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Friday, October 20th

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Back to 716 the sabres host Vancouver tonight. Which opened the Bulldog are joined by sabres GM Jason Bonner like Jason thanks very much revenue on. Of course we think over the last set up your excellent good music in the background do all of that kind of music what was that I was. It goes on but I don't have the group that makes you look you know action. And we'll slap shot at a flat from all rolling right. Right you mean to do that probably. Yeah I everything I do as an intentional. Of course you are so how is the job treating you. We're doing well you know it's obviously nice to get back to buffalo I thought overall the road trip with paused a that the team can get them that on the road treatment which is good to see. But now there's still a lot of things going on and still get a feel for some of the players in the practice overstuffed but it's exciting. Called. Challenging is it to be new coaches new. Opening night at ten new players wide open mean there's only twenty drafts and that's a lot of turnover how much Google project is it to just get to know. What makes the guys on your team to. Well without a doubt I think it's just understanding especially from coaching next from the standpoint on. And fill in the stuff is trying to interact interact with these guys away from the rank and understand. Aware of the guys he have to sort of push a little harder on power you know when you're trying to introduce a system. What is it better to had a Super Bowl to some people is offensive visual Brothers you know trying to figure out who. Who needs a little bit of that that pat on the back we're vs a little bit more for harsher tone. So it's a feeling out process and I think users scene with their team so far I think we've shown glimpses of but being a team that. Plays the style that films like to play on but we certainly haven't had a consistency level yet. Do you think that you won't get all the second thing the way you do because of hole you were coaxed because of what you learned as a player. The can of your playing Rochester general that was toward corolla was an effort to roll glad that goes after I had brought a government can work down there OK Erica okay rightly. A watched it. Your pro playing experience you think influence how you. Our as a manager I think it had accused of. It's an and the people around me went back to portrait parents that Michigan house of things that he talked me about it and you know. How interact with players to. Some of the well you never made it. To answer all your aspiration so high how would you know fall I think that the better perspective it was around and it's teams such as. Dell stars and Mike Modano and Brett hall how they handle themselves of what. It took for them to get over the hump with a scenario there on and and also myself not it may be achieved in all my aspirations as a NHL player. And in some tips in the mistakes in need of being sent down and I think that's been had policies with Justin Bailey. We're talking good young player like separate the truth trying to get over the home from being a very good American hockey player too painful for many tiller. Those situations those experiences for myself. You know Switzerland playing defect in how it taught how to handle people and how I try to interact with people. You you brought we talked last time it was BB right before the season started you brought up. Powell he'll be going down doesn't necessarily mean anything bad because the Brooke the chief counsel example and with the penguins I wonder about trying to put two and a box by this question but. Wonder if there would be times could be times when you think a player. Deserves to be off. But it's better for him or you don't on the road if he's not what you might you might not always have theoretically. Your sixth when he best players. Off at that one time. I definitely that happens there because. Look what we're trying to accomplish here too with some murder young players is not just survive the national markedly we want them to succeed we want to didn't happen to be impact players. And sometimes. Young player today come up here and play a few minutes in and help the team capable of more than there but for the long term projection of two. Important for them to beat down of America Hartley claims coming in tonight plain and all different rules. So when did you come up. They're not playing 56 minutes there Cummins took it and say it talks were defensible or talk to its line top six forward cool stuff and it's always difficult to find that balance it's it's it's not a perfect science palm but it's something that we should talk about his group a lot. What is the hardest. Adjustment. That player gets right to think about Bailey for this because he's here and in books like he'll be in the top six role with the Riley and also with the wind from the morning's people. What's the most difficult part of that trains and I think just the pace that everything happens we'll. And the National Hockey League level not. American likely. Guys are stronger. And say junior college. And I think there is a little bit more to step up and not softly but just the peace you know get your shot off the ability to handle the pass and another thing that you just have to understand that this. Still local players I think it's what young players for catalog obviously. You make one mistake American Hartley going reports it's okay you've you've you've you've been with the timing d.s don't that you could it get it again. Nonchalantly you make that mistake along the wolf usually put back into and it's just that the importance of the view that the tilt in the game and death that's what. I give justice credit from the start of training camp. To put to step work done him some of those few pills be