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Back with more of the instigate us with the Peters at great work. Welcome back against dinner because PD said Marty you've got to bring us back after the break apparently ended up being bullied over here and that is Ayers Europe. Your chance your opportunity to come back and also because. It's 1130 and on every Friday at 1130 we have my friend. Michael worker. Somebody that I like to a call when I'm in need of support and right now I'm in need of support saw let's bring him on Darren Gregor. Let's. You got to coach my defense or drags and. Skinner is terrible terrible open. Out a little sketchy did you write down or. Believe it or not you you rooted in English yeah. Print yet to translate back in the French Open Oreo. Immunity Darren. A good lover of players Croce. You know what's the reason that the but you know what I'd I'd have a really good comeback but I've got who has learned my teacher. I I opted out ripped. About. Seven to his lawyers at the break. And knows six it was six paid out so we had a bit of a debate to start the show earlier on in the show. And it was about macho Canadians and it was are the in the in a position for a panic move. Rich suggested firing the general manager. Well hi I mean it's certainly. Possible I highly unlikely. The bull and group and along the Montreal Canadians still seem to be you know very connected and oracle part birther. But. So tree queuing elect yet of course they can be fired it sees as the law again. And the counterargument to say well you know what maybe wait until the end he's the opening goal or what is a good time right I mean. If you if you wait. And clearly you know you have to allow Marc Byrd spent continue to do his work great at every 26 great deadline. And then after that you know you got the end of this season dire you know preparing for the dropped and there's never a good time to do that so. I doubt very much. That it it's going out in the sense that that I got when it or can't stick around that we this local was that it wasn't going out but by. You know on the team continues to struggle at picking up look at their possibility. Community that if I get. A talk this say about the only guy what do you have on my ER TS and trade rumors it's on the list. Quite the list. Who died you know what I had some pranks or knowledge about. We put these great great lit up all the little monthly basis well while the year. And up player not a joke about it because their name you know shows up audible less than. I haven't seen yet I don't knows that the copilot but. I'm going to assume that are Kane of Buffalo Sabres. Is on the less than peace prize to be not near the top bullet at bat he Sheehan and others but. Speculative at this point and that you get dull you know not much happens on Patrick front at this stage of the season even though you can build. A pretty good argument for why the Montreal Canadians need to do something in the new year Rangers winning game but you know where are they out of a mock dull. There's a few teams that it could probably use that injection but. In terms of impact players who were truly available there's not that. What's the where's James Neal out right now because his names on the list. The and and in Europe in need by. You know according to a source in the in Vegas they have not been approached yet by any team with interest but that's just the matter time it got well. Beyond that they're gonna have to make decision as to what the best interest that they golden Knight who or babies trending on restrict you create. The other position now where they obviously can't deal the other their win hockey games they're way ahead of where most of us projected that they would be. But you know see where your you know again around Christmas and then creeping up to February 26 the debt. And you know why they're PG while there that would be willing to create decent return I would say even though he Peter rattled wire. And then as he liked his time in Beckett he could certainly go about their hours or so Lola. We'll levels CL work self but there's no one really can act at this stage. What about cypriots have right now I mean this is yeah be the most likely player to. Being moved from Vegas but that's four and a half million dollar and not just for the one year deal and a two year deal. How many teachers could there be out there for a guy that's only played three NHL games and is already on the outs with Vegas. Yeah I don't think there'd be many you know there's a lot of teams that we're Ankara in about the unrestricted free agent but. You know Vegas stepped up and you know in the contract that will let the big money and that is care or. Now that just the harsh reality that he obviously. Guess that there might be eighteen that can use that that. Cap hit if you will. Arm and might be intrigued. You know the fact that he's only played a couple of game so what do we truly seen from ship itself but you know these guys don't. Release surprise right at thirty years old it's not like he just sprung on the pro market. Yeah he's been available or you're on number yours obviously in the car at all Lockheed and older HL team. You seem to be the right at former had considerable interest so. Director George we see this on the tops all I I. You know there's a rumor probably couple three weeks ago that you know chip chip wanted to go back to the K each element agent pierce look all that. Vehemently denied but now there may not be much the choice or. Do you talk to vote I've been entertained our boy here and buffaloes have a great season Bob McKenzie came out the other day in. Tweeted out that Evander Kane most likely will be treated by it's not treated by season's end what are your thoughts on that. Yeah again you know he's in that grouping of teams Neil. It's contractor or Evander Kane knock on what he's he's been healthy out of the gate. And it play in the way that he can play when he at the top of the game these big body. Gate. And and these producing. You know the tricky part for Buffalo Sabres thought he's still that this team that it is clearly trying to turn foreigner. And who's got that up to two to push a marvelous block or you know more importantly he'll let blade if you make the deal. Of the great things forward Jason on Earl is. You know he's gonna get. Moreover turn now. They would have. The only opt these were up until the trade deadline last year you know the question is when you pull the trigger and you know maybe sooner than later makes more sense. Because then you're you're dealing with more than just a rental player. Guilt for the late part of the regular season and playoff sort team lose in that win now mode and that. Not that that he brought the