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Saturday, October 21st

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Go good morning and welcome to inside high school sports. I'm heroes Tony Caligiuri. Along what Roger Weis. Just you and Lee Reich riches. These are watching this on my play our soccer today and frank frank threw touchdown Jesus he had on the ground Indiana. I he's there to watch Notre Dame USC which I think is one of the most amazing. College teams coming vet that ranks up there are going to see army navy. You know anyone of those big. Rival Michigan Ohio State yeah I mean she wore this Georgia. Alabama Auburn. Taxes taxes than them so area home. You have that right you've been at Notre Dame forego having you yes I've rented a few years ago sure Al Largo was as before they put the upper addition around the stadium and all that. Yeah. Any Notre Dame game it's an atmosphere out. You can prep people like Franken made sport you have no ideas so you get there it's really. Amazing. And you know I am envious of rankings is already read next year alone game he'll include me in their trip ups and personal. Planet he might at one scenario went out. During football without either one of us okay well. Army tag along with you guys all their social yeah it but that Al Alsace to a remote from a football game what the last thing we do that that was an OP. Enough running your as you be. Written. With bill and not in my van there and geno. I posted that memory not too long ago you'll FaceBook has us they no viewer. Hit dame history wherever so I cleric came across that why I was like man what a great memory. If people are still laughter man is like would meet you guys judicial and eventually as somebody forgot to. Open our unlock the out press box were whoosh boasted to show so we wanna do it inside the venue the people in the concession stand. Cracking up could replace and our orders from the van and the. With some picking it and I still remember that came afterwards it was pouring rain and OP against Clarence yes and all of a sudden a frets. I'm not quarterback keeper was coming every who's heading toward the sideline announcement of dude you're on my staff writer apple I am so history caught up all look at. All just memories in that order is all about the memories of these. Years and years we were talking wanted to years 2000 to analog and it's a few years ago. Yeah and is they have missed that that was a lot of fond of them broadcast the game prank calls you know. We had an absolute apps will last now only you were an oppressed by Jones on the field and I wasn't exactly any warmer earth Gloria when you're drier and he's he had that's true that that that. Our news and notes Reich. I just want your rock shout to the I hammer cross country team is boys and girls I was at the meet. Yesterday yet aberrant cola state park on my way to law conqueror through bunkers Albion game. I want regular shot I you know Tony I need to be a whistle war and all that. I think Hamburg in an illegal over each runner a mall voice me yesterday. The scandal isn't dead ringer for off their athletic director and things are company Hamburg and the athletic director is. Run and cross country the question and I'm kind Shaq can you run. While he was let's put it this way now on your reach out to Carter Gilles he's an autistic student and Hamburg. And he runs those cross country course as she's slightly. I honorary member of the team and all that obviously would not be a factor in any meat but he also has to be escorted. And new normal I scored yesterday was unavailable for a to participate so law athletic director has to do everything whenever. PGA to his credit and congratulations. He ran their course Jack of course wherever you wanna call and I was so proud of terror drills and also brought a project. Way to go Carter and good job and he's a class act quick shout to the hammer dropped in Oly cross country team. They won both diversity in the I javy competition yesterday varsity girls led by a racial slowing ski enough. Mali caption that may wish from owner's sister Ashley is a former. I Hamburg Lady Bulldogs basketball player in soccer player who is now playing at Bryant poured. Outstanding I we're gonna go to the phones right now and we have our good buddy Tom prince. The phone go morning Tom. Sorry Dario Roger aerial Howard to a great great to hear from you. Thank you appreciate it all right now you've got a special shot out that you wanted to our delivered today. They view it if you lie in Orchard Park modified football player on and actually coaches also when basketball is huge sign anybody call though. I don't we would like to make sure we wish him. To get better right now these are currently in the hospital. He was actually trying now for the buffalo Beatles flagged all faulty. And in that process when he went out for a pass in the end zone towards the end of the try out. The kid that was guarding him. Went off which candidate you went into this topic but I look. They found out that he actually has the last serrated pancreas at that time. Sorry been in the hospital now for just shy of Lee. And it's still trying to find out exactly how long he's going to be there. And I just want him to