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Thinks he's done. John Murphy GO. Afternoon at one bills drive and a beautiful day in Orchard Park welcome John Murphy Joseph with Donald Jones like here for the next three hours talks bills football with you. Evidently the bodies what we call jeans and frak. Everything that's what our producer. Like a nationwide thing now. Oh it is yeah yeah even in schools teachers they Wear jeans on it and it did ecology camp right. I don't know that's the one right casual Friday casual friend I get that team Pitt Friday. That was a T airs and I'd act that was his invention I I think I'm guessing it. From what I can tell everybody in the control room marked. Thousands is Jean pants and yet you know Diaz that influence of a lot of people need and he issued a directive and we've bouts of weaponry Jean Friday here. Which normally Donald doesn't even Wear slacks underneath the desk yours so this is an upgrade for right I come in basketball so we'll go there you don't know and that's what sort of slides. You know no socks on the nothing matches have long showed up top right. Which is fine it's TB and welcome to the show up a lot of ground cover. All of it leading up to the bills on the box coming up on Sunday going to be a beautiful day gonna it's going to be. Appealing Donald it's gonna be a memorable date Sunday for. Personally I think the bills are probably gonna go on top no guarantees here. But it are picking I would pick the bills secondly I think they're good they're office go to awaken a little bit against this tip of the defense. I just think with 73 degree temperatures with sunshine with the fall I was at the ticket office today. Completely sold out I mean they're receive the places full because of the way the teams play because of the weather. Ohio State marching band you know one of the quality marquis bit in the country maybe the best. But I have a feeling we're in for them of that Portland building and have something to say about that right. There's differences of opinion I don't. Worship at the altar of Ohio State mark to me or anything about it for that matter the color people in this building who do but that's OK yes you don't write your notes that guy and I hate the guys. Instead I can stand in the guys that I would do it that played on my team like Obama house statement. Will. What about what. Yeah it would about the things you know but I did it you know as people in Ohio they love Ohio State football that's doable. Exactly in any rate their march against governor Sonny should put on a great show I should have children were in were lined up they're coming off the bye. Were lined up here for a really good I just think it's going to be a memorable game and I get excited about every game but I'm especially excited about the science. Yeah I think. This team needs to get some momentum back the immediate their running game going so I'm excited to see if they can do all of that stuff you know I'm excited. To to see the weapons that that Tampa Bay has and I know. You know fans say well why do you wanna see them why do wanna see them I like to see. The superstars of other teams you know come in here and play I like to watch other players in person so I wanna see my heavens I wanna see DeSean Jackson. OJ Howard in person you know if if Davis is going to play woods. This sounds like he's gonna play out it was gonna play I wanna see him play you know now what the team to shut them down but I wanna see these guys place on excited. And yet sounds like once it's gonna play wouldn't probably get a post practice report in. Eventually today the your participation. No question double probable that'll come out eventually today. But that sounds like went to didn't play I think you know eleven gearing towards that. But dumb that that's part of what makes it I think and it Christine matchup today and how would Christine is a weird is it that over the what 41 years history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise this is just the second time they played. And for me it's every other reason why I wanna see them play because. We don't do it to play them off that. You know when these teams that we don't get the play and see often like the falcons like Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know I like to. Finally get a chance to actually see them in person and see them play but it is a good thing that he says the second time they've been out here. I'd like forty hours that's not. It is it's going to be a great day I had a good feeling about it the bills in the box the game sponsor this week is EC MC over the bills go EC FC the official health care provider the bills. EC MC proud to be the sponsor this Sunday's game against. Tampa Bay are or try to put fish on for you today we think it's going to be a good one we're gonna talk about about the game Morgan who enlist your help as well that. Get your thoughts on the bills in the box and how that match of my goal has always. Four lines are open you know 30515. Told free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550 aura Twitter. At Jabber. Practicing as we speak and the injury reporting in the final official injury report set about later today we find out about the status of difference in Jordan Matthews. This morning head coach McDermott says he's gonna wait and see. If Matthews is ready he's made it through a couple of days of catching the ball in practice they wanna find out you know I think they're pretty good feeling about how is injured Thomas responded to a beauties of practice. Could be a little bit different story and game game we'll see. How many snaps he gets if he's ready to play but they're gonna wait and see according to lend a no commitment yet from John McDermott on whether Clinton would be the starter. In this game or their practicing in the stadium right now will probably post practice injury update as soon as it comes up but a lot to talk about it mark Kelso is gonna join us. At 1230 today the color analyst on the bills radio network scheduled to be interview with a just talk about the man to beat them a lot of breaking down the matchup obviously. At 1 o'clock Greg cosell. The executive producer of ESP n.'s NFL matchup Greg cosell always is it Christine insight into matches the bills but games are on the NFL including Hampshire have a lot to say about the crazy. A magnificent Thursday night game last night right those are coming up at 1 o'clock. The load out what Lawrence weapons that are coming up at 2 o'clock today Lorenzo Alexander makes his weekly appearance and will be in studio with us today. It was a breakdown of the bills in the box. Popular coach coming up to thirty Chris Brown with don't yet coffee the coach Chris and if that's John McDermott will be in will be on here this around 