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I wanted to bring out nine million a minute. He's gonna tell us all about what's going on in fantasy football week number six. Around the league. This year. It's it it's an interest in the this year now it's getting very Sewell these injuries Charles clay was like the big tight end pick up. A week ago and now he's obviously down for at least several weeks we know that. O'Dell that gun get her grand Marshal get hurt lots injuries around the league so. You have to catch up. Piece things together through the waiver wire repeated C football player out there. I know I am I'm I'm at a little bit success in my apple Miley examine Emily into every year one of them though. And a bunch of buys last week's I had my first loss of OK don't sit at form one feel pretty good where I am but with all these injuries man. Got nowhere to turn that's why turn my man who knows his stuff he is Al residing 1005 column on Twitter at Al Zion Feld legal by else missile. On there and little do you a lot of you know Alan I were us Syracuse University intramural adversaries. Back in the day. But I think all has been for gotten twenty years later alma matter how many times your IA. Probably later shoulder into one another when we shouldn't have. Exactly does that we're all star from the early nineties. That's right it was fun you're at the time I don't you out there playing we have a game one time Aaron you know if you rather plain I was plain. And we are in maybe in that and great there were Sadler in Morton is a big field. And in the football team there were the these are the university football team shows up on a bus from south give us for practice in literally Cotchery Ishmael. Got off the bus and started watching our game. Do you remember that. Aren't those amazing like use like yeah what's up and I'm like Gil cue logic mud here and we give Terry some passes you know. It was fun it was a fun time I still played any thing like like the ball into Merrill's anything. And the softball league once a week. Still planned assault qualities do put probably basketball and softball like football. You know mid forties were part of a lot of us are fiercely fought. Are you get what position you play. Well you don't have the move NC that's okay. Put it that that's our right. Hey I really appreciate you joining me here today I know that you would California right now. Our rights and they're out there and it's its morning for you but I do appreciate you joining us talking to see football we'll sell big picture the we'll get into week six a little bit. Who is then The Who has been the most surprising kinda guy for you this year like Wallach I really stepped up the fancy game. Not even a rookie on rookie you never know coming in the league but. Man somebody just didn't wasn't really on your radar that you say hate you if you have this guy you're really good shape right now this year and you need to have them. One of them into rookie commute to shop want to think of would be the draft prep. Was that you know he was the guy that threw the ball 155 miles per hour. And guys that will always that sort of velocity has not had a lot of success in the league. I even though he was a great college player and and we've already you do. All that. Feel translating that the NFL about being able to make certain throws looked a bit people bought myself included might be a little bit limiting for but it happens sort of at all. At least in the short term we'll see what happens after these species get little more people autumn and see what they can do a lot of what term moving forward but. Right now he's the biggest surprise in the overall. Kareem hunt isn't much of a surprise once he actually got his shot right. Exactly are we knew who he was in the good running back and running back can be had at a lot of different levels during the draft but. There's much it talent plays apart and at the running back spot. Fit them an opportunity putting even bigger part and you look at it. Beat didn't see repercussions of what these starting running back toward Andy Reid coached he does debate basically about the public popped up running back the legal status. In edit the every single year it was couldn't open where went down. You pretty much knew Rick Reed Hundt we're going to beat that guy and he has not disappointed now. Maybe ease over perform what people thought he could do you do the first by we received. Are what most back could do at least partly because the MVP race at this point of the season. But he's been phenomenal but a lot of that is that you obviously it helped the fact that nothing away from his followers skill set. But you put a good back in that backfield with that. Philosophy. And they're going to succeed. So let's go to the other side of the coin is there a player this year you kind of were banking on. Maybe touted highly he's just pretty much been disappointing so far. Oh yeah I mean one guy I was really gonna take a leap this season. Are at a summit that I we have a running joke on our part that could best receiver. Ought to be readers is that we should be able micro will have great bet the Lugar which. We'll have to take the winner out for sushi I've always been on team Crabtree. Any Oregon people Marty Cooper so whichever one has outscored the other. The most wee bit deeper and it kept you know win the bet. I thought Marc Cooper might have a chance to take a leap this year but he's on the other direction and until really