know that yet all the thoughts and prayers of everybody in Western New York sports so that he can hear everybody wants York. Outstanding Simon please. He'll love fast body and now all the best to you. Player ought disabled and we he's going to be an arrow on this thing is. This is done anything with the pancreas is touches so I can imagine some kind of trauma with that is even more social. Got an out young man were awful on for a. He's got a great attitude I could just to see spy on his base to be gritty. And right now I just want to know oral argument I'll give him a hug on our behalf Tom. I'm well thank you Tony great route. Time are you still there. I don't. We were by any chance for your GOP game last night. Art I absolutely was because I'd love to hear your import from me there wasn't much of her right up the newspaper earlier no final score what are your thoughts on that game. So kind of what I thought going into huge news that Niagara Falls strength was definitely he's their defense and and all of them played at the Rangel ends well yeah. I'll need that deftly played very very well. I will say what her Orchard Park no doubt about it needs Bruce goes down on the first play of the game and doesn't play in Iraq and again. You'll lose out weapon in Orchard Park and that is gonna hurt him and and Jack sharp. I gotta say I thought did a phenomenal job not having his number one weapon on the field. Yes tough when you miss your guys believe me I know Oprah. That huge credit good Niagara Falls it all came down the alternately you don't you know your game comes down to one clarity. But what had happened was booed about sports and boy. I'll Orchard Park was gold pour it on fourth down. They've brought him there running back your play guy on the to play quarterback. To dual quarterbacks each. He quarterbacks the exit. And all the sudden the ball came popping now and Niagara Falls right back for fifty yards per touchdown particularly. Wall. I'll tell you what to their credit at least they won hands on there's another nothing treasury crazier a football game fourth and inches and they go off. Snap the ball secured back to the quarterbacks all fortunate just becomes of fortunes next treasury up a wall yeah I wanted to share in my meant hugely. You know it's wanting to lose first down that get the first down. But. Have defense you don't turn around that it allows coach can't hurts. Roger he actually had the first down or would look like theater and the first down. And as well pot Bill Clinton Obama. You know you're inside the high oil barrel so in the Balkans out of a pile. Any. It was after though it looked like here at the first down while. About Viagra falls kind of peaking at the right time if you think about it coming on strong late in the year end. And now given her a push into the playoffs we'll see what happens. Now I figure if I'm not mistaken they go up against will nor next week that's what I figured. All right time will be lower tip time have a great weekend and we'll talk to somebody. Great thank you thank you here. Tom France Colin special shout out to silent a call though. In the hospital get well. Let's see for my news and notes last game of the year for my Niagara Falls junior football. Cobra as we airplane to date or Clarence high school at 230. And I just wanted to thank you take this time to think. The guys and a coach with head coach chuck freak assistants. Bobby Don and Joseph Kenney you guys made it tough for years special for me. And help me get through it to and we had a lot of foreign coach with you guys looking forward to our coaching next year great group of coaches are couldn't be. Happier or prouder of these guys are a lot of foreign you'll with the we have a blast their practices and at the games the I think a lot lot of chops B of Boston let's put it that way branch. How is things look any report on a concession stands there. Yet Niagara Falls we had the best concession stand all year it was tremendous. Between the chili the cheese burgers. All manner could have all the guys ourselves as the MVC yes I think most notable watch sessions I I don't wanna ash I should name it today because today we're back Clarence. In this will be my first time checking out their concession stand. So are drawn and I will grated when we get there. All I can manage and invest that you immigrated before it operated adapt and video grated after the game. I don't have the time at halftime were also would but I've definitely before the game. As like a set to thirty kickoff will be act that Clarence high school here in the neighborhood does stop bombed by I would love to say. Hello it's hard to believe that has gone by that fast. Over in week gauges here all but three of the quarterfinals or complete yeah it's amazing you know and I want to thank the parents who is supportive of us. This year. It's it's always nice when you know you have the parents back. So although some. If they weren't too pleased with us and he laughed. Unfortunately it happens right now and our readers and therefore although find out the grass is always greener on the other yard. Anyways so let's get all we do have. Which before we get to the scores I wanna bring. Rich Sanders are good morning wretch. Date