implemented that in Rochester and he's always had the speed and size but the national likely announcement in his game. You mentioned pace of play there. The game seems like it's it's never been pastor and it's only getting crashed. With that I don't just look at the young players them. Leak now there'll physically more mature they've they've had strength coaches at a younger rate now they all seem to have skill coaches and skating coaches at age six or seven. Com it's just it used to be your 6263. And one I myself with a sixty player or you can Google this war is an excise. Not anymore it's all about please call book you know the street and you know flat out there. Especially early in the season here right now. I don't think it's always that the smartest hockey team put up there but you can't in most games it's a client needs that's going in and end. Jason ball roll with us here at 716. So. We had your two Marie over all the time it felt like he was really it's going to talk to him. Where we talked to him about we first got to know him. Like so you're you you the GM of the team you got the NHL roster you've got the HL team you might have even deeper than that. To concern yourself with your gut and your scouting you've got all the ready to all teams are regional team to monitor. And I think it was pretty obvious that his favorite part was. Did you an example may be just jumping in his car and driving twenty hours and watched it yet but I think that's what we like he was and always on the road with the sabres that's what he seemed to really like. If you found yet it probably is would go back to your Pittsburgh here's what you found what part you like the most. Well it didn't surprise at all with him if you look at his background he was. And his track record it was an amazing about it or talent and knees that's where it relatively yet successes of the valley town if you know there watching games. For myself. My personal thing that I enjoy the most vote went off is how everyday wake up and something different. And when I mean by that is that hey I might be going to watch the game today but I also might be interacting with whenever like Michael was there for Adam Mair from a development staff trying to get a junior player to have more success of what we're trying to teach and there were talking to an agent about a contract situation could be long term deal for our team. Or interact on the business side and hate this movie if you from a puts them one final joint budgets it's not a typical that it that I understand but just the fact that you're going through some specific things and that's what I enjoy both the job and enjoyed that it's for that I have a lot different opportunities this panel if things and that's an aerial. Home but that's what little dog some time to deal with is the sites of counter act with a coach an interview with players. And just not knowing they would that gave me Tillie K I enjoyed that a lot. It's its own so diverse. That it would seem important to have certain people with few were underneath you would buy me. Bet you really have to trust them. Hold on 100% the job now it's just gotten so complicated. And you have to have people and sentenced. I'm not an expert an area I have to trust my stuff I have to if we're making them trade him reported that the pro level. That's going to be watching them watching video and stuff and trust my analyst guy dressed in a pro scouts on him that the many many section. Or genachowski three Steve really people that I surround myself with I have to trust your opinions. Because he so called expert in all these areas it's impossible to what to do you know it is. So. Oh we talked at the outset here. You know your new Phil's new bottle employers and patients. Which seemed to be something that you have to have we yet. You're a pro sports team and then resume results are are what matter and the start has not been. Grew. Powell who do you balance that the you for patients at the new system its new players but yet you're in or not. Having a hurtful. Just like you were talked about the younger player like Justin Bailey you know imports of him for his development is to work on. The details of the game getting pucks out getting pucks in the future levels making those few small place but silicon today just to Philly wants corporal. From part of the game. The same thing from a team perspective here ultimately. We need to win games and we want to win games since women of the game. Being in the hockey that we have here stuff. But. We're not a finished product so it's you know we can't get frustrated by it but what it really like from Phil stamp when his coaching staff is yeah there's frustration point. Classic example. Saturday and LA. No I thought overall we played pretty solid team but to lose that game of the what they're relatively not having success after they've been so successful patently school. Going on us it could have been a situation really distraught and that the next morning those are refocusing on what we have to do better how we turn things around if that positive attitude. Make a couple of just mr. team and I love our team was focused in on feel and see the results of the game against Anaheim so. That this effort discipline but where route right now what are record as well what I am so what is it. We've seen improvement. Games two and three in this year the effort wasn't good enough. And since then I'd like they're competitive level now it's important that as we move forward you're finding ways to win games. Do you. So I just want to like that the team doesn't have a a captain and I want you to know that this is not a big deal. But I you know fans talk about it and it's certainly a topic for discussion when it's about the sabres. How you look at late leadership. Forming or whatever with within the team what you want. Somebody to emerge do you think like is it all is