shocked angered because whether second round. There are ADP was one of the top. Ten or twelve wide receivers all the board and shocking how old little involvement he's pat reap only what you want the ball he's. Not done a good job of paying off the football. The bills play the raiders and a couple of weeks while you know on the head there by that is given and the raiders is that gonna change and eighty do you see that change general Derek Carr situation is. Probably gonna play this week we'll see where that goes on should be backed by the bills' game at least what do you see that changing it all with the raiders profits and that wide receiver situation. I mean he's still getting the volume he's just not coming Belle of the ball but whether it goes there I've really watched it is not comfortable art Lockheed the he's one of the guys who don't have a lot dropped. Obviously a lot of people but it could be a situation like they'll act the world last year. Where it starts becoming confident that you we talk that the running back position last year were taught early start becoming a competition the talent it's still there. He can lie he can make. DP looks brilliant example walked. The problem is he hasn't been able to do it consistently about. And is content to catch rate on his career is pretty low for a really hyper talented wide receiver I have to think that it turned. But. It's got to be something at that point that more of a mental issues and physical issues. Are you still. Putting LeSean McCoy in your line up every week if you're advising people even though that the bills running game has really been disappointing to this point they Wear the number one team the last two years. Obviously they're not mean anywhere near their right now in the court has yet to find the end zone although he's still. Dini reception disease than what their leading pass catcher plus he's obviously still a no you know putting up a few numbers here there. What would you advise people who have lush on the query now. And in deep and long if you have LeSean McCoy you're playing a tropical. You're not that bench him you know he's he's. If you Albuquerque you'd probably still one of your top three running back options. Or any week I've played mostly daily and he took from me I depend a lot on matchups in quite. For about a week and there's been a couple of weeks work. I felt that he was the guy and one week he disappointed a little bit the other week you'll find mostly because in PPR. You've had ridiculously high involvement in the bill passing game which. Wanted to beat writers before the scene and let you know trouble court my deepest unit target but now with clay going down that might actually be the case by the end of the season. I did the numbers he's on pace for 86 catches the most ever for a running back ever for a bills redneck is Larry centers at eighty was a pass catching machine at. In his career and dermatology only had like 62 that's. The most he had a projection I think 66 my number my point is what 86 catches for LeSean McCoy and the backfield that's a target. A grip on the ball over 67 and became single game he below average depth of target. Target these are situations work. He can turn those targets into easy catches their swing path to their people out there circle while they're not they're not things that are. The that the coal for Tyrod Taylor to complete or high risk grows so to speak so. Very high target rate very high percentage for LeSean McCoy had. With the passing game the way it is right there right now buffalo does not seem like that would change anytime soon. Talking without side values to cohost of the DF edge idea passage podcast on the ball. Pot podcast he's draft kings analyst and ESPN. Finnessey contributor let's say in the running backs couple situations popping up in the league one of them I text with you on Sunday about what I should do between. I would call and wing gaul and of the giants I did wind up picking him up but you know it didn't really kill me that much I I I dropped about Gelman I actually. Re acquired buck Allen. This past week so Goldman in the giants is kind of the guy I don't think it what is going out that backfield where do you go if your looking at the giants' backfield going forward. It's got to be all right I mean he's he's the young guys that had an opportunity you know what you have in or lean dark. Yeah well you know what you've already you're O in this season so far. Food giant you have to get a good long look at this he would see exactly what he can do for your team moving forward. So. If you remember the second half of that act. This Sunday as soon as an outdoor equipment starter I just mashed my keyboard that you like right hammer the budget he is it was the most frustrating thing for me that morning to hear that. What we're gonna get. The carries at least early and he did real well the first series or two of them. They turned it over Goldman Coleman did really well when he got the ball it's got to be Coleman getting would be is if lot dictate over. Golf and has to be done report just because they can figure out what it is that they have. Is Eli Manning in our Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger simply like no plays anymore fantasy football idol band can put up a number once a while which is staying with the giants in their backfield. And look at that thing about that class. The future are you better off just basically fighting a guy the waiver wire as the best match up