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I'm at a little bit success in my apple Miley examine Emily into every year one of them though and a bunch of buys last week's I had my first loss on OK don't sit form one feel pretty good where I am but with all these injuries man. Got nowhere to turn that's why I turned in my man who knows his stuff he is Al Zion value and by column on Twitter at Al Sidon Feld legal by else missile. On there and little do a lot of you know Alan I were us Syracuse University intramural adversaries. Back in the day but I think all has been for gotten twenty years later alma matter how many times your IA. Probably later shoulder into one another when we shouldn't have. Exactly does that we're all stars from early nineties. That's right it was fun you're the time I don't Wear you out there playing we have a game one time Aaron you know if you rather plain I was plain. And we are and maybe in that and great there were sent there Morton is a big field. And and the football team there were the these are huge diversity football team shows up on a bus from south give us for practice in literally Cotchery Ishmael. Got off the bus and started watching our game. You remember that. Are those amazing ladies like yeah what's up and I'm like you'll cue logic mud here and militaries and passes you know. It was fun it was a fun time I still played anything like like the ball into Merrill's anything. The softball league one week. Still plan salt qualities duke football league basketball softball like football. You know mid forties who didn't allow us like fiercely fought like a bit. Are you get what position you play. Well you don't have the move then see that's OK. With it that's our right. Hey I really appreciate it join me here today I know are you in California right now. Our rights and they're out there and it's its morning for you but I do appreciate you joining let's talk NC football we'll sell big picture the we'll get into week six a little bit. Who is then The Who has been the most surprising kind of guy for you this year like wow like I really stepped up the fantasy game not even a rookie on rookie you never know coming in the league but man somebody just didn't wasn't really on your radar. That you say hate you if you have this guy you're really good shape right now this year and you need to have them. One of them into rookie commute to shop want to think of would be the draft swept. Was that you know he was weak I threw the ball under 55 miles per hour. And guys that we'll look forward that sort of velocity it not have a lot of success in the league. I even though he was a great college player and and we slowly you do. On that field translating that to the NFL about being able to make certain roads look a bit. People bought myself included might be a little bit limiting for but it happens sort of at all. At least in the short term we'll see what happens after these species get little more tape on him and he was big and beautiful weather and what are moving forward but. I don't you the biggest surprise in the overall. Kareem hunt isn't much of a surprise once he actually got his shot right. Exactly are we knew who he wasn't really good running back and running back can be had at a lot of different level during the draft but. As much it talent. Please apart and at the running back spot. System an opportunity played even bigger part and you look at it. Beat and a few repercussions of what these starting running back toward Andy Reid coached he does big basically about the public popped up running back the legal status. In edit the every single year it was different but there where went down. You pretty much knew Rick Reed Hundt was going to be that guy and he has not disappointed now. Maybe ease over quote all the people thought he could do you the first fight we received. Are what most backs could do at least possibly be in the MVP race at this point of the season. But he's been phenomenal. But a lot of that is then you've obviously it helped the fact that nothing away from it help lower skill set but if you put a good back in back backfield with that. Philosophy. And they're going to succeed. So let's go to the other side of the coin is there a player this year you kind of were banking on. Maybe touted highly he's just pretty much been disappointing so far. Oh yeah I mean one guy I was really gonna take a leap this season. I edit properties that I we have a running joke on our part that would best receiver. Ought to be readers isn't lesion. You won't like locals have great debt the Lugar which will have to take the winner out for sushi I've always bet on team Crabtree. An evil we dog people Marc Cooper so whichever one outscored the other. The most we received had. It kept you know swing the bat. I thought Marc Cooper might have a chance to take the lead this year but he on the other direction and who really shocked and who got web a second round. There are ADP was one of the top. Ten or twelve wide receivers all the board and shocking how little little involvement he's got a replay of what you want the ball he's. Not done a good job of paying all the football. The bills play the raiders and a couple of weeks while you know on the head there by that is given and the raiders is that gonna change and eighty do you see that change you know Derek Carr situation is. Probably gonna play this week we'll see where that goes oh should be back by the bills' game at least what do you see that changing at all with the raiders profits and that wide receiver situation. I mean you still getting the volume he's just not coming down the ball about whether those there I don't really watch is not comfortable heart dropped to the right. He's one of the guys who don't have a lot of drop. Obviously a lot of people but it could be a situation like melt back the world last year. Where it starts becoming confident that you we saw that