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Tomorrow okay that only about a goodies. And relevant to. Back where we started from old man river the WGR studios it's like old tie ins. He came here as great as what he's trying to tell him. Andrew Craig against the gators live from the WGR studios. Give us a call 803055888550. To 550. You wanna talk about anything sabres. Related we're gonna get a get around some stuff around the league Darren Gregor coming up at 1130. He's act Craig survey 52 I'm at beside Craig actually am across from Craig and David IMAP beside crank. On Twitter if you feel the need. Reach out. And say something. Anything but I have to ask you this first. You and Howard said something at the end of the show their vote why are you dressed. Doss seriously why are you dressed. Her TV about it. Listen I I gave a view you know we all need a little bit help rate we don't need a little bit of backing the idea is that why he's playing to reminded me. Please send me attacks in the morning to just help me remind me that were down at the WGR studio. So I wake up this morning idea felt a little frisky nice cup of coffee. Jumped in my car went all the way down of the bill stadium and I realize there's no cars there. So I had to turn around and drive all the way back and you've got a big smile on your face and as I walked in your view you know that's the tech guy you are. Is it. Yeah that tiger guy that asks me to remind you something that I could never remember to do the person Ortiz Newton and okay. So that job of that. On top of that. You said at the end of the show yesterday all I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Sweat pants ball cap could be. You come in blaming me you come in late now I will say this I common I know they nice dress tigers are you just didn't think about it this morning and I was brushing my idea that like I got to remind Craig I hope we can hermitage. Norman old lesson from the time that I finished brushing my teeth the getting in my car actually kind of I forgot to call you have to. Stuff. So I guess I got the same thing going on. All right so it's theater show Andrew Peters Craig Reeve days so let me ask you this refused asking me if I was scoreboard watching and and doing my job away from the job. You know I think about what things that you say in last night I was watching the scoreboard so tidy guys and listeners more about what we're talking about their but if you're watching the scoreboard you'll probably you'll figure out what it is. But I got to ask you this first. You made a great point about twenty minutes ago. And here you're asking yourself if you're scoreboard watching. Everybody feel a little bit better today that New Jersey. We don't what they did the leafs last night everybody kind. Are you relaxed a little bit. Well you know what I mean. Everybody. And buffalo is ready to you know jump off the ledge. You know our team's terrible it's the same thing a bottle of all of law how to to Dell's coming here and do this how devils the devils are supposed to be last in the league law. Ball if they're getting if they're getting info from anywhere and anti us that's what I said. I can on and I thought the devils are going to be brutal acquired. And you know what I will own that too and I will agree with you that I thought the devils would be. A bottom five place team in the league this year but they walked into buffalo and they completely spank this 62. Who is it was embarrassing. At the same time when you look back to the game we did not manage the puck well we gave them goals like we literally gave them goals on a silver platter. And you know it was frustrating it was you know everybody. I feel the same as what everybody else is feeling is this is ridiculous they look so bad the effort where's our top players. But then all of a sudden. I wake up this more exact and watched the New Jersey Tron game I watched the pit wash game. Tom and I looked. Last night watching. Six three. New Jersey Devils went into Toronto arguably arguably right now with no question the best team. From the Atlantic Division and possibly one of the better teams. And in the Eastern Conference me David Marty again. Six. Goals against Toronto. Did that make you feel a little bit better. Put things in perspective just about how wrong we were about New Jersey and think well you know I hear at least an hour and you know what. Joseph member I and I said this yesterday. And I just want everybody out there just to kind of take a deep breath and say this is not the start we wanted but were only three games. Because after four games last year. I said this yesterday do you know who is the number one team in the league. After four games. Yeah hold on hold on you said yesterday them let me see if I can remember so this'll actually validate my point that I forgot to calling this morning and tell you that we weren't hollow drive is that but by the way just as answer the question a couple of don't drive is it the Vancouver and how that's right and you know what after that. Where guys say Vancouver Canucks were gonna end up. They're gonna end up in the bottom five and it was true they they ended up being in in the bottom five there were fifth worst team in the league. It is very early right now we have new coaches we have a number of new players it's a new system. We just need to get all on the same page here in buffalo. The sabres are gonna work towards that. Rome wasn't built in the day this team's going to be fine. Just give just be a little bit patient I know it when we say patience is it's hard to do right because we have been watching. A