rather than playing Ben Roethlisberger or Eli Manning a fancy football. I mean finding streamers that are on the freeagent wire is definitely. A way to go at a point of streaming it to eventually find the guys that you don't have to. Street anymore couple years ago that was Tyrod clearly picked up all the way born and it became a viable starter every single week he. If you pick them up early enough he didn't happen extreme walk away lawyer anymore. Eli Manning probably some biblical point for the most of the the rest of this he's he just doesn't have the weapons anymore. Look at eight quarterback advocate he better make the players around them a little bit better the wide receivers with pass catcher can make them better as well and definitely boost her numbers just put their ability to get open and make plays after the catch Ben Roethlisberger still have all the weapons he also want to really pop. Are part of his schedule look up their fourth road game coming up at six weeks so far it went public hopped up look at the path in the leak. Already this year. You gonna have a much more favorable schedule moving forward and that might be a week where Ben actually bounces back just a little bit even though it is a road game. Yet he just give the city actually there they they're not the greatest you'll pass defense and you look at the numbers but. Then also on the road just historically. Alan's weird like he did not a good road quarterback he does have put up great numbers. No he's definitely got from Paul wrote split from severe Paul wrote split over the course of his career. But again. With the weapons that you that's when the week but I probably wanna have a few other vendors even long legal document flopped on a daily print reputedly. But he's somebody you have in your seat along league I'm not just ditching bed or kick the ball quite keen at this point. Because like I said at data we've been on the road he's gonna plead for the first six games on the road so you have on your pay is moving forward. Another backfield situation than it's worth noting I have Ty Montgomery should I be worried about Aaron Jones and me not giving getting time I gummery Bakken play year. I don't think you gonna completely take the job it's through multiple I want to hit too much of a weapon for them to knock. Utilize him moving forward. Now they also spoke to the first three weeks with how much how many snaps he was getting. They're concerned that they were overworking him based on his history and his side than not being looked old I'm running back and 125. 120 part such a game got I think you're gonna need it all comes back a little bit in terms of volume. Instead of handling like eighteen carries it five catches. He might see eight to ten carries and five or six catches which is a lot more reasonable. Which will keep them healthy moving forward or at least have a better chance to keep him healthy moving forward and Eric Jones takes. You know maybe fifteen carries a game and Water Cube catches. So the Montgomery he'll still be valuable he just won't be the guy playing 95%. Of that anymore want to get back in the history. What do Willie Snead owners do I mean here's a guy they came back from suspension hasn't played yet though it looks like he's still I think was limited yesterday but. What are Willie Snead donors do here. I'm innocent so if you're good you've been holding onto Willie. Which I have been by the way yes. I have then yes I have. All the people week which you want you want but maybe get involved with the third and try to practice report showed that he is. Moving at full strength and during what we can do because the truth there is slipping outside. Is probably going to be locked up what comment thread didn't. Involvement in the past it has come down there's a lot of split that'll show you win games with meat doesn't play Cody leader takes up a bigger role with the state. We'll need stepping in against eight what is the report back metric that is. Doable at least note situation where he can exploit. Drew Brees a couple bye week average of like 360 yards a game in the last eleven years toppled by which is absurd. So this could be a week where Snead hit the ground running. Out of the general question here about just the tight end position have you ever seen a position trying to. Just kind of it's spun upside down so quickly in the NC football to really weird to me is to be just. Rock and maybe Jason Witten and yell and Travis Kelsey entertain what Jimmy Graham now look at these guys Cameron break Charles clay. Jesse James all these guys were who's this kid in San Francisco now let's get a lot of love that people are picking up right any. It this is a weird tight end situation physical polish your teams to me. I think the more he goes to Eddie could have an agreement with the giants the more he goes to. Bit more H back role as opposed to an in line tight end you're going to see it from more people Mort I don't producing a bigger guy that they can utilize. In that you're tired and port just split off of wind and spread formation leaders another guy like you're not gonna utilize him to block really. But we're just bigger pastor or even does that what I did in college like that the budget on Carolina. Who have been converted into what you need to know they're not really what you would need a big. Huge wide receivers that are essentially smallish tight ends they play this hybrid role and with the way the league has gone. You lean more toward the past