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It's time to talk sabres hockey on WGR Sports Radio 550. Now rob ray brought you by Jim stay gap because hockey fans you know it's by the locked court outdoors store. High impact your foot hard working men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value brands to your greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and by first Jewish. It was for all the moments in your life go fourth to first. All right who is fired up for some late night sabres hockey raise your hands keeper is the real. All of you saw that. Sabres and flames tonight at excavate Ryan's show shorter. For one thing it's going to be a problem for our readings. Sabres and plain sight in Calgary rob ray is there and rub you love Calgary right. Sectarian good spot. Got old friends that are yet to hear a lot of guys. Probably played with a over the years and they have suited to determine just fortune or among. What do these people you know that you re equate with as you travel around the league say about what's happening here if anything. Or did you always questioned why you know that allows the question is you know about the that the guy disposed carrying the team you know Jack commanders and and Ryan O'Reilly and then and then coaching always comes into the factor and so. I think a lot of guys that came through there and play day. They always viewed all follow and and and try to keep an iron what's corner and so they have best interest and you know some garlic you know they they they know. What what's happening they can understand what's happening is and it's you know they just sort of sit back and you know blood and our apartment. Yet that. They easily understand it. A lot of guys have gone through. It'll bad times over the careers whether sending error in pro that. You know they got a pretty good idea would have so. How it feels in Kevin what they're going through so you know the way it did get a little sympathy from from from guys have been through it. I would think one I don't know or he might be having different conversations each time but. But the question I might ask is what if any damage is is doing to Jack eichel. Or may be first what kind of responsibility. Responsibility does he have for this team being eleven and 35 a what's going on behind the scenes I think fans are wondering. That that. Question if up over those questions rob OK so Michael mean he. He is good or great and the points and everything like he's an all star all the stuff we know. That he's very talented very capable but is some thing. Really dangerous happening to him so early in his career here by the losing. Throughout I think that by going through what he's going through east. You don't learn a lot. And any hope that he learned a lot permit and he learns how to deal with situations to deal with. You know media hard to deal with you know guys within the room that are struggling and and maybe get an idea and see. Who would've thought vote and and hopefully. Never wanna get back to that and never want to experience again but it's. And ticket it would have to be good. Growing and learning experience here and it it would just be as long as he takes. I had a positive way it would take something summit that there on the road it's gonna help them. You want them to acquire someone. Whatever this might mean with Michael in mind whether that's at a certain kind of player. Or may be more of a certain type of like. Guy like you is there if you think again is this situation crying out for what's whether it even pertains like or not rob like just. The the they probably want to read defying what this team all the steam acts. Yeah I don't think it's. You object to learn to play with guys side you know whomever it and then eventually you any guys that are at his level and and it's gonna make things easier for everybody's deal. Playing wise. But I think that. More importantly easy you need that person. And over multiple people in the room that. To control room and in control right way at a positive way and and make sure guys are accountable and richer guys learned from mistakes in and the prepared to play games thing you know is you know com. Standing up to everybody afterwards all right I gotta do more to be better Oregon or me ties got to say that before you know he's heard yet accountable for doing it so. I just speaks sometimes you need that. Keep those people in the room and it's in the doesn't have to be a superstar due after it somebody that is respected and somebody that can get. The pulse of the team and and get their attention. And not overdo it but just make sure that. You know everybody's terrible starship there's so many young guys there's going to be more young guys. I think as we move forward here so from you wanna make sure there on the same page and I don't think. If you want romo's. Go back to say Detroit now where you had dog and your eyes and come through new chelios and then went into Lidstrom and you know these guys just. They learn how to be that person and learn how to be that leader so as. Older left. The younger guys just picked up and carried on the same way and and that's that's what's expected within the organization narrowing and that's where they can can edited to do well some groups. I think that's what you need to establish here. It's voted Saturday to me. That Phil Housley was dog was somebody's players who wasn't already a two week. The way he answered one question we just played it before you. Log on here rob was well it tells me what kind of in