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At bay Buccaneers say they will have team it's Winston. In the starting line at depleted bills on Sunday the announcement from head coach Dirk cutter after practice today Weston didn't throw much at all on Wednesday or Thursday this week with that in some throws today. James Woodson is set to start. Against the bills on Sunday for the bills there injury report is out Charles Oakley Ramon Humber both ruled out of the game. Wide receiver Tom Jordan Matthews listed as questionable with a summit. Matthews got an a full practice day today. Head coach John McDermott said early today that we see as to what Jordan Matthews availability sunny and how much. You used against the bucks bills and box Sunday 1 o'clock pregame kicked our pregame coverage begins at 11 AM on the network. On the built radio network and would have liked to hear buffalo WTO which review by it. March Utley to ejected from the Oakland Raiders whenever can't sit in the second quarter last night. And league officials say there's that chance that he will be. Discipline for that a fine or suspension may be coming march on which is way Buffalo Sabres back on tonight it got the Vancouver Canucks first game back after the four game road trip. Last. The home team in the series has won twelve of the last fifteen games they're playing tonight he banks that are the sabres and the Vancouver Canucks baseball tonight the Yankees. I go up effort in game six in Houston now that series returns to Houston. The Astros undefeated at home this post season the Yankees have won three in a row at Yankee Stadium it's game six yankees have three games to do. Her speech tonight that little bit after 8 o'clock. And awaiting the Yankees and Astros are the Los Angeles Dodgers scored in eleven at one victory in game five of their National League Championship Series. A game one of the best of seven World Series will be next Tuesday night. At doctor Steve. That's the update from one bills drive the Jabber B show presented by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy. Donald Jones graduate data with the lowdown coming up with a special guest in studio with us right now a homecoming of sorts for the NFL I'm Fox's very own. Most Daryl Johnston Lewiston Porter product welcomed home most we don't see you a lot here but when you commandos who is not a stretch when your crew. Yet it's funny it's good to get back and we don't give Becker is often is is I would like it's great American C family but it's it's it's been a nice run you look at America couple times last year's. Those things first we can you do us a favor and put up the ring. Oh and wondering here overnight Houston this hearing. And this is that this is Pittsburgh this is not either one of the buffaloes of rebels and I do that's that's possible 32 bit different at that that's not revenue in Geneva absolutely not actually why I tell everybody when I come back as of this was cheer for the bills against the giants and against the Redskins which I normally don't do so is an NFC east guy. But I know I know how special would be for the bills fans in this community to assume pulled runs so. I was pulled form is as much as there but it record awful you're in position to help the bills couples. Times in the the other two way. I had some other Jen just yet you did and didn't quite well as a matter fact. It's been awhile since you played I just wondered as you reflect back on your NFL career wanna talk about college in the second but. The super bulls obviously the highlights and you played any any unique spot fullback position which sort of balls in and out of fashion in the unit though these days. It really does we've had several teams that that don't even have the full park on the roster spot so it's been it's been challenging from that regard but. And I I think what would. You have your idiocy Patrick DiMarco command. You know I think it adds an element to we had San Francisco last week inning as Washington and one of the first moves that that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch me it was to go out and in beautiful back. They got collier's checked so I think from time to time it does kind of swing back in the fever it was really there was some dark days between. 07 and twelve we're a lot of teams have really found that three wide too tight ends set to be to be more productive. So. You were start to see come back a little bit and I think a lot of that has to do with the really unique athlete that's inside the defense of tackle the can be Lyman real quick. To have that extra guy in the back to just kind of clean that up and allow the running back to get back to life mr. Richard after McCann. A move in the in the backfield is important you know. What about the H back type from the expect that position. Instead of a troop pullback in DC team is now doing a lot more aged backwards attendance last full day. Yeah I see the H back it's a tight in the you're trying to bring into the backfield I've seen converted outside linebackers I didn't see converted defensive tackles and if you know there were undersized try to come in that position and it's. It's horde it's it's a mentality that you've got a skill set to play at fullback position but as more from mentality position. So I used to struggle when I would go up to the Linus human growth on the backside and align storage. Because the blocking on the line of scrimmage is more technically driven. So it's hand placement and who gets or instance I first were fullback when you're coming out of the backfield it's going to be a collision oh so it's just you know you have to have that mentality. So I struggled I don't wanna play on the line from TomTom. Dunks downs on Darryl Johnson in studio with us here with the NFL on fox crew Chris Myers and Carolyn nor open we'll have a caller we game on TV the bills in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What do you think Patrick DiMarco as a player and how important is he to whatever success the bills might have in the Russian. Well I think he was I think was very good in Atlanta a beacon of ran his in Atlanta. I think he brings a unique skill