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I welcome back to the investigators. Andrew Peters Gregory May. We're live at the WGR studios on WGR Sports Radio 550s. X and here comes studios. In the WGR studio. Their body Braden over there. You can tweet Craig. He's at. Greg rebate 52 I'm Matt aside Craig you can tweet at the investigators. At WGR 550 out Braden wells are meaning into it anybody want. This is from top gun a few who would you be in talk on which which which fighter pilot would you be. He maverick deuce I Israelis I other guys. Cougar and her brother be as I get total clearly not the ranks now seem Israel I get team is ice for sure. You are you are as cool as ice and you're here you're. Tom Cruise no I'm that you're the wannabes know my brother is talkers guy looks just like Tom Cruise. But a nickel for every time I heard that we were out east to tell people's names Tom crush. Not Tom truce now it's not a mental approach. Are right so let me ask you this trip. I asked at the break before we get into the sabres talked tonight San Jose Sharks. 1030 parked drop I'll be in the broadcast tonight with Brian Duff my last night filling in for Marty. Mean there's a lot of excited people about that but I'm excited to do the broadcast and I look forward to it. Going to be away one lot to coffees but for a wanna ask you rivers will I was a batch didn't join the 700 goal club in his career. Yes. So his 566. So he needs a 134. Goals now I guess my question is this how he's what 31 now. Yeah I'd say 31. Well let's let's click on that double checked so dual factor occasional people eat us alive wrong he is 32. Get to he just turned 32. Seoul. What are we looking after him maybe three more years to accomplish that he needs are what they say a 134 goals that's. 45. Year. Honor and 135 Braden do your math kid. So he needs 45 a year for the next three years. I don't know that he has a 440 plus four campaign in a for the next 56 years old man like Kenny why Kenny scores 3035. Goals. For seven years or five years six years. Five you don't think that's you don't think that's possible thirty goals for out Sebastien for the next five years yes I do. Mario maybe not done okay. Q can you name the other seven players. For what that are in the 700 goal club. Seven. Okay Gretzky. Karen. Younger. Nice poll. People can still playing by the way minus one last hole on thirteen and half minutes of ice time it is opening night with the flames. Notes he was Solana he might be in the 600 club okay. How many guys are in the 700 club seven. For the seven I will tax you tomorrow mighty united stadium can you tell me who I just named. I. I got her. He said he could pets did yarder a congratulatory I got you got to see these two figures you got to I'm gone with Mike Gardner. Mike Gartner is yes we talked about in yesterday's that doesn't count but that's the hardest one to get is Mike Gartner and yes okay. Did not have really really impressive poll so you have three of the seven so you need for more. Mr. Aoki. Bingo okay. Now he is 802. We're coming out here. Not brand to Bryant we Hazmat Brad. Bryant Craig Craig I got into. Mark Messier. He's got to be in their right. Over one braid shut the Mike I'll catch three to go as they radio. Obviously niner currently playing more the only one currently playing as yarder. To me just help you out. Can you help me just with okay a little bit of you look little guy. French guy. Very little French guy. Martial the martial beyond. Yeah. Number six maybe an all time scoring and he was pumped out by now Eagles and yeah I don't know how many and over 702. F five so far. Yup and Collins out there on Twitter. For gentlemen. And. Was in that has a brother that played goal for the Chicago Blackhawks. As disease yup. And the last Warren is maybe one of the most hated hockey players in all of Buffalo's sports. He mr. And. Brett hall Brad hall. Period yes all right good job never able to do without the hands what you know what you nailed it and that's all that really matter so you think mobile hit seven home undergo club. I think it's inevitable. And I he's definitely yeah obviously a first ballot hall of Famer our right sabres in San Jose tonight. Rick seems to think that heading out west is the best thing for this team I don't necessarily agree or disagree I'm kind of in different on the whole thought but. Com. Because if you're struggling I mean how much bonding can you really do. Is get. Away from the know his brother. The noise is everywhere now social media no it isn't yes it is that would have driven always. Is everywhere. You cannot travel. Anywhere in the world yeah without finding out what's going on. Back in wherever your from. RAI I I can understand that but there's something in you know this or something about being able to go back to your hotel. Just go to your room put your feet up you don't have to meet. Guys that have kids around and around and having him to take them to