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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, October 12th

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Cole Hamels either. The late night tonight they were fans. Ford needed DVR that you wake up at 3 o'clock and watch your back as my plan. Paul is boy I I'm Tanya I at least text in this. And any it says it's my job don't worry about it but I always feel guilty when Paul but the sabres on the West Coast as we come up way too early. Do it's got a long day and a nighttime game and he is up at 605. San Jose time could and RE TT hot like good morning mr. Hamilton or use our. Good morning or you I'm good thanks thanks for getting up early Paul I've got to do appreciate did you stay up late to watch the well not laid out there a huge step to watch the Yankee game. Yankee would have been no early or 9 o'clock try again so doc I don't like thought there's pretty good on the hour schedule that is a little bit but I still woke up early out there are so. Appreciate commercial so yes I did I did watch the Yankees so you guys you retreat and pictures from the playing you're seeing in the wildfires out there we were flying over northern California. Yeah I am very eerie you know to see that. To see the wildfires over and then when you land here and it was just. You the smoke I guess the wind it changed. Smoke really you couldn't smell San Jose until we got here. It and it was just slate it was fog basically. To walk around outside in the course when he smoke that you don't wanna walk around outside for too long. Because of the air quality so I was very very eerie I feel for these folks and me I'll tell you what politics and all over night what these these people are going through rainy day pulled the pilot announcer Dardenne or just kind of figuring out. Margaret is kind of forgot. They use it's you can definitely see it. I'd retreated photo Dan Dunleavy it and put out a way you know to showing. Paul hurricanes tornadoes. Earthquakes wildfires optics not a ball that's actually even seven to three inches snow yeah the the one time that's happened in my life. Still all that bad over over all what other kind of natural disasters people have to endure. Lot of shuffling in juggling but I'm glad you're gonna be very awkward trip speaking of disaster all right Paul thanks note no easy transition from that but to the sabres all the shuffling Paul. I'll look at the bigger picture for now. It's a point we've made the couple times last couple days. Who's the biggest impact player that this team has added since Jack Michael. Since Jericho the days since the eichel the right Michael let's Michael Riley and Lennar. And canes before that the answers applause so we came up and what. And to me that's part of the big problem here is that any player that's been added since through the draft or when. Nobody's here we're just wait not a bunch of kids to show often take these jobs and for whatever reason they haven't taken them yet and Buchanan have a team that's looking for impact players and nothing added since Jack Michael. Yeah I'm taken middle step where it would have been my if my answer for top my and again he's at the university of Minnesota and and doing very well by the way good and might be a guy that that you add texture he might only go to the university of Minnesota for one years but. Yeah injuries or slowdown he Lander and you know he didn't have a great first season but a lot of eighteen year old Dalton the American Hockey League that's Donnelly you're. A lot of eighteen year old flourish or a lot of eighteen year old team play so. You know he's still. You know he is that it can't get a second season up ground via. Yeah we're gonna have. And we're gonna have Chris Taylor on at 930 talk a little bit about how. Some of the guys are faring very early on in the Rochester season. Lot lot of juggling and shuffling yesterday Paul anything's different forward combinations different defense of combinations. Power play was changed your old at least the second unit well no the first winter what what what grabbed anything stand out. Well scandals now crystal line in which is what we kinda waiting for so I think that you helped me. The thing that bothers me about Bristol line is he should be the guy that makes his partner better and it still seems like he needs a partner to make him better man. I think that's a little backwards in his case and I think he needs to play much better. Right now looks like can't keep it might be the odd guy out tennis and still in the lineup playing Whipple you. And Georges was with McKay one thing Georges will do and a lot of people just don't let cute the way he plays. But once he will do is settle things down. You know just with the experience he has everything. If there's anybody on that defense is capable of settle them down when it's crazy he can do that. It's funny Paul I I I. Think of Georgia's and I think he's the exact opposite of what you want what house he wants his team to do. But what did he say you guys yesterday the first thing we have to do is clean up our own and maybe that's where he's thinking Georges is part of the answer against. Yeah and he's not playing with first line and he's not you know you can't be giving him 22 minutes of ice time I mean when he's. On a pair of ifs and he's shown it time and time again when he's on repair or replace fifteen to seventeen minutes he's usually okay. That in but when you get him up there it is at this point of his career playing big minutes. That's when it just becomes too much form thing. I wanted to ask you about Reinhardt so now he's on the line with the moves away from senator Wayne let let me start there. Yeah because it's you know he's now