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Thursday, October 12th

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I think it was the best chance to give our offense a chance to stay in rhythm and play consistently over four quarters. See if Kevin can do it obviously he's done that in games. Now we've moved the ball we've done some good things there. As what's it like it seemed that for four whole game sewer dose. That is hue Jackson. Speaking about Kevin Hogan who's gonna get the start for the rounds this week. They have benched DeShawn Kaiser. And Kaiser is pretty much taken in stride I think he knows that you know you want to upset the apple cart so to speak. Say all the right things he's got to be disappointed but the browns go to. Houston take on the Texans and it's kind of coincidental I guess. That this happens in a week where. The rounds take on the team that they traded with. And the team that they trade with went up into the Shawn Watson and John Watson looks really really gut right. So this is the Wii that's happening I remember when lots of bills is one Kevin Hogan. Let's be fair. Insert name here at college quarterback that's all bills fans want every year it doesn't matter. Braden wells in south about Joseph Jeff Floyd any of our names could be on a college football roster playing quarterback. In the bills and bills fans would want them that's the way it's gotten around here Jeff Jeff Floyd joining me right now lockdown browns podcast does great work that's a way it is your job man I do and. You know. You know that the partners that have our. Quarterbacks. Denial and I'll see reporting on the cheek and the court stuff. Yeah you. Yeah I've got hey you you follow the jets as well so we can now I know we cannot talk about them at this Brown's thing Jeff Boyd by the way and the AT&T hotline thank you very much a lockdown round podcaster divided on iTunes does a great job evaluating the draft as well. Talk about that a little bit before we get on out of here with him but let's talk about the browns this move that is being made to Sean Kaiser is out. Kevin Hogan as in what is the reason is he is hue Jackson trying to save his job already. Armed I would sank yet he's probably trying to save his job but. He keeps making you know these statements. And that kind of thing. That's their job security you can't say late August what side you're going. Quarterback. And say look we're gonna play the kid. Got a great future we use our future or your. Not that equity. Act illegal partly later. And now you're autumn like as an option. And in the same breath that he says this is gonna wait to read thing Kevin all the like quarterback right now okay that's. But then the same presser he also says it expects its organizers are. So I mean. What do we aren't a what is the truth what is the truth you keep making. It you don't you're gonna get people let them argue back. Now why. Accepting look poking. Maybe he didn't even really get a look in the pre. That's where obviously they aren't I mean all it was an actor. Look extremely quick but the ball is not have gotten. It's got that shot. Doesn't have neatly side and have you arms strength. They processes that he's got great footwork you know where you get along with the ball quicker and shot days are hoping that this is about protecting your. You know tiger coming from the college career where kind and it rocky. All of them understand you eat the agency but there are a lot of people. Don't really talking about it I. People like eight weeks. We should have an open air 89 nothing possibly thirteen nothing you know some mistakes they're. All the reason it kept off like me because. I grew. But you can see you saw it on it at all all of that crisper. They have these two young white and about. Not joke who. Great great athletes they don't have the white receivers. Have guys that have died. He and kind of rotate guys week in week out like a sport which certainly help rookie it is. So you know it's huge change in a couple of W I understand the same with eleven games ago he wins regains. It's a war and what you're gonna be any different. That you know one and 31 in years. I don't. Well did that bring you this question in here this is my thought Utah if I'm wrong or Tom write from someone who's looking from the outside. I think you Jackson a pretty good coach and the guy won eight games with a trio of Carson Palmer Jason Campbell and Kyle bowler just not too long ago are I think. I that you did the job he's in Cincinnati at the office but. This may have it set him up for this so I think it's unfair. To hue Jackson. If there's any thought whatsoever I don't care Beagle won in fifty to firing him because to me. They went way too far in this tank slash rebuild whatever you wanna call it I think it's on them. And I don't I think you're you're setting yourself back if you do that after the clear intention was to what make sure we go to the bottom and I think they went too far anyway. I like that actually agree with armed what they invested well and offered at all. Up their audience and agree that that son outlooks absolute delicate. As many passes as any British dropping is about as much effort or you'll that showing that actually Ayers. So the fact that you played last week actually bet it on Corey called when. Being air right now that. A lot. There is not a lot of skill at running back. Falwell or last week all but still it was under the or yards per carry. At that map to top. Playmaker I think the problem is they have so much. You know eight in duke. As they pass receiver they don't want it really risky running the ball like between. Apple's app at all right. Have a guy like that you want so much outside stuff with it ain't you really wanna risk in the air. So you need to be addressed that position which isn't