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I love this isn't just a torpedo. It's called torpedo right I know that because I actually have the CD. I'm medical films I got it when it came out years ago. And it always gets me charged up like this is the one that track. That when I hear it I'm like oh yeah let's go let's all of that I'm glad I picked for evens out but you know me. Brightly I am the last guy here you should be getting even more worked up. I'm already when he too. Hi and Kathy in life sect coffee you tree I drink a lot of coffee I actually but I drink a lot of decaf now I used to drink a lot more. Regular now and I could drink coffee all day I cut I actually do get cups of coffee. And all hours I got one on the way here I was see on the way here 1030. Closer to eleven I stopping got a cup of coffee it was decaf though. Because I've learned that if there's anything. I need less in my life its regular caffeinated coffee or any drink for that well I don't drink coffee at all so you don't know. Now how do you function in the morning when you get that what time you get up to get here did you live all the weight on spring I get up and around 330 ish sometime between their 38330. Now lock. How do you do that man like what's any go to bed normally it's everywhere sell it everywhere it sure. They could be eight can be ten to be midnight and usually three RC we don't later get a nap in whatever right pretty much been there. And then there is a bartender and Mike had weird hours were late getting out to eat up that high of you know things like that whatever he's got a function gotta do what you gotta do. I do like I do like that that torpedo and then now this couple more on that track I really like but that's the one that gets me going. About football not in the sense of ready to watch the NFL would just like need. Getting mighty eagle eye literally should wake up to that song. I should put up my alarm clock every day I would jump out of bed ready to attack today and that surprised you didn't set it too I'm an hour on your phone I haven't yet. And you do that it's south of pot yeah that's me I'm in for John Murphy today and tomorrow good to have you with me. It's radio only. Now does anyone think it's a coincidence. That they asked me to fill in for mirth but they also said we're not put me on TV for two days. I now. I'm just think if someone doesn't want me on the you don't want my face on TV. They basically said look. We want Jim from our Thursday Friday we do know TV though. You know the old joke give a face for radio when your in this business people say T all the time. I say. We'd overloading my yeah I'm market radio you have a face for radio hop hop like that some sort of new joke that they just made up net moment. Whatever. I think that's what's going on here. The powers that be. Asked to meet a few weeks ago. To be here today tomorrow to fill in for John Murphy who it's a very well deserved rest and Donald Jones. And break in the entire TV group they're gonna be off but they said you can deliver Merv we don't watch on TV go to the studio radio only. He's got to look at tape that is accomplished I. I don't know how. I say that Marty on TV that yet once a week we can deal with that two hours ten to twelve or Monday extra point so that's it. And then you're done in the Osce see what people would people tell me that night at face for radio I'd be flattered. OK he had late thanks a preamble that. It it it's it really as a compliment you lay out a lot of but I am here today and tomorrow it is radio only. And we are going to talk bills football and the entire NFL. For three hours got a really good show today it's tomorrow already have a bunch of guests lined up it's the bills' bye week they're off this weekend. The players are actually off today and tomorrow on Saturday Sunday back to work on Monday I think that's the schedule they had some stuff going on yesterday then coach McDermott released. And that means no game. On Sunday. For the bills this week. So I guess when your bye week you know watch football I'd like to know that too I tell me but what do you do during the bills by we do you. Is that the one week where. Mike Finley says hey you know we made the whole family loves the bills you always sit around and watched the bills and that's cool. But what if you're just someone who really hardcore fan but maybe other senior. Hey man. Paid woman whatever. We're spending time with the Fam this weekend no bills watching a football watching. On Sunday when the bills are not why are out. And now. What about does it matter what the bill's record is at the time later the bills have their bye week in week nine or ten which has happened before. And they're sitting net four and five. Maybe think and I need to watch football is now no games that really impact the standings right team. I think it's different this week isn't it. The builder three and two. Let's not lose sight of that after last week's game. Let's not lose sight of the fact that they are three and two. Headed into their body. After last week's game. Because they lost last week. It was a downer. There was a chance to go for one it was a game that was winnable in Cincinnati. They had some injuries you come out of the game feeling like. Man matches that stumped. I just that was horrible. He had a game issue