sober words it was to me it was told me who we need to get rid of games like this. If you can't. If you can't compete then we don't want you here so. The other the colts the colts the GM is the GM but I I wanna think and I do think that there herb working closely together to figure this out. I you don't tight you see them all the time. Communicating is Umar together yeah I have to think that that are yet on the same page and they know what's. Know what each other's needs and each other's thinking and and that's where you have to be you have to have that. Working relationship between between the two and and and and anybody can play when things corrected. And you know some guys that that maybe have the wrong attitude to play would have good too because you know it could easily covered up. And sometimes. Receive in the last few years were guise of finish strong. You know because of the pressures opposite of the trade deadline goes you know and you know you're you're tradition where your finishing the pressure's off net and you don't have to maybe. It'll take things aren't quite as much and you had a relaxing morning go play well that's that's now which one you wanna see the players are like when there when the pressure's just. Loaded on their shoulders and Muqtada. Player and people they curtain and you know I think that's kind of what's bill was referring to justice that's a bad time. And and somehow they've got to figure waited to get through it a lot to do with changes but still. Lot of the guys are going to be here the guys in the you've got to try to at least. Make the difference. And and make sure that you know. Things are going your way here you wish you show that you care and and try to do something about it so I think that's the party may be questions now. Rob ray here on WG arts sabres in Calgary Flames tonight 8 o'clock pregame. Rather wanna ask you a little bit more about this with O'Reilly in mind here. Michael O'Reilly for me with a deadline in mind it has been difficult to figure route because. Conceive why Agassi were his value should be. Given that you know his career the body of work. There's also a lot of money ends term on his contract. And he's already bent on a team that it really maybe didn't make sense to people on the outside YE. His original team didn't want number did want to commit to Guam and then the sabres did what they dead end. I don't know if this was wishful thinking or what speed affair like. The first year who's O'Reilly seemed exactly the type to do this thing we just describe for Michael. And then the first year here in about these long practices the O'Reilly practices like OK I got dedication your got a guy is gonna set a standard. What what was wrong about that what. What may be Adam changed if anything you can you add. Not that I I think it you know Ryan. Ryan O'Reilly is Ryan in the end you know he brings them a lot of very good things to. You know the room itself. You know I think it. Ryan. You know what you see is which captain. And Kenny Kenny do more obviously in step up your apparently yeah. The thing into the Ryan are. I think if you is still here. You know a year from now people will be yell okay as long as the team was doing better if he wasn't here I don't think you'd have to. Convince people that it was a good idea to move on from. And you know right I just think that. Sometimes guys can be who they are and brushes off on others sometimes if it doesn't and I'm not sure if you know certain guys. Go far enough and loaded the way enough to make sure that what they are doing brushes off part of it becomes a good idea then and becomes a habit for. For more than just that one individual also. And and sometimes it comes down to when things that they have been so bad that I you know couple years that you're more concentrating on. Which are always obvious sometimes. Because of expectations due to contract and money bit you know he used sometimes you forget maybe later overall role is to my arm. You know there is you know huge expectations because of the money. And navy's big a better word over itself get myself going here and make sure that you know undo what I got to do and it'll the other stuff gets overlooked a little bit sin. And realistically it's the other stuff that's in a way more important. Well then editing we've had conversations about him like the idea from my my thought. Whether the sabres. Might want to trade him to use. You've kind of said before and are saying your world why not mean they they don't have these not a player they have to avoid having these conversations about say at least. What about his value. In the market like I wonder if -- able to figure him out for this because of all the stuff right the morning and everything like do you see him as somebody that if the league no immediate dogs. It right O Reilly's available in May be if they were a lot of the sabres can help. Pay for his contract. Would would he be a hot item at the trade deadline or is it is there too much cause for concern. Well I don't think there would be a lot of concern I think there's a lot of times teams are gonna take into consideration. Maybe the overall team that we had here for the last couple Beers and you know Ryan is a you can't. Question you may be. The little things that he doesn't mean I think I'm not part of trees are certain little bit. No still number one pick up currently are percent Republicans think that means an awful lot to a lot of people. You know offensively Soka put up numbers maybe views with a little different minor