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Saturday, November 4th

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No radio home of the Buffalo Sabres. This he's helped pull themselves post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio net. Here's your host mine goes CEO. Ugly affair tonight in Dallas for the Buffalo Sabres they found themselves down. Ford and nothing less than. Thirteen minutes into the game. It's pretty much all you needed to see at the end of this night another four goal loss for the sabres five go on the final as Dallas. Dominates buffalo tonight we welcome you insider Amer studios I'm Brian called Gil thanks for being with us here on appall Williams belts. Sabres post game show yep it was not pretty Dallas scoring early and often in the first period Robin Lehner chased after just ten and a half minutes of play. After it was a three nothing game Chad Johnson comes in the defense didn't get much better in front of him the rest of the way. And it ends up being a final at the sabres are not happy with tonight and we're gonna talk about it with you on the Paul William belts post game show. Coming up here in just a few moments Paul Hamilton is on his way to the sabres dressing or more get player reaction from this one here also. Phil Housley live post game comments when he meets at the media we will take you there live for that and also along the way will of course. Bernie through all the necessary stats and highlights updates and the NHL standings. And we welcome your phone calls 8030550s. The local number 8030550. It's all free anywhere around the world that are higher listening it's 1888550. To 550. Again 1888550. To 550. You can set its attacks than the HTT tech sign a number is 55550. Switched to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today as they connect it all season long AT&T entertainment your way. Can also send me tweet if you're on Twitter tonight at Brian BRI and WGR. Well. This was not a good performance. So no way to. Peter on the bush it wasn't good from the start it pretty much wasn't good throughout. The defense the play in Buffalo's own ends. From ever won tonight. Needed. A whole boost of improvement the goaltending was bad the defense was bad the forwards helping out defensively was bad. And there's no other way to say it and right now that this team is in trouble in terms of their consistency in terms of how they defend themselves. The goals have not been coming at a regular basis again tonight only one. And to mean I feel like that's not even near the top of my list right now of the problems with this team it starts in their own and it starts with as rob say some as rob bright ray sat on the broadcast numerous times starts with some passion it starts with coming prepared to play it comes with. You know sticking up for teammates. There's so much there right now to mean that is lacking with this team. And yes they need to score Coles. But right now it doesn't even feel like anywhere near the top of the list of where I would start with the problems that this team. Phil Housley says something interesting on pregame. They were asked about this kind of assessing. Where this team was that in was he disappointed with maybe the expectations he had coming in any said he had no expectations. He said he still learning this group he said he still trying to find out what he has and I guess I was surprised in the sense that. I've thought maybe that there would be more. Of a thought from Hosley of what he was getting a solid two when he took the job that you know yes you know your offered your first and it's a whole coaching job. There have to be a big reason why wouldn't take in and I'm not expecting him not take this job but I also was probably expecting him a guy that. No was defense in the NHL. I would think fairly well from having a very good career and also just coaching. A great set a defenseman in Nashville that he would be able to look at this buffalo roster and see what he has and realize the capabilities. And send their strengths and weaknesses but he seems to be. That he says he says learning and figuring out what they have. And Phil Housley is going nowhere. And the tweets and the tax that are coming in about changing head coach is stop with those it's not going to happen till house Lee. Is not getting off to a good start a sabres head coach but. The thought of a coaching change which I know is been a discussion. On social media is at this point ridiculous it's not going to happen. The sabres could have one of their worst seasons in franchise history and he still not going to be fired this year. At the very least it's Phil Housley will be going into next year as the sabres head coach in my opinion so. That portion of it to me is not a discussion however. The fact that. He at least on the record now this might be different than what he truly feels but at least on the record of the media and interviews he says. He's figuring out what he has here in that he doesn't really have much of an expectations so. I'm a little surprised I figured he