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And then I. And then again. Yeah my children. And an old dog. I don't think that's very good at these Mike Hsu hope you'll think. You'll you'll take. But I think you should be but then when I'm talking to my team that might assist. You're supposed to back me up and go get me jukebox like tell you don't go get if you thought all your cockpit through a Bulldog. Deuce box got. Now we'll go to hell why the plane wrapping it doesn't talk about a possible I'll I. Sports Radio. Welcome back to 716. Super exciting game last night. Between the cheeks and the raiders two teams we a lot of us would care a lot about. The chiefs. Atop the AFC the bills have their first round pick. Five and note I'll I been to. Mean you can't lose a game. In many awful ways than that they're all right you know there were. Three snaps with the clock on zero rape and you know the chiefs lead they were all three times like our team to start or. Quarter learn. Even on that winning drive. The the raiders' second in twenty of their own territory and you know in the fourth and eleven yeah right right after that he had to deal. Couldn't you stop at some point that you do it like. Put it out flagship one. No timeouts raiders use their timeouts on defense. And then still what the result and with. Having lost the workings of row and you said. And it was a comedy there to lead the calls were bad if if he were her. That's what everybody would talk with this game it's that mr. burns finally your offense that deepens holding penalty whatever news but relief. I don't think we would say that about those calls you know or they'll meet cents there're others in the game didn't. There were also others in the team like the first career touchdown that certainly could have been penalties. I mean I think the thing is. Just commit the ball. Errant throw almost always commit the fall on a bomb once I'm mark is Peters was relieved we're. It was more about this with anything else Marcus theatres as wrapped around the guys that. And along pass. The CP richter with a model that does mean I don't did not see the early highlights of this game but development workers on the journey eager for now. And so it was 62 Salk who wrote for touchdown that you referenced earlier how was it not. God eater but it's not the guy over with a two. Expected the ball in the ice on the streets. I knew exactly what it. That's wow now it would be a boon for the defense about to go down bullets it's. The gamble but he applicant to lock these right right what happened on that what was there's an official in the picture. Who knows though again there's an official in the picture who watches the play and those not. Throw his lines calls the touchdown but there's another official from behind the play who comes and throw the flag looks like that's going to be pass interference but it isn't. That they just make the flag be mentally what was going. While now so Marc Cooper. And the raiders are definitely went right to state those are I I don't. I guess in older. And here would certainly you reference the AFL these two teams. I don't go back that far. Why it is the uniformed secret notes caller rushed night whatever. Those two teams play I old bulls always regardless of how good they are the last I could wanna watch the raiders achieved one of the game that I will always wanted to. I agree I would say almost anything for any. Raiders team in that division. I wanted to grass now. And I want I want watch it recently feel with the use of dirt between some of the a when it was San Diego that was cool the other group that was cool it's navy school. It's before the race open about it chiefs and raiders of it and it might have been the most exciting game of the season goes all the way to the end. World. Warren's. Last night's game all right so it's five into Oakland. Three and four Oakland buffalo next week. May be no Marshawn Lynch could be suspended for. Re having been shoving. That official last night call that. Also running out on the field to participate in that. I went. All that really is it was it was it was a confrontation. At the potential to escalate. It is something that could've gotten pretty ugly. Wedge in my view definitely overreacted. And I think for one or the other you can. Ovals expect the suspension especially at the cuteness with the rap I don't know what. I'll be an uphill fumes. The sideline in Balkans when the NHL are. Passed it to ball the agent then gave himself a few seasons ago when David Clarkson is that. It receives game we and its neighbors. I don't know that it causes not a very commonly happens. But I think either one of those appearances on the world. I'd be thinking maybe it's that I think you combine the two and I'd I'd I'd be stunned the city. Itself. Studies we. I've rules and bylaws but I think that the rough especially. Wars. I'm hoping for. A court hearings and some appeals processes. It's a blond bond market on its. Roger costs that we definitely old should last for months and we are definitely he'll use. The opportunity now working on market. That's what. That's where we hours ago. And I'm off. We're you guys that as a show word on bond most