Berkshire. And as it does drags and and a fight. Gave you a trade scenario and I really want your honest opinion on this so. We all look better teams at a Goodyear like Greg like. The reds just mention what if there was interest in Vegas where event McCain and you can he will take shipments show off your books. What you have to give us a guy island sheet as she Theodore. And media now at a high draft pick or first or second rounder which deadbeat that kind of returns you could get event McCain or is that too much. Well I've found Awad and and yo man if you can get deals like that works and make it happen then yeah absolutely up considerate. I don't know that that it's a great example other than of course to try and unload chipped it up but. If the golden knights thirteen that people are doing very very well. You know they have to continued to build that foundation and not foundation built on. Players like shape be or I I'd be surprised if he doesn't do something roster. To make room or cheat you or AS BP know that it should be playing in the National Hockey League everybody you know you know including George mystery. I'll eat up valuable piece like and a match in the if you want to move on or a top drop there. Because what I just said you know the building's foundation but that type of concept that type of package does make. For sure Darren trigger TS and hockey insider joining us here on the investigators as he always does Friday 1130 do you think we're talking. Trades and yeah trade bait and I I'm wondering about you've seen he has eight points in nine games do you think maybe Colorado might hang on the hammers he definitely going to be going to. Well I you know. Up until recently I would a city awfully. And and locked they're been some pretty sweet deals at least that's what I'm told. That goes back to shoot out embrace them and made that move. But the other general managers out there now who think that. Maybe it's the opposite maybe stock is taking your time here trying to convince. The player Matt to change that hanging in the because of all valuable he has to Colorado Avalanche the fact that the other enjoying some surprising to. But for me what I look at Colorado I don't see it maybe good look at them differently. I I think they're gonna be a bad people or I don't think they're gonna out much run this year at all. On and gene that we saw last year near the bottom of National Hockey League I think correction or edit still the trade. Not machines still makes more sense than not being. You have a top five power ranking that you could probably fire off the top your head. And terms of teens yeah yeah. The good question. You know I had a lot that goes kings. Outer near the top but I think what flop like go Tampa Bay number one. I still like plot and was little a lot and those would be. Likely number two. To try to make believe so it's. Add to that consumes some humble ply here recently but they'd be in my top five. That's great schemes and then beyond that I don't know you guys believers and I guess. I that either number one on my list Daryn while we're sad ought to be. Yeah out there who has been there is so. I mean you know there's five are up off my and I I had it on Vegas but if you're doing powering the top plight in the moment. You know it's hard to exclude them from Matt popped up I. Based on now what they've accomplished what they lose lose a portion Parker out. I exit businesses like mine in starts to run OLE a temple LA Toronto. And have Ottawa in Vegas but I think that. I feel pretty good about my listeners dregs just listen my top three teams right away you're good about that too because you may have found a way to make this about you again that's just spent at bats. She got. I know I'm bright and have the support of it and eyes you know he didn't say Darren he didn't say that rigs and I both have the same top three or you don't. Rip has. Well I I have my top three and you also said that Lewis sort of over Pittsburgh. Big. Night a Kinect and I give a shout out before this segment and I last week at I don't know it was between that this split screen of Mari Barack and the cap. With the eyes the other day that PI know you re pleaded so who whoever created is not an option and that stricter. Dessert dish out out I was tremendous stuff is freakish Marty I'm not. At my hourly custom drags my Halloween costumes. So I'll tell out exactly a little clip here. We have a regular listener who tweets to show his name is Anthony Mancini. And he cannot put that he's a regular listener and you know we actually had a few. Tweets but that when that would just was on unbelievable that's like got the reaction I sent out there too with all. But it is. I mean the similarities are spooky I mean to you know Marty got a small Catholic they've. The eyes. Are you got a point you know and guys that don't but when he thought RT any of the. And Marty's gentle. Listen I I because before you go any further I wanna Regis something. You need to stop picking on Marty. We've preaching out no bullying and you guys are bullying him bad role models that's what we got today already so you'd need a comedy hour tomorrow we're gonna forward that's a year Daryn isn't it you're an hour. On the the Marty you're on beat down vote. All right well that line. All right well that pretty much does this refer to this particularly those terrorists already on a sour note. What's down and Arizona. Yeah that one a surprise to be I don't know you guys that guy I thought I think they're gonna set the world on fire right just felt like. Gilbert talk the company and their from clearly opening culture Pittsburgh had. Pol. A good teaching coach he is I don't young group would embrace that and they'd be real strong great out of the gate data as in the case but. I mean you look at the bright spot that you guys that'll lead to tension two quite Keller. I mean this kid's the real deal not. You know if you he doesn't win the Calder he's got to be you know certainly. I talked. But he sports he has been tremendous up I think if there are a lot better what director. The front of the show it's electric. Yup yup we we had a mark got a drop. Day before he was drafted yet I did the job the draft day of the theater draft was on Friday we were down at 7162 in the show and good kid good cap. Really good kid Eritrea and it looks like he's out twelve years old though. I. Hit he'd done what but you know what. Jeff Skinner looked like he was twelve for like the first five years and it is all about now that he's got to guard here there Eric look more like an NHL where. Darren Gregor you are the TS and hockey analyst we appreciate your time insider coming on the show on Friday we'll talk to next Friday have a good weekend. Hey guys thank you.