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Saturday, October 28th

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515 WGR buffalo. Yes yeah. Drops this afternoon that. On the radio home of the Buffalo Sabres WGR Sports Radio 550 and WGR 550 dot com. The sabres face off in a Saturday matinee this afternoon more on that moment when we got news for your first the bills sent shockwaves late last night. In a trade of their former third overall pick Marcel Darius to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Can't believe we didn't think they aren't there. Out here in the did it retreated on a group of people suspected that we work work more closely did not cold anymore. Jacksonville we don't. I. That was bills general manager Brandon being on its conference call yesterday the bills received conditional sixth round pick in next year's draft. In return for Darius financially speaking for the bills they sable five million in cap space this year a little more than two million. In 2018. That in terms of dead cap hit. Involving this trade bills take it that kept it for the remaining portion this season of ten point 66 million. And then next year they'll take a fourteen point two million dollar cap hit. In 2018 will be freed up of marshall's contract completely at the start of the 2019 season for Darius he reunites with former bills' head coach Doug Rhone and slides into the one of the top defensive units in the league Cedric or an adult this Washington. And Rel word to the likelier replacements for Darius in the lineup up. Up the middle. However won't need much in terms of production to replace the areas as through six games theories had only recorded. Four tackles and eight sexy locked on Adobe DR elevenths joke pot you'll live in studio for from reaction from eleven. To noon that at noon at the polling belt pregame show face off between sharks in sabres set for 1 PM right here. I'm at WGR. I'm a Kyrie it's WGR Sports Radio by fifty inside a school sports coming acting next. She it. Yeah he he's going to take a look inside a high school sport. Kelly cheering. What do you buy mighty taco mighty tiger would go great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by day. Neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome to inside high school sports. Host Tony Killinger Frank Wolf from Western New York athletics. Roger Weis is here rich Sanders assistant coach at west Seneca west we are yours talk football. Playoff time in section six in my senior Marten. So have all that news and notes common you'll away more guys. More and yell but don't boys most of time are not then it's beautiful time of the year this is what we've been waiting for. Love this time a year didn't playoffs the games are fantastic. Lot to talk about. With the matchups going who's gonna do watch any course so we're gonna start the Nantz who the next couple weeks. You know who's favored to win the Conn we cop who's favored to win the trench shall have all that leading up to the eventual announcements. And then I just saw wise how guys and then. You know we're in a basketball hockey and went to. Learn. The ball. Good thing about which raises you get to fly through basketball and then when it's over you talk to spring and no one prisoners know we're going to learn now. Who's that who's going down south now. Was going down south. Number 99. Please take us with sequel and but not armament and from what we're all different this. Are they using my son that I am not. You know I knew it was a one point council on. Before we get into that losing those guys. You know it I just wanted to rid of these of the girls' volleyball winners from Friday night Ken west will south well north Roy Eric north Allen's. Panama and East Aurora may have forgot one or two but those were different winners last night. Or move and I'm. Arm. And boys soccer action today will north has taken and Clarence that's going to be a great game if you get out there today it's we've all that's at 7 PM game. Couple winners from last night Lafayette one. And Allegheny limestone one as well on Wednesday is a bunch of games it's we've come as well grand Alan East Aurora. Lack of one and Riverside that's going to be classic all that's definitely going to be a highlight game is going to be a great game. Hans usually isn't gonna really mention. Growth sacker refrigerant Ireland released Mitchell College years in a start with the boys they should hold off certainly Madrid. He threw off his concentration Raj. Well the girls also allow will north implants are playing that's Monday at will south. Will east Ingraham down gonna go at it today at 3 o'clock that's it will north. So yeah today yeah. Now all of mighty busy. Who owns who count poppy plant. Our core of human Albion new banner playing at 11 o'clock. As the V one championship there's also Wilson and Akron gonna play at 1 o'clock. A lot of teams on arm over it will north today in a beautiful field. I want you to shadow first coach Kurt Fisher big win yesterday. This guy was was a double hernia surgery yesterday. I knew something was up he just wasn't moving around moving very gingerly yesterday opened on the silent feet or ten steps. All gain old man I plus or minus one. I'm cringing so yeah now guess what he's at least they've rescheduled