one great field position you couldn't cash in at top that you lose Charles clay. Newsletter job security Downey. But as they tried to lay out on Monday. On the extra point show right here in WGR ten to twelve. As they tried to lay out on Monday. The big picture is that things are not. That bleak and backed up bleak at all the bills are still. Actually in first place and AFC east they're actually the second seed number two seed in the entire AFC that will change Sunday. Teams will win the Eagles won't play they'll be half game behind somebody. Whatever it's all good a mover out. But by Sunday night there's still going to be in a playoff spot that's almost a guarantee I think and they buy look at instead the standings right. So there's a lot that still has to happen here. But through five weeks I'm here to tell yeah it's okay to feel pretty good about your football team I think. And one of the reasons why is as I've tried to reiterate and every show I'm on here. Whether it's morning or afternoon. What ever. As I've tried to reiterate. It's not just about your team is not just about the bills. If you think. If you think. That. What you're seeing from this team so far. Is somehow going to disqualify them for any conversation for the playoffs this year. Then you do not watch the rest of the NFL it's as simple as that there's no possible way. You could think that in actually still watch the rest of the week. Because the rest Little League is not that good Austrian ASE the rest of the AFC other than Kansas City. Is not very good they're just not. And I approve that TU. A little bit later today. I do an arrow up arrow down segment every Monday. After the game it's actually Sunday night Monday morning when you wake up it's on their time WGR fight that the dot com. I go through what I liked what I did not like about the game and basically say hey here are my arrows up. And I say this guy here this situation in this player whenever I see your narrows down. This guy and play and situation. And you are up arrow down today. But I'm gonna do it according to. The rest of the bills' schedule. To go through. Today later on the entire remainder of the bills' schedule. And according to me and my own expert incredibly awesome analysis before the season started. I'm gonna tell you if the team is better what to be Errol up. Or worse which of the arrow down or the same which would be what would that be flat arrow straight arrow. The double aero the double the double up and down right now got the that our air alert a pair out right apparel Carlo Lara and Valero terrible place but. Every team left in the schedule on the tell you are they an airlock meaning are they better than I thought they beat. I think narrow down which means they're not as good as I thought they'd be or the eighty paralleled double arrow. As great and just said which is exactly who I thought they'd be for gonna format. And when you think about that and then you look at the rest the AFC which we'll do today in tomorrow through their are up a whole bunch of different ways. If you look at everything. You just can't help but say. It's great their for this team this year really is and it's right there. What was thought to be a really hard schedule coming into the year with all of these NFC south teams. Tampa. We genus Winston. Atlanta. With Matt rise. Carolina. With Cam Newton New Orleans when Drew Brees all of these really good at self teams. With these really good quarterbacks. And then you throw the patriots on top of it twice. And trying to throw the dolphins on top of the toys who made the playoffs last year and have a nice young roster looks like. And you throw in the air what I don't know going to since the go and LA go to Kansas City. All those things added up like going into the year you like. Boo at this isn't this isn't a very. Easy schedule he got obviously that he uses this is really tough and I don't think my team's going to be all agreed anyway so dude. And the outside looking in eighteen straight years. Things have changed a lot of things have changed. Here in buffalo they've changed with this roster they changed with the coaching staff they change with management they've changed. But more so. A round the league what I thought what you thought what a lot of people thought about a lot of these teams has changed. Not just the ones to build a plane either. And that's. Kind of what I wanna get it today and why wanna bring on some of the guests I'm gonna have. And we're gonna do that starting at. 1230 today. I'm going to have. Jeff Floyd now Jeff is he writes war. Now that it not a team that's gonna be contending for the Playhouse he writes for the locked on Brown's podcast and one of the reason wanna bring him on. Is to talk about what's going on in Cleveland with the switch at quarterback. And where they carried out but he's also a jets guy and we follow the jets very closely valued his thoughts about the jets as well and then. We'll talk NFL draft Jeff does a lot of work on the traffic had a mama four it is a really fantastic job and that's come up at 12:30 at 1 o'clock. Time to get some fantasy football in. Al zeit Neufeld is gonna join me out alleys like he's trying to all over the map as far as the ease one of these guys you find an ESPN. And he is a podcast. The DFS edge. On the ball pod. Draft kings ESPN all he does