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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, October 12th

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It's not quite enough. It's Howard Simon and Jeremy White the kick in the swing and hide my goal right center for. It blew all of these great. Have all real. Try not to do too much red there expand the zone or anything like that would be. Very good pick to head honestly I was trying to think stay on top and it to the wind was flown in that didn't really wanna hit it in the air you got to pitch out over and luckily got enough of it. Well not hit it right field. That both my better. Yeah. Yeah send. Big as the one to. Angriest called bullet came over American League division series over yankees win. I. Decades boy. Just fight club. You know we winning game one enough and that's the tremendous pitcher's dual and think about how that went about to knock it goes a tremendous game and Greg bird hits homer off Andrew Miller doesn't get mop come back the next day when Seve pitched a good game and our team just. There's just a ton of fight this club and did you know it's a great mixture of youth and veteran players that are leading the way and it's hard to believe because we just Peter really really get to. On WGR. Sports Radio 515. Not enough hey listen. What do me a favor instead and instead of the Yankees opened one we just replay a continuous loop the AJ green 77 yard touchdown hot. Really are you her. I'm not hurt as the bright so angry and there's the bright side yeah well this right he's like what what happens here is more Yankee fans get pulled in. I'd pull a few more and often and then you get to the laugh and cheer and celebrate when they get destroyed. The okay. No and that goes all a go to all the would the World Series to like let's say the B the Astros and uterus more fans get pulled an and then god forbid they beat the Astros. Now see that this Ike I got no cards to play here and I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna start a fight we Yankee fans because my baseball teams a dumpster fire so what what do like I got no idea. This would be like a bill stand picking a fight with the patriots I got nothing at this point. I'm just angry. A guy yeah I Yankee fan tweeted and. Geez couple hours ago. When you recap the Yankees Indians game on today show trying to to be so jealous thanks hash tag let's go yankees tonight treated him backed jolts. There about screw you I acknowledge and not a lot around I thought would ever do that to a listener. Round I'm angry I'm angry Indians for blowing that series was up two games that they were up two games to none although. The got you know break in game two I guess if you stick gonna get on Girardi for not challenging but there are two games to none and then just blow this series. And other yank I have to deal with the Yankees in the ALCS and and he's okay anyway guys that I agree it's disappointing. The Indians have been a nice story continue to follow them and root for them to win a World Series because they would've been my number one choice yeah Mets aren't in it I would have there's nobody in the NL. Cubs already won it no on the net snow on the Dodgers. I predict the Indians were the team to root for now whether they're out. What's not to yankees. I'm not for the matzo would be Cobbs LA yankees Astros. Astros I'd be okay with a almost anybody in the nationally idea I do have. Pat if the cubs lost just because they want last year and I'm good with the Dodgers I'm good with the the nationals to a degree. In the jail in Astros wouldn't bother me at all I'd be fine only and I can't root for the Yankees it's harder for the nationals. Because on the Mets fan although I would be very happy for Daniel Murphy that's the only thing I would say a saving grace of Washington if they go win at all. Of course they haven't really had mean football team's been bad for awhile the caps have never made it to the film and it wants to the finals. The wizards are. The wizards although there are better I shouldn't say that. I would hurt I would be happy for Daniel Murphy not a huge Dodgers fan I mean I don't despise them Bellic the Yankees. I think used to be my number one choice number two. I got a number two I guess to be Los tangible underneath this Woody Allen whether putting shorts that. Underneath this bloody fight pulled it open I would reveal the giant T on my chest that for tanking. And my tanking hard Houston group for Houston sure. And the cubs did it and they want I think the cool thing about this to be what was it SI mean in five years ago said there was that Houston would win the World Series this year that would be pretty good you predict and for me in mighty mighty dark terrible tanking heart if you still want to feel good you know calculated moves to get better for the long terminal and the wind it is so I'm good with Houston and go to the Dodgers go to the nationals the Yankees it would ruin my baseball policies that. I cannot watch the it's too stressful. I might my level of of despise the you know I think about they're not that they're not as capable as they used to be I know you have got to admit that they have players now we AM there are definitely likable Larry judge sure. They I were iris. There's a difference here now when you say like you hated team that doesn't it I don't respect him I don't respect the patriot because we think they cheat. I respect the Yankees they put together a good team. You know when I when I was growing up they're like buying in free agents every year which Steinbrenner and seventy that was the hard to light right and then they were there is that it incited them to the owner was nuts. But they do you design the right why they're inside being as soon as there was a good