warrantless. Order a guard. Joseph good sounds like your wind tunnel well you're on your way to your son's game. You have Marmol had much of bargain could make an event. They had no problem. What are your thoughts from gas from last night before we get into all the scores. All of last night I think I was surprised by Bernard lose or or burn out surprised by itself part only when and by six. And I guess our game whenever Specter. To use that was gonna back up will north. I did I thought that was gonna look better in order. Oh yeah Bennett what struggle last week against Niagara Falls and then now are now British someone higher faltered last time maybe it is insult right surprised our kudos to our Niagara Falls than anything else. But as it reset all year that's a young team. And you know we know will be back next year. Yes I'm I am looking forward to next week so I'll get a rematch or court. So. Severe going. Now do you change you know is because this is where coaches to sometimes over cold short. Under caution you're gonna play team they've already faced this year do you change things around or do you pretty much go with what works. I mean. It was 49 career or to the breeze the third floor. But in changed on our strategy our. I know that so hard do some different things affected offer so these separately we going to be ready for our. But are open change much when I had such as the fighting. The art collector. Dare we keep that stream and let the lecture opponent to the change in and altering their game plan. So it should be and Christine interest in match up you guys are role I saw some of the highlights you guys look really good last night. Rich and anybody out from your school walk. Coach who lost our point to scout the game and not have your heard anything from members so. Now we've been we've been all archive org suffer fair. We you know or anybody else. Arm and support our law or offer. Yeah ya what they loss of the team now aren't you playing your coin actually. There were what or born later court warrant we have enough on a wouldn't people doubt. I mean there were ordered under the red willow left by almost fifty are so in order saying where's. Best of luck to you next week are rich and out Russell lucky your son's soccer game today. Thank you for adults regardless brother. Our rich Sanders assistant coach at west Seneca west I skidded to us some of the scores throughout the week don't forget it's not just. Play apps that are going on on Wednesday night we had matchup game where. Rory car Parker beat east war Holland twenty to fourteen. Our Thursday and the child funky memorial classic in class A you had Williams Phil solved. 42 and Hirsch 26. McKinley beating north Taiwan a 22 to fourteen. In class the only in over berg 36. To 24. Medallion that beats all than 24. To 21. And class C going Wanda pine valley 47 and Eden north counts 26. Yeah a match up gains are offered only. Westfield Procter and 24 overlooking port fourteen. You had camel west beating Hamburg 61 to 39. Spring they'll shut him out Tom Wanda at 22. To not being. And let's go to. The scores from last night and class double play. Courtesy of western York athletics inside high school sports Lancaster. Shouting now parched tech 35 did not thing. Will north over Bennett as we mentioned 35 to six Niagara Falls over all 22 to seventeen. James town in two overtimes over Clarence 53. To 52. In class a west Seneca west fifty nines we don't want before. West Seneca east 28 Grand Island fourteen. South Park six to nothing over will ease your record being star point 34 to 21. See Cheektowaga blanks to pew 49 to nothing. Don Kirk 25 I'll be in sub in Maryville nips new faint eighteen to fifteen. Allegheny limestone against the film that's today. Southwest's turn 28 Akron twenty silver creek 41 JFK fourteen. Wilson 57 Cassidy the valley fault or 43 and class. 54. 213 over port deal Maple Grove beach Randolph Bruce berg forty to 21. See climb in Sherman Pam Amara. Camera against little valley destination topple lake PD Salamanca. 42. Nothing. So there you have the scores from last night. While we've already discussed. Briefly a couple of the known. Class double A games court gonna get to love makes little touch on the Clarence teams tell me we're gonna get to me teary at the other side of the break so what jumper with any argument you wanna get into okay well obviously. And managed and a half agents say it's as apprised as I considered an earlier new here and then you guys talking impressively at a road. But what are your thoughts and clash Seychelles sweep of the class a north's that's pretty impressive. I don't think anybody was not too surprised about iroquois. Only because number one you know you tell me about. Howell and it's just sticks in my head dead the problem that the SharePoint spartans and are defining a run against or tunnel under the community would qualify for the playoffs. And and then they went about gets a team that specializes in the run exactly and without their starting Korver quarterback not through a credit to young men and I told him for reporter Breck. He's at the reason why they lost a game obviously is their run defense is a reason. I guess the biggest surprises Grand Island community in the