practice in this that the other schools. Things there's other young guys that are just I mean they're getting dragged though because they got buddies that are saying hey let's go to dinner but. Not much interest because I didn't have kids when I played yes and I always do remember. I had a couple roommates at times when that might have had kids but they didn't look forward to leaving their families don't don't mistake what I'm saying. But they appreciated. That while they were away for work they took advantage what did you just say. Say that again. You had guys. That of that appreciated. They didn't wanna go away but they wanted to go way. News is. Absolutely. You were one of them you had to you had three kids when you're playing yeah. Felt like 10-Q. So I've gotten wrote I was able to kind of deflate. And just chill out. And and and just kind of focused just solely on hockey and I think some of the guys here. It's to be able to kind of just get away from the noise of you know I played my draw people call on me all the time let's go to dinner let's do this let's do that and it's kind of flaky. Sometimes when you get on the road you're just with the guys in the team you spend your time with the boys. Is it yeah yeah you really start to borrow and when your on the road. It's great debt that the flights. The time that you spend at the rinks to spending a little bit more time at the rink right. There's nothing to go home do. He spent a little bit more time you keep a few more sticks to put on a little bit of music you're in there with the trainers can view of the trainers rate. You just hang you know with the trainers helping them out you know. That's what you laugh that's what you love when you're on the road you have that extra time just to kind of deflate and just think about hockey. Trainers must. You like their they just go cocoa cocoa. Hardest working guys without question. You know he and an amazing thing as as young hockey players not to get off the topic let young hockey players. You fly into a city and you know what happens after that he is get on the bus they decorate your your hotel in and year key in the lobby go up the only drug that we don't know where where where does your equipment where does all the stuff go. These guys are getting all the bags off the plane it's wet patrols that trumps everything all this stuff that travels with the team which is. Which is so early anyone understands again how much stuff. It takes to go on the road with a team and these guys unpack. Like you might get a new city at 2:3 o'clock in the morning these guys don't get to bed till 5 o'clock half the most of the trainers don't even leave the rink they sleep. At the rink on the floor they grab a pillow to sleep on the rank because the guy's got to be there a couple of hours. So they don't even have time to go to the timing of fact I'm hotel all trainers are amazing. I mean did the amount worked at those guys put in it's it's it's it's incredible. Those guys don't sleep and you know like you see him in the morning. You see them there in the morning of the first guys you see every single day you go to the rank and they've got a smile on the face. I love it is that kind of like a prerequisite for them you think. Could it just it always seemed that way regardless of where he played or how the team was doing and always you think you could rely and the trainers to kind of which inning good Woodley David Williams. George Babcock. Pursue more equity issues tax unbelievable Jim does that tally. You know I mean. You had the pleasure of with the deal with a few of those guys in their just there's the there it's the cat's meow manner that there's the they are what they're they're almost like the psychologists rate. They are part of those guys are they just know how to see the right things and I mean they're they're they're special there's there's no doubt I'm surprised that more trainers haven't written a book. On NB a best seller that's Fisher capture and upload Albrecht. Rip Somalia rip. I mean you an idea what don't look at it he can read or write them. Are you serious that would be that would be absolutely best seller. All what he has seen I mean some of the stories I had the pleasure. So when I was nineteen. IE was sent to Rochester 'cause I was waiting to trade in junior and rip drove and drove me to Rochester. It was believe this I didn't say a word the hallway I just ask a couple questions to stories. The advice. Like it was it was like. This guy's been around the greatest you know Yahoo! years. He's yoga class act. You have seen it all before he's been through it all many times seen huddling declares as a kid not make it why they didn't make any idea why they did her aching knees literally yoga. I mean it's. But anyway. Brady wanna pop art call up there on nonaligned one but Seles got Anthony in Orchard Park entity and align with Andrew Craig on WGR 550 go ahead. They've put morning morning. What they're credit excellent thing Greg your thought at the blade back at the at that they like that. Reluctant to bring got a bad back that political bat but the dot net. You'd have a cocktail and is cancer. Our. Eyes. I think he would professional. Cordial pure public Tibet but. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. The global political battles. Are. You know it's our favorite though I think that that part of the earlier that you have an opt out we got to figure out ballot but the bill that's been the governor. I think has gotten up at the buy out. They are what I am excited about what goes road trip is. The back of the box I'm not talking hot dog is poppy you guys. Get off this trip and become Brothers have a nice dinner beg for LA. Angela come together and accomplished that but didn't actually get better stop this but really it's adult brother and really build that camaraderie I think it's earned. That wants our help Bobby I'd sit well obviously so that I thought about it about our Dallas. Always get our morale but I think the bonding experience you know I'd probably brought hockey players that are out there I did it all that helps them and there are older adult. So you're not you're not worrying. Panic dean. Viewer. I mean the world a more gap but insists that. There's too much that mean I have been hit the player as bait but that some. Eric I'd better I mean yeah they were bad but it looked like they were like Ottawa they're looking at bat. But it just it was. I just I can't get over the fact that either but not change it and it basically all rot. God I don't hurt a lot of what are they like that Albany new guys it's gonna say I thought. I'm now or at all I have bit out there and I think they're gonna be fine. Thanks Anthony. Are you can call us in 0305588550. To 550 you know we've we've received some of those some very similar tweets to what. That John was saying. You don't shuffling around over there yeah you know ultimately you wouldn't be doing is you're on TV and now I can do whatever airline right now my fear on the table. I enjoyed actually making over. Listen Anthony's Anthony's right he has the right where looking at this the you know we're we're we're we're looking at a team that has not performed. The way that they wanted. They've made com mistakes. That are not. Third they're just their mental mistakes their mistakes that we've just given almost given. Opportunity to the other team we've not played manage the puck well we haven't played good defense we have not been. We have not played well. In those two games our last two games where we're not what what any coach would wanna watch. But I I do believe that. That they will figure this out there is there's some talent on this team. That will prevail they just need to get in the right frame of mind understand how to win hockey games. And he'll be fine and and this road trip I think is a nice it's coming at a nice time. I know we're playing on the road and I know what's gonna we're going to be playing in some tough buildings to play in San Jose is zero into. But they're gonna be a tough opponent LA is always a tough opponent Anaheim's tough point. You look at the best team in the league right now in Vegas. Yeah you it's kind of funny but. What are you laugh and a must. He has made a joke your argument Vegas being that personally I thought it was funny. Or size satisfying go ahead capture. How many years your piece of work I'm listening to everything you're saying you're in your in the in our Matty Ellis who ditched us today your bank on America. Parent Darren drug coming up at 1130. Soul stick around here that. What are you expecting from San what are you looking for. I hear plugin. What are you expecting from Joseph Thorndike guy says here I don't know how many points Thorne has in his career but he asked you think Joseph Thornton in the top ten appoints all time in his career. Time is done for our outlook. I mean I don't I don't know the numbers right now and always a lot of points was nearly thirteen hundred points yeah I don't believe he will. Got a lot of points but. You know I think that. It's going to be tough count how many points is he had now. I don't know what that up but I think he's out like I want Sarah looked this up the other day thirteen 190 maybe but I'll check in. She first ballot hall of Famer yes no question right now question remember when he first broken league everybody thought he was a boxed. He had that tough first year at the bruins' thirteen 192 point yes. What was the what was the caller asking. If he's going to be in the top one topped and not it not close whose numbers who is number ten Phyllis does Hedo has 590. Points. What are we 590 her 15100. And ninety points let's only 200 more points. George fifty laster you don't think he complained for years to get fifty points. That's going to be tough actually east. I don't I'd I don't. Believe that he will unfortunately I think Joe's had had. Amazing career. But