at all. And I go way back we were actually intramural adversaries at Syracuse University. Is it possible to be intramural adversaries. What we were. Ask him about als coming out a great guy does a great job principal ball you probably don't we Israelis can now let me at 1 o'clock they were talking to see some surprises. Disappointments this year and then weak number six we'll get kind of ready for that then at 2 o'clock. One of those teams I talked about earlier because they made headlines this week for a reason they did not want to. The Miami Dolphins. Greg likens is gonna join me covers the dolphins down in Florida. We got a G impact showed today in a we anymore for you tomorrow we're to talk bills. More to talk league. Because it's the bye week. We'll start preparing you for Tampa tomorrow. And that roles and actually plumber comes back. South but you'll hear twelve till three and that's to be shot in the Bulldog taking over at 3 PM. As usual. 803055888552. By fifty. The numbers to call here on WGR on the John Murphy show with me south of much of filling in a Briton Wilson is producing. And he's the gatekeeper to Lacey got to get through him to get to meet today. My biggest question about the bills where they are after everything I just said though that there's still work to be done. Look at me I'm not trying to paint the picture of O yet they got this guy I not tell you that what I'm telling you is though. They're right there with everybody else the way this thing is set up now. There's not much of a difference really between. The bills and their issues verses pretty much every other team in the AFC in their issues they'll have different issues but they'll issues. Everyone who may be except for Kansas City right even though Kansas City I still think. At the end of the day I think you can score on it you wanna you wanna get a new bit of a track meet with a which will be tough for the bills obviously they do things teams can do that. And that New England Peruvian though even though Kansas City had too much offense weak one at New England got a track meet with them and they did scorer. But every team other than Kansas City for the sake of argument does have issues. And what I wanna know from you is. How the bills can stay there how can they stay. Right where they need to be to have a chance that this thing at the end it's only one of the chance. Italian as a chance. To they want. How do you keep the defense can the defense even sustain what they're doing right now what are they doing. Oh they're just the number one ranked defense scoring wise in the NFL. Number what. No defense in the league has allowed fewer points per game in the Buffalo Bills. Fourteen point eight that is a clear now think about this one and out the defense plan. How well playing SARS keeping teams off the scoreboard. The gap between the bills in the next best defense which oh by the way as a team they just played Cincinnati. Is almost a full two points after only five games into the year which is remarkable that is unbelievable GAAP. That is green canyon sized gaps. Sized gap. When it comes just as statistics. How can they maintain act. How can they. Stay where they are deepens that how to improve on offense because. For all the things are doing well on defense there are a lot of issues on offense especially now that we know that we have some injuries here to deal with Charles clay we knew Jordan Matthew's gonna be out. In the passing game the running game has not gotten it in gotten going the bills right now on offense. Are pretty much right near the bottom in every. Major statistical category including yards per game yards for play per play. And look at where they in scoring. Average total points per game they are yet tweet that. First in total defense points per game. So. I shouldn't say it like that sometimes the offense scores or give up some so kind of weird but it's all points total score or against. They're first in the league. In points allowed per game the bills they're 25 in the league in points scored per. We think about this team at their five weeks. How can they maintain how can they stay where they are to stay in this thing. Gold for can't the defense sustain what they're doing what is the office need to do atoll trio by 15888550. Q by fifty let's go to Ryan and Clarence the start us off here in the dumber for sure what's up Brian. I felt all right thank you. Get I. Victory. You. When accepting these. I have built. It up but we know what they are but decently. There will go to I manipulate. I eat there I really help the local call it art on the road but they'll eat especially at the electorate that the Reagan order the scene that played in an act. But elk are curtain and outlook on this here I think. Even with car on the field they have not really played all that well. Exactly and you know I know and I don't talk well I'd I'd say they're all. Ever popped up at a year what part of that a look at that but. Now think that it is changing before I Europe do where. It'll its team are cleared to do away injuries late for being good. And bite mark and I really Billick. I really thought it can really. See the top spot at court at the could be. Court act to get it right I really feel like. We get there at the playoffs that we and it broke all but I really feel like I say it could be on here you