player on any team we're gonna get up Yankee fans it's explosive new York and W I Reggie Jackson Catfish Hunter and that whatever whatever got plaque came up bright and made Bryce Harper the dollar price harper please god no not Bryce Harper or Mike Trout are gonna go to Stewart are gonna get up right I mean every Yankee fans that Iraq he's gonna get like 500 million dollars to go play and hopelessness. But this team. As I said it's I actually treated a guy yesterday I do I like hearing judge I always love Jeter. I respect the Yankees because they put together a good product pure Yankee fan you must be. Delighted third good young team maybe a little bit ahead of where you thought they'd be this season. I think you've got to be ecstatic and there are a lot of players to like about that team I just. You know how the bills fans feel about the patriots. They've won enough already in your lifetime. That's how it is with the Yankees now remember my parents were Brooklyn Dodgers fans OK so they were tormented and tortured in the 1950s by the New York Yankees and forties. So they handed that down to me I became a Mets then the Mets staked the Yankees went. I didn't even added up chairman are trying to think like ours is to get about the bills pats analogy. If your bills and you detest New England for numerous reasons one you might think they cheat too they've won like a gazillion Super Bowls. In my lifetime the Yankees have already done enough World Series winning. I think it's seven or rate I'd tried to think in my head on the 15 with Torre. 45 wood Torre I forget what we Girardi to in the seventies would Billy Marwan whoever is managing back at. Like seven or rate world champ it's in my lifetime. That's plenty. I got one that I actually remember 198669. Doesn't count I was seven playing with trains. I got one Mets World Series and the Yankees have all of the others forget it I can never act I never ever root for them I respect that. But I can't stand I hope they lose every single time they play by page come I can't watch the games of the Yankees are playing because it hurts me to watch it it it. I I get like a nervous this in my stomach out like a fan of the other team. So the Yankees play the Astros I have a hard time watching because I'll have a son of turned into an Astros fan and of the Yankees start winning key handle. I think my agent comes directly from how closely Paul O'Neill's. Tiger team is still on the broadcast so right about watching the broadcast on thing ID he was nuts he Paul O'Neill and like the kind of way you're supposed to hate Paula to see there attorney said there are guys I like I love Jeter I really respected Jose did he did you thought he was a little bit too phony. In the way you're supposed to hate Jeter and the idea is similar to like won't think he's no good now. It's exactly the kind of sports he'll stuff that of the when the Yankees during that run you're talking with Torre. Mean every one of those guys just despised Roger Clemens and imply that I Clemens I didn't all because of the yachts of thing but. And Pettit cheated too. But I didn't have a big problem Bernie Williams or posada some of the guys on the team I love Tory ME Torre managed the Mets have won get this in a couple World Series I'll find a way to hit everybody on the voters rightfully be on a go Houston. Although it. Agency Jeter said he would kneel the at the to be Bristol playing he dead yet. I was surprised setting that I did not Derek Jeter said he would Neil for the anthem. Slightly that right there you know well said that grew Kobe Bryant buoyancy that yeah. Look at the just wanted to mention that project but I love Jeter anyway yes so. Don't congratulations to the Yankees it's it's a really. Coming back from to go down you probably should won game two anyway. That's a really tremendous accomplishment you beat up blooper to beat up our. On to Houston and go Astros to the Indians fans. This I hope this doesn't sound like a loser mentality but. I hope that six months from now or a year from now or five years from now. Fans have followed this team this year really look back on that winning streak as one of the best times of their sports like this because. And and usher bills fans and sabres fans have this experience like how fondly remember 51 to three as a day. Even though it didn't ultimately lead to a championship you can look back on the day itself and think. That's why like sports so for Indians fans needed win the World Series that's terrible yeah but that stretch that month. Had to feel like the best thing ever and the best comparison I've got from myself is I watch Syracuse when a national championship so much healed a different but. Couple years ago in the sort of 26 and all and Tyler and it's not the sabre one of their there's a point can hit the half court shot against Pitt. To continue their unbeaten streak became Italian it's one of my favorite. Ever seasons to watch your team and I think you can kind of get lost in the if you're not winning it you're a bunch a losers that which which tick and degrees true. At the same time you can if you can kind of step out and look back and say man. That's why this is why watch sports the sabres playoff runs of 050606. Or seven the Ottawa series I know we ultimately ended up losing. But if you can think back to the weaker of the two weeks without the month in your life the ride you moron. You can just kind of say. I love that team like I'm sure other Indians fans. That even though they're not winning the World Series can sit there and same and I love this team I just love them I want it that's part of the reason you want them to win. It's because of what you kind of gain for them along the way death as they play like that well that's why. I get a. Boy you you opened up like three important things a wanna bring up in the debts that's why the loss by the Indians in the DS is so depressing. Even if they don't mean. They came part of it you should you come so close the World Series last year I mean your on the the brink of winning your first World Series in almost seven years and you don't get it. Then you come back and you're still really good and you're going to 22 game run and all this other stuff into the got okay we're gonna get the ship. You don't even make it to the World Series or even make it DLC yet you're knocked out of the and you knocked out of the the last team in the world you wanna lose to the Yankees and your knocked out by the Yankees after you won the first two games at home I mean it's just. The nightmare scenario for the Indians and it it just. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth because you run. Wouldn't see that play you can't sergeant Crosby just who he had hoping in a kind of in the face well it was robbery night the night she loved to hate cell. You can enjoy this like you said right what and what a fun team to enjoy. The sad thing is you don't even get to enjoy them in another round that you know I think about presidents' trophy year would they restarted and no yeah. They're like fifths how much fun was that they may have been 151 and one and you know you fell in love with those teams and their tennis no and you're enjoying the ride and then boom it's done in the conference finals and you don't get a chance to see. Could they have won a Stanley Cup we can't even obsess over you know what my it would happen in the step. So that I think is part of it for Cleveland fans you just. The team that you really love so much fun. All my gosh what a ride this is boom Don EDS season over. I thought about the fifteen Mets don't win the World Series was one of my most enjoyable baseball season and once it was so much and you know because it in all. They're there on the outs what can end. They go on this great run. They make it to the playoffs I mean they've played great baseball that they make the trade for sex but this there all of a sudden fun to watch their electric it's August and September they're beaten teams. They beat the Dodgers they beat the cubs Boehner in the World Series are you kidding me. Now they don't win. Particularly humid found at the time it got bought every shirt and cap but I caught the excitement. Governor you know NL division champion and help us chip NLCS winners of game three of the world knows that they won game Florida Saturday night in average delay I mean I've bought everything I could they didn't win ultimately put that team was so much fun. I'll never forget that that two month run when it was so enjoyable and and it's funny you brought up 51 to three. Somebody treated the other day a guy used to work with and he's doing a feature about just asking people for their their number one football memory. And I premium back and I said it's 513. The bills first ever. Bertha and a Super Bowl I mean with barring a Super Bowl championship I was not in town for the comeback game I guess I could use that. But even the comeback game it was crazy. But it didn't reach the high elf. All my god the Eagles are going to the super ball I'll never forget that you'll never forget some like you said. The Syracuse run in the N a shot the 96 run when they go and then they can win it all into what they're they lost the Kentucky yet and that's one of my first and best. Sports Ron sports memories ya but you know what any also what's disappointing is when you get that special team. You want that special team to win the championship. These you know that the year the sabres get beat by you know hope down south. The community and had 7892. In their home games in their second home game of the year than 7800. I you know I figured that I think duke and North Carolina head open basketball practice and OK so it's probably why. But Greg to think about you want that team to win it's gonna hold a special place in your heart because you enjoyed watching them play. But ultimately it falls short of a championship you want that team the 2015 Mets the 0506 sabres what are your Syracuse teams that you know that fell short. You want them to go on and win that championship to have just that magical. Nothing went wrong all my god what a great season as opposed to. Mean and I levels guys that was so much fun Cuba they lost the world's in the World Series. Chemical tax on this 06 or seven say overseas on my favorite sports memories Justin Texan I hate the Yankees because. For some reason this is. Cliche but it's true because the summaries on my friends Yankee fans they act like they were there for all forty some championship if I ever being in college. I lived a couple of Yankee fans in we were a couple of Mets fans we were split house in during the subway series by the way to. So the Mets fans watched upstairs Yankee fans watched downstairs out and that was the thing that always used to drive me nuts and it's I I get it I get why Yankee fans do it. But you know I have a college roommate same ages mean maybe like a 25 championship points championships and I think item and I can just. I did you decide Rupert team and I get all that backs like reclaiming Wallach an eighty like Montreal now let me I discussed warnings are so I get it and Yankee fans generally get to point to the scoreboard and that that's all we're we're gonna do that's all we have laughed about it and I got two World Series titles in the franchise history what am I gonna do yeah I mean I can't I can't. That's like you know. Like fighting and I got a pop I got a little pop gun going into battle here I just can't do it. Quick tax watch the Cornell men's basketball team from 12007 to eleven. It was a magic of watching a bunch of freshmen