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It's my shield and a Bulldog. Losers in other words on WG. Sports Radio five. Excited. And low. At the risk of sounding ridiculous. Little I'm a little bit thinking here never steps you know I'm all I'm thinking a little bit here that media our guest is excited. Back in this was such a cool idea to me this whole idea with the naturally were coming in I've been watching you and that was before I knew anything about what you're cuddled like the bills and a you you and you drop the buffalo braves and and Randy Smith and Mac are doing that article where Rob Meier and Zoellick now it's even veteran meteoric. Well I'm not gonna say it I'm not gonna say there's a crushing debt a year so happy to be on involvement. Well there I am I am very excited I do I have no recollection regarding Iraq by about Bob Iger Randy Smith but I'm thrilled that I did because that was. One of first sports series that I remembered as a kid. I think 1975 I grew up in DC and at the bullets in the Braves had a great great series and it was like the first time that I remember. Caring about the Apollo. Like I thought OK we we won that series that we've watched it like it played for the vote. And oh I just remember thinking I you know I liked embraced Islam I'm for them that's my second favorite team and then you know whatever three years later they were on. Ben Mankiewicz on the eighteenth he outlined host and Turner Classic Movies will be in buffalo with Barry Levinson. Saturday for a special screening of the natural course meet here filmed here. That'll be at the north park theater when a landmark in the city now. And like how great is that I mean this was movie is so famous here and everywhere and that you guys are coming back to celebrate it is great. Yeah you know I didn't know I mean I knew it was shot in buffalo or new whenever I'd researchers but I I didn't know. That it was a big deal to you guys in buffalo so that's like a thing in buffalo that they that the natural shot there and and that's something that he that you guys can. Local bull would you say that oh yeah I think so Alia was that it was I mean I'm old enough to remember it happening here and it was a huge deal. And as you know been something that movie don't movie fans in the area have been really proud of and I don't know if you know much better about this theater. That you're going to be out on Saturday for this event. But it was in terrible disrepair not that long ago. And has been refurbished it is just you know I lived sort of really in the neighborhood theaters in its armed really touched by it. But it's it's a really cool classy old school fielder's arm. Ask an elaborate effort great things about the Vietnam my wife has come a bit of life and my daughter comet and there's literally no one implant more excited to go to buffalo then my wife. Who is who has launches from she's from she's a Jersey girl. Live and out here in LA now but she's a huge architecture vantage she loves buffalo she will have for years and years she's not. Stop talking about it so when buffalo want this to have a stick to him back Latin have a haven't had that jacket you know look like you'll be buffalo buffalo while we're gonna go to buffalo which is like well I am covered the buffalo. Really cool we got the belt and Martin houses probably only booed two miles from the theater. That's what she's got a whole architecture tour setup Friday that's what you do and that's would you do an Oprah. Ben Mankiewicz with us bank in an article Rob Meier a baseball writer you referred to buffalo as perhaps quote the most American city. 2%. Yeah I could that lightly not I don't remember saying it but I can say it now so yeah I. Yeah I mean it's you know when I a group BC out to Washington fan and for most recent mostly by the owner of the team solos and that I cannot root for them that I. And I would live there anymore as hard you know I'm a loyal sports fan and I. But I just start over a volatile rooting against them. And I was like all right well what what am I gonna do I gotta root for somebody I gotta have a team and have a vested interest on Sunday and really only considered. Like buffalo Cleveland and Detroit. And I was like feature. These are American cities and and improved Cleveland and it was a big you know that the new browns and they too terrible and I couldn't. And really came down a couple of at a buffalo and Detroit. And again night there was so much bungling going on in the Detroit and and I always I love mildly be too it's another sort of buffalo institution that I have always sort of a bias so. It became mediated Tippett did Buffalo's that would be that in via I tried on. What does the movie the natural mean to you. Well I needed this you know any is. I was just reading a review that and in my mind. Hate to quote somebody in the not give them proper attribution but you know it was written like as a fantasy. And then and then it. But then you know Kirk Gibson happens but I and it and it and it's not really I'm Oakland a's fan and as. It's not really a fantasy it's it's it's pretty close to being true. You know so we did it sort of you know it's why we love sports because it's. It's a comeback story and it's a story of redemption. And it and it comes through in the end I mean one of the great things that was miserable sports can be tougher you know for her for fans are on the wrong end of these events. When they're at the best they you know they bring out the best in us and they're exulted and that's what this does I love the novel to which