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Thursday, October 12th

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Look at three of the five games you know I feel very strong about. His performance and what he's done on the field. How he has moved the ball against some good defense I feel confident about Tyrod and what he brings to the table when you mix the play action game with the running game that becomes tough to defend we need to develop and other areas as well not just those tumors what are we doing on third down two minutes. In the drop back and and so all of that factors into how you've become an offense that is growing and evolving. The bills head coach. Sean McDermott on this week with the John Murphy and Donald Jones which reminds me. Programming note. Murphy and Donald Jones or offer couple days cell. Right now going to be hosting the the football show today John Murphy show. In actually. How much fun as this investigators and sell the next few days will be here in our WGR studios are we get CD instigated this morning they're going to be here for their 10 o'clock show. So. I mean you take Peters I'll take the old guy. Who's your guide for that he's old got a three day ribs B day day older is that he's older than Peter yet I got no shouting if you go live to our prevent. Third the you've 47. Before that reports that 43. Dental. I'll kick him and rod. So they're gonna be here today and tomorrow from ten to noon and again our studios. It'll be Sal hosting for John Murphy today and tomorrow from noon to 38030550. To join us this morning. 88550. To 550. All right I just read a carries articles written to go yes Sony curious piece up on our website and it does pregame with me for bill Sundays and also hosts Saturday's. But cell sometimes by itself sometimes. So Nate. Wrote a piece about the idea that Tyrod Taylor should go to the bench and they can Peterman should come into the starting lineup saying basically. That's about it why with the bills through that and I agree. What what's to gain from that. Interest and the interest that few ticket does yeah. But as a major flaw here. And Richard about the Lincoln Ike actually get right to it I got a tweet from mark in response to read your piece written between the mark wrote in the beginning of the season you stated that one of the only interesting things about the teams the possibility of seeing Peterman plight they've won three games primarily because of defense I don't think it's crazy wanna see what he can do even now. I don't think it's crazy. That that's I'm gonna put they're I don't think it's crazy if you wanna see I just don't think you'll be happy with what happens. Soul in that regard kinda wanna hang onto it for a little while Peterman the idea of him playing is an interesting 100%. But. At the start of the season when the pre season prolonged and watching him play an ax acute the offense now effectively. They had healthy receivers. They had Charles clay they had offensive line stability. And we thought they could run the ball. That's all gone. The Shawn McCoy yards per carry is terrible yeah. Through it through the bills yards per carry is one of the worst in the league and the 28. Or 28 in yards per carry a team that. Wants to run the ball as an identity. Is one of the worst. This would be like if the patriots were to tell you were built on defense like you're a bad one you know your built in the wrong way. So I got one of the worst run games in the NFL I've got maybe the worst group of receivers in the NFL. And now on it nick O'Leary is my number one tight end target it. And my offensive line which at the start of the season I had courting Glenn and John Miller has guys that we're gonna start I thought I had a line. No audited have allied. Everything's in flux it's almost as if you know the bills more three into. And saying they wanted to win now you look at all these moves of Beijing arias and trade rumors surrounding him and trade rumors surrounding land and you say. This sure looks like a rebuilt yet and he an iPod and if you didn't believe it at that point you might look at ago. Running game's not working now plays out Matthews is out for a little. Whatever just let's put the kid and let's take our lumps and to see what the season for but that's. You know as much as I've said this about Tyrod not that he set up to fail but it has been sink or swim and just when they changed the offense to go back to more of the style that he used to beat him they lost all the weapons that were gonna help make that. I thought Nate snakehead interesting point is article look this has been a discussion with Tyrod. The last two years and you'll still see stats. About Tyrod and what his numbers were when he had Sammy in the lineup and Tyrod what his numbers were when he had Syrian Robert Woods in the lineup at the same time. And innate brings up the point you know it it did the curiosity of could he be any better would what would