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Thursday, October 12th

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Lots of fun and it's only things going on and I'm not going on Tampa and buckled it it yours that are locks down all. Find my game and relative. Damn right we're moving around. As our number of sabres. As for yesterday's practice anyway. Sorry just trying to finish that we took him and apologized. Eagle 30550. Join us this morning 888550 to 550 V. We talk talk a little bit about the sabres so you can you can join us and when your comments on the sabres as they get ready for San Jose tonight inaccurately called servers in a moment. We were kicking around you know football little bit tired Bonnie curious column about why he thinks Tyrod Taylor should remain the starter for the Buffalo Bills. We were even talking baseball this morning with the Yankees winning the L the F settled discussion about. Believing in your team and how cool list to really believe in your team and the belief level right now where it's that was the bills in the sabres so we had a lot on the docket this morning 8030550. Join us. There's anything you wanna talk about what to discuss seeking always call us there's something else we have not covered that you like to get our opinions on. A question about something they were we will send you got anything about the Tom Brady shoulder. Any sort of Donna mice and most of your or your ears it's the non throwing shoulder. I'm throwing you need bachelor. Mean you have to shoulders I get it but I drink my ears for the upper who just torrential funny a funny one shouldered quarterbacks event and an awful history. Guy I've won a super let me do a Google search but I'm gonna guess non. Well you've got to watching Brady the patriots and jets is the CBS early or they're getting gusts I will watch a late game is Pittsburg Kansas City. And the fox game we will get his Green Bay Minnesota I didn't have a chance to really get if my ears are up about anything with Brady. Mike Reese has a column today he's the patriots reporter for espn.com. About the concerns in New England that he is just taking way too many hits. And that can he keep getting. You know can keep bouncing up can he sustain all the hits he's been taking so if there's if my ears are up. Not necessarily he didn't practice the last few days that apparently he says he's going to play Sunday against the jets. It's a non throwing shoulder injury. It is more about what's happening in front of him in the fact that Brady is taking more hits and his stats might you know he's he's probably holding on the ball a bit more is throwing a little bit deeper throws this year he doesn't have element in the shortstop that he had the past. Gronkowski still banged up my ears will be up about that about Brady getting pummeled and whether or not that's. Either going to contribute to the pats having difficult is the season beat Tom gets into the season says. I don't wanna get this beat up anymore I've had a wonderful career I will see that's where my yours truly. It also by the way say I don't wanna get beat up anymore. And then scour the league for which offensive lines will protect him. Kent or which schemes might be better at that and go on and play someone else good news for the none of those lines are here are well east for someone you know people say he wants the play till he's 45 if the patriots are no longer. I'm in his opinion on his level or not doing good enough job around him. I guess that would mean he could decide to try to go somewhere if they cut him loose I got an idea let me get to college first I don't know that that's necessarily. It's probably not one of the best offensive lines in football but I have an idea a ratified in the second. Market tunnel on the run WG jogger right ahead. Hey guys thanks for having me it's call. I just did appreciate what you're this is where the sabres pre nup. And I army unit from that had a that. Why is. Adequately. I'm actually just got to trust the process and the city I actual well you know I don't know why and no apparent arson Brian our attention it gets pretty soft. I don't you as they don't have election thanks guys. I wonder if they are. Right trying to get a lot of those younger guys on in Rochester to get into the system. You know week. Trust the process is going to be the term of 2017 and where it's about. Listen we've got a plan listen we've got a plan. But I bring up I'll bring up his mark the model in Pittsburgh because he's our guys played in the day when they went to. Wilkes bare. You know he I think he always sites Jake cancel. A grand theft and get to slow Lyra Crosby that certainly helps but he always brings up a guy like Jake insulin and there are other players who they made sure. Went to Wilkes bare. Again there in the position to be able to be patient when you're really good at the NHL level. You don't have to rush guys to the NHL level but they believed in Pittsburgh get guys to the HL. Let them develop their let him play I think goalie is is 100%. That. I think Dalian Baptiste are different stories those guys had shot to win a job beer and they didn't. The Lander don't know he was injured in the prospects challenge we didn't play during training camp. Would coolly I think he's