situation mutilated his numbers improve. I think that team look at that they're gonna say well maybe. Maybe putting him in a different environment. You know may blossom disguised game so they're willing to take the chance. I cried I think maybe if it knocks at the big deal they eat you might have to. Maybe take a look contract on. Unless you do it in another way where the left are player you know attitude where it kind of balances things wrote. And that might be way you get around it. Right at the end and NBA the MBAs have deals like that traditionally when the the cap was structured the way it was and you would. You would see looking good player. That was really expensive go and of lesser player. Who was she like there were just beat deals like what am I think the FDA would have first round picks traded for second round picks. So the you can have a little bit better cap situation Robbie like that idea. Pretty complicated. Did is gonna come here forget that situation target o'clock in the morning were. Yeah every yarder that really hasn't hit in the way they studied together. You know a lot of saying they're they're saying he's injured note with the use of other saying he's not these it's kind of oh. And you know they couldn't find a way to to move that money to his. You know just little things like that hey you take this off American take on a little more. You know and it's kind of goes away at the end of the year anyway so. I think these guys are pretty creative pretty Smart now and if there's ways to do if they're gonna come up with a. He'll be 46. In the month less than a month younger. You know him. A bit of a few times you. That would mean Gilad you know over the last few years this. You'll talk to them here and there and been around him at different things and that got ruin it goes quiet out of you know a mean mean that one of those guys like so far and they accuse of practical Joker mean the army. Not good guy nothing else is pretty good. Yet there they guarded. Think at some good goaltending. You know talking the young guys here today or even some of the other guys with the other look at their goaltending is could be you know the most important part of their team. It's been fabulous so you're their target but Mike Schmidt in this guy. You know proposed. In today's OK you've got to take this guy and put him in the top you know of five in the in the league great now for MVP of the league get much done to this team and put an arm like that so. Where David Stern I don't know pled. You know when you're putting that much emphasis on how well he's played in Italy's most in doing something pretty well for his so. Yet they've they've got some guys here that can put department at the passive pretty small will be in their goaltending has been good they've struggled at home that. You know back in that can change pretty quick. Men tomorrow Edmonton wall saved that situation for tomorrow show all new questions tomorrow Ryan wants to know if you spend the Calgary stampede. There it is right now you know. Easy going kind of guy who would enjoin and like that animals. All of us have to over care or clients or boots anymore ticket caraway had regular. Took my head. She did dress for the Calgary stampede at least you got a good summer here in part. Probably all right Gloria park where I know you're your own guy do you did you watching football yesterday. Already a little bit only get and we just kind of got into town here juices the the first game was finishing. They've got the last 63 minutes of that thing and just in time yup been to road map had a pretty best interest in the in the second game and so. Downstairs bar was still full of everybody kind of watching bitten yeah. Vikings fans yeah he would be vikings then days produced sports person might family and I watched miracle on Saturday RO yeah. You probably miracle. You know I would marry. Went back to Ottawa the second time I had to go to Binghamton for a week for conditioning room and like the first or second night there was there. Also they go to a yeah you gotta be at the movie theater made its resources Charlotte went we went and watched miracle with the booster club. Of the Binghamton. Senators yes. Might as well let me. Jump in the attic laps and it had up and goes yep you're part of that gave you better being there. Some like borrow purge. So that was my a mere coach Stan. So you have of a bed. Association with you wanna have to do that. Well that's what's the movie like I didn't care something it. You know the baby the movie doesn't mean anything to you TV the miracle on ice is just doesn't mean I think you like that I would understand that. And I like I appreciate out of what they didn't and how it happened and knowing a bunch of guys that you know we're part of a it's great to them because. It ought it's something new. Do you almost wish to have everybody to play his game. Think you Robitaille waits for this again tomorrow RAM rated at. And then you bulldogs back on Thursday. When you're in Vancouver so you'll have remember to ask questions of he territory today. A great place it was a moment Diddy. I'm like you must report appeared to be where you are at your texting you got attacks I think its next meeting at a tech know. And so he wants to he wants to show off real. I appreciate it. That's good all right thank you rob a particular. Robbery a game days at four. And there's another one tomorrow Thursday in Vancouver. That's all I know. Right DC miracle. Who hasn't. Yeah lives senior call I've watched your call on Tennessee