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Have to show. We're playing the torpedo sunk in the NFL films music and I said I love this right. This one here reminds me of the bank these bills highlights and have a prime time. A Chris Berman and Tom Jackson that's what this think that every time the bills run out of a prime time I think they played the song this too. Sprinkle. Greg like it's gonna join me here a moment we're gonna talk dolphins the bills still to play the dolphins twice but that's the end of the year both teams kind of a weird scheduling situation. Really with the round Robin of the AFC east teaser to the bills and patriots and dolphins like none of them play each other until late December this year which kind of weird. I'd that they are. One of those teams that you know we just talked about that they're just a much different team and you thought coming into the year a lot of that had to deal with the injury. To write him a hell of course and right now they're struggling on offense so we'll get a sense of where that's gonna go home. From Greg likens he joins me right now and the AT&T hot migrate from 790 the ticket out of Miami always a pleasure to have him on. My Syracuse University rather not read to Syracuse guys out today I think I've met my quota bosses might get mad at me here today. Without doubt that all of them for that year tomorrow night don't suck. That would be amazing we wouldn't that would be incredible pretty cool to have that tomorrow night so I know that. They're better than people think Syracuse but Clinton still Clemson right Greg and it is that we don't really was shot do we. Unfortunate that'll pick dogging. Each take a look it. And then they woke up every year old for me how wide. They certainly when the game I group you're like the fact Turkey. Continue to play or is it to make there games and at close calls but you know I think. In New York you were you know proposals that would fail this year it's going to be up like so it felt like I. Greg I'll get shell off the hook early on this one because I have to ask you about the situation that happened this week down in Miami. What is then the organizational response of the in response is got over a climate of the video that surfaced of offensive line coach Chris Forestar. Yeah it's been bizarre. Like it's straight out of an episode of Ridgefield bowlers like even the script writers producers might think that this was a little pop. Right. The response. Then on the organization that you'd expect that it ought. Navigate city which shocked. All the players said they were. Completely surprised you caught off guard but everybody said good things about their dealings with him so. I don't. But if you think I'm pretty clearly. He's got a problem many or already about in the fair labor market yesterday with the woman who released the video. She claims that it definitely what's on the ball. Facility or a me meeting that he was sniffing the white powdery substance and was right about it forever on the radios so. And it's not look back and south knock Google off from what what. Where were all but because itself or that a lot of distraction but. There that are let me just put a ball with the issues only on what. All are just in recent years before we gate scandal of 2013. It might help me or for Hernandez had after Hernandez was short order. And on top of that you were subpoenaed. Eric game and doing what about Massachusetts state police. At the far as part of apple will also idea Jordan Egypt suspended three different times former number three local creek or. You're drug. Drug. You are about to go I bet that the more we're airing out dirty laundry a lot world. Well we are the cap back along pretty open the trap before you became adults and edit war and what it all to itself goes so. I'm not sure what more on yourself but certainly anything. They're they're distracting it came from actually quite. So the way you calm things in Miami you bring Jay Cutler in that'll just calm the waters I guess right. But if you're just really doing much at all like quarterback. So let's just stay on that theme though I mean. How much of this is is any thing at all being put out Adam gays were everything you said a lot of those situations. A few of them were before he you know he took over but there have been some things under his watch is there any type of scrutiny NN engaged through all this. I think hearing certainly scrutiny sort of organization and you're right you know many of those things matching happened before he got it but. Certainly begs the question I mean. Gates was the one who went out and got the short circuit problem. Because we offered the white vote should he also was a report contribute towards giving. Decide your Yellow Sea. And in addition to that he was the sole region according Jake covered it. Side with the Miami Dolphins and their thing were either so certainly approach it not matter order. You know we could take a look at everything with a very. I'll open market say he probably didn't have a good fit it all on you and I think even more than that a lot of or as much. But it started all on the owners you walk all the stuff that happened when he's putting people on flights that are both making the proper