following the Pittsburgh model that is take the young guys go to Rochester develop there. Chris Taylor's coming Alice at 9:30 this morning one of the things don't ask him is. Are you. Teaching. The exact same philosophy system everything that bill house is doing here how how he wants to play here I assume. They're telling those kids in Rochester to do exactly the same thing so when they come up here they're ready for I I think goalie caller that's your answer with goalie for sure. I think they wanna down there to develop and I don't wanna rush of up with the other guys that at that said. I think did shots to win jobs here bashing I get thrown in the mixed in and nobody was able to take the job. And that's why they're in Rochester. So you play up here with the guys you have until. Goals guys in Rochester. Shoulder they're ready and take the job and keep it or Gallic middle step comes in or asked incomes over from Europe next year moving you bounce those guys out. Now I I'd like I'm so I got nothing different for you. Unless he just make some deals unless he makes and trades over the course of the season and sees a way to get help shed yet Corey he has enough to give up to get an actor Shane and make some other with some trades. It's just. Always waiting around here right. I'm wishing to give you a better I know I know it's always. Waiting it would have been waiting of some of these guys who were not here earn Rogers who were good enough to compete and make an impact they weren't. So we wait on daily if he can turnout we wait on that teased. Again the lender would have been nice to see him play in the pre season but he got injured what you know what are you gonna do I would like to have seen. You know he had a year in Rochester. I think he was he one of the guys that think got a little bit stronger policy looked a little bit stronger this. This when he saw but the prospects challenge that would have been got. I think could've helped the opposite he was ready to jump in and play this season but now he's relieved that he's playing yet in Rochester I don't think he played their first two games. So when asked Taylor about him so yes you gonna have to wait. Tarred and that's that's right I got a different for Tom Brady ready yeah check this out. Roethlisberger retires after the season Brady goes through Pittsburgh. Again I'm not tell you that the Steelers offensive line is great they had issues up front as well but he looks that it says he's sick and I'm laughing because he's going from this division where basically Tom Brady just gets out of that he wins the AFC east now goes to the north. We have Cleveland you have since he whose hand you have Baltimore who maybe they're even portals and even move on from Flacco there offences that. He goes into division that he can win. Maybe not as easily as this but he can win. They be favored to win he's got lay beyond bell he's got Antonio Brown he's got some playmakers on offense there you go Roethlisberger retires. And and and then by the way the New England doesn't have to franchise tag the backup quarterback then and up to trade Jimmy drop below. We'll find out a Bill Belichick actually believes the Jimmy drop looking carriers franchise. You can tell Tom Brady you old trade them he can do whatever release from from his contract whatever you wanna do. Drop below states Brady goes to Pittsburgh they got done. Where else would go. Now by the way we have leaving New England now which probably is some Roethlisberger probably is Don really could see him wrap it up yeah we we talk about his contract and how that works now that. He's got a game he's got paid back right right. He may have come back simply because I try to get if he didn't come back you have all of the the Steelers sixteen a one dollar right. And if he doesn't play next year he'll all of them it drops to eight million or some just keeps dropping over the next couple years he's got to give back some of the signing bonus because he would have retired early yeah. In which case if you're the Steelers you might say. You don't want about a man if you hurt for money I mean I don't I don't think a million dollars is you don't wanna have to write a check for eight million dollars just to retire. And if you're the Steelers you'd say this guy got us a couple of Super Bowls we gave the signing bonus who cares all relate yet they get to bet that if his Steelers like quick let's restructure this allow you to retire you do not have to give us the million well. I think if you Steelers if you think and you don't have an answer for him on the roster by the way to succeed in which is what maybe think a Brady but. If you're the Steelers and you feel ate his skills are eroding or B and or be his heart's not in it anymore. You know I'm right or about it's not like the eight million dollars is gonna make or break the Pittsburgh Steelers are getting it's important move on from Roethlisberger I think you would say that them pay. Keep the change. Right I would think so because why would you wanna if if his heart's not in it. Why would you want him back for 28 Tina fees and who knows what's going on in Pittsburgh with him it's hard to tell because people talk about him his. Being one of the big prima Donna's in the league but you wouldn't want a guy