230 years ago. And a lot of your phone calls to. Although it other other's game last minute of the game I'll whatnot and the united you can see the entire data because I was called in the game here last night the high school game down when I got home I I. Like I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep but I could not go to sleep because India two teams the divisional game in a turn on the scores close. And you can DC Oakland driving down the field and and at the end of that thing dare car. Threw like four touchdown pass it on one drive those crazy it was he's good. Those receivers Mark Cooper finally. Broke out this year because he cracked tree had been having having horrible season. Obviously we're gonna talk about the opening remarks I'm led to what happened with him but overall it was just a good game to see. What I was in the same boat you have iced the game which when asked about a minute I at a fundraiser to go to get back around 9930 turn on the game the second half we just begun. I was of the same mindset thinking now an epidemic it's units in the community. He don't know you like awful could turn it off alas it was unbelievable and those are two good teams personal look Oakland and Kansas City. And it just at the raiders got off to a slow start your car got off to a slow start but. Once he got it heated up he was outs and what gamer he sat he's one of my favorite players in the league especially. When it comes to young players in the league. Just great plays down the stretch for the raiders good plays virtually all game long for the chiefs including a couple of lucky plays a tip that went for a touchdown. They both are very talented offense is now. You use you know I look at it obviously many bills is looking into through the plans of how to the bills match up against these guys know razor here next week. Built in market city theaters November. I'll tell you what those offenses are. Light years ahead of what the bills have done so far as off. Those often does the score now understand that the bills have a very good defense one of the top defense is in the NFL. But their car's good and they have weapons all across the field and he can give it to those weapons we saw this same office last year with the exception of mark summits. I'm so we know that they can score points this defense will have to be. Or near appeasing to use to stop that office and his office will need to put points on the board to beat that team has a team their car for me is. Probably the best young quarterback in the league I'm in my opinion he's he's playing good like you city's gaming started off slow. Which quarterbacks do some time when the game was on the line. My guess that he threw like three touchdowns four touchdowns on one drive. And he ended up throwing that that. The past that to Jericho. Which he caught at the one. Was a great pastor equipment a very good play but he made some great the rules you know at the time expired in it was like Ali got another penalty. And and had to make another throw and he did that mean got another penalty in and he just continue to to battle and battle and battle until he threw that ball to crack through. For a touchdown but is it meet port. Did you think. I thought he missed that at some point. What is it I thought he missed that personally didn't start my major step with what I was struggling and I don't even if his name. I was struck most of the night in his case it's rules yeah that was big it'll have caused him out right he's been out yet so you know I I don't know whom. Who decade there was blood on that at some point in my RO. He missed it though he made it died in the that was hired to notice allies in the snap on the extra point. Little bit high in the potter did a good job of regulating there was Harkin but to get through with it and you know. One thing about picking last night we will talk about it is the afternoon rules lock. There was a lot of push and uncle and a yes by the part of wide receivers and they got away with some of them including a touchdown play. And the final yet we're gradually he looked so what's the with a split and I think for the most part they got most of the calls right. In those on time down on time down sequence in the end of the game. About the did pretty good job appreciated getting the call right making difficult calls and it almost game deciding calls one after another after another that but even early in the game. Yes the relentless and I can't go you know. It's it's great this is why sacked out of I would never wanna play corner in this league because as a corner you can't even breathe on wire receive an outlay where receiver. But I understand their beef right now you know because they can't touch why receivers but why receivers was off all the time it was off all the time you'd like I'm in a living off of pushing off you know now there is certain way to to supposed to do it but you'll see throughout the course of the game cornerbacks always complaining put complaining about bush and off. And for the most part the receiver did push off the rest has been called. The good ones. I can recall you put an untreated. But the really good ones not a push up inactive and not typical what you would. You know it's it's all about is using your elbow you know when you never stay in your hand so when you go into the top U route. Use the push off when you lean in with your body and you were come out with the noble and Nate they shouldn't call it when you exchanging hands like scratchy Dade. We got the call. That's when they're gonna call it yesterday they're workspace that is hands and didn't get. Right exactly you know in his it's always a judgment call by the rest but that's when they're supposed to call when may see you exchanging it. I'll talk to. You chain. Really chant yes. Like individual instruction change yes and came over to me one day in practice. This is my second year we return can't. And T and you know ten wasn't a guy who yelled at. And you know I ran around 101 in tables like screaming across the field that you know mind what I do to let it. What is it you know it is like you're peaking physically and use your body and he started the he started to explain what he wanted to see aggregate lean into me and ended all that stuff and then I started to do as ever had a receiver coach was the plate read on this particular situation was the play going to Ulan. We were a little ones I was what I want it was a little ones in these communities corporation right exactly and he was like you may get physically not using your body out the plea came over and he was explaining it to me. And now the first summer actually had the one that's the breakdown. Coming out of the top U route because I never had a true wide receiver coach when I came here was all about