it be like if he had. Top receivers. And a good defense and everything all the same time it's never really been together in two plus years running game's been there but Sammy was hurt and then. Now see Amy's gone and and they bring in other guys in Matthews is hurt now the operative line is struggling in the running game isn't as good as he used to be and blab. And help the offense was better in his first years the defense was going backwards and it's never actually come together look. There's no quit the bills aren't making any changes. Here's the thing I I go back with with Peter and I get this every now and then this tweet email whatever you pride at the same text. You know the offense is really bad three really really bad. Can it be worse I think I would get this tweet up why not put Peterman and can be worse the answer is yes it can be where he could throw interceptions which what about Tyrod. But one of the things he does and it endeared him to the previous coaching staff and I think to this coaching staff is he doesn't turn the ball over and say what you want about Sean McDermott I think there's still a lot of old school. Central casting coaching and him and that is we don't you don't turn the ball over and they don't look at punches turnovers they look at fumbles and interceptions as turnovers you could put Peter minute. And he can start throwing interceptions. So you could have a lot more turnovers is there's much pressures result on defense now it could get worse I think Nate brings up the other point about Peterman. If Peter angles and what do we like about him when we watch him in the pre season if you thought. You have some good thoughts about any computer minute was he looked like a much better fit. For what the offense is supposed to do short drops get the ball out passed on time in a rhythm get it to guys in stride nothing fancy. You know nothing big you know we're not going vertical at all we're gonna get that ball out and do it fast he was better at that than Tyrod. And he points out in his article give credit to Rick Dennison he scrapped the three step drop he's got things tailored and keep going with Taylor really. He's got things more accustomed to what. Plane to Tyrod strikes. Plate stakes rolled out of five step drop seven step drop at least in and a gaming all those throws downfield so keys. Adjusted his offense to make it a better fit for Tyrod Taylor if you put Peterman. This offense which is. Bereft of weapons and seems like it has to work really hard to trying get to say fourteen or seventeen point you're gonna put the guy who straight days. Whole bunch of short passes there won't be as scary vertical game he is not the runner he's a mobile. But he's not the running threat that Tyrod is but he's his his upside is you'll get a whole bunch you know 357. Yard passes all what you shortstop. And that might help the short game and it might be what you know and then -- can go is with his three step drops and timing and all this other stuff you bought. But that doesn't mean the offense will actually be better. And you're still in the same boat if you do that I don't think it all of a sudden opens up the running game either she's still in the same boat where. The core C and a whole bunch of guys in the box and there's no place for him to run too many times. And repeatedly going in doesn't necessarily make the right guard spot better or doesn't figure out the left tackle spot any more than it is right now so I. I mean I'm interest did I wouldn't do it yet. I I you know let's see what happens in these next. The next quarter of the season three home games in a road game against the jets let me see what happens in if they're still hanging around. You know great and that I'd love to see this team hang around as long as it's humanly possible but I just not at the point right say. Three and two it's all three into they're gonna go down the cropper let's put the kid and I just I wouldn't do it yet. I wouldn't rule it out but it wouldn't do it yet you work. Asking me all through camp like do you think you'll seem at any point this season and and I said no and if that's if it is like mid December when once he he's over once sitting around and I think the timeline is probably gonna move up from that. But I'm just not there yet with this I just don't know it doesn't make them better and I'm not curious well at this point to put him in and say let me see what the kid can. You know I don't wanna definitively say they wouldn't get better I don't know and Dan tweet it in and help the patriots in the one Bledsoe got hurt. Of course when in doubt go to the Tom Brady came and accidentally thing which bad press Scott did as well. But that actually supports the point. Coaches don't make this change until they're shore the better players going in. And to me that's a big part of the silly if you want to root for injury and root for happenstance that you know for that. And maybe he comes in and lights