10-12 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, October 13th

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Okay 32 sharks win before your infill housing let's check in with Paul Hamels and now at San Jose while we wait for the coach. Paul three players talked about details. I don't Michael's line is a good quote saying we need to get sick of losing. Now you're standing there I sensed that from Jack I sense that for letter all the way across the coast here and hammers they feel like. That those two are the very least are sick of losing. How many times brand that we talked about you know you'd like to seize more anger on this team. We saw that in the locker room tonight we saw some genuine anger from Robert Weiner. From Jack cycle and you from Jason common bill who you know is pretty easy going guy. You know yes it was an improvement there's no question about that. But it's not good enough. You know they have to get sick of losing and they have to as Robin wanna talk drug to people in front of the net and and do the little things and not have guys. You don't just let down you know when you want to giving goals scored on it because guys aren't aware people around them and they want it it's easy to happens and and those types of things that go on there are so those those are the types of things that I think. You know really. It was good to hear you know I think you know guys are starting to get angry and I think that's when things will changes when they do get tired. Five shots in the third people may wake up tomorrow policy they didn't. Go at heart in the third what did you think of the effort in the energy in the last period. I thought it was better what gets that once second is cartels is gonna be walking up there. He'll probably Brian. How unfortunate for the question you brought up before nortel's we started. Yeah me too I was listening and intently he's so don't worry about it that fills please press covered brought you by Paul William belts. Your power of attorney. While we were talking about you know Michael saying they're sick a losing letter sounded upset and you know you had said that. At least the three players you spoke with that they seemed. Upset about it. And it wasn't faith yeah I know sometimes you go in there and it's just a fake show you know put on for the media I didn't feel that way. All right so. We look we know that Michael heard it since common building had a very nice game. We know that the breakdown of the defensive end where at least lesson in this game. But as we heard there toward the end there's got to be some contributions offensively from other groups and we can go back to some of the players we mentioned earlier in our pregame Paul which is. The O'Reilly line that group you know anywhere else that these goals gonna start coming from it can't always be. The eichel common build duo get to getting it done I guess for the scene right now. I think it up also keeps playing the way he did in this game especially as the game went on and we didn't feel well but I thought it was best game by far. I think eventually they will start putting the puck in the night he was creating scoring opportunities more than maybe the other to work but I think. It was because they were coming out of the line and they were breaking up the prices unit. As the game went on and and I thought Kyle also did really create some chances there and you know simply what coach tells he was talking about get some traffic in front of Jones you know yes she created chances but now get people to the net. So he can't sit there and see everything. OK Paul. You know normally there's always like a curfew at San Jose airport is that are they're raising their rush and get out of here all right nominal Ugoh. And practice tomorrow in LA and then they'll play the kings Saturday that's the plan. That is correct okay have a safe trip to LA we'll talk Saturday I'm pre game sounds good picture okay great Paul Hamilton.