pretty average product for for quite awhile but. I just remember watching our first game against Montreal. And I think everybody walked walking out of that game saw the light. They saw that we have a better skating team we saw that we have more skill on the ice a better product and and I I think once get things get solidified. On this team there some juggling that's going wrought. On right now with the lines and they're gonna try and find that chemistry and once we do we're gonna be fine. We're gonna see some fireworks and there's no better there's no better way of getting out of a little bit of a funk is to go on the road get this team together. And have them really kind of spend more time together work things note as a team. And and I will be fine I wanna ask you some Mac because I still don't know this is that real. But I mean you don't know this there's no question his is it or is it real you know lake. You think that's that's. What they need. That's exactly what they need what do we do on the planes when we draw when we flew from place to place what do you do on the plane. So sleep guys one sure you were sleeping. Never saw you sleep once and now all the time we played we got to Europe the back of the plane. Guys are playing cards geyser chat in their listening to some music. You know guys are playing crossword puzzles or whatever but. You know guys are together guys are walking back and up and down the aisle of the plane and guys are set their chat and they're having fun they've got a smile on their face and that's when you're getting connected here. You're you're really. You know. You get to know your players there's a lot of new. They are steeper during a little bit of adversity SE a little victims were only three games in but you're getting to know what each guy's really made of I mean there's a lot of new players on this team. Plus cents stereo. There are over there young guys it's Canada on that nice gesture that you were for TV today news I think it. I just can't help an idea packing when you log in yours so angry about it. As you say I'm angry just say I'm angry every should really be angry at your stuff. Several minor in your phone. Yeah I can do you know what's funny SL rush out of let me just hear you talk about being on the road so our half clock just tell a story you saw it last year. Does have to do with me. Also how to do it I don't I I don't I higher than. Listen I don't think I'm the kind of guy that would sit and tell a brutal story about a guy only was here to dependence off I mean I might merit. But it sounds better than the person's here's the you'd see their reaction. So. We are on the road. I can remember we everywhere because because of this though that's the whole punch line of the story. So we're on the road and risk comes down barely makes the meeting on time again only to breakfast meeting there's no morning skate actually optional guys skated a geyser didn't play enough tonight four so I was always on your soil was edited on in the captain now a captain remain over here wheels down one minute before the you know they say if you're one minute earlier fourteen mentally he can you know what I mean here so rev watch any looks over and those. Where are we. There were close I have told us sort of pull over in one of those hotels were there where they all look the same every hotel that we stayed in was the same. Hotel. Yeah it was same hotel so you know like they all are you know the same so. This this particular hotel room looked. Very much like the other hotels in the other cities in our division. It looks over his week in Boston right now existed at the same brand hotel law. And over again or Boston right now if we're important Boston when in the Bruins tonight is a cash area. Mindy washed up our right. Tonight we gotta keep an eye on cobol chuck. We got a human it is first about the Atlanta Thrashers. There loses like. Extract Ike Hilliard that we're Catholics. Like I do happen if you if you hit me so. But I want you to know that even that I might have forgot that we weren't in on in ability and the people listening rate now might be things like how. How can you no lights in the year and because it's Groundhog Day. I'll play we were back to back great we left him to leave buffalo that night. And this is never something that happens at the start of the year you're nice and fresh you come off the summer you know he's Jenny you know the schedule you're ready to rock and roll this is the dog days they grind your problem it was probably at the time it was snowing it was freezing. I mean the plane rides and everything. It just felt longer your body was broken down it was February. Was it February this senator you don't know you know by the time you hit February you're just you eat is sometimes your mental mess. And you know you're you're traveling. You're getting in now at 3 o'clock in the morning you got to get off the plane get on a bus and you've got to travel to the hotel and an. I mean it's it's it's a mess and it just goes over and over and it feels like Groundhog Day and near the end of the year. I the funny thing is I can actually remember asking you like I came what it's happened to me twice as if that was the first time the another time I came downstairs. And we did not have a morning skate. I came downstairs in in my in mice do without my suit jacket and I came downstairs I saw the guy sitting at breakfast and I looked at everybody and I said what city. I just I don't have any idea where we are if you if my life the pen and I'd be dead right now because they would be Alitalia. It's pretty sad and yet we knew it was