coming back just because. The money I pay you back is still too much saw me play a couple more years get it down like maybe 23 million dollars and then I'll pay you back. 8030550. To join us and Jimmy. Mike you're on WG jogger right ahead. There's Soria arm we thought it. Couldn't hurt. I mean we're going to human now on top for so the only team in the NHL yeah. Hadn't had a single. Grabbed it off so it's up or down on the impact. Is among emerging. On me. And lo and Ryan Miller who put out. And though Tim Burton as a super out. And the guys sitting here. And not. Everybody. On the guys and look at the other penalty if you got the culture got a lot she yet. You've got Bob Dole were dealt almost every team has the god of war. You know really quite. Helpful when you eat we don't have any of them. And I am not. Like I all objects that he had all upper eighties it has built like Arnold did in its radical. X. Okay equipped pixel that's what I'm Atmel. Critical. Spectrum that would try to get into the just grabbing or if we could impact those repose from where we ended up whatever. And that it would. Colin White had some strong quarter for our whole. Water actually after App Store. On we had it afloat in the ground. And who we have been able to you what the guys we're. Not just sort of come up what. Guys that are now we're heroes. If they can't they don't do anything in our camp did not score first they're our hope her I wonder like are actually my. And it's just perpetuating its. And spiraled out of them and got a you know figure things out and you know you hate to say it would go but the they don't have enough. Option. Plain and simple. While Mike on the your two wrong about a you know much of that it I just. We went out of the sort in the wake I go to three moves I go to the pass a trade. And then asked when could still come here and be great and I go to the latter move well you give of first trumpet for Zoellick terrible you know we just do terrible idea and and I go to. All three of these moves could still worked long term for the sabres but in the short term. Has it was a first round defenseman who played. And you traded him for a guided left the hurt Jennifer guided her your team Kool look off and then left with an unrestricted free agent I just I. I have no idea how anyone can see that as good move asked when is the only thing that could possibly save at the Leonard trade. Ahead through goalies. Three men and came up first for one album right. Well then again when other teams' goalies were on the still amazing to me that they give a verse from and then you know new Lander again could still work out could still be great yeah but. The fact that we are two years after his draft tour guide it's taken eighth overall it's not unusual for guys taken April 8 overall to be here and a second year and you just not getting a contribution there's more. You know right signing back Molson and sunny back in the Apollo Soledad contract Olson's bat a postal still young enough the need more from a post though and the guy that's not getting. If I could say not getting enough heat slash attention is old Riley. Huge contract. Long term. Good up and off to a good players start horrendous start for him and last year last Iraq is last elder yeah yes. His best players when he first got here yup and he tailed off last year and we just I know I chalked up to too many minutes are just asking and right on the ice all the time. Don't worry he'll be OK and honestly the way he started out the season. I really thought all of this is what Colorado saw like. Okay when push comes to shove maybe they realized he's just not worth the money he's looking for and decided to move him there have been times where we've said definitely worth it can't leave a guy. That any team traded this guy. An advisor how about I think you need for Michael to these most to your top two centers you need a little bit more consistency out of those two and a five on five. They've been such a bad team and maybe they got an habits thinking. Panel that they can just get away with doing stuff on the power play but they definitely need more from all Riley and the need more from a post so that's thirteen and a half million dollars for those two. If you if you. The go through all the big salaries on this team. Many IR ploy you can and by the way Cain has worked out but Edinburgh goat in the book to write a note I deal with Winnipeg has not worked out O'Reilly a post so he's not all the same level of player that's disappointing but I wanna. O Reilly a post them at thirteen. Bogosian and an eighteen month. Georges who 67 defensemen until this year's up. Now on that 22 million dollars in its Molson 123. Million dollars and I'm not getting production out of that group of 23 million dollar over 23 million OK sure could you got 127 sorry yeah I'd like for a doubles it's for. 45 I I agree and when you talk about in all these young guys may. Maybe it's next year and thought about Ryan Hart nobody wants to hear that Ryan are Reynard took a step back last year that's a number two overall pick. That we're sitting here talking about as he is set or is it wing is it top six is your third line guy no we're still not sure what right now and that's it Marie's first ever pick you know that this is the