leadership decisions for disorders rich. And how much did he have in the same drafting Laramie console because he was the coach at the time he is an offensive coach. Yeah a lot like a bomb really was the driving force for our domestic game they determined that what he felt number thirteen overall pick if it was just too hard the so on and pay me you know supposedly did it ought to background. Research on Arab and determined that yelled at the video yet existed but you can have a drug problem they were concerned about earning over so. A lot of that was done Mike atom bomb itself or the other on many issues in these then. Pretty good at it quite and it's right now. Still making that transition from what Bartlett apple and it's been over all. That they expect. Great things from what we ordered the young guys out but he got. The so I think that that's the main point DR Jordan was but Arlen in the apple obviously. And I think that's fair obviously this ferry is in console is not fair to hand it to put them any category he has done everything is Manassas he's been good but you know we we kind of what are something similar here in buffalo where. Once you have up a pattern of a few things happen the no matter what else everything kinda gets tied back to that and every start to question. The character in the people you are bringing into the organization I think that's where. May be Adam gays can even if Laramie Thompson becomes a model citizen you know he's always gonna be attached to that it is the more things that happen lakers forced their. Like a player is going a while what whatever DN Jordan all itself. Those kinds of things always be brought back even if they are fair to bring back you don't mean. Well I agree completely and I think a lot of that you'd like the way you'll forget about it secured football. Yet. Brick like sub out of date certainly has built up. A lot of good we will meet face summit fact that you won ten games in his rookie season so. And I don't think any trouble but certainly. If more of these. Disturbing things occur away hopeful fall under watts I think this you'll continue to grow returns. His job that they that's what this board but certainly there are many other things that we can. Be dubious about four question ma and they thought of the decision then. Elmo so we've got started it with Jay Cutler I think that won the governor question not a weekly basis without it performance so. Well let's talk about on the field and Jay Cutler and what is going on with that off as we get a fantasy football guy on this morning at his name escapes me and I was just told what is again. What it would tell me what is right Scott Pete now ski champion how's he told our morning hosts he said. He believes that the dolphins had lost last week the titans that Cutler would have been benched this week. But since they want he still playing you agree with that. I don't agree with that because it's out of date as flat out there it is not going to achieve public buses. Soul of that was the war at our CBS broadcast people restrictions on the sideline reporting. It. There's no way to sort of budget problems and quite frankly according to reports locally. All he has no interest in getting a new quarterback in there and yet though is that he believes that he thought that. Problems are all object work if we can't blame everything on the quarterbacking. The court like it more credit it deserves oftentimes more weight and insert foot. You'd think that the offer of why is that there are complete we big issue you. What what you are no route for a week there were five drop in the game this past week. All any also we are clearly that there were about the most talented quarterback. In the report in the early in the season would send the wrong now. So I don't believe that because I think out of date gonna stick this guy but I would. A very good suburb here and maybe it's doing what's in the best interest of the game or even eight career because you very loyal subject other tickets so far. It's offered there. And fourteen. And that's with the help all of our thoughts on this past week the courts were really offered to cut out all week. It perhaps will be good. Well you know I I told you lessen her on alum Matt Moore then I think that more is is a very fuel back about these better than most backups in this league if not. Maybe the top backup in this league when it's all said and done. For what he can give you but would he make any difference if he was inserted under center right now. We here's the difference I org you would be an ultimate making it change because. Jay Cutler and the great thing you're here for the eleven previous years where the body language herbal. And I think there's a program track record over one yet they all relative but getting mediocre result a lot of it was news. Lack of leadership ability and lack the ability to inspire those around so. For a former teammates look not at war with one of the model weekly basis eat it Williams former. Donors in Miami in Denver while he played with him in Chicago with the bears say the guy you respect him on the scene but my. War. In that locker room as Bill Self taught a course. And seeing you know the year before right candidate we'll strap it was vote the team