guided its fantastic. That this. That's Lila you Andrew Peters Greg re very where the investigators relied only on WGR 550s. Portrait of today. Everybody over it our job. The TV side of things are off for the bye week. Must be patient written down early a week off when the bills are in the sabres get a bye we do they still did buy we now on the and to tell. I don't think I've taken enough weeks off they do have the bye weeks so yes. Who are you. Where you guys who who is where that come from. Who the hell is that. City that who the hell is that who was that state of business which let you wait you guys you guys don't remember who I am you've you've been awaits for too long avenue. Mardy. Okay. I think that. I can't do the accent and sewed your views as fast and too much for me here are. Hander Craig is his call us 803055888550. To 550 review and me on Twitter. Anybody tweeting idea. Questions about that tonight's game. So you say they got to go on the road. And gel good together borrow and they gotta do to beat San Jose tonight is are going to be hungry and they're not mean you can sit there and say well they're all into his while they're in the same boat as the sabres are I I don't necessarily. Agree with that they make me nervous. I got well that's what I mean night that's this isn't it this is a team that I would expect a guy like Joseph Thornton. You know weather's a captain or not but to be licking his chops. For team like buffalo command because I'm not saying it's going to be easy game of their viewing it as a pushover when I think their viewing it as a way. As a gain that they can use to get back in a winning way its if the sabres don't come ready to play. Well no question you know you have. You know Joseph Thornton is is a minus player he's got one assist Brent Burns is minus five in two games. One assist. Joseph open Belsky is is nowhere to be found with one assist I mean. Jules Jewell ward like Marc Edwards classic they're shown many players that have under achieved. In San Jose in their first two games and dying to tell you they're gonna wanna right the ship. They're they're looking at buffalo coming in that has struggled immensely with keeping pucks out there net they've been very soft defensively. And they're gonna trample report a plan together to expose those same mistakes. Here's here's the thing sabres are getting away from. The noise that's happening here in buffalo because there's a lot of dislike for what for what's been going on in their game. But now they get to get away they get the focus they get to be com. I'm just together they're gonna eat together they're gonna do things on the plane together they're gonna practice in another and another city and be able to. Go back to the hotel and just kind of relax and just focus on one thing and that's playing hockey. You mentioned yesterday you loved what you heard from Nate W after two tough to tough games okay. That's an understatement. Well doesn't understand why it was that he an all out but I can't tell you just pretending like I play on his team for a second because yeah because you know what because as you just mentioned there's a lot of dislike for you know how they're playing and I don't think the guy needs more piling on I think almost and that's what I was gonna say he he he mentioned in his. He he owned it yet he noted big time when I was when I let them what he's shown and I had tire right now that's what I. Absolutely Love Boat. Sometimes you can get guys that struggle then they're gonna kind of you know make excuses. And you know. But this this guy stood up in just set I was nowhere near good enough. And I'm going to be better so I am going to be better I just I loved the way may point it's just like watching now. You know I watched listening to Ryan O'Reilly. He's just sat up their knees like you know I've been nonexistent. In three games I've done absolutely nothing to skate around. I need to be better for this hockey team and you know what they know what they don't they know it. And they're gonna they're gonna find a way they're gonna watch like I said to gonna watch some video. And it's not gonna be all the negative things that they view it's gonna be that positive things that they've done in the past two. It's about building confidence I'm an entire right now. A player that's playing great has one thing. And what's that confidence confidence. As as a professional athlete. It is it is like the biggest part. Of a player having success is being confident in your abilities and not second guessing. You just go and play because you just feel great you're in the interests rates fossil nastiness so he soul. Just because he owned it doesn't mean he's confident again so how does he. How does he gain confident all with the first thing it's like that it's like cats like an out you know identifying your an alcoholic saying yup I'm I am I am an alcoholics to say that he did say it. Ray from the beginning yes I did not play well and owning it that's your first step. Now it's to take a step back take a deep breath. Coaching staffs in the commie and that it's not a panic hey Nate were three games and body. Don't worry about it now okay we're gonna show you a few things that we feel are going to help you though moving forward. Now where you're at right now we're not gonna move forward from there. We're gonna take a step backwards you're gonna take a step back you can solidify your game. And then build confidence moving forward in you'll take off. It's managing the puck. People don't realize too that it sometimes can just be. For our. A good first pass your first shift in your next