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Thursday, October 12th

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We open up the show. We're playing the torpedo sunk in the NFL films music and I said I love this right. This one here reminds me of the bank these bills highlights and have a prime time. A Chris Berman and Tom Jackson that's that this thing that every time the bills run out of a primetime I think they've played this song this too. Sprinkle. Greg like it's gonna join me here a moment or to talking dolphins the bills still to play the dolphins twice but that's the end of the year both teams. Kind of a weird scheduling situation. Really with the round Robin of the AFC east he's into the bills and patriots and dolphins. Like none of them play each other toll December this year which kind of weird. I'd that they are one of those teams that you know we just talked about that they're just a much different team and you thought coming into the year a lot of that had to deal with the injury. To write him a hell of course and right now they're struggling on offense so we'll get a sense of where that's gonna go home. From Greg likens he joins me right now and the AT&T hotline Greg from 790 the ticket out of Miami always a pleasure to have him on. My Syracuse University rather not read to Syracuse guys out today I think I've met my quota bosses might get mad at me here today. Right up without doubt at all. All of that year are in the bar and I don't. That would be amazing we would that would be incredible pretty cool to have that tomorrow night so I know that. They're better than people think Syracuse but Clinton still Clemson right Greg and it is that we don't really have a shot do we. Our ports rattled they are being healthy take a look it. And then they woke up at your. I mean how wide. They certainly when the game group yeah like the fact Turkey. Continue to play hard day to make there games there but close calls but you know I think. In your work you were you know proposals that would say well this year it's going to be up like so it felt like a. Greg I'll get shell off the hook early on this one because I have to ask you about the situation that happened this week down in Miami. What is then the organizational response of the in response just got over a climate of the video that surfaced of offensive line coach Chris Forestar. Then that all our. It's like it's straight out of an episode of Ridgefield bowlers like even the script writers and the producers might think it is with a little pop. Like right up. The response. Then from the organization as you'd expect that it ought. At a gate city which shocked. All the players said they were. Completely surprised you caught off guard but everybody's good things about their dealings with him so. I don't. But I think I'm pretty clearly. Yeah wobble of mania or already about the interview with their left target yesterday with a woman who released the video. She claims that he happily what's on the ball the facility or. Every meeting that you re sniffing the white substance and was right about its current radios so. And it's not look back and south political all of them too much into what. For web open because itself or there are a lot of distractions put. There there isn't such a long list of issues away on. All are just in recent years before we gate scandal of 2013. It might help me or for coordinate their hat after earn it was short order. And on top of that you were subpoenaed. Her game and doing what Bob. She's state police. In safari as part of that apple will also idea Jordan Egypt suspended three different times former number three local creek or. You're drug. Drug. You are part of the vehicle. That we're we're airing dirty laundry a lot world. Well we are the gap that bong video out of the trap before you became adults and edit warts and what it wall a couple of weeks ago so. I'm not sure what all on yourself but certainly anything. They're they're distracting it came from actually quite. So the way you calm things in Miami you bring Jay Cutler and it'll just calm the waters I guess right. Exactly the ridiculous is it doing much at all like quarterback. So let's just say on that theme though I mean. How much of this is is any thing at all being put out Adam gays were everything you sent a lot of those situations. A few of them were before he you know he took over but there have been some things under his watch is there any type of scrutiny NN engaged through all this. I think period certainly struck me certain organization and you're right you know many of those things Beijing happen. Or he got here but certainly begs the question Ernie. Gates was the one who went out and got the short circuit problem. Either we offered the white vote show he also was a report contribute towards Gibbons. Side here you don't see in any indication that he was the sole region according to Jay Cutler it's. Side with the Miami Dolphins consider Singler are so certainly approach it not matter whether. You know we could take a look at everything with a very. I'll open market say you'd probably didn't have a good fit it all on you and I think even more than that a lot of or as much. It started all bond owners you ought to all the stuff that happened when he's putting people on flights that are both making the proper leadership decisions for the sort of search. And how much did he have in the same drafting Laramie console because he was the coach at the time he is an offensive coach. Yeah a lot like a bomb really was the driving force for an epic game they determined that what she felt number thirteen overall pick its outlook just too hard to go on and did it also. Supposedly it ought to background. Research on Arab and determined that yelled at the video yet existed but you can have a drug problem or concern about earning over so. I don't want that was done Mike atom bomb so far the other amenities are any then. Pretty good at it quite. Right now. Still making that transition from what Bartlett apple and it's been over all of them they are. Great things for a moment or a young guy out but he got. So I think that that's the main point here on Jordan was but Arlen in the apple obviously. And I think that's fair