it for this Tuesday on its media day. And no one of the assistant coaches jordin Paxton or started sexton told me that he won't be at media day obviously no matter what. But he may have to postponement. Once again because they play for example Google frightening. At 5 o'clock start by the weight class it's 5 o'clock in class double A is the is the other game on Friday. BCA. Will place Saturday you believe that starts. New yeah when I'm there you imagine elements we'll tell you right away he goes back to the always a week later. From afar was regional it'll be the season in the eighties and Friday night and the BC double he's on Saturday. I'm not sure what exactly. Motivated to change between A and double play for a we sand section championship at Doral went. That's not true reformer in previous years but they will go back perform the following Saturday at the opera reportedly. Glad you brought that up because it obviously from Hollywood big guys at adultery and okay go it got connect to I don't awful call Batman and now he touched up on that he got the bases covered. I also got to give a former shout out to law. Coach Kennedy former Ellie I talked to him very briefly on social media this past week. You know he's he's trying to recover from that terrible accident earlier this summer kept them off the sidelines he was able to lead the lumberjacks this year I'm really hoping he. Can rehab and just take it day by day and if you see Henry at FaceBook or some like this animus shot I'll let him know you're thinking about him because he isn't really one of the best get well coached. Well for all of us. I just while you're talking about the girl's volleyball. Ten more wise girls beat grand battle and it's a case Ruble lower girls. The lower seed beat a higher seed. And I figure it's a true indication because there are also on the same league during the year investment now optional and so law. Now are you were shot tomorrow on my favorites. Every work out too used to unreal Wallach analysts it was a 63. Jonas six B. Defeated just three and there's so congratulations. And law. Lady was blue Dole's plea to leave and who goes your alma mater. That you actually did article above states they are. They play Brack Ford right and right of course the real deal according to watch him going you know got a nice quarterback or. We socialists. They says he's like their like a lot of information in non. There will be no peace in you know in five don't know enough Shania. Ireland's parties are gonna have her hands full when I'm still looking forward to a birthday. I'm marina 1992. Teen today if I'm not mistaken they are on there I am not aware of what mr. I remember that seems McCain and Syria and dealers I don't know I don't know how do you want to say yes and you know his words like. Good enough for me with CNN 92 team. I was one years old. One wonders I accept my dad in combat a full one yet he was Hillary and as a redshirt turner. If you just make me sick. Thank you may as well I think I was getting rating Gregory I want to give another shout out to come arrest can more east quarterback named Murti. Take a big hit again. Against Luke Ford wasn't feel too good the next few days so Nate hope you feel much better body. You mentioned number 99 going down south and that number is that near and dear to our hearts written to you are an old number and my son's number. Marcel Darius traded to Jacksonville. And of course are social media just lit up like a Christmas tree. Some people are upset over the trade some people are ecstatic over the trade. I'm looking at this is a good move by the bills in the fact that they were able to free up 54 million dollars gives them a lot more flexibility. To do things shape in the roster in the way that they want to who you you had to seek common. For a long time now and shrewd charted last year there were two masters and but they couldn't make it work because of this conference. But this year you can see communities and Jim went from often it was like hey. We get him for fourth round pick. You know we're not you know fourth. We'll give yourself. I want boxes are take this in opinions on Molina contract that was the key right. And yet let people upset the only getting a six a return what you have to understand what they can do with their money now. And nobody wants to do with the headaches that come with the you know as surprising and you have a guy with all the talent in the world. I mean when he's on he's as dominant as there can be full what. Well this is a player who lose their focus and a hundred million dollars changes things. They say don't do borrow a Brinks truck. Yeah no question Mark Bryant store did it really does Muslims from. Like they say he was you know can't drag race that you want real drug tests away from a ten game suspension or someone who's that who's next is mentioned and games I don't know it just bothers me define it just bothers me when you have these guys thrown everything way. I mean you whether it's with drugs or it's too stupid stuff like racing in the streets. Professional football player you can't put. Craziness I holed it for your to your careers old man who's been first or do down four didn't do difference here yeah it was his old coats the outer. I think that's a major wake up call I was a big