11-04 Jack Eichel Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, November 4th

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Over the periods that are put in there and and opportunities of shoot them first period and then managed a couple bounces and all of a sudden you find yourself down. There today in. Have to come back from good hockey team so. No we needed a big effort and obviously that wasn't there are so it's it's frustrating to be. We did a lot of good things and it was 521. It seems like when things are going wrong on the horn and punches and you guys I am in and stuff the first time we side. Yeah obviously. For some bad bounces. You know obviously we wanna clean up. And things that are game that it probably. Came too easy man. You know have a good power play scorpio are split and no we don't want to get things we had some chances we just. Just in the beautiful mental lapses and always in the Internet and plenty went you know lot of skill up front in the coming in bunches and other fast. Better in Jinan and no limits that. Feel like the time might be turning at that point I mean we thought you know I think we had some good chances on the power play you know. Move that well I mean obviously on stimulus first one that's been frustrated or have liggett's output. There after I think you know we had some good chances you know. Brother wants you back to think. I had a breakaway and I don't the puck in the corner so it's kind of tough and you know hit the crossbar and we had chances to various and some you know pucks it did aspect of the game obviously were able to do it acrylic and pathetic that real well so. We you know integrated coaches their plan you know are really good team. Thanks Jeff I call on the post game Brian back.