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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, October 12th

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Dusty foot tall robot bumping it up a little bit this week it is our weekly chat with Scott can I ask you from Yahoo! Sports. And double see what's going on in the world defensive football super can help some folks out there with what's going on their leagues. Scott is so Willis right now on our AT&T on mine Scott Howard Jeremy here in buffalo good morning how you doing this week. I don't grade are you I'm good Scott I'm gonna give you a piece of fancy football vice how about that for change. You ready mop or don't tell anybody to draft any bills on offense for the rest of this season. Yes and you know but kind of dump them cut them. Cut your losses don't touch the bills' offensive player. Yeah obviously because we have to consider because he didn't featured back at the start that many dugout in the league. It's funny how you take chocolate office and that's the passing game to so so. So bad I was joking matter. When Taylor was holding the ball forever in last week's game that when he was doing it looking for culture like the the deals that could be gone for a few weeks maybe O'Leary India a tight and deeper leagues. Maybe. You know about the document have Matt he's for awhile. Yeah they did they could have the worst receivers in the game right now on near Chicago as a pretty bad the Jai answer a mash unit at some buffaloes through this right down there with the. So I mean McCord is still a good fantasy play because he. Is not there you know he's not he's right now it is the lowest yards per carry average in his entire career. Right are you obviously the efficiencies nor better but the predictable volume is going to be there and again how many backs can you say every week all fifteen to forty touches just about certainty and he said that small bucket yet but you right in the efficiency yet when there at all also but somebody's. We worry about with injuries and you you don't often get through full season. That you doubled to buy the right time and they they need to keep that really need to regroup after that loss to Cincinnati. Ironically after their glorious when land it absolutely you're never really as great as years as you are you win. So maybe you know we have to take a little wind with a going to solve them maybe we shouldn't overreact to the Cincinnati lost either. Blake you need to dump the body heat you know again the music played music player maps he's really decimate the passing game that was. Substandard anyway so. I'm ever curious to see how they come out of the week seven of which expired. The good news is you can still play the bills' defense Scott I won't I won't tell you the stay away from that. In terms of injuries you mentioned quite okay huge injury here you know from a fan's perspective but also from a reality perspective. I saw a note today about Tyler Dreifort looks like he's going to be goal one nugget back surgery out for the rest of the season. What I was he grunts in and out of that seems like the tight end position is. Watch anymore outside Travis Kelsey. And I Jimmy Graham they don't throw the ball to a guy just seems like when he felt like I was tied and you are just like I don't throwing darts these days. Yet Kelsey who got hurt himself. The concussion against the city. A Decker has been really reliable Philadelphia obviously anytime gross on the field we feel good about him. But you're down shifting in Kenya you might feel pretty good if you have Cameron break. The rest of us to just trying to catch lightning in a bottle you know maybe it's up to carry Jenkins here may be trying Griffin there. Addiction of all people under the FBI guys that Detroit and after 61 yard. Gain the previous week so he's somebody people you know George kill them to have Francisco. I guess we could gazes. As frustrating as a physician has been at least most of your opponent to read you the same position where they're scrambling they're trying different things. I am but by the elegy to drop their. I would own imminent need format right now you benching Graham hasn't done a lot there on by. They wanted to becomes back you know Pallet cropped as playable on and two touchdowns against Cleveland he was involved last week in delivered huge numbers but. We don't Andy doll like toward those big targets were on the goal line having cropped going to be in play I'd appreciate if you all the during the bye leaky maybe not that. Type of player but it somebody we several we may be looking into it I'll let you know what the goodies operate. Decorum ought to read and they had that we won by I don't know what shape Miami and Tampa they are going to be and we sixteen and seventeen been pulling for four straight months. But that weak spot one by at least make some very flexible players that outages. You know authority otherwise it important to have the fighter gonna get worse to the working so are blowing this week. But there are some by which that are heavier down the road or just with the better offenses are about so if you give up players you've already spent there by and to really give them the advantage. Who Skopje now skewing this fellow from Yahoo! Sports will fancy football talk here he's with a son art AT&T hotline when you look at matchups. Who are some of the best plays this week is you analyze some of the match ups who would be favorable places we can your opinion. Well we we know the State's defense is group to exploit and the jets will vault into you know competitive team. Decent offense so I think of what streaming Kirsten play that put Robbie Anderson imply an Matt Forte can't go it sounds like Powell already out. A large McGwire. It's something Good Will Hunting character but the election requires probably be the featured back in the picture can't stop anything right