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Fantasy Football Podcast
Saturday, November 4th
Joe DiBiase and Nick Lozanovski preview Week 9 in the NFL

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Hello and welcome to the WGR fantasy football podcast we've been we really since the off season. Myself and their Kramer will be off on Sunday with the bill's point on Thursday nights at joining me here. And eating cake. While we are here I'd say it was delicious cake at some earlier nick Lowe's announced he is joining me here for his first appearance on. The podcast you know as the first podcast since June he really would need had an opportunity. To join us now carried on thunder and how's the cake delicious. I'm full. Rated RR NC is it good I'll think about earlier is good enough though to go back for seconds. But he it's too rich perceptions that he it's too good it's also been sitting out for at least a couple hours on rampant was in tomorrow. Right exactly so I do if I double that I'm gonna double I change the food poisoning or is the food poisons in the doubles worse one of the it's pretty bad either way. We're gonna jump right into. The face football schedule this week we're gonna jump right into you recapping the bills' game from recording us on. Friday night so last night's game between the jets and the bills will be available or Andre audio WGR by fifty dot com. Do a few podcast that we dare Kramer will be and myself will be in need Kerio we want tomorrow nick both announced here will be in. Yup fancy questions in the future you can head south on Twitter at DB Osce WGR. Nick years is nick. Underscore notre Carlos enough here at the butcher LO ZANOVSK. The key is silent. There's no W involved right right I'm never gonna correctly there's no doubt. But I I'm probably you'll always see that there's a W and involved the sign still going right into the spills in from last night it was eighty. Awesome game from Tyrod Taylor and if you had a copy two quarterbacks on finally hit Tom Brady are invited Ben Roethlisberger on by. It went pretty well for Tyrod Taylor me even in the first step of Pete retirement all the garbage time stats from last night. Yet a 140. Yards on lake 1115 passing at the half with a touchdown to use every decent day. Even before the half he came and they don't want to the game you saw but for fans perspective. It's always good when a quarterback's throwing it fifty times a game. Forty I don't know tyrant finished 4040 times he's 2940. He had a really good week and he had the rushing do. Yeah it's good when they're throwing when they're behind it's good to get him to throw that much but at the same time. That game last night was teetering on the point Reid got concerned that might take him out late in the game and you might miss out on the residential garbage time Stan I was wondering that too because even there is out. 56 minutes left in the bills were down 34 of fourteen at that point that it the game was lost and I I was yelling put Peterman and not even for like. Secured Debbie here they lose a game a lot Peerman calls not really as much now is fighting three but. I didn't want Peter and going because I want need Peter going to be sixteen starting quarterback rating Alan if you're going to I don't like Tyrod Taylor to get injured because he gets hurt to your playoff. Chances are essentially over. And if he would've came out when I want and come out. You would've got that yuppie Thompson touchdown annually I'll be yards leading up to that and you would have got the rookie QB sneak. Which they call back during met these types projects helps fantasy owners it's an extra two point he had 29 points. In. PP our league standard leagues felt safer or so 29 point she's probably end up being one of the top quarterbacks of the week. He's really he's getting himself reputation he's. They are gonna record backs and who wanted to build team he's probably middle of the road to me it's probably between 1520. Fantasy wise I think he's spent he spent top ten. Really his entire career as a bill this year on the season he is in the top ten that's before this week. He was tied for number thirty was actually a fourteen so that this week it's an inside the top ten passes Aaron Rodgers Josh McCown Matt Stafford. Philip Rivers even he's passing so. I'm not sure if I want it do you take in as I'm not sure he's kind of on the defense there still where he's not an every week's starter Timmy. But you're not starting him no matter what is there some teams that we'll have Matt Stafford as well or they'll have. Philip Rivers or Roethlisberger this year. There is match ups where I would start those guys over Tyrod Taylor refused getting to that point he's gonna close that point. Where I'm probably gonna start him no matter who else. I've got a bench no matter who he's point. The bills are good when they rushed Terrence Taylor and I think they understand that's and that's really get for fantasy owners as well any time targets are rushing touchdown. Any of the arts leading up to it even to one yard. IQB sneaks right toss them into games and so he's getting extra points from there. And adding to build realize that order be successful beginning to run ball which. Bodes well for his stock moving forward you got to understand though what you're saying about him being on the border of the top ten the most quarterbacks haven't had a bye week at Philip Rivers has played every week up until this week and will be layup by them some of the other guys and I have them also haven't had to buy yet so mean Tyrod adds I would feel comfortable. Having Tyrod as my starting quarterback and I feel like I have. You know good skill position players around him and I'm my fantasy team I agree that moving on from Taylor LeSean McCoy. Completely disappeared this game twelve carries point five Garrett needs zero catches. Between these growing early on he did but he played. It's still matters I think a lot of that was they they could not block and hold. And that there was nowhere for him to run Colbert didn't have anywhere run either. I told we're talking having her run unless you give me. Thirty foot pole to run through on Tolbert a four pairs of three yards McCoy two and a half points. He's not having it. If if your fantasy owners you're I think you're upset. With McCoy because of redress. Which he's been decent at most weeks. He's had only one that really explosive game which was last week it's Oakland where he went out one you've your fancy. He isn't giving you the production of a top five peck now and but I mean honestly look at the top I think Steve Johnson I've seen heard he's not using to mean that. But I'm bell got to slow start he's back to the top now. Elliott spent the topic he's gonna be going away for six games you are an ally Italy now. It passed its on point right now at some point could be next year I'm just saying I don't anything next week. This is like their last guest has. Although I keep reading it their last gaffe speculate or read that two years ago or two months ago. And he still and every time is temporary stay in an injunction gets denied any sort of temporary stays eligible for another week. The one thing I would actually do everything it it would your employers earlier. We're in every right now right now. A real I depends a recent really plays Emma you re just dirt. What's right now if someone offered you retreat today of Ezekiel Alley approach on the court and in a rather McCoy because I think it's gonna sit playoffs and two playoffs. Which is killer. That's the works because you get to the plan I mean doesn't mean you get to the playoffs and it's great that you you'd think there's no. There's no coaching GM the you know there's some big accomplish for me in the classmate fancy playoffs in your best players on their nova matters it doesn't matter that you made the playoffs. Receiving wise in this game a lot obviously Taylor threw for over almost 300 yards passing so the optic Thompson the second. Great fancy start in three weeks probably want a lot of you out there starting at seven catches 81 yards and then that garbage time touchdown. Axes and those why's he was running great routes all day and he was not in their for the garbage time six catches. 