know but. Who's gonna ask you this rewrite let me ask you this question off the top your head. Who was the second best team in the ASE. I. I have no idea that it but you'd say that I belly. Right because eight you could say new England and I think you might be right because of Brady but. You could and you don't have to put them there I don't think that's out that gets a foregone conclusion right now at least right I think the team you might go to is Denver the bill beat Denver. Exactly hit it it's. It's vital that the people wanna pick it. That's right that's the point it's wide open that's right and you're in you're right about how it's hard to think that way because of what's happened for the past seventeen years I agree thank you for the phone call. I gotta run but that's exactly right in in you sound like a lunatic to people if you tellem. If you tell people I mean it's wide open like not look at the 320 they're doing that you sound like the crazy person in the room which not. It's that's the fact what the it whether you wanna left battered or not that's a fact that's the reality John and buffalo what's going on John here the dumber you show. It would so you know. What really aggravating is you know I look at a much of the day one being. If they make a mobile. And Adam talked like a block quote hurt Italy after a 12 or three times you see sports. What leak conditional pick and it's not rightful owners like I mean are they human. I felt that there are that came in going all the way would that are street children are good but the but I mean. You were the receiving corps now now equate injury now. And by the cake in the mobility or what appear to me. The wait a coach or or being in particular the ability. But it didn't hurt me that they're gone out of this I mean I. Mean. Don't see that the interstate chippewa are one economy. I think we take that I'd take that wouldn't you. I mean I mean not knowing your salie we'll be don't know the whenever they what's allowed turns to succeed. And yeah they went any you knew their playing a team they're pretty heavy underdogs I still wouldn't care that's okay sports is about competing and getting to the playoffs having a chance to win the championship. Here you at all that it's been about records or are they eat itself to me that they really are you know. I mean are they not go lower what are we. Here's the problem John here's the problem I don't know what you can fax for a conditional pick to get somebody I don't know I don't know there's an impact full type of player and up out there. Did you could get for what you're describing that's the hard part the takes. It takes two sides of that you know. There be. A little or. Maybe or maybe they're who we are nine the pick out to a seventeen that. You know. You know what I mean. And we moved in the you know well. I know not the biggest trade outline of the net but I mean they're speaker. There there it on thank you. In Haiti to crush you know I mean that there really they're going to be going back after the bye week. O'Donnell say this all right John they armed they have proven at least that they are willing to make deals and I don't know what's gonna happen I wouldn't rule it out but I also know the brain means managed did in the you know mortgaging the future which is what he's working so hard to really. Build a foundation for here. Going forward I get at it like that you want that and I would too but it does take something and that's the tricky part here let's go to Rick in a car before rev up the segment what's going on wreck. It felt like it thank you I wanted to actually actually because I know you're out she more expertise than any of listening but. So we're overpaid areas you know obviously and I could not get a lot out of is there or group paper we're out there that somebody else out that probably there is simply. Just got to you know I don't know I think it put together but it's where we're gonna overpay a guy looked over pay the guy that you know the receiver that problem. Only trading image you suddenly take on a huge cap hit that you didn't wanna take on next year and in everything all of his signing bonus money that's remaining at. That was spread out suddenly gets accelerated into your cap. So that's that now now so now you're basically paying at the next year would be it would count about thirteen million on the cap for players not even on your roster. I'll so an exit but but but the other part of it Rick is and I think but do you understand this from a year the way you asked that. The other party is. Who wants to pay martial artist sixteen million dollars for season you're right there might be overpaid receiver. But that over paid receiver is probably making what 910 million dollars he'd still the paper that team another five or six million dollars just to take on Marcel arias and I don't think anybody wants to do that right now. Yeah got Jeremy thank you okay rake you're welcome let's think about time out. When we come back my man Jeff Floyd is gonna join me Jeff post he locked on Brown's podcast. He is a former college football wide receiver he's the value leader of the draft there's a lot of great work I'm I'm we're to talk with him about not only the browns but the jets guy to delay it. Asking a little bit about that team either way we'll talk football would chapel