10-17 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Wednesday, October 18th

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It's nice and everybody. Get it. I just to let us that we showed a lot of resiliency in the third period and we finally started to get to our game but. And a lack of preparation we we started the game and are peddling is. Stick infractions. And took a lot of energy out of us that. I think it's as unacceptable the way we approach the game you know and we have a chance to build on something and analysts is a process that. The process was little broken tonight and a lack of preparation. And an accountability. And urgency to start the game that we we finished was lacking. Three hours ago and now Null and on the do without. You know. We played three and four would travel including the front end of the travel. And that it was a good time just to get the get the guys there you know they often invest their legs that. You know I think a lack of preparation as individuals on the team. Needs to be better and what we talked about that having that mindset because FB IDF is sort of decompress. And in the lay off you have to get your mind geared up for another analysts is that there's a reason why this team's only one loss and however you know you look at the positive side I thought we fought we fought to the end. Which is it which is great but I don't I don't feel we deserve to win their name. The last amnesty. Moment that's what you wanna play. I just think it's a mindset it's it's it's how you approach it you know when you're. We we can't be keep chasing gains right now we have to be ready to start the game. And then and have that aggression in the first period and we've had it at times I think we had it been in Anaheim but we've lacked the tonight. But how do you handle that and do you share start certain people around her how do you handle that as a coach. No I think that the message is clear. After the game and you know we have to get better as a group you know we we have to understand that when in this game. And in this league if requires a lot of preparation and and how you are you get ready for games so you're ready at the start of the game and you know what we'll continue to work on a process teams underestimate this big east team as far as the atmosphere is concerned with the team brings to the icy thing. That being its experience and its and the teams are underestimating what they bring that's a veteran team over there I don't think you can underestimate in the final one right now so. And therefore one coming into this game so they're doing some things right I think if he's taken for granted. This is the kind of result you're gonna get a press report on Sundays. Dated they get hit by that shot did a terrific job and apparently killed with couldn't finish the game. O'Brien back to you.