I don't believe that you'll reach that mark I'm gonna say yes or years or fifty points I must say this it will be in my opinion a shame. If he doesn't win a Stanley Cup in his career. With how dominant he's been for so long first overall pick lived up to all the expectations. There are pitched. Yeah he there's been there's been a lot of players like Joseph that it had. Special careers they are special careers but haven't to have been able to two win that cup. You know. Let's do a great job for your body of Britain and Deirdre you're coming up as we gotta get out here on time order to a quick Beisel treatment. So buy sell trade presented by Buffalo's sports score Buffalo's forestry can buy sell and trade new news sports equipment McKinley parkway. And it's actually courtesy of a fan dom a listener. Story is doing asked the Beisel trade. Gary and catch fresh is two. Persons. Handle Beisel trade Jack Geico slow start won't do you rail people's expectations of peeing and NHL's top scoring buy sell trade. Jack eichel slow start will. NHL tough when what. Little long low too many words but JJ would have been happy because it wasn't in question form problem. What do you think. The it was so long medics came and remember the question well I'll sell it because I don't think Jackson a slow start I think that teams have a slow start Jack is three points in three games yeah well we said it takes a data points. Jack has not played up to his standard OK that's fair by rapper but however go ahead. Jack to point producing machine he's. Hacking he's played. I guarantee if you're if you're asked Jack and ask how he was playing individually. He would not be happy right now. He would not be happy three points for him in three games is not acceptable he wants nine point 23 games he wants to be the best and he's gonna be hard on himself. He certainly doesn't like how the team is playing and and rightfully so the team is not perform up to the level of of ever. Being good enough. But I will tell you this. Jack. And this team. Will will come out of this little slump they're still trying to figure some things out once they do their. The product that we have we have more skill reality is we have more skill we have more speed. And were better team than what we were last year they just need to figure things out they need to understand that it's. Easy to lose games in this league but they're very very difficult to win and if you're not going to do it takes to win you're not gonna win games. There it is right there ladies and gentlemen that's why that's why you are who you are. Right there Blake. The great philosopher are right when we come back and even greater philosopher. Darren triggers gonna join us Tia sent hockey insider you can follow him Daryn Gregor on Twitter. He's gonna join us today is set of tomorrow because I think he's travelling but we'll find out. What the reason is that what if these are the sabres and what's going on around Lee and Alex Ovechkin. And fifty goal scorer I mean we'll just we'll have a great conversation attorneys when we come back here. He's two gators WGR Sports Radio 550. Welcome back that is the gators Andrew Craig we're live from the WGR 55 the studio know that's a -- we're live on the intercom studios in the WGR Sports Radio 550. Radio Booth. Call us they'd actually no no no no don't call us let's just have it. I can tweet us act Gregory May 52 and at the site crate at Darren trigger. Joins us now on the show that's why are watching all your calls. Darren Gregor good morning sir no better song to bring you into dancing queen and. And I love Allah. Yeah yeah I'm mental outlook. I didn't quite get the records are connection there wasn't there no there wasn't one more in the radio booths here today so we can just throw out any song so I'm just think in most songs with energy and I just thought. Yeah and we're all pumped up over that one spot they are out I I love it. I'm all yours now all right sorry Daryn I. Will work as well like I think back with DA in that might be a little bit where your guys can't. The women about order factory. There are attractive. I pictures. From ministry here goes go. And African not so much time cut well c'mon I mean and I'm probably not and Couric that I let it might want either. You know I don't know the reunion tour could be a little up. After a while same could be said for Stevie next to. What we're. That guy you're our guy Q well are right solicit. Daryn sabres. Are. Tough sledding right now heading west to San Jose what are your thoughts so far after what you've seen from them. They're not as good as we expected out of the gate you know I mean. I was abundantly obvious what against the new security double to seem to be the new kid on the lockyer wow. I mean they they handled the trial Maple Leafs who before that that there waiver or close sabres sent. You know everyone able sabres would recognize it leaks that last night that game one got a skull. You