the running back position last year with Parker we start becoming a competition but how would it still there. He can fly he can make your DP looks brilliant pick and we'll walked. The problem is he hasn't been able to do it consistently about. And it can cut the catch rate of his career is pretty low for really hyper talented wide receiver I have to think that it turned. But. It's got to be something at that point that more of a mental issues of physical she. Are you still. Putting LeSean McCoy in your line up every week if you're advising people even though that the bills running game has really been disappointing to this point they Wear the number one team the last two years. Obviously they're not mean anywhere near their right now in the court has yet to find the end zone although he's still. Dini reception disease than what their leading pass catcher plus he's obviously still a you know you know putting up a few numbers here there. What would you advise people who have LeSean McCoy right now. Clinton's seat along if you establish a McCoy you're playing a tropical. You're up to bench him you know he's he's. If you have a hundred he'd he'd probably still wanna be your top three running back options. Or any week I've played mostly daily and he took from me. I depend a lot on matchups in quite probably compared a couple of weeks where. I've felt that he was the guy and one week he disappointed a little bit the other week he was fine mostly because in PPR. You've had ridiculously high involvement in the bill passing it would. Wanted to beat writer before the scene but you know tropical in my deepest unit target that would play going down that might actually be the case by the end of the season. I did the numbers he's on pace for 86 catches the most ever for a running back ever for a bills running back is Larry centers at eighty with a pass catching machine at. In his career than Thurman Thomas only had like 62 that's. The most he had a projection I think 66 my number my point is 486 catches for LeSean McCoy at the back feel that's a TARP. Obama probably 67 kinda games he's hoping he below average depth of target. Target the current situation work. He can turn those targets into easy catches their swing passes their angle route their circle while they're not they're not things that are. Is that the coal for Tyrod Taylor to complete or high risk wrote. So to speak so. Very high target rate very high percentage polish off according. With the passing game the way it is right there right now on buffalo does not seem like that would change anytime soon. Talking and outside though he is the co host of the DF edge idea passage podcast. On the ball pot podcast he's draft kings analyst and ESPN. Tennessee contributor let's say in the running backs couple situations popping up in the league one of them I text with you on Sunday about what I should do between. I was called and wing golf and of the giants I did wind up picking him up but you know it didn't really kill me that much I I I dropped about Gelman I actually. Re acquired by a gallon. This past week so Goldman in the giants is. Kind of the guy I don't think it what is going Allah that backfield where do you go with your looking at the giants' backfield going forward. It's got to be all right I mean he's he's a young guy that hasn't had an opportunity you know what you have in Orleans. You know you know what you've already you're oh in the season so far. Food giant you have to get a good long look at this didn't see exactly what he can do for your team moving forward. So. If you remember that second half of that act. This Sunday as sort of an outdoor equipment starter I just mashed my keyboard that you like right hammer that budget he is it was the most frustrating thing for me that morning to hear that. But we're gonna get. The carries at least early and he did real well the first 202 event. They turned it over Albany Goldman did really well when he got the ball it's got to be Coleman getting would be is if logic takeover. Goldman has to be done report showed that they can figure out what it is that they out. Is Eli Manning and our Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger simply like no plays anymore fantasy football idol band can put up a number once a while which is staying with the giants in their backfield. And look at that thing about that class. Could you are you better off just basically fighting a guy the waiver wire is the best match up rather than playing Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning a fancy football. I mean I think streamers. That are on the freeagent water is definitely. A way to go at a point of streaming it to eventually find the guy that you don't have to. Street anymore couple years ago that was Tyrod clearly picked up on the way Boren and became a viable starter every single week mean. You pick them up early enough he didn't have to stream off the way to lawyer anymore. Eli Manning probably under what will VoIP for the most Lou. The rest of this he's he just doesn't have the weapons anymore as popular a quarterback can make it he better make the players around them a little bit better the wide receivers to pass catcher can make them better as well and definitely boost their numbers just with their ability to get open and make plays after the catch Ben Roethlisberger still have all the weapons he also want to really tough. Part of his scheduled lift up their fourth road game coming up at six weeks so far we've played some of the top people who get the path from the league already this year. You cannot have a much more favorable schedule moving forward and that might be a week where Ben actually bounces back just a little bit even though it is a road game. Yet it is key in the city actually there and they they're not the greatest you'll pass defense and you look at the numbers but. Then also on the road just historically Al is weird