set to the yet to. To the fullback position I think we'd have a guy the can be in the backfield in the lead blocker foolish on a quarry. Be involved in the running game in that aspect but that also to be a belief formation. And create a matchup situation on the outside that that is the type player that we're looking for bring the fullback position. Back into favor in the NFL the problem is. We don't have that pipeline from high school to college the full back doesn't exist down at those levels so it's hard for him to exist at this so that we get into the H Barack converted. Defensive player trying to fit that role. Pump tell me about LeSean McCoy and you know he's good in game six he would hit the end zone yet. I went out here a minute ago until now miles I've got a five dollars he's gonna get his own place I think we in the like we did that got the duke Catalanotto money though we ended up about volatile and appeared that there may be but. I mean he's waiting to break out I know he's frustrated he's handled it pretty well. I have a feeling this will be the game for him this will be the game for him in the in the tire goes. Running game we really sensed a lot of confidence from from not only wish on reform Eric Wood from from Tyrod Taylor it seems as though they had a really productive meeting during the course of the part we the people that were involved in the running game. You know really had a productive meeting and it's a credit to Sean occurrence for allowing that that kind of dialogue that happened. To create that kind of atmosphere in the locker room or where there is an open door policy some people say that but it doesn't really exist. And we talked to the guys who were involved in the running game you know they they said that not not only did they listen to us and what we were trying to express but we also learn from them. So I think you're gonna find that you get a nice little bland of what they wanna do it'll be adjusting to see if they get that production because. You sensed that was Shawn was very confident. This week just for some of the quotes in the newspaper. About what it's what the potential this this offense was going to be coming off that part so. You know when you have a bar early in the season sometimes it's horde. To have that body work that allows you to do a little bit of self scout find out where you can get better. What are you're you're you're you're doing well and bush you know where we need to work habit and I think that's. That Sean richter and his staff were were very were very good during the course of our cells they found out some really good information on the team. And he over the last couple games he sprinkled in elements of a more power rushing attack as opposed to a the wide zone blocking scheme they were trying to use him. I've a feeling this what you're talking about right there and it kind of incorporate may be a little bit more that moving forward and yet the dialogue and what. Think I think everybody wants you have to put it straight to your players so. You know that that's the number one thing it you we have Washington last week in what I've always liked about Washington. Is would go cal and as offensive line coach down there gonna builds that running game and he was in dolls for awhile. They do all of it. You know you've got the insides on the outside zone you've got you've got me and schemes power schemes down blocks guys around CC the counties you counter trait you see a lot of things in for defense is that really. Those are two different styles are now. You don't know what's comments we've got to played so differently work it's it is his own you're kind of moving down that line and in trying to keep your gaps clean. Demand ski in the office trying to punch a hole in your front you have to you have to attack that a different style. So I I like what Washington does I'd like to see more teams around the NF on corporate what bill Carolina's done. And it sounds like it sounds like Buffalo's kind of move down that path. Daryl moose Johnston a studio with a three time Super Bowl champion eleven years in the NFL the Dallas Cowboys Western New York native. The word came out power to go the team was once and is good to go probably not shocking but that. How how effective could he be with the limited practice week and you know just the AC injury just a couple of days ago we. Well everything that came out of Tampa this week is it's not it's not anything where he can do more damage number one it's that it's the health of the player move forward so. I encouraged her Carter was who was real fat about the fact that genius can't hurt shouldering more now if you falls on top again. You know obviously the size these guys saw what happened Aaron Rodgers anything can happen during the course of the game which is I think from just playing the game he hasn't put himself at risk. For for re injuring the shoulder. But similar to what's happened to two LeSean McCoy not having scored a touchdown. Through five games for the first time in his Virginia's Winston has never as the game. In his career it any levels you're gonna have that desire to be on the field so the biggest thing going at the after one can play. Is he going to be healthy can this do anything long term OK that's point OK now what's what's the velocity on the ball can make the throws I don't want somebody out there. We are going to be able to contribute to the game plans and I had heard that supposedly through football it the group reporters as they came on the tree it would just to show they have the zip on the football so. They're in a hurry they're a very good position if something does happen to Jamison he can't go I mean everybody here Buffalo's virtually with Rory Fitzpatrick there's not many teams in the NFL the can so. You know can can sport 12 quarterback combination. Like Tampa Bay camp right now so if something was to happen you always have to be wary of righteous Patrick off the bench. Now I think we're coming into this transition period of quarterbacks in the league you have the top guys Brady Brees Rodgers all of these guys in their last couple years playing in the NFL and you have