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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, October 12th

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Cole Hamels either. The late night tonight they were fans. Ford needed DVR that you wake up at 3 o'clock and watch your back as my plan. Paul is boy I I'm Tanya I at least text in this. And any it says it's my job don't worry about it but I always feel guilty when Paul but the sabres on the West Coast as we come up way too early. Do it's got a long day and a nighttime game and he is up at 605. San Jose time could and RE TT hot like good morning mr. Hamilton or use our. Good morning or you I'm good thanks thanks for getting up early Paul I've got to do appreciate did you stay up late to watch the well not laid out there a huge step to watch the Yankee game. Yankee would have been no early or 9 o'clock try again so doc I don't like thought there's pretty good on the hour schedule that is a little bit but I still woke up early out there are so. Appreciate commercial so yes I did I did watch the Yankees so you guys you retreat and pictures from the playing you're seeing in the wildfires out there we were flying over northern California. Yeah I am very eerie you know to see that. To see the wildfires over and then when you land here and it was just. You the smoke I guess the wind it changed. Smoke really you couldn't smell San Jose until we got here. It and it was just slate it was fog basically. To walk around outside in the course when he smoke that you don't wanna walk around outside for too long. Because of the air quality so I was very very eerie I feel for these folks and me I'll tell you what politics and all over night what these these people are going through rainy day pulled the pilot announcer Dardenne or just kind of figuring out. Margaret is kind of forgot. They use it's you can definitely see it. I'd retreated photo Dan Dunleavy it and put out a way you know to showing. Paul hurricanes tornadoes. Earthquakes wildfires optics not a ball that's actually even seven to three inches snow yeah the the one time that's happened in my life. Still all that bad over over all what other kind of natural disasters people have to endure. Lot of shuffling in juggling but I'm glad you're gonna be very awkward trip speaking of disaster all right Paul thanks note no easy transition from that but to the sabres all the shuffling Paul. I'll look at the bigger picture for now. It's a point we've made the couple times last couple days. Who's the biggest impact player that this team has added since Jack Michael. Since Jericho the days since the eichel the right Michael let's Michael Riley and Lennar. And canes before that the answers applause so we came up and what. And to me that's part of the big problem here is that any player that's been added since through the draft or when. Nobody's here we're just wait not a bunch of kids to show often take these jobs and for whatever reason they haven't taken them yet and Buchanan have a team that's looking for impact players and nothing added since Jack Michael. Yeah I'm taken middle step where it would have been my if my answer for top my and again he's at the university of Minnesota and and doing very well by the way good and might be a guy that that you add texture he might only go to the university of Minnesota for one years but. Yeah injuries or slowdown he Lander and you know he didn't have a great first season but a lot of eighteen year old Dalton the American Hockey League that's Donnelly you're. A lot of eighteen year old flourish or a lot of eighteen year old team play so. You know he's still. You know he is that it can't get a second season up ground via. Yeah we're gonna have. And we're gonna have Chris Taylor on at 930 talk a little bit about how. Some of the guys are faring very early on in the Rochester season. Lot lot of juggling and shuffling yesterday Paul anything's different forward combinations different defense of combinations. Power play was changed your old at least the second unit well no the first winter what what what grabbed anything stand out. Well scandals now crystal line in which is what we kinda waiting for so I think that you helped me. The thing that bothers me about Bristol line is he should be the guy that makes his partner better and it still seems like he needs a partner to make him better man. I think that's a little backwards in his case and I think he needs to play much better. Right now looks like can't keep it might be the odd guy out tennis and still in the lineup playing Whipple you. And Georges was with McKay one thing Georges will do and a lot of people just don't let cute the way he plays. But once he will do is settle things down. You know just with the experience he has everything. If there's anybody on that defense is capable of settle them down when it's crazy he can do that. It's funny Paul I I I. Think of Georgia's and I think he's the exact opposite of what you want what house he wants his team to do. But what did he say you guys yesterday the first thing we have to do is clean up our own and