tomb by two questions right west Seneca east. Or what would doubt where we are talking with rich Sanders at I believe it was last week about west Seneca east and he was saying he likes what they do offensively effective they're able to mix up and do so many different things. When you're going up against a team that is able to do that ask tough to prepare for you have to put in a lot during the week. And sometimes a kid's grasp that sometimes they don't or sometimes just a plane now matchup problem. So. Has he got to look daddy give west Seneca east all the credit in that grand out as a very good football team. I extremely well coached you know there are going to be tough. But to eight east panic going on obviously. Yeah and you know what I think. The young Nam Marino that is playing at west Seneca I guess is safe to say you're the only reason it's that the only reason he's playing this is a coach's son he's also good. Yeah very good. So law now other brings about the question for west Seneca residence which gave me regular next Friday. The west came at blast or the east game which will be played at all eyes stadium. Bob vs South Park who can hear how they can you say double letter someplace. That would be perk pretty cool if you didn't evident now. You know on double header in the same field and if west Seneca in the east can beat South Park. And non yourself parks a favorite but it's by no means a human misery at this point cardinal Gibbons right you could actually. How would it be what would west Seneca the community being of my senate duties is playing west Seneca wise at the nerve. Wow there's you have that potential would cool pool while you have that potential I'm sure they're drawn at that that. Oh absolutely all right let's take a break when we come back we're gonna have made Geary on. He's gonna chime in on that. Clarence Jamestown gained some anxious figures yet on June gave it in overtimes we'll have that more talk about some of the other games. The match ups today Roger go through what does some of the matchup are going to be. For next week you'll listen inside high school sports on WGR Sports Radio 550. Where vacuous and inside high school sports Tony Caligiuri long Roger Weis. Frank on his way to solve that Hillary's already there. I left last night Hampshire honor their hopefully Salina. Picking up some paraphernalia for me amongst other things that. I miss you my resume you wanna go to game but he knew when you some stuff Sherron may consult. He may deter us from New Hampshire. What a guy walk guy. IRA. We have Nagy area. Line lawn anymore should talk about. Big double overtime game good morning Nate. Hey good morning guys I Kyra I feel like. I should probably go are right around the five minute mark of the fourth quarter in just tell you that the remaining portion of the game was just about. Where he added. Entertaining. Is a typical Balkan game could ever get any people on the stand that were below what we're talking about while. What a game this is bad and it in the first half you know clearance at that one point the first quarter had to play drive to start the game these schools work. Eight let negative forty yards for a meeting first quarter. That they switched to the I formation and sort of running the ball and geez I no answer for them. In count number one running back their freshman Hornbeck leniency on that sickle. Goes down in the fourth quarter so in this game up to that point party at a 150 yards or a. While so are Frank Wolf would be so happy to hear that he has been. You know bogon me like I was at Jamestown coach why isn't grand circle get more carries in more touches and all that this young man's going in ninth grader Nate. I who brought the kids look like. I didn't think I'd be you know article man he's saying you know fifteen year old it and use. He was and cracker like yet at going down with injury and there are already down and point. And in the fourth quarter without their best running back with four touchdown of the game. The other question I have to ask you he also plays linebacker on defense hounded then effective defense when he went down. He did not say that the front was quoted as the fact it is I thought that they would be because he's a pretty big harder for rush. Alibaba dot but the defense really tightened up but yeah it is. You either chemical who bit flat spotted minister. It out just how tightens up they got it how rough is they've really order considering the pressure that was on game how deep down a point five minute slot. Injury count go out in the open court found so. About to edit it seconds remaining in the ball game and scored a touchdown they don't get that they don't get the onside kick. The ball goes back required with about forty minutes so it's a second plate king now is can always stop a clock war time. So they do they can't count three consecutive plays they call a timeout they keep the ball back let's stick with the bottom it. 05 left to play. Question out. Their best players off the field. OK you are a couple things I wanted to ask number one. They couldn't recover it and say kick where did Clarence take over after the onside kick and number two assuming. Clarence punted on fourth down worded the ball on the