10-05 Jason Pominville Post-Game.mp3

Sabres Hockey
Thursday, October 5th

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For was was doing and we do that consistently. I don't know if you hear every. Yeah well I mean you hear that we are in the tunnel see it and hear all of them but. Definitely heard heard it being pretty long on an island known and is critical moment for sure I. That really know what to expect from. Me getting booed when we had you don't hear what has a Minnesota thing getting tears when when I'm when I'm here is pretty. Pretty cool feeling pressure. For. Oh yeah. Yeah I agree and great fighters great turnout by and Keener and it shocked traders or. That was in good position to get the puck back and losses defender I mean that tight turn and as we get lost and mean. I think he saw me kind of get lost before he he got the talks are both you I don't what was going on in the how many guys can make such a capacity than he did and right place right time it. It's upon whom I'm back to him.