10-17 Chad Johnson Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Wednesday, October 18th

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Should I don't know. What you could do our most of those goals I mean to peck told happens. Outnumbered again it seemed. Be reminiscent of a first came here and. Yeah I was it was a tough game they. Certainly got to tip your hat to them and they. To him artisan. Parties and that and you know put a lot of pressure on us and got some power plays out of it but. I was it was a difficult game. Britain's start to add to the and there's so. You know I thought we did a good job battling back we start with that and regardless of the score there we just kept pushing so. Just have to take pause about a bit of a point here. As. There's another tough. Tough game. It's all about mines its human subpoenaed different lines of the most of the trees that. Yeah I mean usually. You know third period teams up 41 they usually sit back a little bit. Utility that you weren't coming as hard as they. Words for the first fifteen minutes I think so. You know they sat back a little bit and we just kept pushing forward toward and that's what I was generator chances in the it's that momentum on our Sidon. You know it's positive. For infrastructure. Are twice placed himself for the last points he scored the other time running Riley scored I don't think you cite the pocket. I mean I sought. You know though the first one they tipped as this time is tracking it through and that was on my right side my second he tipped it went and left over Raila pattern. On the outside of it and yet the other side are you the second one. In tracking agonized for them just posts coming on the short side. Shot and and again there's couple layers there and Scott ticker has some times in a good round Friday I think there was meaning it could shot there. Yes it's it's tough it was a tough game the team wise how do you look at this to look at it you're lucky to you know pornography look at it we should've gone to. I mean. I don't know why you were candidates I think that's something that the coach is old. Sort of look at. And later 2 more morning and for evaluate how the game was played in. You know that's sort out of my hands. You know I thought we did a good job getting appoint a recurrence of sort out those. How the game was for most of the most of its. The guys that the case from over time. Yeah I charity yeah really I know is that a good Shia kind of mutation. Made it could move to the slot there and you know he kind of rectified if there's so. Justice or similar. That's a this morning so. It's over yes. Chad Johnson on the post game Brian back.