a fire by. If they thought he was better they play him yet. And they blame they aren't to this point any examples. Well one on other teams change their quarterback are they were forced to. That's how this league works bella checked the great genius was forced to change is quarterback Brett and Jason Garrett what conventional. Route let's forced to change it. So unless the forced change columns which it almost looked for a moment that it would happen. Against Cincinnati right impeachment setter warming up on the sideline for a minute there it looked like maybe will see it. Idol looked like Tyre about at that chest rhetoric right exactly held his arm close to his chest look electors could have been something there. And Peerman and ultimately come in if they thought he was veteran gave them a better chance to win I have full faith they would play him. I really do yeah I don't know the case for holding and out the only it the case for whole aside I don't want to sound like I'm walking both sides here it's just. I don't think you won't get any better I really do believe this offense is on a McKee Busan were doing button. How are they gonna score right they can't run the ball. And they have nothing in the passing game this is a team that was weak in the passing game one they had good receivers and a good run game and now. You each got to open broken plays. I'm looking at the L 22 from Cincinnati they played a lot like Carolina that everything's a soft zone in front make him find spots make him throw on Friday nothing. Not the merits. You know like the first couple plays of the game. Taylor missed this clay out the flat even if that's complete yet three yards. This that is passing offense that still on plays like that the call is let's try to get four yards here on a pass. And you just. You're in such a spot here with this offense that. You know they're three and two they're not dead they're not out of it they have winnable games coming up their defense is gonna keep them in games. And by the end of the year we couldn't have happened another Maroney type season where like hey eight Nate if we just had an offense yeah. I'm around one some games are won nine games and that one year and six the year before in both of those seasons they have very good defense it's six in ten with. The Mike Patton defense which got Thomas sacs and turnovers and you felt like that defense can keep you in the game to meet this season probably ends up looking like that where by the end of the season. Next offseason it's draft a quarterback draft gets he gets some weapons you know keep the defense intact and let's go there. I think it and that in its Stephen treated on this discussion I attributed out. Retreated out dates article he said good read but don't agree Tyrod needs too much to be effective. Need a quarterback that can elevate mediocre wide receiver play. Bad offensive line that equals the quick passing game too that's where I would say as much as you can bring up the curiosity factor with Peterman. It would be really hard to meet to project a rookie quarterback who you took in the middle of the draft as a flyer to be a guy good enough. Two months into his rookie year. Getting back up reps in practice. To say that guy's gonna elevate. Kaelin clay Brandon Tate Andrei homes. And say Jones. And nick O'Leary Logan Thomas whiff. No running game to speak up consistently that's a major stretch. It's and to me if you say well it that equals the quick passing game well my pick with a quick that's games your quarterback doesn't get killed. But that's not a case of what we're still talking about teams not respecting. The deep game they're not worried about vertical threats they're also now now you don't naturally have take a spy and and spike Tyrod sure Peerman can run but he's not Tyrod to not to worry about that. I don't think that that pat the short passing game is gonna scare anybody and all of a sudden. All if they're given up with kids really burn an us for five yard passes that opens things up for LeSean McCoy I just don't see. Him and honestly I don't cheat on either did the quarterback on this roster to elevate this team is. He doesn't exist he's not on this roster. You know I think you're talking about like the elite level quarterbacks in the game to take a crew of tight ends and receivers right now and make them. Threats. I don't think human does that and as it's I don't think Tyrod does that so. You know doom does a pretty. Headstrong appropriate its strong but it is an appropriate word because where are the weapons where we're gonna Wear the guys that would actually make an opposing defense be concerned. About who you have to stop. Well. I'm just going through all these passes again from Taylor as were having this conversation. And at the same thing he generally is which is really good escaping in the pocket and late on almost every throw ever throws that half secondly. Everyone now if if it's Peterman are they on