has a different bar more ambiguous. I think really interest in ending I get why Levinson thought that he needed a more dramatic. The more dramatic ending of the movie yes. Mean sure yeah do you do you struggle at all with food that the fate in the that they fantastical. Nature of some of what happens in the movie or is that just what you sign up. It partly to sign up although I did struggle that I struggled with a for a long time infective you'd. Asked me twenty years ago fifteen years ago to name my favorite sports movie that would have put it on my top ten. And that I don't know maybe getting older may be romancing the passed a little bit comes into it. But. I don't now now I think like how could you have than ending to that movie without fireworks. Which I just I'm positive I rolled my eyes that. You know in in 1984. I wrote last a lot that and so now it just seems fitting ending I would love you know I would have loved it greedy dirty adaptation of this movie. That had him take money from gamblers and and and exposed at the end also right although he would have found some degree. True love at the end. Which could perhaps made up toward. And it would have been himself but still like I get it I get why we you know that any every believe that theater on Saturday and I noticed feel pretty much. Right that's right we're up and that's the point. Is that before his did the right when you make the movie having it. I don't know anything about this with you like as one of a few things you want to accomplish if you're making a movie is a guy in one direction to go got. Going yeah when done right these tests we are Tiger Woods Ben Mankiewicz from Turner Classic Movies he will be along with director Barry Levinson. In town for screening of the natural. Add the historic north park theater arm her lab knew once we get a little bit of a fill in on how the assault team came to beat. A bomb from from what I know Tony ribeiro who's an editor. Of the good of the gusto magazine section of the Buffalo News put together this presentation. As part of a contest what what can you fill us in on a lot of that. We started there are sort of a fan club us sometime last year that you see him back lot and and and it was really successful and they you know given people sort of access to what we issued in Atlanta or Los Angeles or New York some of you know the segment that you see on Turner Classic Movies. And then DNA given them not just accept that the more behind the scenes stuff and then also some actual events where people get together and some events. That would have me and that someone like Barry Levinson there. And and it and we decided to have a contest to find a city that was most worthy of having an I mean obviously we're a little full of ourselves but that was the idea that which city to Kevin presentations of why we should bring peace CMD of I gotta say is it that we have a lot of great in the blood that. I'm not mistaken that I haven't put any that the more than seventy cities participated in and and but it was. It was sort of overwhelming number of what tone it together for buffalo seemed. It was pretty clear that Buffalo's got a went whom I was an impressive presentation to this is the first time we're doing that and respond to Buffalo's been overwhelming. And I'm excited I'm excited to do it and and the eleventh and was excited to do it so it it came together really well. Robert Redford of course star of the natural and have read to you who speak very highly of him as an actor do you know him. Yeah I don't have actually never met them I think is one of yeah I think he's really underrated I mean you know this is the kind of thing that that we're used to seeing. Frequently. Pejorative glee but I don't need it like that about. You know actress. Actresses that that sometimes if they're so beautiful that we underestimated how talented they are and I actually think Redford. But if at that happened to him like he's so handsome that. Because I watched you know I look now and so when he in my favorite movies from that street is a Condo All the President's Men you know. Again I don't think it's an aunt but yes if senate get up its action. The Robert Redford and those movies. And he is so good and and I walked century you residences but I hope and you know get in the natural to you what club record of phone. And that's a real test of acting that nobody got act opposite you maintaining both ends the conversation to keep the audience. Interested and Redford is so good. And so good at acting which is I think that he's aged. You know he's still it's still a little magic to the east particularly effective here of course in the in the match. All the President's Men is one of my favorites in fact citizen change to your grandfather famously. Brooke scrambling about it Mike. Whoever the direct citizen can I love all the presents then it's great Ellis competition robot is in the speech at the end of the movie I cry I cry easily but I'd go back. It. I learned things about their movie from you the intro to that movie I guess it's on TCI and it's probably a few years old. And I I won't watch that movie over and over so you know and Willy Wonka by the waiter and asked me my third favorite. Capital but I would give it says you can bet on it but had to work you know really triggered other citizens came to. All the president's men and really want is that respectable. It's totally respect you I don't have the same affection that so many people have for Willie lock I had act you know I didn't like clowns. And there was a clown like qualities that I also