is learning to please please stand came over to me it started to break down. The NYSE. Don't think many of us assumed wrongly at times that by the time a guy gets the NFL. All that technique stuff will be in green that you know and that you know maybe don't picket fences maybe come from a small school you wouldn't have to sort of general instruction if the truth when you come from a small school I guess I never had. A wide receiver. Coach me you know mile all of my coaches. They played like trump and outside corner or something like that and it just didn't know how to teach. You know the basics of actually running routes and being a wide receiver in beane decides or deceptive. All of that stuff. I never had that and especially coming from a small school. And so I kinda have to teach myself everything when I got here it's so different when you get to the pros and how you have to play in and if you don't have someone teach you these things he'd had a training I guess in the offseason as well you'll. What's the sense that she was a little bit underrated. Especially as the offensive teacher in a champ was. San isn't offensive jeans he really is is often mean his offensive mind is is crazy. It was just hard for him as a head coach and calling plays to do that same time you know what it as an author of the coordinated. Man you put some things together. We asked at a as a player there but even got technique are you yeah it was it was really underrated in you know he was. I guess a player's coach and he would talk to you break things down you know and it was it was cold it to to work with you know because I'm in the first time he came meanings like Amy you know who Miles Austin is he's from Jersey. And I'm like yeah Williams and he was like well that's an eagle make this team especially teams and then when I had to make and a team the and he started to break down you know playing wide receiver when he was seen me do things on film after we watch the film we would always get together with the quarterback with fits. And the rest of the quarterbacks the tight ends and running back the entire office with the exception of the office of mine. And we go over different things since and we come into our receivers room and break things down to me personally yeah. Oh Christine we're gonna talk a little bit more about that game last night we welcome your comments 8030515. Tool free. 1888552. By fifty or I Twitter at dumber you show late breaking news from Tampa where Bucs head coach Tara Conner. Announced today the team as Winston will start against the bills that went all this way deep into Friday anyway apple into Friday. And as I think we both anticipated it would be game is when to end the bulls' coaching chip was like you know wait. We don't know about his level the participation in practice today. But it will be a team as Winston starting quarterback for the game my against buffalo. What do make of. You know I. As this is what I expected you know Janus he got hurt the last game but he never left the sideline. So I was expecting him to play now. There was always going to be some pain management stuff he was probably gonna do. He's probably gonna get a shot on Sunday to make sure that he's still like Superman update doesn't do anything for awhile for a while there are doing takes and hits. And hopefully this defense can gentlemen hit him often you know also that it starts to get sore and sword sword you know and then maybe you see him come back out of the game. But I expected this I did expect for him to play and I wanna see him play to the. Let's start with you about the game about Winston about that last night's game fault lines open. 8030550. Tool free 1888552. But fifty mark counsell coming up at the bottom of the hour. Carter about last night's game from Jake in Rochester Jake are you there go ahead welcome on the air with. An old Jake in Rochester. Jake in Rochester are you there. No. Date no entry. Let's get to this game on Sunday. The bills in the box Donald and let's get to our Twitter or maybe budget directors somebody wants to weigh in on this the big game on Sunday. What is a key to a buffalo bills' victory on Sunday over the box. That's a Twitter poll you can focus outlet is known to thank. What's the key to a bills went over the bucks on Sunday right now early going 60% again in the bills run game going is number one on their list. And it's tied it with a 218%. Say get getting better play from the offensive line is the key. 15% satanic handling Tampa Bay's offensive weapons. 7% have another something else in mind was don't you think what's the key appeals victory over the box. 8030515. And number toll free 1888552. By fifty habitable for better offensive line play that's I think. Number one getting the run game on will follow that but I do think Donald and what what whatever scheme the plane whether it's. You know this year's wide zone blocking scheme with some elements of the power game mixed in whatever the plane they got to play better. I think if they do that I'm not gonna take it be an easy victory for the bills but I do think that would be key element of how the QB this debate. Yet they got I would go with. Better offensive lively because we always say it starts and attentions and you you have to. Be able to block of front if you wanna get the run game going I know a lot of people are saying. Get the run game going when that starts off with the offensive line. And making their blocks upfront and consistently doing it and everybody all five including the tide in those six. Maybe even seven if you had two tight end sets in there making their blocks to gather the issue has been. You have an offensive line you have a couple of guys you have less as they had four guys on the offensive line blocking. Everybody's still with the supposed to do you have one guided does not do what he's supposed to do and it it breaks up the entire play. So you need everybody consistently to make their blocks. And work together as an offensive line coming out of this bye week. Sure they have enough time to sit down and talk to each other looked after whom figure out what's been going wrong. They need to be consistent upfront everybody doing your job every single play and if they can do that these days running game will be though. And that of course goes a long way towards getting this thing go on but. As you and I look at this game and maybe the keys that we have for this game. Let's talk a little bit about that Donald is we. Moved through the show think the keys from buffalo bills' victory I think ground and pound note hearkens back to. Memories of the Rex Ryan era I do think that this is a team that they should be able to run the ball against you know the numbers would suggest that the video I've watched. Should suggest that they can