fan at Marcel when he first got here. I mean he was a difference maker actually difference maker are so when we drafted yet somewhere along the way he just did he did loses focus. I don't know when it starts. I was OK with him until apart what ninety million dollars and he rejected because he thought he was being. This respected that ninety mill million dollars please just respect me I mean it's a lot tell you what you know what. And I blame. Hierarchy in the bills' organization. Right away I still don't understand waited wanna franchise and as luck we'll franchise yet you'll read it's not apply for this year. You wanna take your chance and a career ending injury to pass up ninety million fine. And but knowledge is catering to home so we are our rules are for the bills. Show and how are shaped. This is your job this is what you do for a I mean he claimed viewers just respect and all you do is just respect the fires up user in Western New York the fans his teammates all minor. I don't know what is Alicia was with teammates really don't want that you know I was in a teammate been on the team. I'm more than meaningless argument that was beaten up but when they start talk about 2030 million a year ninety million are contracted to me it's like. And numb to it because I'm not their I'm not a professional athlete I don't I'm not can have a ten year career may be a five appears to to me the money is. I I don't I don't golf like I eat. That's silly don't agree if he says he feels just disaffected who knows on this guy's gonna play for and that he makes. Billions of dollars I mean that he makes so much money. So Timmy I can't do you what do salary cap yeah absolutely look at that you know that how much to a lot of wind in his team and just numb to the money or any of the mentally. Money's a simple thing it's it's. Production verses what are videos at that steals and what the market's gonna put them there aren't people are paying hermit Thomas are very particular incident but it 130 dollars a person go to again. Right so that I arrived about a typical sixties Friday but on sand somewhere around there aren't so imagine 7000 people every weekend because we always so well. Season figure all of that generate some money I mean teams are making money yeah NFL's making money to tee you know so the skill of a hundred million. Yeah I did put your look at it and agrees to things right quarterbacks from Iran festival pointing out an agreement given modern million. I mean I would have part let him walk through your arms with me but they made that decision so now you do with everything or comes along with it was a gamble just like the cycle country it's a gamble. What does this do for the team and what is due to the locker room I think I think the cultural matters change and you can see certain things. Happening in and just a culture in the games. You didn't breaks things are happen that never happened before last week. I've never remembered a moment where the tools were down in the final minutes of the game and they made a play to set. Winning the game I can't call last time may June I mean I don't remember. Look at the Atlantic calls that we looked ends and oh that's not a formal America and Africa no goals of those things are happening because of what the Germans don't. They don't change. I think you'll know how that his teammates and everything else feel about the streak tomorrow 1 o'clock if they come out and look like garbage. Then I'll say he added they're anonymous they're not on the same page as they come out and look and play really well against Oakland who I think. Could come in being here but were high school social. You know my opinion doesn't really weigh that much but if they come out and play a great gain Americas opens still win then you'll know that hey the team with some more with dismal. I can tell you too Tony this is something that I heard from a player. The players. Saw this coming. And they're OK with it and the response I got back was trust the process. So they believe they started the process gap trusting the process is big things for the players are buying into it. And he got to believe then it's gonna like the firearms is look if I don't perform. I'm on my way out this is a great city to play football then the fans are on real in the support of the players. I mean just look at the outpouring of love to Logan Thomas you know god bless him and his family you know lose in a baby. Like that that's that's harsh but the communities there. Right I mean this this can't be plan no matter what level is the dedication of the fans you I mean it's it's a city that. If build bridges you hear it in the sports celebration and I think that. Part of that is being a part of it is well and a I don't see enough of that. From certain guys that are most listens so I think that plays in the roller. But him leave and I think it's a good therapy for its money I think you did that part of the culture remove Sammy was of another part of that. Because Sammy I think. Biggest part was. Between him and Anquan got in some little stuff and paying and are gonna have the stuff and I think McDermott and Jim Morrison bridge and there's gonna get rid of we're gonna do we're gonna you're so. I have to say I like with the doors until they're headed in the right corner