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Second I don't. And six but that jets as they trail. Are in the second quarter account on this other ball is not now. The break and again as a fat on the field. Some idiot jets fan just ran right through the line of scrimmage. The play is stopped and all but account for the ball that up. On the ballot to tackle the bad blood. On the I don't need to lessen the Motorola not a professional football field again that looked like got her. Box he's up he's a Blackberry say about now. Aren't there a lot. I'd Derrius still it. But there is good how I'm sorry that the jets wide receiver. It's not a fan. That's the flip that's what Gary is still out though is a real and I felt receive up. By the state. Let down coming up. That's not too different from the bills reality here is that older people points novels are going to. Guys that we didn't know were real guys write I I think yes. Yes last week early in the game. The first time either threw the ball. Thompson's way or he caught a pass I said view who sent. Time is up it. He used to and if you do that this week I'll be nervous bride and we know he's now. They've got the signed on Tuesday OK good job guy. Joining us now is a man that knows this building very well but I don't know has ever been in this room. To cut back. And I was gonna start with like we're back terror in 2005. Of but now that doesn't really work because we played the clip. Great bulk long time to time producer of the show. That's never been beaten. I would guys wanna say with love a wanna adhere. Area funnyman. You make that right UT area funnyman and never heard it. Area funny man I needed to marinate and now all third illustrator we want there was all authors of them for playing like always rush that's about. Yeah years ago where how long to get to Renaissance. I've announcing that directly and asking that question every day you've got to you've got to coloring book I did a coloring book. And since you're on my way home I thought I'd infiltrate your show. And beg off coming on to talk about it. Until Mike asked three times yeah and now and and I accepted the invitation come on talk about it you know ended a coloring book called what what it's like to be a fan in buffalo. And I think it's pretty accurate too we ask you what it's like what is it like to be affair in buffalo well it's funny you should mention that Mike I'd made a coloring book. Had explains. Exactly what it's like to be a fan and awful. Those sports writers like smoking. There's no benefit but you go nuts if you quit. And then there's a picture of some guys smoking on a couch. Watching the game as a dog and there's America right blew the cover. Smoking which is in color. Of course the south of the rest of the voters waiting for you to do your own thing with the lawsuits are coloring book. And you don't might make a nice. I don't stocking stuffer for the kids. Is a man shaving with a appears to be a Barack. Yeah I like any idea like what is what we're up with the move this is like that's imagery have never considered right. Shaving with a fish that's always going or is this the author's suggestion of what caller what colors we knew that we should use when we've and we do this. Mutate easily run in the second person. That's no you can do whatever he what you're into the color it's got words and pictures. Com the idea was I wanted to do. A book about being a fan buffalo and just how miserable and gut punching the exe experiences and so I went to the guys that store someone six. And said do you like this idea and they. They didn't get it. I'm not sure that they even do still but yeah. But they're under the an early Zachary. But they said why don't like but I said pictures like a civil why don't we make this they so why don't we make this coloring book. And the idea was stress relief coloring people are doing that now. I colored. From Seoul I thought it was like you a dollar they thought it was a good angle to spin on it to make it more like Chris is saying to people log saying. A gift thing I don't know Chris as the government's. Like to make it more of a gift to them so you draw. Yeah I well I used to along time ago I took drying in college. As a credit as the last time I think I actually true picture of something so that would have been about twenty something years ago but it stays with you. Some some of these drawings I didn't I didn't have but the interior of the church that you didn't find a way to work the the artist's rendering you made. All of the news conference that never happened. When Peyton Manning was leaving the colts and he was gonna come to the bills now. And body needs resorted to do so many patted on the back of his head full often blogs are supporting older and I did drop them her moment of truth that I tweeted that I'm looking Europe I don't know why it just came it came up I founded. Where did you send isolated and you really didn't view that we I asked forty you tweeted it and it made a bet I mean that is. Why do you have that. Are you perhaps we. Joked about it it was a conversation that happened on the air like the bills Peyton Manning was gonna go to another team everyone knew it right it another team yet. And we kind of laughed and said what became the buffalo. And that much like the theme of this book if Peyton Manning comes to buffalo the first thing that's gonna happen as his neck is gonna break and he's just gonna go while Blake. She's just gonna go like that that that right his legacy right in buffalo