obviously this ferry is in console is not fair to him to put them any category he has done everything is Manassas he's been good but you know we we kind of what are something similar here in buffalo where. Once you have up a pattern of a few things happen in a matter what else everything kinda gets tied back to that and every start to question. The character in the people you are bringing into the organization I think that's where. Maybe Adam gays can even if Laramie tonne to becomes a model citizen you know he's always gonna be attached to that it is the more things that happen lakers forced her. Like a player is going a while whatever DN Jordan all itself. Those kinds of things always be brought back even if they are fair to bring back you don't mean. All right great. And I think a lot of that you like the way you'll forget about it secured football. Yet. Four sub out of gate certainly has built up. We will be based on the fact if you won ten games in his rookie season so. And I don't think any trouble certainly. Is more of these. Disturbing things occur away from or fall under watts I think this you'll continue to grow returns. It's that that what this board but certainly there. Are many other things that we can be dubious about war in Panama and state sponsor of the decision then. Elmo so we've got started with Jay Cutler I think that one it's governor question not a weekly basis they summit performance so for. Well let's talk about on the field and Jay Cutler and what is going on what that off as we get a fantasy football guy on this morning it is famous case Meehan and I was just told what is again. What it would tell me what is right Scott. He believes that the dolphins had lost last week the titans that Cutler would have been benched this week. But since they want he still playing you agree with that. I don't agree with that because. Adam gave as flat out there it is not going to venture public. Soul of that would be or how are on CBS on that people restrictions on the sideline reporting object. There's no way to sort of budget problem and quite frankly according to reports locally. All of it has no interest in getting you quarterback in there and yet though is that he believes that he thought that. Problems are all logic Albrecht is we tend to blame everything on the quarterbacking the court like it more credit they are oftentimes more what you insert foot. He think that the author of why is that a complete we big issue you. What what you were like no correctly there were five drop in the game this past week. Albania also believe that Butler is clearly the best quarterback the most talented quarterback and it the report in the early in the Beijing would send the wrong now. So I don't believe that it is a big databases domestic guys but I would argue out. Very stubborn here and maybe it's doing what's in the best interests of the game or even his career because you very loyal subject other tickets so far. They've offered their. Fourteen. And that's what the hell all the effects such on the big courts were really offensive touchdown before we. It perhaps will be good. Well you know I. I told you lessen her on Allen met more fit I think that more is is a very fuel back about these better than most back ups in this league if not maybe the top backup in this league when it's all said and done. For what he can give you but would he make any difference if he was inserted under center right now. We here's the difference I org you would be an ultimate that make you change because. Jay Cutler and the great senior we've seen it for the eleven previous years where the body language herbal. And I think there's a proven track record over one yet they all relative but getting mediocre result and a lot of that I do refuse. Lack of leadership ability and lack of an ability to inspire those around him so forward. Former teammate so c'mon Brett I work with one of the model weekly basis DJ Williams former. You know you're in Miami Denver proper played him in Chicago with the bears say the guy you respect him on the scene but my. War. Locked room at Bill Self on the horse and seen it the year before right general strap it was voted the team MVP when you actually play. A bit about and has been a great soldier but aren't seeing the wondered what Matt more so while Willie. Not a relative typically recover I think if you put him there and that all thought it would ever be. At the starting quarterback repaid ten million dollars for. What a huge step forward it would double team of books and art itself. If that they'd be any worse it is right now. How bad. We'll tell you what what are the problems on offense beyond quarterback what why why is. The only running for a 150 yards lies Jarvis Landry not catching ten balls we what is going on there. Probably. Why so insert joke here about well but like the line. Yeah. It or four meetings so I don't know how much that ads that distort the yup but what we're actually very good last year under. He threw it so it goes back but you know they a couple of changes the finger so perplexing. It for the five starters. So I'm not sure why some huge HIV and the statistic. Up from for the game is bit the bullet 80% of its yard a map for our. So you. Doing your job at apple probably a lot of apples are coming idolize them so that issue. I've missed the drop out there in the this week in and jar injury but he Parker can still not sure exactly who the culprit here but many. Of those guys have been accused by means of not running up the whole. All of the bad combination. Of lack of focus and getting back on whether at lightning speed and charged off. Though not reflect well on a bit better. Producing such all resolve and their seemed to be a lack discipline on all different levels often at all. These are getting easier and they have a brutal schedule when you look at other teams if the play that the go to Atlanta the jets obviously Arab playing better but. They've to go to Baltimore they did go to Carolina still the box the patriots the Broncos the breeders' twice actually the bills that she's my goodness we. Will it get better in Miami for this team this year in this office specifically. Well. It. Work so I mean it could still play better. Your. Lately