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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, October 12th

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Really thought about that at the plate the sites that erotic here comes Kevin Porter. Not pressured to want what gamble Porter scores. Kevin Porter wins the game in overtime he had no pressure on them. Emirates swept the crunch last weekend in Rochester so tomorrow night. We're going to be shot chatting we're talking. We're just gonna be shocking. About the networks and and does create a combo forward the crunch shoot it and get it be to crunch couple times. We were currencies to dollars a gallon and I went I went through a few crowd wanted to give us a grudge game no causing college who go out occasionally. Bloods. Five cent beer night. Maybe maybe okay. Awesome crunch games are on the that. On the AT&T hotline Steny about a talked a scientist I'm totally going off track Chris Taylor Amber's go to this year. I WGR Chris it's how are Jeremy good morning welcome to the show first of all. More irritated at what we're doing well how are things so far in Rochester off to a good start so congratulate that. And I thank you thank you very much stretch against me nervous because. I want you don't talk about an individual players for sure obviously but. We were just talking about the sabres was our reporter Paul Hamilton and I would think we're done this earlier Chris you've got the guys in Rochester are you coaching them. In the same system the same velocity of the things that Phil Housley is looking to get the sabres to do. Are are you basically being tasked to do exactly the same thing in Rochester. Well not to pass to do very exact same thing ever take a lot different thing than what they're doing yet for sure like remained. The main components and then we go to work or thirteen that we have down here you just can't. Automatically think that he can do the exact same thing so. You know were were working hand and the only and we we we're Buffalo's training camp in prospect camp port Phil and and we learn a lot what you want to do and implement leave implement them a lot of those things and then. You know after that it's it's very difficult which would. Players you have on your team for the maker. Yeah crazy you know as a as a cult you know this you you're in Rochester you're in Wilkes there. You know I think get your level when your coaching in the minors you wanna win games. You wanna develop players you you also have some veterans vinegar and you know if you wanna make him ready to be. There to help the big team when they're called up that you're trying to I guess to a few different things when you're that coach in the American League level. Yes they did the first and foremost I think is developing each and every individual doesn't matter here Rhett turner young guy you know I expect. Terry Porter to develop every day just as much as. Justin Baylor because I want both on the play in the NHR one. That's surgery and still on the doesn't matter how old they are so. We're we're trying to develop first and foremost and then he. If you developer and here error rate on the same page in your words marquee games and that's who wanted curious development when games at the same time so it's. To check your combination but it I think it's with the rape threat turned and the race young guys you can do that. In the time you spend. In Scranton and Wilkes bare with the penguins' minor league affiliate. What did you learn there did you learn anything different in their organization that you're now that you can now utilizing your time with the hammocks. Yeah I just how they practice every day the practice habits the details of what they did. You know all on and off the face communication throughout the whole. Wrote a whole organization was you know resemble able news you're very knew what was going on air raid near. Murderers on the same majors no question marks are raising their same thing here each individual so. The player wasn't getting confused and also it's sort communication air raid near what they're doing or break your remote each other. We go a mature sabre fans loved it here are some of your comments about some of the guys down there and am guessing that the one guy for sure the climate asked about his Brendan duly. Who you know as a lot of people up here expecting at some point he will be here to help the sabres out perhaps this season. How do you handle things with a talented but young defenseman like that when you have him in the minors. Well Ali you know he's he's learned a lot he's doing a great job practice first and foremost is getting his practice habits the way you know. They need to be contingent came from junior so you arsenal practice burden at all you know sit there with tougher schedule forms or it's. Just getting him that in that mode and getting me curious rated player retain then you know just developing all of that is his skill that got a lot of great offensive skills who's gonna work our defense is still so that he can go up. And show when he gets when he gets ready to be you know and they recalled him at some point in Beirut this year next you're not sure what now happen Brett. That he's ready to play against you know top who. Top sports that are handle not just yet not just the offensive aspect of it so you or your lying you. We don't want him to get caught up in him being a liability and defense on and you know. All of a sudden he's you know he's. News conference we don't want that we want to make sure that he's he's he's prepared when he goes and he gets called that. You played defensively pretty sir were carve out for interference it's hard for young defensemen you know. We've had a lot Brent Campbell was here