it's not really shocking to see those guys take a bigger role which. Lead us to like you put before streaming player off the waiver wire. It buried under George catalog a waiver wire going in the last week very easy to find. Whatever fighting the playing good but we want well for the New York Giants forger he's along came every week. And those who have given up kind of touched down to a potent part of the world voted that my position you can stream just like quarterback. Where can everybody find your body may she get the shuttle blog. All right by me on FaceBook. Search for Al Mitchell you can Twitter well it will global mine and we act felt like adult. And I do you twit show the week talking about that is football as well so. Search on twit for power under score simple. What is twitch and know what that is. I'll live video streaming web platitudes and that helped cultural. A lot of video streaming on it but I use it per NFL type shows multiple. All you guys out in California are so far like ahead of the curve and technology at the than us in the east it's always starts out there are 08. Market. Hey have a. Know you're northern go like 67 hours multi garbage can still theater like every cut funds for parole orange and purple because of the smoke coming down. Yeah the sabres are out west actually they play in San Jose tonight and I know that some of the guys from the plane or even in. Talking about it on the radio and the I think I think tweeting pictures and stuff it's. It's pretty pretty remarkable but there's a stay safe from and always always good catch up always good talking media and yes we are getting old but it's okay will always make sure we talking as a football. Thanks bud. I that is outside and felt column on Twitter at Al Al side and I'll just look for Allison missile Al was literally like the guy that. Was the fetus a football guy. 27 years ago at Syracuse we're all playing fantasy football he is way our corn into it every night would come at them or like 11 o'clock. I'll trade you this academic. What you wanna make that your you know you know the guy nearly break you always want to make a deal no matter what he just wants the big deal to make deals right that was out. And now he's right overdraft kings and ESPN and the one thing Tennessee football worker on the world. And that's what maybe it's because maybe. I have to go back and they got probably gave him a start by giving him some deal that he really loved it vaulted him that he won the league it. And now that's how he got his big break Ollie to think of that at least let's go to Mike in Pennsylvania's been waiting patiently through that I'm like what's going on. Hey how you garnered it a crowd. I would wonder what your opinion on. Maybe I'm loading forty Glenn. On our is not an option and you see the bills maybe looking for Parker because Garko out. Oh. Yeah yeah your last part they broke up what you're saying. Are addressing him or not I actually got him in the game doesn't do us any good I do think yeah actually add value. It's good to move out. I don't disagree with that the problem as always Mike is would you trade someone you're on the hook for the remainder of their bonus money that you paid out that is it spread over the contract. For the cap in now he gets accelerated in your on the hook for a whole big you know. Much money and the capped it. The player that's not even on your roster anymore. Are what you know what I did let me look it up in the breaker we had this the other day I think it's about eleven million or some they'd be on the hook for me can't really do that. I think look I mean they really wanted to date of course probably could I don't know what they would get in return but they would really have to be willing to eat that money. And absorbent for a year or however would work there maybe could spread over two years think that's when they cut them but. I don't know. I guess that's a long way me saying I don't think it's going to happen because of the ramifications with the cap. But I don't doubt they wouldn't be willing to if someone was willing to do it and they could find their way around that cap situation with other money they can move around. Right just because it was it was disturbing watching him not actually in the game and he's doing a great you know on the sidelines and I are the media just being like. You'll watch games because. Wanted to get assets I think that maybe Cody Glenn as the picture appear that you could probably get immediate drastic or how they want to go about it. To tap water sideline we're still paying them is not really contributed at all. And whether or not they do that I just have questions about where he fits in their long term plans anyway whether he's on the roster not on the roster traded cut. Still here I think they I think they like DN Dawkins and I ain't. Think last week was an indication like you mentioned I think you're right to point out like that if you're gonna dress that major generally well enough to play. If you dressing you don't play then there's something afoot there right it's not just his generally do you think he's not. Healthy enough your jacket address and even. He did not plan authentically force apps total they were the kicks. When he went in for extra points in numb field goals but I think that it's spoken to me like they're shifting here to Deion Dawkins as their left tackle. Right and that just one more thing like dole. You would think that there's any possibility that they can