53 yards and a TD Matthews a score a TD we got called back. He has a six catches and 46 yards. Nick O'Leary four catches 51 yards and on our league. So we had someone start nick O'Leary. I'm still there's nothing in the past in that it's there. And no I absolutely desperate yet to be incursion which is our adjourn Matthews he comes out of his yeah he's as slow start the season gets hurt. He comes out of his injury limits global last night he had six it's expected he said yes that he had six for forty some affiliates seven all season before this right. Yes yes and he's very well like deck and I think he might not only that it was seven before last week at the human two captains so. Yeah he was a single digits press us stat that when they traded for cabinet to become Benjamin had. Fifteen catches this year wars I don't know whose threats or targets or governments are no bills receiver had more than seven catches this season. And so I would feel comfortable owning Matthews general votes are and yet he can be guys that kind of turns it on late in the season he's been historically productive and fancy. Many easy yet fifteen going the last week or going to the sweet Melissa made LE one and yells leans on the program probably turn it might have somebody else a red zone target would probably yours as well as. He had a couple ransom targets in the in the and the jets came in week 1000. Recount and Calvin Benjamin as he Winstar meter. Are you gone up to guys from last night. Because adding events in the saints they have a reputation of being a bad defense and even worse secondary they've been improved this year it's still don't think that there. They're not a good second. They're not a good defense and that that did their their average at best to me and they still have had a couple of those days this season where they show what they've been in past. So. Kelvin Benjamin going in there I think. He's a low and flexed and in Carolina he was again he is at wide receiver to leaves in your lineup. And he's a little inconsistent but he's gonna have some big gates keeps score touchdowns. Think they're gonna wanna use and that's why he treated form but. While Tyrod Taylor is Spaniard while they've had this run first offense you have not been able to trust the single receiver being tired I think after the saints game. Benjamin is a must start. After the saints game at this instinct is I don't think he's going to be in August or Missouri says and an average secondary you're right what they do have is one of the best course of football on March on Lattimore. And so when you have Lattimore I don't know what the game plan's going to be obviously that you have Lattimore let's just say shadows Benjamin. What other that he used to mean that's it you know it's cancellation what other receiver can attract attention away from Benjamin on this roster right now. I mean if Charles clay is back that helps and it now that's not gonna take Lattimore way because of Lattimore shadow and Benjamin Latimer not going to be covering Kuwait. And these price almost certainly not any covering Matthews out of the slot so yeah I agree with you there but that. I don't think I think if clay and Matthews are there that easing off. To deter them away from double team him. It's I don't think he'll get a lot of double teams in this in that game doing bench him he doesn't know I don't think. My point is that what is it is a lot alike as we just like I've been watching. CBS that film breakdown of Antonio Brown against us Cincinnati and they had it on the top corner. Cincinnati backer Patrick. Opulence. You know was and don't they have they have wanted to quarter shadowing Antonia our quests and aren't and maybe it was able I don't think it was a top corner but me was a guy like fit browns. Slate style of play better but they had that corner shadowing him and then they had a double team on him like almost every point so. Sometimes the defense will not only show I've I think they'll double and then I think with the bills run game. And not being able to necessarily plea like deep. Coverage the entire time because you safeties have to be up helping him run support and then you add in the fact that I think this receiving corps is actually decent now. On the I think there isn't going to be enough room to start Frenchman Netflix. I think he's our. I think he circled and it's it's very high risk higher orders of blah I don't think I think it enforceable. Against I think there should try to show gavel went wrong he's not open. At scalp that's come management government doesn't get open government unions they're both open when he's not open. And that's been the one criticism itself talking about a conversation this week. He doesn't know how that's gonna fit disparate Taylor doesn't like the throw to guys when they're covered. And trust Saddam to make a tough catch or trust himself to throw him open he likes to do. Scramble around and wait for them to get separation. And it either be a broken play or brow com or route concept that's how he's going to be throwing the ball. Benjamin is not quite that guy Bengie means using his big bodies not getting a ton of separation. And I feel it all the touch deficit under all the touchdowns all the big plays this year of hitting Cam Newton connecting he's got a guy draped on his back and he's just boxing him out. Well I would say that is our say that I don't entire ads ever had a receiver. Like that RE EU to say Watkins but why he's not frustrated separate them and things I don't think he's ever has he does not creating separation it's talented enough to make those plays. Are you throwing that. Bald as a Jones and now he's covered. Now know all the tyrant had a blast he had to aspect it anywhere so Jordan Matthews is a guy draped all over free throw it to him I don't worry that they did that last night it was the third and it was the fourth into the game is over but it was like fourth and two in their own and and Tyrod. Met met Jesus covered Tyrod throws the ball to and in stride he's got all hands on it in the corner can't get his hands on it and he's got involved and he can't catch. It was tough catch in traffic yet it got his back that he had both hands on you make the catch