having fought and high school gym eventually make it all the way to this week sixteen against Kentucky in the dome there. Few things could top falling in love that team and being amazed by the process that's in Jonathan. Yeah like and what this all comes down to this is actually something I talked about the sabres at the beginning of the season. Everyone of these stories about your team fell short but you still love the process trust the process you still love to the race. Is that you believed in them you believe get a chance when the Indians are on that winning streak and winning 22 and a row you don't think about. While we are now going to be in the record books the longest winning streak more you think. This team is special that the sabres are on the way to the president's trophy there you know they're playing great when they go on that winning streak in all five or six it turns into belief. And the last time we believed in the sabres and the last time we believe in the bills. Each person's gonna have their own measure I haven't believed in the bills haven't right there probably since the Bledsoe you're sick like really truly believed. This team can do something really great maybe when they are foreign or what you know you know the track yes five and wanna attract. We talked about we did drought the drought bracket. And that was the height of the drought why because that's the most we've ever believed that they had something real and the sabres. They won the division. And that looks pretty good period also burns right now and they had this superstar looking rookie who then ultimately turned out to not be a superstar. And since then it's just been. Not a lot of belief that's why when we went through the tank people actually some like myself enjoyed it. Because it did it it it keeps you belief in something I could we've got something we're going for we can believe in something I can kind of hitch my wagon to this. We just don't have a lot of that lately and right now even on the sabres against the elusive San Jose tonight. Belief is on life support already. But it's funny it. I wanna get the bills in the second I think one other thing about the Yankees and what's going on with them right now look I can't speak for Yankee fans. But women against even if they if they don't wind in the AL DS that they lose to Houston Yankee fans will be very happy with where this season went. You know in the race all year given Boston a run for the division you gotta love that I'm that the Red Sox go out and lose in the first round fired their manager. But you feel like your your your in the right direction that day you're ahead of frog ahead of what the plan was supposedly. But you feel like the Yankees are are are Errol up to steal south turn their very much arrow up even if they lose in the DF to tell white belt in 2015. That's all the World Series and I thought wow that sucks but guess putts but this is awesome and look at the pitching staff. This is done it twice sixteen gonna be great I went down to spring training in port saint Lucie. I was like a little kid walking around that ballpark I was so excited about what the season is going to bring so. Even if you lose I don't know Indians fans feel this morning the probably really depressed Maybin and thinking about will still be good next year. Beaten to the Yankees don't win in the DS you're still feeling you know as painful as the sabres lost was to Carolina incredibly painful still blogs. Some people that I know a lot. But you still felt. Okay T we're in a good spot this team's really good but they're fun to watch their entertaining the one of the best in the league and we all had high expectations for the following season. You brought up the bills and the Bledsoe years and the Trent Edwards start in its all relative for you since you've been here is you've become a bills then that is the highlight for you. Now for me I wouldn't say that he Bledsoe and Trent Edwards were when you talk about believing it was. He I think they could actually get into the playoffs again. I didn't think the blood cell team was going to the Super Bowl but I thought the gonna make the playoffs cool it's been a few years and the Trent Edwards thing. Was not when they beat the chargers it was not. The bills are alleged hit it was they're gonna end the drought 100% convinced drought in the playoffs this year and then I'll take my chances but again. You know it's all relative. I was here for the early ninety's you worked so in terms of believing there hasn't been a single team. Post ninety. 695. Whatever but I looked at and believed they had a shot to win the Super Bowl there were built teams I thought could make the playoffs but never to the extent where it was 25 years ago. Just looking for some belief. And as they went with it and the sabres twelve I don't know I'm trying to think Jeremy back in. Was 2010 when they won the northeast and a loss of was yes I mean I still probably didn't feel about that team that they. The way did about three air drummer you know I don't know acting up the same but it was a different it was a team effort different story they were 27 and all when leading after two girls rock down team and they had this guy that we said was one of the most exciting and fawn and dominant players in the league and the next year I didn't really I mean they were terrible Christmas crafts and it played lights out for half a year snuck into the playoffs and lost to the flyers in seven games you never really looked at that team. And thought. This is get this team's gonna make a run I think it was morbid just shut up and enjoy the ride there winning and are in the points list ever fishing can get kind of depressing but all comes down to for me is I don't need to be guaranteed playoffs and need to be guaranteed