young crop those. Quarterbacks like car Winston Andrew Luck these guys marry Otis who are now coming up. Where do you see Davis was in amongst that young group has he grown into being well this guy can be an elite quarterback. Statistically. Statistically he's gonna have the opportunity to do some very unique things does he started from day one in his van. A downfield throwing game in Tampa Bay so. You're talking about numbers you know in the marina. You know area where you're talking about the start of her career so obviously going to be off to a great start. You've seen him start to grow and mature a little bit. Kind of hold down those emotions I think when he came into the league that rookie year it was a very emotional player and he could be a little bit up and down. And I think that you know Dirk that are working with him in the of their offensive coaches have got him to kind of focus that that emotion that passion for the game more positive way. That's what has positive impacts. I think you should respect for the possession. I think that's a huge thing it for the younger guys they still have that that bravado that they can make every throw. In the guys at this level are really really good at beating you you know showing you things are really exactly what you're seeing. In allowing you to what to throw in areas where they can take the ball away that's one of the areas think he had fifteen interceptions as first year he had eighteen interceptions the second here. He's off to a much better start this year you know. Making sure he takes care of the football that's the number one thing you know for young quarterback coming into the league so. When you talk about this whole group of the guys that you mentioned author gonna throw in that press guide and that as well. You're kind of this transition into it to the next generation quarterbacks that we in the league Carson Wentz out of Philadelphia. You know it's going to be fun to watch him. But they all need help around and you know some of the guys that were saying good bye to. I don't know if they did I mean Tom Brady seems like you can put anybody around him he finds a way to win Drew Brees. New worlds is never strove is an offense that struggled offensively and anybody put Roger agrees yeah he can do some some pretty special things so we're where we're getting ready to lose. Some really the only quarterbacks when you talk about the history of the game. So there's a there's a there's a lot of pressure. On this next generation for some of those guys to come through replace those reporter Rex who lose their viewing your fire treated six weeks now broadcasting and coatings was the best ultimately you've seen so far. We have Philadelphia and in Philadelphia was impressively and against Arizona was 11 affinity in the first quarter any talk about getting off to a quick start you talk about doing certain things when you have. Our production meetings on Fridays and Saturdays they they definitely did exactly what they have planned to do we had air zona. That was a third time we had Arizona all on the East Coast you know they were in Detroit in Indian now in Philadelphia. They've struggled with that East Coast trip the last couple seasons so you you don't know exactly where Philadelphia sits but I was really impressed as they look like complete team. There are very good offensive line. That they can run the ball very effectively. You know their their passing game is growing. You know it it's it's it's kind of sort that to what buffalo has here. You have Nelson I don't are in India have all Shawn Jeffrey but they're new and they are in a kind of trying to get their strides maybe some more name recognition and you have your with a group from buffalo. But there's several teams are kind of going through this wide receiver growth with the younger quarterbacks. But I was very impressed with Carson wins and then. I think we're Philly. Kind of gets the edge over some of the other teams we've seen is is being a complete team. They have excellent special teams and the defense played really really well against terrorism so there we can walk away from that games and while this is this is one of the benchmark teams we've seen. There'll captain darkest before the GO that you're back obviously an all American at Syracuse and all big east several years it. And as you many of us here privacy policy or cues and some posts or alarms and all of us I think were deeply saddened this past summer when. Coach Mac actually get backers one was really instrumental in getting used your keys and kind of nurturing your career along. He really was. And a lot of guys here in the Western New York area that were instrumental in meeting getting that opportunity. Down their Fred Mac rumor was was tremendous in in in continuing to put my name down or to buyers in the old Apollo or were were very very important. In getting the recognition and getting it my name in front of the staff down at Syracuse and united is time has passed I've I've found out how I ended up being there and and I was literally. The last scholarship offer day year and there was somebody who had verbally committed circuit should change his mind late in the game. In because of the efforts of Fred and afterward Julio DePaula fires. My name was fresh there. So they basically decided let's let's go after Western New York it let's get a hometown kid. In get him down here and get the western part of the state excited about or during years Turkish adversity so. Number ones is just very grateful to the to those guys who were instrumental in giving me the opportunity. And then Dick McPherson in and I said this that's we when he passed away he believed in me before I believe in myself. And it was hard to get down there and you come from a small. You know suburban area and yet he had and you know not not a football Mecca by any means. I got down to Syracuse university and I felt a little while. And it was through Dick MacPherson and then. A couple of years later a coaching Jim offer who is a year with the the university of buffalo. It was probably the most important person to cross paths with in my life to to give me to the