so. No I don't think Tara does those balls but my Benjamin concerns don't come from tyrant may Benjamin concerns are also very short lived in this next game against Norris is an episode about Marshall plan however I also think. But then now feeling confident to play him last night even to run amount there's decoy. I aid would hesitate to believe they're just gonna you know shepherd and in this huge role in the offense next week you mean. There's a percentage chance he only plays 6060%. Snaps and it's on a run first offense playing. Not a 100% of the snaps with a quarterback who hasn't put up huge passing numbers I mean he's touchdown dependent per share. He's not gonna give volume catches but I mean we don't think any it's football you never know right. I just I wouldn't trust Benjamin to go out there indeed eight catches for 86 yards. Nick O'Leary I think you obviously don't think he needs sentiment you're benching him Charles clay is back next week even if you were playing earlier in the first place. And that's about it for the bill so we'll move on around the leaks and knew it was going around the league today Justin little. News update DD Westbrook he expects to make his NFL debut week nine murky sleet is out. For that game of it appears that he will be out thing came. On most reporters out of Jacksonville talking as though he will miss that game L apparently pulling out slots of Westbrook will. Circle back around and after the hour talk about him a little bit. But keep going around the league. Teams wincing questionable I don't think anybody's doubting that he will play against the saints this week AC joint spring for him Lamar Miller will play he did not practice a few times this week. Does Bryant off the injury report your Dez Bryant owner I don't think you really don't worry about that though no. Can't Mike Wallace he's questionable he actually might miss that game he missed last week. Probably shindig started in any way latter format off the injury report and Jordan reed. Prod to shock anybody he's missed a lot of gains due to injury through out the year he is out this week against the Seahawks. And what more should toss in there Corey Davis who make he returned to the field for Tennessee. He's been up to the tune. I think. So what you do Vernon Davis and see George reaches out all you can you start him. He's a low and tighten more I think I'm actually starting in this week Jason Crowder also looks like he might please. So. Who's going to be passing options there they don't trust trove prior adding trump prior might be. He he's talked about this we try our throw prior. Had the foot injury in soccer although last couple weeks is not being on the field is much sick to help him heal. And and he thinks he's a 100% now. I don't think that was the entire problem affect battling to think that was a large part of the problem I think a large part of the problem is he's just. Not audience here in he doesn't look like he's invested in the just he doesn't usually the same time quarter to me that you were thinking Cleveland and he's like the fourth option on that team now and you what Jordan reading Crowder out my if I'm Kirk cousins I drop back pass my first look is probably Josh Dotson. And Chris Thompson out of the backfield would be my second look because a dangerous he's been. And Vernon Davis might be my third stops is tempered guy TB can split out wide the slide you can motion amount of the backfield. Yeah and put him out there where he could be huge he doesn't fill in for James and crowd is much is. And even McCaffery tied back he's receiver first and so I think Davis being Nath. Heard IDs that probably third or fourth option. For an offense that likes to throw the ball yet I think. It must you've got. If he if you've got a bye week definitely start and if you've been looking looking for tight and you've had some trouble with it this season I think yankees. The reason I ask that question is because you had a similar Vernon Davis. And he's a guy that. He he the whole thing with him as he was a matchup problems and him and Cisco he did is this fifteen years ago no I'm saying I'm saying -- that was the that was the thing with him it was it was used matchup problem he was fast teams made yet he what you need to be held do you still fast. Unit what my house so I don't know if he's as fast though what I'm saying we just go to these be letting it be easier now for linebacker match up of them and it was all or all pressure which makes me worried about him can he carry a tight and one loading the V for one or two weeks however long reed is out I don't know like. I'm starting him because I'm hoping so I'm hoping I trust the talent that's there I just don't know if the age is gone up to him he argued how to think news. I mean. 3433. Younger I thought a basic 3637. He played let's see the games Jordan reed missed this year he had. He's been with big weeks he had one bad week when Jordan assassin one catch for thirteen yards. The next week freed without five catches for 58 and a touchdown. And two for 89. The way the aging process works in a player though is that you can still Muster that up you can bet he'll probably be able to F five catches fifty yards and touchdowns forty. And exaggerating but can he do that consistently in Ohio we know which week is going to be a week that his body catches up to them a little bit. And he might not be able to perform at the same level and his you know his body fails and just as easy. You're knowing that we get and it just that's I mean. What am I guess I am starting and I that's just like where my concern wrestled him why even thought it was a question. Fancy prozac counties consensus rankings of probably reference that a lot and podcasts. They take a average ranking of all the experts across all sites on the interwebs they have Davis as the ninth. Ranked tight in this weekly start them sit with you nick here would you server and data over Delanie Walker. I would because Cellini walker has my injuries. He's got he's got an ankle injury that if he plays at all it's it's a pain tolerance issue Vernon Davis or Jared Cook against mine. I would probably start because of the match Vernon Davis or Tyler croft. I dropped trough. Ford I saw that secular picking him up but I am American I went for the I really need to win this week and that's why picked up Davis exiting he has a higher upside the crops grow is yet to pick a Davis in favor of cross yes OK I mean that exact move so I I think that Davis eyes across the safer obviously those are the guys below him. In rankings to guys above him Jason Witten. Kansas City as against its. I would start with. Officer James played Jack the our energy but that doesn't mean I don't ID yeah he's about I think you will probably having memories and right well I think that's fair I might have a little bit lower it walker plays I think I'd rather have walker. And I've. Blake Jared Cook this year so I might put code there's balls that you'd be you'd be tanner eleventh and I mean you a walker eve for sanity and gave a 100% for the walker plays he's not gonna be. And he might still get those numbers but he's not going to be cool we expect to. Legally that two AZ state takes targets are takes my attention. On