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Me less scary to me. Game rooms and the game it's. OK I yeah. My children read no bull dog. I know you Manning's mean. Specifically vodka. Non WGR. Sports Radio 550. You it was 716 sabres are back home on the west. And the host teams in the west Vancouver which has become. NHL team I think national police about a ball that happened but one of those guys that always. Kind of puts the Canadian teams on a higher level terms my interest like. Always watch Vancouver or Edmonton or Calgary the matter but there good or why it. Saturday night's late run amok note to me that's don't you mean I don't I never know more about the sharks and I know about the economics. IE. I concur. And anybody that's happened I am still like that would Edmonton Calgary I think to an extent. But this team. Here you mentioned this the right at the top beer the here's how bad idea. Earlier today I saw a tweet from a policy of reporter I don't remember who are just don't want them Paul White ball and you'll want to crawl want to. And it says something about now conduct our successes. Travis green and assorted players will be available. Street skate they travel from Boston and hear it and so what they would not do it on ActiveX situation that morning's statement so some locker room opens all the talk to coat. And I thought rectory with. But it didn't even process that that was a green head coach of the art from other players are thought he was so important. That he was being. Singled out but of course ravaged greens will be available air and some players. That's bad meat yeah that and if you didn't do it. Stop and realize I wasn't on the team is like a little time in my defense I hadn't spent a lot of enemies. I've been recognized me print screen and it threatens. I think it's. I think that's bad I think it's not as bad if you didn't know Thomas Bennett Liebman goals. But he does he shares the Vancouver Canucks lead in goals with three goals currency Tom's been excellent sabres who can aux will have geez about oral sabres GM. On site where those here and it's at once exit by thirty. Robbery will be before that sales going backwards cells come over for. And all will be on in about 45 minutes talk about tonight's game a couple of changes for the sabres here coming up. So like I saw your tweet about. Mari Cooper if he grind as we have Ryan I'm here good okay I'm here let's play game. I should've had this ready. But maybe you can do it ready made an amendment decree that haven't known privately was. This. Providing a veteran Chicago code. All right so. The autumn. The team last night if you play fantasy football or talk to anybody who does is under bull's eye can be you know what happened Mori who. Who has been in the biggest loss of the NFL season. Before last one problem I've not got hurt but the guy it was that high you know second round. It just was doing office last night. He passed all his season to date numbers and 111. For some time in order that was more Earl. Old catches and yards ahead in all five games moralist is five. So. Six. And actually there were two reports. So. You are in our FaceBook all these aliens. You find out if you look at the score of York team is 441. Older guys credit because he has to Marico. Right now for the first thought I had this morning was I wonder how that game and you know we talk about this game not just from a fantasy for. I don't write stories that we talk about the department but you know the raiders in the bill next week or 25. The bills beat the blocks like it. So I was very interested in. What happened in this game after it went about it Mukasey was ahead by. Nine going into the fourth quarter a fellow sleep. So I get up this morning it's six or whatever it is and right away on two and an apple T scores like a seat while. Rebels have been crazy I opened with big often there's a mark which numbers and the very next thought was all like god of the I am playing out I never bought yesterday is was even thinking about it. I just knew I didn't have anybody in the games are to needn't bother thinking about fantasy you're the raiders treatments for want him right 441 bright green right gore right. Or for your point of view so all I can I goal which turn out there it is complain norm green who were here back in the seventies I think. And but he still you are league and he's got a Mark Cooper Michael. I'm dawn. Well you know he's at that last week. But your game two and you almost one it's not over it's but it's 441 and that's not good. You would wonder by the way before we started you wondered if you meat eaters left him in in the vehicles into but he did take the younger Hopkins outs we problem. Aaron it makes you feel good yes okay so Ryan. Of course we'll look as an underdog here but I don't like you know I'm done because he's not gone Wendell last week in the isn't done when it's going to be hard right. 