moratorium right now so. It was a very sad day it was a very sad day but what I'm blessed. My son plays the cross and Texas and he'd gotten on Syracuse is radar so we were coming up for some recruiting trips and doing some camps. And I actually had an opportunity to visit with coach MacPherson. Two weeks before he passed away now so. You know what my son was doing afforded me the opportunity to come up to it to search Houston and have the the blessing to be able to see man. Before it passed away thanks for us their I know you're bit at a busy day with the production meetings and stuff I think you're gonna have back every game to call I do too I really do. I I think that this is going to be one of those games that did that lot of people look at the matchup in and I think a whole lot about everything we got a great game here where we're really excited or cruise really excited. To be here before for the skins we could have a great broadcast center in Russia could. East Earl Johnson and studio with us will be on the -- fox quality game with Chris Myers a lower open 1 o'clock on Sunday Donald and I've back with -- a moment Lorenzo Alexander still to come. The John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts from one bills drive. Buffalo Bills reading. WG IR Sports Radio 550. What more of that John Murphy she. Back at Joseph John Murphy in doubt Jones is thought to have Gerald Johnson in the special guest his puppets of big week for the pop in the profits with the with Michael that you and it shows you that I'd like that about it and you know as you know kind of huge undertow. Right near orbit and back. Nab him like that until I came you know well actually out there. I think I have known Gerald moves I went to work. A Syracuse alumni buffalo banquet. And so he went to circuit it's yet to be mid eighties he he's just getting out of Lewiston Porter school. And and he was like you know he was a recruit still and he was there was parents who he says there are still doing well up there in Youngstown but that's about it music seventeen Euro. Not quite as I've known about it I mean he's he's always the good guy and he's a really talented broadcaster. Well as he taught and I could be wrong on this to me to be wrong on this but I believe he was a recruit at the same time as my mentor Eugene Napoleon. And Eugene Napoleon verbally committed to Syracuse and they can be committed and in the note going. Two pitch. So when he said that it made me wonder is it that way it. But I don't know but I note Eugene because I talked to you do about the coach. When when he actress experience and yet what he's sick and he was like he's in agreement you know when he recruited me. And he tries so hard to get me here and I was gonna go immunize and you know. He committing in and going to. To Pitt and Indian and a transfer from pit two West Virginia but. Nonetheless I think that was one for one of them that countless. I wonder if he would know them the Coleman and. Most shots and we thank you for joining us taken a couple of minutes out to join us and I think he's. You know I've gotten. He's got I got the sense from Darryl Johnson that he Tennessee's. The saints thing that I have cents this week that this buffalo offense is ready to break out in this is. Probably the right opponent to do that against right I think both is talking about. You know meeting in the kind of a back import dialog between them. Bills you know running backs in the offensive line and the coaching staff. You know I am sure that happens I think it's probably pretty regular. A course of action but I can get the sense that if you pay attention here pay attention this week notes and and and he sent it to look and anybody's radar. You're looking at the article what game the beginnings this week bucks and built it. Nip it in this game means to both of these printers but especially I think to the bills and whatever. Hopes that may Harbour group of contending or being relevant you know up there near the top of the league this year. Right and you know the boxer in the same vote because that that NFC south right now is is still in you know can't Carolina. Is on top of that thing but the Bucs are still in in the NFC south so there's still a position where they're like okay. You know we can go in the buffalo still one out there will make sure that we remain in this race. For the playoffs and so yeah this is this is a big game you know and and you can you can tell in talking to him as he met with some of the players today in their production meetings. You can he can feel the excitement that these players have coming out of this bye week right. And you know Dave the players understand that they had not played well as us on the offensive side of the ball that they haven't played well this year. Yet this year but they didn't they went into about a week they had all these these different meetings meaning he talked about the open dialogue and things like that. And now it seems like you know maybe they'll do some you know sprinkle some different things in there and these guys feel excited about. The about the game plan that they have going into this week. What do you think about this game this match up Lorenzo Alexander is gonna join us for his lowdown on. On the bills in the box in the meantime let's hear from you lines are open 8030515. Tool free 1888550. To 550 are Twitter poll today. Deals with this match up what we want an open new what's the key to buffalo victory Donald and I have gone through our keys I think a lot of it is to do with the offensive line. A lot of minutes do we get in the running game going what do you think of the keys you can vote on Twitter. And so we look at the Twitter potency that most folks 60%. Or thereabouts most people believe that the key to a buffalo victory this Sunday. Is getting the run game going 19% say better offensive play. 14% say handling Tampa Bay's offensive weapons 6% say something else. It was Colin is known to think 8030515. Tool free 1888. By 52 by fifty bucks offensive weapons include. Michael Evans include John Jackson they include the the tide and break that everybody's in love with. And the bell set to count