teenager not to sound like the movie critic and definitely not that. But I think. Kurt Russell. Makes miracle. It's a good it's a big great famous story in the first place you have that you have great material but. I think he's Sawyer good things the players and I don't. If the players I think it's a coaching league I think it's things Jack Callahan that makes the that makes mere call. In those other guys and I don't remember their names besides Jim cracked. The Jim Craig actor looks like you. Why it's. He walks usually easily not even close. Guy's name is Eddie Cahill I believe look about you got to the Craig Patrick to access to decent at the right coaching. The coaching that. Acting is is really hard Patrick coaching job I know a record because his name using Truman show the he wasn't from Asia is like the same role. Pretty he's the kind of decide in the mood just like you don't you sure you wanna do this is. He's whistle whistles. You know again forty times whatever that is that was me whistling into whistling. The case you didn't have never heard before that's what whistling is what I does that. So I think Kurt Russell though Mike obviously makes the movie he's so good I think I think he's so good in them. He's got them will be my favorite movies these pointless and India the little table Kia is getting very early that's her favorite part of me that's not really ever part that's why. If you imagine that would favorite part of miracle being that moment. No. Estimate be some of these hockey player actors you know they might not be great actors. Kurt Russell. You know a great actor bill Branford is one of you might be like Jim Craig in my hockey scenes. Is the former Oilers and Bruins goalie using credits you think Doug hockey actors were actual. Actors are they brought in hockey players to tightly hockey I think it's both I don't know like guys for guy and I never I never bothered to look that up. But I'd I think you probably would be both right. The Dayton do you think they have like stunt man hockey players they did I saw that the Branford with the goalie put the mask on it's easier right. So what bill Redford is in the credits as a stand in player maybe he's Jim Greg I don't know like I don't know that trivia but. He was Conn smythe winner. OK guys in the movie. So it's there's hockey players the hockey scenes are great I left them the movie theater after seeing miracle I thought it was the best sports movie ever I'd ever seen. Because like it's chill the whole time herbal watching. Eighty Olympics as a kid like that's familiar to me the story is legendary. And putting it back to this for one reason later. Like nobody knows the format for the medal round in 1980 it's super weird I've never notable another. Competition. That heads this particular. Playoff format the 1980 Winter Olympics like how did it other adopt it really is not a semi final per say USA USSR. It's not like the gold medal game the game against Finland it's really not not those things are exploited to maybe you should do that soon John ledger though is coming up next. So we'll talk to John about the NFL draft and the quarterbacks as we tend to do a lot of which over the Bulldog Bulldog is back on Wednesday. This is WGR. Hello Allen for a fact he finished strong hit of the game get central Michigan and he's got the physical capability to do the job in the weather conditions like Ben Roethlisberger. And Carson went players with a quarterback will be compared to what that size in the in the for the challenge norm strap the mobility and how that mr. Competitiveness we're playing in Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Baltimore every year well yeah that's why I think Alan wood for me with the big time arm in the big bodies were the reason I gave him that blade edge over Rosen and Arnold. Phone home well. Josh held the top of his mock drafts. Me night I'm kind of a bill clipper fan but. A 100% he's he says older personalize a 100% Josh known as the top of that mock drafts we can change it. We can you imagine ESPN rolls out another mock draft and it's the same. Wait Mel we talked about this. We can't have passed. How we're gonna get all our guys walking around pointing at stuff and it's all the same and we can't have the same show. That you've got to be sure you get out of that. Josh LA and for now at the top of milk diapers big board. Joining me on the AT&T hotline is John ledger finreg sports and NDT scouting John I'm told you flew to Birmingham today. Yes the mobile allow them for Google it's not every year you go proper chain the ought to prop that that. Especially at quarterback position we're tired just thought about this. You don't almost inaudible and seeing all the you know the quarterback proper early at the time it maybe argue that wake arsenal at at a rose up after here by. Usher group that we could this year's epic political Art Shell while opponents and and a major hurdle here ever going to be even a greater but so strip regularly. Yeah even though the bills ended their playoff drought Johnson I still feel like we should be talking about that we're here. Maybe that's obvious may be that surprising I don't know but the bills at 41 and 42 I think are some. Kind of candidate to draft one of these guys if they can. What it what do their chances feel like at that spot in the draft for somebody that may be you would think could start as a rookie sick. Battled think that they're great to be honest just because I think Cleveland so fully go quarterback and number one obviously in that. Yeah