maybe that's where he's thinking Georges is part of the answer against. Yeah and he's not playing with first line and he's not you know you can't be giving him 22 minutes of ice time I mean when he's. On a pair of ifs and he's shown it time and time again when he's on repair or replace fifteen to seventeen minutes he's usually okay. That in but when you get him up there it is at this point of his career playing big minutes. That's when it just becomes too much form thing. I wanted to ask you about Reinhardt so now he's on the line with the moves away from senator Wayne let let me start there. Yeah because it's you know he's now like many sabres it's not been a good start of the season for Reinhart. Do you prefer him as you better fit as a better free game on winning as opposed to center. If it's shown that way although. Again he he he's always been a very good center until he gets to the NHL one. It any time he's played center in the NHL has not worked out well at all. My I think maybe he may be looking for a little more speed down the middle I mean with the speed game they wanna play into your top three centers. Not fast death in O'Reilly and in Bryant Park so. Well I think Larson is better senator that he is a Winger although he is OK on the wing and I didn't mind him over there. But. So I think that you know you get Larsson back where it belongs in the get right now probably about playing a position either. I think in the NHL he's in better Reinhart with Michael. Yeah. Right now I. You know runners than on the power play anymore either. And him you know he's normally a lot of goals on the power play in this two year career here and I just think it's like a message being sent Sam this is in good enough at all and Gergen since the Michael I think. Had a pretty good chemistry last year in the brief time they played together was about a fifteen games to enter something in. It was probably the best aside Gergen says I think cycle itself to. And I think there they got came up there with a rally but also to try to add some speed to that line and see it that you know maybe they can get O Reilly no. Also going to the that the court will reflect on the Gergen since think yeah I don't like jedi of your instance with Michael unless it means that it kind of forces cycle to shoot more. Because that's the one thing and he's tied with scanned alum with six shots some death through three I need him shooting more I think so far he's been differing way too much. I don't know the reason for that but. You know curses is that typing get in the pock. You know he's got to give in the before check in get in the park so it possibly couldn't give him more opportunities to shoot the puck. Yet that I was worried about a guy finishing over there I mean it seems like Cain I understand what your saying but moving Cain with a around a postal by putting in speed there and this isn't about building one line it's about having balance on four lines but it just seems like Michael having Cain on the left side is up a really nice fit you've got a guy who can finish. When your hold onto the puck in your set somebody up you McCain to finish Gergen since is he's got Nate he's Barbara like he's an energy guy to get the puck but he's not gonna finish. Well you on the other wing milieu got a guy even though I'm older depth and is capable of finishing and still you know he showed us that the first game I don't think. You know his third goal scorer anymore. But. You know he's certainly capable but it button that would eager to human in me dangers here you Ed O'Reilly was pretty hard on himself the other day calling himself useless. We were talking about him to Paul he's an interesting discussion. You know when he first got here looked great loved him loved him. And then last season he started the tail off and I just targeted OK it's just too much ice time they're asked him to do so many different things. And maybe this is all the behold nobody believes in bowels of the room think he's off to a terrible start and honestly. He said German restaurant thinking is this like Colorado thought he wasn't worth it. What what what's going on what O'Reilly. Remarkable idea. That rocked through my head to. You know but yeah I've amok and argue with them when he said you know useless and you know I I think. You know. When you say except on the penalty kill but because his his his time on the ice is down it's under twenty minutes now it's if we're should be. 1928. Is what he's averaging immunized him so you can't say there are over using them. This penalty killing has been really the only thing you've seen in and you know I know sometimes they say he's kinda hard on himself but I don't think he's being too harder himself what he calls himself useless in the first three games and and she certainly isn't the only one there right right but you know he's got to be another guy who's a leader who can elevate the team. And not week for the team to elevate him. And there's too many guys and and you know part troll and Housley may have to come to a realization that they may have some players on this team it. Just