would be a look at this defense and figure out quite early hey maybe the system that I wanna play. Either hey we're not ready for it. Or beat these players are not able to do it or probably see both of the above that they're just not set to go on this. I'd Laura moment and your calls but let's first start there live Robin Lehner with Paul Hamilton. I'm looking forward to this game counts for consent. Did. Or kennel while I thought we Kim Kim OI think your own. It's laurel miss miss and miss played nine and that there and there they got a goal for us let's agree. Can panic we we didn't panic in the Greek and guns they got. Got tough moments who's going. To run don't stick and jumped up on me on this we're rebound or 92000. There's for a third off to a player. Honestly think against we will. It's tough to get down for most. And some portion of what happened on the play behind them. No I heard or saw some saw one argument open there and I think read this mystery payload duty he came towards me and Porter owner was. I mean it wasn't misplaced her status and often and I ended up there guy should pictured a ballpark and I I have to be better. And some opening and rebound but the you know. Your mistakes I made a mistake there and then together would've would've bones and their goal or you know self through enough and it's a fortunate. We came from and how hard is that to watch it loses his heart there again you know this is still a sport does the legislature's. Jerusalem. Very fortunate than. Yeah today. Cole in National Hockey League thinks this happens a lot of goalies. And I just gonna throw this ultimate ultimate campus. Ticker capitalism. Some decent market lately human. You know. We just can't keep pushing every gimmick pitchers against Washington. In a window on on. And move forward. Prominent post game Brian back to you there's Robin Lehner he leads off our blue and gold locker report from Dallas tonight brought to you. By fit Ellis care quality health coverage it's our mission visit the Dallas. Care dot org. A letter saying at the very least that they were ready to play tonight which. I guess they had some some opportunities to score in the first minute but. Not so much the rest of the way back to the premieres Jack Michael now live in Dallas. And it pretty it's hurt your plan there and and opportunities of shoot them first period and then as historical bounces and all the sudden you find yourself down. For today and it's tough to come back from good hockey team so. No we needed a big efforts obviously that wasn't there are so it's it's frustrating to be. We did a lot of good things and it was 521. It seems like when things are going wrong on the horn and punches and you guys and me and and stuff the first time we side. Yeah obviously. For some bad bounces. You know obviously wanna clean up. And things that are game that it probably. Came too easy men. You know have a good power play score on the power play and you know we do a lot of good things we had some chances we just. Disintegrated as little mental lapses and always in the planet and plan a team like you know lot of skill up front in the coming in bunches and other fast. Better and Keenan and really missed it. Feel like the time might be turning at that point I mean we thought you know I think we had some good chances on the power play you know. Move that well I mean obviously something on the first one that's been frustrated or have liggett's output. There after I think you know we had some good chances you know. Brother wants you back to think. I had a breakaway and I don't the puck in the corner so it's kind of tough and you know hit the crossbar and we had chances to various and some you know pucks that it did aspect of the game obviously were able to do it acrylic and pathetic that real well so. We you know integrated coaches are when you are really good team. Picture technical on the post game Brian back to you OK Jack cycle there similar thoughts on coming out ready to go in but that they got off to a good start. Pitted us and chances right away didn't bury him. But 309 in letter plays the pockets turned over an Alley sitting there in front and again no awareness for many Saber player defense of defenseman or forward. And he's able to put home the rebound. Then the next goal Tennyson can't find the rebound. And it's Dallas courtesy of Bosco that is up to do nothing. The third goal bad goal letters couldn you know it's often running at that point sell. He guy and don't disagree that they had a couple chances in the first couple shifts there to score but guys it's three nothing ten minutes in I don't know I would. I'll disagree with letter and cycle they're saying that. You know they had a great start to the game. You didn't. Dallas is also not. You know on their way to the Stanley Cup by any means. They made a coaching change. They also don't have great goaltending with Carrie Latin and right now and you know I I'm I feel like I'm I do not want to let them off the hook for what was a game that was afforded nothing. Less than thirteen minutes and