championships I just wanna get back to a normal sports life. Where you can believing your team cement and a couple of wins a sabres win for a row. Give me that. I've all been doing is pleading for a good start. And their old to win one. But the good news is maybe to doubles on a mission from god. No plans and about like the devils scored three on five all right I watched blues Brothers last night and they lit up the leafs so yeah the devils are awesome yeah so we've got three games. The sabres played well against Montreal got a lucky. Got lit up by Dell seems on a mission from god and islanders games don't count because it's on Long Island and I never watch those games so it's a disease names Brooklyn and Long Island don't forget. But you know by the way Montreal they're not good. We thought they were going to be good they can't score and they have struggled since they left town. Purity scenes stories about the bet the our problems I had with the Canadians and how to struggle people already gone crazy amount don't get me started. Alex got China is playing wing on the fourth line you know as someone. Is going to free him from Montreal ya gonna give Montreal something stupid because Montreal always makes bad trades. And someone's going to free Alex L Chan yuk. And I just want to be sabres organization called Jason Bob you'll see if they all Montreal want for a fourth line Winger pays a fourth line wing or how about our fourth and one suck it. How old Powell Cameron did just Georgia's number and I'll just Georges for alaskans and yet we're kidding about that you'd have to give up something about me yeah I would want scoring back so they have in the fourth line wing he played center for them freer and scored 47 golds. All my Montreal. The sabres lost that team. Yes I didn't want it you run a nice little roll there with the devils in the islanders but Montreal is not a big is that I felt exhibit deserved to win that game they should have. And it's my my point was that they probably should be Montreal is I think the Canadians are over rated. I'm not sure where the islanders are going this season I don't know but boy New Jersey looks like a much improved hockey team. And New Jersey looks like with some of their young players that they are trending up which goes into something you were talking about. Was today Thursday. Tuesday show maybe you pointed out you know where the young guys post eichel. It's here's New Jersey to commit to town and some guy named Jesper Bratton looks like he's gonna be on the all star team this year. And nick Niko he's Scheyer and first pick comes in and he beat you know they are standout Jason around in the congress can't stop him the other to cough cough helps too and a lot of lottery and but he's come a look at that he's making an impact team wins lottery instantly improves. But there's some and and they go out they say they get will butcher they signed will butcher and they by signing date infused this he would some young flyers sabres definitely could use will butcher right and that's I think it's it to an end to question. Where were those guys for the sabres the problem is there in Rochester they've missed out on all of them. Right all the young guys we got excited about and whatever USA we're real reason is the butcher the easy to rate could jewel law over and over again they got CJ Smith wears heat. Rochester right. Where are the young guys on certain obsess about this instead get a middle step might be the only other Aslan would be good guys and see. Aspen since the day they drafted Jack eichel. What have they done to this team granite is she's bottles and on job for like six months. But it really. You can see it. With what what happened since the Michael drafting that's why when people get at me about whether not the tank work like. But I didn't think they would just really blow it every day east after that there and a little bit on that day with some of their moves so it's. What happened that roster after that draft day. Next to nothing let's pick up on that we get back we got to get our break in here 8030 thought something has happened is like he's about from cleaning up after the next to nothing that happened. 803055888. By fifty to 550. Which sort of different things in the first segment it was fun discussion if you want to chime in on. You could talk about the does the baseball series the Yankees Cleveland some other stuff we're talking about. Don't get into the the sabres roster we get back eagle 305 to appear 888552. Effective DK on the show today. We're gonna wait Paul up early. He's gonna join us at 9 o'clock this morning from San Jose Skopje now ski from Yahoo! Sports gala that earlier than normal with a stuff fan as you work with us 9:15. This morning. Average coach Chris Taylor at 930 spots type your to join us and talk sports left this morning here on WGR. I think you know. You changed alliance is trying to. Get other guys go Warner maybe there's some chemistry that you're looking for and that's what we mean that changed today and they could change tomorrow but we thought we would try these combinations and movement forward. They'll housing changed up his lines change and everything leave port combinations the defense pairings. Power plays and Reynard is off power play completely. Paul's got the complete rundown. And that WGR 550 dot com. And speaking of the sabres finally there and action tonight we'll get to that moment baseball last night late game. You can stay up you know you and your get out to weigh in and watch the cataract I three I don't want to give back a little over an hour. And then you know hop in the shower and come on an already to go G use as your watching the sabres games on the DVR that like the 102 advanced button. Think there's a whistle you hit tent like. So I