don't. Arrive when the big time comes now all Riley has play for team Canada in some very pressure packed situations and done well. Bristol line has played for team Finland actually won a world junior championship for you and been a leader for them and played very well. But in the National Hockey League worst line in. I don't know it just seems like. You know he gets in certain situations and and any cracks and you know you. They may have some very good hockey players on their on their hands it to us you know are mentally tough and they're guys that you know they're gonna after the I don't mean after three games make a decision on bed maybe come to the realization after a season to that you know what we may have to move in a different direction from some of these guys. Well good there's good news Paul you know that the sabres are playing the San Jose Sharks they all of the sharks. And even in the year they beat the sharks so always I'm gonna cross my fingers tonight. Our Paul thank you for again I do apologize for getting up early and what's your job but I do feel guilty I'm Jewish I feel guilty about everything blame my grandmother's. But thank you for coming on we're gonna weaker but up again early tomorrow. Sounds and take care thanks Padraig a day. Potter AT&T hotline out in San Jose in this segment with us brought you buy low C against. Buffalo's workers' comp attorneys working hard. For hard working western New Yorkers again at 1030 game tonight so coverage on doubled Asia begins. At 930 with a pregame show. And we'll see how the series two in the first four games out west. That people talk about bumping it up a little bit this week it is our weekly chat with Scott can now ski from Yahoo! Sports. And double see what's going on in the world defensive football super helps some folks out there with what's going on their leagues. Scott is so when this right now on her eighteenth ya mind Scott Howard Jeremy here in buffalo good morning how you doing this week. I don't grade are you I'm goods gotta gotta give you a piece of fancy football vice how about that for change. You ready or don't tell anybody to draft any bills on offense for the rest of this season. Yeah I am you know but I'm kind of dump them cut them. Cut your losses don't touch a bills' offensive player. And obviously the court we have to consider because he didn't featured back at the start that any doubt about in the league. It's funny how you take Charles clay office at the at the passing game to so so. So bad I was joking that. When Taylor was pulled the ball forever in last week's game that when he was doing is looking for Charles I the close. The deals isn't going to be gone for a few weeks. Maybe O'Leary India a tight and deeper leagues maybe. You know about the document have MacKey for awhile. Yeah they did they could have the worst receivers in the game right now I'm near Chicago are pretty bad the giant her a mash unit at some buffaloes through this right down there with the. So I mean McCord is still a good fantasy play because he. Is not did you know he he's not he's right now it is the lowest yards per carry average and his entire career. Right are you obviously the efficiencies are there but the predictable volume is going to be fair and again how many backs can you say every week all fifteen to forty touches just about certainty and he's in that small bucket yeah but you rightly be efficient yet in the merit all of also but somebody's we worry about with injuries and you you don't often get through full season. That you bubbled to buy at a right time and they've they need to keep that really need to regroup after that loss to Cincinnati. Ironically after their glorious one land peaceful again fellas you're never really as great a year as you are when you win. So maybe you know we have to take belittling with the greatest problem that we shouldn't overreact to this loss either. Why you need to help the body heat you don't again losing Clayton Clay Matthews really decimate the passing game that was. Sub standard anyway so. I've ever curious to see how they come out of the week seven of the we checked by. The good news is you can still play the bills' defense Scott I won't I won't tell you the stay away from that. In terms of injuries you mentioned quite okay huge injury here you know from a fan's perspective but also from a reality perspective. I saw a note today about Tyler right for it looks like he's going to be goal one nugget back surgery out for the rest of the season. What I was he grunts in and out of that seems like the tight end position is. Watch anymore outside Travis Kelsey. And I Jimmy Graham they don't throw the ball to guys just seems like when he felt like I was tied and you are just like I don't throwing darts these days. Yet Chelsea I don't got hurt himself. The concussion against the city. A Decker has been really reliable Philadelphia obviously anytime gross on the field we feel good about him. But you're down shifting I mean yeah you might feel pretty good if you have Cameron break. But the rest of us to just trying to catch lightning in bottle you