time. Maybe maybe maybe maybe not as soon as they think he would have a better. About a run at this. I think you were going but yet he's socially there's there's a lot of them that. A half second earlier gives the receiver more chance to Ron gives the tight end more chance to Ron. A better placed ball gets some more yards after the catch in it was the horrible but only 36 yards and second half. It ends up being you have a quarterback. Is. Need your quarterback is not great. He's limited himself and the weapons are very limited. But I think you're also again they'd be limits to human game and and may be does it some of those throws never remember. Another stats in front of me I think is best game with the final pre season game I think it was like 50% completion until the final game. The streak breaker against Detroit so you know. Yeah he he might hit some of those throws but also you are still also putting in a rookie quarterback against proven NFL defense isn't. Who knows how he handles all that stuff so I just to me I think at this point. I don't think there's even a I doubt there's even a discussion. In the building. In the bye we got paid guy should we start Peterman I don't think it even gets to discussion point maybe I'm wrong. But I just building at the time to make that change I'm not sure what going to have. Honestly it's funny I think I think if if you're in the hey guys let's give it a shot you might be sitting there thinking yeah guys this is the whole point what did you just say. We can't score the offense is doomed. Which means we're not gonna win enough games were not gonna go to the playoffs so why not put Peter minute if the opt. What what's the point of playing Tyrod if you tell me this offense is doomed. Okay the gold throw in the guy who's maybe got a shot at starting in 2018 I just. It just wouldn't do it I just for me it's three and two in the seasons and play say what you want about them and their offense and whether they're good and offered up the season is still in play. Meanwhile good news for the box. And a bunch of players returned to practice. I TT TJ ward Kwon Alexander like a David David okay they've got a bunch of guys that have been hurt and it all returned just this week yet. Linebackers and safeties TJ ward and Keith Tandy all back and practicing to team that I got a new kicker he too is that they I forget the governor Nick Folk. They brought in guys for tryouts and I think they signed somebody this week is kicker fantasy league out there that. There should be some sort of kicker fantasy league where you have all of a stable like three or four Patrick Murray as the bucks after eight and somebody has a guy that far down the depth chart when he gets signed that you win money from your friends because the kicker got a new job. But somebody right now Scott Nick Folk and I know they think my comments it's gonna be old for this guy he'll never kick again. But it's a long term legacy kicker league and then when he gets signed again all your friends are you Tony boxer should be some sort of fantasy kicking leak. That's all I want our. I just read a story about Patrick birdie they signed pretty consulted with a medium to help them get centered. Hope the new kicker for the box I'll like does psychic lady can yeah right she helped me quote she helped me tremendously with a lot of different things. Maybe just getting me to talk has helped me getting stuff off my chest. Being able to really feel that positive energy so there you go Patrick Murray knew kicker for the box consultant meet him. 8030550. To join us and aided dates in the 888552. Effective he John and we field here on WG yarder right ahead. Aren't guided think probably you eat. I read it completely split jury that the running game going OE edit the Asian. Games so it really also now. The second thing is. If we we are able to opt not quarterback. The does that mean like Quebec I immediately think start the season vehement become a backup or with the start Peter. Because he can't a year experience keep the other guy in the background. Period. Everything goes who's Eveready discover competition you can do you can do. I'd say you can do with the Texans did essentially to Shawn Watson won the starting job I mean they had a competition with savage in Watson. They begin the season that there coach plays Tom savage may be because the GM told them. To ease off on Watson at halftime we went to the rookie quarterbacks I think you would do the same thing you'd. You'd have you routier's you'd have your. Your practices and training camp beat out your pre season games you'd bring in inferior quarterback you drafted you'd have Nathan Peterman hey guys go at it. You know split reps whatever you have to do have an open competition at that spot right Sean McDermott. Always talks about open competition he talked about it we knew his own Merck the other day when mark dashed about the right guard spot and trying to get. Five guys together on