talk NFL draft would Jeff. We'll have him we come back here on WG. I think it was the best chance to give our offense a chance to stay in rhythm and play consistently over four quarters. See if Kevin can do it obviously he's done that in games. Now we've moved the ball we've done some good things there. As was seen by kissing do that for four whole game sewer dose. That is hue Jackson. Speaking about Kevin Hogan who's gonna get the start for the browns this week. They have benched DeShawn Kaiser. And Kaiser is pretty much taken in stride I think he knows that you know you want to upset the apple cart so to speak. Say all the right things he's got to be disappointed but the browns go to. Houston take on the Texans and Tenet coincidental I guess. That this happens in a week where. The. Rounds take on the team that they traded with. And the team that they trade with went up and took to Shawn Watson and Shawn Watson looks really really gut right. So this week that's happening I remember when lots of bills into one Kevin Hogan. Let's be fair. Insert name here at college quarterback that's all bills fans want every year it doesn't matter. Braden wells in south about Joseph Jeff Floyd any of our names could beyond a college football roster playing quarterback. In the bills and bills fans would want them that's the way it's gotten around here Jeff Jeff Floyd joining me right now lockdown browns podcast does great work that's latest here jabbed me idea on. You know as partners that have not in the world quarterbacks. He dial east and our team reporting on the street and the court stuff. Yeah you. Yeah I've got you you follow the jets as well so we can now I know we cannot talk about them at this Brown's thing Jeff Boyd by the way and the AT&T outlined that you very much a lockdown round podcaster divided on iTunes does a great job evaluating the draft as well. Talk about that a little bit before we get on out of here with him but let's talk about the browns this move that is being made to Sean Kaiser is out. Kevin Hogan as in what is the reason is he is hue Jackson trying to save his job already. I would like yet he's probably trying to save his job but. He keeps making you know these groups treatments. And that kind of thing you know that's a job security. You can't say late August when you decide you're going. Quarterback. And say look we're gonna play the kid. Got a great future we use our future where it or. Not that's an equity. Act illegal partly later. And now you're autumn like that you know ups and and in the same breath that he says this is in a week to week thing Kevin all the like quarterback right now okay that's our. But then in the same presser he also says it expects its organizers are. What do we aren't at what is the truth what is the truth you keep making it in you don't you're gonna get people weapon are you back. Now why in. Accepting a look at home game. Maybe he didn't even really get a look in the pre season out so they have. Where obviously they shot Kaiser in all it was NAFTA. Well extremely quick look at all and does not have gotten. God bit shocked that she doesn't have the inside and have you arms strength. They processes that he's got great footwork you know where you get along with the ball quicker and shot his thought is hoping that this is an upper second year. You know tiger coming from his college career where kind and it rocky. All the book I understand you efficiency but there are a lot of people. Don't really talking about it I. People that came a week. We should have an open air 89 nothing possibly thirteen nothing you know some mistakes they're. All the reason that jet off like support in the game because that's how it grew. But you can see you saw it on it at all all that rain crisper. They have these young tight ends and about Europeans not to oak who. Great great athletes. Don't have the white receivers. Have got that great guys get the in and kind of rotate guys week in week out try a sport which certainly is gonna help rookie it is the so you know it's huge Chinese and a couple W I understand but saying that eleven games ago he wins regains. It's a war and what you're going to be any different. That you know one in 31 into years. I don't understand. Well that that repeated this question in here this is my thought Utah if I'm wrong or Pomeroy it from someone who's looking from the outside. I think you Jackson is a pretty good coach and the guy won eight games with a trio of Carson Palmer Jason Campbell and Kyle bowler just not too long ago are I think. I that you did a good job he's in Cincinnati at the office but. This management set him up for this so I think it's unfair. To hue Jackson. If there's any thought whatsoever I don't care Beagle won in fifty to firing him because to me. They went way too far in this tank slash rebuild what every wanna call it I think it's on them. And I don't I think you're you're setting yourself back if you do that after the clear intention was to what make sure we go to the bottom and I think they went too far anyway. I like that actually agree with armed what they invested well alt a lot to offer a up according to agree that that sunny out absolute delicate. As many passes and British dropping his bat as much effort or you'll that showing that actually Ayers. So the fact that you play last week actually