run the ball against his Tampa Bay team and a control the clock which is not always you know. Job one that certainly factors into it. And I think running the ball controlling the line of scrimmage which they have not done a consistent basis would be the first key for me for the bills against him today. So my first he is controlling. Terrible court. I think their local news is that the east. I do I think that he he only has two sacks so far this year but I think he's a beast he's so quick off the line of scrimmage and you know if you if you're not ready for him in he'll be over the top Richie. For a lot of the day and if you're not ready for him. He will end up in the backfield a lot and we talk about you know all five of your line need to off five you guys up front need to make sure that they're blocking to gather working together. Well he's the one guy it's you have to make sure you did. Body on a body in some you you sometimes you gotta double team you know because he is so so quick so first my keys to handle your McCoy second. You gotta keep an eye or imposing our. Without anything. While he had that the reason I say keep an eye on him is because they ran like a weird play and he just came wide open in the past and I think. And Diana but. Okay but I Adams at the state where he bent back and what's what's the deal Elton Brand pick what what's the deal they'll sleep well. The massive amount of but he doesn't mean lower your pinky. I'm not you know that's come back to buy New Hampshire and I thought what makes YC a factory administrator in either game you know he's. Talented you know and again they haven't they haven't gotten the ball so. But they have weapons around them they have weapons on the outside so because they have weapons on the house side. If frees them up to be 101 they have another and another tidy and embrace it all for those guys on the field somebody's gonna come opened some eyes and get a one on one. Pickens game as Willis and exploit that the reason Jose Howard hasn't really done much of anything yet these years because Davis once and hasn't been playing good you know what. OJ Howard is a talent out there as a you have to keep an island him. Or you know he can he can make plays and when he catches the ball he can take it all the way to the house. Last. Two key to the game is so once step up in the past so somewhat along the lines to view. And that is for me I think it should be I think nickel leaders and have your game. I think I hope at Logan Thomas can avenue game I hope they Jones can really keep going as well but he's going to be there at the number one wide receiver. You know we'll see what happens with Jordan Matthews he's weak but I think they jones' time for him to step up and we six now you know yeah you can't. I understand you're a rookie but we're halfway into this thing now also it's about that time due to step up and make some plays but I would like to see Logan Thomas makes them please. This guy but Siegel and talent comes make plays and I'd like to walk out here and 500 dollar bill on the sidewalk yeah that would be if Logan Thomas if your accountant look I've met you know denigrating Logan Thomas here but. If your comment Logan Thomas to get you out of this office of slop I think its reached it's not a guy regular 900 out of Billups to. It's not about him getting you out of the offered the slot you got to utilize. As you'll have Charles clay he's gonna be on the field you know once in he's he's athletic he can get down the field and he can open things up if you throw him the ball he can open things up for a Zeta-Jones outside you know and so. Logan Thomas look nickel there is not a guy who can give them few technical director rent I put out. I don't think he'd give them if you become president hook routes he can ready to five and out. He might be able to get into a scene but we're talking about an athletic tight and that can truly get down the field that is Logan Tom is not Michael O'Leary. About O'Leary in the and maybe one of the best plays of the season so far against Denver. The deep pass you know break even over. Yeah I don't know to the plate he can do that. And hopefully do that but he still not he's not I receive a true wide receiver threat tied it in the Logan Thomas is that guy. You know and so I think nickel or you'll it is Carter. I hope is that I've you know we've seen a make plays. Here in the pre season now do I think he's gonna end up getting it now because Tyrod Taylor throws it to guys that he's used to throwing its. Manila opiates to load times. But I'm honored our bills and so I think that I think Tyrod is gonna throw a technical leader that he's gonna throw at his age Jones is a throw it to the so locally what. Yeah this is my second key is basically find some weapons that goes along with what you're seeing is first what the bills you know someone step up. But I think it's more likely that Rosie Jones would be one of the weapons Jordan Matthews I think it looks like you're gonna play if you can play we'll get. The practice update I think out of that group. Maybe it's Brandon Tate you don't generally people asking about the out via the anti Thompson maybe he's the guy but it. It was nothing to suggest that you know not coming in this week dealing clay you mean now you're pick and apply parents and yet more likely to me it would be C Jones Jordan Matthews. Nick O'Leary could be you know the weapons that will help dispatching get out of the slot. We'll see we'll see my lessing and we will see about this too and I've full. Faith and confidence that this will happen that the bills though home field advantage and and I love the fact that Tom McDermott that he started it two weeks ago on our show when he was on the show talking about the defend our dirt. I think he spent a lot of time we've heard players say they're would have some others. You know they have to capitalize on the great home field advantage that they get. It's unique atmosphere here to park yes it is something to do with that. The pregame hijinks I'm not talking about cable jumpers but the celebration it goes I'm in the parking lot beforehand and that. You know that the fact the people get pumped up for these games that have been around the league a couple of places not just this year couple years and there are these brand new venues in the NFL where. People just aren't into it like they are here you know hoppy it's been people's overseer. Orchard Park closest thing to a college atmosphere there atmosphere there is in the NFL there right. It is and the bills have to cash in on that they have to you know make their home field advantage their advantage in and use it to their advantage. And I think Sean McDermott is spot on. Emphasizing that to his players I think. You know what you're looking at there is