the offensive line and he reiterated you know we're all about competition. And that's what's going on at right guard right now between John Miller and glad to console I would assume that consenting. Have the guys command. Have a competition best man wins come opening day. You mentioned that the Bucs kicker consulted a medium this indeed and Brian has texted us a joke look cash. Who won this segment on a joke out of courtesy of Brian thanks Brian Brian text and did you hear about the short psychic who escaped prison I did not know now there's a small medium at large us. Thanks Brian. Appreciate that but that's really it. That's according to write up my Ellsbury got idol that I did -- I have to retreat that that is so corny it's like every -- it because a he's gonna write it out there he texted yeah dominant right out and that's just I think that's been cloudy misty was joke ominous feel steel pipe that's what I plagiarized steal steal stuff from you all the time are you kidding me. 80305. Picked to join us totally gonna give people credit how do you think I got to college stealing. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550. You wanna join our discussion on the quarterback here in the offense through we're talking about needs article you can read it WG Arafat took to dot com that's fine. And whatever else under might pay it is. Thursday right is Thursday guys okay. It is throwback Thursday then. And bagel Jay's. All the you know working Sundays we'll comment on it throws off the week. It's throwback Thursday bagel Jay's all day you get your choice of five greats there which is like Turkey ham and Swiss in the sixteen ounce Pepsi. For just five dollars and fifty cents don't forget to play throwback Thursday trivia. Show open the bulldogs' afternoon at 445. Bagel dates bringing a little New York City to buffalo for the last 41 years. It's how we signed an eight sheriff you. And it tweet from a Allen said how you feel of Vegas makes the playoffs next year my immediate thought was I don't eat a flip flop. Mean like the shoe yet. A capital like it was some delegates yet never well. Before like what I don't ever biggest does make the playoffs. And I'm going to be one of those guys super lame and it's like a cookie that looks like a flip flopped on sale at Q we may get something that gastrointestinal. Lee wouldn't kill me but I would hate just as much as the usual. Right I sent a hard world I saw that I really wanted in the room who smells the audio that's why I'm saying it's about the same as a flip flop for me tell you what I'll take part of your action. In on it yet to Vegas make the playoffs I think I come up with on short notice what strawberry. The peanut butter on it and topped with a stark don't see those are delicious things and I don't give me the you don't you don't get rewarded because you've never had them before golden delicious that's tonight you're gonna have to eat something to everybody hard boiled make is going to be there on WGR. OK got didn't win last night I've had a bunch of two weeks. People who think I'm gonna have to eat a flip flop against them at home. Because Vegas is in first place in the Pacific they are here they are leading their division they are three NL and they have three regulation and overtime wins in their a plus 500 goal differential in Vegas looks pretty good public that. I am I remain. Confident. Great yet here it tweet era tax that was sent in yesterday yes I'm ready all right. And nights at the re in oh Jeremy how would you like your Howard warned sneaky multi milled huge shoes sandwich served how well. The plot planned date whenever the manner of where food preparation. Care must be taken that hit that pet that cooking method. Not exceeding a 165 degrees there right so as not to kill off the microscopic organisms. Pat the genes that would give it the characteristic taste betcha it does not hate it betcha doesn't taste like chicken. I mean. Very very laughed and I did there laughed it up every one hole on the got to look at Pacific division I can make sure there three teams okay Edmonton's making the playoffs. The divisions not very good out Anaheim's making the playoffs. Calgary is also a little limited them. There's no way Edmonton's not me just say play out let the record show times I remember I know that that open you just played rate is very important to me. Because I have tried to say the flip flop as a way to be dramatic. And in reality. Eating an egg is worse in my mind that eating a piece of a flip flopped straight off of your foot. So. Just wanna say. The reflection playoffs. I'm excited quite hear that in the ring is somehow I don't know freak accidents gets into the postseason and make the hope they're not gonna make the playoffs the three known they're not gonna make the playoffs. But if they do like what how we deal with analysts sabres fans selling and teams that just like everybody just have a pretty content. I wasn't thinking about