441 yeah that's going to be ready yeah of course I want a guy. Which he only used with silica immediately three guys actually gotten report you avoid god I'm like I'm getting a look beyond bell. Its public face pretty close to done he's pretty big underdog. He's not quite you know your stick in the meat thermometer nominates just about but it's not the sweet spot what I wanted to do. It is. Now. Just preface this. I'm more into France football number of more teams and number. And that's not to boasts about. Ranking about to be released are you proud of it brag about no I'm not proud of it is just telling you. Giving you pieces were where what might interest in this might be and I'm listening to a lot of fantasy football talk. In my free time so. I think like when I hear somebody that comment about players in the NFL and as you watch that well. I think that that's right or wrong but it got some expertise from your other people talk. I don't have a lot of my old original opinions we call like my team is oldest go to a few different sites and make you consensus in the guys that more. The experts told me the player of the Geisel play. Last night for example I don't play David Carr. Because run on and that might seem really stupid here but I exit David Carr. Sorry. It's a commitment on CBS guys were. Their car but in play either the cars but lately and that's because. The sites I looked used were my teams. Like on lead more overall are now allies. So long. Ago but anyway. That's arguably rarely public my own. Right really original. Out. I wouldn't play so and so this week because that's probably what hypocrisy that I probably hurt someone's. Right. Brought it at least two other well there's I ask you about on Liu guy. I edit the quarterback Rodgers went out and I ask you like what do you think so I guess subway I mean. Information off of you who that we get off of whatever. Resources you bad but I myself was sitting there looking at the double quarterbacks and thought. I didn't read the public sort of life. Such. I hope you can appreciate that point that I'm the enemy. Like the old and about almost everything. You haven't you watched the bills. You watch the bill that you see the thing. That you might test that and so on where you go walking around with a that you might licences. GR you might re younger you might do with thing that operates what you thought and then you feel like like I can say that. Whether you're a home in the original or any or. So anyway. 441. Appetite here that I have not heard from so it's okay and a lecturer to go to our kicker Adam don't. Oh. Ryan's situation here where her in bad shape yes. Nearly ousted. Two days more to. Do whatever he might be able to do to help themselves catch up now maybe that's not going to be possible maybe there isn't any. But I won't tell you who was on his team and you try to yes. What I'm thinking well. Coca OK. If you hear anything here that money. Something he could do to give himself a better chance to catch up from port report welcome listen. Sorry your starting lineup it is only. Elliott and foreign. We'll see a foreigner whose aura what he's not practicing now. But it's not about that. Wide receivers Dez Bryant Dovonte Adams. You've got the Packers stack right now with only in Adam's site then Kobe cleaner. Flexed position tapping Coleman. Your defense is done in your kicker is harsh go. With me Ryan and you have been album fallen long here's the bench. Selig go by position here Indy colts and quarterback. Running back on the bench you. Nobody. Her orders also afford it doesn't play you gonna do something to remove Coleman and Coleman often receive when it wipes. Were running back image that nobody wide receiver on the bench. Marvin Jones on by. DeSean Jackson. Sammy Watkins. Tyrone Williams. Corey Davis. Tight end on the bench haunts her memory. That's OK I encourage. I don't think IA director on the bench suck up right right so well kicker on the bench from kicker on the current events are able to read it today and the pitch in particular kick them aren't what you would come up with there are having. I think you put in DeSean Jackson and Sammy Watkins because they're capable of having John enormous gains and if you're just getting a floor where that's not good enough you want guys who had extremely high ceilings right. That is exactly right now DeSean Jackson I wasn't thinking about Watkins put you could view that as many spots. Music dies out. I'm not gonna take that out. No he really has done very little so far this year I feel like I'm gonna really regretted. If I'd taken I love the DeSean Jackson idea when I look at that a thought like that is what that's the move. Well his job. Well you know if you're down by so much what DeSean Jackson. Right Shawn Jackson is meet the player in the league at that point. Eric and Obama said yesterday he could go if I gotta go 550 or you might go six for what most at some point. And like that you know or one. I went out right to really go off so. I respect that I mean I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd definitely thinking. This earlier this week I mentioned view I I'd. Speaking about Coleman instead of Jackson. Reflects just because the plane