of him you know most of them with between Darius and Sammy wants to yeah they were pretty good when they were able to play for one reason or any other organ how many games miss. Billie Jean on and is on violent ones let's and the coach and GM have been on the same page in this organization Collins and and any resistance. Is polian and Marv Levy may be correct. All right let's let's switch gears we are here to talk high school football. And that's what we are gonna do scores from last night monsignor Martin and Saint Francis beating time in 42 to eight. And then today we have Saint Mary's of Lancaster. They are playing. O'Hara at 1 o'clock. So. And and the winners will take on. Saint Joe's and commissions act that's next week next week that's fast it is and move on and actually lower key quick. Quick question. Saint Mary's because of their schedule is automatically is succeed actually timing is to proceed. From what I understand despite their record and his lawyer last night. So all booted off for some reason of Saint Mary's snacks awful lawyer is in effect on her at all. And each time parent. Get back to the scores the last one I'll go to work every place I six I agree with the image to recede you have to. Quarter final. Alright Nancy and learn. We'll find out the answer. Section six last night yet Franklin fellow of oh people should talk late 43 to fourteen. You had. Southwestern beating Wilson 28 to 27. In a close game clash the semi finals and it's gonna talk about this one after the break Cheektowaga. All over Don Kirk 52 to fifteen. In class a year at west Seneca west. Beating your record 35 to fourteen. South Park beating west Seneca east 36 to six. And at double A Lancaster. Beating Jamestown. And six he was it was score 61 to twelve. You gotta have that do to have their right. And Williams filled north beating Niagara Falls 31. To eight and the other side of the break. 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Out here at the bit at the trigger on a group of people suspected that we've worked worked closely and not call. That was bills general manager Randy bean in its conference call yesterday the bills received in return for dares to conditional sixth round pick. In next year's draft financially speaking for the bills or save over five million in cap space this year a little more than two million next year. In terms of dead cap money involved in this trade the bills take that can't pick this year. For the remaining term of the season at ten point 66 million the next year it's fourteen point two million. In 2018 will be freed up and all his contract obligations. At the start of the 2019 season for Darius he's reunited with former bills' head coach Doug Maroney and slides into one of the top defensive units. In believe Cedric or Nadal has washed and rob were those are the likely replacements for Darius in the line up all the middle. They won't however need much in terms of production. To replace Darius as through six games furious that only recorded. Four tackles in one sex they locked out of WGR 117. Pot you'll take over he's live from keybank senator. Getting ready for today's game but he'll have live reaction the various trade fair that obviously knew sabres pregame coverage starting. They'll take on the San Jose Sharks a 1 PM. Tip ounce or 1 PM faceoff Paul Hamilton on Twitter Pete ham. 1717 for starting lineups there I'm Nicky it's the BG or more time high school sports come up next. Welcome back it was an inside high school sports for jamming out to leads well from music thank you very much Nate knows what I like. All right guys talk about the games last night to which team do you guys want to jump into first let's start with the Cheektowaga darker gain since Nate that you were there. What can you tell us about the game really not much of the game I guess. I expected. It really expected to be a lock most. I expect it to be like an offensive. Type of game eighty high scoring it's certainly was for one side. The game started off like that. Don Kirk went on the field three plays tied to game seven so seven apiece and and Don Kirk didn't score again in the fourth quarter and I don't Kirk's offense really. Yeah I I thought. At least for the story part of the games were really was the Cheektowaga offense but not getting enough attention I think in that game that she wanted the fence who get a lot of good things. And she blogs offences is absolutely loaded. At the running back position at the wide receiver position with athletes all over the field but it's led by quiche on Beale who now after yesterday's game. Three rushing touchdowns and passing touchdown. Now brings him to 36 total touchdowns on the season in over 2000 total yards. I believe he clips that thousand yard marker on the ground yesterday he also clips that thousand yard mark the passing. 