really this is positioning and now they have a daughter I realize that I would like bright colors. Like bright colors I don't like the plug in into places like pillars like flowers my daughter's four ash can believe in the spectrum. So I think that will want it it never. Felt that the kind of fancy that does sort of turned me off but I guess I'm alone in that and everybody loved that movie and they should. Alone I I didn't know NTELOS are working Mike and I have been working together for a long since 2003. And the first time he'd probably walk I sort of felt bad because I never really talked to anybody about it but I saw does that you know I was a kid when it you know came out. And he gave me the creeps would call all the just really freaked me out. And what to say that on the radio. Just sort of made me feel like I'm probably weirdo but I I have found that I'm not a novel that hurt. I'm glad I'm I'm glad to hear that number is the week we we were little freaked out by Willy Wonka can band together. Effective global for Bulldog isn't just to get a purple Coco mean that's our effort could. A few more risk for Ben Mankiewicz Turner Classic Movies so back to the natural the cast of the natural. You've got Robert Redford Robert do fall Glenn Close I think it's kind of cool that Robert Redford and will for bravely. Who is the manager of the team are almost the same age right. Men break. Table and open verbally it looked. Yes I think is that the governor's bill will probably if you look 68 when he was forty but he also a 68 when he was eighty. Yeah right like that he's the manager he's the old man in the dugout and Redford ball. At that point you you wrote once that he sort of fits what each his character was not so much early in the movie when he's young. Farm boy or whatever. It reminds me there's a guy you know another move my grandfather a pilot Friday yankees and that took you know aunt and obviously Gary Cooper's you know sort of seminal. Performances as we get back there couple scene in the movie and we're Cooper plays Garrick. As a College Baseball player at Columbia he's also a freshman and he's like serving. Meals to the upperclassmen that there for this summit there and it's. Mean Gary Cooper played in nineteen at did it doesn't that does not work and it went and had a little bit like that when reference is playing out of that. We're able to get away with a maybe as effectively as they managed to hide his agent in the natural. Could do they get uglier can it be and I think you do of course much better now Vatican. People look much younger. But you know whatever it would took forever to work. Dare dare mayor Gavin I wanna match that make sure to mention his name you know famous for the Christmas Christmas story. And gusts in the natural. That's super cool it would what are career he had and he's he's great in them bully. Is great a movie and I was just written that I asked very loved and that so he wasn't credited for his role in the natural and there was some yeah there's some dispute and then Levenson even after dispute try to credited with Gavin said notes on the I'm gonna guess it was money. But I'll have to ask him good I think in left and let's just been changed now at least when it first came out that they and it's not. We gathered the gambler it's not it's insignificant part in the movie but he's but he's not credit that we can when he wasn't in 84. Kim Basinger. Anybody else famously problem probably is that I should. Did you say Glenn Close to the a Gloria I think you got that you got that you got the main staples. Closed the blues bump to the outfield that runs through the wall Michael Mann was a mess and he's the. All right Michael readiness to lead you don't like Michael let you know love movies and me. It's delicate at this movie. Yeah you have to sort of you look at a lot of movies sort of have to accept certain things. I don't like as a baseball fan then that. They don't pitch around Roy Hobbs Pia and goes the whole point of movies there's no one else on the team any good at all. I don't like that this team had like. It's versatile that leverage first base open is that Saturday remember. Its first since the third at first base who helped convince its good that at least back then. There wasn't like. You didn't want guys when they're reserved when you mover letter writing it and I just remember what happened at George Brett wrecked out walk surprise a person's sex at a game. My dad could not believe this like this never ever ever happened and we're very about gallop with the bases loaded right you're you do sports reporter. He had no way he'd been a ball player in college and he was almost sports editor of the Washington Post but he had Internet deputy was an idiot. And but he was that he is serious sports editors that. First and third I think with Hobbs up at the end you've got. There was a ball in play any guy that got the runner goes to third when the guy drops the ball first but anyway whatever the what else on the team I love how serious concerns I think they are really what is. I didn't even think about that I can tell by the way. It totally accept help us to pitch around now you wouldn't pitch around it it just walk. Right the old one giants with bonds or the 27 yankees compared to this New York nights rag tag assemblage. Nobody wins warning or almost one hero to the doctors kind of just dead so that part I have to slowdown on. I don't even mind if there's a powerful warning through the fence who dies I Garrity and. On the new I would do that could be about first questioned the