know maybe it's up to carry Jenkins here may be trying Griffin there. Addiction of all people aren't sympathetic side yard that Detroit after sixty or garden. Game the previous week so he's somebody people you know George kill to have Francisco. Agassi could gazes. As frustrating as a position has been at least most of your opponent to remain the same position where they're scrambling they're trying different things. I am but by the way I want you to drop their. I would on him in any format right now you mentioned Gramm hasn't got a lot there on by. They wanted to becomes back you know talent crop is viable on into touchdowns against Cleveland he was involved last week and it never huge numbers but. We don't Andy doll like toward those big targets were on the goal line having croft is going to be in play that I understood if you all the during the bye leaky maybe not that. Type of player but. Somebody we settled we may be looking to head all you want to goodies operate. It sort of bought the red zone and they had that we won by I don't know what shape Miami and Tampa they are going to be in week sixteen and seventeen been pulling for four straight months. But that week by one by at least make them very flexible players now because. In authority otherwise you know if they have divided are gonna get worse to go misfortunes are playing this week. But there are some by which that are heavier down the road or just with better offenses by so if you give up players you've already spent there by it and really give them the advantage. Who Skopje now skill is by the way from Yahoo! Sports all fancy football talk here he's with us on our AT&T hotline when you look at matchups. Who are some of the best plays this week is you analyze some of the match ups who would be favorable places we can your opinion. Well we we know the Patriots defense is group to exploit the jets will vault into you know competitive team. Decent offense so I think it would streaming person play that put Robbie Anderson play in Matt Forte can't go itself like Powell already out. A larger require. It's something Good Will Hunting character but the election requires probably be the featured back and in the picture can't stop anything right now Saudi role of those guys did. She but the saints do they're off their bye week we know they traded you Peterson which died Gupta back feel a little bit. Public Camara that dynamic game in London where column but ten balls but it was but compared to my. Marshall Faulk and appreciate that I would you very little Marshall Faulk for the were shopping web that. Also Camara is. In for increased workload Mark Ingram ready for increased workload team offered by the saints play their best football at home. Could even better this year was terrible last year through better this year but cam Newton's parents really had no problem in the win over trial last week I think it's a really good week. Depressed plan saying number they get will need back to move than missing the entire season. Person suspension and your hamstring problem I center gonna put thirty policy and courage. Quick Adrian Peterson question Korea they he did nothing in New Orleans he he was getting back like four carries a game. It is he worth. Take it a shot on if you didn't have them he goes out there is on he's certainly they're they're gonna expect him to do everything for their running game now what the injuries. Is he worth. Paid the offensive line we know he can't catch the ball. Arizona is throwing the ball on anybody right now they don't live that way they can't have Carson Palmer getting hit is actually getting hit at his age but. Peterson is back who's very reliant on it like most running backs they need to balking I'm not gonna go to wherever engaged in running back should be doing something. It's bought substandard conditions at a point in his career now where he's very reliant. Almost got in front of him he should be very disappointed when he finds out that they can't block and Arizona. I think he was the full school purchase them on the waiver or this week he's still big name yeah. Obviously you know I talked about earlier how important is that project blue volume of the running back position and yet I exceeded probably any get doubled touches I just don't think are gonna go anywhere. I was watching the Packers game last week is Erin Jones still available league's or is would he have been taken up Lauren. Had about a 5050 thing where it's probably slot last week in some leagues. That a little bit then are you he was still available this week and then you know that's probably been cleaned up in the last few days but. I think she should chip to be there featured back the rest of the year Ian Montgomery has to broken ribs. He did practice once they've had on our contact practice so let's tell us much. Of the Packers are gonna rush Montgomery back in it Jones the guy who uses dynamic player you kept. Each are fantastic against balloting did only caught one pass that game he showed it beautiful off the shoestring catch. I think the big ones he's Montgomery law when he was healthy I