now nothing wrong with those guys did. Q but the saints do they're off their bye week we know they traded you Peterson which died adopted back feel a little bit. Public Camara that dynamic game in London where column but. Ten balls and it was compared to Marshall Faulk and appreciate that I I would get very little Marshall Faulk of the where Sean Payton went but that. A Camara is. In for increased workload Mark Ingram ready for increased workload team off the by the saints play their best. Football at home to drift even better this year was terrible last year through better this year but to. Cam Newton parents really had no problem in the win over trial last week at its a really good week. Depressed plan saying number they get what we need back to move been missing the entire season. Person suspension and your hamstring problem I had to gonna put thirty policy against current. Quick Adrian Peterson question for you they he did nothing in New Orleans he was getting back like four carries a game. It is he worth. Take it a shot on if you didn't have them he goes out there is on he's certainly they're they're gonna expect him to do everything for their running game now what the injuries. Is he worth. Paid the offensive line we know he can't catch the ball. Arizona is throwing the ball much anybody right now they don't live that way they can't have Carson Palmer get hit as actually getting hit at his age but it. Peterson is back who's very reliant like most running backs they need to blocking him are gonna go anywhere every dish you running back to do something. It's a blocking substandard conditions at appointments career now where he's very reliant. Almost got two in front of him he should be very disappointed when he finds out that they can't block in Arizona. I think he was hopeful school purchase would probably require this week is still a big name yeah. Obviously you know I talked about earlier how important is that predictable volume of the running back position and yet I exceeded probably any in doubled touches I just don't think are gonna go to war. I was watching the Packers game last week is Erin Jones still available league's or is would he have been taken up Lauren. He did the had about a 5050 thing words tumbling to a last week instantly. That a little bit and aren't you he was still available this week in Manila that's probably been cleaned up in the last few days but. I think should chip to be there featured back the rest of the year you Montgomery has been broken ribs. He did practice once stable non. Of the Packers are gonna rush Montgomery back and if Jones is the guy who use the dynamic player you kept. Each are fantastic against balloting did only caught one pass that game he showed it beautiful off the shoestring catch. I think it big ones do you talk a lot when he was healthy I think you're gonna he's fifteen to twenty touches from Jones app Minnesota now good defense. So won't be easy you'll get the running lanes will be fine but it. Obviously adding often tied Roger would be good to me. I think Jones is somebody who better be Ross definitely get you have to play in the Minnesota I think he's an excellent chance to be their primary run the residencies. I know we're out of the survivor pool but we like to kick around some ideas with you I've got I've got my game this week chiefs. Now no. Chief's home against the Pittsburgh Steelers know. I've got it Sunday night giants that Denver now can't Denver coming off a bye and the giants are throwing to Jeremy and meet this week. I'm ticket I was thinking Miami and Atlanta I think that's with my right Miami. I saw I the chiefs. Pittsburgh I think that's a really good debt Jeremy let's just for does one of those they'd you know Tomlin gets a mall. Wired up and they come our own play but I like I I don't know the giants how many games of the gonna win and but in Denver off the Broncos violence Sunday night. I like the Broncos in the survivor pool Leo you'll you'll take the chief what do we think it's got what do what's your Beck. Yet the numbers are great pick and Atlanta another team rested during that Miami offense didn't. If Diana had lost their game last week that the jig column would be bench this week because they want to thank because basically ignore its opposite that of other issues that I mean they have to deal with a I'd be shocked by Amy showed up in Atlanta ousted Washington at home against San Francisco that the team up by. It's just it's been a very competitive team for a team that's won once so I think want to be Washington Atlanta. And Denver ideal of the primary placed and it actually grew review on Denver and we know how difficult it is for opposing teams to play at the salvation. Probably I mean to the church yeah prospect Austin Marshall yeah it's doubtful shepherd may not be able to go. And this is already. One of the two or three best. Defensive secondary is the only guy you know and and needs to throw on the back against the Denver it may be the toughest assignment football. I don't know that I thought that it is like anyway in the U2 probably played acres off the field. Especially Beckham the guy is totally changes the complexion of this team and other teams the battle offensive line. I don't see the giants or more than maybe ten or thirteen points in the end. Yeah he knew I wasn't looking so good and now and all those guys out that's that's really hard. Art ace Scott happy fantasy football this weekend as always thanks for give me some given us some your time on the shelf. I appreciate it thank. You guys and die we're here for it you know I can't help do anything else but but but buffalo but we're here for. I appreciate it meant a pocket actually you can follow Scott on Twitter. Four fantasy advice and Tennessee help act Scott underscore. WS KI just to make things easier for you Scott underscore. Janowski any through this every Thursday from Yahoo! Sports.