some of the holes on the roster and build around. Maybe. And average quarterback. And if you have an offense. That is quarterback friendly. You might be able to be successful if you put the proper pieces around them. But I would say no he definitely definitely regret that it's a competitor to the car. Took part in a 30551888550. To 550 sabres pregame. Coming up a little bit appalling about pregame show with Franco's he'll come your way. Right after these messages it's more messages after that on WGR. There's no excuses if democracy is broken record. My aunt Fannie don't know on the inside this competition a few times here so that's tough I mean I don't you know it. Notes. You do rule the fans well actually the fans do know what to say bill I hate everything just. I'm sitting here in front cause he'll Watson. We're talking and I looked up at this graphic that Bryant beat out the other night the sabres apparently still have this tiny little sliver on this grand pie chart. Of all the playoff chances throughout the entire NHL. And the Arizona coyotes are profit. They're off the completely the sabres remain there with a tiny little sliver which I'm assuming has got to be approximately eight point 1753%. And still list the got a chance apparently. Now we're talking about trading people he's talking about trading on the liner and Joseph brought up trading Robin liner and a might trade them for anything. Some back in just acquire assets smoke out. I'm completely and acquire assets mode again because the sabres are so bad. The New England Patriots. Have more wins in the Buffalo Sabres this year and sabres have played 46 games. How's that how's that first step. That's the Sox. All right so law apparently. Long term space sledding. Would not be good for the human brain and this comes from a attacks during the did not leave their name they say this is why it's never happening. Long term space living makes the tissues and your brain so well and potentially. Forcing your brain you know concussions are an issue in sports is because your brain gets rattled around in your had. And there's like spikes that your your to protect your brain a little bit. Indeed it's those in that leads so your brain is constantly swelling. Eventually. There would be some severe brain injuries. And this was a NASA funded research. On 34 astronauts who participated in short and long term missions to the International Space Station or shrewd short. Short trips on the space shuttle. And there their brains. Eighteen. Request fight as long term seventeen showed. Signs of narrowing of the greens central soul gets a clock that runs across the middle of the brain. And this was seen in just three of the short term travelers so. Apparently two years is too long at the time to live in space or if you're gonna be one of those four people that get sent to Mars. To live there permanently. Eventually. Something's gonna happen really bad and there's probably gonna be some sort of wearing lead anchor or something on. On top so apparently space travel can happen also lobby is some some coaching news around the NFL you've got its. Catcher being officially announced as the head coach of the New York Giants. Steve Wilkes not to be confused with Steve will coasts of Jerry Springer fame. Is going to be the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals he's apparently bringing older. All the linebackers coach to be the defensive coordinator from the Panthers. And also you have. Todd Haley recently fired he's going to be the office coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. Underneath huge Jackson he's gonna have full play calling ability. Because he did that sell well with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are we got sabres pregame coming up next a look at them the whole teams here. Decade he said in his coffee TJ allotment here he brought pizza. And then you've got to Paul and Brian they're both year whole team's year sabres Paul we indulge pregame show coming up next right here on WG.