and we didn't make may have been used that Scott head of the press conference when buddy nix the pats them on the back to welcome of the stage and that's what. What I'm wondering is why you hung on to the drawing. Well well why that was like how many years ago was that does the loop through while the Mona Lisa. I'm big trash day. Little known fact is the glue them on my pronouncing that correctly. Yeah it was good we did a fact checker for the show it's like watching your friend die every Sunday that's one note of the pages. What it's like to be offended buffalo coloring books are better visually Peyton Manning you must assure the best idea to let them between the best I can Greg. Paul Harvey Pitt and write the forgot to tell people the page number that was paid I didn't forget Peyton Manning is actually a pretty good. Example of this because what when I think about Peyton Manning leaving the colts. And eventually going to Denver I I think of it as I never thought for five seconds about employing here. But he just was I don't know if we talked about it on the air at all. Peyton Manning is getting a new team like it at that was whatever six or seven years ago mean whatever that was it just never occurred to me at all. That that Peyton Manning would play it could play for the bills and of course he didn't. And vet like he's apart of the angst. That it's not their beat if if if you were to write a Booker for anybody were write a book on this subject. That did not have as you know was not illustrations centric it was mortars like a story that the the history of it the history of being a buffalo sports fan there be a part of their I think there could be a part of their I think where you go. Yeah these are things that happened to other people that I didn't even never think about that happening to to me I have an example for you like. It's like now Greg comes in to turn his book and I've I are talking about another another book idea that would be good is it. Play green eat a piece of food for twenty dollars and then you do and then there's twenty dollars no not that. It's like being at the heart of the year earlier the waiter you're in the NFL you're not really bright enough yet that's the point that is your bills obviously need. Neither quarterback when Peyton Manning was going to leave Indianapolis but. Not only did we never take it seriously no 12 officers would nobody talked about. He's gonna wanna come to buffalo lake that's our existence reckoned with just lives so we lessons full price pop. That's our access to that was the last free agent that everyone wanted that the buffalo team got that. It was just obvious he was coming here. Yes and now it may be right now this all sounds kind of too depressing. Width of a season and her partner well without the season is going to cover the man was any part of Toronto was any part of you hoping for a Willis cease eight. You have absolutely no idea will we get we got together for the idea I had some of the pictures Don we got to a point where we're like okay we're going to do this. I set out loud and I said I'm gonna say this out loud. What if they're good and there's like a 22 beat and everyone just started laughing because. You know they're never going to be good that's the joke about it and now there. Foreign to in now like I don't want them to lose than ever want them to lose but it's super bad from book sales if they can make the playoffs. Imagine somebody. Looking at this book what it's like to be offended buffalo are not getting it yet. Right because if I don't got to answer it also is good although it's not well. I don't understand that this thing the great tasting beer. Oh that's right I think that in the next book should be about the you know how great it is which is why should get yours now don't wait five years fur like Michael to get things ready and for the bills to be. For the process power and don't wait for the process get a now before the process it maybe it's the beginning of a series where it's like to be offended all kinds of difference in Boston. That's yes you're jumping the gun that like Netflix they are people moving. I keep moving your idea to new places you're doing degraded your show I'm sorry to do that now. What are you doing with your life I think I know some of us but listeners who remember you might be curious. Coloring books besides this is all. I am I work in advertising. Four firm which is an agency they're awesome ha man that owns it used to. He's the general gear as rescission and that is awesome very treats everyone great so it's a really complex we do fun stuff. I don't know what else to say about it it's it's not as exciting as radio. But it's that's a good job. Do you miss it. This job all every single day really hoarse yes I he'd listen my constantly. You still dry run your car in find yourself wanting to push a button. When one of us is something dot hardest thing ever is when you guys go contingents about like your just doing before it pulled in like Tony Klein is a joke that I had three. Just feel ready to go that's the worst part is not having the open Mike. Why are looking at me I don't know Tony client doesn't view us as well. There was a reactionary artillery Ryan will someday not this that part. And why he's he's good head straight these aren't the yet the thing about you but now we had so much fun thing about Hugo like that that the best parts. Her. Baby this is a cliche like Granada on the year. The the best parts were because you can get it you think all of the