MVP when you actually play. A bit about and has been a great soldier but aren't seeing a lot more so while. It. Not a talented biblically Jay Cutler I think if you put him there and and all that it would ever. At the starting quarterback repaid ten million dollars or I think that's what a huge step forward electable in a book simplified itself. If that they be any worse than it is right now. I'll bet you. We'll tell you what what are the problems on offense beyond quarterback what why why is. He'll be running for 150 yards wise Jarvis Landry not catching ten balls we what is going on there. Whining and tell me insert joke here about often like boats line. Yet. It. Before so I don't know how much that ads that distort the yup but I was actually very good last year under. He threw it so it goes bad but you know it may occur. Changes between the Oprah what they're. It for the five starters. So I'm not sure why some huge huge party. They. Off from for the gamers that the bullet 80% of New York a map for our. So you. Doing your job or apple probably a lot of apples are coming on the line of scrimmage so that's issue I've missed the drop. This week and then. I'm chuck Landry about the Parker can still not sure exactly who the culprit here but many of those guys. Used by means of not running the prop or hole. Obviously the bad combination. Of lack of focus and getting back on whether or wondering he'd been charged off. Though not reflect well on a bit better. Producing such all resolved and there seems to be a lack discipline on all different level offices. If things don't get easier I mean they have a brutal schedule when you look at other teams if the play that the go to Atlanta the jets obviously Arab playing better but. They've to go to Baltimore that they go to Carolina still the box the patriots the Broncos a breeders' twice actually the bills that she's my goodness we. Will it get better in Miami for this team this year in this office specifically. Work so I mean it could still play better. Your. What we the difference between state and your goal. Not let this start order for them when not stretch while. The difference strained at their schedule let your words eat you like her I mean. The team that they put on the final game stretch were 43 games under fire under a combined record. You look at a year and that he and you just pointed out well I mean it's just so much more difficult so it yup but. They're going to be going your superior competition almost on a weekly basis they'll. In terms of turning things around completely I may be the dream of returning to the playoffs in this seat and realistically work that. One like. Some other injury occurred that also. I'll wait we saw the start and I don't think they're torture no sole on the certain you know at bat but they haven't quite like it. Haven't haven't scored more than nineteen points in any game. Right which all credit Turkey threatens the defense played well in games but. It watching out of old off I haven't been terrific either but. Matt good big league is geared toward the proper yeah producing. So it's really difficult to watch and to see you get a ball game. Get shut out by. Up over a thousand yards off the previous week. The jets were terrible defensively. Leading into that game. And they don't barker such yeah I mean it's really really perplexing that football at all but I'll gamble or. Guy brought up earlier before you came on the bills are ranked 31 in the league on offense involved yards per play and yards per game the only team it's worse than that in both categories. Is the Miami Dolphins which is pretty remarkable we think they have an offensive coach and a guy NN gays who has. The rest and he has but let's talk a deposit they do have a good defense they have been playing pretty well and he that they haven't given up more than twenty points in a game. You know is it sustainable Kate is it possible for the deep it's gonna carry them until the offense does maybe come around if that happens. I think he prep game to play well. And I thought we ought number on Serbia are easing and expectations for this team really expertise that offered here. I. Don't and for all week like certain though music yet. Well and for her Forster a quarter like for. Our round which we have. You'll start that need to be in the lock Earl of frustration oil over a certain point it losing games. Well. At all that you could have machine I'd seen. Oh. That all these awkward at all. Oh well typical for the view that sustain it it's due out in Europe next and the other. Very difficult all of the outbreak which mortgage. Idealize a circle macro quick to the the job security thing we're on one about ten mom and all this I mean the you know you you said that you know that was the pick for console which he's on the would you turn out okay but. You know is there any scrutiny your heat on him the guy that kinda is overseeing the operation. I think there should be yeah I think it. How far more news when you name although be different all of fuel issues associated with the team at a short period of time. I think there are systemic problem there and so you know start the top U law and who decides what. Lights and Mike Obama is ultimately that although what are all of all