think you're gonna he's fifteen to twenty touches from Jones app Minnesota now good defense. So won't be easy given the running lanes will be Feinberg. Obviously any often tied to Rodgers immediately stood to react. I think Jones is somebody who better be rostrum and really get you have to play in Minnesota I think he's an excellent chance to be their primary runner the residencies. I know we're out of the survivor pool but we like to kick around some ideas with you I've got I've got my game this week chiefs. No no chief's home against the Pittsburgh Steelers know. I've got it Sunday night giants at Denver how can Denver coming off a bye and the giants are throwing to Jeremy and meet this week. I'm ticket I was thinking Miami and Atlanta I think that's with my right Miami. I saw I the chiefs. Pittsburgh I think it's a really good bet Jeremy. Well let's just for does one of those they'd you know Tomlin gets them all. Wired up and they come foul play but I like I I don't know the giants how many games of the gonna win and in Denver off the Broncos violence Sunday night. I like the Broncos in the survivor pool you'll you'll you'll take the chief what do we think it's got to what's your Beck. Yet endeavors are great picks and Atlanta another team rested during that Miami offense and if Miami had lost their game last week that the jig column would be consciously because they won the kind of cost basically ignore its options that the other issues that by in the they have to deal with the I'd be shocked by Amy showed up in Atlanta ousted Washington at home against San Francisco and other team up by. It's just it's been a very competitive team for a team that's winless so I think what to be Washington Atlanta. And Denver of the of the primary place got to actually grew review. On Denver we know how difficult it is for opposing teams to play at the salvation. I don't know he I mean to the church and yeah prospect them they ought Marshall yeah it's up shepherd may not be able to go and has already. One of the two or three best defensive secondary is the only guy you know I didn't need it on the back against the Denver it may be the toughest assignment football. I don't does that jive dot but he would like anyway in the U2 probably play makers soft field. Especially Beckham the guy is totally changes the complexion of the team and other teams the battle offensive line. I don't have the giants or more than maybe ten or thirteen point of this again. Yeah any I wasn't looking so good and now and all those guys out that's that's really hard. Our pace got happy fantasy football this week and as always thanks forgive me so I given us some your time on a shelf. I appreciate it thank. You guys and die we're here for you know I can help do anything else but but but buffalo but we're here for. I appreciate it man a pocket actually you can follow Scott on Twitter. Four fantasy advice and Tennessee help act Scott underscore. WS KI just to make things easier for you Scott underscore. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 515 we will low. To applicants for some to do on the bye weekend. We'll talk with Chris Taylor a moment the pro hockey team is an action tonight and that reminds me to tell you about our our wonderful promotion we got going on with the greater buffalo area Honda dealers. They would love to give away a three year lease and new Honda CRV to a lucky WGR listener all you need to do. He's register for the Honda dream goal promotions very easy to do go to our website WG Arafat fifty dot com. There is no purchase necessary. If you're picked as the Honda dream goal listener of the game. And buffalo scores at the 550 mark of the first period you win a new CRV with a three year lease again. No purchase necessary so it is free to register WGR 550 dot com. Blocked from the greater buffalo area Honda dealers don't settle for less than a Honda. Really thought about definitely the sites that are relevant here comes Kevin Porter. Not pressured to one went down low Porter scores. Kevin Porter witness they gave in overtime he had no pressure on them. Emirates swept the crunch last weekend and Rochester home tomorrow night. We're going to be shot chatting we're talking. We're just gonna be shocking. About the hammocks and and his creative come forward the crunch it didn't get a beat the crunch couple times. We were currencies to dollars a gallon and I went I went to a few crowd mom took it is a grudge game dollars in college who go to all can occasionally. Bloods five cent beer night. Maybe maybe okay. Some crunch games are on the at. The AT&T hotline now standing by to talk a scientist I'm totally going off track Chris Taylor Amber's coach this year. I WGR Chris it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the show first of all. Mark territory it would do well how are things so far in Rochester off to a good start so congratulate that. Yeah thank you thank you very much stretch against radar that's because. They I want you don't talk about an individual players for sure obviously but. We were just talking about the sabres was our reporter Paul