bailout. When they let you know very it is outrageous. That they pitched out of that situation and get it right it would provoke. An open with that yet. For all that butter overwhelm mount olive elderly. A couple of please opal mine in Illinois that is on the your image on the safe to fly ball that greatly six years that at that at all but now I can have very elevenths and that I'm so I think that way. All right then why I am. I don't give a great time here I'm glad you and your wife are excited for the trip and you know I hope it's a special a moment ago. W are you able to come out of these guys the attending here is that they're not in your plan. I'm gonna try have been going back and forth with tar about that I'm hoping to be there. I work you are there you know please make sure you find me and then fail. I would love that thank you very much but Ben Mankiewicz Turner Classic Movies the natural Saturday. At north park theater. Pretty cool to hear that the Google white whose wife is an architecture Brandon is really excited about comfortable. You know you hear about those people I know. I do seed in my mentioning Hollywood the couple blocks from the and the frequent right now in my house and outside. And you know my route to the park sometimes takes me right either walking or running you're gone bicycle. And I do see those people XP that if he played I see people getting out there of course they have been organized tours of the people just come by at all hours in just one. If there in town and wanna see it. And it's always been. It's always been kind of neat to me to be in that neighborhood and hear that someone is excited about coming from across the country is is pretty cool. I mean what do you think there at all. Well first look a lot about how Sony is offering. Bottom of the ninth musical one game play all old man he's bleeding to get them out. You're jury's out there is bleeding through his Jersey I mean forty or below minimum mole down. There's an argument what do you do one there is an argument is get out here. You putting the tying run in scoring position don't wanna do that if you walked to. Just come honor I know there's an argument he's almost dead. He almost died right. There is an argument. Mean I don't know why the global the bad boy notices the blood there after after owner after Whitey board place they do so and boy wonder boys thank you. So he does nobody else notice the fact that I mean I know they're warned you know apple watches are fit bits to cheat with but did you notice that he's bleeding how about go after the fall all you don't walk him after the fall ball the two strikes. But like he just missed. The big home run by like a foot. Those little girl referral fastball and I could give you some pause. Well. We'll look you were. As they say in the movie some mistakes you never stop paying for. Which venerable likelier that. All right. Back to business. Rob ray coming up. Sabres and golden nights the night in Vegas state to hear about robs Vegas adventures. It's the bottom of the fourth in the ALCS. 00. Houston in the yankees' George John first one out Mike show the bulldogs this is WGR it's like show. Brought her back for another season and that rich you are you picture inside the sabres locker room gives you players view of the joint show opened Bulldog. There's a forum home of the Buffalo Sabres for a few GI's were revealed by fifty. I think I'm good therapy for these guys removed throw the bonobos. I think they need me. So once a week or whenever we get together for the good guys prepare their problem got a little bit quicker we're. Really I don't mind. Little boys want to read her her good those you. Part of our desires. Hey I'm always well. Let's get right to rob so he can tell us as many biggest stories as he wants it that there at. Rob we know a little bit about your casino exploits through the years. We've heard about a hamburger Reno a lot about those stories. What was the highlight of yesterday. Having an app from the middle of the day actually probably the best thing arm. Guys things go wrong sometimes it is got to keep it that I'm told that there. This okay that doesn't need to go any further what this has happened but it. No I just. This feeling great now that they need to do sort of sit back get. I've never got so much attention you walked on the street yet these ladies talk until all the time when. I've never got that much attention ladies so that's been good to the go. Included an excellent companies been kind of weak but. Whether it's been great. What else. Tell me tell us about this restaurant you went yesterday where you would Paul and Dunleavy all had put on surgical gowns. Called a heart attack. Grower something like that my son found it online be like that me and I had to go there and then when I got there at least armaments shall what do all the boat but it. One of those places is this massive massive birders. And if you don't need all your food is you get whipped actually you'd paddle. And Paul watching and we. He's watching these guys get rattled and easily. You could juiciest piece you just staring at a gore oh my god what minor duke of American we'll be would have it's usually stock car. Doctors is meal in a trash can somewhere and came back. And was sitting there on outlook I finished my whole thing or afraid if you were going to be that data review panel of we'll take seriously are seriously literally paddle anyway. The way Paul Paul Paul's diet now and it prevents him from eating very much an all in one sitting problem so there are good. The reality so we wanted