probably got off to a fast start make plays on defense which gets decried the crowd riled up. You know and and that would keep the home crowd into it throughout the entire afternoon big got to do that this week next week three the next four weeks and I think gogel on Detroit are home. So far this year you know I like to see that kind of trend continued. Yeah I mean you have to win your games at home I don't expect him to get out so fast Arco I just don't this hasn't. Because they haven't done that all year they don't have the the I mean unless they truly get the running game going I don't expect in the get out to a fast or it'll play that type of well you know Americans do it. And the defense plays well. And they haven't lived on touchdown to get out the fast arts. You know like everything is battle field goals I don't expect him to get out to a fast our topic is going to be you know they might score early in the game but. I don't expect the office to get out of I think they do themselves huge paper. But we have seven they would its first quarter they would do themselves a huge favor by doing that because maybe at that point it the Buccaneers who say okay we got to pass to get back into this being an in it will allow this the mr. gates James Wednesday. What they just haven't done Natalie. I'm also. I don't know I think we history repeats itself hopefully they can get out of debt type of slump and get out to a fast start against the Bucs defense but because they haven't done it yet this year. It's heartening to suit him do this. All right we'll find out we're gonna talk what mark Kelso and we returned color analyst on the bills radio network here to give us his keys his thoughts on the bills. And the Bucs of course we'll take your own house in 030515. 1231888552. But if he'd just get rolling John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive. Mrs. buffalo bills' three. Which regular post practice updates shortly experts who's in who's out who's questionable for the game to work for every is that. Janus Winston will be starting at quarterback for the books on Sunday bills box 1 o'clock you can watch the game on fox TV but. Better than that Youkilis in the game on their electric current booklet of the NGOs were treated by fifty in a number of bills radio network which is the better. It's a better look at the bills speak up because amiga because at this guy. Mark Kelso color analyst and built radio network long time a safety for the Buffalo Bills. And in is what fifteenth you're now on particles broadcast our tour and I think it's more like 1213. Thirteen yeah somewhere you've got a down moment. Well we read you we tried hard as preacher of wanna get to read into this game market and an amusement that much of the week look at it video what in your mind is the key. To a bill's victory over the box we got a torn to pull up on this and 60% of the respondents or Farsi getting netbook buffalo run game known as the number one key. 18% say better offensive line which is at hand and aunt. 15% say handling Tampa Bay's offensive weapons in 7% of something else in my what you have in mind what you had identified one key don't go off and give report by. The one thing that I don't I don't like you are valuable evidence like it's like make it something in the kitchen there's a lot of ingredients that goes into victory C can't say we're gonna stop the big up that's the weapons were not to come run the oil and what is the essential ingredient to a buffalo bills' victory in the essential ingredient I would agree with that there responds that you have to get the bills running game going that's their bread and butter I think there's a lot of play action pass opportunities. That are available here against this line backing cornice secondary Tampa Bay. And you're not afforded those opportunities if you're running game is not success when it I think there's ways to attack the running game. They do some things the offensively they're gonna lineup in front based on the way to build lineup offensively. And I think the bills can set the front that they want defensively by the way they line up and honey priests now movement. And then they can attack the weeks quite a bit I hope they use the fullback a lot because the last time the running game I think really got its traction in the second half against Atlanta. DiMarco got in the game a lot of night. Quite frankly I'm Ina arts got a different role now winning in place bullish on the court in certain situations but sometimes he's out there block and as well and and can handle up that quick trapped inside the same time to him. That is the mark with a anatomy cares when they. Went went went that was block and in the running game and they were just attack any edge against Manning is a very fast defense team faster defense of units in this Tampa Bay team. They they really found their way and and I hope that they give back then on Sunday. As a surprise you that they haven't really thrown the ball to. Pat DiMarco we're over that much in and coming in that's kind of what we talked about them in these guys detestable lot of that as well. Well and and Tolbert has I mean couple under catches in his career a man of the Marcos. Mating cats have all come around back there but they use him real prolific in Atlanta coming cut cut the ball few times and and and becomes an element of surprise certainly a third banner or goal line situations so. That doesn't surprise me a lot I mean the Tolbert a little bit but again his role has changed a little bit now that he's. He really the backup tailback as as opposed that to being a fullback role I think they wanna protect them in that situation may mean not expose him to as much contact if he's not. Run the ball and in trying to give LeSean McCoy at. And opportunity take a breather here and there but and there's there's really good opportunities against his defense of unit they're they're pretty consistent in what they do and you have to see if those things unfold things that you studied on tape and things that that appeals to prepare for your door in the week if those things are consistent and hold true win win game day begins in and if that if that's the case. Now I think to have a pretty good game plan I think there's ways they can attack his defensive unit and it really get their offense on track this week but again. Mean it every game in the league is a difficult game if you don't execute efficiently don't play your best. They're gonna have an opportunity coming impeach him but I I'd be very surprised if that happened and in very disappointed quite. Aside from the match up mark you know bills vs boxed for the bills in general maybe if you look at it from the the perspective of bye week and fixing yourself over the bye week. What can the bills to better