her with you know of the rookie quarterback Davey is white coming up the game in which he really gave himself low rates for his performance against Cincinnati I like the way he bounced back. Today Sean McDermott was asked about her debut as white about his confidence level in McDermott said that as far as he's concerned he has lost no confidence at all and Buffalo's first round draft. Well my confidence in two days has not wavered. Naturally that's reared its confidence for itself yeah I mean is copping out man that's. He's played a lot of big time football SEC in. As part of it relation processes the mental toughness part. It's huge. Also playing. In this week that you guys have a short period. Learn from things and then I think with CNET and move for on the east years and caucuses you know. We've probably CNET. News Denver game. And then also. Since. Well. I admit I'm in mind that I I mean I don't worry about that pretty is what. I don't win the confidence I mean I don't worry about is level the playing. He's shown signs throughout the course of the game to have a bad play and bounce back and if you do that like it if he had a horrible play. Or two plays early in the game. And then all of a sudden needs you start to see more and more and more then you will work you know because he is that the team's number one corner right now. But he has bounced back every time that he's had a rough. You know start to a game he's he's bounced back in my the second half and so you have to have nothing but confidence that he's gonna be out okay throughout the course of this season. And throughout the course of the rest of the Korean and is not a ciller is not as if that the bills and previous have not faced premier wide receivers they have. Hallmark how to break when Julio Jones left the game in Atlanta but Kelvin Benjamin pretty good wide receiver. You know AJ green had his moments but it's not. Like data they've not my male sailors use various Thomas yeah. That they face some billboards I don't know and so again now it's this this week is is nothing different than what he's already seen it's not like oh. This is going to be the first UB receivers know he's faced them already this year. And those guys have had their duke plays he's had his good plays you know and that's what happened near facing even the EU the wire receivers this year. He has faced some of the best why receivers in the game today. And he's had as good plays they've had to do played those guys get paid a lot of money for a reason because they are some of the best. And so the best corners in the NFL won't give up some planes are renowned. Calls the reports in buffalo butch your thoughts on the ship and go so far. John McDonald it's our pleasure talked at great show was always. Usually when we get into it our keys artist. Flowers we I feel a possible in Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Siberia politics a lot. Disposal just cut right to displace. Beer Willits army last year when he engine I'm sorry to hear a guy who replaced him. It outstanding. And our our running game was pushing forward. And then we hear king bat it was a possibility opinion note here respond to each outback or wage which he did here agree partly. Reached eBay. But I really believe beer would reach your target of those days are over. And we Ritchie are pushing him like he used to be thirty something years old keep it to the coordinators and PG ED lineman Carl launch. Now pushing the pocket you actually the extraction and are right tackle. Richie ink argue with the weakest link these are right chapel on July should and we can get their act together and and somehow connected up. May be it smoke passing game going Dick Miki to pull away it. Okay thanks very much which were depreciate debt I agree with the the efforts of my need to play better I don't agree with. Everything you've stated there but I agree with much of what you said about. The offensive line Chris Brown had a chance to meet and agree with that coach John McDermott. They do it every week coffee with a coach presented by Tim Hortons cafe and Bache. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of coffee with the coach presented by imports actress rattled feels it coach John McDermott. As the bills get ready to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday at new airfield coach thanks for being with us so come and out of the bye week you guys get the benefit. Of an extra pat practice albeit abbreviated on Monday where do you feel that best serves your team. I'm an office that I'd even if it's just a little bit more extra practice and regulating. Well obviously the rest helps out immensely. At this point in the season also. You're we have to come in a little bit more relaxed type of approach on an extra day as you mentioned it a little bit over quick rinse practice wise and now they're running. Make sure they're hydrating him back into their team. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison along with the rest here's that part it worked and it. Dissecting. The positives than negatives in the bye week and in talking to him this week he was saying that the negative plays or what he's trying to cut out. Of the offensive performance it's just felt there was improvement. He believes there easily corrected bull through technique my question to you is. Is that entire unit or did you guys buy it's a player here or there that executing their assignment to the letter. That's way so. Well this game is about each of us doing our job. Unfortunately ought fixes for one person not to do their job and we and we have a negative play at witches we've had too many coaches point. Which has created some third. Long or longer than what we hope for situations that we've got improvement there. And then look at it Tampa today lot of weapons on offense when you have all those weapons to account for. Do you just pick what you feel is the most dangerous one or do you try to cover all the bases and just kind of curious in the general sense. You take a look at that when you try it Rafer how well they do you have. Multiple weapons and speed playing. So they've obviously put forth a lot of money