thing about drafting at the top even the guys that are finger quotes busts are still gonna play in the league for longtime NB pretty good seminars pretty good yes. He's pretty got I didn't mean reflected as he's dead. But you should acute we should be expecting more from him at this point in his career I do maybe I like your one and I thought your two would be a step but it wasn't. Maybe it's either a slight drop restate Marie was there was no progression is game. And that's a guy you do need that's one of the big young players you should be counting on at eight cost controlled south and I'm just looking around the league. And I'm seeing tons of young guy shows up is fast contributes. And I don't think the sabres have added an impact player of significance since the day they drafted Jack cycle and that's a major problem. Goalies that draft here he's not on the team knee Landers that draft your he's not on the team has traded for Aslan and cool look off neither of them on the team. Yeah Lennar is he an impact player for this team. Might be an average goaltender maybe slightly above average who kills when shootouts like since the date they drafted Jack cycle who's the biggest impact player they have added. O'Reilly was the same day Leno was the same day Cain was before that of post sells up also in free agent that's free agents it's not a draft. Sure it's even if we're talking free agency Ocampo also a closeup yeah. How big of an impact as he made really hasn't. And I got off to a good start it startled off and then of course had no the injury in the injury and that line to start this season does not look good no. So maybe kaine helps their. Overall play but. 2015. That's a long time ago you know they're supposed to have an impact players added and it's not and that's Marie doctoral. It is a saving grace here it's that. They added ten new players so doctoral came in and immediately saw our right. You change a look at this team we still don't know much about scandal. Tennyson's on the team Beaulieu softer role he's off to a rocky start right and T been so it's been a rock star Tebow was I think the extra defenseman yesterday yup so nuts and it could still turn around they could still be competitive they have some talent. But if your bottle I think you you probably see this bigger picture. Of what your missing. Pittsburgh has those elite senators down the middle they kind of pieced together a defense score. Pittsburgh's vendetta I wanna let tang went out people thought that doomed him in the place last year and is the minute we're a long time it's been let's hang and then whoever shows up yet. And you know castle shows up for awhile and cheery NG cancel click are right. Develop those guys if if Rochester is a real. Tool for development good. Let let me see it and you know this is one of the reasons the sabres probably liked by throwing hire him and that's great okay I. Have been dismissive of the idea that Europe farm team needs to be good I'm I'm. Ready to be wrong on that I'm ready to a underrated that my entire hockey watching career she'll meet that. What you're gonna do in Rochester is gonna translate to here and to be honest what to expect that in game three. Probably knock it happened might have to wait a month or two to see they won their first two games or to see that he's comes up and looked boom he's if he's your new young fund player him. Because when he was up here for a hot minute. Last year it was awesome stuff there. Even a guy like Evan Rodriguez came up last year I thought hey is better than I thought it was going to be but now he's not in the mix he's injured although that's not. We're not talking an impact young player Rodriguez that the bottom six guys here's another tax was less on the sabres brought up a player no one really knew and he surprised everyone was actually really really good OK I can say I would have said Ivan Rodriguez but I'm not gonna go overboard they were really really good but he did surprise me and show me more than I thought he was going to Texas suggests common they'll. Which my peace of mind and I cancer issues. Right at a Rodriguez is one of players that was okay Eric Roy he's hurt right Noriega's case entered into solid but I got. Wrist the line and we've been wavering McKenna mold and that number one. Yeah he's off to a rough start terrible start it and they're everybody's not named Cain. And Bristol line and him but Bristol and it's funny I think you could almost put him in the a rally category of they used him too much last year he kicked a planned 27 minutes a game he's played against top lines he's on the power plays on the penalty kill. That's too much for young guy and he and he struggled with that NEC's. While they broke up him in. W because they were really awful the first the last couple games actually. 