Hamilton and I think we're done this earlier Chris you've got the guys in Rochester. Are you coaching them in the same system the same velocity of the things that Phil Housley is looking to get the sabres to do. Are are you basically being tasked to do exactly the same thing in Rochester. Well not pass to do it very exact same thing over take a lot different things and what they're doing yet for sure like the mean. The main component and then we go work were thirteen that we have down here you just can't. Automatically think that you can do the exact same things so. You know were were working hand and the only and we we we're buffalo training camp in prospect camp for Phil and and we learned a lot what you want to do and implement leave implement that a lot of those things and then. You know after that it's it's you know you get a coach would would. Players you have on your team for the maker. Yeah crazy you know as a as a cup or you know this you you're in Rochester here in Wilkes there. You know I think it your level when your coaching in the minors you wanna win games you wanna develop players you you also have some veterans and you're you're you know if you wanna make him ready to be. There to help the big team when they're called up that you're trying to against a few different things when you're that coach in the American League level. You have been the first and foremost I think is developing each and every individual doesn't matter here Rhett turner young guy. Yeah I expect to have reporter there develop every day just as much as. Justin Baylor because I want both on the play in the NHR one. We're we're trend evolve first and foremost and then if you develop and here. Air raid on the same page a near win some hockey games and apple wanted yours to ultimately deem that the same time so it's. To check accommodation and let it I think it with the rape threat turned and the rate young guys you can do that. In the time you spend. In Scranton and Wilkes bare with the penguins' minor league affiliate. What did you learn there did you learn anything different in their organization that you're now that you can now utilizing your time with the Amber's. Yeah I just how they practice every day the practice habits the details of what they did. You know on and off the base the communication throughout the whole. Wrote the organization. Was you know resemble able news here ray knew what was going on air raid near. Murderers on the same majors no question marks are raising the same thing here each individual so. The player where they're getting confused and also it's sort communication air raid near what they're doing their rake her over each other. We go to ensure sabre fans who love that here are some of your comments about some of the guys down there and am guessing that the one guy for sure that wanted to ask about is Brendan goalie. Who you know as a lot of people up here expecting at some point he will be here to help the sabres out perhaps this season. How do you handle things would that talented but young defenseman like that when you have him in the minors. Quality you know he's he's learned a lot you you're a great job practice first and foremost is getting his practice habits to re you know. They need to be continued came from juniors so you arsenal park burden on you don't sit there with tougher schedule forums or it's. Just getting him that in that mode and getting me curious greater player retain then you know just developing alters his skill that got a lot of great offensive skills his care worker deepen the skills so that he can block today. It show when he gets. When he gets ready to be. You know and they recall him at some point in me this year next you're not sure when I'll have a Brit. That he's ready to play against you know top the top ports and handle not just yet not just the offensive aspect of it so. You are you don't want you don't want him to get caught up and him being a liability in defense and on and you know. All of a sudden he's you know he's. News conference we don't want that we want to make sure that he's he's he's prepared when he goes and he gets called that you played defense simply very Serwer kind of our our secure and it's hard for young defensemen you know. We've had a lot of Brent Campbell was here. I've played with them for three in three years before he got his name shell games and you know all of this is going its first yours is very patient with guys like that. Was duly I was curious about this you just touched on a moment ago and and forget preparing of the NHL. With a guy like that Chris how much do you give him would you take a kid like that you know is considered one of the better prospects and organizations say okay. You know what you gonna be on the penalty killing going to be on the power play going to be going up against the other team's top line on a regular basis. Or or do you I hate to say spoon feed or do you regulate his role someone and say don't put too much on its plate right away. No we've been put a month metallic hill and all that stuff like you Gellar and you know it that's why he's here and