to England that the probably to get some points and Malia I. I'm worried about you know Tampa's offense would simply quarterback before we knew that. Which it was. Play and just builds these pretty good so I was kind of trying to be sneaky in that put a backup running back in the that's like Bob but now like they. What you're saying news. But the guy need to go. With someone like chemical that is not gonna have. Six for 196 and it's not gonna happen have. You know he could have twenty points but if you don't reach for you have to when he points but Jackson or maybe even Watkins. Those guys that you great for you would Mark Cooper bright almost although not gonna get eighteen targets to right right Marc Cooper yeah yeah indeed targets a plea deal sooner. All accounts that's like you're gonna get there but yeah that's it. You you can still breathe here. I picked Jackson over lock ins but I don't know if I would be in the majority of men and. Rank. You've got destroyed lightning rankings I'm looking have Watkins estimated at eight points Jackson estimated it. So. The the question I I'll end up thinking about is whether or not Irish hood. Take Adams out. For Watkins. Like doing that sort of on dollars the watch your deputy on leave for the right like the idea Huntley. Playing because he's got some talent around him taking Adams doubt are constantly talked about. Well. The stat is better for the underdog to. And you're definitely an underdog bells oh. If you're gonna catch up you know on week to Adam's two or three times who knows something should try to act so I think he would stay in your group that Brian. It act helps the underdog. Yes yes it's been if they if they go off there's two touchdowns between him and you got one on balance it's now market right got to it'll. All right well I've trained students have been notoriety always on sitting here with the apple open and we're talking man that makes them Republicans and you'll be at the at the game I have thought about that for. This outside of being. 441. During the week what would be fun for me he's sitting there and have. A guy on the team the bulls 10 yeah so it's great they sort of was the doubt about that but I had this idea about Coleman tonight. I I've got to wait for this this man this may not surprise you. When it comes to this like I don't care at all the appointments to the team like. Yeah nodal businessmen. All right so it will be chambers Wednesday and their coach that's O today. And so the doctoring here what they do is know it gives him in the goal and he'll be fine like the the coach said yesterday he can't. They're not worried about from what he's been told that there's no reason to worry about making the injury worse whether he can do. There and functional things like that. And I'm this this system is also reading airing back to that. To build give him a needle and they know that that'll happen and no not. You'll be able to manage her I I would guess I would I mean I don't older he's gonna take a shot like what does that Garnett is that starting high school or college football. The Florida State at that they had a needle Ole bush. I'm gonna say for sure like I really all but I would be shocked if they don't. Be illegal or any now I'm just like wearing today and I also would be shocked. The opposite way with Michael even as craziest high school football is. Is in public touches and Florida and we're really right which you speak the football factory type states if they give shots and school. I think there's a whole different set of rules with minors and decide I just I don't I don't think you would see. While. Did you you watch Friday Night Lights yeah that probably enough so order to I don't know I'm I don't remember there being shocks. Ultimately. I could be wrong in Laguna. Well it was so far away from reality that it. Show what happened on that show sponsor. Schools Ramos and romance school drama in you know cute cute teenagers drinking. A lot of that go well I'll Google I don't recall there being the Eagles I I could be a and I saw every sort of the show you what that's like I just walked. But there're certainly are things that they've looked at it like breakfast and major properties and in the tiger. And coach. Marshawn Lynch last night so this game. I mean this book what. Might beat the best team all watch holier might be the best team in the lead just. For excitement up on all season in the eye and will lose one and stupid but it was dislike and what did you know like. What it is for me is so. Murray Cooper's first touchdown. He's the one up for the ball and he. I don't know bushes. By the Kansas City defender I think it's Mitchell was it was Mitchell a in this game. Goes down and it's obvious that that's going to be called pass interference and it never reaches the announcers make no mention of it does happen. Romo Romo like this a lot Romo is what happens all the time. So touchdown 703. And Marc Cooper back and then. You know throughout the team there were all these just you know how it is like a lot of things could be. Pass interference