yep then heard yet it's jet fighter that on the diet that you probably interests as well and if Arizona at a level recorder back to the couple being that it's. Look to move up the right thing about the opposition if you are trumpet that fact it's that up together Lou popular got a good chance to compete with somebody who want to boot down. He got help and offer is not a leader you know that you confine your butt off. In the trapper quarterback he'd only be the franchise changer so partly to fit like that is no big deal also. They're gonna have the opportunity to do so something like that I think. Early opera that boat it would just. More than a lot of other people vote for quarterback like. Maybe Jack and bill are ready Pittsburgh over saints or other teams in the back in the first round that are also the normal that it really offer. At that the fact that Hugo got some and that that that the bill out there Bennett that. I would expect then to try and trying you do about the awful the next couple months. Pride beginning ears start put the work out that we like to try to do often you know see what. You outcome that I out of the next couple months. John ledger on the eighteenth he outlined from Federer exports and DT scouting. John as you sort of take an overview of this group at this point as early as it is. How does it feel compared with last year last year we talked a few times we ended up with quarterbacks taken in the first round at all traded up four. You part of this is enthusiasm. For the players part of it is needed to position we again have teams a couple of full a couple of which you just mentioned. That might be looking to the future perhaps even New England. At at quarterback so. Did this year compared to last year what comes to mind. Well I think that you have a couple teams that are at every kind of the clear or back seat to the top. They identify those right away but what does make it strapped major cities like you said. There's a lot of playoff scene that he quarterback that you don't see her often so you know it's that at a time where. The charters are going to be looking and the viewers are going to be located in the patriot. This article is to back up so they're going to be looking and yet so there's a lot of that is being back in the first saint literature present situation that might be looking. The artwork for. Al back a little black boy so maybe they'll that there are different options later in the draft. And because. Iraq for the car really and back right I don't feel like teens are gonna have a lock on the ballpark early around. It at all but it does seem that the particularly deep draft. So I think it's cheap you're gonna get harder movement in the first round. He's being very aggressive and all the little whoever if the move up I think that problem without also wrapped in quite the character treaty years. Just because of the competition. Bought so I think you're gonna be a lot of work on any of our leadership in this great year for. Strategizing. Properly on the GM side saying that they're trying to eat Beijing get something out you know they strapped to your team like. You know setup and the first Trout does not accord or maybe the arts and miracle off office that he's gonna somebody's gonna jump up into a quarterback at Arizona are. Or Washington or some of them was that it might need a quarterback. They might be able to a more open I call even though they want is that they go to the number three spot really then this morning at an art call. They want but it struck that a candidate they'll come away with some than. Such as what example does the couple things that might be enough votes so I do it how to wield on quarterback somewhere out there. John what would you say of the giants in the colts in that respect at two and three. I think the cold situations really difficult to reach it because we don't know anything about it grew out that it. If you were you that it doesn't you know going there at lucky feel really good about. Then your lock itself and I think that probably is always or often terms ago I would assume that. That's a good sign the law itself which is great. For everybody for the gig it's you it's one identity scores are actually healthy with but it also put them in a situation where. It's hardly need it straight out of debt more. Or they say they are they really be ultimately it's got her on the draft and brought out. Which is I think the issue you're on the outlook go to avocado. Helped fuel or water and strap now a guidance. Is one of the best player in the hot seat and he doesn't it didn't the deepest group and stock up throughout Europe and India put a giant. They've kind of said it sounds like settlement said that organist but we're Eli Manning. But that really doesn't like the bottom line quarterback in my opinion committed outplayed our right away or they may be out there quite out and you know Rosen is an oddity that brought up the ground you go first and Garland got shout out of the river. In the road the top guy in the straps of the drive through little Landon and number two at all of these giant for have a good roster got to play better they they got beat coached better than here. They have a really good rosters so. UN a guy like rose and to be your starter for the next ten to twelve years ago CLU I mean does a great trade chip. You can cry it's some really valuable for Eli Manning if you end up creating a monster team that is quarterback away. Eighty something like Jacksonville on that you get a great return there and have their