like to me that's not coming ready to play. I don't care that they had chances like part of it is you gotta finish. Back to the room Ryan O'Reilly liven Dallas. Thanks Brian Brian what went wrong in the first period. You know it's tough I think it was couple bad bounces took a went out of ourselves. And I thought we start the game great job. You can see his rumored we were physical. And then you know. About bounces and you know. That happened and so can make better plays and situations what about thoughts as to the whenever cells and who is tough a tough. You know if it stops and I think and we kind of setback for Clinton. Just affected us put. You know I wasn't you know we did some good things is just to this Russian immigrant a little different there's some back coverages all 31 goal the first three goals. Yeah this sense. Yes there's no real competitive but there foot you know it's you know it's you know lucky bounce by them you know few times that commitment shots through. You know they they went their way and when he responded better than the prediction about the John school coming up a Laker who's got him. You know expectations now supplements take a look at find out but off the final access to better and and communicate and and and sort of things out. Thanks primarily in the post game Brian back to you. Ryan O'Reilly there the lone buffalo goal scorer tonight for the sabres in the 521 defeats. As buffalo goes down by a 521 score 8030550. Is the number. Were told free 188550. To 550 will get some calls here in just a few moments we still have. Phil Housley is live posting comments coming up in just a few moments in order Paul Yeltsin's take. On this one tonight while we wait for the coached a couple of final stats here for a final shot to the third were 99 but. The third to me both teams playing out the string at that point it and feel like there was any sort of vested interest on either side did. Do anything other than maybe skater around from if it was over it was 51 after two. Our final shot totals 28. For buffalo just 22 for Dallas and again the stars maybe. Not that big of a hurry to get anything going in that game after they had the four goal lead they may have set back and protected a little but. At the end of the night the sabres give up five goals on 22 shots. That's not good no matter how. Good or bad eating the goalies are our governor rather defenses in front or how bad he knew about the bounces were played. You get up five goals on 22 shots. And only won him the power play like that sound good there's and there's no sugar coating that. I'm Robin letter he takes a loss he faced seven shots. And made four saves he was pulled after ten minutes and 27 seconds of action and action. Chad Johnson came in faced fifteen shots made. Thirteen saves Carre Latin and gets the win 28 shots 27. Saves. Your three stars. Are all stars. Foss. Star number three he had a goal John's star number two he had a goal. And Smith. Is star number one. Carey let in though I thought handled itself pretty well. Also Klinger with three assists tonight social some of the other stars getting in but although I can give a Latin inhibit did have a couple of nice saves that. Might have made it more interest thing. We'll save Latin in 27 saves he's the high impact player of the game tonight it's brought to you by the lock for outdoor store Haim pick here for hard working men and women. You'll travel a thousand miles to find a store. Like hours. 8030515. Again calls coming up in a moment here as we wait for sabres head coach Phil Housley the team returns home. Tuesday. Night they have a game against the Washington Capitals. And back to home teams in a row then Friday. They have a home game with the Florida Panthers. Before a week from tonight going to Montreal to face the Canadian so three games this upcoming week. Tuesday at home for the capitals. Friday at home for the Panthers Saturday on the road for the Canadians they're all 7 PM eastern starts and of course you can hear all those games right here. On the sabres radio network. Paul Hamilton bring up a point during her inner missions well before we get to that let's head of the room now and here's Phil Housley live. Torture after some zone time mum. What happened we've you have some zone time there than all of us on the roof fell on what happened two years. You know I thought we had to start we wanna we came out we are force in the play we are forcing the issue in this couple bad bounces I mean. If you look at it first period. Some of the goals were. You know tough ones. To auction and look at because I thought our guys. Played. Really well and it's unfortunate that. You look after the first period it's 11 hockey game so you know I thought we had to start we we needed. It's unfortunate they capitalize on the chances and you know when you get get down through four goals in this league it's going to be tough to come back. Anything around. Not just you know I just felt we needed to change going maybe get the change of momentum. It's unfortunate. When I asked them if you want those