programs. Jay was Winston starts. Sunday bills and Buccaneers. Let's get to next Ryan. Rose may your neat I didn't. WG. These might show commendable though they got. A change. You. On WG. Sports Radio 5 o'clock in the past. And and I am. I think it's not for real money item could grow quickly items locked we need to win three. Can't get out. It's been so bad that I may not wanna you know I'm in Houston to a three would be put to reach acceptable. You're just. I you know settling for. I mean you're living in the treatment you're gonna like him. It's figured out your your mind has shifted I need focusing on the big cool autumn air I need coltart. I need any charmed dump it. Foods says the streets. Who would you like I think it's four or five weeks and I won't. Just can't stop him before that it was or what but I have just not a disaster. All right well I want my best. Here is how this works. We take turns predicting. Which NFL teams. Will win. And we use the point spreads. So it makes little harder. And were. We advise you to take these selections with the utmost seriousness. Make sure that you big east next to me that we are certain. That what we say you're actually happen. And so that's that's what you know it's you do notice she's the candidate for its form and oratory and we've. All right I will take him I will take Cleveland again according to court at games might basically every week. Cleveland minus no of course not lost sixers are only six Cleveland plus six at home against. Tennessee Cleveland is going back to Kaiser. I don't have a reason for doing this. I think the browns are. Couple areas and it's amazing that they are still in the condition they are endless terrible. They have meetings where anti quarterback changes in 43. Teams. That is not it's. It's a notice Heiser one's called the counselor to and Kevin Hogan three. I'm surprised the counselor has an outrage Holden. And even media ranked Kaiser through this season to go last year he was pretty good. For the browns that is not saying much. Tennessee as injury problems Tennessee. Maybe without the wing walker. And they have very go to recovering from a hamstring injury might be all right by now but even in the win over Indianapolis he was hampered. And didn't want it's great weapon for Tennessee would marry Otis strike. And also DeMarco Murray is battling hamstring issues again so they have their calorie but. I just understood the doings in the room it's on. We've simplest things that needed to Tennessee injuries. 62. I will take the giants to. Back up. What they did in Denver and calmer if not beat Seattle. At home on Sunday at giants lost 52 differences not it never once. Jenkins is great. And here all the strong game against Denver. Seattle so bad on the offensive line. And I think five points there is more than they deserve. More than Seattle deserves to be favored by Seattle running back is always up in the air its vPro sites now guests. But. Even lift the giants diminished at wide receiver worse than the bills. Yes. I still think there's there's a drive was five. Pick three I will take Miami minus three against the jets just doing their just thinking about what these teams were supposed to be. And asking if it's too far into the season to ignore I just don't you think it's early enough where the wanna have been picking against the just a little bit too. By. I would take the dolphins and hold minus two gold as the jets every time. With the franchises in the street children the dolphins are three to display just being. We've. That's all. Opens my history about to Parker not looking good. Kenny stills of the contribution last week when entries excellent. The giant a big game last week for them as they did what bills did winning in Atlanta. Pick for the chargers at home in a picking against Denver. I'm doing so we're going to do which is take a gain from last week and then sort of six. By the knicks expect this week to be disagreements with respect to the giants and I guess the dolphins. And also the Broncos and chargers and that the Broncos losing last week to the giants and the chargers putting their game last week two straight the chargers where in the close ones now. They lost to Denver out of his view already at the end the chargers are a cult as we want to do the same thing as closely watches the dolphins jets game. But for the season the church were the better team all the Broncos. That the Broncos they went into the season with a higher projected in total the Broncos have still there Emanuel Sanders out. I will take away. In effect at home searches that is there you know what liberal field bears they have in this small stadium with opens. We don't go to Denver wrap it that's their home field advantage the game is not in Denver. Chargers and pick and for college game I will take air force tonight minus seven at Nevada. Close to a conflict. Second we can roll that you're going first where. I sit here and I I'd I'd I'd. Don't have the web site with all the game's opening night picked out my needs and I happen in my home. Like keep track of and I'd sit here while you're doing your thing. Or if you do get on the other side but I don't I hate to have missing games Leslie you