game. Right little question it's just that it could be a blocked shot it could be breaking up you know two on one it could be. You know a great first pass or to the zone that streaks when your forward on an offensive zone a scoring chance there's. The little things little tiny things can build into confidence what I was talking about this before like being away nearly there're so many times where. You know you get or ramming you Bobble Parker you know like a guy would just be on you'd you know he mr. sticking you lose the pocket. He's had a tough night on the boards known Munich that's your job but I have to beat. I have one simple job. May actually cute by dobbs so that the goalie can't play it chip it in chip it out like win the wind the board battle as a Winger right and there were nice we're just like the park just didn't go your way and you and your in the lineup the next game. And that first park gets rimmed around your board the rim to rim around your sides side and you just get it and he is and up. Making a nice little played the sediment who's nice available for support and nearly all he Alley. It's not that hard here's the problem here's the problem with here's the problem with some. You know the as we as we would call it. The. Leadership group. Leadership group is there to do many things. Things that not only here on ice product but things. Away from the rank. Behind the scenes with players he'll play a player like maple use nudity team. This is where you need your leadership. Again just poems side. Maybe go for lunch with them. And to say they define your heck of a player here unbelievable player great skater great puck mover he got a great shot your strong. Everything's gonna be fine just build up you know what every problem all the leadership group. They've struggled. That's what they've got the road at things the deal they got the thing we got guys going around like a lion and are all right Lee. Kyle post so you know I'm OK so doesn't that just go to the point that maybe sometimes you might need of veteran captain. So that when guys that should be your leaders are struggling they have somebody to go to who they go to school like when you are captain if you were struggling who do go to. Law and I don't honestly know if anybody. I didn't go to anybody because the reason why. You know listen you that you could you could make an argument that I shouldn't have been captain ranking near buffalo but the reality well I was and I was chosen and when I struggled. The reality is I I am party played 800 plus games in the national hockey week. I learned to not get down on myself as quickly as some of the young guys I understand that you're gonna live another day and there's. You know. Just to focus on certain things I was there. To not only try and to keep my game to where it should be but also to have conversations. With the younger players that went through tougher times and struggled and it could've been just a simple conversation lifting weights in the gym or riding a bike in the in in the weight room. On the ice before game shooting Pratt shooting pucks I mean just little tiny conversations just kind of sparked them. You're almost like back at captains sometimes it's almost like a little bit of a psychologist. You know to try and help these guys. Tom. Get through a tougher part in their season and and to have them understand that you listen don't worry about it. The game of hockey throughout the season is like a little bit of a roller coaster years some games you're up in some danger down but to want those down times to be a shortest. It's somewhere along the line I think his new contract extension kind of got lost in the shuffle amongst others like Jack and maybe a couple of other story lines that have taken place. And you think you know home. I wonder are you gotta think it kid he's a kid. Like that still feels like he's trying to live up to his his new car justify every single shift right and and that's gotta be hard way to play. We'll talk we'll talk more about that when now when we come back here from the break. I'm Andrew he's creditworthy as you're freshly out of the WGR studios today river is dressed for TV but so you know what that means. Sloc can really get it he's looking really good and you know what you sounded to rim but. Don't conceal look good feel good play and anybody are right when we come back. It's gators WGR 550 we're gonna get more and enable you the sabres tonight for San Jose Darrent Gregor. At 1130. And much more. Myself to start off I mean this loss to Kansas most plays and turn the puck over the actor and I just can't happen the good thing is it's those streams in the season and owns and panicked real big trip coming off and that's over and you're gonna press recess here and that's a long seasons Russell before. They hole you are talking about. Last team in the long season and tough night the other night for him. Tough play in Long Island tube but not trying to put him under a microscope ruining it but. He's had a tough couple games is there's no denying it I'm Andrew he's Craig when he is to gators were alive that the WGR Sports Radio five feet. The studios. And is not the only one right just through our in the you. What are those. What I mean what are they they're called glasses Andrew. I guess we just have to come to the reality that we're getting a little bit older guys. So all Tom Petty their by the way great to our great play Braden appreciate that I was ashamed that we lost him. I was a shame on the huge Tom Petty fan. Something not some of his lyrics are absolutely. Absolutely incredible sum LeSabre player should