three back at anyway so. It's one of those things I think played really well in Arizona tonight wasn't the case. You know he wasn't able to handle the first two shots in the first two goals but would you like better coverage iMac to improve enough or any. And you look at the first votes right in front of them because we don't give them credit they want it enough hard. The second one bounces over you know tennis is that he's right there it just comes they're guys it's unfortunate. Would've liked to change that yes because I thought our guys played well a lot of good things are. You know it's easy to get negative right now that you know I thought we played. Good it was just unfortunate we got impulses against us. Again. We have to give regroup here and got a big game hunters. Third when and he came late to the forwards Brian kind of populism miscommunication there with the forwards. Well I think he you know late in Ben's back and offensive Fed's gets tangled up and you know he comes over. You know I think if you would just came back. In the playing this you know got numbers that are favored. But. Analysts things happen and again the and I can are you pointing. Well I mean. It's because we knew when I when I evaluate the game I think we played well. You know the score tells you differently and there is probably going to be a lot of people disagree with me. But I think we've got the start we wanted there's some bad bounces that occurred who we have better coverage we've. May be made better decisions student from neutral zone but you know that wasn't the case in my opinion. So miles and the post game Brian back to you Phil Housley is live post game comments brought to you by Paul William belts your power. Of attorney. Final shot totals tonight buffalo outshooting Dallas twenty to 22 power plays sabres zero of four in the game Dallas was one of one. And we're going to be heading back to Dallas here just one moment to get Paul Hamilton's take on this one is the sabres will come home. Not so tomorrow being told there action gonna stay in Dallas tonight. And fly back tomorrow. And then not play the capitals on Tuesday hoping for more on the game let's get Paul Hamilton's take. Paul obviously must not much to discuss in the third so we'll push to kind of some of the comments all the players and the coach. Said they'd like they're start. They got bad bounces. I feel like there's still more story though and I don't know fans are gonna love that first reaction from all those players and the head coach. They shouldn't on yes they did start off. Had zone time didn't take advantage of it but to stand here and there they play well I cannot agree with that just didn't. There was very little passion in the game. There's very little compete in the game once people start coming in the beginning yes but once the goal start coming. I mean you've got a goaltender who you know first of all turned the puck over. Then there's a shot from the wall he can't really handle they called a bad bounce. Okay. Com and you you've got to defenseman Stan and right there who doesn't cover the guy in front. Second goal again a little soft backhander from the wall. Runner pushes it in and comes right out front. To me that's not a bad bounce can handle that pass through that play. Sorry. They said it went over tennis and stick he stand right there I saw it differently I think he could cover the guy. And now it's two nothing and I thought that was atrocious that third goal coming down the slot you've got forward stand and around. It's. I'm sorry somebody has to pick up the white men common. And there just to me no passion in the game at all where was the passion and as I said at the end the second period. Somebody's start a riot do something. I mean. I mean there is nothing marriages block and I'm sorry I just have to disagree. Paul we're hearing. The same statements from the coaches we are the players about the bounces in the start. Do you think that house lea at this moment is still. Maybe hesitate to get on these guys and maybe this is his message and now we're hearing the message to the players when you interview them after and that this goes back to the kind of that thought that you've had for a long time of do we do we have a room filled with players that. Have the acceptance that losing. Is okay or at least. You know were people might think that it's just kind of the thing to accept. I don't know if that's our if I'm reading too much and that but this the coach says the exact same thing that the players are saying and they're all kind of letting themselves off the hook a little here and that are all from reaching too far but it is I feel like. Geez I was hoping that we would hear the message that losing is unacceptable instantly and I thought Michael was going down that path with some early season comments but we're veering away from that again. Yeah I think tonight you heard what the coach told them I think they were all on the same page. It's not always that way I do know for sure that there are times what Phil Housley says for public consumption. Is