worst thing. You'll think the worst possible. Whatever that like. Just something that you would never wanna sail out. You can whatever. The context would be so we just really really horrible and I would always cracked up. Only you can where eagle on that you would say you would say it out loud and that was sway me this one time one time was on the year not. Just singing all things it's really terrible but remember the discrimination out of the ballpark and Alia the whole no PC NightCall VC tonight correct night all people might politically correct died at the ballpark. We played its oil as we all settled and we played it didn't play it at the very end of the show would leave we -- or one could call as to yell at that those might have been my last night on the Internet I think we certainly cellblock 52. Cutting but the only truly was visibly dark hours ago I don't know that this is the environment plays and things that are a little. These aren't the what they used to be when I was here and all that is not a request. No let's not do it was a spreads that the definitely wanted to speak he was on that border and get out of the depth right dispute via if we have a contract apartment there was no that was a what AMOCO and that was just. So great Greg block things like. Obviously they're still new Greg buck because we just heard what that sounds like this year. A dual podcast and we play them for the podcast is so little dumb bills podcast that you can download after a tantrum in buffalo and it's just it's three stand up comics. Sean Murphy cal turner and we just we talk about the game but it has actually nothing to do with football. I hadn't I don't I couldn't tell you who the coach of the Buccaneers Wallace and you know like I don't know when you leave radio Sports Radio in you don't have to watch the games anymore. Like the perfect example is the Houston Astros are now in the American League. And what's his name Verlander pitches for the U snatchers but it that blew me away I thought Verlander had a brother on Google in like under age. I've no idea what's going on sports nothing whatsoever and you like that. It's sometimes it was it was I knew everything like I didn't know. Why teams won and why teams lost but I knew position players like and you basically everything just because. You do sports or twenty minutes at that back then we did sports every twenty minutes at this half an order crap but. You just knew everything just by like doing the sports update and so it you don't my dad would like I can impress my dad by knowing. Cool and I'm the go to the Buccaneers of or Brandon spoon you know like you know who's that soul but yet I don't I like. Watching sports just because I want to watch them because. Probably. Almost everybody in the world in a job even a job that the vast majority of other people would think is the best. Has thoughts about not doing their job anymore you think about Michael cook to wanna do something else getting older 201 thing to have wanna think about doing something else. And I have that thought once in awhile it never lasts. And I know the thing that I would miss the most are my job is different than what yours was. But worked together the thing that I would miss the most is not following sports I wouldn't. I wouldn't mind that I wouldn't mind not knowing some of the stuff that acknowledges. Either have to Null or end up knowing. The thing that I would miss the most is it not nuns are to relationships but the thing I noticed most about the actual doing the job would be. But I just I need to have the outlet for when I hate something. I just have to I I would miss having the show when something tried and I can be something really stupid I can be just like something. An announcer says last night in the game but when it when it makes me mad. I would have nowhere to go with my work I worked at any other job I would have no place to take that. I'm pretty sure I would had an ulcer. On heading into work today after Rex for a fire. And not because of that firing just because of where are we right now like just it's it was that sold depressing when you answer that phone. And just you know. You don't hear it on the year because the phone calls that come through and it took its sole. It drags you down so much I don't even know what would be like incidental but this I bet you didn't miss working here when guys are taking a knee for the anthem so much all my guys yeah I wanted to bring that yeah I would not of I would because I would. That would be homeless whatever Ryan got some pretty dark places all extreme. Cases it was days had been hanging there was a data Mike wasn't here. And I missed. I'm trying to even during the summer there was the I'd I missed I missed like the height of it at some point I can't remember why that laws but I came back. And leave and assure all one day I started to make a point about camper neck. And like Powell I don't know maybe the bills the bills at a one team that can't say that it changed your office if the the note that business. He fits exactly what you know we start Taylor just born scholar you know two style wise. And Ryan's car is Bonnie just posture to everything you change it if it Williams sitting right here looking at him. I just saw him liked it's like you know he's been regular bar point no. But it was you know what you're view of the short you set it and then but that was that but he just got sold and some like. Mr. car accident when I may you've been you've been him someone treat you bad but what Britain