up when Jamestown and insert that last drive. Great question dry so the onside kick we were copper inside it. Barrel they're good I'll eat I'll look at where forty odd the way around it. And they add up punting from inside. Game sounds territory. And I think that all closed down around the two yard lights went out there who are the rebel. And leg soccer goal with no timeouts. In order and the way just further junior kicker to come out in the field at private players. Heidi game and went into overtime. I. How long was the field at all. 32 art and upgrade its rod before the game I was watching him warmup. Hitting pupils were. Forty for 43 from 45. Like okay they're an article on him and I I would price is based on the pressure the situation. And that and prods going at all or part of how it all first. They don't get the first out but I have to kick the field goal. And help it yet another thirty yard field all over. To give them three nothing lead in the overtime first overtime period. That Clarence it's the ball back. Jamestown defense stops player inside the one yard line. They're forced to kick the field goal hide it two double overtime beat duke got even that required kicker. Kicked the upper gives the up rights they tie the ballgame. You mean it was fourth and goal from lessen the Aaron. Noble animal how well that's a difference in the game mop fourth and inches and they go through Phil at all. And I'm a two point conversion on a course playing or at least rolls the dice. He'd done that and that would be the most impressive part because this. Clarence school or not their first possession of second overtime they kick extra point nickel a lot. And you could sort of feel the momentum with little change how even how they just got scored on that expense and he counts scored the touchdown there could be the way. They're wondering okay older guys that don't really well you know except that you all to often feel prop their starting off at that time. Andy rain a little. Motion play in the I was wide open in the episode he passed and it was one of the border got the play called I've ever seen her around because we're back there or what worker overtime and and that meant that at a fine. Are they want to win in a playoff game I don't know. Eight were down time or 25 minutes ago. Sounds like juice down footballer remade. Pictured on the screen that to what the final and you know you gotta feel for those Clarence guide because. They played their hearts out they really did enough to win that football game and I Canadian. I'm put in that extra point earlier in the third quarter really ended up being the difference obviously with a three point game. On an opportunity to keep the idiotic game tying field goal as time expired. Wow what a game he had absolutely what you said about our gross my McLaren thread doubles I didn't expect him the bear much of a game. That open excuse me not only because of the op. Earlier. You know early season Jamestown wind but when you consider on May. Clarence said he would throw most advantageous. Double a.'s schedule this year in the regular season they did not have to play. When will north they didn't have to play. Lancaster and I don't believe they played Orchard Park whereas. Jamestown ran the gauntlet with those three teams the last three games of the season so I thought james' cell was much more by you know playoff. Tested ready if you wanna Colin dad and Clarence rose Nat and like you say kudos to Clarence C. Eight did some minor verbally they were built. You know interestingly enough to ride John Stevens who they're leading rocker coming into the game I don't think pat Hillary in the game. They really want to they're not cool I I don't there can't read their report and on the rocker like it became clear that I think he woke up from. People or playoff game at a pet in whom work around eight. In almost intercepted a also a rock and we're we're we're in and really what a hurtful or eat rockets what is it in the back and I put that in and a walk to Arnie maybe I got hit with her all. Going inside theory that gets that he park at the line with guides or be double the size of the dead. So that was really the most part immediate you know clear what a waste from what really work that over the course. It will with a freshman running back who looks to be the future Clarence football. So that I guess we configure and next three years. Both Clarence. And Jamestown with freshman running back being there feature players are ready and out of Beatrice thing. Let's hope that the schedule makers make itself that they do not avoid each other during a regular season. Absolutely we're gonna wanna get van sickle is a really nice player Roger I think got. Well we're happily to be hearing his name and next year for her and it is yacht but yeah I think. Are you gonna get a lot of different looks based on the size is that the year old kid Bob Bob up. Excited he would he looks like is an eighteen year old that structure. Yeah you see him out there and eyeliner re looks like a senior as opposed to a ninth grader. No question. Incredible incredible they may think Smart chess sound like an capsule amazing game and a great job in given us all the information and you know describe it