quarterback of the future with some of the best lap in Italy would have an anchor of in a BJ. Early chocolate so they could be sitting really pretty. As long it's going it will surely take out runner Arnold burst. I got a more about quarterback in the draft well positioned itself that future assets but you know it what you I'm an at some point. About four more minutes left you're John ledger of finreg sports urine WGR. John and I'm curious about Lamar Jackson who. But I can't tell you now lol what happens of course but it feels like if the bills are too low for certain of those guys there may be not too low for him. How exciting to see. Dagger. And what will promote the site that he significantly. This. He's not about something Ottawa the other guy that's fairly. He would like you're in all their ups and downs just like Josh out clearly decline got bot it earlier though he a year goes out automate the current. Feel so there's concern that Mason Rudolph uploaded if stepped forward you know some some of these other guys. Your state sabre jet or got worse. Awful worse shape up the here where marked acting legally for it after now I thought the ought to start summit will be the year. But I guess that act by a factor at all levels the field a lot better decision making patient and part of a lot better. So various dollar per the depth where we're gonna I would say. While he's in the leak or about right now subsidy and felt by. Any doubt which quarterback and his ability such practices. I can't real avid dirt he says that like our coverage and how it goes with the dapper guy like Jack and yeah it utility or art got a quiet was it that it actually our defense they're basically. It's just. Watching Lamar Jack and every time it was you know it was snap at all this so you know that the limit what you can do with public and flexibility little bit easier it's that special aptly. And in this capabilities and it is not what it's like that the war by the Bible but what. How is hardly ever go very shocked people because he had so that'll be able to it though it's been one like that it act out some way to. You'd like to call it that he's got like they're either so. You'll leisurely build on its way to. Since they would get better the passer and the biggest thing odd character Jake is our worked incredibly hard. Absolutely totally competent and visibility of the quarterback and his ability to plant high level in about why that error. What at a pop in there what route out at a at what that assurance that they now are in the draft. Didn't matter what is that about where strap going to be it didn't matter who says eat eat it dominated the level. I really believe that is quality but more quality of ball. He loved the game I think the thought occurred ever thought that she should sister wrote position or as a third player they like about. John last thing do you have a particular idea for the bills you may not but maybe you do. Where you think like a certain player even if it's not a quarterback is the right fit maybe it's a team as there there will be some of these. Were you think media veteran is a better idea perhaps Jacksonville what do you what do you think about the bills what would be. Right now like a great result for them. The watchers here that they needed somebody like Al that he become ill or you are not. Even though you're able to order for you mean he's so polished. This production and I'll be able all but it would have been so much better yet real quarterback flies out here you just got it in product. Upper right away and making an impact on that but like god and the what about these great and really. Looked at me if it's not you know one of those stupid or something pre seed order that. And that you have to be able capacity that's why many hours sitting up there orders Dario also Washington clearly. You know operate out of the Internet that I think you gotta yeah that how shall I thought. I'm you know so maybe that edged out structure they had it been disappointed there's also all Shaq blocks and Jerry use early hot and cold player. This week you gotta get it I can be out or dominant. On any given snap so I don't maybe it boggle here even Brian Cook scored I think you really well blocked a but I. Don't even outlawed paint from Albania about the debate from Washington I mean. So that's why are you the defense of why don't you repeat that apply draft. Especially the top and I think they certainly benefit from crowd I like that it could be the damage that's the one that actually take over the guidance but they keep a couple of ways. But I think that something along the Equant the auto the edge and waters and a quarterback probably their top car or. John like you have a great time at the senior boy appreciate especially that you came on right off the plane like that thanks a lot. And up from particulate trap you know who that person. You're welcome thank you John ledger fan red sports and DT scouting. For John. She got defensive tackle that makes sense. Just because they treated Aureus. You know it's more reason to do it. The thing you have is. It's all going to be sort of in emit. Compared to that or that prism if you will like whoever you get we could have marshaled arias. And we know the history so I'm not trying to pick on the bills for that but. Look they had a high pick the deposition didn't go perfectly. But he was a good player. They traded him their run defense got worse. The team that traded him to knock them out of the playoffs and came close to make in the Super Bowl don't goats. Overall doesn't matter. What you do has got to do with him. But you know that's just gonna tell people talk about the draft will be compared it to him and more of the story and Dari scorers yet to be told how much more people much longer he plays if he ends up get himself into trouble. Those kinds of things could. Will shape how the bills look. Don't the road for having made that move. 8030550. Is the number are right lines open for a while here on yesterday's games. I've got a a job for Ryan are coming up when he's gonna tell me how I know who this band is out. You and I have some things to sort out here 6 o'clock Nate oats UB men's basketball coach Mitchell who talked in the about his team's excellent start. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. Plus my favorite song. Today's deal of the day for my buffalo perks is 830 dollar gift certificate to Raphael Italian and American dining for just fifteen dollars. Head to Raphael to try their old country recipes like mama saw us straight from Sicily go to my buffalo perks dot com Ryan. Thoughts on sauce. Likes us you. Meet your own Sasha that all don't have a bit apartment seemed. Again I definitely am not making. Us. Store can't see us like the guy who can but has perfected his own sauce. Also impressive also and that person you know adults they've done. Homework and her and I'm not act part of his reason for my envy them. Going to be back to stick with the store and hear some sauce making. Does it need more or human. Does it need less human disease more Reagan known. So does it gently users are always always there all. It's gonna throw some maybe some sugar in there. What are we gonna do here. Now I've I've never experiment were trials no. Number X offs. Now that's just. Did speak for you with what I said about Jacksonville and how old. I wanted them to win I think that's the vast majority of us out by now that they've lost. I am not happy but I eighty. Would not have enjoyed talking about Super Bowl Jacksonville for two weeks. I would not of I didn't want that. Now it was a lose lose those of your classic lose lose and it was Steelers either because as what's gonna happen in my my biggest worry is that. They're gonna come out with. Eighty year. And there and start doing these absurd comparisons about his injury that he had to his finger in early look at out pretty tough to doubt in the FC championship game this is Blake. Jordan when he played rough flu something absolutely absurd and I'm gonna have to hear about that. For weeks about how Brady is this big tough guys who tough it out through an injury that's more so around. Ally here that. A really don't want to hear that I'm afraid that I'm going to hear that. I'll try not to say it around you yet I'm not worried about you and how worried about you. I know it's other people I don't have any. A girl to do with New England anymore and this was true the last time we what do you do with them anymore. We're trying to figure out I'm unconditionally. This that's what I want from sports wanna be able to decide things even if it's not a great argument sometimes warriors caps now that's the pinnacle in. Current sports is that. It's warriors and camps last three years can't LeBron win for Cleveland yes it turns out been direct goes to Golden State what will that mean all of that the regular season part with the warriors wrecker when there were 73 and nine. All that. Personalities. Some controversy. A high drama. That's as good as it gets about being put our our pro sports about as bad as the best you can do. New England this is in no way a criticism because what kind of criticism would be at what is there left to do with them what is there left to say about. This is eighteen years. Lake. That's just incredible I everybody knows that. What do I tried to figure out if if this New England is better than like ten years ago to wiggle wiggle fifteen years. I don't wanna do that's that that it's not interesting to me. And it's another like last year or so other really good NFC opponent. Who doesn't really matter to me at all and if they win okay but. I don't like not that interest thing with the patriots and what it's I guess some would say that's a mean problem right because. I guess it was you could say though the most interesting thing about the patriots is that. Potentially you're never going to see an NFL team go on a run like this ever again which to me. It's an interesting at all. Excited when you when he talked about parity I enjoy a parity. I'm I'm I'm parity guys are hurting a parity guy I would have a debt and not win the championship every single year. I know put that this the decision on the patriots and on Belichick not Brady was made years ago it maybe it was made when he beat Seattle. Like okay you came back again you won again this is fifteen years now while all we're still doing that the BA FC. I like that story like can anybody beat them in the AFC in this this year the case was no gun but. I always want to have something that I've been trying to figure out. I would wanna be able to look at a sporting event and think on 1 of like what am I going to figure out by this. And one is left to figure out let's just hope that makes sense 8030550. Is the number. Bomb Jacksonville and portals Minnesota and keen on the losers from yesterday may also be in the quarterback market rollers. Here are WG are concerned with conversations about our quarterback situation that will continue here today. After the update lines open for you may goats later much over the bulldogs WGR.