switched to a right like did put that had nothing new U I did. City while you were doing your listen as well generalists and looked to us out of that know how to veco. The Steelers game one for me and they went and gave one of limiting the work the only two games now or wait you. You brought that up and our rock the only two games you won I cheat your teams that you had planned to pick the other way. Well exactly the last moment Steelers seat won by chiefs and rams and jaguars. Mountain. But he's Bryant should do that a but yes he's just having so should I double bottom two with all the home with a absolutely not yet not yet four and a half but not. I'm not gonna get crazy yet a lot of a lot of roll. It's out there for us votes yes. All I'll begin in college the college picked by the way because I like how just utterly awful players that. The politics of the last couple weeks that I did this that's a real way to sell this segment I can't we just not sponsored. Two weeks ago I had Oklahoma. Minus thirty hosting Iowa State and that was the biggest upset that we. They lost all credible if not the year so far fumes massive write that happened. And last week on Friday night at Washington State in football. Minus sixteen and I can tell a joke about Ellie what Albert on. We beat you that would make it with a stupid may have on the Buick L get out of here and a tale a vitally. At 37 reads like in this war but I woke up Saturday morning and supplement Twitter. Which screen grab. The end of the game for me what to do. That the that we did it but thank you very much. Anyway in college this week. Oklahoma State taxes taken. Fuhrman's Oklahoma State cowboys minus. Texas. Others backing it not gonna happen. Mason Rudolph and Oklahoma State and I'm speaking about the quality quarterbacks that we. Have been talking a lot about it watch. As people thought we might. Season. It yet again anyway Oklahoma State on Saturday taxes is the college game. In the NFL I it will take the pills at home minus three hosting Tampa. But trust the government is got his team's attention. And I believe that the is at least really good if not. With great but they handled some tougher teams I think Tampa and the Winston injury to see him play. I respect Mike Evans distraught Jackson. But trust the bills and keep keep them under wraps well enough to find their way to a point to covers. The bills minus revote in Tampa. Percent of you know take Carolina minus three hosting players. Mostly because I think the players even with the view of what's what was awful in the name it it was quarterback. Three feet secession pretty boy went out. I'll take Carolina. Minus three baby Carolina's eventually will prove to be the class I'd I'd I'd like. Well Newton. Supposed to read. But it gave her but Carolina minus three what others rain affect future blog immediately. Doesn't. This and then I'm picking now my third NFL game is in England even though it's a 1 o'clock o'clock this so tonight's game. I guess for the folks at London's so nice for them I'll take the rams minus three and a half hosting hosting. Arizona. But we'll open the program I. Giving golf giving you McVeigh give me that offense. Go rim minus three and apples and guards all take that and governor Vick the falcons. Getting three and a half at Foxboro. I like that too but just think I just picked Atlanta as what killed over there game. I'm thinking on this in the week that they sort of would read. You announced that it. Eight for us were we and so a lot of us and I think that we Lewis variable. On the back end there so they were even when healthy now they've got injuries police Gilmore style that there. They're the first NFL team ever. To start the season giving up 300 yard passers six weeks ago. But yet to six weeks where it's at least the first six weeks of the season. Blair's office is very different and that the chain him leaving leaving. Has been a big deal for them but we knew what was going. It might not even matter if you if you have a accurate. Quarterback we have you know the public is respectable. Running backs whenever gap. I mean you sought to stop and we would like that's the that's correct and so you know Iraq at this game you know 351. And amateur. This app like I'm gonna have a delicate landing when it. Game. And that's that partly is because we've talked so there's teams have to write a catchall for a stay with them. On the bills gave I don't have a strong feeling either way we think it's very interesting matchup but I'm gonna make this predictions that I can make one prediction about the bills. I think this is the this is the game because you know it's expected to be close. And what we haven't really had in six games. It is B Sean McDermott coaching decision. That's been heavily scrutinized. The closest we have calm like the way and they kicked a field goal in close in Carolina it was that evening that the team in Carolina. Where they didn't go for it it was not even that game. But I get there hasn't been in my memory there hasn't been one this year yet that was really controversial that we argue autumn we always end up doing. So I seen him be conservative and I think he makes. So far. He certainly hasn't. Sound