the network people because people are gonna call and say. On immeasurable things right. Did dug the word the word gets sad and surprised and phone has the surgery because the words Ben sat. And it just it just gets going so yeah those were. Both I came from you know WB. And I thought I was putting those days behind me political discussion. And then that happens and go on them right back to where it started. To start. Well hopefully this conversation brings a little that the I'm very much hope always it'll just like in future the question haven't you at your fantasy team is good your work your way is to not act like you care. No I don't really know that much I'm glad it's good of course I am I don't know that I don't know why. I mean I'm in three leagues have been in the GR one it has to be twenty years or something like that both of those Paul leagues will call them and I have. No idea why one of them is good. But it is. Because I don't think a lot of our writers and I've lost Aaron Rodgers and once that was longer good but the other one it's actually. If I just I think I lost the council's gas mask but. It. Remember you know we're doing Cutler early I think you know. I have no idea why it is finished football stuff like I wanna get out but I can't get out because I don't mean to bring a magazine anymore because. What could is that going to be I don't know who's go. Like I drafted Dez Bryant still thinking he was one of the best receivers in the NFL and was shocked when he's not. It's so. I'm shocked to learn that right now authorities though I thought easy putting all right let me BI just. Did the radio job and only if you don't worker he got me gigs coming out. Albeit helium the day before Thanksgiving. I'm going to be in Warren Pennsylvania on November 4 doing comedy. So bring the family where oh where one Pennsylvania I have absolutely no idea it was where in Warren Pennsylvania I mean that's really a stupid question if you're Warren Pennsylvania. Where else do you go the other than that place where the show us you're there already know we've lost earlier birdie there everyone and warned just kind of hangs out spoken and has not really a place as much as it is just an atmosphere. Exactly. Is the to answer your next legend Greg store 716 dot com as the place to go on line to buy the book. What it's like to be a fan in buffalo by Greg about. Jeffrey Erickson fantasy tips when we come back Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. She opened the bulls. It's my children. Then they'll. Bulldog. And over in Iraq and go abroad the word stupid it's unbelievable. Stupid. At the line he's Mike Hsu hope I'm out on the floor with a bit of good people even here to try to recap my public and the bulldogs. Have a guy rhetorical my shoulder. And after it. Happened shortly after that question. During the Ryder like camera there though it's Mike Hsu with the bulldogs couldn't put my suitcases behind the chair but we think it's too much in the way but. Morons. I think the terrorists of owning and what's coming to Las Vegas on WGR. The good city Cameron bear stolen works well there. It's. It's up to its previous Evans or something good of a good Evans of the line. That the mountain west works well yes the whole place hook up upholding its its of its performance artful play just that I am that is. Everybody's got to know it should be installation somewhere and our scale would be specific. Qualities of I go to it gallery at this. Let's talk face to football Jeff Erickson senior editor at rural wire on the line hi Jeff hey guys you don't good. I was listening to you today I was thinking about because you guys are making the point Scott you know ski from Yahoo! was on on your show. The roller show I'm serious and Scott is on the station on Thursday mornings. Yeah and I I like him what I like listening them a lot he. You guys talk a vote again today. Just how old many guys are running backs really like how many guys are warranted know how many teams have more than one guys can't predict them. Tennessee I mean where it's a list of teams that just like every week it's really hard to predict some thinking like. Is it harder this principle harder than ever to also got your show him your website and all the resources at my fingertips. I think it's harder never had a couple that always wind. The platoon that we see at running back and wide receiver even took eight east we have we have some very narrow tree. We've you know the teams that have 23 guys that we get target to wideout in the tight ends sometimes are running back and you could invest in those guys. Now I teams go forward looking at trying to hit it kept saint for example. At any given week. Who are going to be the wide out the proper branding Coleman's court last week Ted Ginn went for aren't 44 pick in the got a you can be known for dropping passes and Michael Thomas. And entity two point game had eleven yards receiving. I needed to get him when he's he can keep you from being kept in the paint. And yes. Brees went nuts. Yes Thomas one that's not out off specialist Sean Payton he's been a tricky that he's contributing to camp all along but. You know you really come our hope and he had a little bit more predictability and the other active factors that you alluded to is. There's glut of information out there they're you know there are no secrets. There's really it's really rare that we get surprised by an injury we get surprised by a guy getting benched if it happens every once heartfelt Pryor on Monday