eight to three targets I don't think I'd be Delanie Walker it's gonna get the coverage he's gonna get him. He's not. It's different if you was Borchard Matthews or one of the receivers out there they're Decker says Davis is now he's more of your focus down field. He's more of your focus on the out of state days with more outsiders. Yes but so. Hiding Walker's gonna be running in between no matter what submitting it helps them a little bit but not enough for a change my mind and what it start hammering out. Arm let's go back to DD Westbrook. He. You know it's it's weird because. A lot of the sites. It depends. What their experts are saying to how much leagues are owning him and it went right now is Pia. Haven't read or heard anything about like Matthew Berry or air care about that the guys who were ESP and the fancy guys haven't. I've heard a word about DD last purposely vague enough. So. He's what he's ownership yes pianist 3%. And that's showing because known he is against talking now and I'm trying to look up updated. Numbers for the other sites but. Apple dot com. Matt for their dramatic Harman wrote an article about DD west for evidentiary talk about us podcast. He's at 17% on there when that's like all the past couple days. And Yahoo!. I haven't seen it but I saw someone from their write something about him and sure tires. There as well find that it since that's an interesting place the goes to where his ownership really how our perceptions of players can change based on how. It changes depending on where exactly you have your fantasy. Right where you have offensively who you listen to. And their perceptions of that person how much I mean I guess it shows really how much people trust. You know pundits like you and I. And it will we have to say Yahoo! Yahoo!. Young must be talking about Yahoo! he's at 27%. That's a really nine number Yahoo! exit point 7% ESPN he's got 4% apple dot com he's at 70%. So obviously ESPN's not talking about IA. I like I picked him up and obviously not starting this week and I actually have idol bye week issues because I've got Antonio brown and Chris Hogan. On my bye week I'd pick up the guys start ended up getting Paul Richardson waivers that he's going to be my way. By. Westbrook while I'm not starting him. I think he's a guy you should add and there's been a lot like Josh go. This for example we're stuck Josh Gordon everybody is this argument field gates did like three videos on and I've seen you cannot come. And like they're forcing Josh Gordon down my throat if he's up the third he's up to 29%. And he asked him. He's not even back practicing into the fabric twentieth. And he's been out of football for what just through years. Just porn sites to an end to your tune LB this is the third year he rightfully so almost three full seasons that he has not played football. And DD Westbrook sped out to the pre season where by the way it pre season stats whatever he led the NFL pre season receiving yards. He was what won the bull and a cop award last year is that college football's best receiver. Would you say he was the first round talent receiver he went a fourth night a lot out I think was character. I know I don't think he's a first round talent with the club he was not easy part of sports though. He's no he's price somewhere between there he's probably do eight to. Player of the draft for me because that thing with a Westbrook is he was he was nowhere to be found it this my concern with Westbrook as a player of policy. Yes here he was nowhere to be found is perhaps that its first three season Oklahoma label your bias before you go into some folks spent on this weekend. How come he was Dorgan on its first three seasons Oklahoma sterling Shepperd lease for the NFL and he talked have they told media's. Who is Peter mayfield and throw Baltic. Well indeed US for comes out he has this monster season but having a lot of his big plays a lot of his catch is that went for touchdowns. There either on busted coverage or route concepts. And that doesn't really translate to production in the NFL spokesman Blake portals your quarterback. Not gonna be running basically when things are not going to be running. You know. Three wide right at two guys run routes over the middle and run DD long and expect. You know Blake for us to make that throw one on one coverage don't trust like portals that way. That along with the fact that a lot of times when he's open it's a miscommunication in the secondary and oftentimes that's cause my eyes are running understand that but NFL safeties and corners are more disciplined. And thinking planes are better football's justice. NFL football assistant tougher brand of football. To get plays like that how we busted coverages we seen in a felt or weakening a few but it's not. I mean. Westbrook and he played games against Kansas and Iowa State last year for IOC was good you know I don't like numbers can get and played in games like that. All of this I think that. When looking at Jacksonville I'm looking at mark he's Lee who has not performed where they drafted him. I'm looking at Allen turns who is really slot receiver. And the eight. Kind of moved him back into that role outside number yesterday that over half the snaps in the past to means come out of the slot. And that's where they're trying to get him back to. Mark he's leased out to this game coming up. So this is going to be tasked for Westbrook is why not starting up and adding. If he is a starting if he's one of the top two receivers on that team. He is a guy you have to have on your roster you can own share relative bright. But in this one thing I think we've seen we this year. And we've seen it. We've seen herds. Your not starting them unless you're desperate you're not sorry that was you have a bye Westbrook you know what you're probably your best not pass. Likely becomes that same thing to me. Where he's gonna be like if your ranking guys week to week he's in late the news from for receivers and an average. But I haven't seen him yet we haven't seen him in the NFL yet he does have. I think higher athletic ability to both of those receivers. Either one of them are very fast and solidly portals throws the long ball. Well at all night in west or steps I feel in his most full of explosives when he let me right I mean turns SPD's like you said slot possession guy believes he's got speed yup and and les they don't know what got our stretches the field. Right now so he'll be that and I also think he's got to slide into gets on the targets that her and was getting on the outside opposite of will be. So to me he's an upgrade of he's a slight upgrade of what you had an Allen heard all year if you were John Allen hurt you spend a wide receiver three. If you've got desperate your flax you've been starting if you had a bye week he's probably one of the first guys in your bench you're turning to. And he's a guy it's owned in half of leagues and yes he's a guy that mostly he's. So Westbrook he's gonna slide and he's gonna get a lot of snaps this week entities in the last snaps going forward. He needs to be old in more than 3% at least he does I might consider I just think his his talent is good. But I I think it's the let's go to this college production anyways