that's what you know to get them ready for that. Those situations and if you're re trying to hide Aminopterin in those situations than were not developing human. You on that side that's the tricky part of you don't wanna win as a team and we're developing at the same time and there's times that. Hey we gotta develop an that's the most important thing here is to make the buffaloes they restrict their ultimate goal that systemic have to make all these players. Beat up they're awful. So you know were were put all situations who were lucky enough to have veterans second place beside him and gore games without him. That all the sudden we're not put your guys are there reporting one guy out there with a veteran. All of a sudden that helps that either though not all of sudden expect it to conference in those those of us that you get the wind as well. We're with Chris Taylor Rochester Americans grow a coach on our AT&T hotline. Alex kneel end or is she healthy yet has he been practicing or what what is the latest on him. Knowing still he still sore so we're just we're just making sure that he's on the right path to get back. Get better armed you know we only have three games on a couple weeks here so. Well third we're gonna have three games and next and to reach yourself. We thought we just you know keep mop the patriot now does that make sure that he's a higher percent healthy before he gets back communities and ready for ourselves. You know what they've read they thing here we're argued that we are we paying for it. You know we're just making sure that he's healthy we don't want portions your car that you you know person back builders were being hurt ourselves. And he didn't coach him last year but you would have seen him obviously at the at the prospect challenge. What did you see from him and and maybe projected out to what you think you might see from him when you get or what you expect from him when you get him in the lineup in Rochester. Lloyd top and clarity in how biased fixed goes and as hockey sense and and I can shoot the park and you know he just has been skating ability is W also. Com you don't already coming back artsy in the top top 64 forests and on the power play a lot. The biggest thing I certainly from the heavens you know we need to get more on the inside of the games that are on the outside. I'll get he does have a great shot needs when he does get an inside he can score a lot of goals and and that's why we don't want just just get this system passed in the sparkles on armed gunmen inside score goals and getting the dirty goals for and playing a little dirtier and you know I think he can do that and I think he. I think again he's young young guys quote can't take time for the. The last thing I want to ask you about Chris are. Couple guys let like Bailey and that these guys that had. Really an aggregation through and bashing in this two guys that we here in camp played in the pre season were given a chance to earn a roster spots were not able to do it. And go back to Rochester. I guess what are what are you trying how do you try and work with those guys eight to make sure they don't kind of hang their head. They were stuck back in American League how do you keep them pushing forward and trying to get them to the level of play they get back up here and somehow keep us. All right you know I just referred to a lot different stories and players you know some some players have played five years in the minors that gets a chance. First game advantage on these guys. Lucky enough to get those gains earlier on their careers and they're still learning every still learning and it's. You on. What we do we. Talk whatever days how they get better and that you know maturity and how they gain a better off PA and stronger and you know we're standing inning chopper full speed and even American me get them even on the anxious practicing skills that they're not act Canada and Locklear isn't. It seemed there always practiced skill that they are good that they're practicing still that's not cadets so. You know what it's all three of a merger and a great job the last three weeks they've you know all since been up there are happy to be here to work and aren't they wanna win and that's per team. You know there are Rochester Americans and but what they're trying to do is develop every day to get better to be a buffalo sabre and that's that's what we want that's that's we're encouraging all that we want all the guys play in the ball over we're hear here. You're working harder did he made in your turn to get better. Skill wise for yourself and and skill wise for team play. Chris thanks for coming all of us again congrats on the good start and continued success with the hammocks appreciate your time this morning. You guys have me out thanks very much our pleasure Chris Taylor on our AT&T hotline -- home tomorrow night amor dot com if you wanna see. Checked the schedule out he was going on down on the farm obviously it's an easy trip and it's a nice arena watching game and so CEMEX dot com. Yes Uighur comforts and a sports I do I have I says something the brave