803055. To join us drawn hold it to market calls 888552. Factor teacher he's got tweet that he didn't send coming up as well. Off gallon but the leafs. Thank the academy don't all I don't don't you anatomy I know about the leafs why would it be okay I guess and I both fighters are incentive if you might. The medic unit not a it's not hot they get the funds take who would be medic unit one of your tweets about our deal of the day today from my buffalo perks is. Food we I I'm always a fan of deals of the day with food involved. Up forty dollar certificate to dean is restaurant and Alec a bill for just twenty bucks for over 25 years now dean is restaurant as use fresh local ingredients. Whenever possible for their delicious breakfasts luncheons and dinners. Take advantage of that deal of the day right now by going to buy buffalo perks dot com. While we got to work a lot of things to get better would have start balance we just to compete out there who won't let. We got it to lose we wanna wanna win sorts of thoughts are an album we got him. That's John Larson sabres tonight 1030 faceoff with the San Jose Sharks. Sharks are below the sabres in the standings in the 31. And to the techsters and asked that the sabres lose does the thirty clubs have to change its name to the 31 club. And no you have to. Which account is under with a 31 thought is that place downtown 31 club oh not again trademarks and stuff. Yankees win five to the beat the Indians did eager glorious two home runs but garner did you watch that full bat from garner the army and the tournament sports and our. It's one of those at bats were here in Cleveland all of this you're just by the end that you wanna punch Carter in the face as he followed offer solid pitches yeah. And those at bats are so exhausting in the cup job on yankees when the play Houston tomorrow game one. Stephen Strasburg twelve strikeouts seven innings pitched in Washington's five nothing win over the cubs game 5 tonight at 8 o'clock. Red Sox parting ways manager John Ferrell more NHL news. Trotta lost New Jersey Devils scored a shorthanded goal at three on five. Estimate of the sabres was Carolina. Judge how did have that one happen only saw the end of it where they actually scored where it looked like it was a 212 around the net but how do you even get to the point we give up but. Jordin angle when your human Boston lost Colorado 63 the avalanche a three and one Vegas three you know the hockey world is so hopefully upside down and sabres are you know. About the turnaround Eric Carlson out at least another week third in a football. Philadelphia at Carolina tonight so. Carson once against. Cam Newton was a sports headlines next update on the way at the top of the hour dome is that Waltz for your eyes only event that is today from 537 Jeremy will be hosting that. You can see a lively six surgery get a free 150 dollar lay sick evaluation. RSVP by calling 8922020. There are no walked into this event 8922020. The at wal for your eyes only event today from 537 it good news sabres have given up shorthanded goals none of them have been three on five. Just trying to help Gary and Pittsburgh yet sister help again tweets not set in a moment Gary in Pittsburgh you're on WG yarder right ahead. I don't there's thank you. Also they were short term and typically what broke you and show up shirt. Year old who was forty goal and Hillary were picked Steagall we all read it that they ought NC will translate it. I'm fortunate that he cooperate now on I'll tell you saw that are lucky if they wouldn't head games this year. They are common our broker rights are or are sure to describe ruled that the thank you don't. Tweets that's it you don't hear what touched on I had to Loria. But at Dodd tweets that incentive. I gotta tell you GR sports react by busy for six wow that was nice image tweets I needed to send. Completed. Let's not sure right now I think everybody relies on it today. He's right everybody out there is lying to get what they want like totally non WGR. Sports Radio 515 night couple tweets that incentive. Meredith Star Wars starting don't want on the US in the World Cup. I've got one and all I need you here yesterday after. His reopen the show the World Cup we have Kevin nick com which really helped me out a lot they wanted to go on while my take on it yet. It's stakes mainly it stinks for. Liked the people that we'll put it this way. This is a tweet it and send but I I have like a whole encompassing theory can run by youth. The literal sense I hear ago. Football. I'm seriously this is they can keep thesis that was dry run everything up so football American football yeah and it's ties to the American flag right now. Are so deeply rooted because we the only ones that play it. Right nobody else does it at this level short right in Canada has whenever right we owned footwear at a discount at we got sponsors that we own football football as American that's why gains it's about fly over and flags and everything salute to service football's America even a baseball America's pastime. But football has that Brett nobody else plays football the world plays baseball right. We don't base moment we own football moments like that made me think about the patriotism. That is kind of in football right now on how football has become the focal point of whether or not patriotic and you respect the country. On the flip side hockey. We don't own hockey book but it's fun to compete on the world stage when I go to the Olympics. Soccer we definitely don't own soccer in fact you've got half the country that resents it because. Football's football. Competing on the world stage of the World Cup is awesome it's great so I'm disappointed for fans that might. Decides it can it dipped into soccer