where he got drafted we agree ending Xerox I think we agree on his floor maybe. But I think where I might have a dissing you probably know better than I because I didn't and even colleges reading what other people right. That he doesn't have quite the upside down I think he'll. Because I every tenth call me crazy and I I am I don't crazies tiger kills fast player in the league I think Harry hill. I think of a due to a character issues that is gonna comment at the later part of the season for a teen and just explode. I don't think with Tyreke hill. That never that was around first often small Italian city. That that difference to me between Terry hill in viti Westbrook. Is that Tyreke kills going in the fourth round was for it. Two factors there was. 90%. Off the field issues he had domestic violence incident Oklahoma State got him kicked off and he goes to division to west Alabama seems cool to produce Malcolm Butler. And I think that's where your temper some concern comes from a hand is that you didn't seem play at the top will cut healing of one year and to me judicial college football he spends too sees a Garden City community college in Kansas. He goes Oklahoma State for one year as a dynamic season but the productions not really Darren seven and six football team he goes to west Alabama and lights it up there but it's division to. So part of it is uncertainty as to how good he can really be he's a speedster in a league full of fast guys. Or breast Westbrook you've seen what he can do with a top divisional level. And I still think I I sign makes. It's awesome catches them pre season. So thoroughly he's just be I'm saying not resigning saying if hills. If he'll split was 90% off the field issues 10% doubt. As to how good he could be Westbrook was probably six to 737%. Off the field 30% and out out. I'll take on my roster also jump roster because to me I still have the upside he could be eighty weekly starter at some point this season. And I don't think so in the season I think I think what sports are the long term play he's slow developer Oklahoma he's not just like. Unless he just made that substantial leap which is it's a sample size of thirteen football games and then couple preceding games we don't know mean. We don't know if he's really made that big of a leap or how much of it was scheme and Oklahoma but is he really that much more physically talented and was just two years ago. He had that eureka moment in the film rumored that he really gained the weight room that hard will mean it's it's tough to tell now. Woolsey's Isiah pick him up BofA and us enemies available pick him up. 0% and then I'll add and the visit Adam. And I'm OK they're referring to Adam. The team that has the bass roster and our league that I can falter in class pom we're going to go around the league real quick here. Quick notes quick little predictions may be for each one Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Andrew Luck out for the rest of the season. TY Hilton is. New Year's did not drop mobile buddies he hasn't had. A solid phase you know like five weeks if he has another one or two I think you're dropping him. I I'd. Disagree a distinctive that the detail and it goes seven games didn't throw an underpriced polling site depends on your league okay it depends and you leave your deeper league. To find 1212 or fourteen team. Tag team league you're dropping him twelve you hand if they're someone worth it but I'm not doing automatically tie and I would pretty missed. Divers that adding if you get new deeper in the U gotta hang on its Texans stop the Foreman is their third running back now apparently because of this. Hold him walking off the field because of what Bob McNair said he's still there gathered around and z.'s got benched. On race though there so Foreman you can probably see the drop at this point. I got not much else in this game we got Tom savage starting. Yet still why now for the season with a toward Israel the right DeAndre Hopkins goes from a top three receiver to. What land once you remember long long time ago when Hopkins wanted savaged because starter Ted is about a quarterback. He he didn't know he didn't give concerns about John Watson long term rallies tourney seals involved in his legs. Yeah and now. Know why does he just proved the kids run around and one torn ACL so. And I think he's throwing from the pockets been great as it is it's not like he was. Like RG three in his rookie season he blade barely eclipsed 3000 yards canyon like that you gotta Tyrod Taylor passing season. But he just. Was insane running all week yet 800 rushing yards and eight more rushing touchdowns. On he was better than that he'd DT at the record for most passing touchdowns through execs in his career so now. Not hours next year he's going to be won the first five quarterbacks. Surgery arguably the first upon. At Roger's obviously would still go first. And this season Russell Wilson's having I can argue he would go over Watson grabbed a Brady Brady and that might be. I that you must reform you could argue marvelous sense of three or four next season. So DR John Hopkins downgraded Lamar Miller downgrade it. I think the whole offense is a whole offense any offense will stellar with having such a great season two he's just. You can't trust him anymore adding he's got to lose the most out of all this yeah Hopkins so gonna get the targets whether or not they're comfortable passes Fuller is now. Our movie after the Bengals at the jaguars talked enough about the jags. Still can't start any Bengals running backs and you probably not be able to for the rest of the season. And obviously AJ green automatic start eighty dome by we filler Tyler crop by we Feller. Not much to go on that game Buccaneers at the sates. Talk about us Winston. It's not it's not us it's not a problem to me but he's obviously off a little bit to your your still starting Mike Evans. Canterbury is an awesome this season for our fancy owners the games he's not finding the end zone he's getting up like 67 yards. You're still starting him Doug Martin's been good scheme you're starting most of this Buccaneers offense I think you can start to. I don't know if you can count on char Jackson's much anymore. I don't think so because we Winston's put off. Any special look off throwing the ball deep he's he's still getting the numbers. But he's not doing a lot with the long pass game except going against the bills he had the one OG Howard he was open by thirty yards. So and adding Jackson might be losing out the most from this what this once an injury. And these are doing Jackson's dad has been he's disappeared for long stretches with poker accidentally forward. Yes and especially taken now with Winston who wasn't. He threw a lot of deep balls but he wasn't exactly accurate deep ball thrower and now you have him with the with the AC joint and throwing shall there. With a team that's two and five I mean the whole offenses is productive and it just it's not really clicking where you're gonna be able to open him up deep I'm. I would stay away from John Jackson this week. And the saints. I don't really made their their surgery offense start to the heightened efforts against the box uncertain Haditha has the Bucs a the