that I was worried about you reading a flip flop. I'm more terrified of meeting and bank. Or that. Larry I got a point about Vegas or make about. For you in a second but sabres are in action tonight is we get to the headlines this morning they're at San Jose first of four games out west including Vegas on Tuesday. As Zach Bogosian did not make the trip. Still housing juggled everything board lines defense pairings power play. Paul has the complete rundown in his article at WGR 550 dot com to like check that out. Toronto lost last night to New Jersey the devils look very good early season. They scored a shorthanded goal down to man. Pittsburgh beat Washington. Call number eight for Alexander Ovechkin. After after three when start to beat Boston for the second time this season. Ottawa expected to be without air Carlson for at least another week. The baseball playoffs the Yankees eliminated Cleveland. In the AL DS. Couple moments of beauty Gregorio is the Yankees now go to Houston and open up the ALCS against the Astros tomorrow night game five. Between the nationals in the cubs it's in Washington tonight that after the nets won last night five nothing there yesterday in Chicago. Red Sox kicked out manager John Farrell. Third that I fought off Philadelphia at Carolina both your headlines the next update coming up at 8 o'clock make sure you head over q.s at walls for your eyes only event today. That's from 530 to seven chairman will be hosting that he'll be the guy wearing flip flops she alive late six surgery get a free 150 dollar related to valuation. You must halt to reserve your spot there are no walk ins so call 8922020. To attend the at. At wal for your eyes only event today from 530 to seven luck with Vegas here don't worry you know why. First up I mean that you know I'm I don't the economy possibly get a I don't think you really have to worry about it but. If you look at it 30 start. Now you can say that two of the three wins were against Arizona they might still be one of the worst job in the league current the other way it was opening night. Against what is right now a struggling Dallas Stars team. So it'll say you know they they're maybe. To get an early season schedule they are on a seven game home stand on the way. The start of the Arizona game they got Detroit Boston buffalo Saint Louis Chicago and Colorado. They don't play away from Vegas again until the end of the month then a nice little homestand and see if don't worry about your fine. You're you're fine and like I I think. Unless you know who gets injured. The Oilers will be in the playoffs I know they're off to a little bit of a slow start in their some. Concern out and Edmonton but they're they're gonna make the playoffs right so therein and has a set I think. Calgary's good you know they got a good defense they feel like they upgraded the goaltending they've added a look at the opera joggers out there now the B five. Don't know about you you'll be okay but then and then again my predictions. I'm so. I'm been wrong climbing you know you've still got is still got Anaheim in that division I think there's still good this to. Saw a story yet this morning about how the kings look better there off to a good start your refund. Alan tweets and out except a hard boiled egg eaten off a flip flop and a right. OK and update the flip flop it's just where the egg the egg on the flip flop they're not making the playoffs. Probably not. Maybe. They're not making the playoffs at home never got on well you never know. Yeah I got a right I got actually look consult a sabres lost lose to Vegas on the West Coast trip. I would say there's huge problems just to screw you'll not politics 2.0 Vancouver sort of porno last year god thank you for that thank you. They're actually Vegas and there are to be totally honest Vegas winning. Is giving me hope that the sabres. Terrible start doesn't mean this is what they are. I don't think Vegas is one of the best teams in the league rivalry games in the eye of the best record I don't think Colorado is making the playoffs period three and one and they beat the Bruins twice. They beat the Rangers. They beat the Bruins twice. Who's expecting Colorado to be that good this year. It's it's such a small sample size the other thing I was thinking about the sabres it's really kind of it's tough to take regarding this team if you look at the standings San Jose's in the last ones right. And this is. An observation it is justified. But it's just an observation I was making. So the sabres for the sharks tonight sharks are on 31 place sabres are on thirtieth place. But if you look at the the to the bottom seven teams right. San Jose buffalo Arizona Minnesota Montreal Rangers Bruins some. All these teams would say while wolf walk on the start of the season what disease fan base say about it right Boston. And rust are Rangers and rough start. Montreal. I'm drama be mad about who they are because they've they always underachieving