like he did not a good road quarterback he doesn't put up great numbers. Now he's definitely got some home road split some severe Paul wrote split over but the court of his career. But again. With the weapons that he's that's when the week but I probably wanna have a problem and yours even long legal document rocker to daily print acutely. But he's somebody you have in your seat along league. I'm not just ditching bad for kicking a ball quite keen at this point. Because like I said at data we've been on the road you can have played for the first six games on the road so you have on your days moving forward. Another backfield situation than it's worth noting I have Ty Montgomery should I be worried about Aaron Jones and me not giving getting time I gummery Beckham play here. Are not helping you gonna completely kick dropped it through multiple I want to hit too much of a weapon for them to not. Utilize him moving forward. Now they also spoke for the first three weeks with how much how many snaps you getting. They were concerned that they would overworking him based on his history and his size and not being up all our money back and not reporting five. But wanted to point art such a game got I think you're gonna need it all come back a little bit in terms of volume. Instead of handling like eighteen carries and five catches. He might see eight to ten carries and five or six catches which is a lot more reasonable. Would pool you can healthy moving full order at least have a better chance to keep him healthy moving forward and your job take. Nobody fifteen carries a game and one or two catches. So the Montgomery he'll still be valuable he just won't be the guy playing 95%. Of snaps anymore want to get back in the history. What do Willie Snead owners do. I mean here's a guy they came back from suspension hasn't played yet though it looks like he's still I think was limited yesterday but what are Willie C donors do here. I innocent look if you're good you've been holding on to release. Which I have been by the way yes. I have then yes I have. Well that would delete that you want you want but maybe get involved with the third and try to practice report showed that he is. Moving at full strength and during what we can do because Detroit what they're sort of outside. Is probably gonna be locked up quick comment to again with. Involvement in the past it has come down there's a lot of split social you win games with Snead doesn't play Cody leader picked up a big award the state. We'll need stepping in against a wide receiver cornerback Patrick that is. Do mobile at least know what the situation where he can exploit. Drew Brees a couple bye week average of like 360 yards a game in the last eleven years toppled by which is absurd. So this could be a week where Snead hit the ground running. Out of the general question here about just the tight end position have you ever seen a position trying to. Just kind of it's spun upside down so quickly in PNC football it's really weird to me is to be just. Rock and maybe Jason Witten and yell and Travis Kelsey entertain what Jimmy Graham now look at these guys Cameron break Charles clay. Jesse James all these guys were who's this kid in San Francisco now let's get a lot of love that people are picking up ready. It this is a weird tight end situation physical polish your teams to me. I think the more he goes to edit needed ebony Berman with the giants the more he goes to. Bit more H back role as opposed to an in line tight end you're going to see it from more people more tight and they're using a bigger guys that they can utilize. Into your husband or just split off of wind and spread formation leaders another guy like that you're not gonna utilize him to block really. But they're just bigger passed stricter even god that was I didn't think college like that the budget on Carolina. Who have been converted into wide receiver even though they're not really what you need a big. Huge wide receivers that are essentially smallish tight end stick with the hybrid role and with the way the league has gone. You lean more toward the past it's not really shocking defeat those guys take a bigger role. Which leads us to like you could afford streaming player walked away acquire. It's very viewed by the George catalog a waiver wire going in the last week it very easy to find. Whatever Qaeda the playing against the Cleveland Browns for the New York Giants for your seat along came every week. And those you look at the kind of touched down to a potent part of the world loaded up my position you can stream just like quarterbacks. Where can everybody find your body may she get these subtle plug. I think by me on FaceBook. Search for Al Mitchell you can put her well and we'll global my analyst at Al Biden felt. And I do you twit show the week talking up and it is football as well so. Search on which were Powell under score simple. What is twitch and know what that is. I'll live video streaming web platitudes and that'll talk shows. A lot of video game. In streaming on it but you prefer NFL type shows multiple. All you guys out in California are so far like ahead of the curve in technology I think than us in the east it's always starts out there on the market. Hey have eight. No you're northern color like 67 hours multi garbage in the theater elegantly and got some put parole orange and purple because of the smoke coming now. Yeah sabres are out west actually they play in San Jose tonight and I know that some of the guys from the plane or even an. Talking about on the radio in the I think I think tweeting pictures and stuff it's. It's pretty pretty remarkable what they're so stay safe a man always always good catch up always good talking media and yes we are getting old but it's okay we'll always make sure we talking as a football. Thanks bud. I that is outside and felt follow him on Twitter at Zell Els I until just look for else missile.