probably get some some type of another threat I'm a quarry other than Mike Tolbert I just think that. You know they're asking a lot from the quarry and and if they're trying to you know make playoffs this year where they're trying to do I think you have to brings some other people weapon. In the backfield other than a quarter especially with clay Glenda. Well I know a lot of people think that way things like knowledge of that off the air but at a hang up when you I won't be off the air you will but. I think the reason that you. Cut Jonathan Williams in kept Joseph being your. And kept Taiwan Jones is that you thought that one of those guys can step in if they needed to in that role. So that's the case that would be the first guy I think they would look at you have to remember there's a guy that's good enough to play. Why is he had a roster and it as a guy out there another roster what do you really willing to give up. A backup running back he really wanna go on an asset for that Newton. That's the top partly it's it always takes to remember. 803055888. I think it affected the when we come back. Errol up. Arrow down not with the bills but with all the teams left on their schedule. I am gonna go through every team on the bills' schedule remaining. On the to tell you. If I think they are an air up which is better than I thought they'd be right now. An Arab down which is they look worse that I thought they'd be. Or as Brady wasn't said the paralleled double arrow which is kind of the same. They thought they'd be next on WG. It's just won't play was so wanted to win you know I wanted to show my teammates my coaches that no matter what on the do anything I can promote things source city an organization that it doesn't matter what happens among do everything I can to be out. He's you tell me that's their car. That sounded to me I have no idea I did not realize that they're kind of thing I've heard him talk that much I guess. I mean now. I ever did cover a lot because he's on NFL network his brother right. I and I want to play that again and here's what I want it to you here's what I want to think about everybody right. This is Derek Karr break distillate I had no idea what was he was playing and he said this is their car. Like seriously when you first played it until you told me that I thought it was a college. 88 football coach in the south. A football coach of southern. Football team that's what I thought when I heard this I want you to try to think about that that just forget it's not their car who could this be thome doesn't sound like. The coach of some sort of football team in the south who grew up in the self. The thing that was it won't play it was so wanted to win you know I wanna show my teammates my coaches that no matter what I'm doing anything I can from a single source city and our organization that it doesn't matter what happens come and do everything I candidate out there. Now I doesn't that sparkly coat for the things he's saying but he sounded like somebody be like from the SEC that's that I thought. He suddenly it was fifty something years old too by the way Derek curry is a future in radio I think what he's done. He is possibly coming back this week. For the Oakland Raiders. They are on tap for the bills and a couple of weeks of builds up off this week obviously the they have the team and they look in your home. And then the raiders at home and car coming back from back spasms you may EJ Manuel played his absence. Car coming back soon it looks like but we'll see I think he'll be ready by the bills' game whether or not he is this week. Or not I will do arrow up arrow down bill's opponents version in a minute let's go to mark in Jersey City first what's up mark. And then later on so a great game want I don't know he would call. But. Yet the bill for the release of the policy ought to hear a lot of Eagles fans have probable and want to make a rash move John. And I'm not about that as they set multiple crimes and other knotted the short term fixes. But in a tender long term gain and also like the fact that there's been intruded and really marginalizing guys that may be in the past Clinton Dario who made you own title. By Pryor seemed and you know they're respectively and our plan. And I like the fact that there are strong enough to know conviction stick with. It's. I like it too in fact I would call it believe it or not the C word culture the thing we the debate around here all the time that is what a culture is to me mark it is. Sticking with a plan having a certain way about things and going about those things and a consistent basis. Trying to improve upon you know what you party done. Thinking that this is the culture we want this is the plan we want it to be better sometimes it doesn't work outs and by the does having good. Quote unquote or bad political culture isn't what it's about its having your culture and to find a way about you and that to me is exactly what that is. Yeah it's that this the count stands so called up that radio station for years old Buick vote certain creatures and prince is going to color the sky or they can do about areas and certain other players. But they've moved on from those some of those players. And that's what they're doing you watched a pitcher sometimes all the sudden Mikhail pop up on the inactive list like. What Boise enact if something happens earned the week maybe we obviously we don't know about its. One last things well on the as it pertains to the quarterback you've been