like he's regretful about it I think he makes super conservative calls with respect to pour down you know we'd probably all that stuff the be no different than his. Recent predecessors. But there. The ball by moderate soul what you know what you're aquarius it was an Atlanta worried that Google don't want him to block the one close close one beat Carolina. He. Didn't do the right in with the clock media he had waited. Burned some time wanted to see Carolina line they'll light and then call time out like. Eighteen point second power and we are we talking about that that it's okay right. So to know what do you that'll b.s like impossible articulate that's coming there's going to be a game where I'm gonna be upset because. They should've been a little bit. Older than me. I predict will be we'll see. Jason bottle coming over next the sabres GM will get the hockey the sabres hosting Vancouver tonight team beat of their season. What show with a Bulldog at seven once sexier on WGR. Back to 716 the sabres host Vancouver tonight. Which opened the Bulldog are joined by sabres GM Jason bottle like Jason thanks very much revenue on. Course what would advocate or a little less about your excellent good music in the background do all of it kind of music what was that I was. That goes on but I don't know the group but I mean you look you know action toys out of it we'll slap shot right of Flacco all rolling right. Right did you mean to do that probably. Yeah I everything I do as an intentional. Of course it sure so how is the job treating you. We're doing well you know it's obviously nice to get back to buffalo I thought overall the road trip with paused a that the team can get them to go on the road treatment which is good to see. But now there's still a lot of things going on and still get a feel for some of the players in the practice of her stuff but it's exciting. Called. Challenging is it to be new coaches new. Opening night at ten new players wide opening there we twenty drafts of it that's a lot of turnover how much Google project visit to just get to know. What makes the guys on your team. Well without that I think it's just understanding especially from coaching next from the standpoint on. And Phil the staff is trying to interact interact with these guys away from the rink and understand. We're the guys he have to serve which we'll put harder on power you know when you're trying to introduce a system. What is it better to had a Super Bowl to some people is offensive visual for others you know trying to figure out who. Who needs a little bit of that that pat on the back or vs a little bit more for harsher tone. So it's a feeling out process and I think users scene with their team so far I think we've shown glimpses of a guillotine that. Plays the style that films like to play on but we certainly haven't had a consistency level yet. Do you think that you won't get all the second thing the way you do because of how you were coaxed because of what you learned as a player. The can of your playing Rochester general that was stored grow and after tomorrow no led yeah I was after I brought event and it worked out there OK Erica okay rightly. How much did. Your pro playing experience you think influence how you. Our as a manager. Well I think it had a huge influence and in the people around me went back to portrait appearances at Michigan house of the things that he talked me about it and you know. How interact with players to. Some of the well you never made it. To answer all your aspiration so high how would you know law I think that it that are respectively it was around and it's teams such as. Dell stars and Mike Modano and Brett hall how they handle themselves of what. It took for them to get over the hump because scenario there on and and also myself not it may be cheated on wife aspirations as a NHL player. And in some putts and the mistakes are made of being sent down and I think that's been. Had policies with Justin Bailey or talk good young player like separate the truth trying to get over the home from being a very good American hockey player today and for financial or. Those situations those experiences for myself. You know Switzerland playing defect in how it how I try to handle people and how I try to interact with people. You you brought we talked last time was we'd be right before the season start you brought up. How old. He'll be going down doesn't necessarily mean anything bad because we brought up the chief counsel example and with the penguins I wonder that try to put two and a box by this question but. Wonder if there would be times could be times when you think a player. Deserves to be up. But it's better for him or you don't on the road if he's not what you might you might not always have theoretically. Your 640 best players. Off at that one time. I definitely that happens there because. Look what we're trying to accomplish here too with some murder young players is not just survive the national popular. We want them to succeed we want to happen to be impact players. And sometimes. A young player today come up here and play a few minutes in and help the team capable of more than a player but for the long term projection it's