11-04 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Saturday, November 4th

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Torture after some zone time mom. What happened we you have some zone time there than all of us on the roof fell on what happened two years. You know I thought we had to start we want and we came out we are forcing the player or force an issue in this couple bad bounces I mean. If you look at it first period. Some of the goals were. You know tough ones some truth to auction and look at because I thought our guys. Played. Really well and it's unfortunate that. You look after the first period it's 11 hockey game so you know I thought we had to start we we needed. It's unfortunate they capitalize on the chances and you know when you get get down through four goals in this league it's going to be tough to come back. Anything around and not you know I just felt we needed to change going maybe get the change of momentum. It's unfortunate. Would I asked them if you want those three back at anyway so. It's one of those things I think played really well there is on tonight wasn't the case. You know he wasn't able to handle the first two shots in the first two goals but would you like better coverage I meant to improve enough or anything. You look at the first votes right in front of them because we don't give them credit they want it enough hard. The second one bounces over you know tennis is that he's right there it just comes they're guys it's unfortunate. Would've liked to change that yes because I thought our guys played well a lot of good things and you know it's easy to get negative right now but you know I thought we played. Good it was his unfortunately got impulses against us but again. You know we have to give regroup here and got a big game hunters. Third when and he came late to the forwards Brian kind of populism miscommunication there with forwards. Or thinking you know late if Ben's back and offense and defense gets tangled up and you know he comes over you know I think if you would just came back. In the plane just you know got numbers that are favored. But. Analysts things happen and again the I can are you pointing. Well I mean. It it's because when their when I when I evaluate the game I think we've played well. You know the score tells you differently than there is probably going to be a lot of people disagree with me. But I think we got the start we wanted there's some bad bounces that occurred who we have better coverage we. May be made better decisions through the neutral zone but you know that wasn't the case in my opinion. So miles and the post game Brian back to you.