operations are now. Up so I think it yet served be scrutinized. It brought those who are very patient when it comes to. Giving news coaches or general managers what it who at least do their jobs. So I don't see any changes that are happening. Overnight by any means but certainly I think that. The more these things occur and it started an awful one even for the ball and all of these guys should be scrutinized a spotlight on them because. Let you commit you are a bit of stomach that. Picked up a drug habit you all about it but that's not what forum when Ukraine and nearly three million dollars a year and the drug problems occurring. In your Priscilla has that he. Yeah that's a great point too about where it happened like you said she said they had to have happen that if you believe her story Greg. Miami Hurricanes let's say they are top. Let's say they're top sixteen berths on the tried and they're they're there on the way to compete for a national playoff spot Miami Dolphins same year they're competing for an NFL playoff spot they have a really good year which team to South Florida get more excited about. I don't think the mud ball and your regional professional sports organization. And you know bought back you eight Asia early seventies and they were the only unit out and Albuquerque and went off for want but at all. At all all had eight or embrace and every just goes to show you even on Sunday show to gain more on the bat art rock stadium. The statement wolf all I'm Wendy Miami Hurricanes are playing well with the equipment or something like that so. It could be a big deal or gains may well and that more realistic that he's on the ball and did so but there are question I think the ball and it would take Kate was. Every appeal pretty excited about the hurricanes what they're looking like him in that win last week was was something else. What. Oh you're border states code to go to Allah the and the Burke be as dramatic as to what people really I mean they've been sustained an injury mark Walton a standout running back up the heat and so. That will be difficult to overcome but. But my Turkey program for it right. Edit story edit as it is there and they've never participated in the ACC championship is hard to believe. There's. So I think the first step will win the coastal. Playing C championship game and then and I think they warned about getting back to the national prominence that they have enjoyed over the. And I'm sure you have your tickets for October 21 when the Syracuse Orange come to town right. Outlook for two and you know good luck they're being so you'd like they haven't played well for a number of years. But it ever bat also that. At one time that really upset all the local fans here but got to reform by mail or to blow. Hey I know we don't we don't see the Miami Dolphins come this way are those don't go down there until December so I'm glad we rarely catch up here. In October Manuel before then hope that's the case thanks a lot play I always appreciate it. I thank you very much that is Greg lake EG about a 790 the ticket he does a lot of work down there in South Florida cover the Miami Dolphins as an. Excellent job that was great that was really it's up by Greg repair. The hit man think about that that's. I am so glad that we are not talking about coaches snort cocaine through twenty dollar bills here I'm off hello I am just so. Glad that is not happening. At their own facility. I mean it was a five dollar bill you know maybe but a twenty dollar bill only c'mon. Grab grab a dollar something you know. We'll take a timeout will come back. We got a half hour lefty on the John Murphy shows up about you and NW GR. Really good stuff there from Greg likens from down in Miami you have not heard that you need to go on demand that the GR 550 dot com we'll have that for you. Greg is a great job talking about the dolphins recovered then and I really enjoyed that interview party a few tweets my lacy in the same thing at self sports on Twitter right I appreciate that. Very refreshing someone sent. That you know we think about the way there rundown Manny what's been going on in kind of what you have going on buffalo right now the proper structure. Thomas tweet that in and yeah I mean. I think that the bills are. In a good spot as far as who they would they have right now running the organization in the way they wanna do it but. It's still early and you hope that you're not deal with things like that I can tell you that now is just a weird. Situation. The deal they coach. Snorting. Apparently cocaine. Out of video from his team's facility in Miami. That. Is something I'm glad I'm not talking about here today with the Buffalo Bills and I can only ask people down in Miami about it because it's going on with them. 803055888. By PD two I did give heavier tomorrow as well by the way or get if you got guests lined up to be really cool. Let me get to me I have written down who my guess tomorrow every tomorrow. We have. At 1230. We're gonna start our look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With TJ Reeves who is the sideline guy for the bucks on the sideline after the bills. I'm gonna have sidelined got the bucks on tomorrow at 1230. That is ten at a time it should be the time but it they got