important for them to beat down of America Hartley claims coming in tonight plain and all different rule. Rules so when they do come up they're not playing 56 minutes there Cummins took it and say it taught for defensible or talk to flying top six forward cool stuff and it's always difficult to find that balance it's it's it's not a perfect science calm but it's something that we shouldn't talk about it with a lot. What is the hardest. Adjustment. That player I guess I think about Bailey for this because he's here again and looks like he'll be in the top six role of the Riley and also with the line from point people. What's the most difficult part of that train to but it just the pace that everything happens we'll. And the National Hockey League level not. American likely. Guys are stronger. It's a junior college. And I think there's a little bit more the stuff up enough softly but just the peace you know get your shot off the ability to handle the pass and another thing they just have to understand that just. Still local players I think it's what. Young players free catalog obviously. You make one mistake American Hartley going reports it's okay you in hospital but I mean he's known than if we get it again. Nonchalantly you make that mistake along the wolf usually puts the afternoon and it's just that the importance of the view that the tilt in the game and that's what. I give justice credit from the start of training camp. The coaching staff who worked on them some of those he feels he implemented that in Rochester and he's always had the speed and size but the national likely announcement in his game. You mentioned pace of play there. The game seems like it's it's never been faster and it's only getting past. With that I don't just look at the young players come. Now they're old physically more mature they've they've had strength coaches have again great now they all seem to have skill coaches and skating coaches at age six or seven. Com is just you used to be your 6263. And one I myself with a sixty player or you can deal but smaller the size. Not anymore it's all about it's called book you know the ski and be no fly out there especially early in the season here right now. I don't think it's always that the smartest hockey being played up there but it in most games it's a client needs that's going in India. Jason bottle with us here at 716. So. We had you to Marie over all the time it felt like he was releasing the talk to him. Where we talked to him about we first got to know him. Like so you're you use the GM of the team you got the NHL roster you've got the HL team you might have even deeper than that. To concern yourself with your gut and your scouting you've got all the regional teams are regional team to monitor. And I think it was pretty obvious that his favorite part was. Did you an example maybe just jumping in his car driving twenty hours and watched it yet but I think that's what he like he was and always on the road with the sabres that's what he seemed to really like. If you found yet it probably is would go back to your Pittsburgh here's what you found what part you like the most. Well it doesn't surprise at all with them if you look at his background he was. And his track record he was an amazing evaluate their talent and movies that's where the relatively yet successes of the talent you know there watching games. For myself. My personal thing that I enjoy the most both went off. There's no everyday wake up in something different. And when I mean by that is that hey I might be going to watch the game today but I also might be interacting with whenever like Michael was here for at America from a development staff trying to get. A junior player to have more success of what we're trying to teach there were talking to an agent about a contract situation could be long term deal for our team. Or interacting on the business side and hate this movie if you from a puts them. Final joint budget it's difficult that it that I understand but just the fact that you're going through so much different things and that's what I enjoy both the job and enjoyed that in Pittsburgh that I have a lot different opportunities that penalty if it means that scenario. Home but that's when we'll have looked up sometime after you deal with his sights of counter act with a coach sometime to deal with players. And just not knowing they what did you mean the only state I enjoy that a lot. It's its own so diverse. That it would seem important to have certain people. We if you were underneath you would buy him a bit you really have to trust them out on. 100% the job now it's just gotten so complicated. And you have to have people in certain has. I'm not an expert an area I have to trust my stuff I have to if we're making an trade him reporter for the pro level. That's going to be watching them watching video on stuff I'm trusting my analyst guy and trusted for pro scouts. On him though that the many many section. For a trip because he threw him Steve really people that I surround myself with I have to trust your opinions on Google. Because to be so called expert in all these areas it's impossible to what to do notice. So we talked at the outset here. You