right Roger have on what they. Yeah I got one quick question may have isn't good tough decision I do you watch the Yankees are you watch some fighting Irish. Well that's not a couple of from Iraq because they hate you and I really hope yea tonight and I will watch a game but it. And I can watch the Yankees lose. Now. The. While at best like dale and anybody you can ask about the Yankees rather like Hillary and all but anyway the passion is there they you know is that so much your room for Newsom and it's you know. You're your second favorite team is anybody is claiming yankees are. That's exactly right Notre Dame that night I'm very little cranky maybe going to the the gain in a year schedule for the Irish that's going to be great game and watch. Alia I may have a great week embody. All right make Geary chime in with the game farm last night Roger any other games that you wanted to hit them before we go to the break. Well I guess on what round matchup games solaris can surprise spring drill Griffin was it has not much Iraq. Year you know earlier and make a funky ball and they did a number on channel wind I don't know orders were kind of one of those ages mailed it in because there was enough. Playoff gamers I'm making has surprised me. All the others there were too many surprises obviously are about Hussein hanging Lemerre is Al again Metz I told you they were strong yes and knocked. While we know four or five game of course you expect a good run but they don't always work that way. I was showed a minute that came around wow I'm not disappointed that I want to Concord game and I will law explain that you know I showed you add up. Picture I took last night there's someone wanna bring up about the soccer game that I don't think too many people are aware of who do that after the break we hope you can glide well. You've heard of a lot of teams that have you know a female on the team most of often as a place kicker her murmur cardinal era. All dad how many years ago is out the house. Probably original girl I used to be on Saturday morning and WB and I can't think you were named Kathy for Williams real her daughter played. Defense of back and cardinal O'Hara many years ago but Don Kirk marauders. Have a football team with two young lady's. Cool how viewer many T remember it too young ladies and a football team that wants. I imagine it is happen I've never about it though not to my knee our memory so anyway on regulation out their bowl Q here's. Number eighteen. Jordan France's number 26. Olivia Surma both ovals place kickers. They didn't get into the game last night you know they are young man who kicked two field goals one a little for 45. Yeah ours as. First half was winding down clutch field at all. But this year both of whom have attempted to up extra points in Mosul were successful on both extra points they're curators. The place kicker is based there's leaving you'll be a seniors so. One or both will be a prominent. Person in the Dunkirk got football team next year. Outstanding even though go to the Sam watts kicking a clinic wouldn't surprise me I guess the one grosses her range is probably. You know thirty yards and and she's feels captaincy and Kitna panels cool. Let's see where are we with monsignor Martin and only play Thursday night and it. At an earth yeah I guess it was over early. I think yacht tenacious be Fran these are British 38. Seven. Was that are some. I thought it was only want to I don't your memory of those score. Annoyed DB aired the game because they thought it would be a good game and wire the final score and moss kind of filled up on my DV arsenal I entered the leaders so she can take the South Park game last night so. But. They're going to be the first scene saved France's will be the second seed they dropped by his and then you know Saint Mary's. Time win. Whom I'm missing Joseph say it shows I don't know where they'll be 3456. And a community order off atop my dad. Those winners will play respectively. Saint Francis in commissions in the semi. We played Thursday night. This week well this week is a final week of the season is not play all okay. I had the schedule. I think is seen non veteran will run up reserves are not gonna. Speculate. I will look up during the break when we come back from the break let's go through the matchups and what we're looking at next weekend. You know couple games today you still need to be decided determine everything but. You know that the picture's pretty clear Roger will break that down for us out of the other side of the break to forget sports talks Saturday. Is up next an eleven clocks ten night at seven. Sabres and against the Bruins so keep that race here WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports itself a pat shows that's with sports talk Saturday keep it locked. Right here WGR Sports Radio. 550. We have a milestone. Possible today Roger. Yes Cleveland hill they're playing. I believe is an Allegheny lined sewn onto me and hold one of three. Playoff games that are being played today to a clock yes aunt we tell. And Regis. Got a text from our friend died down and me are Utica area mark tell law. Graduated from Cleveland L when he was living just around the corner from Kensington high school and yeah sale made the school you could pack and myself. If I. You have what resolve our policy Seles so much alternate years you know Martellus totally gone on. Mark help Texas or want us or remind everybody you know if god we will Winston made and we coach grams. 