to get to Arizona apparently. The box are flying out to Arizona on Friday for their game on Sunday which teams do sometimes. So the Bucs have to go to Arizona. Play the cardinals and then they get a flight back to Miami the flight of I'm five flight back to Tampa then fly to buffalo. For the game next week. At 1 o'clock we have. John Harris who's the sideline guy for the Houston Texans at the theme here in the sideline guy and satellite guys on c'mon now got to give satellite guys some love. So TJ Reeves bucks 1230 John Harris Texans 1 o'clock why am I talking Texas exes went on what's John Watson. And where they're going for here with him because he looks really good but I told you this this. Today and tomorrow is is about the bills but it's also about the leak it's a bye week record of one a look at the league where the league is right now. Where the bills that in his big picture. It's kind of how we started the talk today and do the program. And if you have any thoughts and that you can call me we got time still for phone calls title 3055888. 552 by fifty there was an interesting power ranking the came out this week still. In the NFL that'll tell you about a medical first go to the phone lines and Rick is in Denver I believe what is going on on wreck. Yeah I got a couple questions we want to neglect regards all of our why they. Why haven't they look this way I mean a guy who's in and day job. Outlook irked. Last year he quality climate bill and a spot rightfully. That one question in my second question that our political opening day don't get evaluated and if they wanted. If not hitting open receiver. And and the second thing that morning that he. Do you mean not hitting them like accurately or not seeing them open. Okay Abby for eagle on Rick this is a grip legitimate question but I do you wanna askew because this is the debate we have all the time. Your I I'm assuming what you're saying is he misses he doesn't see enough guys or open Greg is that what you're saying. Okay here's here's the thing I wanna say. Right now I'm not not believe please don't take any time not being condescending you at all and he's a great question and it's one we need to figure out. If we're gonna try to evaluate this do we look at every quarterback in know exactly how many open receivers each one of them mrs. Now we don't have a broad base and the teamwork it's not about it. I'll correct some might what I am what I'm saying is there is it not that maybe you're not doing this. A lot of people call in this radio stations say you've seen he missed this guy I see the alt way too he missed that guy and my response is okay that may be true but. Is Aaron Rodgers also missing like an open receiver here they're gonna be great and heading other guys but. How what's the average for an NFL quarterback to miss somebody who seems to be open when you go back and re watch the alt when he two I don't know where he fits on that chart. And I think that's too hard for us to say that he is worse than anybody else until we can know that. And that's my point now it is I'm when I'm standing in general is that statistic. At. Not being recorded. It would be interesting to know. Some of the better quarterbacks in China bell. How did he break with the work. And that thing out the kind of go to the other comment on how to make quick. Bad. He. Will elect an open ended wired. How often did he pray era he wrote receiver and read them purses on the scramble because it seemed like. More often than not he would hitting deeper when he got out of pocket. Grandma and if the dominion I mean I'd go no you can't do you guys aren't that better develop this stretch all the you know opening it in the secondary. And ripped. Open don't they looked erratic in quite almost. Relying too much getting outside the pocket. Scrambling and then finding an open beaver in at the end it into being different than come up more complex scheme work receiver to react. I. You know it's interesting I think he's better at this year though I think last year was more an issue with Tyrod as far as hitting guys and rhythm giving them a chance to run after the catch and I think that's ultimately what you want you know you wanna get those guys an opportunity. I don't disagree all that he's much better outside the pocket that he is in the pocket I think those have been borne out but I will say this and again the numbers here Rick which are interest thing. Last year okay last year Tyrod Taylor was right near the bottom of the league. And now. Yards after catch for his receivers in fact there were only two receivers worse than him and that hours genus Winston and rock DOS Weiler actually he was only four point two yards after catch. This year Tyrod Taylor is sixth in the league right now in yards after catch for his receivers and almost six yards a catch yards after catch. Yeah but couldn't get a lot Duke Team army. When boarding when he right concept began the don't eat and number eager is eager did this in the dawn. And where others are talking to. We continue to move through I would big pit in your movie. Iraq dark in here actually instruct the. Totally right C last year I thought the problem was he hit he hit too many guys with their back turned the defense joining me I thought he