not what he's saying to his players that's totally it's the complete opposite. But it seemed pretty pretty the uniform tonight and that. Yeah that you know he came in there and it sounds like they just repeated what he said after the game that's what is it appeared to me because he said the same types of things and I think it's just a difference of opinion I think it's more than bad bounces they're really do as far as tonight goes I think there are the things that went into it. I'm sure the bounces were kind there's no question about that but I do feel there was more than one into it. And a follow up under discussion for those that didn't hear it after the second intermission Paul rob ray had said on the broadcast after Sagan takes the boarding call. That he was looking for some sort of reaction he says you know what sometimes in a tight game your hesitant to do that if you don't wanna take the penalty or lose the power play. But he says it's 51. How could you not be angry that it's 51 and then what are your teammates it's taken a shot into the wall and he says he feels like that's the spot where somebody has to step up and nobody yet. I couldn't agree more but then I'm told that hockey's not play that way anymore that's what people tell me when -- Muppet that diamond dinosaur. And as I told Jaya I want to somebody start arrive puts them in the third period just you know show you care go crazy do something and they didn't acquire Jordan Nolan score goals but you know it just force the issue with somebody you know if if you have to you know get. Get things going get the blood full pomp and a little bit but that's old school and I understand then and a lot of people tell me when I come up with that that. You know you're external timer that's not the way the game played anymore and that's not the way things are done bad. It's certainly the way I would like what I've would have liked to have seen. OK well they come home they have immigrated home either. And you've got Washington we know a team that can put the puck in the net Paul but they're not coming on tonight right they're staying in Dallas. That's correct they've been doing that they did that outlasts and they do they're gonna do that here also to cut. All right well dressed up all that is good flight back here tomorrow and we'll see it Tuesday against the capitals. Okay sounds good okay great Paul Hamilton live in Dallas at American Airlines Center. With the sabres fall to the Dallas Stars in front of 181000. 236. And as we send Buffalo's next game Tuesday night at home keeping center in downtown buffalo. Alex Ovechkin in the capitals will be in town for 7 o'clock puck drop. I for all of you on our local affiliates Lessig ignites yield. You wanna keep listening to the post game show go to WGR by fifty dot com or on the WGR by fifty GAAP. Brought you on our flagship here in buffalo on WG are more the Paul Williams felt posting coming up. Phone calls will be front center we return an 80305551. Dallas wins tonight. I'm rankles feel this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Dan Dudley be on the call Johan Larsson right there whether Seneca poker deck at a game. Brought to you by senator poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal for winners only welcome back here to the Paul William belt post game I'm rankles deal. Phone calls coming up next here at 8030550. Or 1888550. To 550. I hate to be a dead horse here I know I just had this discussion with Paula before grab a phone call to Europe to. I just I cannot see. What Phil Housley is giving as a messages players again. Paula stupidly says sometimes the message to the public and the media is different than the one of the room. But Housley says I felt we had to start we wanted we had a couple of bad bounces. Denny says. When I evaluate the game I think we played well this courses differently. And then we hear it from O'Reilly and we hear it from Michael we hear from Lennar and these are supposed to be the leaders on this team. These are supposed to be the guys at the very least cycle and O'Reilly like these are supposed to be cornerstones of this franchise. Michael is a player that you're on the sabres obviously set the course of their franchise losing. For many years to get a player like him. And they've given a monster contract to him and O'Reilly and they might just be echoing the coach. But I want Ryan O'Reilly who's. In the past been pretty. Self critical to come out here and say. Losing 512. An average of or below average team is totally unacceptable. And here's what I'm gonna try to do about it I'm not expecting them to have answers are reasons why for every loss. But. I feel like I wanna hear from the leaders and this team at least if not a fan of the steam. That they should be upset about it and to sit there and say when you are down for nothing less than thirteen minutes into the game. Against the team that just came home and admitted to being tired from a long road trip and is playing their backup goaltender. To say that well we had a great start but we had bad bounces