10-17 Evander Kane Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Wednesday, October 18th

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Just want to him in a lifetime much as one hangar on the map there and some bouncing puck kind of there and it's fun try to get some contact comment enough. And Cornish who worked news Google that would. What was the key to finally getting back into the hockey game that you think you're under and well ha ploy I think. It is clear the way I read it. We mean. Unfortunately if it it took to the third period. To get there mines as a group. Let's put pucks on the portrait of five to energy cannot aggressive about it after he's like he's having an aggressive tunnels and and a solid through enough. The issue planners on the entire period there. And earlier moving our feet and you know. Popping selector in the second we interest republicanism. Capitalize on the minute match so we take away from an A do you say hey we were good to get a point out of this you disappointed that you didn't get the win. I guess a little. That this plan partisan reason. We didn't. Play that way for sixty minutes and we count way to listen to Europe or on time. Bill payload supports a pox on that ticket gritty here to its again two in the union and to be aggressive you know. It's it's it's frustrating because. You know it and we can play like that we've proven that we've been shorted and attempted periods offer. Shifts off you've got to. There are complaining potential for every shift but you gotta. It worked and were gonna work here and I'm just a five here's sentiment here on just playing defense but you know if you don't divinity and I think. Positive shift because of shots so we've just got to be a little harder. And car litigator. I mean reduce or first but the right to prefer sort. We are even as a group and and better prepared and he'll be excellent positive things that. We'll take through that period at which time and a triple off thank you thank.