12 weeks ago so in my opinion this is a player that isn't really receiving enough attention I think. In terms of across Western New York as maybe one of the best places that junior. I'm John Beale impressed me in this matchup against Mary Bell but this match up against Dunkirk I think media better team in Maryville. If not better they're very close. I was shocked at the performance that deal had he was unstoppable is come down to speed uses its knows the difference I think in terms of what the game was. You know Michael great running back for for Cheektowaga he's in nice running back he's got the speed element. On J-Kwon bush thinks the other running back a big guy. In in Biel is five foot 9510220. Pound it's. He bowling ball but he's got some breakdowns beats a minute top and speed that you need. They're not an overly fast team they're powerful and they run a really effective off that's how they get it done with a on the ground hackles go outside on the ground. Up the middle. And read option plays. And design quarterback keepers and up some some jet sweeps to the outside they really stayed with inside the tackle box. Dunkirk was throwing that 89 man boxes and they were getting 4567. Yards carry. Ops they really just the upfront battle Cheektowaga dominated Dunkirk. So I gotta give the big props to the big guys up front I think so why did she talked a powerful team I'm really excited I hope the weather holds up for the Mary Dell lack a wanna game today it won't matter too much because it's on turf right or is it on grass courts interpret it matters. And lock alarm. And from where I go there and I don't know I'm not sure but let's opens on turf because it is supposed to get rather wet this afternoon. I I what I just wanna see from Mary tells I don't wanna see them kind of forced in the same situation they were laster a good team that played a power run team looked Dunkirk is in the mud. You know I I think that Mary Bell in Cheektowaga is the matchup people wanna see in the stadium. I'm with that I wanna see Mary don't get another shot at Cheektowaga so let's hope for some good weather for this afternoon's game because I think that'll be great matchup cross town rivalry. I think that well the black work to talk rubio a sure yes I'll ask slyly I just think in terms of it you know entertainment Balladur and in in married only loses by a touchdown. And Maryville after their loss to Cheektowaga but they have been. And she to log is an interesting team because they've got athletes. It's whether or not their quarterback can beat the guy that he was last year as a sophomore coming into his junior this year hasn't quite spend the same player. And I think gets hurt Mary Bell however I still think that at the end of the day Cheektowaga is offensive and defensive lines are the best in class faced a falcon right. Play one game at a time. You know fire west regional here recall how I feel it's a problem a year ago and bunker game I really believe they were looking at the otherwise Ralph yeah. Fire was regional wallet lost focus because on paper nation of one last year. I think Cheektowaga losing to sweet home early on in the season was the best thing to happen to Cheektowaga. They that he needed sort of that best punch in the chin went. Right now they know what to do when they're down. They know to do while their ahead. This is a team that is a bit of a battering team that got some young players but they got a lot of seniors they're a team that's ready I think in my opinion to do some damage in our. Actually touched down on Wednesday night in your packet is frank. Chicken wacko is what one blown coverage against we don't what me Duffy from a summer all season going into the playoffs. That that your information reruns that's seen him polls. Works all day well you know as defects of coach what do you do to stop read option. Always got to make the decision what you gonna do with your end. And it's just to me as a person open Larry I'll just use losses as an example if I'm gonna go against. Arching also start. Dominique just tackle Matt does wonders if I don't want him running the ball. Our brother how to give the ball up to the running back and I'll do with the run and take out the most explosive player does is that's what it is. I don't even think that too I think it's consistency. You have to consistently hit the same player over and over again discipline don't make it read option make it a one option knowing that if you caught up the first option which in this case he's talk about the quarterback. And you know every time that it's gonna go to the running back and if it doesn't you know that you haven't contained so it's consistency in my mind. Now you have an athlete like myself Charlotte and I couldn't slow played it and just freeze and then shuffle. And make the quarterback made the decision and playoff. I go from quarterback in my hand out work him. So he's starting your break and you're breaking down you're getting you know there isn't down Q mark B movie and a little bit or not this standings though. And I'm shuffling and I'm really awful what the quarterbacks don't if he continues. Through through a hole. Ominous just hold it people's com or go to so I can string you know. That's where personal comes in and there are into focus all right some of the other games of going on that as I imagine having. It Alec didn't know Franklin though Franklin Ville I'll give though whichever way you wanna spin it and you're having a season. Evil frank. Now last night they had not. I want to say played 200 plus yards rushing between Israel won't block I think Lee candy five. Greg Knowles had 99 Chevy had 61. You know that's right 200 plus yards rushing and all I am not. I don't draw much. They use that are up passing