seems to me Minnesota -- start Arizona we have a hockey team. Thought buffalo. Colombia's San Jose a rough start. And then buffalo. Will never win ever ever ever again we're gonna do this for the rest of our lives but nobody else feels we are if another bad season. A one more and you know we are. Edmonton. With Carlo where where the new keep keep drafting Ryan never knew what an incident where the new you'll never win OK and I won the lottery but like. Everybody else is just tell us a rough start I hear it's. Well. Pool we drafted and I think Arizona would have said are we ever going to win if they realize they had a hockey team in another hockey team. If they knew that. They might have said. Hey is this does this rebuild ever gonna work we keep bringing in young players are gonna win some hockey games they get at least good young players by the way you have to go and the sabres have right. And I just raised my hand that with a frustration. This it was its its three games it's yet okay. It's best answer for Jack Nichols wing is sent to secure instance is it again yeah I know I've got like analytics to show. And don't forget he's not an affectionate that that that's. He's not gonna finish what Michael could set up kaine on that went on his wing last year the two of them played it one of the best five on five scoring rates in the league and reversed and bows and broke them up. And now I've got like common Phil okay. I had faced a common goal gave his goals. Semi obscure Simpsons is my best answer and Jack Michael's wing it. Two problems one. Okay that might be your best answer to like that's your breast cancer. It I I'll go with number two. Because you've got to have somebody that's why Cain was such a nice this is you've got to have a guy. Who when Jack has the puck all time to be set you up you put the puck in the net. OK I send it can be a guy Alexander he's gonna crash the net then I get the puck for Vander and the mission is for Jack to shoot more but but. It is your instance last year the sabres signed him to a one year one million dollar deal you know whats that tell you about like the level of belief they have in him and his ability to score. This he's taken one point six million how many do we expect send us to score. Is he gonna stay on out with that wing is a long term plan to ask you this though I've I'm left honestly I'm left looking at Casey middle stats tonight. Dear god Casey Marie here take this this is Paul's breakdown all the lies you tell me outside it came. Where is your other who else is going on that line even if you put poorly out there he's got some speed but he's coming off the season where he was terrible offensively. Who else you put it on the left side cycle that has finish in their game. There's nobody here remembers the lines got some finish an environment doctorate in that you had to sorry yeah. Last year came as the best option burg I would eichel. Last year there were terrible five on five and that was the mission the mission this year to be if a team that had five on five is better. Against Montreal I had that the last two games I didn't have that and again the power play has been killing them. Just I don't wanna be in a spot and I can't believe the Jason bot wants to be the spot resume it's your instance is one of the answers to Jack Michael swing I'm pretty sure it Jason buckle. Is not gonna stay in that spot were some disturbance and is the answer to Jack Michaels winning I'm sure. Look I think part of their the season of what they're doing is there there he's a value writing what they have there's no way. He would look at a guy who. We say I should try pickups and this is stats here but a guy who. His ceiling is what get me ten goals mean Gergen since his more of an effort guy. You know skate hard up the ice back check give me all that energy but in terms of stats in what the heck with the ceiling present is Kirk Gibson. Gergen since he he's sensed that assistance idea fifteen goals are right I think that's pretty much it. Then gets isn't going up to a twenty goal level that and he didn't even get back there. Seven goals two years ago seven goals last season. I think Jason bottles look and is trying to figure out maybe that guys in Rochester by the way he still put a value of what he's got a organization. Part of what it has the sabres where they are is. I think about the difference between last offseason in this off season. They had ten new skaters in the lineup on opening night news most ever since when is the first lead of the French and which is good but think about the offseason before that. To Marie did the nothing then it was test it for cool cough and that cannot and also added you creations yeah that's it that was the offseason. Jason bottle comes in and makes ten changes at quartz Emery made true off one year. And that I just. I don't feel like look at like Murray what one point I was so. Happy with the high and Z did the thing I want the team to