benefited that on Corey called when. Being air right now that. A lot. There is not a lot of skill at running back. Falwell or last week all but still it was under the or yards per carry. Edit that Matt or not. Playmaker I think the problem is they have so much in you know eight in Butte. As they pass receiver they don't want it really risky running the ball and they liked between. All right. And we have a guy like you want so much outside stop with the ink you'll really wanna risk in the air. So you need to be addressed that position which isn't helping them and book I think we should have been sort of like that put. It off tackle Q. It's not about losses. He'll almost almost 22 bodies this year we have a lot more trips apple coming still have a lot of free agent money look. We need you now let's get every it is for answers and so we can make decisions about our future air. Which screens played the second round quarterback look I understand. He was expecting to overall. Necessarily mean he's going to be franchise quarterback we have a lot about the act and Kirk's election. Piracy yet. Quarterback in the second route and he in turn in all all world. But at least get a look at it you'll Kaiser it and not to the point where you sit. You know what I add convert on eighteen and I'm not to have you either at quarterback at the thing that's the thing. Kabila an actual valuation. And let you play 141516. Games so we don't look at it up your job might be on the line here doesn't make much sense. Annual for a guy like me who's got off the line. He got to give them some bodies work. I agree that Jeff Floyd joining us here on WGR Sports Radio 550 confinement lockdown round podcast we host. He's at Jeff underscore LG underscore Lloyd. On Twitter let's let's talk about the pass the with the browns. This week they play the Houston Texas the team that did move into their spot as they just mentioned. They draft to Shawn Watson now you have Carson Wentz and Shawn Watson who this team did not draft to they had. Clear chances to lake and we don't talk about everybody pass and that press got but these the these guys were sitting right there for the browns they said we don't want them we wanna wait till the next guy. Did they make mistakes on and those situations. I mean I guess in hindsight he can't Manning or Carson obviously. And CEL equals on. With a stop watching it's much I loved everything about and the only thing that I did have a slight concern about UB side. And you have a lot like what you're up there with the all it is and I. One thing was as you know I I didn't wanna put in you know in the northeast weather can be a factor on its nor whether huge factor heir. You know I am pretty sure. He would be a perfect destination. He has got to get a holding an adult you're gonna get it wrote in Florida another wrote in Minneapolis golf. And it's the most likely where you're gonna have to worry about the weather that was one wade we're the only negative bike fine on the dike that usually take it out. All of these. Now it's quite well obviously. Touchdowns last week you know all week before the blowout victory very exciting player. You know hindsight is everything you kind of awful lot of yesterday when it was brought up and roll camps which are back now. Featured. But they can't and perhaps obviously their eyes were more on at all apparently they were. You know they want tot on twelve that you want to get them. Kansas City beat into the launch of the got I want. Apparently they were set once that you know watching their well I think or pass apparently the entry to it and talk about a couple of days. You're the NATO decision to go another. You know she also said that he would look at Lee cook at which it would have fights election. Hindsight and units are now it was big major rebuild you look at everybody who were missing back that there was. In fact there was quarterback. Whether or not as congress be doing well in Cleveland he was there I mean. The vikings. It's it's coming up to make yell landmark. Like that you know. Lots of guys can in this league they they look good for a little while then defense accord is catch up to on the other league catches up to men. They're not quite what they appear but but now there's in this situation it's kind of that the purgatory we talked about for many years here in buffalo. But no from a from a a macro level and now in the micro level there are a purgatory may be in 2018. Do they use that all that draft capital and about back out and select one of these guys coming out next year is that with a plan is right now for the round you think Jeff. I would think right now. You know do you go with the approach of in the Atlantic. Michael Vick that match all look at six. Capital of ethnic centric Al looks pretty south. Of the jet to advance. A plane far beyond expectations. Really weren't getting anything on Sunday to see it now you can get back your personal player now couple weeks. I got the number one overall. All these quarterbacks. And they did take a phenomenal pass rusher number one overall and sixteen snaps aren't they were able to get your facts. That he sent up it is because you know often bought everybody. You know not going to be able while wanna get miles Eric. And most of all maybe you're gonna add another quarterback meeting. You capped an agent