weapon they didn't have to legacy and a sluggish first quarter may refer staff. Major adjustments and after I am enrolled a lot of the games yesterday it seems to me other than men out. I'll Lancaster game. A lot of these games are games until halftime that it will north blew Niagara Falls out they didn't score until last elected assembly. Leo what I'm talking like you know for example law. Seven to seven what are your course course for two seconds left and after tonight if someone's there. Maple Grove was a torn enough in his hand okayed. South Park are going up three nothing and things happen and all eyes using fourteen nothing of the group that worked in the. I think it's his one. Who weren't ready for the whether it was so nice Rosemary. That I think it is respect as some different they came over those slowed room. I don't know why the grandmother was supposed to get here today and you don't act and what is that area enough. Night time Cleveland L kicks off I guess it's not going to be pretty but then you know. I mean I don't have to battle leaves later on in my Erik. Estrada now what kind of scares me rescheduling leaves at 7 o'clock and up this evening your golden. Okay. So Franklin felt compelled to take our Maple Grove. This every Mets game right yes and there he was 46 of six on the glory the first came down in Maple Grove and Franklin's no one minute game and another realty officials say there are prior press Shia and the state champion. Grover has some weapons that I think they'll play with on the second time around. I obviously Zack Fisher the coach's son is a pretty good wide receiver. And in a lot of those kids both teams they've played both ways you know there there's Dave brown a lot of depth. But some of those guys who breezy though he's a great football player he gonna be all sides of the ball tenor Ramsey. It was it can range from Maple Grove and a great player than that east container. I'm the quarterback from Maple Grove he can play both ways he has to play both ways. Can't we can't take an impairment tell your right now we're almost all of the second segment and I still haven't heard about tackle on the back. And an all arrived and you'd be disappointed in me. You know nothing can ever attack on a brag yes you go over so we drag races let's tackle on a bank. Walt now he's going down the Maple Grove one of the premier places for tackle and a bag you can have won you know are clueless there was a UNC one. The unit zero I'll I'll then I did it nice and all but a minute I am so disappointed listen your direction and one little so much you know is to we have to fight and his bride I don't blame you I don't plane entourage. I have to. I get to five minutes to go I haven for tough worth Kurt we heard Fisher called our practice Wednesday night. Carol I'm more disappointed in him and frank are incurred for not registered at the tackle on a bag wasn't waiting for you bring when this is all wrong. It's disappointing that's for sure. If it could back to the games. Let's see. South Park beating west Seneca east and that's gonna set up to match up against you guys rich. That's going to be an exciting game South Park lot of a lot of talent you guys have a lot of talent. It was compound our hearts who's gonna want this more. Two teams are from or through our players. Played with each of it you know producers. And brilliance and soon. I mean they're talented team we saw them. My evidence it was synergies. And you know that was a game where they came down back from 21 points down. Just a lot of hard. I think it's the merits of everybody wanted to we wanted to you know two undefeated sweeping get to play each other ministers to withdraw with a sterling was so great a thing works are perfect. Was she seen it felt boy drew will be your biggest challenge. I think our Bruce Allen's. No will be of foreign massacres affront that are. Stone an explosive. Play well and you know partners a firm to burn. We know how good your team is offensively in South Park has had a great season defensively. So the match up that I'm Kenya and is their offense vs your defense. Well. The third defense where's my real pearls of non secure its own thirty something candidates so if he's one of the best front arson and area. I mean speech were sort. And every QB over there to fit their. Publishes her idea have been played him. Our monthly hurts at all to announcements I think it's before you get enough film on them right you know film and I think it's better that we haven't played them choose. Whatever the outcome you know we won that game kids are going there action conference in Boston again to you owners we'll show confident right now I think we saw that. Last night with with who authorities are doing was authorities went in there think of her. Oh we were up 21 nothing Obama's team will be do you know we Giacomo author and do it again and they got punched in the mouth and so part two points in the mountain. I think South Park and learned a lesson from the first game. Where they have to continue to do is put in order last week my that'll that'll wake up call for so partner in the squeaked that one out over will least. What they I think they struggled against a spread team a win lose so I think that it plans to. This week is wrong and it all comes down to watch