into the weapons and so we have to pick our spots with to be Smart. Fundamentally sound. And they also understand situational football. Now it's time for our fan question of the week where you the fans get to ask those question. We go outdoor or Laura Hall was at a local importance and is this week's fan questions for coach. Patriots aren't the tumor and in Orchard Park right across a field and Wear it right Fred what's your question for coyotes. Hey coach other than pressing what are your favorite hobbies. All right coach and you have a lot of extra time but other than wrestling when he got worse well you know I'd do it enjoy wrestling with the it's par I like about. My mouth on my free time is is spending countless family really just being a fan instead of a coach. Funded. Go to my kids' activities and sports. And sit back in and maybe critique their coach and second guess and or heard as well so now it's a lot of fun thing about my family. And it isn't it like coach good enough. Good luck yet to win here at home this Sunday thanks Chris that's bill's head coach John McDermott this has been talking with a goat present yeah its thanks for watching. In. The coach a regular Friday featured here in the show another regular Friday feature our regular guest appearance from. Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander we call it slowed down and I and everybody thanks for coming by and I know we. We a couple of minutes. It's OK I mean we had you know DR Johnson is the move was greatest fool with him play this game you know if allies you know acts line and needed we heard directly to a bit of a primadonna. No why you know well also ought to be professional and I know this is this ship is where professionally grow playoff caliber throughout the entire building right. The primadonna when artists are to make sure that in the future if we know that it's going to be pushed back. Is that that we know that they have to get done. So that pathologist. I. We don't look we thought we were fast and well I don't know I don't I don't think. I'll be a professional RI RA. I praise right. Would you address yeah listen to me is that it right. You were just watching that the coffee with the goats and her close and Jeremy say you look at the kid's coaches. Now you have fugitive on the night of the on the. At that and I have my kids play soccer stuff now I've been a coach I know how hard it is to coach and it. Especially at the Little League level is way worse than being professionally coached those pants are right next to use and you know here to get out of hand that he didn't they paid to do it if Obama got to do this this is back a lot cult our more. Our coach mine mine key it's just more about effort and it's you know doing things the right way about that the coach pretty much. Do his thing in the mean his faith because I can be intimate to write you know you have here called to a professional player. Out there you know funnel that wanna put him in and a and the situation where it seems like I know more now the keys may be listening Meehan and. In bones Monday on. All of them. And then if the people with its own to be cute very content to note is that I didn't grow. It is bans bed is a little bit of regret those who for the lowdown what's that degrade into it and let's talk about. Coming out of the bye weekend and that is your first topic in the lower right you think it's important that is clearly what urgency. Yes it's urge every we've had this at the beginning of the season but when you come out of a bar we get to handle that aren't are sometimes you can kind you lose your way back into. Playing football on with them off Wiki and kind of tricky body like you have me do anything for awhile so. Is at the beginning of the week is really emphasizing have a good crisp practices make sure we come on XQ whale. Playing fast playing physical cause we can't you can't like restart and after that we won you know teams played last week they continue to get better to get better and we have to kinda. Re launch our season right where we left off not taken a step back off. With the guys cover and last week as you practice last week and then you practice Monday what would those practices like. I just kind of a review of of some of the plays more situations that may have came up and be given a little bit of an issue is kind of goal no revisiting those getting back to from the fundamentals. On him and bass lines of being used to conduct these revisiting go over and he's got to get a little refresher. In got a little bit enemy in the air but nothing too much in the know about a lot of relaxation well with a good practices this week did you feel like you're getting word yet bill Crist run up big guys and I think that was the key is guys address it or cower in the with the the great job summit did a great job as well it is. If the size often tired after about you come back happy way to get back after it. In the U come out and support game and he do you wanna say something we didn't do this this I mean was too right now why if they met early so. They we did a great job earlier in the week addressing those things that we came out hit a Crist week of practice. You're number one low down ever urgency out of the biannual also and number two wanna talk about. Establishing a rhythm on offense and doing an early which would do the right noticed a. Your jobs and wanna continue to get better offensively on you know talking to those guys and and it's really all about. Staying ahead of them that that's the change I think a lot of time you watch our games we have some good plays what is apparently ourself that we do. They come out by ourself in the foot and we now we're start first in points so to see those guys come out we had a great week of practice. And stay ahead of the chains get shady going. Amen and you knob to move the pocket for Tyrod and get them involved in the field and just. Stay on the good rhythm get some confidence going and I'm going around these kind of released re really establish themselves. Offensively being that we go to capable of doing. And number three on the lowdown. It's a sophisticated audience even