hit too many guys like that instead at. Throwing guys open but you're right maybe that's may be that is the actual design of the offense. I do think though that this year. From what I see at least from beyond sidelines he's actually physically better attic you even if it is system wise he is actually physically better at doing it there's no way to quantify it. But I do think he's better I do wanna talk about your right great point I'll say this I don't know why he's gotten has gotten time on the O line. At guard remember when he came in prayer what he played center I think they signed him to play center but I would not be surprised. If he does get a shot let's remember they did sorry a practice squad senator earlier this week I do I wonder I don't know this. I wonder if that means that they'll start giving him time guard. I hope it feel like that what are comic I don't know what you don't like Tyrod in order for him to be barred due. Average quarterback there the quarterback he you're not going one carries yards well boldly that being. All right Rick always good stuff think you. I think you hit it good calling their luck I mean. I agree last week I even now I asked coach McDermott about this Monday as a with what was going on the Tyrod only ran for or three yards like where they doing something. He basically said there were some some schematic of things that Cincinnati was doing they had to counteract with him whatever. I wonder I don't. No this like maybe did that some we have an early in the game with Tyrod where. If someone said to me on Twitter they think that maybe he. God curse on the Nazi boosters are injured but you never know maybe take a shot you like to let's go in the my exposure get a bye week next week and that played into it. I don't know. I don't expect that going forward it was kind of an. An anomaly right but. Usually runs. He did this much. So there is the there's there's power rankings every week and reddish power everybody has power rankings I think I'm the only one. In the world he doesn't do my own power rankings for the NFL I probably should just to join the rest of the Tony for century. But one that is done by pro football focus. There called BP app app eat Al all power rankings who. It is an. I terra tip system are reading. The update ET each team's ratings after each game based on two things how well they played against their opponent how they were expected to play against their opponent. The ratings measure the former using unique offer to defense and special teams grade while letter is determined by ratings leading up to the game and where the game was played connect. So there's always different formulas that go. And it. I'm looking over this week's rankings so the bills are three into this is again I want to show you what I mean by. Where everything is in the league right now. I'm all about this league right now the AFC east especially specifically. That is just a bunch of one Ali what is going on here everything's there for the taking for most anybody. Owner do you wanna guessed right where you gas pro football focus in there. FF ELO. Rankings they're pro football focus you know system. Where eating the bills are as part of power ranking thirteenth. Oh wait this is less excellently look at this when he what is there to retreat on let me backed the plan now that's another titled the bulls are tenth. Tenth. I mean. Come on now. I'm not disputing it I'm just telling you look at this. This isn't a good I think on the radio on one job murdering her mother you all want to tell you things about how Leo hey there's no team is better and think they have. Chance and there's going to be a lot of people out there that just quickly go. Well our home our legislation. But all the radio. Again this is not that this is pro football focus. They of the bills is tenth in their power rankings this week I have the right ones. But more so than met. The Steelers are eight. Mike and I don't think they're good. The Denver Broncos are seven the bills beat them. Carroll editor for the Eagles game a Tyrod Taylor's age old pass away from possibly beating them. I guess a number three is the Atlanta Falcons. The bulls beat them you know whenever joyous. The worst defense in the NFL the New England Patriots essentially right now. That's silly were playing it. Kansas city's one. Doing what is to Atlanta history. Carolina's more Green Bay is five. Every one of those teams except for Kansas City right now I think you can tell me something that is seriously wrong in flaw would that team right. Where they have an issue somewhere. That you noticed. These are the pro football focus power rankings again. Number six Philadelphia Eagles I like them a play pretty well number seven the Denver Broncos and number eight Pittsburgh Steelers number nine Seattle whose. Number ten the Buffalo Bills and from there. Redskins cowboys dangles they've moved up vikings ravens raiders Bucs the next opponents of the bill seventeen Buccaneers sixteenth raiders. Jets 24 there on the schedule after that. Seats 22 within the team after that. Chargers a 28. Still the chief several one. They still have patriots number two and then the dolphins 27 analyst who they play twice over the colts point five. Again I'll I'll reiterate