for a month during the World Cup meet. All watched the Olympic right I'll watch the World Cup ever matter to him no matter what right I'll be excited for the US does not need to be in the World Cup for me to be excited. The US being in the World Cup simply means that may be more of my friends are wanting to go out for the games and have a bigger event so I think it stinks that they're not there for the ability to grow the game. I feel good now you know why you would have liked our opening segment than yesterday straight and I just had that we had that very point that discussion. I'm not the soccer fan you and that's why new digital in the show yesterday but the World Cup was. I'll really massive event. And even I don't follow soccer the US is that it I want to root for our country and watch them fight. It's watching track and field at the Olympics are ever name a sport that I don't really follow except once every four years guess what. Our athletes go against the world's athletes and I'm locked did so. I would really upset that they did make it because I was a I'm not gonna tune into watch. Brazil play England I probably should but I would watch the US play every game in the World Cup. And Ryan gates made this point yesterday with the afternoon show and laid it up beautifully the US actually has all player. That is one of the best young players in the world Nicklaus talked about and you don't even have to say like what for an American like legitimately different. Great that you would have seen on the World Cup's that yes but now you and would have been the star of this team and he's a teenager must he just turned twenty Kristen Paula I thought in nineteen. He's great then and now we don't get to see him. So it's a down right shame the tweet I did have a tweet about the world companies incentives simply this could. When something like this happens. Soccer is the one thing more people that don't care about it. Knew you don't tell you that no one cares more than any other thing I can think of in the world there's nothing else where if you talk about something. You've got that like group of I don't know inferiority complex fans that think nobody cares about that meant the repairs. Yeah lots people care about soccer is a story today that Robert Kraft is considering investing in the Premier League really be another NFL owner that would have money in the Premier League because well. Pretty successful all right. More of format tweets I didn't send. Tweak. How he Austin Matthews. You don't know that but he's held player but down. I asked him you have to and there's a couple reasons I have a lot and great for the sport I hate him. I hate aiding him but I hate him because he plays for the leaks right and then on the lot I hated because they wanna drawing room and they got the great American player. And because the constant comparisons to Jack because he could play for team USA to Watson together in the Olympics so I hate Austin Matthews bought. Between the story I told you yesterday where he signed Craig Anderson stick after his first game he scored four goals and said thanks. For apple you are the memories. And then I didn't like upon further review death. His game winning overtime goal against the Blackhawks the other night so he scores snipes a shot over time. And then he does the pat Kane goal saw race idol and if you want to get right into my heart as a sports fan. You who do something good then. And then you troll your opponent beautifully and he did the pat Kane kneeling fist pound it. Oh my god it was great. The satellite to about I don't like that. I have to love him Howard I heat and Carl I have to love him I I I don't that's that's baker mayfield plant the flag in Columbus I don't I love well I don't you do real. Oh I love pick maple as a player I just didn't like when he planted the flag and Ohio State basically the more like a professional wrestler from WVU are the more I'm likely to buy your Jersey but no eyesight note that you see Iowa State when they won at Oklahoma. They planted their flag I'll I feel because they commit bank may have put the rhetoric I I I understand I don't like I don't like. Mimicking and other guys celebration. Come up with your own Austin Matthews right hockey stick like tiger Williams likely fans love even more. It just would not like that but he's a hell of play them you can't hate him he's great for the game. It just stinks to these you know an hour and a half away playing for that team. But do they really attack I don't live by the way what I'm not angry with your tweet I completely understand what you would set I just don't agree with the quick text him. Who cares soccer socks thank you for making my go to a nothing else motivates people to text that in Ireland soccer I got one of those tweet just for whatever reason we they've got to tell you right greatly price got not a lot we got a couple few of those tweets what we're talking about soccer at the start you minister. OK tweeted and send another one here. ESPN is walking a beautiful line where everyone thinks they suck. Right they don't suspend Jameel hill we're trump comments so people on that side think EST and Sox. Then they do suspend her for comments about Jerry Jones who she talked about boycotting sponsors yet we're also