a lot of things could be illegal contact almost always you're not allowed to touch the guy after five yards release. That constant at every pass route that's ever happened in the last ten years and there and watching right so. You know it's not that that's not the rule the rule is some other standard behind right does it wouldn't it would be a manageable a pizza Leo right so. Goes along like this in the and you get to the and the rig the raiders score the touchdown. It's called back. And Crabtree. Makes the catch. Whatever that is five yards or something to win the game and it's called back into want to know what you are. Whose cooking is tackled at the ones oh. Yeah and that's under review. So that you have the pastor Crabtree it's called pass interference and like romo's Tennessee wisely. Repeat this happens all the time. You were it did not look any worse to me throughout Bermuda and wanted to beginning yeah. And then you have two penalties after that in a row on the chiefs. I guess. You guys. And and then the touchdown after that before. Last plays feels pretty peek at it though yeah it went through with it and feel like right. So you know exciting. But how seriously should really take it means just what the whole game goes by and it's been a lot of guesswork you know with that with that call gets to the end and I'm honored to say any of those calls was like you lead bad. But. There's so subjective it's so hard and there's just no real consistency at all. You get a touchdown on it then I guess are gonna call that most of us kind of think that the end of the game home team is gonna get the call me. They still threw the flag and treachery that first time right. And in twice on the chiefs. It is that this. I live here you quite a lot of different places at just how ridiculous all that is already in the ball that is. I think if you if you tried to sort of bold all that into one big take away. One of mine or maybe maybe my definitive one days. This week like Howell how does my team go seventeen years without want to stop going there. Right and what this year we had. Are sure that aren't you know that the Atlanta game there was a there there would be is that sort of went your way that we're not used to see close calls. That all sort of on one day waited in the eagles' favor and they win the game maybe a large part because of you know but. Console that's that's. That's football league that's believe that's what we all spend. All of that is a bit too. Paying attention to are reaching out toward the route and at the end it's just a rough going. Abby were just why and or. Look bad and the play. The first of the two I think it's the first of the two penalties against Kansas City down there. It is might be the second but it's the one we're Jared code is open over the middle. And the passes highs like the cold defense of all week in Kansas City unemployed and you don't if that is in call the story of last night is holders that throw back at me and cook goes off and you're a great night. He goes off and it's his fingers on it but but he just made an amazing catch right before that and there there's a linebacker between card called puts don't like he had just. If any he had time to do just an easy row. Relatively easy throw and mrs. It's bailed out and then it's much the winning talks on a great play I mean I think that's a great it and throw and catch. Card Crabtree right there early. Capital out last year and yet that's pretty cool like all right all coming up we'll get to the sabres can hawks game tonight after a timeout. Were 716 today sabres and Vancouver Mike show in the bulldogs' WGR eights pole Hammel to. If I had a bad. Not that I don't think about it because of that I would bet that Marshawn Lynch news this is bill's got beat him because it was two things. It was greatly in the officials. Sure. And to put its Latin. You please get vying for ejected. And then it was also rolling out on the field in the middle of flight. Where do you see that anymore right but Avian in soccer like Brazil is on its that like either one of those things could. Maybe a policy should could be suspended for game and the two things together or I'd be stone if you just really GAAP. Actually I mean he did the two things I mean I it's I've. I'd be shocked if these appointments but that's my. Which is never played a game against the bills here right Ronald Seattle area whatever that once they came yeah memorable fifty to seventy. Some of the guy it's your seat yes getting out of his way yes. More. Oh point like I was into errors with wages going into game it's not a hand which is headed for the end zone. And Sears C is like running. Through the end zone deport him and to meet books very much like he could get there as early. Were losing I don't he'd wait what's he greatly to forty I. Vanity policy Italy and she does this also does well you never know like I I've always I've always said that aren't I I believe it. That the the best I can know if one of those plays that may be on TV. Is deceptive as far as like how close he really used to