night. Study and getting on the field and the second half dynamic but he'd been trending downward anyhow yeah it is being used to be that there is an information advantage Anderson strategically managed. Now the information advantage is gonna strategic advantages are harder to discern. Is there with all of that. Information that's out there. Do you find that there's a lot of bit that is the beautiful is are you uniformity there or if it much like you see. In lots of different kinds of media sometimes I think this happens with the draft analysis you'll get people trying to set themselves apart. By taking on sort of we don't know a minority it's not just wild and embrace. Yeah that's right and he did see that and it's you know party that information interpreting that information. Being able to convey it in a way that they adjustable all of our work skills. And I think that that's something that does try to help with different she shut ourselves from each other. And that there you know they're all there's always the case of you know that attribution there. When it happened and every field when politics sports. You know economy you name it. I'll where you get one factoid you try to drug broad conclusion over. This is a revenge game that's why he went home he went East Coast that's why they really sure all our Melvin had a three guys in their secondary down and that's why they can't pass or tip. You know it's. Correlation vs causation until I mean that there's all sorts that they've you know they've taken a basis basic statistics course note some of these concept. There's two that stick with you I don't know not always. And let's talk about the bills' defense here Jeff so you mom Kolb out. Figuring out your projections every week we're what is where is the bills' defense be calm in in that respect like here's here's Oakland and of course Cooper with a huge game last week. You see them play in buffalo or anybody that played in buffalo and think that's a tough challenge. Yes rushed to the bill go up five passing touchdowns all year I mean that's. Pretty darn good however last week it was a bad week they give up three in those two OJ Howard with the F inventive don't cover the tight end defense. I think that this you know they'd be because the cab Evans in check until late. But I would be surprised if you know they they Oakland he's estates is it okay Jerry Cooke were effort that you Freel but now campus to guidance. The great and Howard and I think that might have been some of the issued. So we'll see how much that comes in the play but he hotly before. The stats we know each regained got hurt midway through they can and I think it was a big deal on the game. But I think. You know bill adjust accordingly but we're still got a pretty stout pass defense. He'll Cooper ever want to be all over him this week after doing their bile rose two weeks so hopefully. You know we had a national conversation about buying at a low spot possible of Cooper and then he went off security are so made at such marked the first time in about three weeks so we're pretty happy about that. Com but you know there's going to be a lot of people are gonna jump back on that I don't know if this really good week that. They might be done employer to the bills on defense back their safety so. That's that's true that you know it's apples no secondary that's been so good it you know if it comes to pass that both of those guys. It's question of how much rep pass rush can get on dark that cars made a lot of bad decisions when he's under pressure. He wasn't much under as much pressure against the chiefs last week in the Thursday night game. Can afford to generate that has church and that's a big deal. Jeff barracks in from Aurora wire is our guest well marte was Bryant may be takes buying low to another level. Are you interested. They might scout team only candidate you think you'll be. First round did you go either. But otherwise. I mean I don't you know we don't know what his big hit we have this perception of what his tolerable is. But that was Kris suspension we haven't seen it yet this year we've seen little glimpses here and there at a couple home games. The and we really haven't seen too much of that there. The idea the vikings games on the comes my worry actually played pretty well. The bears game felt so weak on the road is wide open first play and let him he might have to stretch a little bit to get it. But it went off his fingers and at the very first play of the game and complete change of fabric of their game. And I feel like the three years ago much if that's what a cut that. Now that's just my hunch. And maybe I'm not am I kind of wonder I think a lot to like free market does but maybe you know becomes see something here is like hey. Schuster Schuster is better. There was that's the case went up plant. There was a play in the Cincinnati your Bengals fan right. They 13 on the West Coast yeah. Did you see the play where Roethlisberger threw deep to marte was Bryant and Bryant didn't even know the ball's coming in the Michelin brought the spurs face and he was looking at the bench and who looks at all. If. Yeah whiny guy too much we had a motto our show a couple of years ago and. He he didn't write a whole audience. Look closely at that we being on at a that in every maybe that asset into a good job of bringing it out of them by AB was. Perhaps perhaps it's possible. But it's interesting you can tell some guys you know are really play and locked into the game and I'm sure you deal with all the