what I said at the top of the program. And I set it twice thirty today and save for a third time. If you think. The way the bills played through five weeks does not give them. A legitimate opportunity to make the playoffs in this AFC you do not watch football outside of the Buffalo Bills period. There's no way you can convince me you do if you think that. Other then you just wanna go with what is preconceived in your mind because you're conditioned to think over seventeen years. That is not homer. That is that flagship that is double mobile radio that is the truth being spoken about the eight C look around folks. That's the league you're playing in right now. It is there for the taking I got scores some points fix the office just a little bit. Just do it just fictional what are we gonna do I don't know. Please that's right there. It's gonna cat and a car I can hear on WGR what's up. Now but other yours thank you. Rhetoric that watchers say after seven years. In all the parties. Were pretty good. It. Is why all. That seriously makes some point this year where it. Just a little media BR. Everybody. I all they're I repeat all I think Tyrod is marginal or. And I got a little Whitney oh. Oh. Grant cook up better on but he got her to let it go rebels' white out and look at all. Do you think you really think they'll catch it you would be better off as a team this year if you grab a back up on another team who's not playing a veteran back up that could commit in play over tyra do you think that would make this team better. Okay right I don't agree with you I respect that I don't agree with the U I don't know what I mean who were you thinking here. I don't know him but I bet a bit. I know the audible on shot that he is you've got somebody just pulled all the other day and I backed it up out. People like to. Make the roll. Out better. The people. I don't disagree I thought he held on the ball too long I don't know why that happened on Sunday I don't think it was a good game in that regard for him. But I saw the is this team the best chance to win and to be on their roster and I don't see guys just falling off trees and other places that would commit and be any better to be honest with. I'd agree that. I would at least like to see somebody out there that he can beat this deal but aren't. Albany the running game I don't at all all you do not respect the back in order church. Swat an 89 guys in there it'll wipe out. Like men and they're the eight ball all. But all your Diet Sprite they catch up why this was what eight. Yeah I agree I think it is part of the problem they teams are loading up the box they don't have respect for the passing and especially don't feel all right man thanks like can appreciate. Exactly what port them go quick I hit it to yet another event but your quick. We all do we all do look but but but let's let's be honest though can. That happened in 2014 of the last two years was not the offense or Tyrod Taylor's fault they did enough they were top ten in scoring was the defense is ball. Well I mean it. Is it that the ball be deep repeat. I now and the on the label I think it'll only team thanks can I the red maybe -- said this. They're the only team for last three years three years in a row that had a positive. Point differential in failed to make the playoffs each of those years in a three year running period. Positive plus side point differential each year in every year missed the playoffs it happens is some teams where. They missed the playoffs the positive point differential. But I think Mike Cho has said it's the only time it's ever happen. Where team did it three years in a row and didn't make the playoffs and any of those three years and what are the chances. One more time welcome back wrap things up shall with a Bulldog anyway at 3 o'clock. So I'm Angie the tag of the over Rochester Miami we are. Odd in Rochester this afternoon as well in tomorrow seeking catch this program again. Under the age your Sports Radio five at the buffalo end. And night for the AM or 95 point seven FM in Rochester ESPN Rochester. And I'm that station over there they outside the interim tag leave at three you know that they do a great job on their show the Bulldog continuing next. At 3 o'clock here under the age years forgery a pipe it to the thank you very much guys of their Wanda give a shout out applaud the station the Rochester guys did a great job today was a really good show and I appreciate Jeff Floyd coming aboard we talked browns. We talked NFL draft had als Sidon felt talking fantasy football. Greg likens talking about the dolphins it's on demand at the EGR 550. Dot com. Tomorrow. Sidelined activity Buccaneers TJ Reeves gonna join me or take a first quick look ahead to the bills next opponent. Gonna talk about what the Texans are doing what they have to plan for now with a life after JJ watt and Whitney merciless on defense in life with now to Shawn Watson looks really good John Harris they're sideline guy. Joins me at 1 PM. When it later tonight sabres in San Jose 1030 the puck drops 930 pregame. South of Roger here I'll be back tomorrow more time on the radio only. I'm Debbie GR thank you very much double Braden wasn't in rank gates for production of today's show show the Bulldog up next on WG.