it more. Both thought self. Our crawl was Seneca east in detail to rams in the two games combined South Park outscored one senate duties in the first half when he won their eight. And the second Nationals Park combined to him found scores. What senate he's 62000. While the hot on salt obviously whatever happens. Employee does some magic stuff from the locker room at halftime to see an office at Muirfield. I mean derelict and he gives a Mallard. And I'm lunar and earth. Our southwestern and Wilson. I did anybody expect Wilson to learn. You did. I thought it would be closed chambers the way it was one southwestern jumped out to a warning age about the Wilson almost came back what was it 48 when he's seven and now. Wilson rolled the dice I believe and went for too. I know southwest it was a little shorthanded one of their better players was out of the game is in should be back next week. We I think coach culprit during the week and in one player was out and missed the last couple weeks with with lower leg injury. So it was out yesterday I thought this was the perfect time for someone. To sneak up on southwestern and claim that spot into there field because it ever wanted to begin the year southwestern and and please hill and it's only here for the last few years. Also the crease gonna try to have a say about that is I like this combination is what is your QB way a combination Wilson. Com and they're only juniors for Ericsson and it's Marcel. They'll be back next year. I mean any thoughts I'm I Cleve hill silver creek. He did these old creek and I mean out Cleve LV's favorite going into the us. I like we've room I don't know how I don't know how it can be under two touchdowns I really don't I got muscles Kaz was over treatment clean pillows. And mean class either the real deal. I don't know father Randall fact drama. It's 2 o'clock is supposed to be RadioShack. And we're going ruler Hugo we jointly street Paul street when it came over renting rooms of the planet Pluto yes. Silver creek has a decent quarterback this could yell for he can he could run. Story can hear any quarterback if you need a good difference maker for Corvette or it can find holes and and and be able exploiting defense that's trouble. Likely will. I'm there due to handle. But remember Lawler general partner and wrong. Going to be let general legal ever gets enough credit for the treatment sheriff. The other game from the Indian during I don't know we're gonna take a break right now in and out rule get into. Double lace. After this break you listen inside high school sports don't forget. Sports talk some sanity coming up next are you most innate. It's sale he's actually live from keybank senator so -- level in our as sabres face off at one preeminent. There you go art will be back with more on this on high school sports. 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Jamestown setting up Lancaster vs real north next Friday at the stadium. Man you talk about a heavyweight. Battles Tonya listen I don't presume you Edward Jones I think eight it just my opinion from. Just watching what I've seen I think Lancaster will probably win this game just don't know don't take offense swings well north of just. Guess in thrown us out here. Lancaster stanch. A mystery is known quote. I know this regret arms is not just assailant pulled all. Menu back and if you will obviously. Subprime everybody's being an ex look I think it's going to be yeah. That ten point team left I think we'll north can hang with them. Like history of plentiful four quarters. It's on to be set for and I think you know. I don't know you played. I don't know what you think they're capable player before or at it's not that I just think it will north has gone quite a bit through quite a bit this year I think that our camp faced anybody with the weaponry that Lancaster hands. And Giordano is a low as Lancaster recently with I mean they they're in for rude awakening and it was as the climate. My guess there's very very bottom of armaments or use. I think it's clear remarks and both teams. Ones. In a different category than. Yeah I mean I look I don't disagree with which got him Lancaster I seen them up close personal twice. In the latter reports from that a lot of guys covering Lancaster this year her she's a real deal and Teresa might be the best football player Western New York. But I'm not gonna bet against coach mental body not having that team ready. And focused. For this game Friday night against linkage it's two teams that that most people thought would be there in the end there as they're. Well known Mitt Unisys is comparable to the age whose fictional teams are currently there nobody new year. Nobody gave west Seneca east a shot in hell against west Seneca west. Did. Lose. And just and it can happen I mean this is why they play the game season. I know it was a lackluster with two minutes they actually are closer room. Closer these kids but it got to happen we. Knowledge and I don't know how kids who don't I don't but don't tell those kids who would like to every chance Lancaster Soledad offense defense special teams. Pull. Yes that thing and now from what I understand most people don't give. Blank gas or enough credit for their role they are but they're two linebackers are supposed to we all know me