money. So I think in a position where are you look at the role which should probably be a force. All you since that no no doesn't you know. Couple weeks ago it looked like lap at that point. Now that Marshall saw that the they want off that the whop they'll play it like out advocate and a lot. Bought him a lot of gains of 31 or. Ethnic looks like it could be you know that you stopped well. You know with what you explained I don't know that's certainly capital if you're about it. At least up every quarterback that ranged. You know they should be in a position I think the thing though is they just maybe that is so gritty and just say this is my right single we need another. Last time we talked we talked I think a lot of the jets in their situation and you've followed them as well. Boy things have changed a lot of a pair haven't they now is a team looks like the other New York team will have a chance it. The top quarterback in the draft possibly. Not the New York Jets but that's still got to be the plan right for the jets I mean we talk about he all was in the same situation right now I think he's done a great job to try and save his own job if it was on the line and all. But what about their situation at quarterback in knowing that all these guys are coming out got to be the plan for them to grab one as well right. Apps. Act it's a look. At academically. And on Sunday in the first place battle. Literally pulling despite weeks ago I was appointment on the right off the young players and young basically tremendously. The defense played very well. On how alike McGwire looked pretty good. Player that has been you know the rebirth of his career you know basically as a person and Austin's very instinctive desire that it be a big role for them. Quarterback you definitely need I think we talk about you know now obviously. Playing well he's collected quick but it anticipation at all. You need their. It's kind of funny seeing as yet the option of the contract with the jet. Or being the quarterback Coach Brown I think it worked out pretty well. Yeah quarterback is the biggest I think may be kind of like we're pretty. But I don't think they think he's a long term guy I think everyone in Italy is probably that are urged army over where. A number one can't you know re progression and anticipate bet that the plane at all sent. Saw it in the pre season was. He could get up almost the band itself mistaking monster it's an alarming rate and I think you know that would. Stop the First Act it was on the jets' roster. Quarterback's gotta be that way. Talk with Jeff played here locked on Brown's podcast covers the NFL draft as well what do they thought about this. 2018 QB class so much hype for them that seems like every week we're kind of like really. You know digging in which is I know you got to do right with a fine toothed comb and in every time. Every time. Arnold throws somebody's throws a pass that. Should be caught it was awesome let's hand it gets picked. People are quick to say how many interceptions thrown every time you Rosen throws for three or yards against the horrible team every time Joseph gradient so we know where are we with this group. Unedited cut accounts that you'll know oh being quarterback prospect. At number similar to the you're thinking out urged it's been. Let's all gain orders for interceptions. In of people paper. Waited and he. OK and with Arnold look you can understand interception numbers. Interceptions about a game played. Unreal. You're a quarterback or perceptions. Wrote in you know world in everything he's so pretty but every now and then he wrote that all. Either he bears on new primary target law and don't. Oh of the elite no college cork. On it. Once every tree target them throughout Japan make light of that guys like that we don't. So artists or all we've got out but ask all the middle you'll. I don't think anything's changed wrote that Arnold still think that the cream of the crop. There's a gulf war in. Got out while alt A you know it's you don't get that figured it out. And developers how he got backed out of his. Saying. Scenes struggle and what you can see he's got a ridiculous all. That when you're struggling not west conference call. I mean dispute even in a powered by. Our our conference school he was struggling somewhat you know what he's playing against guys going to be O. I can understand it but that we also sing and what else except you know was jumping up two levels. You know so that ain't good I would his organs that about our apps. Struggled at the most difficult at times. You know it could throw her under your Hawaii get more time. At some point our only organ I mean you're allowed struggling I don't. You know what at a help people and you know going back and seen what they are seeing a minute suborbital what you're hearing it yet. For yet skyrocket on. You you what's on what again. It looks like to be all night. What is is there a quarterback that you think should be getting a little more love than. Quite isn't yet in this in this class. I think it won it in what state quarterback prospect. We're watching it all on. I like I like them I was impressed totally CI I saw him play that game I get what USC right to play against the numb. I like them I think he I think he's pretty good. I think equally positions that any kind of funny because you