10-20 Evander Kane with Martin Biron on The Instigators


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Yeah I've got event McCain here just coming off the ice he said Ding on the trip has been a little Wear on guys you know get your legs back so how do you approach this game it's kind of a trap game. That you come back from the schools. Colors to nurture. It but. You know I think they actually easier tonight tonight for your thoughts on Michael real word awkward. We need leaders in hockey tonight and we're coming an answer that team in rancorous way back to victims of you know we accurate OK well. You lead the league in shots I think at 39 and one and then. Things that people see Eli is you know you take shots from pretty much anywhere but have you. Change a little something in your approach and tried to take take quality shots and you've got ten points by goals now getting get your ten point that the in the middle of December last year. Yeah you were hurt by it. Is that something you pride yourself on quality shots as well. Yeah I mean. Settled sales on is also sings about shock and if you look at the a lot of goals are scored its box and that's and that's organized. Don't get second opportunity so they aren't so bad shots or shots or that's what coach tells the is looking for I think if you look at it through periods we do in the third period reached for illegals are not so. Something on a marked change in. Obviously like shots or from the slot with an over in front of me I'll take those long period about. Sometimes doesn't know you always like the winds up in the air about three foot of the yet to batted in but. How do you see that fully developed yet and it is a big gold gutsy an appointment to I do you see it from Europe point of view. Yeah. Got excellent point you know par to one timer like him flogged in the air than. Jack just trying to throw on medical blocked in the kind of sought in the air and it's possible that decides to try to make some contact with a canary fortune. It was him but went after the celebration in the last two afterwards. You know do you look at that the first person Roland you celebrate like that there's something that comes your mind autos and it was actually clusters that if so is pretty exhaustive. So as more of a relief celebration and good hopefully they'll be more celebrations if you know first row and vendor scores given thumbs up or something thanks for stopping by and good luck tonight thanks.