and I've played with them for three in three years before. You guys thank shell games and you know this is going its first yours is very patient with guys like that's. With Dooley always curious about that you just touched on a moment ago and and forget preparing of the NHL. With a guy like that Chris how much do you give him would you take a kid like that you know is considered one of the better prospects and organizations say okay. You know what you gonna be on the penalty kill you gonna be on the power play going to be going up against the other team's top line on a regular basis. Or or do you I hate to say spoon feed or do you regulate his role somewhat so you don't put too much on his plate right away. No we've been put among metallic hill and all that stuff like you Gellar and you know it that's why he's here that's who you know to get them ready for that. Those situations and if you read China item and not from those situations then we're not developing human. You on that side that's the tricky part of you don't wanna win as a team and we're developing at the same time and there's times. Hey we gotta develop and that's the most important thing here is to make the Buffalo Sabres get their ultimate goal that systemic up to make all these players. Be up there buffalo. So no we're we're part of all situations who were lucky enough to have veterans second place beside him and coordinate with them. That all the sudden we're not put your guys are there reporting one guy out there with a veteran. All the side and that helps but he's not all of us are stacked at the conference in those those of that you get the wind as well. We're with Chris Taylor Rochester Americans grow a coach on our AT&T hotline. Alex Mehl and there is she healthy yet has he been practicing or what what is the latest on him. No I stood still sore so we're just we're just making sure that he's on the right path to get back. Get better armed you know we only have three games on a couple weeks here so. Walter we're gonna have three games and next and you reach here so. We thought we just you know keep my PH renowned as a make sure that he's a higher percent healthy before he gets back communities and ready for ourselves. Not a day by day thing here we're argued that a week for recruiting Brent. You or does make ensure that he healthy we don't want push him too far that he's you know person back to holders were Spielberg ourselves. And he didn't coach him last year but you would have seen him obviously at the at the prospect challenge. What did you see from him and and maybe projected out to what you think you might see from him when you get or what to expect from him when you get him in the lineup in Rochester. Lloyd top and clarity and I'll buy it stick skills and as hockey sense and and I can shoot the pocket and you know he just has been skating ability is W also. Palm you don't already coming back RC immediate top top 644 person on the power play a lot. The biggest thing I certainly from heaven is you don't need to get more lenient side of the games there on the outside. I'll go he does have a great shot needs when he does get him inside he can score a lot of goals and that's we want we don't want to just get this system passed in the park called time on gunmen inside score goals and getting the dirty old friend that. Playing on dirt here and you know I think you do that I think yes. I think again he's young he's young guys so it can take time for that. The last thing I want to ask you about Chris are. Couple guys let like Bailey and that these guys that had. Really an aggregation through and bashing in this two guys that we here in camp played in the pre season were given a chance to earn a roster spots we're not able to do it. And go back to Rochester. I I guess what he what are you trying how do you try and work with those guys eight to make sure they don't kind of hang their head. They were stuck back in American League how do you keep them pushing forward and trying to get them to the level of play where they get back up here and somehow keep us. You know I just referred to a lot different stories and players you know some some players have played five years in the minors get the chance. First gave an image on the schedule. Lucky enough to get those gains earlier on their careers and they're still learning every still learning and it's. You on. What we do we. Talk whatever days how they get better not you know maturity and how they gain you're better off DA and stronger and you know withstand any chopper full speed and you and American me get them even on the anxious practicing skills that they're not act Canada and allow players. It seemed there always practiced skill that they are good that they're practicing still that's not cadets so. You know what it's all three of a merger and a great job the last three weeks they've you know all -- been up there are happy to be here to work and aren't they wanna win and that's per team. You know there are Rochester Americans and but what they're trying to do is develop every day to get better to be a buffalo sabre and that's that's what we want that's that's were purging all that we want all the guys play in the volatile border here. You're working harder did he made in your turn to get better. Skill wise for yourself and and skill wise for team play. Chris thanks for coming all of us again congrats on the good start and continued success with the hammocks appreciate your time this morning. You guys coming up thanks very much our pleasure Chris Taylor on our AT&T hotline commercial home tomorrow night amor dot com if you wanna see. Checked the schedule out he was going on down on the farm obviously it's an easy trip and it's a nice arena watching game and so hammocks dot com.