like many sabres it's not been a good start of the season for Reinhart. Do you prefer him as you better fit as a better free game on winning as opposed to center. If it's shown that way although. Again he he he's always been a very good center until he gets to the NHL one. It any time he's played center in the NHL has not worked out well at all. My I think maybe he may be looking for a little more speed down the middle I mean with the speed game they wanna play into your top three centers. Not fast death in O'Reilly and in Bryant Park so. Well I think Larson is better senator that he is a Winger although he is OK on the wing and I didn't mind him over there. But. So I think that you know you get Larsson back where it belongs in the get right now probably about playing a position either. I think in the NHL he's in better Reinhart with Michael. Yeah. Right now I. You know runners than on the power play anymore either. And him you know he's normally a lot of goals on the power play in this two year career here and I just think it's like a message being sent Sam this is in good enough at all and Gergen since the Michael I think. Had a pretty good chemistry last year in the brief time they played together was about a fifteen games to enter something in. It was probably the best aside Gergen says I think cycle itself to. And I think there they got came up there with a rally but also to try to add some speed to that line and see it that you know maybe they can get O Reilly no. Also going to the that the court will reflect on the Gergen since think yeah I don't like jedi of your instance with Michael unless it means that it kind of forces cycle to shoot more. Because that's the one thing and he's tied with scanned alum with six shots some death through three I need him shooting more I think so far he's been differing way too much. I don't know the reason for that but. You know curses is that typing get in the pock. You know he's got to give in the before check in get in the park so it possibly couldn't give him more opportunities to shoot the puck. Yet that I was worried about a guy finishing over there I mean it seems like Cain I understand what your saying but moving Cain with a around a postal by putting in speed there and this isn't about building one line it's about having balance on four lines but it just seems like Michael having Cain on the left side is up a really nice fit you've got a guy who can finish. When your hold onto the puck in your set somebody up you McCain to finish Gergen since is he's got Nate he's Barbara like he's an energy guy to get the puck but he's not gonna finish. Well you on the other wing milieu got a guy even though I'm older depth and is capable of finishing and still you know he showed us that the first game I don't think. You know his third goal scorer anymore. But. You know he's certainly capable but it button that would eager to human in me dangers here you Ed O'Reilly was pretty hard on himself the other day calling himself useless. We were talking about him to Paul he's an interesting discussion. You know when he first got here looked great loved him loved him. And then last season he started the tail off and I just targeted OK it's just too much ice time they're asked him to do so many different things. And maybe this is all the behold nobody believes in bowels of the room think he's off to a terrible start and honestly. He said German restaurant thinking is this like Colorado thought he wasn't worth it. What what what's going on what O'Reilly. Remarkable idea. That rocked through my head to. You know but yeah I've amok and argue with them when he said you know useless and you know I I think. You know. When you say except on the penalty kill but because his his his time on the ice is down it's under twenty minutes now it's if we're should be. 1928. Is what he's averaging immunized him so you can't say there are over using them. This penalty killing has been really the only thing you've seen in and you know I know sometimes they say he's kinda hard on himself but I don't think he's being too harder himself what he calls himself useless in the first three games and and she certainly isn't the only one there right right but you know he's got to be another guy who's a leader who can elevate the team. And not week for the team to elevate him. And there's too many guys and and you know part troll and Housley may have to come to a realization that they may have some players on this team it. Just don't. Arrive when the big time comes now all Riley has play for team Canada in some very pressure packed situations and done well. Bristol line has played for team Finland actually won a world junior championship for you and been a leader for them and played very well. But in the National Hockey League worst line in. I don't know it just seems like. You know he gets in certain situations and and any cracks and you know you. They may have some very good hockey players on their on their hands it to us you know are mentally tough and they're guys that you know they're gonna after the I don't mean after three games make a decision on bed maybe come to the realization after a season to that you know what we may have to move in a different direction from some of these guys. Well there's there's good news Paul you know that the sabres are playing the San Jose Sharks they all of the sharks. And even in the year they beat the sharks so always I'm gonna cross my fingers tonight. Our Paul thank you for again I do apologize for getting up early and what's your job but I do feel guilty I'm Jewish I feel guilty about everything blame my grandmother's. But thank you for coming on we're gonna weaker but up again early tomorrow sounds and take care thanks Padraig a day.