probably go listen to a little Tom Petty might. Might help get him a little centered. For tonight's game against San Jose. So rift were talking about boy you going into the break late. Living up to the pressure of his deal is that something that you think key. Can beyond his mind I mean I don't wanna put that focused directly on him beat you up. I'm Nate on or lawyer now now I think he's I think he just struggle in a couple games he's maybe he's he's come into a team that. It's a fresh start. Great it's a fresh dirt it's it it's a new team he wants to establish himself this as a as a top guy. And things kind of backfired on his one Q I I believe that. Sometimes starting the season. Getting to know a new system new players a new environment I think you need to simplify. Simplify things and that's not taken away from Phil how's les. System in the sense that defenseman join the rush when you camp we're talking we're all the other stuff. We're just talking able being simple being solid manage the puck properly be hard to play against as defenseman. I'm I'm talking about. Getting up in the ice regularly have a guy that really that we. We keep on talking. About this crap all the time or average defense join the rush every single time and right you know what it's not good to go coach it's it's the players picking and choosing when and what he'll do yes that's what it is I'm not sitting you're saying I have an issue with what they're being coast have an issue with how it's being. How it's being action tutored somebody had to jump up in the puppet in the Russian Andrea if you're not managing the puck properly as a defenseman. You're not gonna jump up in the rush if you can't defend in your zone as a unit of five. Where instead of being so soft that you play 35 seconds in years owned battling. And then you expect the defenseman did jump into the Russian know where they're going after that going off the ice. And you lose your transition in your changing your speed. Because you just spent the last 35 seconds battling in your zone because you weren't good enough you weren't strong enough and that's what's happening right now. Dirk too easy to play against. We need some guys that have a little bit and nasty and and that does not mean fighting I'm not talking bull fighting everyone I'm talking ball being tough to play against you have a pop battle in the corner. Go in there and win that puck battle and if you lose it you relentless. Pursuit of getting that puck you'll never quit. And you will spend less time in your zone I believe that we have to stay on the team. We have the skill are back and our defensemen. They're all strong they're all great skaters they all can move the puck. But we've allowed six. Goals in the last two games in each game. And that's not good enough. The chances that are that were taking that are backfiring in our face. 211 chances against how would go last Jack Michael how many chances that he's had and two on one with a banner came. Where he has an opportunity to either shoot or pass how many times has that happened for Jack like it hasn't happened. So why are we gonna sit there and give other teams were beating ourselves. We are beating yet I don't. And I think that's that's part of the thing to. I think I think a lot of people are having a hard time identifying what you're saying like I think they. I think he just think tick tick you know I don't wanna steal your words here which by the way and we need to talk about tweet a second but. You know I think people think that their brutal I mean I think people think dad they need a goaltender change they need you know better deed they need you know did you guys just aren't as good or Ryan Hart isn't as good this guy. But you just said it like they're beating themselves it's not that it's not the talent a little sorry lack of talent or lack of speed or lack of ability there are the fastest team yet. But they're getting there yup they're faster to teach faster whatever than they were last year at any point I. I said the same thing last year I said the same things two years ago this team needs to worry about their defense defensive game first not thirteen der defenseman. The five guys playing defense. They need to worry mode defense first everybody has all they've talked about. On every radio station every TV station we've all talked about Phil Housley we know how. Offense of Phil Housley has been in his career he was one of the greatest offensive defenseman ever the way he moved the parking carried the puck out of the zone. Was was incredible to watch here's the thing. We don't know how Phil how's he's on our team. We need to be great defensive players and in the winter games played and today you need to be great defensively. If you are great defensively you'll spend the last time there. Which will allow you more opportunities than in the offensive zone now do we have skilled players on the sabres. Are you I'm asking a -- I'm looking right now I would not talk on the right are you actually needed yes of course we'd be okay if some very very high end players on this team not superstars might want to do we are need do we need to push the pacing get out of our our structure to score goals. No okay. So it's defense first. And then allow our offense of skilled players. To do what they do in the offensive zone you don't have to tell and break down and tell Jack Michael what to do. You just mean you have to have a player like Kim played defense first. Ryan O'Reilly everybody has the plea defense first and that will translate into more offense. I truly believe that we've given we have given the other teams in