know your new Phil's new bottle employers and patients. Which seemed to be something that you have to have we yet. You're a pro sports team. And reserve results are our what matters and the start has not been good. Powell who do you balance that the you for patients at the new system its new players but yet you're you know not having a very. People. Just like you were talked about the younger player like Justin Bailey you know imports of him for his development is to work on. The key to for the game getting pucks out getting pucks in the future levels making those few small place but silicon today just Billy wants workable. From part of the game the same thing from a team perspective here ultimately. We need to win games and we want to win games since women of the game. Being in the hockey that we have here stuff. What. We're not offense brought so it's you know we can't get frustrated by it but what it really like from Phil stamp when his coaching staff is others frustration point. Classic example. Saturday and LA. No I thought overall we played pretty solid team but to lose that game in the with their relatively not having success after they've been so successful Hadley school. Going on us it could have been a situation really distraught and that the next morning those already folks you know what we have to do better how we turn things around if that positive attitude. Make a couple of just mr. team and I love our team was focused in on feel and see the results of the game against Anaheim so. That the F we're disciplined but where rat right now what are record is what what I'm so what does it. We've seen improvement. Games two and three in this year the effort wasn't good enough and since then I'd like they're competitive level. Now it's important that as we move forward you're finding ways to win games. Do you. So I just want to like that the team doesn't have a captain. And I want to know that this is not a big deal. But I you know fans talk about it and it's certainly a topic for discussion when it's about the sabres. How do you look at like leadership. Forming or whatever which within the team that you want. Somebody to emerge do you think like is it all is at all true that the fact that sabres don't have a captain is is that an indictment. Of what you might happen that area or just party UC. Not it's not a not at all I see the situation where. The days of Mark Messier in this one guy lead a team to glory. It it just doesn't exist anymore and certainly teams even with to have captains. There has to be a strong leadership group. And that's generic now we're fill myself for still understand the personalities of of some people and it's been difficult because one of the guys that we felt it was a beautiful in the Cogent has been in forever prepares for a few right now you know but. You know if it's just one person I think questioning him on over the over course of 82 games you have to have different people step up from different rules. And what their farm and build a proposed so. Bogosian. You saw this past weekend and it can happen and minister's seat in an office you've ever cinnamon and O'Reilly and Jack. You have to have different people step up different situations and the good thing is that they communicate as a group and it's there where we have some good young veteran heard some good young leaders and health of some veteran leaders stuff in the book would you feel comfortable with that extra help them. More we will do this on a pretty regular basis solved at the first Evander Kane contract question out of the way here and we want it you're sitting here with us he's off to a great start. What's the what's the future hold what what's your what's your view of entertain people. So we relation on the Jack fields that we could talk about the Jack guild contract situations and got that and that is always going to be a zionist right all right that sounds good but look it's. His his agent. Because there has put a few players are on our team here except with an organization and always had a strong relationship with ray and a scenario when I first came in here. We talked about the vendor and I local fields we showed them my love though. The discussion. We're not going to be given a contract Gregory Q let's see how things progress and under 21. Training camp has been. Focused. Feeds coming in amazing shape I think he really enjoys the style of play the field trying to. Implement your talk about playing with he's plane keeping them or check for heart and that's a vendors entity. And what's that surprised me when I've really enjoyed it there like he's really been effective. Just walking if you look at this or chemicals that he had if elephant there you've been effective a lot of rules so. It's a scenario where we're just excited book is more accurate now its he's healthy you know. He's helping our team no health and acumen of success and this contract situation to situation but to take care of itself but right now. He's been very focused in. Of the circuit for so. So how do you watch games are you alone or you have like your team around you you often. Like in the suites are room wherever we're what's your deal. On nod and a little closet you