time we have plenty of athletes come on your show and you can keep the ones are here the ones that. Really you know have have this kind of connection to the game and others that do not. Yeah we stopped asking them. We have we have Eric Wood to the bills that. You know gives us the respective may be one or two whether you're there wants wildwood but you know like we just totally stopped asking for players because it's not. Often that they plugin is you put it not to. Yeah it would have been able ask the question you really wanna ask. That definitely part of that. Right it Jeff is he gets traded in here don't we we we talked to a body of ours that used to work here that works in Pittsburgh now. You said you think there's no way Pittsburgh penetrate and they don't like being. You know the meeting demands sort of speak. But if you were removed would he be someone that you would then get interest and and again. Maybe. I don't think it's I think it's a hypothetical I don't think the trip I mean I really don't because yeah. There instead of the lowest possible value right now it's just like we talk about our Catholics don't sell the lowest point. This is clearly the lowest point barring another suspension or injury which Casey even just before their release but. But I'm search teams have come knocking a little bit and. They probably walked away Tokyo wanted to talk right now you know it's so rare to humans contribute yeah of course he does another franchise and name they pay economic significance formula. Q what happens there but usually. These wide receivers peak oil learn a new offense. That there's an adjustment period and we've even connect you guys we appreciate free agency and they had all the training camp to adapt and there's still well. So mid season I find it I think Joey Galloway is the only significant one I've ever seen traded that actually made an impact with a new team. You mean you're not including Dionte Thompson got rusty. What are news is good oh well that's right but still. He has. They all ports and a storm there I mean look the fact is they didn't have an email. Any but it really compared to his talents and it worked out this one lethal to what happened. Port they jump can't hold on and off like to see what he could do it but he'll give him time to we've seen a lot of rookies that are much you know lottery here's a much better in your kids your three but I. And maybe Thompson's work something mental state maybe like maybe the bears say you know I they claimed dontrelle Inman maybe he can he come. Yeah I don't they traded publicly but he traded for dontrelle Inman they traded a seventh round pick I believe for dontrelle Inman yesterday. More with Jeff Erickson of brutal wire when we come back on WGR. Jeff Erickson our guest Jeff what game for you this week is the most difficult to project. I think a lot of them but like to seek you know Carolina was awful last week. Against the bears just awful mean they dating come they really even threatened to score a touchdown. Now this week dictate the boxes and have a turnstile defense and a panic your seat to a gig -- camera bag camp I I think. India that is very intriguing play because. You know he's coming up at such a bad game he doesn't have that one receiver that really lights it up Benjamin just favorite target but. He's not like first you're wide receiver. It's really interesting decisions he is kind of prevailed and that sort of matchup. I bashing and nurses see what happens in Brady vs chargers here charters quietly have looked really good pass defense. Great pass rush BM between the angle Melvin Ingram enjoyed those that really put a lot of pressure on the passer can look at their yards per attempt numbers are pretty well. Else is doing is gonna take the easy route run against them because that's what allowed teams still. Or is just history this superior force here is that really that the controlling factor I'm kicked out accuracy which prevails there. Jeff Erickson from roto wire on the line which opened the Bulldog here. On WGR what do you think happens with Kansas City I mean they're short ranged in teams to try to figure out but the Korean ought has been so good. That the floors been really high on him. But after him there like a lot of teams where the thing about Kelsey. For this worried just like this it's not so is that hurts you know it all with reliability. Alex Smith who was not drafted right Bulldog in our league. Not drafted that right now he he's just you know putting up. An all time fantasy season what do you see coming. No I think this will give me a test to test games scoring much for Casey. You know a lot of made out of the no fly them Denver's. But don't run defense is great they've allowed three point oh yards per carry have a lot of rushing touchdown all season. This is a bad matchup for cream cart and the hunt can't get going I think this could be a lot like the Pittsburgh game. Where they pay OK Alex Smith go ahead and beat us. Where you get past fresh onion they get that rush on him they shut down the running game. You know and I think this could be kind of a bad set up now I think Denver's offense is also one other quick organ trail you've died of dysentery sort of offense is right now. I hate you know that makes it interesting and that itself is like how they can overcome that can now possible line to. Give him in any sort of time whatsoever. I don't know but. Yeah I don't think he'd carriers they're public right now and looking for that that. What was make him work