I don't know that actually it's going to be something we could use but I think it's a funny story. Thank mind. Must take something back and I said earlier today a lot. Okay has just been. Through the show watching again. Every pass a boy from the Cincinnati game I'm not gonna like this every passed yet. And as far the worst one yet the worst passing play yet and one guy that we talk a lot on Twitter or follow at yards for pass. He. Thought a couple really revamp that bad really bad place like time to talk about Ike coming out of the bye with the with Peterman bad. I'm not saying they're going to do it. I don't think anybody that wants it is crazy then god said I think they'll do it once they think he's the better option. When it comes down to is how far they have to be pushed because against Cincinnati. He doesn't have great weapons he doesn't have a great line he doesn't have a great run game but Maine as he masons and stuff the cut. I really missing for well let's let me get a break and you can you can expand on the sack on the last drive you know intimacy like money time you're down for me down 60 you know none at all forever righty got sacked on that plane yeah true true yeah very open options I prided ourselves what to look and he's staring at right after receivers that are open man not throwing it yet in the fourth quarter right. When you when you need apply. Right I remember him holding onto and I didn't realize that sat there in doubt openness and yet look at that sack on that fourth down if your offensive coordinator in the press box on that play denizens on the field right. If you're in the off if if your box you're screaming. It's but that. So old I wonder how far would have to go. I well I got a question you were doesn't get much help I'm gonna go and hope that the question and I'd throw that out I have a question for you. Based on what you've seen as you've looked at all the plays Iowa polls that we get back and extent of sports investigators coming up at the top of the hour and WG. Breaking sports news bears first here. GR Sports Radio why did. Don't know. Lots. Extend those sports is on but. White overhears pocket of the instigate their intrigued by my there was never stolen but not not yet my ergonomically. Safe. Ball here and I'm sitting on these guys probably take it when they least the nice. Comfy we have to take a picture of Craig we day and treated out. He dressed up nice accelerating elevating didn't he forgot his injury was supposed to remind him but it looks really sharp. For a guy is on radio today he locks outstanding. He just waiting for dress for Michelle. Type in a good man. Okay Tyrod here's my question with what you've seen on the alt when he too. Is it enough. That it that Sean McDermott looks at that would Rick Dennison and goes you huge idea it's three in true but boy oh boy we're not going anywhere that this is awful taking out. Often the line problems no running game got out receivers who can't or just aren't good. I mean it's it's enough to say all us guys definitely not doing the job. The ex factory is they see Peter gonna practice and it Peerman does look like he's ready then there won't play him here's what I'll say you watch the Cincinnati tape. For Tyrod and you'd say. If he's I would say this if Peter mean doesn't pass him that means I have to trust them that. That means Peerman not better look at the means that whether or whatever this thing and practice is just not good enough to warrant it you have the game passed you wanna go look at one play. The first play of the final drive. Is. It's money time it's it's sack it is money time and you've got to make this happen when he gets sacked on first down second downs and a check down dump off the McCoy because you don't second at fifty. And the third downplays the pick right. The worst play that try and maybe the worst play the game is first down you can't take that sack especially he has and we can say these receivers are not very good I would agree with that. He's got two of them opened and he stare right that I might be Jones up a top of the screen there throws got heat. So. I communal. Tyrod does some things well he how he hides some of their. Some of their mistakes he had he makes some of their mistakes can hide some of the offensive line mistake or short of what he does for sure he extends plays but if he's not extending them. To make a throw or if he's extending a play that. Didn't need to be extended and instead it needed to be thrown around in the pocket I got a problem so that that play is the worst one I've seen maybe of the year. I'm just well you're looking right at this there are two receivers out. And and taking into account game time game score what's happening on the field yeah got to move the ball got to throw him. OK against the gators are here in studio today were excited about that Cragg and Andrew coming up next Jeremy is got a couple of well deserved well learn day now on and off so enjoy your extended weekends and it was getaway day yeah have a good time mend enjoy yourself thank you next week. I'd investigators on only moments on WG.