know everybody you know everybody's been never like anything so it would likely no because of the off. We're making NFL throws an adult and of the traditional. Gray old ones that are. Making apple remote parking ash marks. I think doesn't make a lot of what all. Apple all covered throw away oh wait Horry got that. And also the world I think your position where you could see 67 quarterback though on second round I think that the quarterback every. You know your this year trek and all it in years past where right now. But it looked off I like you know. Honestly you know what I can map on Saturday about it there. Are acts. Yeah but. I recommend you all it's gonna south. Just over Buick and you don't put so I like it. Yeah you know it's that's actually funny is that sometimes when I'm on the road one night you know exam aside the reporter for the bill sometimes I'm on the road and in my hotel. I gotta get to bed because they're getting up early in the morning and Mike I know there's a nice that is nice pat twelve rebounds and negatives falsely to you know it's typical like that. I don't Archie LO late night snack all packed well I remember a couple weeks ago we like that. No documents that you've been watching football map with thirteen. By the that everybody quarterback went on to the roof. There you go hey Jeff thinks they always good stuff will catch up down the road for sure appreciate it today. I thank you very much that is Jeff Blake Bynum at locked on Brown's podcast. You can tweet them at Jeff underscore LJ underscore Lloyd or at loch Don Brown's. Does really good work but that and the NFL draft pick timeout comeback really short segment that we'll get to 1 o'clock. We're talk fantasy football the 1 o'clock hour Al preside and bell ESPN draft kings this guy knows his stuff. You gotta get your line of set the Wii numbers that we'll talk about that without we come back at 1 o'clock at this time out and of each year. I I do. I have a confession kind of I don't even know his confession it's just it's weird here's the thing I. I never like feel bad for any other sports. Fans of other teams of the mine because there's been so much heartbreak and buffalo sports that I'm like. Whatever deal with a like we've gone through that why would I feel bad for you you know I mean frank day gets a are you keep in as you know I mean of course I'm super happy about last night I was into the game I was literally standing up with my hands atop my head watching. The final three outs like c'mon please get this or all of us please get this like I was nervous. I usually get like that when I'm you know bills give you different mapping name Asia get like that watching Syracuse basketball you know in the tournament. Pumping and I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness for my Cleveland fan friend Cleveland fan friends today. Because of the Indians or because of the browns didn't hit it because the Indians and a browser and Bob but but just for what happened last night. And I never get like that it's weird I usually more about what ever viewed like. We've been there we have so much. Horrible so many horrible losses in buffalo why would I ever feel bad for you. Blake my buddy Josh freed from jail for just text me and he is a Indian space. And he's like came and congrats on the Yankees went and whatever and I'm like Sears I just text them back and said. I never feel awful for other teams fans I feel awful for you today. I feel awful for Stu Boyer my friend from channel to. I feel awful forums for John's got a friend from Specter news like always media friends that I have other Indians fans I just feel really sad for them. Even though I have this incredible joy to the Yankees came back from down to nothing to get to the ALCS which is awesome. So maybe it is growing up maturing I don't know I really don't know what is that all about see my wife she is a big cubs fan she wants the cubs. Win the World Series again and that she was a great thing because turner and Olympic cubs fans yesterday we are watching the yeah yankees Indians game. The entire time she's just like. No no don't do that and I'm like what we eat what judiciously I don't want I don't want the Yankees do good and like there ever any team. And for me I personally don't care I'm just a big fan I'd rather see whoever wins whoever whatever the best story line is going to be I'd rather have that happen for for instance it's it's like up the cubs to the World Series get. I've rally quickly and I and I totally get that but I mean like oh. A team you hate those somewhere along the line boss and Cassie Blake yeah that was the the what are they knew that was Boston maybe you're like that against Houston like c'mon you can't let them win but let's let's put in the ground but. I do I feel that. But I will say at least John and then Josh I don't know let's do appease a Caspian at least you guys do have the cavs. You're so we're sitting near buffalo was no titles since the AFL days. So at least you do have that by general I do like really bad today I shouldn't feel bad but they do and maybe just a sign enemy maturing I don't know tells Guidant Felder. ESPN draft games he's all over the Tennessee football world he's joining me next we'll get you ready for week six a physical ball in got to look at the overall picture this year in the week.