themselves to just get the running game going not out of the tech Tampa Bay but how can they be better running the football in general this Sunday and throughout the rest of the season. Yeah I mean it was it's a couple things that thing I want is first of all it's not. It it's not necessarily a schematic thing that they don't. That they that they haven't. Minute to put numbers up like they have in previous cup for years meaning remember last year they had some trouble early in the year and then they just changed a few little things right. It's really it's really focusing in on on what plays that they can execute most efficiently if they do that. I think I think they can fix things pretty quickly laments about. Haven't the right guys in the right positions and in the last week Yemeni. And and again I didn't and study bills films so I have no idea. And I'm not talking about quality player how they. How they played together but but John Miller was replaced by fled to Costa who said it a tremendous career in this place to it to this point news in his tenure in the lake. Who cuts and yet I mean is that he's had a good career but I but you change. I mean but naive you got five guys and I've I've talked extensively about how he needs energy from those five guys. Offensive line defensive back that is two groups that need to play together function as a unit. Most for efficiently if you're going to be effective and now you. It seemed like give the running game start to come alive in Atlanta and then and use of plant. At right guard for another player. And and again that it dude there's that there's a different chemistry that needs to happen the way those guys play together and I don't know icons similar problem when they see these guys every day in practice and feel like they have really good feel about what might be successful but I know that it didn't surprise me at the running game was unsuccessful last week. Because of the changes they may not because he may have played great. But you change the concept a little bit in and you went away from some things you did against Atlanta and and Cincinnati is that. Pretty good front quite frankly amending got some guys inside the can replace some mud unless and that's the issue. But I'm saying it's it's more execution and it's not it's not a particular play calling people say to Meehan we've talked about it. A lot of these teams' front they they don't run the same thing they all right I Ji leader in FT Lee where they bring the wing and the guard around they all run in the inside zone outside zone they'll run a stretch play. It's just what doses they run it in and how efficient they aren't executing it. Kelso color analyst on the built radio network in studio with a set. A call about this game on Sunday about the run game in particular Mike in Pennsylvania is on the night with a Mike go ahead with sentiment today. Hey guys yeah I'm with mark you know the built got to go head art don't get back to their betrayed his arm running the football I mean that's. Not gonna that the home from here on progress that he's been you gotta get that running game right especially against the team that to Scott. You know ran over viral YouTube and needed Adrian Peterson thought I definitely think. You gotta go on their plate now Matt. Not with all that and also I wanna you know it's eight years or response from after. Is last game with AJ green I know he's a competitor I need him to. You don't to continue to grow the rookie cornerback. And now they're the third thing that it is turnover ski boat it's the ball clean which the bill if we do enact. I think god I think it should Google went. Okay thanks we talked a lot about their running game mark Mike second point oh doctor Davies what I thought there was science. As the Cincinnati game went along the previous way they've already responded well to. Some early big plays allowed to AG Yan Ang get a chance to see that the first time sent a 71 yarder on film but maybe that AJ Stoddard and a little bit and and forced him to stop the speed I don't really think that happened. I think he just kind of ram Miami he may have underestimated his his closing speed in and then at the last second he didn't get a real efficient turn and then AGA's. Two or three steps ahead of domain makes that play has a little surprised. You know that they didn't protect them a little bit more with with the cover two situations so is safety will be over it's not as that ball is thrown right on the sidelines though. There's no way is say he's going to be there. The second play did that forty some yard that happened he was in beautiful coverage and he really recovered well on that they ground. When it was about fifteen or eighteen yard in route but I don't now AJ green and Kotnik as he didn't see it for more than a split second. And I think I think he did respond pretty well because that was that has the third play of the game and that can take cornerback Aaron really send his head's spinning because that's the first time really deter Davis white has been exposed. In his young career here and I thought he responded really well quite frankly and and them any easy green had what he had probably. Over a 19200 yards or receiving that honor and thirty of it worked well those two plays so I think he responded pretty well I just think there's certain situations. You know when if you're gonna do that he needed maybe bring a little bit more pressure so at this last time for the quarterback although it didn't take them. That loaned them ball out of his hands in the 71 yours on. And I think he responded well he he has he has been everything as advertised that mean he continues to. Two you know it's not but the team game and talk about. His teammates and in the things they need to do as a as a secondary units and I think he's played really well to this point in the season and and for a rookie. He's just been he's been everything's advertised to. Davies will be fine but he you know that the best corners in this league have that place. You know you and your playing against one of the best receivers in the league and so yeah it is going to be funny bounce back and had a very big game. He did the same thing in the Denver game where he gave up some big plays early in the game he bounced back and had a good game the rest of the game. He'll be fine I mean he has played well for the most part with the exception of a couple of plays he has played well this season. Yeah I agree by nugget you wanna if you wanna have analogy look it. Jalen Ramsey you know we're switching to accurate Ramsey was a first round draft pick played mostly seeking 'cause but it moves in the corner in Jacksonville. You know and in last year here and Sammy Watkins being among big play but their defense still play well they have a terrific