steadfast. Since the beginning to halt trade that they're gonna take a quarterback. This upcoming year are you still stick and threw that in there so the character for others who would it be pretty you. While I still think that is the plan ultimately that to pick up the franchise quarterback of the future in this coming draft. I don't know if that means moving around the board to get as high as you can't do it anymore. Given the way that they have proven they can still win some games with a they had they may say like we can say where we are getting dilate because. You know I mean you know this market as much as people think this is a great class and I know one through five and I mean there's always going to be a guy. Near the bottom of the round or something. I don't know com. I go back and forth in this of course I I think Arnold still has the goods Ilie Josh Rosen a lot I think look fault is an underrated guy in this class are really like them. I have a study enough of them. Overall to got to give you definitive answer I think there are going to be options though without having to take all these assets in get into the top five or ten even. Yeah don't want them using those picks that could do something stupid like one last thing on cranking until coordinate or work. But designed tank has never worked for calls. What the divine prank. Not at all. What was it it was midway through the season essentially. Midway through but look at the giants now stated purpose season PD know when. You walk it you kind of like it just happens it's it's what he called vita just let things happen pants but all it knows it's never not think that plan. Follow cleats. Cleveland did do it but it's still hasn't worked for them in though that they were in position they haven't made the right choice is necessarily. They just haven't taken or they've just traded out not taken the right there. Try and look where they are Iraqi point of them I think that they should be better the better than they are they should be further along than they are they should not be considering firing you Jackson. In year number three after what they did that the plan should be to be better than that that's why you shouldn't have to be. Looking to play your coach that wasn't it when the Ted Nolan situation like in buffalo beat caretaker for a year. No but it's unfortunate if they're probably gonna fire everybody there. And we'll see we'll see what direction though thanks I appreciate it. I do and and arrow up or down column every Monday. And what I do as I say are brought to this guy or player's situation in her position group or whatever from the gamer now when some that was guts at them was that was bad. Where did you arrow bear it out today but we're gonna do it this far is the bills. Remaining schedules concern here's why. I opened the shape showed today telling you. That. This AFC. He's just a bunch of com I'm Mike it's there it's they're for anybody. And if you went into the season you didn't really think that judge your team you got to that's going to be tough. You have to schedule the bills how c'mon right until. If you don't think the Buffalo Bills. Can. You know I guess. For good or bad for the opposite stroke of the defensive. Good things to happen. If you don't think that will at least keep you in it by the end of the year then you don't watch CN FL outside of watching the Buffalo Bills you just don't there's no way. Because the rest of the AFC is a bunch of except for Kansas City I'll prove it in the schedule the bills have as well right here Errol Barrow now. Are you ready Brayton is gonna tell me the team that's next up for the bill schedule I to tell you they are better than I thought they'd be. Or worse and I thought they'd be with an arrow up or down or a parallel double arrow as we decided. All of it earlier and I'll tell you like go ahead are right so next up on the schedule for the bills as a whole match up with. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are this is easy the Bucs are an arrow down they are not the same team. That I thought they be they're not as good now part of it is though they have had some injuries and they are getting some players back when they play the bills like. The ninety David should be coming back TJ ward you be coming back I mean that's gonna help them for sure but take a look at the defense of rankings. They're right now. Near the bottom and pretty much every statistical category they're actually not too bad against the run. When it comes to passing defense overall defense third down defense they are horrible pass rush team. Yes they have gene is what I would do this with a lot I picked this team. It became pick this team to win the NFC south that's why they're not as good as I thought there's still a pretty good football team able lot of talent. But up playing at the level I thought they would let's hope that continues for a couple more weeks something narrowed down for the team the bay Buccaneers. All right next up on the list week eat that will be another home match up for the bills against people when the raiders wasn't easy right and this is the Oakland Raiders are clearly narrowed down they are not nearly the team. Almost anybody thought they would be. Coming into the season. Look where they are offensively look where they are defensively yes I know Derek cars and banged up in this last week's game but still even with him in the game they have not been that good. Offensively yards per game. Thirty yards per