do. And I can look at some of those moves that we set the time in which one would you do that they look soul. That now some of those moves if you look at it though the changes in large part were defensively. And then if you wanna look at the before changes. I don't know where people thought common bill would be I didn't think he'd be a top six guy here at the I'd be more the third liner. But the Ford changes were bottom two lines it was Joseph send. It was pom and bill was police got a mean it was bottom two lines and then over on the defense you look at the top six. Really it right it was that it really do anything it was post so our Riley. Cain Michael perhaps Reinhart will they start him at center on the third line. Those were five of your top since Michael Reinhart Cain looked really good good point yeah and I just have that try you can try to get right hurts struggling maybe put him with Jack would help whatever right hearts on the wing he's now on Larson's wing. Yes yeah right or you have the comma is that right what am I doing with Larson fully gotten Ryan are. Not sure fully Ott has shown the ability to be a bit of a good possession player throughout his career and kind of underrated you know but. And I'm just. Jorgensen on Michael's wings and this is a less than ideal this is honest just try and different guys fight saying this is Jordan Matthews as your number one receiver rightly. Cool yeah yeah it's not going to be okay yeah I mean it doesn't mean he can't play somewhere but you keep you I don't think you can get by with that okay but if you're Rick Dennison it's the same discussion about it it's not Evander Kane who is that if you're Dennison and you say. Jordan Matthews. What are your other options. McCain for one that's right you're only up Reinhardt for another on the right side sure yes and another text or points out. Knee Lander that's who you needed it to be a gut but he's in Rochester I don't know I need to raise your answer might be there I needed knee lender I needed Baptiste and needed daily needs CG Smith I need a young fast player that can finish. And what are the eagle 305 gifted John S 888552. Fact if you want like call that they coming up pay the team is an action tonight Burton which reminds me. To remind you that hopefully. W jealous there will win at three nearly set a new Honda CRV at some point this season the greater buffalo area Honda dealers. Giving you that opportunity all you need to do is go to our website WGR 550 dot com and register for the Honda dream goal promotion. If you're picked as the Honda dream gaullist of the game and buffalo scores at the 550 mark of the first period UN in new CRV. With a three year lease. There is no purchase necessary. Again just register at WGR 550 dot com dot com good luck from the greater buffalo area Honda dealers. Don't settle for less than Honda. I. Gary do you think watt or not some notable are very well Howard and a lot. A lot gold golden. This one problem. The idea meeting a flip flop. That Howard have been wearing a Mike rotten foot it it's that he never takes off the air monarchs so. I never wears flip flops he's gonna Wear the monarchs at all times I I have. Flip flops I have been known to Wear them you know one on one app pool backyard. But I do I do have a pair. I still haven't a second pair of sneakers and you sometimes so you never know I just. The minute likely air power like the comfortable campaign like that fit for a king. Who but that's not there right camping it should be. The colonel can be there among the with Howard Simon is they're so focused for lying about the yankees in the narrative coming out of Cleveland last night about how they got Joe's back which is a really nice warm and Fuzzy story. He doesn't challenging game two they'd lose the game he's under fire he apologizes people are ripping them like crazy. They come back to win three straight games they had just back in motivated and a deck and I just asked gift. Today not have a back in the first few games when they lost the opener they only had his back when he was being criticized for not challenging playing game to. And by the way. Did you do. Not have this back when you give up the grant them a princess goalie indoor and then that went on to lose that games are really got you guys back after the game when he got. It's I get it it's a warm Fuzzy story at school we look for those things in sports. You know Todd Frazier hey we got Joe's back. OK so what happened in the first two games you've just weren't motivated to win and you didn't really care until your manager was. Being criticized for everybody just the narrative it's a little too convenient for me okay I'm bitter the Yankees won on the panel. The a lot of line call of the day and it is always a whiner line is brought you by. The premier group wind made easy the program of the week is. Reserve saint. Olive cabernet. Just 1099 for a 750. 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