to avoid the paneling I guess I'm glad you're that rather than that he was looking forward to I guess so that the article. You might know like it'd. More attention that he's got a little while some in the letter like that. He's he did just so you know all I'm discreet enough to not have all made any these pictures public Paul did send me pictures of you guys with a waitress. And which are surgical gowns and then also a screen shot of the menu that said something about a hamburger that had forty slices of economic forty. Yeah but did does that. Laden is it real and everybody. Every paddy was to happen aren't as well. Who earlier. Yeah did you eat something libraries places they can protein called me yesterday I would dog darted. You actually eat something that forty sleaze of economic. No mine had like fifteen or something like what was dessert is still discussed how hurt we did. It was a big Vanilla shake could negotiate. The ground shake came and at a big chunk of order. Stuck in the side and not a not a piece of chocolate or something that was a big chunk of voters start to the side in your and negotiate. On purpose. On purpose of the mystique to me is okay. Current bill. For you rob now Barrett and experiences and it doesn't look like so your first time there at least in this capacity. Yeah are you have you been a big biggest guy. Welcome to the elk roaming the streets going back you're playing the cyclists and go with the guys slot here. That fifty dollar at a broader view didn't last very long have I ever had to report the other thing I. I'm I'm asking about before you were all shot like me but when you look player was Ehrlich. Hey you know we got the all star break let's go to Vegas was that ever appealing to you. Now no threat. Now I came here once with my wife been. A couple times reveal an NHL awards and that that break. You you receive the King Clancy award that one right now I didn't get that are there at 10 lord her birthday and I've been tarnished. No robs the lead singer of great big sea in their in the headliner at the image awards. So I am hockey question. What is it five games so far six. 360s. It was what six games strip shows from TSN friend of ours has a column today. And it's about how many games. Are there are before you know. And he said that Bob McKenzie has a line I should have had it in front of me but it's basically. The first two weeks don't tell you any thing but after four weeks or so BB ten games or tell you anything but like thirty games and you know for sure. What what we use what would you say like here you're the sabres looking better I think on the strip they just won their first game. So you probably would say it's week tour lead to you know give opera anything but like when. When would be the right time to feel like you knew what this team really wants. You know I I think you've got to give them at a time when we're in general they are the first game of the trip talked in those guys compete for that came in and it's huge said it took about two months. Before he really felt that his team would come together. And and help you know they'd figured know what he was trying to tell them to do and and them being instinctive with didn't sort of always thinking so. That team. Was pretty good team at that time knows there's a good group of very talented guy there and it took about long pole altogether. So I would have to say it is gonna take that much here I think it's. Would you watch practice you watch these guys the way they work and it's almost like they're they go back to basics and from. Passing working on their passing all the time it's something that you think at this point in you you wouldn't have to maybe keep somebody noted given receive capacity morbid it's. Booklet keep duke stopped Phil always works with the getting shots through. Taking shots quicker. You watch a lot of guys wanna take the big windup the point to try to get a true to get blocked. He's teaching them minute to get the puck and staff at the same you know kind of motion. Just all little things that. Art is gonna happen overnight that until they come instinctive to bomb there and it's it's gonna be troublesome sometimes. But it is hoped their fast learners they catch on so once we get it figured out individually and then they got to pull it together as a team. Yeah I had tickets it takes time and I don't I don't care how. Counted your team is there how many all stirred in me having your team that. Did come together as a group that. Sometimes it's painstaking and I think that night to make you see that you skipper period you'll see effort to. You know where you think OK I doubt it. Here comes there and it it goes south again so. I'm I would say I'm gonna give the couple months. Robbery on the AT&T hotline with a us from Las Vegas sabres and golden knights coming up tonight at 10 o'clock let's face off. Pregame comes your way at 9 o'clock at the nightcap with Ryan gates will would you say. That there are sort of buttoning up all the odd man stuff I mean those those two games from from last week from the Monday New Jersey game in the in the game on Long Island. A week from Saturday but goal word jaws like fast break for some rude layup drills for the doubles I thought in that game on Monday of particular. That the the odd man rushes that seems to have tightened up do you think that they sort you mentioned the phrase go back to basics. You'd think they'd sort of at a mine how we had a mind. Two may be not worry as much about attacking. Aggressively with all the speed and stuff and just nature like let's get. Let's