the last two games we've had twelve goals scored against us. And their should've been maybe three or four we've given the other team goals. At the Jersey game was. The Jersey did you watch Pittsburgh get shellacked by a Chicago yes you see the and like how some of those goals being scored like disguises on characteristic. Stick up stick ops standing beside the net just not even. I mean it got that weight to too soon against the devils but it's not. They just yeah you're right they gave a lot away in the last couple games we how many how many. On your feet book that I still think back and I'm sorry that it just goes back to name W but that drop pass and our power play. And that that's a primary that's not acceptable the that's not acceptable that play. You're in the National Hockey League he didn't even lock. He didn't lock and how they did a good job describing afterward what he wanted to do we want to use dot lying to you know get outside a certain points when he drops the puck he's not dropping into the middle the ice and helping the tally killer yeah. You know also it's is poorly executed and actually somebody asked I can't remember who the reporter was and asked the question but it was a it was a good question. And how how's lead put a better answer to it. I think he said is is this about awareness to the awareness need to be better and I I I remember Phil housing is like question like awareness she said. I don't know but awareness as much as IE IA. Would use the word execution. Execution that's it that's exactly exactly he's like just it's just poorly actually cutie Kazaa. But they're there were any they were going there were doing the right thing so there are aware of what they're supposed to be doing they just actually cute. You know they've been executing poorly. So I said. Fair it is fair it's pretty honest actually got. You don't need to be a little bit stronger we've had way too many two on ones we've talked about this and murder were kind of blowing this up it's too many two on ones too many odd man rushes they should never happen. Should never happen if you wanna be a great defensive team. Sometimes is usually the best offensive team. That's what people need to understand out there. If you play defense that's not that the that doesn't mean that you have to be the New Jersey Devils of the ninety's and early 2000 where they play the trap no. How big. Having five defenders in your zone doing the right things. Working hard. Being tenacious and moving the puck to order with Canada's only go to his own and your transition now it's let that skill level on the Ford line. Do what it does best we have skilled creative players we have guys that can score goals your word. If you're quick out of his own. A defender and Applera the other team's gonna get caught and if a player the other team's gonna get caught that means the that's that's what I'm talking about don't give the other team. Give Eagles don't give the other team because your pressing on so much offense we don't need to press on offense let the process happen. Just play good strong defense first. Smothered so like when you say frustrate you say press on offense is that like you know. Blown his own horror flick. Trying to force plays are always Ferrari for stretch I was not force stay within your system. Don't force things. Just do the right things and believe me you'll you'll break teams down it might take the third period before they make mistakes the NHL as a game mistakes. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes. Will win the hockey lots of people don't know I don't realize right like everything's like it chess match I could literally playing the rushing guy playing chest you're going back and forth with him. He's waiting for you to make that one mistake and he's gonna capitalize. When you watch the big games so a couple of years ago a couple of years ago I camera which Olympics it was Canada played the US may be in the semi finals. Semifinals depending on where your from. And it was a one nothing that is a one nothing game from them mistaken. And I remember everybody talking about that game was a brutal game painful to watch. And you know whole Olympic ice all these superstars who would have expected more scoring like I would a liked to have seen a 65 game and I'm sitting there going no way. That was like mastery. At its finest there were I mean you could you I think you can count the mistakes on. Each hand each team had. You know I mean I like it was it was like he was such. It was just it was unbelievable to watch like. The back and forth. Just like how how the how you play the game I wanna say conservatively. But Smart. You don't mean yup. So with that we're gonna get out of here that's Smart that's a Smart thing to do what the sponsors get their time on the air Britain's over there smiling we're gonna find another great tool we come back. But what we do come back we got talked about. Fifty gold go way could I mean how many fifty gold guys are going to be this year we Knoll there's going to be wind and it makes me sick to my stomach to say it. JR -- is words yes then raises grinning like a champ over there he's he knows he's on the path to greatness over there are so. I wanna come back talk a little Alex Ovechkin picked Washington last night Cora on the scoreboard and don't forget that Daryn drag is coming up at 1130. So stick around here that a breakdown of sabres and what's going on around the league. Andrew Craig instigators WGR Sports Radio 550. It's taken by Baxter. Coming. Welcome back investigators. Entered Peter Sprague river bay. We're live on WGR Sports Radio 550 