play twenty. Deep offensively yards per game. Heard gained 23 defensively 26. They're just a mastery now they have not figured out Marshall which ticket go in the run game I don't know what's going up that old line they can't really. They're not that great against the pass even though they they draft a couple young guys look pretty good there but they're they're allowing big plays in the passing game. The bucks in the raiders the next two points clearly arrows down from what I thought they'd be going into the season all right next up on the list is the Thursday night football match up with the New York Jets you know that just might get hammered by the New England Patriots the sun I don't know but they're certainly better than anybody thought they'd be adding people didn't think it with three games all year they won three of the first saw. Come on right. I mean this is a team that is fighting their butts off for their head coach Todd Bowles for their own jobs to prove everybody wrong and are poor they respect that I think the jets. Aren't they what they were a team that I said had some of the worst offensive talent roster wise that I had seen in the NFL in years and years but here they are. On offense at least doing enough to try and win some games hanging in the game. And in the middle of the pack yards per play their middle of the pack even better than that running the football they're out their dollars are passing but they've won three games. Their home against the patriots it would be awesome if they B a I don't think it will happen but the jets aren't arrow up good for the jets they've done a good job so far through five games our next stop needs the New Orleans Saints the bill's goal back home after their matchup with the jets in the Bill Clinton days prepare for that which is really good now here's the thing I think it might surprise a lot of you because a lot of you go all arrow down now. I thought that I thought the sink to be that. I really thought the seats would be back they're not they're actually a lot better than I thought they'd be through five games this year and it starts with their defense which I know statistically. Is it actually. Doing that well but there are twelve in the league in points given up that's it. Twelfth in the league points given up it seems like they're kind of like. The bills defense a lot better but it's kind of like the bend but don't break philosophy the bills have which is keep everything at front you don't allow the big play. And you know give yourself a chance and the reason why the offense quite isn't quite where it should be they still have Drew Brees they're still very good on offense but they're not quite the same offense I mean they're top ten in a couple major categories they're not running the ball all that well but they're still better team that I thought I thought the seats we're gonna be really that they're not really bad actually play some decent football giving themselves a chance to win. Policy arrow out. All right so now the bills will head out west for a couple of games against AFC west match ups first stop with the L eighty chargers aren't my first double arrow parallel Errol what everybody call it because. Look the chargers. Have won one game but you really dig deep into what they've done. I mean they block they lost because they missed a field goal against the Miami Dolphins they lost because Denver kicked the field goal on the last play of the game I think you Monday Night Football this is a team that clearly could have won a few more games they're not that bad Philip Rivers can still play football by the way I visit team that is top. 6711. Yards per play six in yards per game offensively passing the ball. On state they have some really Melvin Gordon is a really good player obviously that out there and their running game. They aren't really the defense quite that they wanna be right now. But there's still. They're still OK and the reason I'm gonna mop and an arrow like a parallel arrow. I thought they beat that team I did I thought they BA team didn't they're gonna win some games close to gonna lose some games close that's as they've been so I'm not give them up or down. Are right now and they stick out west in May take on mean Kansas City Chiefs in. What is primed to PA in the hunt game themselves yet and to my kids city's five and other they're clearly the best team and AFC I thought they'd be pretty good I didn't think to be this good. I didn't think they'd be. Running away with things right now it appears an AFC the way they're playing. I think we all hope they be bad because the bills on that pick but the kids that she's a really good the way they're playing the get a clear are up for being five and I'll. All right and bills come home bale faced New England coming up. That would be what week. 1413. Of the season there's nobody on this planet who's watched any. Second a football with a New England Patriots who would say barrel up he does a team that was the beta that they would actually. Go undefeated this year OK not only are they only three into. They are. Last in the entire league in yards per game they're last in the entire league in yards per play their last the entire league in passing yards per game. West in the entirely passing yards per play there. Third to last tied in the league entirely giving up points per game yes they can still score they still Tom Brady who. Who all by the way has an injured left shoulder I know they're first in the league in