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Monday, October 23rd

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Listening to you on the heels scored all Monday. Hill's WGR. Sports Radio. Right now bills head coach Sean McDermott to ensure the the new John. Shies Children's Hospital opens November 2017. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. All right. Sean you there and here pay good producer was a little worried about the lot of activity down the commotion around your right now we're through with losing I don't think so or pretty come around here what's the scene like where you are made them barely when I don't. We we don't agree and we're just used to we have different standard for a head at how does that infield yesterday. Thought that was great it was great I'm happy for the players up for the entire organization and for the fans it's. As great win and great afternoon in in Western New York. You get the ball back down to 47 when he after Mike Evans touchdown. Are you thinking that there is a big pass coming are you thinking that it's a drive you thinking about timeouts are just what was just on he said we knew were going to two minute two minute offense were you kind of expecting there. Well I knew that we had some things doubt that during the week that Rick Dennison the staff put together that we're aggressive Shasta on the field and we thought we we get some good looks early and drive in and a great play call in great excuse on the office side. Does it quickly shipped jobs tell you you know for what it's where idea what what what I'm thinking as I'm watching that. Is there I go from me and I sure hope they can come through here. Me and honestly I'm kind of pessimistic about it because just we've got a lot of losing here in buffalo and it's hard to shake that off to all my gosh you're gonna score too fast. Which is Madonna died what I did when everything is it's bad were pretty bright he had a great that's a great behind guys don't write a bus and we're screwed up here I mean you've you've you've you get to know that. There's been a lot of losing. But it's it's a 44 yard play and then fifteen more in his right away it's all dust samples gonna get the ball back with a chance to beat me. All what are you experiencing. Well there's certainly some of that I guess from the standpoint of you know we are we're facing a bit of an uphill climb at that point in the game and credit to to tepid day in the second half they put together. Good good weapons on offense and whatnot but I was just I was just very impressed with the resilience of our football team the heart in this. In the police offensively and in in getting it done I mean we. Because we are still down a touchdown. My thought was to score and make sure we secure its attack. And I nodded up to put our defense back on the field I was confident that group and that's Fraser's defense and in the came with a big takeaways. I I think it is probably your style and maybe any coach's dream when you win a game and you have guys that. Our relative unknowns as you're playing the heroes throughout whether that's met Lotto for you mean white was a first round pick but as a rookie and but that's a cool moment for him and a very big moment for your team Dionte tops it off waivers Taiwan Jones and all this. I think that that's like it's pretty easy story. Though it is submitted inning it give a lot of credit to our personal department granted in his staff and and really just like I said the the demise of the players and the coaches that do a phenomenal job in the players traded players. Put in a lot of work during the during the week to to earn the right to Landon and whether it's Taiwan Jones or. Tyrod Taylor. You know always up and down in across the roster. The fun part of it is week to week is you're never sure who it's going to be next and I could be. Could be Taiwan again next week or could be DT. Or could be somebody else and that's that's a great part about assess how we evolve week to week. So I'm guessing that you haven't been. You know going day to day or week to week you're thinking we've got this one played for Taiwan Jones and we're just waiting for the right moment or meet meet you were like. What was it not his first touch of the season that play. Yeah oddly it was and you know getting good the good play desire by Rick Dennison great column that situation and well executed mean it wasn't you know Taiwan made a tremendous run. That says there was you know ten other guys in the field that were doing their jobs and in making this thing happened so that was a critical first down forests and critical part in the game. So is some some of the value of that play is that the ball is not going to LeSean McCoy I mean you have. Was it filled in nine now. And so you meet you need not go on foreign ports around her so. You you need nine for that to be a success I've got to think that some of the value their is you know Tampa won't be ready. It is some deception bake in that in that designed for sure to appoint an end. You know again just the effort in the players knew he'd be great part about it was a celebration by the players after. Taiwan got the first down in Logan Thomas comes up there with comes up. Toward those thumbs up there the first ones that come up. Joseph. On you have been preaching. Team and family. Me and the process and all these things I have to think that all of that. Gates. It's easier for the players to boy buoyed on by into. When you get such contributions from a guy who you just signed