am attend second advanced by some to suggest for okay sure that when allied to go through all that stuff Oca look I'd I helped when Robb's not listening when a sleeping don't think this firstly rob I zipped right through his analysis the whole time so not just in remission but every everything everything on huge whistle no need this yes I pretty much gulf. Just watch the action again I'm really sorry rob I enjoy your work don't delighted to have Bob. Yeah I get it did in an hour maybe a little bit over the papers overtime should not end up not really quick. The yankees have moved on to the ALCS. They beat the Indians completed comeback from down to win that series DD Gregorio is two home runs last night. And that game one in Houston tomorrow night. The college nationals series going to a fifth and deciding game tonight Stephen Strasburg was Strasburg in last night. Seven innings three hits twelve Kate's and Washington wins five nothing game 5 tonight at 8 o'clock the Red Sox parting ways with manager John Farrell. Sabres are San Jose tonight 81030 game. Zach Bogosian did not make the trip by the way. We'll have that game tonight here pregame at 930 as they sit face off at 1030 on WGR. Leafs lost for the devils last night six to three Pittsburgh beat Washington. On rivalry night Boston lost to Colorado Erik Karlsson from the senators will miss at least another week of action. Pretty good game tonight I think for Thursday night football Philadelphia at Carolina Panthers have looked much better the last two weeks Carson once Eagles lead the division and he's getting good reviews he is and there were many expecting him to have kind of a second year not a sly but a second year. Advancement whatever is gonna take others take another step in. Energy and they look good and he looks good here and it's Jim Schwartz's defense bills fans you can watch that. He got ten touchdowns this year in five games Lester had sixteen touchdowns in sixteen games he's doubled his touchdown for game must be frank Reich. Lot of buffalo connections in that game. Tom Brady did not practice yesterday he's got a left shoulder injury. He maintains he'll be able to play against the jets on Sunday Cleveland name's Kevin Hogan they're starting quarterback for Sunday. That looks like season ending back surgery for Cincinnati tied and Tyler I for. Those are your headlines next update at 7 o'clock. Don't miss at balls for your rise only out of there with you I'll be there from the 530 to seven. You can see a lively six surgery and get a free 150 dollar late sick evaluation. RSVP by calling 8922020. There are no walk ins. Which usually got a call 8922024. That this event today from 537. Categorically say I've seen eye surgery performed. Like twelve times I would have to leave the group knots really. You're Beverly you're talking to not annoyed I'm a big baby days ago four minutes and issued a laser in the dog I looked the other way when I get an allergy shot you have glasses you never. Which I thought about that actually yak it's I only need these for for like reading computers that use them all the time it's just. You know again newspaper computer. Whatever I need my phones and I could you know I just have a hard time with some of the reading part of me is waiting for that day I'm 38 my dad wore glasses my mom was reading glasses. So who's waiting for the day were one I just wake up and I can't I can't see it's not Clinton is that really how it happens again one OK yeah outlaw not what but all of a sudden you you. Start you'll notice you don't want it was for me I think it was probably picking up a newspaper. And all of a sudden I kind of had to like move the paper back and forth see the letters apparently like OK it's time yeah yeah that was it. Street signs and I can see you know the board with all the the hot Atlanta everything. But I think it was it was probably the newspaper or the computer deftly the newspaper prior I can pick up a paper now my glasses are off have a hard time reading and I just it's even the computer. It would take me awhile I concede the stuff on on tweet deck spot I really have to zeroing in trying to see what it says so. Yet have fun with that quick thing on here goes eyes go on my stomach goes out have a great. I'm Christiane Wentz and golf for that matter are thinking about quarterbacks for this upcoming draft and thinking about these few these two worked who drafts ago. Right now often Wentz and it waits were run two straight years first the golf Wentz here. Then the true brisk. Off nobody's really worth the pick him and here's golf in year two and he started look better. Much better this year than last when it's in year two who went cut. Not even an FBS school he went at CES in North Dakota State he's in here to. And he's got a team at what are they for one yes they're four and one he's got ten touchdowns I've got to Shawn Watson was one of the young stars in the league that press got was in the draft two years ago. I know it's a bit of a crapshoot. Part of the crapshoot is and I wonder whether bills are on this admitting. The big east teams that took these players whether it's the rams with the Eagles or the Texans the chiefs. You know how what kind of a commitment we'll kind of old law for this player did they have or where they willing to just roll the dice a little bit and say well. He's got as good a shot as anybody I can't promise you he's gonna be good he might be good. We got to straight classes where guys are not supposed to be worth first round picks and they are absolutely qualified. At this point two event first round picks and are they gonna become Tom Brady Drew Brees I don't know probably not. But competent starters to the bills have probably wanted nothing to do with a couple of years because they've got Tyrod Taylor