know that reporting off of going in to channel they have has. You know the thirtieth team in the National Hockey League and owners a lot of room for improvement but. Yeah this guy isn't all it's not it's three games and clearly all flow hasn't played its best to date. Clearly little while ago a lot of work to do their putt you know it's so early that I'm not one who's got my hand hovering over the current but yet. Let's let's talk about this New Jersey team for a second because not only is irrelevant they dish lax to Toronto Maple Leafs last night and Craig made a great point to start the shorter days. He said are we all the breathing a little bit easier today knowing that the team across the border that everyone's picking to be the new. You know the new diamond you know got pounded by the same team we did I mean what's up with New Jersey. Now I I mean it is a good ballots and they are playing a lot or create an army uses seeing them like. And it seats wave after wave at least was the last two games and are locked up my game pretty closely. Yell what do balance you know we're we're lurk right eco future obviously be yet for stick over all that you wanna discuss and analyze this play but. As good as he has you know use you again she definitely appeal brat. Seems to be a terrific fit for the new agers he doubles last night look who's scored repaired with the Toronto maple leaves on their heels. Really quick grip but Adam Henrik was really good enacting their goaltending always give them a chance to win so. I've wells Monica potter to Koppel yeah I mean I don't know what the heck is battles baca. Are you serious his Jasper brat. Whose eye and give both Gibbons never discord two against buffalo and one again miles iTunes or uninteresting story because you wanna know something he was obviously develop properly he came up through wilkes-barre in the Pittsburgh organization. Rather all right late. And and looked at BI of aberration or the general answer obviously action and some tactical. And and I kept trying to correct it back at buffalo and in some way. You know I I'm sure thing can go as well laster forgot I'm anticipating or expecting. But you know sometimes you need a couple three years did he get the pieces and not just through default but to make sure that you know as a coach. If you got a floppy that you're trying to employ you got it right players played a bikini. In. And maybe maybe we're getting an indication now. You know some pieces that surely as broad and a lot of you know what I'm not the lottery if you will get first pick overall all's they are all contributing to a track that the double brought to a great start. Yes no house are gonna go are just gonna say talk of all will butcher he's got five points in three games three and his first game as he chopped note right now into Calder favorite I know it's only three games in regular gotta gotta go with the camera with us. Well hey I mean looked against three games in each count exclude him from that possibility and you know they're going be some some other names that are gonna challenge him and ultimately in and future could be in that group and Charlie not deploy in in bought it and you ought. Expect she's in heaven hell a year and faster and Vancouver in in on and on ankle yes brought right there Greg does want to. Now and and you know I had Western Conference team. Apps need about what her last night. And you know how his team and I character or a candidate the people but. Certain members of the organization push real hard this guy but the general manager wasn't on board just didn't see. And now so he's great when PDF you can watch in this cute like how could it be. They look pretty good to me looks great he would've been nice fit on our power couple had gone through some of the conversations that you out. We guys to you'll look for certain players and end up losing got pushed don't. Don't convinced they're management group that that's the right way to go and then this player at least the short term. In a real small window work. Turns out to be a pretty good find. Yeah you know. Talk talk about Jasper brat. Yo he's nineteen years old five foot 10175 pounds just three girls and six points plus five in three gaps there was after we heard of us he's got round to round last year a 162. Overall making this team is in nineteen year old. Do we can you tell us anything about this kid. I'm not really that. And other that I got to remember the dropped on and I you know. We you get to that he'd been dropped who's kidding who let me night. We're we're not sitting there and dissecting every individual player what skills I mean. You generalized right you you look it is history allocated opposite numbers pretty well. You know besides factored in can land and yulia due to be big enough to play the pro game replace the NH allow holders big question mark decided that. You don't goal with any player in the first round pick or a sixth round pick. Until