Buccaneers yes. Mean since sort of the bucks team overall their offense is still good yeah. I think at some stage and steal and are highly mistake there's and a week. Rams at the giants Jared go off. By we feel we're is getting there at big east almost startle. He's almost certainly set some big weeks he's also had some weeks like he had nights you don't fancy production if you don't need him to start and by we felt like I'm not owning him no no he's a guy because you didn't he's. He's just to traditional filler got from waivers and you can get. Who is there any difference between India don't injured off this week and now are the giants' backfield is not as much of the masses span I think. I have Orleans our blood and reading a lot about him it seems like he's got a grasp on that for now by. I mean Paul Perkins had a grasp on it. Cheever green and blue for half a game. Had it he's passing nymex yards and expect that the last and then it was Dwayne Coleman you lost that so dark was the starter for now but I mean he could. Lose it and one half what are you separate this week is the first week shepherds gonna played RT. Our Macs he's another number one receiver. I think the giants and he went behind the scenes and the rams are really good team and I think that shepherds gonna be getting the majority of the so we have concerns I mean I'm starting him I don't shepherd and starting him this week we've gone there almost well starting lineup. Did you have concerns with shepherd that. What's this tell level seem to be able to handle. The double team orders that help over the top yearning to see you be able handle that role as the number one receiver in the offense I think he's I think you can do about it Roger Lewis is done oh yeah I think some materials so. He's not merely doing back and did they keys. He's diet. Top fifth top ten receiver or anything but he's number one receiver on a team that's probably throwing the balls we got to start no matter what attention he's getting. Falcons at the Panthers I am so sick of Cam Newton and his inconsistency. But. He's number seven on the leak on the year quarterback. So we got you brought him out there Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffery that's an and that's all ills of killing each other. McCaffery spent gonna PP our league's standard not so much. Bombed receiver for the Panthers. Russell Shepard it sounds like is going to be their number two behind font just. I'm punches is a start you're playing him. I would look at Ed Dickson to add Dixon your rate shepherd it. Media media roster herbal if you're looking if you'd ask her for receiver but he's you have to add him now. On for the falcons. The hottest in new has been really good this year. But Julio Jones has not Julio Jones slipped to just point third on the year. Half point PP are at receiver which is like Golden Tate range. And I don't expect that keep. And I think of about a lot of the reasons in new has been getting these points because Julio hasn't had a great start to the year and I'm not counting on that to continue so. I think sin knew it was gonna start to go down a little bit I think he still Leahy still dire own and you could play if you need him to but. I mean he's. Played in seven games this season six of them he's been a good thing it's there yes I can keep reserve big name player that you jump ship on and trader now foremost and I mean most things you know lines of week six currency wife Elin get what you can form I think. Do you normally I'd like to buy low on the soccer player so I'm trying to think of a guy that I think. It is a star player you're never gonna sell high. But. I don't really wanna sell low on them either. So. What's your help and I think isn't going to. Reach that pinnacle again this season I don't see happening with was teetering on the season user ID Hilton regulate every camp for him. Pom pass that. DVD consider patently not really. Now Julio you should not treat if it's if Korea is available in your league is somebody's even thinking of trading for him and you can gem. Going over pay for his eyes he's the number 23 on the season I'd still think. He's an finished out that my counterpoint to that would be I I would probably agree to abide Julio Jones I probably wouldn't trade him I would I'd. I would think about it because depending on year. Depth issues and other places on your roster featured Julio Jones and get a lot in return for immunity tree you can turn a dollar and four quarters. The falcons offense hasn't really been clicking that well this year Matt Ryan has having great Julio started an injured once I know he's healthy now but he just like. It's a it's have. High risk low reward move I guess but I would at least think about it. Wide receivers that Julio Jones has less fancy points then on the season. Stephane digs. Dovonte Adams will Fuller in like four games four games yup four games will Fuller Keenan Allen Nelson angle are. Jarvis lane street Larry FitzGerald and see UN Chris Hogan. Michael Crabtree branding coats. And then a lot of big names. So he's not. If you're not not having that season he's actually tied with Paul Richardson if you're not to keep me to think yet the yet I think tied apologist and geez that's Houston. If you not yes if you're at it keep really don't even dream now noted what you would think about you refreshing we keep I can die and get on board a little bit with yours I still wouldn't do that I would rather violent I think right now the perception of Jones is still so high. And make it or not I don't think he's gonna have a bad rest of the season but I also don't I can count on him being transcendent. And if I had depth concerns are running neck and a from a guy who drafted Marshawn Lynch guy. Like like meet captain. How I would consider. You know unloading net trying to build the rest of my depth from a roster Broncos at the Eagles. Brock costs while they're playing for the Broncos. I aim not wanting any part of their offence to mayors Thomas. Is to Mimi you only guy that I'd love starting I still lingers thomas'. Almost certainly because his floor is like 910 points but past that. I think Eagles Nelson hagel are now Shawn Jeffrey they kind of take turns getting having the big week. The running back situation now don't know what's gonna be EI GH IE was getting snaps with the first team today. So looks like he's gonna play on Sunday but we don't know to what extent. So you can I don't think you can start him I don't these are blunt. I don't think you can Sarwan a small would. So Carson once these records. What's he looking at your fans that's pretty much. Ravens at the titan is. Three did you start to running back sounds Collins been getting outs how it's been really getting died juries Allen buck Allen still has a role in the pass game. Now would not Cyrus here from the ravens the titans. I have DeMarco Murray and money. And he's bend it. He's been weird this year because he's had a couple big games and he's been it's consistent in the other ones but he's not giving you what you once thought. I would expect Derrick Henry to his role to grow as the season progresses. And keep starting. Q thirty Marie to watch that backfield as time goes on cardinals at the niners. Reserves