who's not terrible right. But when this draft here comes around. If they get to a spot where they try to. Tell you that nobody's good and off. I just wonder about that you know not gonna by Josh Allen's another one yet Allen is on NFL evaluated charts near the top. And I've got plenty of people would tell me he is a joke because he plays at Wyoming and he's not having a good year yeah what his skill set is off the charts that. It's part of why I like watching all these college quarterbacks because the god it's the best in college sometimes the worst in the pros in the worst than. The college is the best in the pros it some action that doesn't happen nearly as much but you eat you weren't sing like two straight years nobody is worth those picks. And then. Instantly. OK maybe once. I think it's in sting you know in terms of you if you think about whence I wanna bring up that the current class because I was. Last night hours reading McShane and piper have a piece up for insiders espn.com their quarterback debate and go through the guys that we've been talking about and you've been text and people about each week to watch I did you have a guy your top yeah I move around a lot I I do too I have its Rosen Rosen I love them. Well I think either him or Arnold RRR one a one B. I think either guy is very good but I wanted to bring up something they said about Josh Allen. And and I can tie and a little bit out with web stuff you don't think about when caught when Carson whence when they're going to the pre draft process people loved his game and he was very productive and FTS. And he did well when they went up and played FBS teams. Let's say they won that Iowa one year I mean everybody has an Iowa right well let Josh Allen right but but but they went up when he played yep that's one of the things we Josh Allen. He's gone up and played like maybe five FBS teams and Ara. I'm sorry not our power conference power power five teams and he's been awful when Wentz went up and played an FBS team he performed well. But. I yelled dirt that the quarterback class this year they're reading about Alan. His numbers are awful don't look at the stat line. Because Wyoming lost a whole bunch of players last year he lost 47 touchdowns he lost starting offensive lineman his numbers are bad. But the check in type we're talking about how he's 65 these 230 he's got a great armies got size. Vijay says he's got the best arm in the class he's got a rated ahead Josh Rosen right now as the second quarter behind Arnold so ignore his numbers I'm talented. The guy has no help around him in Wyoming and I think he's he's got some happy feet the pocket now he's he's been getting just plastered back there. Coaching matters and a great example were coaching matters is last year Gerri golf played five games and by the end of it people said he doesn't belong in the week. And now he's played five games with Sean McVeigh and it's. Let's watch this kid but isn't it funny Jeremy know what upsets me about when we evaluate quarterbacks we all know it's a crapshoot. Guys yet whether it's you and me talking about it and it's all the crap it's mostly crap okay yet maybe you idiots blackjack you can play by the book and still shirts or you can get lucky when you do it wrong you can think a guy is or isn't the stature of an NFL quarterback you can think he does or doesn't have a strong arm you can look at and say yeah he can make all the throws he can't make all throws to make it's not a complete crapshoot but. You're still projecting someone from college into the pros. What frustrates me is you know when you talk about you know like like like Duff. And end to Shawn Watson what was guff well you might be governor Goodyear but he's a cal quarterback the February about publisher Aaron Rodgers would or about. Well they said that about Rogers at the time cal cal quarterback Jeff Ted for quarterback they used to be a bad thing until Aaron Rodgers got a broke from that pat my Holmes noted noted they're racist act. You're gonna hear the same thing about Luke fault because of Mike Leach is sitting on the uses of Washington State and meanwhile attorney in general bad you know Kansas City is running. A college grad I think. Without Alex Smith they're running a college spread like this this system that can't work in the NFL maybe they drafted pat homes and moved kind of the college spread of Alex Smith and I you're seeing. Alex Smith that is fast and more homes might go in and start Toronto once he's done I. Think they get my point is I think to get stressed out or some really crazy things and I'll bring in to Arnold and Shawn Watson to Shawn Watson was great at Clemson I mean he had two phenomenal. Great years back to back out of the the national championship game loss to Alabama one year to put up a ton of points in the and he beat Alabama and coming out of Clemson are getting ready for the draft. What do we hear about the Shawn Watson. Well is interceptions were way up last season I'd be really worried about the Shawn Watson. Poet mean the guy's a winner and you can make plays to make plays and his army to make plays with his legs he played top quality competition. And one for two years consistently. And to dwell on the interception to me is crazy for doing the same thing would Donald now. He's got nine interceptions. I think that's it right nine interceptions in six games and people are you know what rays and I relevant pull flag up their Donald got nine interceptions. Well yeah I mean right and he also has some issues around him in terms of the offense and he's probably trying to do too much for USC. So you got a look at the talent the ability Josh Allen's numbers are bad. But he's talented. Josh Rosen numbers now it's funny at the opposite. Josh Rosen numbers are great with him you're gonna hear