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Sabres Hockey
Thursday, October 5th

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So maybe you without the result you want and how much did this preaching of the last two weeks in the shop mentality play out again do you like. Look at those that are terrific job. You know you look at the game and think about the game. You know we don't shine a team we ought chances team we just didn't beat him on the scoreboard that I really like the effort of our guys you can see things are coming together. We took a step forward tonight. We don't like the result obviously but I think we can take a lot of things from this game as we move forward. You know in the future here and stating on Saturday so. I have had a good good positive things that we could probably look at tomorrow and we've just got to continue our message to the players. I keep time missing key moments in the game we just gotta be smarter you know. Whether it's in the park deeper or make a great decision and all things being clean up but I really like our effort. Look fast played fast and we got to continue to do that. What was what. I mean in this in which he. It was great yeah I was just proud to be behind the bench of our partners tonight because of their effort and I really appreciate the fans. They were great tonight. I think they're entertained. And hopefully we can have a lot more of that in the future but. It was it was exciting you know being and coach for the Buffalo Sabres and this really proud of this community. And I love this city so moving forward hopefully creates more excitement towards voice it's early. People of the couple that for. Those got a degree and me coming back anytime you can contribute to come back here Kaymer and your new player new team. It's great if you get a lot of confidence but I think. You know especially him come back yes sir hold reunions it could see in the get a couple tonight and hopefully that there's a lot more to come. It. Well yeah I think this little bit execution you know sort sort of took the foot off the gas and there you know we could have made it to go. Mean or really get some momentum back the power play overall in general was really good person especially the first two bit. It's a little bit like excuse and will look at that and look at better. Joseph some good numbers in the shoot out common build great numbers in the shootout where was the consideration frightful. Well certainly there is consideration that what what the percentages tonight. You know those guys were pretty fresh so it was unfortunate that we didn't get one. I carry pricing and remember it's pretty good goalie to pretty good and shoot outs so. And I don't fault our players in the shootout.