the guy like it sure is about to meet a couple wrinkles. At us. Yeah it would mean he's got to tackle when dole would drop I would not wanna throw myself at march on. We appalled. Don't know Paul I don't like we're there and it's all. To watch football. I watched some of probably watch out recorders have pretty good right. Yeah that was a big game. I in I don't see how Marsha which doesn't get suspended. In early. Coming off the sideline I think what is it. Yeah I mean it come off the silent and then do what he did I don't see how it spent it seems right. Agrium. Sabres can talks. About the sabres lineup tonight. We will CN Teepen is George's is injured and not playing excellent deep it'll take its place they called up the view but they had to call somebody up. Because they have nobody acts and with all the injuries now. All they are using everybody and you can't go to warmup without somebody axe right go to Boston without somebody actress so. Purdue was called off but this is somebody Pittsburgh. What do you think. Com and keep in May have taken away from. What are we talking about yours with three games. That he sat march 14 except watch golf what they're how sleep talking all about what he needs to see permit deepened to get him to stay in the lineup. Just move his feet and get going and I think it took so long form to get back because the defense was playing somewhat better and improving. And tell Vegas and then once the Vegas game and it was pretty evident that. Even if Georgia's didn't get injured I think he probably would have come back. I would think that any any way. That's what they want him to do it for an order for him to be effective and be used mobility. Again I think he's thinking too much like many of the sabres are and is just make him a step slow getting to the awkward getting to this point he needs the via. All right you're using the skating and their past and yet we're not talking about a physically. Imposing guy that is gonna be able to shuffle people are reports people. A round off the pot whatever but if he's a good skater were a great skater. Then he can take away eight goals and just you know frustrate. Attacker despite being you know me being. These places quicker than the personal apartments are going to be. And I've seen him take away those angles and receive some pre season games have been played. Stuck in some of the regular season and even in the world championships I watched him play and I've seen him be able to do that be able to recover quickly even if he appears BP itself. I'm not extremely worried about a missed just getting used to north American hockey what's one of government. You know just getting used to society getting used to being a place where most people don't speak his language in that's it's all new to him so. I would be too concerned about. I don't wanna ask questions that you know suggests. That I would. That I am walking around a read of this mean the guy's proven nothing in the league or anything but he's seemed like a cool idea going back. He'd be almost a year so it's 44 year old guy who was first team all star McKay HL and you know he's. Good enough skeeter and player of the beat years so far do I want the sabres to give him a Long Beach. Because I don't wanna have to think about whether he would just go back. Or anything like that I mean it feels like a masking media fair question but. Is is there today does those house Lee and involve a role do they have to be. Put together on anti and to make sure they give him the time he needs to actually. I give. The impression goes to talk about each other's jobs. Like botched roll run things by Housley and how to run things my bottles like that there's a lot of communication there. I don't know if bottles type of guy that would demand somebody be in the lineup he doesn't appear to be like that but I don't know that well. So. I think you know how we just want them to relax a little bit. My guess is he didn't expect it to be three games but their defense was playing better as the game went along so it it's got to be three games. But just to keep this one in the watch a little bit relax. You know. There's just try to you'll feel more part of the team in more part of being in North America. It really feels to be like if if this thing is going to come together. Here sooner rather than later. That this player in deepen is maybe your key man. Because we we we knew they needed it ought overhaul back there and more so I say that scant Dellums a more all around player. And boy you it's been sort of represented to me. A guy that could or should house Lee's style of game but I feel good skater good puck mover and good offensive instincts alike what's golf. All right I agree with again I just think it's relax a little bit you know. Take take a little time on your fine he said. That and keep it was handling it very well he's been working along with this fight the coach who works with defenseman. So they've they've been working together going over tape and that type of thing in. I have noticed him open around or anything like