there at the difference between state a year goal off a lot restore order or that whatnot it got stretch oil. The difference being there's got to let your words EU but I mean. Good pitching that they quite a final stretch were 43 games under five under. A combined record when you look at a year and it's eaten at you just pointed out well I mean it's just so much more typical so in a yacht but. They're going to be audience appeared petition almost on a weekly basis at all. In terms of turning things around completely I may be the dream of returning to the playoffs in these in realistically work that. One like her injury occurred that also. While wait we saw the start I mean I don't think they're cured chill so I on the circuit you know but they haven't quite like it. Haven't haven't scored more than nineteen points and any game. Right it's all credit or you threaten the defense played well in the games but. Watching old opera ever venture either but. Bat good this league is geared toward the gulf are producing. So if it's really difficult to watch and to see you get an adult team. Get shut out by the were given up over the yard off. The previous week. The jets were terrible defensively. Leading into that game and eight bit older workers that's yet them I mean it's really really perplexing but it would all all that all of the gamble for. Guy brought up earlier before you came on the bills are ranked 31 in the league on offense in both yards per play and yards per game the only team its worst of them in both categories. Is the Miami Dolphins which is pretty remarkable we think they have an offensive coach and a guy in and gays who has. The rest me has but let's talk a deposit they do have a good defense they have been playing pretty well and he that they haven't given up more than forty points and a game. You know is it sustainable Kate is it possible for the as deep as you can carry them until the offense does maybe come around if that happens. I think he prep game plan well. And I thought we ought number I'm certain you ought easing and expectations for this team really expertise or that he offered. They're. Back so don't. Well all week Mike certain though is there yet. Well. And for her Forster a quarter or like it for. You offered up or ground where we have. They'll start that he'd be in the lock Earl Rachel oil over a certain point. Losing games as. Well. But for all that you could have machine aren't being. Oh. 08 awkward at all. Well. Typical view that sustain it hit it out in Europe next and the other. Very typical all of the very which match. Idealize a circle macro quick to the the job security thing what on what about ten mom and all this I mean the you know you you said that you know that was the pick for tons so what she's on the would you turn out okay but. You know is there any screw near heat on him the guy that kinda is overseeing the operation. I think there should be again I think it. Bottom line what you can name all will be different off field issues associated with the team it's a short period of time. I think their systemic problem there and soul you know start the top the law and who can decide. Flights and Mike Obama is ultimately that although what are all of all operations now are so I think it yet. Served be scrutinized. It brought those who are very patient when it comes to. I'd giving news coaches or general managers audience to at least do their jobs. So I don't see any changes that are happening. Overnight by any means but certainly I think that. The more things occur and there aren't enough or even for the ball and all of these guys should be scrutinized a spotlight on them because. Let you commit yard where is that if somebody picked up a drug habit that you may not know about it but does that reflect for the Ukraine and nearly three million dollars a year. And the drug problem occurring. In your facility at the C. Yet that's a great point too about where it happened like you said she said they had to have happen that if you believe her story Greg. Miami Hurricanes let's say they are top. Let's say their top sixteen berths on the trend they're they're there on the way to compete for a national playoff spot Miami Dolphins same year. They're competing for an NFL playoff spot they have a really good year which team to South Florida get more excited about. I don't think the mud ball and your regional professional sports organization. And you know bought back you. Eight Asia early seventies and they were the only unit out of working quite well all for a long time but I had a ball. Have all always had a marker Rampage and every just goes to show you in on Sunday if you show to a gain more on a bat art rock stadium. The statement more fault then when you mighty hurricanes are playing element of equipment or something like that so. It could be a big deal or gains made welfare and that more realistic that he's on the ball and did so but their question I think the ball and it would likely take the. Every deal pretty excited about the hurricanes what they're looking like him in that win last week was was something else. What. Oh you're border states code to go to the end it for me as dramatic you don't want people really doesn't mean they they. The saints made her mark Walton standout running back up and eaten so that will be difficult to overcome but. I mean that my lurking program for it right. Edit story edit as it is bad they've never participated in the ACC championship it was hard to believe. There's. So I think the first step will win the coastal. Playing C championship game and then I bet he warned about getting back in the national prominence that they have enjoyed over the. And I'm sure you have your tickets for October 21 when the Syracuse Orange come to town right. I'll look at Fort Stewart and all good luck garbage you like that ever played well for a number of years. But that's bat also that. At one time it got really upset all the local fans here but got to reform bio or to blow. Hey I know we don't we don't see the Miami Dolphins come this way are those don't go down there until December so I'm glad we rarely catch up here. In October Manuel before then hope that's the case thanks a lot when he I always appreciate it. Oh.