get this thing buttoned up and our own end and then will take it from there. Yeah I think that a lot of that has come from two things the first 1 o'clock Ezra I think here. They don't know a much better job of making good decisions with the park our not just taken a short wave like we've we've seen in the first few games. Another part of that is. The deal making better decisions especially like pinching down the wall. Two retired the first couple three game Judas. Come watch the and when the DR pinching. The pitching at the right time but the forger. Reading a lot better realizing it and getting themselves back in a battered but the solution to it sort of just sort of standing there. Seeing what the deal gonna do deeper into it and market by it and everybody's trying to chase back up the race. Those those little things that they give me a huge huge different so it's giving in the odd man rush. More of our conversation with robbery. From Vegas coming up right after this on WGR. Now more than men around break WGR. Iraq Elliot Friedman. Had they comment made a comment and an Angel network about hearing samurai and Hart's name in trades. Or in trade talk. And wondered like what that sounds like do you mean right art. I'm I guess what what I'll do first is of course were all watching the games but then when a gold a look at the the numbers and I think like the more advanced numbers on Ryan are almost always really strong even this year. Best on the team for accorsi five on five really low PD oh so like more shots are going against him a couple of those were. Shorthanded goals when he was on the power play. But you know even going back the last two years on this team Reinhart has had really strong numbers like that. So if the sabres wanted to shop then that would kind of scare me the same way then treating marked past six scared me. So like me are consuming your perspective on this might be different what some won't what do you think when you hear that. I I think that you've got a coach and a general manager you're now that really has securitized through pretty much any of these guys that. You know maybe they just couldn't get the field to see. Who's gonna hit in not so much whether they're good player not whether the hit into the system they wanna try to collect. And I think if it comes down to that I would think it. Possibly. If if Sam was being shopped around there there are more due to maybe the style of play that they wanna play that he hit into that. You know we've they've continued to talked fast moving fast pace communal game and Saddam's probably not the most with a foot guy that if they peeled it you know it doesn't matter sometimes house. Mark you were hearing if you can't get to where you need to be or play. You know what that pace than it is gonna purchase sometimes there's other teams that. That don't play back to Harvard game or try to play that panicky will you just did a little better so. I don't know either way I think there grant an actual player very good. And and he its use he does a very good job. And sometimes you just. Look at Munich okay can you keep up. In orders are paced to fast forward sometimes and you know and then the next shift either go to any gets himself in that area order. You know program after the re direction they're battling in front or something like along the wall. That you're like K okay well there there's with Sam can do so the program consular I think that. But in this case I go I'd called active they have no ties to anybody wanted to present to do it together you make team better. And to get an asset you have betrayed an asset if that's professor. You're definitely right about a couple things there are mean that the part they have no ties is of course right. And I'm not gonna argue for a skating relative to other guys on the team in the league but. They don't give up shot at times when he plays is to me like listening to Tim Marie. Talk about how how it's important that the bullies beat big. Because we got an Roth who stops whatever percent of shots and got another guy who's a foot taller but stops the same percentage shots what what's the difference. So the right heart starts most. Compared offense more of his own starts or in the defense of zone the tournament top spots I think against tougher match ups but they haven't looked all the. I am not always play and against the top two lines no audit I didn't play any gay Richard you're third fourth line which that's right. I sort of item I'm not arguing the point it is kind of thrown out yet no stations. And I'm saying right Alec I I haven't looked at that thoroughly but. I get good results when he's on the ice. And I want the sabres to act like that matters to them because that's important in the sport and I've got another new GI am who. Like with Murray I'm like OK well what is he gonna care does mean everybody else's care about the same stuff I know. What is he gonna care about he traded passing don't all know and you know I think that. Was justified. Pin you know if right Herbert B depends what they would do if they would do anything. But I Cilic right arts doing well for them and if if the guy. The player you're talking about on this roster what they might be able to get fringe hypothetically. Then I think eventually get to a point where this player is super valuable. But may be. I don't know maybe they don't think so. I'll remember to else copper contract here too as well throw in of the yeah you know that that could lead into it as well you know what what what can you afford to pay here in what you wanna pay