helping them and book I think there should have been some sort of like that put. Off at all Q. It's not about losses. He'll almost almost 22 bodies have been. This year we have a lot more trips apple coming still have a ought to read your money look. We need you now look at every it is for answers and so we can make decisions about our future there. Which screens played the second round quarterback look I understand. He was expecting to overall that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to be franchise quarterback we have a lot of our act and Kirk's election. Piracy yen to the quarterback in the second route any concern and we're all all world. But at least get a look at it you'll Kaiser and not to the point where you say you know what I convert on eighteen. I'm not to have either a quarterback at the thing that's the thing. Kabila an actual valuation. And let's play 141516. Games. So we don't look at it up your job might be on the line here doesn't really make much sense annual for a guy like me who's got a goal of the mind. He got to give them some bodies work. I agree with that Jeff Floyd joining us here on WGR Sports Radio 550 confinement lockdown browns podcast we host. He's had Jeff underscore LG underscore Lloyd. On Twitter let's let's talk about the past though with the browns. This week they play the Houston Texas the team that did move into their spot as they just mentioned. They draft to Shawn Watson now you have Carson and Lance and Shawn Watson who this team did not draft to they had. Clear chances to lake and we don't talk about everybody pass and that press got but these the these guys were sitting right there for the browns they said we don't want them we wanna wait till the next guy. Did they make mistakes on and those situations. I mean I guess in hindsight you can Manning or Carson without these. Yeah and CE RL equals our. With a stop watching it's much I loved everything about and the only thing that I did have a slight concern about UB side. And you them all up quite wasn't up there with the alt and advertisers. One thing was as you like I didn't want putting you know in the northeast weather can be a factor on it or whether huge factor there. You know why I'm pretty sure it. Would be a perfect destination. He has got to get a holding an adult you're gonna get it wrote it or another wrote in Minneapolis golf. And it's the most likely where you're gonna have to worry about the weather that was one wait would only make it about the dynamic dike there would easily take it out. Our. Right now it's quite well obviously. Touchdowns last week you know all week before the blowout victory very exciting player. You know hindsight is everything you kind of awful lot yesterday when it was brought up and all we can't switch back now. That featured. Look they can't and perhaps obviously. Work more on at all apparently they were. You know they want tot on twelve but it ought to move out to get them. Kansas City beat into the launch of the got I want. Apparently they were set once that you know what they are well I think or pass apparently the entry that can talk about a couple of days. You're the immediate decision to go another. You know she also said that he would look at Lee cook at which it would fight election. I'm like units up now it was the major rebuild you look at it everybody who worked in the back and there was. In fact that it was quarterback. You know it out of this and whether or not as congress be doing well in Cleveland he was there I mean. The vikings. If we're coming up and make yell landmark. Like that you know. Lots of guys can in this league they they look good for a little while then defense according to catch up to on the other league catches up Tuman. They're not quite what they appear but but now there's in this situation it's kind of that the purgatory we talked about for many years here in buffalo. But no from a from a a macro level and now in the micro level there are a purgatory may be in 2018. Do you they use that all that draft capital and about back out and select one of these guys coming out next year is that what the plan is right now for the round you think Jeff. I would think right now. You know do you go with the approach of in the Atlantic. Michael pick the match all look at. Capital and look ethnic centric Al looks pretty south. In the jets who had been. Planes are expectations really weren't getting anything on Sunday that the event. Now you can get back that personal player now couple weeks. Finally got the number one overall. All these quarterbacks. And they did take a phenomenal pass rusher number one overall and sixteen snaps on Sunday was able to get your facts. That he sent up is because you know often like everybody expects to you know not going to be able while wanna get miles Eric. And most of all maybe you're gonna add another quarterback meeting. You capped an agent money. So I think they're a position where are you look at the row which should probably be a force. All you since they know now that you know couple weeks ago it looked like lap at that point. Now that Marshall saw that the take a lot off that. Whop they'll play lights out advocate and a lot. Wrong Camelot gained 31 or. But nick looks like he could be you know that you stopped well. You know with what you explained I don't know that's certainly capital accurate by the top fives. At least up every quarterback in that range. You know they should be in a position I think the thing though is they just didn't happen so gritty and just say this is my right single we need another. Last time we talked we talked I think a lot of the jets in their situation and you followed them as well. Boy things have changed a lot of it here haven't they now is a team looked like the other New York team will have a chance it. The top quarterback