they match up head to head in the national and young candidate is good and he's been and it's a great story developmentally it's a terrific story but. Let's check back gain on. Hi yeah just an L yeah you're right I mean. It's a great start for this can mean he could come he could finish the season with six points Armenian army and. I know the one thing the kid has gone form now. He played. Division one in Sweden he played against men the last few years when this kid with eighteen and seventeen. He was in the division wind Swedish. You leave oh lead and playing against men. Now you're gonna see. This kid is probably a little bit further along in development when he's nineteen he's already played against big strong men and. HL isn't nearly as physical as it once was offered for that to steer it away that's stock can happen anymore they can play with man they complain with the man Tim might be any easier this player to play that's right he could skate. Hi Darren let me ask you this rim and I had a little bit of a wager you're just tuning in Darren Gregor joining us today not tomorrow. I can follow Matt Darren Gregor TS and hockey insider I have been on the record. And so is Jeremy Roenick and other people around. But rim has not about fifty gore guys in this league and Alex Ovechkin. Particularly. You know this is freakish. Up especially for today's dating game day and age what do you think he ends up he continues this pace. Real well. I don't know that he continues to raise I I mean our yeah I think game in Ottawa. Where they opened it ought to law against out enemies court Patrick inspection app and but it was more look the bumbling and fumbling the Ottawa Senators the principal. On and Jimmy can look parties that it met up with them and asking bureau lights set. You know because you know as you'll get old beat the clock in a spot where he's able to fire and you know three eagle tactical report that he could score. By shooting and knock on the back Karen on the shootout and you know he's. A regular player when it comes to the you don't rotation. But you know you put the puck in the scoring area where he's ready to fire and and any score that see exactly what he does so. I I think vote does this brash. Did defense of most teams around the National Hockey League especially those in the Eastern Conference typical Arch Capital. Regularly just a reminder that in this guy's number one can't turn it over there's no shock in the defense the old don't make sure. Dot you know when he's on the ice the facts and options on the Belmont after. Do you think you'll score fifty goals this year. I do. Yeah I didn't. I I think it is that scoring parade it's. Is going to come back down curse Cheryl collection you know we got some big numbers Chicago at least bank Pittsburgh Penguins. You know that believes that they get to it to win a day and you know that the meter to double B truck tunnel. In 06 school and being Buffalo's the school's all that I. I mean I think it's going to average down and we're gonna see a lot more up 3142. Port street IP games says canteen. You used to each other the chemistry tighten up the separately all of those things. But in saying that you know with a number of penalties that appear to be. Consistently being called here he can get a lot of opportunity and it does anyone capable of our concurrently I mean I'm not gonna wrote him off the list I think he's got an excellent. OK so Fiat is an excellent chance of scoring fifty do you think they'll be multiple fifty goal scorers this year coming up. There are. I don't I don't think so well I don't again that. You know there's the potential that when you look at you know the the but a look at that that number after the first record these that. You know we go we probably wouldn't it the other could be ten or 58. In Holland and the opening act of Vietnam to minors. He was just out of his mind again the towers I think all the analyzing. And that tape and watching. In that game and I write the better you're hot parking and a match up against that beat Calgary pulled down very good defense. And he made futile got it looks silly. You know is he absolutely a lock to score fifty look like in the opening game in this. But now hard to say and you guys there's better and I do but. You know to score fifty in cities gamers it's not easy you know there's a fortunate few are not more. Daryn ten years ago it was hard for me to score one. Sold out doesn't you know it's it's very hard score in this league but I don't yet I am what's up. Want a year ago twenty years ago and guide it fifty for on. So this is nothing changed is that right what the right what's going on out Vegas they're doing things right. Yeah up you know two good story again all this group and come back down under. You know James Neal L player but. If you typical guy look like Yuri now all but I wouldn't count and it. So you know they're playing on a motion for a number of different reasons you know