about well he's active on social media and I'm very opinionated. This guy I want his worst nightmare is a personality this guy is carrying that football team by himself. They have no running game they have no defense he's leading the FBS and passing yards because he is their option that's it. That you silly season will live or die on Josh Allen's passing arm. And that's what frozen without a doubt grosans faster than the locked up what I demand this game is a great example they ultimately lose that game he throws a bad pick six they lose what the final score like 4844. For 45 Reich and I can Atlanta quarterback for losing my defense gave up 38 points right. He's the only reason your in the game and any. Plays long enough to throw a couple of bad picks and it's why don't like to see those well I'd like to see a defense for business to throw a hundred times and try to put up. Sixty I like it might I I was really impressed. Well the comeback against Texas say NN but then I forget the last pac twelve game I have to look it up. He did a really nice job in that game I like rose and I like Arnold. And I think forget about Josh Allen he looks horrible I've watched three of his games made double on FaceBook Saturday to watch the next game he looks bad. But I just think you've got to get past some of the stats with that and look at the ability and the talent and don't freak out about yet but to Shawn Watson's interception dropped. I wouldn't worry about that either on Rosen I would almost like to say take them off your board. There's no way this this group drafts him. Probably not because they don't because I into the process you wanna say he's too much of an of an individual I applied I could still be MI port I don't care you just wonder about that and again Brandon being as part of a team address Cam Newton right right and knew not to say that he's not a team guy but just. When these conversations come about who you want a draft if they're going on personality alone from what I've learned about these guys don't Arnold would be their dream comes through yet. Beatty baker mayfield all the baker mayfield might be too he's got the stature you wanted to quarterback is that not got us that he's a little bit more Johnny men's Allah shall bit more Atlanta I'm a little personality he's client at a play flag flag planting the flag social media day like. You just wonder about this and I would hope that the brain trust on their one bills drive is young enough to understand that that's just how kind of works these days. So it's going to be adjusting to follow and on all these college quarterbacks I don't know which one's gonna be good but I'm still convinced the bills. Should draft one. Many draft one way to back which talk money Gary's piece Nate it's a piece up about the idea of playing Nathan Peter and right now. Saying that it's kind of foolish to wanna do that and I tend to agree. I don't know what's to gain from it I really think not much because this offense is pretty much in my opinion. Doomed yes stagnant the offense is doomed Hamas team let me get a break and we'll do that if you're on holding out it cost 28030550. To join us and W Chia. It did you know pushed back in perspective Bill Self awareness and then I'm guilty to arrest the same time we've got a long haul activism. The good part is we play through the next four games at home in front of our fans and so we're we're looking forward to that we have to use this bye week to educate as to what we need to improve on and also use it the right way to come back with little more of a sense of urgency. Sean McDermott and the team in their five week. And well his football time by the way Carolina and Philadelphia if you need that football fix Howard Jeremy Brayton. So we're gonna we don't know about much time here Jeremy when she set things up for 7 o'clock. They just treated it out to thank you for reminding me Nate theories article about Tyrod Taylor and bills quarterback situation. So gonna mention real quick then we'll dive into this thing at 7 o'clock I just twittered about the Geary as a piece up about. Tyrod Taylor coming out and neat and Peterman going in and how. That's kind of ridiculous but why would the bills through that night. Tend to agree. So go through some of the things that Nate points out and talk about whether it's offense currently stands to I don't have much interest in seeing Peter in next week. The following week and that's not. A statement on Peerman so much as its statement on what the bills currently have on offense and that's what Nate really goes into the injuries the lack of weapons. Taylor is covering up a lot of their mistakes at this point. And I'm just gonna keep views in this race I think is offense is really doomed now really in trouble. Maybe they break out against Tampa and I'm proven wrong but. Mature for your break out with you can't run the ball you can't do anything yet you are. Stagnant yours stagnant offense with a hole with hopes that Tyrod can make plays this feat which he didn't do any of against Cincinnati and that was the problem and you hope for big plays down the field which you did not get against Cincinnati with their problem yet. I'll get that we get back and let's get you a whole word today in a win cash contest again we are the we had a winner this week it WGR listener. 1000. Dollars in our national wind cash contest we'd like to get another maybe the via text the word trail the 72881. Again trail TR a IL. You have till 710 to text the word in message and data rates may apply trail TR AIL text it to seven to made it once you have a shot at winning. 1000 dollars will have another code word we'll look for 8 o'clock. The guys what Marco worse this afternoon 4 o'clock 5 o'clock as we continue to play our national wind cash contest on WG.