only today. But at the GR studios can be back here to be honest for the. And tomorrow now. Thank you for the reminder what I find I don't read it to you again I promise you I'll text you back here tomorrow. Yes I think if I guess guys are back here tomorrow and brutal. So speaking of brutal social sites are picked up on that back quickly years so far off. You're so wrong I would never do that future it is a hero intentionally anyway. So as some gentlemen tweets in Jacob. I need this on a teacher and underneath it will say a brutal. What you buy one it's a picture view. When you were just young pop same haircut. Just a little bit younger no glasses. Not that was my you're us outlets are richer. She left scars in the smile and reach weakness to get a text that we you know we gotta have art Craig very shirts made. Here since we do here we are I am you know what I'm gonna do. I am on a mission as of right now I am going to have Craig rebate T shirts made and it's going to they're going to be a there's going to be at a line of them. And I have already got. For ideas. One of them will be brutal for sure the other one will be blue shark orca. But the two other ones. I'm gonna say keep those on Verizon goes to the chest because. I don't want her annoying when you steal my fabulous idea and unity we. Two guys named their some FaceBook. I think you don't ever doubt it is doctor berg taken my teacher's idea. Allen appealing one of the wrinkle plus our our right. So hole. Alex Ovechkin we're gonna talk about Alex Ovechkin. Wanna say this may be for the next break. For the next segment is a wanna I river I mean you have mean. Just absolutely scratching my head this guy is 566. Goals does he get to 600 this year. 34 goals and needs. I mean score 42 on the air. I don't know it has anything that's part of what you're saying well that's part of his motivation. Just to get to 600 this year. He's a 566. What do you wanna put a wager and get through the sixth I tell you summing I have them like we have like. Nineteen wagers gone I think for nineteen it's like I'm like I'm the Mardi bureau auto wagers review over when he what he is to York to the point he's like all win. Eighty. And I'm O in nineteen that's how right you are and that's going to be ushered to cure. You think he gets a 600 to Syria and that's part of his motivation 32 foot chain is this sticks I did you know that he changed his sticks within yet changed companies like he was with what before so I guess so I was reading this the other day I guess. O'Sullivan Patrick O'Sullivan treated as some reasonably when he scored his highest totals 56 to sixty whatever was. He was using CC have anyone to Bauer. And then now he's back to CCM. Pretty sure that Tom Lycos but I'll double checked out but I'm but yet. That really have any of you really think. Mom. You well you know what I I I think that has a lot to do it you know how. You know superstitious. Hockey players are I mean day everything has to be want to get to that level. Your dear game day routine the way you do things it's everything is is is down to a tee and Yunel. You have to feel good you have to feel good and when you feel good you look good you. And you. And go on the ice and whether it's equipment sticks you you know how often guys are changing their sticks their gloves that mean. It's it's you need to make sure that you feel. A 100%. And that will translate into confident things on the ice and you look what's happening right now a calls in this first what three games. For a answering ads. Three sorry 44 Krzyzewski scoreless in his third mr. minus one he's back to the over that time knowing laugh sure. How many fifty goal scorers again for you there was a conversation going on somewhere in the world that there be light you here. No you know James Neal wasn't on the list for us tonight I don't there. Is for me I I I look at two days team. I think it's extremely. Extremely hard disk. The old forty goal scores now are thirty goal scorer and and and and moving on down you know there's we did the leading goal scorer last year was Sidney Crosby at 44. On it's it's very tough to score goals in today's game but I do believe in this year's. Season. I think that we will have to fifty goal seasons. From from from players. And I agree with you. I totally agree of these do you have any idea how many people are tweeting ensured ideas to me right now I'm not even getting. I'll tell you know how to. I think that our guys like we're gonna shirts they'll tell you light brewer definitely an Italian someone's volunteering to make this year. So I just said definitely need to diddly darn. I don't do I didn't leave the iron all right guys say that you said that last week I remember that look in I was like what are we on Sesame Street. Did you Daryn I'd love it is great and you're you know I guess I'm just totally appreciate the FCC rules or you go to the drastic other end of what you really want to say. To what you don't want us you know RC daily Daryn you wanna say something else you know I valued now I get it off my chest in the years in the N intermission. Do you ever tell them jump into pre show Powe show review is amazing all right we're gonna get out here Brady's gonna get us out of here what we. Come back. Why have a couple more seconds to talk about out so much because I won't have of you know. One more question forum but after that we'll get some Saber sharks Darrent Gregor at 1130. So stick around for that Andrew Craig as the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and them or know or don't know no not today sorry not tomorrow either rip social but stadium.