if you want to keep it in the arena o'clock. A lot of these guys they're playing for pride and playing or her career sin and job security moving forward in the game not just didn't. In Vegas and you guys know this mean that that can fuel a lot of productivity. You know that the atmosphere the environment of Vegas school nights and all that spectacular I have been building yet but. You know hockey so news there that everyone's on alert and you know regardless of the lost. Young lake Winnipeg when they first return to the NHL jets QQ go wrong in the I app apple is now and you then you got. Current events element that attitude that we're. We emotional everything that that that opening unity in our area has been through. And and so everything that's going on right now around days old charge and I think the players treat. Do you I tell me. You know and not a lot of people know both this guy he was Vladimir. Or vitamin. Should pull offered that the Russian player that came over. He's torture why don't. Yeah late in the that came over from the cage Al he was one of the top scores in the cage Al thirty years all hope he ends up signing a deal with Vegas. But he's in the minors what's going on out. It's a weird one and and obviously he didn't blow them away it would count for more it is it's preceded him. Strengths or lack thereof other liking it now now rocker's bought and you know at least for the moment they don't seem to outlawed for him. Now the report that can't go to disturb buzz around Vegas was. You know you want to go back to the cage only wanna be a doctor rush. And so yeah I reached out to Peters all wrote and represents. Ownership but throughout the end activities now that's not true I mean he's willing to stick it out. And he's not call back he wants to. This stay here and then George recreate in the days golden knights you know out ducked down into the specifics as to why eat a lot ball why. He's playing in the American League they just say you know they all that he's a part of their future results. We're or odd position of trying to take an educated guess to be honestly yeah. I'm not questioning global I believe when I asked him in the moment now in the case that this player wants to staying continue to try and battle for a spot. In the National Hockey League but I think that again this is. The type player and a scenario that we might have to visit on our monthly if not weekly days. You know what I don't agree with what the voters said. I think this guy got sent down in the minors because he was not ready for camp he's not ready outer NHL hockey he's thirty years old and nick it when they're paying them the kind of money that they're doing. They need him to be a guy that's gonna perform and play well he didn't so they sent in the minors and I've they're probably gonna try and push remote and he's gonna go back to the united. You know. They're gonna and rip up the contract you go back to Russia. Well and end up fine as long as well tiger. Do not it shut. Again there's some legalities. Cover off this kind of thing. Oddities while supposedly. Where a player like is to just say well to hell the national example Barack mutual. Yeah I think you do it all blows daughter. The contract of an NHL player and usually they do. Well what if both sides wanna rip up the contract. Yeah that's not easy to do and from an NHL perspective it's all illegal so. We'll see I mean can they load on I don't know I think that there's multiple layers to this. All right Darren thank you very much great stuff you're traveling where you. I'm in Toronto for the moment but. A lot on a lot. Later today in fact. All right well enjoy your trip will allow touch over the next week. I haven't brought our thanks Darren Darren triggered joins us normally every Friday bodies is going to be traveling so kind of have to. Speeded up 24 hours and join us on Thursday and Matty palaces in here but he'll be back next Thursday Willie back after this break Andrew Craig investigators WGR Sports Radio 550. Welcome back hander Craig final segment. WGR Sports Radio 550. We are going to get out here Craig quickly. New line's new expectations for this team night. On the road. And there's a new look defense pairings lines evolving now shaken up. Got Larsson back cuts senator and write her back on right wing. Some new sort of flips on lines I think it's exciting I think hopefully we can. Hopefully we see a better product on the list. All right stick around next for the John Murphy show because itself took part Joey and remember the bills earn a bye week so our cells in for commercially look forward that. Craig quickly. Where are we tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Moral. Two more where we are morally via there we go where are going back of that WGR station. At least over here come back here OK go all right. Don't go this dude you're stadium tomorrow I'm Andrew he's Craig investigators were out over back to mark ten to noon WGR.