and I mean injuries and we'll linebackers Luke slowing and reason doesn't play and it in the tradition. I study was like in defense of tacklers. Help it close 62. What's native music and my engineer and is the real deal is. Maybe the best linebacker that I've seen. In an all time best football player but he hasn't been nominated for weekly can only couple order for you Campion Stanley Cup finalist he's ABS and another best full vote clarity in Western Europe. Where is down clear he's in Wesson. Myers by. Peoria can be of highest authority in the Sunnis in recent can't beat. I'm talking Adams and now not the bones as things are he can't be nominated him saying he's not. New or make a statement that is that he's the best for us now. Football player or football player that run things at. Don't play in yes that. Well I ask all of us pastor that best friends are a total that's all right as well as a player and Duke University. Running downfield. We between him and the goal line is injuries and her man Myers who you want between her seek the goal line. And treason or Myers who's in and that jackal. Gladiators come and actually full. Hopefuls be sorted out don't salute you want to between him and the goal line okay is treason and Myers focus on seeing any reason is socialism is so. Game on the line ball the fifty yard line. Would you want our quarterback. When the moment injuries and Mars well that makes it's all I have to expires I'll tell you don't want their about it yeah from what I have seen I. I would monitor ankle injuries that I take my chances with them. Are askew practice talking about the game that's coming up Friday night as yours Lancaster verses will north. You also have to take a look at the trenches whenever you talk about a big game. You have to look at the linemen and and is guess we're games are won or lost. Your ability on the offensive line to create holes for you were coming back to protect your quarterback that's when it comes down to do defensively if you. Increase have their. Then it gives you advantage of the games are won and lost on the line in my opinion and that's exactly. Will north is gonna have most trouble because they are good up front and their physical but they're inexperienced and you're still young. In Lancaster isn't so that's really gonna have their trouble but as far as the skill positions. What will north up there was some of those guys from Lancaster. They're either way it's it's I mean the running back a 101000 marriage for a gimmicky yeah. I think he's he's one of the ones output monitor were sent but I don't see anybody who has been around. Market closes he can run. He's tough physical runner and you know they take abuse but it a lot of do you say you know they lot of times are stopped at. The last scrimmage and they keep and only son in Jamestown. Rezko wells got optical line of scrimmage until it's until runs into bone eighty air blows that James and rivers was it was from it was a the was more Vince on will that put her in those scores on the the war since I remembered who were on board while the order of 41 yes 41 thirds and Ford went through it and now my mindset. Is already armed. Section six vs section five even though we have the matchups next week it's who we have that go on Roger's already stated. That he thinks Alcatel Franklin though is our best shot. To me it's interesting is how we match up against. The powers as section five to meet one if you give bass section five you have a legit shot at the state championship. Yeah. Actually double blade of Lancaster canyon by section five and good luck with that out. You got quite a synagogue on the other online has to be cases like when he ages seven and there are three seed and Aaron. There and that is allegedly according to my sources in not section five there are not as good there's. Victor who is that's an actor as good as Pittsburgh. It could climb as he does rolled and each is is a three seed in double. The job like I say we don't know how good Lancaster is they haven't placed anybody played anybody. Lancaster now apparently op battle tested those three schools that we alluded to in section five our battle to. I thanks to our mayor Jeff Shymanski for Chiming in the field is on grass and it's already raining and lock want. I don't like this matchup at all from Maryville I just don't like it. I think Cheektowaga exposed a few things about them on the merry go offense I know Rashad lives. One of the top ten best players in Western New York he is. And I know visitors are good young quarterback that lack a wanna defense steel curtain 2.0. Might be a little bit too much. The running back Gordon. That are very exciting team to watch it very underrated. You know they've been under the radar for most all season has people talking Cheektowaga material bunkered Flacco on his right there and I think you'll see him next week. At the nerve with Cheektowaga. Well good luck to all out there have a happy and safe Halloween. And our next week we'll get into not only via talk about the games. After Ralph the matchups against section five after that. We're also going to start breaking down top players in western York league and ourselves up to talk over who will win the Connolly cup in who will win. 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