fewer autos that you wanna block him be physical with these guys and in constantly you know. Any time obviously the run game speaks for itself wanna block did the dominant with them and in really snuffed it runner early. This off the coordinator of the history of abandoned the run very quickly especially blocking knocking out. I'm just talking with some guys that had been negative play forward. But more so on the outside and you have a guy like DeSean Jackson it is a track star even at my age are these like thirty years so now. He gets the joke go out Enron you wanna make this game a physical game for him wanna be jamming. When he catches the ball you Haiti because the he's always got us trying to gather bands get on the ground. If you can hit those guys in Mike Evans as well early and often JOB and face those guys in the kind of fade away if you could be. Have a physical presence the entire game. You talk about the running game and being physical in the run game Doug Martin seems to be coming into his own now and coming back off the suspension would be seen out of him last. He's the same guy grimmer bank short stout god it is this when I get them out sob would make that one cut get up in the air may run you over may make you miss. But he's a solid back first and second down and feet I quiz really good as will Rogers. Does a great job in Tom number 34 can be his last name right now it is a great job of our dance in the screen game picking up blitzes. They have a plethora of Beckett they use it and rotate in and out and threw it definitely understand each one strength and weaknesses. But really just billion dollar offer again to make sure we gave him the isn't really got to his room quite yet I don't like its second game. Arm the word came out couple hours ago that James Winston is is going to be guy to court Rick did you anticipate that would be the case. Idea how I'll. I know Jamison will be out clear rice sees them you know TV would be careful to stay eaten some of the hard knocks that you can't get a sense of who years it's competitive nature. And he had to be pretty much ruled out format play. He's a competitor. I'll talk torturing his gaffe quarterbacks who play with the injury in the past in if you have a cable of planning you know the type of guy you deal with and he's a warrior. You know he's going to be happy if so my mind it was going to be a week. Reza we talk about the bye weekend after he came back on Tuesday this past week actually we had you on the show them a little bit Tuesday about the pretty unprecedented day of community service done by you and what 42 teammates all over western where you Hewitt to the father belts that are at Bankrate. Yeah outlet to the bills that are yet downtown buffalo was great you know just a great way to to kind of give back in take action you know from all this protesting known any kind of start moving forward. You know I'm lucky after having those meetings. With Campo Guba I think two to three weeks ago. Com they pay are what we're trying to say. Two up those conversations. Were very supportive in. Great things came out of that the that they were talking about who's been in an entity that town hall meeting. And that we've got to we've been heard and saw the Cincinnati game nobody knew me but he says that because we are making progress in areas that we feel most passionate about. And I think as long as we keep it open dialogue guillotine movies fashion penalty guys. Now on our team in the east you know two mile off. You speak in the future and let's not pin I can't I can't predict the future so you know if our present in our some some have possessed is out of pocket and we feel that we need to. Protest again. Maybe but I mean the way things are moving now I would say now. I'm so I mean backing it TA youth kids aren't happy as active game right now we're second elect. Way I think it was a week ago its statement that you released the kind of set up Tuesday's day of a service. When you talk about the protests were not a protest against military or against a plaque and. Police awfully offices. You as a certain things that are happening in our culture that we don't like. And we need to use our platform and voice now and stand by them like the platform using com but I think if that things that are happening in. The black community in some communities that these individuals from happening in your community you feel a certain way about whale. So that's where it comes to have an open dialogue and conversation we are bring you wind in my world and how are Rula that you could maybe come down. The pale thinner hang out these kids who some things that they're struggling with. And you you at least have a understanding and Lisa a little bit of sympathy for whip for what the community's going to write. Ominous said they were pleased often I'm not I'm not not eve to the fact that they make hard tough decisions and it sometimes things are on a happy and where it was a split six situation and I made a decision in in you know would fit in life they shot them. And it could have been completely wrong but because of the situation to deal with I understand but some of these fields that were watching. People runaway. People you know cooperating. In Steele didn't shot these days is is is some gold no sir that's. I think that's where a lot of anger stuff at least from my perspective comes from. And again it's all about you know talking about it how can we change how can we help these officers make bad decisions. Bringing you know my more diversity. If legislation maybe different training. And I actually don't want most situations a bit. Players have Whalen pants and if Emmett is taller I mean I can only imagine when you know you're worried about Joseph I've been going around your family. So I'm happy that is. I'll me needing ever gonna with a gun with his wallet or whatever maybe it. So it's just you know from the ongoing he's never going to be perfect but we wanna make sure that would move in the right direction. Com culturally for everybody. For step down that path with that it Tuesday visits and and how do you follow up we talk about the salute to Tuesday got to make