earlier in those rockets coming up that to get to a two game losing streak including that home loss against the giants which. Nobody saw coming. I think that case he's a better team I don't have to put up big numbers I think it's going to be a slugfest. Whom would you think people daily players are going to be like all over Carson once after what happened on Monday night. Oh sure San Francisco this week. Not just running type at all he's on he's been right in the bank then chipped it goes got a pretty weak defense traveling three time zones. Now wedding Navarro Bowman go all all these things kind of come and play. I'd been picked but they did lose Jason Peters which is protecting their went that can hurt a little bit. Again I don't want to near the top Meyer rankings till I'm not I can't series in not to even with Peter that cute series in not to go ahead and go with them this week. America I think they're very bankable and probably at a lower to. Now it's been that the funny thing you don't shut Jeffrey hasn't really been there so far and wanna think it is one step spread the ball around. I to a lot of different receivers so you don't have that one diva receiver that giving twelve targeting. Green Bay is off this week and with Brett Connolly on the field last week bay lost to New Orleans which have been better defense lead. Did you see enough of that game or think about that game enough to feel like you know. Whit what home Lee is like is it is it more likely that's just not worth doing. And it all of green Bay's receivers are diminished or his may be there some reason to think differently. I mean do the reason they didn't think it might be different is that he ever respect for the saints pass rush push their final four's been very good lately. Then maybe that debt given a bye week the extra time finally the more wrapped. But you know they're gonna practicing during the bye they have they're they practice on. Monday and then they go their separate ways until the following week but yet he did have some more wraps his running gives them a certain amount before but. Yeah really hurt the wide receiver Jordy Nelson got port target an Austin think they're trailing most to gain yeah that that. That's pretty telling I mean Erin Jones ran well that's the one positive that they've kind of settled on him at one guy that maybe you can use regularly but. Yet hurts everything and that that no games against the bears and vikings and the impact in Chicago. Home against the vikings where there's going to be that tough matchup for them. How about the rams are we faster by the rams last time hero like a month ago but. It would just keeping an eye on Sammy Watkins and there's been almost no numbers there but they're also good like what. What do you like about them over the beyond girly what do you like about the range fantasy wise. Why do like shot MacPhail like the way they've been created to trigger open weighs up you know open things up for him find ways eagerly involved. Go figure truck yet this dynamic portion control to a in the passing game not to drum up the middle and works nuke. But I like that and they've been creative all around out I think. Anyone can issues twofold one I don't know. If he's ever going to be the guy he was before all these entries. Until he trusts and. Cool whip Dick corner match ups if you look at their schedule are who they played all along it's been pretty tough. Patrick Peterson last week is just the latest example putt. And he's still got a few of those lefties got to return match against Richard Sherman ain't got another game against the cardinals. Did he not be fixed Jacksonville we know what you know opposing teams have been blocked bottoming in Jackson on the passing it out. Yeah I think is that that's that's the other reason why he's been kind of shut down if you don't have time to work those deep patterns. Well we got because people by the economic and is going to suffer especially when he's trying really covered so that's kind of what happened here so. I think there's something you can pick your spots them he's just not a guy eastern every week. All right raiders and bills Sunday were were are our browser up around here Jeff for me it's an alert you know run alert seventeen straight years not a playoff game meat be. This year's the end of it. Yeah I need to move the ball against the raiders that's for sure I don't think their defense is much to fear. I think Taylor is a good start I think obviously the court to get straight again. On the other side of the ball geared took to get the washing up he was so tight end did against buffalo last week. Sure the work on it but I don't know what the personnel necessarily there especially if he said at the safety is not there. That the big deal. So that's something to watch what I know it in a lot of folks who don't cuper glad I don't. I kind of like the built here I I think. You got another you've got a weapon and how to get till he's been fantastic and I missed one last week but you know generally been very good this year. We'll see about the they end game coaching to get make sure they get what time on the clock get this kickoff yeah that tell like a lot of things going on there. All right we'll talk again down the road thanks a lot for tonight. But next up Ryan gates country gates. And the nightcap he might have fantasy advice of his own he's taking. With one of his teams make him defend that Ryan gates' next Mike show in the Bulldog at willow brook beverage. Tomorrow at three here on WGR.