that I always say hello to him. Just so he gets to know me and gets you know so we have just a little conversation together. Sometimes it's about hockey sometimes it's how are you adapting to life this is something I just like to have a conversation with them just. It's just stay in touch with him a little bit. You know I wasn't going to do pregame interview with him today I know I have done an interview with the war I don't know he's quite ready for that yet. But. You talk to some media today just a little bit talking about getting back in the line up. So those of the injuries on the Blue Line up fraud. Gergen since is out so that means Reinhart on the move again right yeah and even even how we saw that today you know talk about Sam. You know. I said well do you wish you wouldn't have to move amigos there's a lot of things you wish for it sometimes you're dealt those aunts that you have to play and that's that's where he's got now. I would not be a big fan of calling him quarter up I think women's feet captive in Rochester and I think that's where he belongs. I I just have never really felt season and it's so player and so they they basically had no choice but to move him back to senator after. You know to do roles in two games of playing much better with the rightly not that way with O'Reilly. Help or Riley you're going to a little bit so offensively at least so. It's a shame you hope that maybe one of those sentiment I mean. Rodriguez. They really actually have three sentiment on the lineup and Rodriguez is still week to week he still has a brace on that in which had been had a cast on it. After breaking the hand so he's not close to coming back. I'd Josephson is week to week it seems like for instance might be the closest to coming back. But one you know he was in the walking boot and on one crutch when he was in the locker room after the game the other night. So alarm you know it didn't look like something that was you know an exact anytime soon. So it's just a shame that Ryan are two starts to get going in many affable. Is Johnson starting because winner was sick or because that's the reason. Now they want it what it is one what is healthy could play. But they just want to give another day so they'll back off at PS one that it well. But. You know they they felt you know we don't have to start of so that that's why Johnson's. Okay well we've got here Paul the you. Immovable object irresistible force that god thing Hoover. I'm in eastern road trip. Playing back to back nights and three and four and I've got the sabres fresh awful western. Road trip first game back home. While it'll be your C literally the that is distinct path it it it's like this might be just. You know a game between two teams that are maybe not going to be at the very best. Well as better at it yesterday as anybody yet. That matches yesterday this sets up pretty good for Vancouver the question is can they take advantage of it made the commitment to have a bit. Because all three teams are going to start their road trip here for coming off the West Coast and it's their first team all honorable way to make. And they've been through enough things. Boston did not lay an egg scored four power play goals and threw for freedom power play and beat them. And here they are here buffalo with the same type of advantage Phil Housley said the sabres should be fine. He goes we've stated we've been home now for two days it should not be a factor. You know he's looking forward you know playing the way they're capable Plano where they did is not the way they played in Vegas. OK Paul thanks meticulous. Re give it 64. Sabres can ox shall be over four and rob will be here we think at five. Today who are built around people like last week from fortified today you're at 716. Baseball tonight. We've got the hockey game of course. And it's always cool and here anyway at the NBA seasons underway so well I mean it was you donors have won six. Mike show for the bulldogs this is WGR. I. You know there's a lot of teams that kind of quarter around the pack. For about half the year than something or separate themselves some teams are on the other direction. We wanna definitely keep. Trending upwards when that is I don't know exactly I have a lot of confidence so you draw in order to get to a healthier and you know hopefully this week in Jordan Matthews back clay we'll get back in the next few weeks and and as we get guys back in week Heathrow in this office I think we'll. We'll definitely turned upward. Yes it's not talking to us that he talked to other people it was I was happy to Murphy had a with Dow Jones one day this week. I don't know I like that. I don't like it. I don't like Eric would talk and other peoples and we had a special. I don't get all your friends be free. And you can't. If you love something. Stevie johnsons of Stevie Johnson was on our chauffeur was it one year too ridiculous to was two years and a in the spot or earth would is. And you know with half the time which is about all deeply. He didn't. There were some nice moments ago I would say like. For