as they're gonna feed Adrian Peterson. Sell so they're feeding him. Which I'm assuming means I'm playing him this week cited like that comment. I am assuming he's gonna get like thirty carries for like 200 yards two touchdowns what okayed its content it's in Goodson. To constipated offense down across Carson Palmer not he was awesome until he's terrible defense. Is terrible defense that is terrible defense or to put eight guys in the box not be afraid. Four batters and giving. Us you do about it here on out for the season. See geographic. Now. Do you think about adding Jimmy grapple it later in the lead now. Maybe I mean I would have to see it. I'm not you importantly I'm not into court correctly yes wanna pick him up until I seen either and there's there's even annoyed Romans if they're gonna to really take their time playing her I will pick him up before he plays a game and to court equities and maybe change that. Such if I'm if I need a guy because he's not late I don't know what's going on our league would you buy it reflects for the for the most part I want to stream quarterbacks. Our league I can't do it this year or just a bit we can do it because every quarterback is owned like all of them. Like I did a great record extra hour I was gonna read the list of court acts are available. No he should be like this that is twelve teams it's it's absurd just accounts available that's only because I had him so my opponent didn't and I dropped and yesterday because annually on waivers so he's really going count him to go Weaver sat. He's actually decent Roethlisberger just got dropped case keen on. Tom savage truth Stanton. Jay Cutler CJ battered Brett hunley Joseph Flacco. Played portals and Brock counselor. That is the late you know it's not even is much that the leak. There's just so record reckon trees this year in the semi bad court explainer now that. There's like there's not a lot of fans big court it's not nearly Steve's ever benefited all right you cannot street. You almost can't extremists and this year it's been closer to ten team won correctly and I have Watson out for the season Watson's of the season that's savage you can't he duke it. Now. Just look at it I mean polar what do the guys that are out for the season Palmer would have been starting Rodgers would have been starting law would have been starting Watson would have been starting. Ten hill would have been a bio we Feller you're gonna stream mobile guy he came in you can't stream G color it did this point. On. And that's that's that's. There's nothing else there college campus last year woman startle. Are we got a couple more games here let's finish off with Redskins at the Seahawks we are you mentioned Jordan reed is out for that gain Paul Richardson I saw today's gonna be shadowed by Josh Norman. So not feeling great about starting Kenyan half Dubai. Don't it's our power to cinema you have to do it surprisingly he's channeling Richardson not Baldwin by. What what do you do with the back fill in Seattle. They said they're gonna see a lot of Eddie lacy this week I don't want any of them. I don't senior and he's he's a good thing. I don't mean to you but I've not nothing in that. But it feels terrible. What we're really the best thing that can happen always say we're done overall with the withdrawals were done with Lacey were just gonna give the ball in the cast renewable MacKenzie do you stress yea Carson back next year there was ice is going to be stealing third downed the third down. Pat are catches for the entire his entire career. Yeah not know part that's that could be a decent backfield next year. You know who's gonna stop and then put with whom can sicken you know Carson process in the makers because third back. He dressed guy now I don't I think I think they love. With to get our presence on passing downs I think they got enough out of Carson but viewers like Carson because you have a policy. He was productive. Care lucky they drafted him in the seventh round to go to the starting job in week two with a guy. In the end again Eddie lacy whose been around who's had big years. And woody I get figures five years ago why I don't I don't buy I think I think there are draft a running neck and anchor Chris person he was fine. But he was really defends lies he was fine for the Seahawks having major knee surgery. He is not a guy that they're reporting a third downs he's. I mean just use what is seventh round rookie to came in and fill the role for them I mean. Christine Michael did it last season and he was on the street next year I think you do more than Phil Roland and he took over the starting job. Aid is so much over the starting job from played terrible running backs that's that's my point I think it's our job getting credit for that. But he did it from Rawls who can't stay healthy any nobody has been helping pass the beer is not look good. And Eddie lacy who hasn't had a good season since I was 817. I I suppose I just think. Your dismissing too quickly taking over two guys that have been proven. And I I think I figure CLU really you know wasted draft pick in areas where you have other and he really a waste of picked. And running back when you have a decent enough committee with Carson and processed next here. And you don't need on your roster. You say curve and I say shot minutes of chiefs at the cowboys. That is going to be more and more interesting games we can surprise that's not son in football you know is an affable. I don't want no readers at the dolphins. I would like I hate the cowboys I hate there was a national TV but give me chiefs cowboys please. It was it reflects an end but the can't. And the chiefs are pretty straightforward but cowboy aids elites playing here playing him until he's. Until they say he isn't playing. Com. I think that the fitness thing he could take away from the cowboys to speak though is. When it seemed like harrowing thought for sure he wasn't quite as we Eliot. And Al remorse announces starter and rod Smith got announces the backup. McFadden was the third guy you'd know what your own Darren McFadden knowing his job easement Arkansas soldier Jones. I was mr. Yet I'll yet make Ben and Jerry Jones and injure your neck and mostly games here yet. I just collecting checks so you you should if you're Elliott owner especially. Morse should be own and a 100% of leagues. I brought Smith in a super deeply McFadden never know. Are raiders at the dolphins Jake hot weather. Will be back at quarterback for the dolphins no more Jay job IE I don't want it I don't want it. I don't wanna part of the dolphins back field until I see it on Kenya on Drake I feel that most people would be more excited about because younger. Any went to Alabama. And he's a bigger name but. Debuting in Damian Williams has been the guy that's big big spelled. So if I had a gas having Damian Williams is gonna get more of the carries I think it's going to be pretty split down the middle. So adding drink it's passing downs so jasager that I'd I don't want you to one. Now not this week amid some and it keep keep tabs on feature and sending a starting running back it's worth knowing adding Drake does have more upside maybe. Yes definitely on. Starts Landry automatic start Dovonte. Parker moon. He