a girl true that the fact that sabres don't have a captain is is that an indictment. Of what you might happen that area or just party UC. Not exit not a not at all I see the situation where. The days of Mark Messier in this one guy lead a team to glory. It it just doesn't exist anymore and certainly teams even with half captains. There has to be a strong leadership group. And that's generic now we're feel myself for still understand the personalities of them from people and it's been difficult because one of the guys that we felt it was a beautiful in Bogosian has been in forever prepares for a few right now you know but. You know if it's just one person I think guys tuning in on over the over course of 82 games you have to have different people step up in different rules. And whether it's farm bill. A proposed so. The ocean he saw this past weekend I understand having an amateur scene in an office you've ever cinnamon and O'Reilly and Jack. You have to have different people step up different situations and the good thing is that they communicate as a group and it's a scenario where we have some good young veteran heard some good young leaders who else have some veteran leaders stuff and apple would you feel comfortable with the veteran team. Small we will do this on a pretty regular basis all get the first Evander Kane contract question out of the way your we want it you're sitting here with us he's off to a great start. What's the what's the future hold what what's your what's your view of Evander Kane who. So we Russian on the Jack fields that we could talk about the Jack deal the contract situations and got that and that is always going to be designed and that's right all right sounds good but look it's. His his agent pick Oster has put a few players are on our team here except with an organization and always had a strong relationship with great. You know scenario for taking him here. We talked about the vendor and I I'd love health builds we showed them my love though. The discussion on we're not going to be given a contract would you rate your let's see how things progress and under 21. Training camp has been. Focus. He's coming in amazing shape. I think he really enjoys a style of play the field trying to. And implement your talk about when he's playing Keating unfortunately partner. That's a better team duties. And what has surprised me when I've really enjoyed as Netflix he's really been effective. This walking if you look at the shorthanded goals of the net. If orphans there you've been effective but what if the rules so. It's Isner where we're just excited book is more accurate now that he's open you know. He's helping our team now health and acumen of success and on the contract situation to situation but to take care of itself but right now he's been very focused in. That the circuit for so. So how do you watch game so are you alone or you have what your team around you you'll win. Like in the suites or wherever we're what's your deal going on not in a little closet you know just play. Because frost hoping that we Obama. If that when you ship in the press box than to create scenarios here that haven't buffalo where our coaches are at their side of that an adrenaline and a tone ordinance. Randy sexist he really earned now. Markets now but yet there with me. And then it's worth it. Most of our film stuff wrote wrote use it efficiently in situations like this what players for the that are around us if there it is just. Just what you talked about the fifth might even if it is operation. It's the same thing from the standpoint of how we make to seize power factor in the game were seen. I enjoy community with. Our staff class example Johnson box here. Or whatever it was it was so well he was at the game in Anaheim and Las Vegas. With the coaches. And myself watching the game. Actually it is one player's team that's where it. I Wear it when I don't care that much about a game I would love to have a bunch of people around like a while but if there's like a really important game to me I have to feel like it's. And to be cadets kind of normal. Brightly and I just don't. Don't talk to me during this report. But we but might that might nerves calmed down for the people around so it is possible appearance at their disposal thought that the Mets but it went that's probably right even like the Stanley Cup finals do the same you wanna be Ramsey group of guys without a doubt the I don't know. Cool. He questions for us. Dot I like mr. Phil are you ready for intimate stuff greater role I've got to be eleven they power play assured on her boss was a participant in that Ellen Davis. Their your boss was what put you go get them one step up. I was a long way from LA SL and report to me I could. All which you know is a nice way for these was in no condition to play but he just thought like I can't hit you a ticket to the time off. He took the time off anyway. Because you're you're needed you're too much yeah that's right and a valuable. Would say that though that's only you eleven days straight. Insanity absolute insanity for you know hot and I love the game I love playing the game still but eleven days. I don't think it can handle that you do still play a little bit so I'll still play a little bit it was a situation right did have retarded questions in the vote three or four years where it was in the play at all but it. And I still like to get up there. Palestinian stuff and but as we talked orderly pace of the game. Well that's not my game at all. Do you think he can score on your boy. Right who Jason yeah. Rachel what are your neighborhood of mobile mobile mobile should attempt. At it now what 6701550. There's no way no way it's oh with that size. What's the blog I definitely don't you. And definitely this I smell a particular mission featured a hundred rockets coming. Yeah thanks and good luck thank you very much appreciate it.