11-04 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, November 4th

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OK for more on the game at DePaul Hamilton's take. Paul obviously must not much to discuss in the third so. We'll push to kind of some of the comments all the players and the coach said they like their start they got bad bounces. I feel like there's still more story though and I don't know fans are gonna love that first reaction from all those players and the head coach. They shouldn't on yes they did start off. Had zone time it didn't take advantage of it but to stand here and there they play well I cannot agree with that Justin. There was very little passion in the game. There's very little compete in the game once people start coming in the beginning yes but once the goal start coming. I mean you've got a goaltender who you know way first of all turned the puck over. Then there's a shot from the wall he can't really handle it they called a bad bounce. Okay. Com you you've got to defenseman standing right there who doesn't cover the guy in front. Second goal again a little soft backhander from the wall. Runner. Hawaii and comes right out front. To me that's not a bad bounce gonna handle that packs for that play. Sorry. They said it went over tennis and stick to stand right there I saw it differently I think he could cover the guy. And now it's two nothing and I thought that was atrocious that third goal coming down the slot you've got forward stand and around. It's I'm sorry somebody has to pick up the white men common. And there just to me no passion in the game at all where was the passion and as I said at the end of the second period. Somebody's start a riot do something. I mean. I mean there is nothing there it's just block and I'm sorry I just have to disagree. Paul we're hearing. The same statements from the coaches we are the players about the bounces in the start. Do you think that house lea at this moment is still. Maybe hesitate to get on these guys and maybe this is his message and now we're hearing the message to the players when you interview them after and at this goes back to the kind of that thought that you've had for a long time of do we do we have a room filled with players that. Have the acceptance that losing. Is okay or at least. You know were people might think that's just kind of the thing to accept. I don't know if that's if I'm reading too much in that but this the coach says the exact same thing that the players are saying and they're all kind of letting themselves off the hook a little here and federal from reaching too far but it is I feel like. Geez I was hoping that we would hear the message that losing is unacceptable instantly and I thought Michael was going down that path with some early season comments but we're veering away from that again. Yeah I think tonight you heard what the coach told them I think they were all on the same page. It's not always that way I do know for sure that there are times worked Ohio access for public consumption. Is not what he's saying to his players yes totally it's the complete opposite. But it seemed pretty pretty he. Uniform tonight and it. Yeah that you know he came in there and it sounds like they just repeated what he said after the game that's what it appeared to me because he said the same types of things and I think it's just a difference of opinion I think it's more than bad bounces they're really do as far as tonight goes I think there are other things that went into it. I'm sure the bounces were kind there's no question about that but I do feel there was more than one into it. And a follow up under discussion for those that didn't hear it after the second intermission Paul rob ray had said on the broadcast after Sagan takes the boarding call. That he was looking for some sort of reaction he says you know what sometimes in a tight game your hesitant to do that if you don't wanna take the penalty or lose the power play. But he says it's 51. How could you not be anger that it's 51 and then what are your teammates it's taken a shot into the wall and he says he feels like that's the spot where somebody has to step up and nobody did. I couldn't agree more but then I'm told that hockey's not play that way anymore that's what people tell me when I come up with that I'm a dinosaur. And as I told Jaya I want to somebody start awry episode in the third period just you know show you care go crazy do something and com they didn't acquire Jordan Nolan score goals but you know. It just force the issue with somebody you know if if you have to you know get get things going get the blood full pomp and a little bit but that's old school and I understand them and a lot of people tell me when I come up with that that he you know you're external timer that's not the way the game's played anymore and that's not the way things are done but. It's certainly the way I would like what I've would have liked to have seen. OK well they come home may have immigrated home either. And you've got Washington we know a team that can put the puck in the net Paul but they're not coming home tonight right they're staying in Dallas. That's correct they've been doing that they did that outlasts and they they're gonna do that here also to pack are right well. Press stuff all that is good flight back here tomorrow and we'll see it Tuesday against the capitals. Okay sounds good okay great.