ESPN's sponsor so. In their effort to try and walk the line there everybody thinks he has been Sox now. Regulations is behind not surprises I think when it's wanting to give out an opinion it's another to say boycott sponsors. Who give money to your network is average Americans who are not a knock out punches to the cowboys let some of those sponsors are ESPN's sponsor's name. I'm not surprised that she that they suspend everybody hates ESPN now so. Congratulations on that I I'm still curious guys to watch all their family of networks you do I do I do that games on the I don't know any shows that are looked at any games or sports and yeah I will I still watch PTI around the horn when I have time yet. Another tax soccer really does suck again thank you for making the point they always say around maybe since I don't know differ on account there. Another tweet it and sent adding Marty around the broadcast has been a major plus for the sabres. He's a great job yeah Marty's great. And I think they're doing great job of the video breakdown and Marty just I think yes lot of the broadcast so nice job for the Syverson. Possum in their absolutely and I'll throw shout out tar Paul Hamilton who did a nice job on the radio broadcasts what is between periods stuff in his interviews and everything it. One my sweet it and sent. I wrote this down whenever the gaga I got to a last week. Ted Danson will get a pilot on CBS after his death. Was he on now analysts got another show on TV Ted Danson has another show. Doing what and lost track him to guard he knows he's watch a football game in the boom there it is he's done and Hanson's got to show. Ten years after his death or get another television show is that good actor apparently there here's assigned fell line here but I don't want Wright didn't. We're a network when they were taken the jet to Paris right wasn't George complaining about the jet that Ted Danson would get. Yeah a look at yeah that was the thought it was I felt when I went to Paris he was upset because he thought they're getting the back up NBC jet. And that against him and gotten better jet signs that it did that stuck in my head man. Those are the tweets Edinson. The couple more. Note that you know you and I'm it was a didn't send about the colts and niners game by the ointment on loans did you learn seminoles did you see the threat the tweet you got from Matt. No are we looking too hard at this too or are we looking too hard at this too early would you do taveras for a rally where would I sign up. Even in his contract yeah I would iris or might be able to sign him Tarvaris for a rally share. However the only jerseys in the contract you would you be trading for guy and giving up a rally in getting to Mars for six months of any walks. Here's a one or more text from bill. Soccer doesn't suck quit the way I realize that was watching the 2010 World Cup it's a shame the US won't be there in twenty team. It is a shame that that I'm I'm not gonna lie at I don't watch I probably when the World Cup is on. I'm pretty sure the only games I watch involve the US well I mean it's a month of meaningful sporting events in June and July 5. That's awesome. And it covers a summer so that they got a little run you know everybody in the country gets behind and it's exciting. So why not. And and you I guess what this means is you just gotta go ahead and get your second team to be your first team I don't have a second team you get one. Putnam now they're not the World Cup I felt I spent a argued another country. Can give me a fun youth fun soccer I know you can go to your heritage I'm not I don't wanna jump on like I'm not taken Brazil. I don't wanna go always does Israel have a soccer team. We make the World Cup and on I don't wanna go with like the Yankees I don't wanna jump bond well a franchise that's you know top but heat. I you know. I would say I would like an underdog country but I would like someone who I think could advance out of what group play right into the written to the next round mom so. You know let me know. Again not only eat. Could you just wanna jump on that bandwagon. Okay do you wanna be you wanna you wanna stay in your lane as a buffalo sports fan so could also you're gonna get your country little break my heart referring when. But England's go to art now they're just not that this reputation England is a perennial disappointment at every every year there's the Baltimore Ravens of sock every year the perennial disappointment and the England freaks out about it and can't believe that the rat again. I'm right now I'm makes festival referring when I might mines the Netherlands who fish and chips they I've got Poland. Neither ego all pull or that they and I got a little polish blood and I probably should it take neither the Emory Israel have to look it up. 8030550. To join us aided 8552. Factor to pick that we got away Paul joining us tonight from San Jose. Also in the next hour Scott pit askew from Yahoo! Sports and your fantasy football advice. And we're gonna talk about the actual bit with Chris Taylor their coaches well on WGR. It's a question. Of whether or not. That's really force. Still outside or touching the Blue Line and comfortable with the puck crosses the line baron. Hoard their grant. Claudia is still busy still