know just play. Because frost hoping that we. That and beauty of the press box than to create scenarios here that haven't buffalo where a coach as a right there beside us that an adrenaline and a tone ordinance. Randy sexist you really earn now. Markers now but yet there with me. And then it's worth it. Most of our film itself wrote wrote huge lead but you know we can't situation like this what players but there are around us that it is. Just that he talked about. Fifth might have visited the collaboration. It's the same thing from the standpoint of how we make decisions power factor in the game were seen. I enjoy community with. Our staff class example Johnson box here. Reports it was so well he was at that game in Anaheim and Las Vegas. Now with the coaches. And myself watching the game. Actually it is when players seem to Wear on the night. I Wear it when I don't care that much about a game I would love to have a bunch of people around like a while but if there's really important game via FB alone it's. And the BB that's kind of normal. Right into the just don't. Don't talk to me during this what. But we but right miners come down for the people around his coffee mocha exit necklace with Google thought that the commitments but that's probably right you like the Stanley Cup finals through the same you wanna be Ramsey group of guys with. Cool. Any questions for us. Not what I'd like historical are you ready for in tonight's the federal I've got the eleven day power play assured on her boss was a participant Bill Davis. You lost it but what you you know it would step up. I was a long way to Atlanta challenge for me I could. Which you know is a nicely for music it was in no condition to play but he just thought like I can't have you a ticket to the time off. He took time off anyway. Because you're you're needed you're too much yet this I mean valuable I. And say that though that's only you eleven days straight. Insanity absolute insanity for you know hot and I love the game I love playing the games still but eleven days. I don't think it could handle that because you do still play a little bit so I'll still play a little bit it was a situation right could have retired profession and those votes three or four years where it was able play at all but. I still like to get up there. We'll city and stuff and but as we talked earlier piece the game well that's not my game at all. Do you think he can score on your boy. Right food Jason yeah. And regional players are. You know particularly nimble model model shoot. You it's now 6701550. There's no way no way it's oh with outsized way what's the blog I don't know what have you. I'm definitely use my eyes balloting in particular mission featured a hundred. Rockets coming. Thanks and good luck thank you very much appreciate it. Jason bilateral sabres a box tonight free game in fifteen minutes here on WGR. And models day. One way or another. Whether. I don't think so whether. Signing team would be either possible or not possible with during the season was there any sort of specific. No hole. No the Eli likes them he he. Right good relationship with the agent who has many players either on the team in the system in the organization. He what he left it at. It'll take care of itself. I'd. Was attempted to goal for a follow up but we bottles it. The odds and rightly accuse I don't look at the with a takes care of itself like you could be you after. You have to decided. A read want to keep you in a U. A lot of money. And leave the player has to go yeah. I'll do that I'll talk to you about that. Rather than wait until July and hit eight million dollars a year from. Well. I am not so yeah that makes sense I am not. Hiding for that at all for any kind of like the thinker me. Contrary especially not right now immediately. Always when you don't do that all that's right with the kind of start their off to the people that you're sort of bright weaker and you're you're flying high you know. I think it needs to give it. For it to get interesting to beat. It would have to. Be a situation where it's going really well. It's you know. So they want to roll. To get out of this hole that there are already in. And there are various spot they're in a playoff spot and your your getting your past Christmas here in the new here. And the trade deadline is looming out there and like what do you know do. Is this guy a really key part of your team do you trust them. And you know in view do you pay live with yourself to let him go for nothing in July. As you could just you know Pete you brought your TV just ride it and see what happens and then let him go. It worried about replacing the goals of all the way. But you have to be good for they're not good then he's he's at the top of your sense to rape me list as soon as they make it three. Yeah maybe there might not be a better player in the league who feel like I don't know basically uterus. We'll take a timeout in the pregame shows coming up here from 716 all Hamilton won't joy memento cooperative. Grand Island for the high school football playoffs have fought without thank you. We'll see after the game although I will see in five minutes much open hole look from 716 here on WG yards.