still a start but he's he's been rough. It Kenny stills and really get I don't off and count on that continuing for the raiders Samari Cooper it seems he's back. Top fifteen receiving this week to me. Yeah it's a little biased again got to address you guys has its own Marie Cooper that'll break there are mean it did the raiders have a good offense. He you have to keep on yet you have to you have to. The running back Marshawn Lynch is back you have Marshawn Lynch I don't think you're starting him I asked him or you are starting to air weekends on a by. C hammer Powell. And pol is OK last night that backfield and amass Powell I'll Liza McGwire getting a lot carries a policy before rushing yards and you know it's one that's weird blow Powell. Right on. I would definitely should floss and it's only four rushing yards yeah. He's such sound like I don't feel comfortable Leicester England just felt very comfortable went to my bench I don't mean image he's like I feel comfortable. I still came into my backup running mixture but I adversary injured we can anchors are McCaffrey's my first running backs or half point PBR and that's been working fine. That you you have to you'll mention. You probably he had a look at starting him and finally lions acts. The Packers Monday Night Football Brett Conley vs Matt Stafford. At Lambeau Field. Amir dual. I have hated him all year. I have hated having to play him all year. Bombs. But. He came out today and said that he wants more goal line work. They have given him non they've also giving him none of the passing downs essentially. So essentially what he's bad he's spent at first since he's been at early down running back between the twenties which in fancied you is. Almost worthless. So today comes out and says I want more goal line carries it looks like they're gonna give it to them because they are the least efficient team. Inside the five yard line in the NFL this season and that that was shown on national television last week. Where did Dwayne Washington in the game and yet stuffed in back to back plays. And Zach Saturday had it was stuff the week before that. There I think they're gonna go with a dual in this scenario he is a better running back he's not as powerful with the disease and Darren Sproles east Iran. From the goal line under chip Kelly's offense so. Adding a dual. There's there's something. To be partially excited about. Yeah I mean goal line that you immediately there was nothing I I was almost dead inside as an owner and before because. But where I don't hear there's no there's no room to go up. He's not gonna get touchdowns he's not in the catches my only hope is that he breaks a big one in scores from with a 25 of the thirty. Now if you add in the potential for him to get a touchdown he's already given you floor about. 67 points if you can give me a touchdown every other week. Then he's he's the guy that I can feel more comfortable starting. I'd adding the whole big back power back goal line things does it touch overeat and I mean really. I do you gotta go he's not that means our acknowledge are on the same with the other thing I'm saying with the signal starting on like that. Like getting you late getting you put it relaxing just to be goal line if you put a dual fourth and one on the one yard line. You know ten guys in the box Arnold he's gonna get into you he's got a powerful but. I mean does that does that matter second its own angle hole quicker exactly second Arnie. Or second and goal from the airline. To me like it's about finding the right hold it when you get in the red zone at the field shrinks Abdul has been a running back there was entire career and it's gonna finding holes got a good field awareness. I really don't live in it's just I don't odd coaching it's it's the it's the biggest committee in the league. And it did before the weird part is they don't they don't change their roles the same role every time I've watched a lot of lies your because. If it's it'll take scouting tenure with the dual like okay why isn't he but he's got doubled he carries it every week why is he having any good fantasy games. And it's clearly obviously they have the scene moral every time. First and second down it's a mere two. And third down it's Theo Riddick every time they get inside the talent it's Dwayne Washington or exact center every single time. They have the same guy in for every role he basically know what's coming fuel critics in the game you know that they're passing the ball. If a near to us in the game they're running the ball most the time. And if the other tours and their. Probably gonna be running short they're going to be running right up the middle and they're trying to score short yardage. If a dual a big big big guys are changing it is a dual getting more goal line work is a part of that I think they should do it cause an. Odyssey with fewer wrecks a good running back I think he should be. Lake in and first and second downs once in awhile getting carries. He shouldn't be resorted to just a third down back then it. Passed for tax and catches dump offs you red zone offense has been bad you know really having to lose by putting your best running back and there. Packers. Aaron Jones. Looks like he's looked really good. But he's gonna start again this week Ty Montgomery. The more time goes on. And he played through broken rib is broken razor usually about a month or two to recover spent about a month. So he's gonna start getting health league really like really really healthy at some point here. I wonder what's gonna happen when he feels a 100%. I think it's EB committee. Yeah I don't know if they really trust I'm Montgomery's workhorse back but I don't I don't know if they trust Erin Jones don't chuck bill doesn't yet when you show on the potentially doing it. They don't really trust anyone and that on that offense right now consider routers out and saying. I mean people its standards they retain a running back the wears number 88 Montgomery was supposed to be receiver. I'd think they'd be fine moving him out of the running neck roll ME. Order you know as a as a back up running neck as time moves on I think it did I think they'll give Jones every opportunity to legitimately take the job. Not just on a Montgomery is on a 100%. We're gonna wrap up podcast here we go through all the games this week because we didn't have a mail bag as was our first episode. If you tweet at us at dvi Osce WGR at nick underscore lows and koskie at their Kramer WGR. Or just at our WG air by 58 counties messages on FaceBook. Anyway you can get us your fantasy questions will hit those individually but as we shorter. Going forward did a little bit longer this week without the mailbag and going through also no bills seem to cover so that we could spend more time. On the league figure for Nichols asks you for joining me on Monday will be recording so he probably build here's again. On Tuesday afternoon in the podcast will come up. We're gonna have Michael right from the fancy footballers dot com he'll be joining us in the face of abortion podcast he'll be our first guest of the season. As media further preview bills and saints coming up next week he Daniels into the phase of football podcast here in WGR Sports Radio 550.