in the draft possibly. Not the New York Jets but that's still got to be the plan right for the jets I mean we talk about people's lives in the same situation right now I think he's done a great job to try and save his own job if it was on the line and all. But what about their situation at quarterback in knowing that. All these guys are coming out got to be the plan for them to grab one as well right. Apps. Act it's. Look. Academically. And on Sunday at first place battle. Literally told me despite recent. We don't know right off the young players and young basically tremendously. The defense played very well. On how all think alike McGuire pretty good. Player that has been you know the reaper and career you know basically as a person and Austin's very instinctive desire that it be a big role for them. Quarterback you definitely need patent talk about human now obviously. He's playing well go to quick but it anticipation at all what you need there and it kind of funny seeing as yet the option of the contract with the jets. Or being the quarterback Coach Brown I think it worked out pretty well. Yeah quarterback is the biggest I. Maybe kinda like we're pretty. But I don't think they think he's a long term guy I think everyone in that Phillies probably agree that the experiment over and done it. A number one can't you know re progression and anticipate bet that the plane that offense and saw it in the pre season was. Quicken up almost offended I'll mistaking monster it's an alarming rate and I just think you know that would. Stockbrokers accurately on the jets' roster. Quarterback's gotta be that way. Todd would you play here locked on Brown's podcast covers the NFL draft as well what do they thought about this. 2018 QB class so much hype for them but seems like every week we're kind of like really. You know digging in which is finally got to do right with a fine toothed comb and in every time. Every time. Arnold throws somebody's throws a pass that. Should be caught it was awesome let's hand it gets picked. People are quick to say how many interceptions thrown every time you Rosen throws for trinity are to get that horrible team every tojo gradient so yeah where are we with this group. Unedited cut accounts that you'll know oh being quarterback prospect. A number similar to you know the you're picking out urged it means. Let's talk gain quarters or perceptions. Of people paper. As the waited and he. OK and with Arnold cookies and understand exception numbers. Interceptions about a game played. Unreal last year but quarterbacks are perceptions. Broad in you know world in everything is so pretty but every now and then he wrote that all. Either he fares on new primary target law and don't. Oh of the elite oh yeah college like. What. Once every tree target that brought up to make light of that guys like that we don't. So artists or all on the outside ask all the middle you'll. I don't think anything's changed wrote that Arnold still think it decree or crop. Typical want. Got out while all of you it's you don't get that figured it out. In such a well or how he got back out on the saying he got up and means stroke and look you can see he's got a ridiculous all. That when you're struggling not west conference call. I mean dispute even in a power by. Our our conference school he was struggling somewhat you know what he's playing against guys were going to be O. I can understand it but that we also sing and what else except you know was jumping up two levels. You know so that ain't good I would his organs that about our. I struggled at the most difficult at times. You know it could throw her under your Hawaii or part time. Sixty point narco. Horry and I think. The last struggling I don't. You know what at a help people and you are going back and seen what they are seeing I mean maybe someone that's what you're hearing yet. For yet skyrocket arm. You you what we're watching it. And looks likely to be all right. What is is there a quarterback that you think should be getting a little more love and quite isn't yet in this in this class. I think it like you what state quarterback prospect. We're watching it all off. I like I like them I was impressed totally CI I I saw him play that game my cat was USC right to play against the numb. I like them I think he I think he's pretty good. I think people in positions that any kind of funny because you know everybody you know everybody they never like anything so it would likely each you know because of the opera. We're making NFL throws an adult and you know the traditional straight old ones that are let. Making a help promote pork and hash marks. I think doesn't make a lot of what all. Apple all covered throwaway always Horry got that. And also the world I think your position where you could see 67 quarterbacks go on around I think that the quarterback every. You know your this year the trek and all it in years past where right now. But it looked authentic like you know it ought to say you know what I can map on Saturday about their. Buybacks. Yeah but. I recommend you all it's gonna south. Just over Buick and you know you could say I like it. Yeah you know it's a it's actually funny says that sometimes when I'm on the road one night you know exam aside the reporter for the bill sometimes I'm on the road and in my hotel. I gotta get to bed because they're getting up early in the morning and Mike are those are nice that's nice at twelve Avon's negatives falsely to be you know it's typical like that. I don't Archie LO late night snack all packed well and remember a couple weeks ago we saw like that. I liked him it's like you've been watching Obama with thirteen. By the that everybody's quarterback we wanted to do. There you go hey Jeff thinks they always good stuff will catch up down the road for sure appreciate it today. It.