defense and and you know he has started his second year really well also and certainly didn't depreciate his performance throughout the rest of the year with Jacksonville and I. I suspect the same will be withdrew navy is and he seems like a young man with the growth mindset. So he'll learn from that play and learn that. Hey I have a better feel now when those guys close me up when I need to turn particularly against a guy it's got to leave town like AJ green. You know and his third point was to keep creating turnovers yet. And I agree with that you have to keep creating those turnovers but even bigger than that. The office at the score points off those turnovers and that's something that they haven't done this year if they have it. You know really taken over a game by. Getting an interception and and scored a touchdown off that they end up settling for field votes when you when you actually. Did interception or fumble and they use courts are sound it's demoralizing to a team you know and so Yankee creating those turnovers the score touchdowns off of those so. The list is of less goes complex of assets that and it's right quick after that after the turnover like always Sammy. And and that's part of the problem with this office does that they haven't been able to stretch teams verdict please he get that eighth guy down in the box that's part of the problem with the running game as well. When they run play action pass on first and a lot they've they've opened up the running game also so. It's a it's a compliment you can't just say we gotta get the running game going we gotta get that play action pass game going both of those things. Will assist the other in some way shape or form mark previous to the rest of the bills' defense armed with the weapons they have to concern themselves with most on campus my. I. I hope Jamison Winston is okay but if left and Bryant are it's tragic it's in the game when is the last time the two Harvard. Collegiate players have but on the field at the same manner as our brains to break last week first time Harvard Harvard in the NFL is that first so an end. And break it I mean he's been terrific coming think he's Lee's second team in receptions behind Mike Evans. Good reason number one really Turco he's number one weapon for the break in the red area is number one weapon that has seen because you know Ryan Fitzpatrick throws them back shoulder in Winston is still some really good ball separated well down the middle of the Lebanese that weapon in the middle of the efficacy can extend the linebackers. If he's in front of the safety's season he's gonna make catches he catches a ball outside his body frame and and he can do some damage Mike Evans is is I think one of the elite guys in this league because he's got a big body and get vertical at times. Doesn't have quite that the vertical speed and his son Jackson has been Jackson still can get after comments they want you play off him. And and he runs a little stuttering Goer he tries to just go vertical on you. My and you better turn Iran because it's going to be tough to catch him he still has blazing speed and nano that helps Winston and that whole situation and then Martin's kind of common in twos on again after he's back up the suspension. Great contact balance and and he's been great in the run game and in Sims has been really really effective in the passing game as well catching a lot of balls that the state. They've got a lot of offensive weapons offensive line is solid. Nine denied nobody really really jump out at me that but certainly a solid group when since seems to have enough time to stand back there and throw. Reluctant to Ron wants to stay in the pocket and deliver the ball down the field and and like all good quarterbacks in his sleep he's kind of growing into that situation where he can move suddenly in the pocket by a little bit more time and then try to deliver the football. You know west and so adjusting because. And you talk about and growing and and maturing as a quarterback he still has those games where those girls reflect what was that you know this is what. Where are you throwing the ball would even looking yet you know and and for me eat even though you can see his maturity. In the you know in the locker room and everything on the field he just still makes those types of plays you know in the I think you know and he also is a gunslinger he will give it up the he will ruinous. Only a receiver can say that the B is really happy where everything starts right on the ball Aaron here hey look at it happens everybody he's a young quarterback with with a lot of I think he's had a lot of weight on his shoulders for that franchise and I think dated expectations are extremely high. He's delivered on a lot of those expectations coming into league and I think he continues to grow and and he's got some good weapons around him if he continues on this progression. You know he'll be able to play with that top group of quarterbacks probably for a a good number years during his career but then but. Ye ye ye you can't do it alone in that and and look what I what I studied in New England film. Is that a statistical day is Tom Brady had he missed Chris Hogan four or five times when. I mean is wide open through the middle of the field that's why I think the bills can have some success and move he has his New England had a now a lot of success there but a lot of times apologist got away from Bernie I don't know what was going on me through it at their feet it and threw it behind an interception was. Was it was a result of an errant throw not any any responsibility of Hogan and Hogan had to make a great catch. On the outside of his body the through behind sound what was going on but doesn't matter what quarterback Jarno leg and and how much experience or or quality player you have them in some some throws it's not. These don't do the right thing I was OJ Howard nineteenth overall pick up lined up on the list of you know potential threat so consulate. I mean I think there's things they need to learn and I age if I go back so let's. I don't want that but New England phenomena mention gronkowski against when he came in first came into lake prolific pass catcher but not a great blocker I think that's were OJ Howard. Really get past catcher peace for if if you flex amount. Input of about five yards from the offensive tackle when you expect them to man up against a linebacker or. Or a nickel or dime defensive back he's gonna win those battles he can get vertical he can really up your defense but I think they need him to be really involved in the running game as well and right now. That's not the strength of his game and not not soft and I think he did. Did. A large percentage of the time in Alabama so I think he's grown into that position certainly has