yards per game and passing yards per game and their. First I think right yet and points and is now the third in points per game guests are obvious get their defense is nowhere in year. As good as anybody thought it would be even if you thought the average they stink right now on defense clear. Arrow down for the patriots are no played him again in week sixteen in New England next up is the Indianapolis Colts I here's tricky thing for me so I didn't think any would be gut. Actually better I thought they be without Andrew Luck because they've hung in some games and won a couple. But there's still not a very good team I don't think they'll be good in one welcomes back at this point if they lose a few more gains maybe they say look. And do what they did when they lost Peyton Manning he gave her luck not that it would be for a quarterback but they might do that mean. That's as they did in that situation so I was gonna say there a parallel double arrow here the rate or thought they'd be. I always thought that was a very winnable game for the bills and a schedule I still think it is even enjoy what comes back because the defense is a very good. In the offensive line is not good and they're gonna get that guy hurt again anyway so. I do think they begin to not that good but you know they kind of hung in some games so I'll say about the same. Cooled cake and the last team we preview the bill's face in week fifteen at home in week seventeen on the road to Miami Dolphins are itself. The bills right now on offense. Our 31 in the league in yards per game and are for play we don't know the struggling. The only team that's worse for them and bull than them in both categories the Miami Dolphins. Their offense is. Horrible. Murphy was funny on the broadcast couple weeks though they played in Monday and him we were in Atlanta. They get shut out by a the saints and Mer said you know. At a gay said his offense was garbage last week while what's worse than garbage that is we started going through like nuclear waste we don't know that that's what is their offense is. Horrible right now. I was gonna use the numbers heading in the united categories is where they rank 3230 to 31303232. There's another thirty to another 3223. Point 20 my gosh thirty. And they can play some defense. There didn't he came in games but. They are so bad on offense with out rank to hell with Jay Cutler it just hasn't gone well clear arrow doubts over keeping score at home. Arrows go up for me for the New York Jets the New Orleans Saints and the kids city chiefs as far as. It they are better than I thought they'd be five weeks it. The teams they get arrows down remaining in the bill schedule worse I thought they'd be five weeks in. The Tivoli Buccaneers the Oakland Raiders the New England Patriots the Miami Dolphins and the two teams again. Parallel double arrow flat line about the same as I thought they'd be coming into the season LE chargers and Indianapolis Colts who may be even more an incomplete that's it. At your list that your arrows taken time out come back here and of each year. Fresh get one here is paying you real quick on the show sure I need a win tonight that's my opinion I need a win. C'mon man. Right keep the sharks in the basement at my tub hot fudge you just get a win. It's more games then let's go. Get a win please. Biggest feel a little better. Riding high a couple weeks ago at the bills beat Atlanta eichel signs the contract. And then suddenly boom Cincinnati for the bills. Couple losses could give it played against Montreal they lose and shoot out then all heck. Breaks loose her losses next two games. You win tonight. That we have been re here to be your Sports Radio by fifty pregame at 930. Puck drops at 1030. In San Jose gonna have my man Greg likens join me. Coming up after the next break he is at 790 the ticket down in Miami with the dolphins and adjusting we didn't act. Yeah they did. An office of wind coach resigned. Because he was seen on a video. Snorting some sort of white powder through some sort of dollar bill. I don't know those one or five or ten on murder 120 it was it was too when you analyze that you did the all 22 I'd broken down and again it was analyzed everything. Yeah noon. We sort of confirmation with the white powder was all right people say it's cocaine but I mean convince some sort of tell that was. Camera outright could have been some sort of magical substance I don't know what it was but. First thing is and I get when I got the one bills drive the next day whenever that day was that they came out last week I said. Hey who has won actually in and remember I looked at a couple of guys that over the team on like haley's we're not covering it all that in that situation today. But I will talk with Greg likens about it. Weird topic to bring up the guy covers the dolphins but I will do it in Alaska knew what the mood is there an kind of where they go from there that what the organization reaction as cell. I would do that but I do you wanna get into the dolphins in you know as this is this who they are the rest of the year will they have a chance to kind of turn around what their offense the bills you faced them twice later in the year howl. Safe is. Jay Cutler's job because the guy I'm Howard German this one of the PC guy he said Joe's name he said. If they lost that he must we he thinks color wooden bench this week wow so we'll get that Greg likens. One more hour here in the John Murphy shows out about Joseph Philbin today on WGR.