me he was very nicely Johnson. He has had a personality that. I thought was like pretty cool. He just like face to face on the field in the talk about the field which is sort of he was likable yeah. And so we would have 4 o'clock Steve Johnson and he just would be there or whenever you beat him easily so what good is that accurate or not very much about it. And if I think this is right haven't thought about this in a long time but he would be this the off season and after that. Where he was at the Super Bowl and don't Barone is tired. And he he joked with Jim Rome about throwing the bills were out. Schedule the offseason into the garbage desperate at the offseason after a second year dutrow. OK. So. That set me off. What if it was two things it was not only that he was doing that and I don't have the I have. Less than zero experience with well count me in the past but I think given the well here's something we want you to do in your own time. And he just was like he he was just not not going right and it was that plus he bragged about it. Natalie wasn't gonna do the work he thought it was funny. To say it nationally tell everybody it was a good work. And you might remember the day there was 11 day that I remember very well I can't have this dynamic team anymore right I got a new coach that's awful. And so what you just got to get rid of Stevie Johnson it was a Friday. Was it out. Because by Saturday afternoon it was all this stuff on Twitter. Called us name's what that was like oh yeah oblivion apparently. Okay like which you'll remember that partners and I remember I remember like. It's the roots and I don't think it was Eric went through somebody. Like. I wanted but what happened there but what. What was what was it that upset him. And the future is that simply on the other criticism if you found out of auditor could have been anything but you know I ever remember wondering about what was it an upset him. And what I remember hearing that was. Will he thought you were boys got your ground team right and and then. When he got criticized either one of felt he felt violated right. Yep that even remember you finding that out IE assumed all along but that was what's. He thought we had built up this thing and it didn't really understand how this all really works again idea you know. If you really screw up what I'm sorry you're that I'll gulps but it's gonna rate. I can't pretend they can do something that was ridiculous war now so old that we. Know. You know I like them to me you know. I don't know that he talked to other people probably. That's my bottom that's been along time to vote office. You know sorry. Yeah sorry. Baseball tonight so. As well that's Allen and ten minutes and give him the bills. Will be our next hour. Part rose. Baseball tonight so the Yankees have the series lead now all kinds of really Smart. Useful stories about the Yankees. Tried harder. And just didn't win it. And all these emotional. Explanations for well more their balls fell in the last game used balls. So 32 yankees and I have a back on the Astros from before the season that they will win the World Series. Right. Sometimes these bats like close won't let on the other side to make sure because the odds are good right I wanna make sure I don't end up on her. I want a I want to take something down. But in the first round I did not do that in Houston got through Boston. I was very confident in this series won the first two games now loss last three booked today. They are to want. To win this series now. And there are free earth tonight not mention job with Verlander they are a favorite at home tonight. Against her later in Severino that they are still a whole lot. Despite being down home. They are favored to win the night I heard Angela is okay right to win tonight and tomorrow I see it and until all of that yeah. 21 if they win the night which they're favored to do they'll be favored him right right who just for the Yankees tomorrow. Back rate. Sabathia will pitch for the Yankees tomorrow. And it'll be the you know the whole time yeah produce and it'll be Charlie Morton or will be callers are both right peacock in all of us is they won't. It's little Villa right with and then whenever eight starters it might be told me to get right so to go on in both periods. And our man on the use it but I'm I'm not exactly gobbling down I wouldn't say in what should these. But all back home. The really were like 33% to win a bowl fall in the bowl games. Let's hope they could get an up swing and everything that you released here at the good reviews of their guys. They lost they lost there there are it's nerve in New York but there was just so pretty good hitters cheese and everything went on to mention it stringer and ray yardage book so it's arguing about don't calls them. That was all wrong so. UC fans hope their just relax you home music. Back to the bills bills and Buccaneers Sunday sell to watch your joins us here it's a once X for the next hour. Rob ray Jason bottle roll over after that we be closer to hockey night which opened Bulldog WGR.