that the body type and yet but a schism. That really help this team but. I mean rates been great and and out those two guys that present a really lethal combination when you can have twelve personnel and have them both on the same side and ninety. The play action pass game becomes a big option for James when sinner Ryan Fitzpatrick as well so. I mean just it's it's. It's just is a good example of how difficult this please write in and I'm not and not I am on the compare them just because his same position. But nick O'Leary an OJ Howard and on nick O'Leary did not come out with touted is like I should OJ Howard but. He was it was a MacKey award winner. And look on struggle his rookie year and now look now you start to come into his own and really play well he's blocks really well and running game he's making some plays downfield. You know with the with the catches up they armor Tyrod Taylor so. I think OJ Howard is it's it it's a good progression and seen a ton of film on him but I just think he's grown into that position he's gonna have to be able to handle defense events that game which. Which he probably was better athletically than most of the guys you play against a college he's not here in the NFL there's a lot of these guys like. Mark I told Donald at the top of the show I ever really good feeling about this game to bill's chances that the weather's going to be great crowd it's going to be sold out. I just I think Brent for a problem memorable Sunday and you know with three home games in the next four I think this is this is the meat of the schedule in this where you start building something I think it starts on the. Yeah and I think coming. The mentality has to be right for bye week because obviously you'd you wanna you wanna have some rest and and you wanna focus on fundamentals a little bit again because you can't really do that you're game planning every week the at the fundamental focus goes away in the training camp pretty much you can focus on fundamentals a little bit and I think this team. Likes to be fundamentally sound I really like. A like. What I see this weekend I think it's going to be good opportunity for this team but it's a good opportunity. Much has to win a football game with a put his stamp on the early part of this season is say you know what. When we play at our best we really can't play well if they get their running game noise concerns me a little bit it opens on the heels of this because. In and if if you talk about looking forward mine and I think. Obviously I you know I feel about their car I think he's one of the real the really great young quarterbacks in this league in can do an awful lot of things so. Don't want bill's thinking about that I suspect is coaching staff is is made sure that that they'll protect against that mentality so they've got a way out. Not only. And I think they win this game that they can put his stamp on some things here that can continue to play well defensively in and get their running game going and and and then see if they can they can continue that trend got to win games at home if you if you want any thoughts of like getting to the post season. And this is another opportunity at home against the like Jesus sellout crowd and hopefully they'll put together great I can't wait. Go Sunday it's going to be fun and exciting and am surprised at Cleveland going to be likeness about it and I love it. Mark Kelso going to be with a Sunday for the college game on WG aren't there bill radio network the builds on the tip of big bucks at 1 o'clock with. Pregame coverage starting at 11 AM on the network. Thank you mark Kelso and we've got more to come the Jabber he shall from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills three. WGI. Sports Radio 550 more of that John Murphy she. Perfected showed John Murphy Dow Jones our thanks to mark Kelso for joining us I think. I heated sand and out of the federal I don't ask him to pick a winner because I think I feel comfortable doing that. That betting here but I get the sense for market also that he feels pretty optimistic about the bill's chances rate to pick up. Yeah Sonya I think he says and first welcome back on this team has been good at home you know that's that's first and foremost coming back home often will buy we guys filling a lot better or a little bit better than they were you know going into the bye week. And when you look at this and debate team. They do have weapons on offense that can that can really hurt you JMRS. Has been a little bit inconsistent. But the defense is really the reason why you would be optimistic about this game because their defense. My cute you were just talking about they play a little bit soft in the secondary they have Gerald McCoy up front he's really the only one that it. Again I mean you know we know heirs or outside but days like only one that's like. You have to really worry about a front and their linebackers are not dated either you know it's so. At defense is offense you think should be able to keep going so well against Steve this is a game like I can feel it Tom calling from what's Erica hello Tom welcome here on the Arabs. Or or thanks for him me appreciate your. I want to mention about. The twelfth man. It'll be. Crescendo or the 8000 fans that's going to be. Biggest test for us I'm confident about the defense. And I I voice this would be a boring answer but I have always I've always thought that. Running game in the passing game game complement each other if you're doing good at the past. It'll spin off into the running game you know that I spills a check and Chris I have to Cabot about somethings that I found a kind of abusing. The pushing off in the NFL you see a lot of soul that is truly flagrant. So these guys these professional wide receivers. They do there's no way it make you look pretty and almost legal. And I. Yell at in and it get away with its sole. I grew idea that there's push at all but. So make it look pretty and I'm glad they don't call all the time. Just. If they got to feel touch each other a little bit and that's pretty much as I had a question for mark but he's that there is his former. If there's a culture that he used to so what if there actually worked so that's sick guys go bills we are gonna win. Exxon you're in the zone or have them you know the shell with the plastic cap to avoid comparisons oh yeah. He's like all alone in it ultimately. And in. Say anything about knocking. Panthers and India and it was noted that the Kazuo. And a we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and Greg cosell. Executive producer of it ESPN NFL matchup steady by to join us to look at last night's game to look at the bills (%expletive) matchup and the rest of belief. John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive Buffalo Bills radio.