100 coaching victory outstanding. I look to other games we have going and today. Pioneer's net block a lot of that's 1 o'clock game. Match up game frontier is at Niagara we feel that's actually going on right now. Yes discern at 10 o'clock in the morning. And then I'm gonna make the trip down whether a couple of my friends threw off. Climber to see cheese sausage pepperoni CSP a K eight climbers Sherman Panama they have me. Date with the six seeded out here. Geragos a little valley. Further right we were well they would still. They would have to prove they won this game they have to go off to a B this point next Friday night to play against from Maple Grove in what is appears to be uninteresting rematch. Article through what was some of the matchup choke or cost possible and definite match ups for next week okay class double A it doesn't get any easier for James Selma let's face it their Lester regular seasons in a playoff game last night at least there are ready as far as competition. But now they have the goal to. Lancaster. Always a lot of farm kualoa. Lancaster looked really good last night against so much tax. I guess what stack who's in their battle line alternate on unchecked quote hold them to 35 point seven everyone lows from Lancaster earlier. Very very tough for extracting any other bracket. And I. Are false fresh out there impressive win over Orchard Park they go to will north. Class. A now. Lot of people are going to be be missed computers but they do net recede. In the playoffs. Therefore won't be one verses four it'll be. And two verses three and I'll actually is it turns out. One verses three and two versions for west Seneca east will travel to all high stadium to play South Park. Your boy goes right down the road to west Seneca last. Class B. Don Kirk will have to play chicken Wada. That's an interesting game I. I don't know of Concord has a weapon she can walk Milliken better and better sure every week. And the winner of lack Tawana and as a pioneering today. Chances that I reais or one vs a somber everybody's presuming block that Lana is gonna win. If that happens Mary Bell all traveled to elect a wanna. If he would upset occurs and pioneer won't play in Maryville static. Class C Wilson. Fresher afterward lest they will travel to southwest or how zephyr trip. From Lake Ontario and basically I don't also Pennsylvania State line. Law alcohol you know half hour ride home if you don't win a long ride home. Silver creek will play the winner of Cleve bill and Allegheny line so we eluded to if please fill once a game will be uniquely fill in their theology limestone upsets Cleve trilogy will be at silver creek. Should talk relate. They will play. Evil frank I don't know others at Franklin Villar I'll give bill. I'm guess in Franklin Little League and they believe last night's game was played an elegant bill totaled either one of those great speculating right now. The winner of climber sure we're in Panama. Verses. Here in Iraq is little valley won't play against Maple Grove. Either way they gave the game is at Maple Grove. Maple Grove the second seed playing a winner of law three vs six. Picking up every class Anthony. I hope so the classy guy governor Bob if you look at the guys that are in the eyes to see the Nobel. I'd get a schedule and at oh by the way you'll be happy to know that rate now as of this moment we are alive. And South Bend. Are we really yes we are we are alive in South Bend rate now Frank Wolf fassett crank and I'm sure. Anyway this near him is forced to listen. Are we must that I sediment tact with some of the results. He must be elated about Ralph finally Jamestown. Taken the reins up in sickle he was disappoint he says that does that give enough touches for as. You know. Well as he played and all that. I don't think he's I'll list surprised about the classy south sweeping their butt off frank called Irish. Have a good time frank. I'm are going to be for you are seeing this game I'm sorry. Who earlier rattle my wife soon Trojan brand is well aware Pollyanna. Of course I've got to Michigan and Penn State tonight. I'm a bit nervous about that one and level you know more pressing is pretty good and I'm gonna get I get to go to Penn State game it's against Nebraska. Nebraska didn't lose to northern Illinois of your week Nebraska as a masri now bought. So on naw I just picture to remember 20/20 five years ago. Opera Euro against Bob to bringing year as foreign press I'm torn. And I guess you're too young do you remember about giving me. I don't remember the name blacked I won't read much nickel wow most of my time Osborne succeeded at Nebraska. We are talking. Late sixties early seventies. Yeah how are right that doesn't for us Joseph thank you very much put up a lot of a equipment issues today but he got us through it sales come up next. I my my way to Clarence high school and a little bit 230 kick off. Go cobras go Micky big number 99 we'll talk to next week with more inside high school sports.