up. Get to get his first NHL all in ninety career NHL game c.s that's where I'll and he's had to disallowed yes they all bull by the outside challenge I think so yeah. I think if you know what somehow. He scores again. It doesn't matter someone get a message to the other coach to just not challenge that the port kid hasn't scored yet. Who cares if it costs you point what do we. Most of the day we already saw we saw the that was it billion. Billion Nashville. I think where were where there was a coach's challenge. I wish I get this right did you see it our right you're you're I don't to tiger area Philly was up one maybe turn on the power play. And national score Scott Hartnell yes he scored they challenged it and they lost the challenge. So they had to take another penalty. So the that the goal stood you're tied here's the power play because you failed on the challenge national scores on the power play Philly lost. Six to five yet they got that right yet it etiquette in power play with less than two minutes the place and scored that late power play because they got a with the failed challenge. And the game was tied when their challenge was incorrect so that's the I think that's the first time we saw this season that they'll challenge come back. And kind lead to a team losing the game. I think it should be kicked to. Could challenge that you could the penalty for now you know site taken out of the league out of the league seems a bit harsh your get a wrong cast to be sold that seems a bit risky thing kicked out of the league franchise revocation. Now meanwhile I'd I was just informed did not know decide we're talking of the World Cup until June netherlands' my back up team. They qualify either. What are you gonna do Belgium. You go in Belgium but Belgium Boca because of Kevin to griner that's the only only reason I used to place remains cities great and federal research I think Israel still in the running to qualify. Yeah their fourth in group G right now in qualifying or something I don't know modular package some on the Belgium pick of the week time when England might pick of the week. I know you're thinking it's the thirtieth and 31 place teams in the NHL playing tonight it's not. If you like is what it is it's got it's it's a little bit some. Basic get double yeah it's get double pick of the week the best thing you could watch this weekend. And maybe I was gonna be facetious on one Kessler is for. That's. Let's get to a duel point questions and ask that. I delegates they Chelsea got a look at schedules I don't know I haven't looked at the NFL and a college I put it this way you know that it's happening I know you know that it's happening. They can you not picking Clemson and Syracuse know kind. I know it's happening you know it's app is it football it is football. Is it pro football it is not pro football okay no I just wanted to get to a schedule here's when I know what have you definitely know that it's happening and I am not sure but state display you're the one that told me it was happening. Really you did OK it's not FaceBook Wyoming on FaceBook. And that's happening now Wyoming. You know what's happening red river shoot out or whatever they call now the Red River Rivalry rivalry I'm sorry. Is that again you okay it's bigger mayfield and Texas and it's a great atmosphere and it's college football the Red River Rivalry czar for a target as the SO ward my bad. It sewed them. The red river rattled ankle that's my take a week because you to watch baker mayfield. Great cultural blindness here and the time it's 33 early on Saturday and ESPN dancing don't hold your days not shot right. And it's I think we're looking at the weather looking like and delete kind of fall day. We're really rolled into yet here but I guess obviously you might be too warm 73 on Saturday really eyebrow I. Anyway read drivel Red River Rivalry is not pick of the week baker mayfield the Oklahoma against Texas hey you know they lost. Iowa State had they come back they still. They know what they run the table here they got some tough games they could still via a factor in the national championship race. I have to Texas I've no idea Tom Herman came in it was a good hire for them. And it's been a little bit of a mixed bag but that is a tremendous robbery it is a big game. Actually for both programs I would say. Maybe or so for Oklahoma because they're still thinking national title implications but effort for Herman to trying get Texas football back on the map. Gobi twelfth ranked Oklahoma and now and I Heisman Trophy candidate so that's a good judge textures and I'm good. Honorable mention to man united vs Liverpool want to good that's good pick as well. Did it always brought you by one the coolest luxury vehicles a 2008 Bentley GTC convertible from riverfront auto sales blue in color leather interior. All the luxurious amenities inside all wheel drive a six point oh liter 48 belt Turbo engine only 39000 miles. Remove from cells owner Marty senior has a special ended season pricing now it's a Bentley. Was 2141000. Dollars new selling for 64 grand. Plus if you buy now Marty will start in his heated children for the winter for free so call riverfront. Auto sales 861626. Ask about the 2008 Bentley convertible Paul joins us next from San Jose on WGR.