an annual and they would have a good idea of what they're looking for on his side as well so all that kind of thing that we would never know both played into these situations well. He did play a lot more five on five against Anaheim and he had banned you went up like five minutes. From earlier in the season so I'm hoping that that's assigned the coaches like. Getting somewhere with them and he also scored a goal and he has gone with a O'Reilly tonight is that rightly they've they've had to shuffle things is Josephson is out. Andy up Gergen sins is going to senator. So bitten the way the lions looked at the skate from what I saw on Twitter you've got you've got nightly howling with him. Too because BR Ryan probably a little more of a pace that. That's in Columbia. Skating wise so yeah I think it that it is going to be good chance for download and and deleted. Maybe solidified that spotter to prove that he I can play and he's he needs to be like them get sentences on an excellent job and put up. And playing with you know better players and and he's made the most with and that's just it's exactly the same thing standing to do it right and and prove that he played so. Right I hit it feels like maybe he's getting a shot in the top six spot which really he's not been used as. And if we get the results that Mike is talking about maybe if he has a positive impact on how close on O'Reilly. And manages to help get them going they needed and then maybe they're. Numbers and numbers went up a little bit last game due to Joe's Symbian out to right so yeah. Know that that opens up the door for you know certain guys get a little more. You mentioned his contract Robin and for the longest time last year and of course the summer came and went and it was may know early that Leinart was not gonna get the treatment cycle got which was you know you're into going into the final year of your deals are here let's redo your deal. And and lock you up long term and that was notable and now I've got. Cane producing like he's producing in his contract is going to be up and all along. That the conversation about treating Kane was about to me his contract expiring. Whether they'd wanna commit to a home and whether they had the room to commit to him because of the number of big contracts he eventually they'd have. And right hurt almost always figured into that. And if he no longer does then McCain conversation to restarts. From only place. Yeah and man I would imagine that a man came sitting back down now very thankful. That there wasn't a deal made and that you know that they told them let's just play into it happens because it's working to his advantage. So. You know I think he's planner and very strong game and I think cam on the other side duties. He's got a lot group to a lot of people look at I think there's a lot of questions hanging over the eye because of the where he was. Drafted what position and and I think that that comes with a lot more added pressure. And it and I think not just receivers were across the board around the league at the very aggressive and see how he's gonna react to it. Have you got a stat already picked out for tonight's broadcast like that little. Thing to you guys do sometimes are you look at it you talk about a stat. I know I've gotten for 100. Whatever. That is the fourth time the sabres have been favored in a road game. In the last four plus seasons. Night that can fall back to competitive. Gambling and maps you're in Vegas and the rules your parents is noticing that you're gonna belt highway there much talk about gambling in Vegas is against the rules. That are that are. I don't wanna bees start getting checked on. Alright lawyers are you really should worry about it but the last time you've won a game as a road favorite goes back. The least aware and Wendy was coach mean that's just an incredible it's true. That's probably the kind of set you going to finish last their second letter reared up. Ever heard they were gonna erode and that's right that's right it does make sense before we wrap this up you we you know we had our fun talking about the of the heart attack. Grill or whatever the boys with the usual rounds. I kind of by Abe have you gotten. About hockey there if I mean is it is it noticeable around town and I know. The that the city itself the community's been through a tremendous amount of trauma here with. With the tragedy. That a couple the couple weeks ago but I'm just curious like what kind of what kind of hockey vibe if at all you've felt since you've been there. I tell you got more of a hockey vibes from all the people from buffalo were originally from buffalo living somewhere else that are here for the game. Everywhere you goal people are coming up to all from buffalo used to be from buffalo here for the game. You don't see. The logo you don't see the golden knights. Very much anywhere on the strip. You'll see the advertisement the arena's kind of tucked in opt. All the the strip a little bit but he can't even really notice that it spare. I talked to Brad May estimated at that the response in the building to the pin and everything has been fabulous but it. Around town here you really don't notice it. Rob enjoy the game and your trip home Woolsey Friday. You're right thank you. That is gonna do it for our stay tuned to big night on the station we've got a full edition of the nightcap with trying gates and then after that. Right close deal is in. For the Paul Williams felt sabres pregame show. And then puck drop after ten sabres and biggest golden. Tonight we'll talk tomorrow as we learn the.