on Tuesday in the example of of Dionte Thompson. And then Taiwan Jones like we just laid out what that's his first touch of the year but that that that has to be worth something for what you've been preaching. Yes pretty cool and it really isn't in and unity can relate to on up any any better to be honest with few. You know it's a team game and that's a great part about our football team. Is these guys play as a team they work as a team they they love one another in the in the in other fights of the and then and I think he's CNET every game so far that we've won or lost and that's great part about so far. Bills head coach Sean McDermott on the AT&T hotline with us here on WGR Mike mentioned to Davies white who's not an unknown first round pick. And his head. Of are mostly good very good. Rookie season he did when you guys last played. Have a tough day of a tough time with the AJ green and was and was upset about it and has been somewhat public. About about that and then on top of it he's he's there are on the scene when Mike Evans catches the touchdown to put Tampa. I had there and but yet. Blew the resiliency to make that play I just a public you just talk a little bit about about him and your experience so far in coaching. Laser tremendous young man off the field number one N end of the way he's acclimated himself. English first and a phenomenal job with him our secondary coach. And you know tutoring him edit. Early part of his career and and you know that's a life of a court you're gonna have some some good plays and had some bad plays an important part is that you know how to come back in. Remain mentally tough and come back and get the next one that's what he did yesterday. Hey remember that time I think it might have been three weeks ago we were talk mean you're answering question and then I said no it's okay if you just lie. And you said. I don't want to damage the relationship but that was funny number that do OK so. You can order for us to have this relationship I've got to I've got to take you to task on one thing medial be wrong. The end of the half so the other half doesn't go the bills weigh you say after the game it's totally my fault. Really I mean what what what did you want to have happen there that you think you are to blame. For. Well it's toll last fall because on the head coach and and I've got to handle that situation better I've got to have my team. More prepared now that situation and and work on that this week go back to work on. More situations and if there's some things he wanted to do you do differently they're obviously. It was not to designed to come up with with no points in the first half and and so you know a lot to learn from that situation and we would do them for. May be you but you've learned this or experience or maybe you just have like an innate sense of it but that the head coach saying it's my fault is a great move. But I think any any player or coach saying it's totally my fault removed because. I don't know what to ask Max now it is it's well we don't that's that's that's a part of the job is tough couple Housley and as well look at this job that's. And there's some good parts of the job isn't parts that. You know aren't so fun sometimes but that's that goes with the territory some on the it'll handle it. Is that a situation where you need to be maybe more familiar are just good but more attention to detail on what exactly. Is being called there and what Tyrod options are going to be with so little time left on the clock. Yeah I just needed do overall better job coaching it and and so I've got to do a better job star in this week of doing that and then other situations as well so there's there's a lot we can learn from yesterday's game and fortunately we wanna gain. Now in other opportunities to put points on the board and it didn't do that so in a lot of opportunity for growth. What do you think the raiders. Other good football team and other on a roll right now they're playing good good ball and it got the quarterback back in. You know very talented football team with you know tremendous pass rusher clue Mac and weapons on offense. Polo match from UB. Were recruited only by UB is that hard to believe like it did not not even just that it was like UB but just like if a guy. Of that. You know that talent level could only have been recruited by one school. It's unbelievable you know that's that's that's the kind of weird science part of of scouting no recruiting these kids are so young when they go to college. And some audience had so much room to grow and develop. And maturing and obviously he's done that he's one of the best players in the league in. Certainly guy we'll have to be ready for come Sunday. You mentioned back here I feel like I wanna mention 41 being back and playing. We're really effectively I don't know maybe you know you your your offense having a good day having to land. Act clearer. As an impact on that no. Yeah I mean it does continuity certainly helps getting some guys in place and developing some chemistry that they comes from the continuity. So that's in actually read in the right direction as far as that's concerned. Our Sean good job any questions for us. Not at this time relative does an August move for maybe next week we'll see yet next week you'll have a game the following Thursday so warm. I don't know that blip rocker schedule. Or Seattle or not too much that is appreciate you guys support and now this out there meant tremendous afternoon. A lot of fun at the apartment all right thank you Sean. Thanks guys.