sure it's not just the right one date field and now accounts over the air right in talking to the guys a lot of guys really enjoyed it and start to build the relations with both theaters that are missing there was another one opinion and some of the key inside north east communities that are whale. On the track activities lead to get Gaza all around the city that started develop relationships that it Marty told me that they wanna go back. On now what that looks like I don't know is going to be probably on individual basis but at least we'd planted that seed that started it and of relationships. And a lot of other great things came out of two you know Amanda an official from. The mayor's office on the connect with him somebody else marlin who are player director. I've met with the chief please have OP he's going to create a group we can meet all the chief leases in the area kind of sit down and talks though. It was a lot mortgage if you opt to give him back but we also made some great connections to help on the other end as well. And I think this is also be talked about the players. I've always influenced things like if we're crap I try not the first time that players have done I think it's a good thing. That you have not just the players you know you have dealer in organizations also do things as well but now you're collectively doing things down in the community right. NASA be talked about that this is not the first thing that first time that you know events like this have been. The united on this time of the guys on our team have foundations war. Donate their time and money to me he calls this in our communities and in a very diverse amount of different causes you know when this air would with pediatric cancer myself with my Asus foundation. And Tyrod of a lot out of grace of the shots with guys all across the board serve our communities. I'm but it's always been when you do it collectively right when some solidarity and demanding attacking you know three or four issues together because now it's. Kind of pinpoint precise and he had the power of the Buffalo Bills in that community and in if she'll behind you. Things just seem to happen a lot quicker more rapid more ears. Are horny no more attention is paid to Acela is is often the work together with organizational on these issues now. Good work Tuesday UN teammates and management minors to back in a good knowledge I. It is going to be really big guest today he was I've grown up watching and I want to say about it won't make you feel it is my topic here but yeah you know that other guy to I get to that problem. The obviously at the they just short list for a half an equipment. And saying god don't anybody they've got a lot of lips and brought it really quick. Oh man it was an area the reds overload on every Friday we're back portable with the Jabber B Joseph. On Buffalo Bills reveal. And now what have we learned from today's show what we learned presented by advance a lot of writing westerners homes and businesses with the finest in security and home theater the preferred alarm an old beater provider of the Buffalo Bills. Shall we had by the way. Show another good another one another good one. We had mark Kelso him color analyst on the bills radio network earlier on and mark Kelso talked about the essential ingredient to a buffalo bills' victory on Sunday here's what he says. You have to get the bills running game going that's their bread and butter I think there's a lot of play action pass opportunities. That are available here against this line banking coordinate secondary Tampa Bay. And you're not afforded those opportunities if your running game is not success when it I think there's ways to attack the running game. They do some things defensively they're gonna lineup in front based on the way to build lineup offensively. I think the bills and sent the front that they want defensively by the way they line up entirely free snap. Move. Mark Kelso joining us early on the show later on the show Greg cosell was whether it's the executive producer analyst for ESP n.'s NFL matchup. Going to be on the air tomorrow morning at 830 and ESPN two Greg cosell talk to us about this bill's Bucs match up on Sunday. Don't forget John McDermott has played against this offense. You know for a number years you know because he was in Carolina. And in this office has not gone off against Sean McDermott's defense now I think Sean McDermott had. Better overall players in Carolina than they do we're buffalo but I think he has a terrific feel poorer. It would not surprise me if this team plays out the way to build wanted to play. Now that doesn't mean he'll win the game because. Who knows but I. I would expect this team not to be real high scoring game I would expect it to be in the 2320 kind of range and I think the bills have a real shot to win this game. Greg cosell I do to Donald Jones is an effective I think I've I hope it's not my normal Friday overly enthusiastic. You know bills thing but I have a feeling this is the game that curricula that's really do. I think they have a sad because this defense how soft they play them I don't think that they had the strongest defense of front. All that being said they still have to execute you know these guys don't get paid on the other side of the ball and at this office of mine does become the plane they don't execute consistently together. There's another long day of us and beat especially in a run again. I love the fact Lorenzo mentioning you know. Beat the sense of urgency which he's right sometimes sector by it honestly. You honestly while in a well known and you come out early and it's like all. He sees them now fourteen not yet oh we got that yet. They want to thank our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts by your local maps or online at Napa online dot com production assistants from JG terino. George blast of cold make Thomas Highlander Olivia Merrill Shelby Russia producer. What we back out Monday and you know we got the call the game on Sunday at one hope you able to tune into that. And we'll see you thanks for tuning in today John Murphy Joseph from one bills drive. A Buffalo Bills read.