it's four nothing. The defense in front of your own net was horrendous is bigger and as for most of this season it really has. And it's not just Robin letter letting in a bad goal like he did again tonight it's not just the defense. Being terrible it's not the fact that you have some injuries and an offense it's the fact you have forwards and supposedly good forwards. That are not helping out. And all use Paul's work is I love it Connecticut applies the awareness. Of these players in their own ends of the opposition. Is totally minor league it is not good. And they continue to do the same things over and over. Yet I have the head coach. Come out and say. I thought we had everything we wanted to start we'd is that a couple of bad bounces. It's for nothing Dallas. Twelve and a half minutes at this game. I don't care that the first shift or two that they might have looked like they had a good chance it's for nothing. The sabres aren't going to score five goals and come back on almost anyone. That's just not gonna happen. We saw that miracle. Thing happened already in Boston mr. that's you know that that happens once or twice a year. I just from Michael informal Riley like this is it's I hate overreacting to one game. But it's discouraging to me when the leaders on this team and guys that are going to be here quite awhile these two. Are just saying well you know we had a couple of bad bounces like no. One goal going in. You can say it was a bad bounce or one deflection here there. It was for nothing less than thirteen minutes in. I just I don't know I just I find that on except. The ball I don't like that the head coach. Is in the public bailing them out. Now if he has a different message in the room well and this is his tactic that he doesn't want a written in public right now because he thinks. He still feeling them out or is he says evaluating and that's fine. I don't like it again. Please do not take. Also with this conversation and I'm having right now that I think Phil Housley should be fired is also there's that other reaction going on right now from some fans. I'm getting the question on Twitter I'm seeing not only to me but Paula and others that cover the team should their be a coaching. Stop right there it's not gonna happen the sabres to play like this for almost every game the rest of the season they're not gonna fire Phil Housley. There's a 99% chance that he'll be back next you're no matter what happens this year. And they'll probably give him next year and it would take again an absolute. Bomb to go off for him to probably get fired before next season's over. So. You know we look at this right now I'm look and still more within the room I don't like the message that the coach is giving at least publicly I really don't. Because they feel like he's letting the players off the hook a little. But to me the players have to be accountable. I know there's injuries are no wrist the lines out an old ball use out I know they have injuries defensively but boy. Did the thought of maybe how the sabres defense was reworked and re developed I missed on that I thought while scan Dallas coming in and TP is coming in the you know we're gonna see less playing time wise men tennis and continuing to get you know. Bobby or ice time here that we stop saturated. Again. Publicly Phil Housley seem to think tennis is playing great but yet another terrible game tonight total lack of awareness on the second goal he takes a penalty. A terrible slash a bad decision. At least the fourth goal. And it's over at that point it's for nothing yes despite the quote unquote great start. I'll take some calls here I've talked enough let's see what Eric has to say he's in Texas higher god. I have a home game to date are not really a couple bad bounce it up I mean what better view. I mean how often hear about these and what are we gonna do a platter and last year. I mean you may god it's here and there buckled orbital cut the lead to a game that should stop that don't go end. We can't client checked out all your opening. And what we do there and that. I don't know I thank you for the call Erica and so are you had to see that. I don't think the goalies are playing great and also don't know if I would say that's number one on my list in terms of issues they have not been great. I think in front. Of whoever's playing goalie is is the number one problem this team right now I'm not at all. Discrediting your question I think it's valid I don't think Robin Lehner has been at his pasts. He's had some good games the Detroit game he gets this one nothing shut out he meets a nice saves in the Arizona game it's a nice saves early on when Arizona had some very good chances. So I'm not saying it's been a disaster in Nat ideas and thinking it's it hasn't been great. But I think the biggest problem this team right now is. If you wanna talk on the ice. It's in front of their it in front of their own net and it's everyone ST and forwards with awareness. And accountability in terms of coverage it's been awful. And then of course there's the non hockey strategic sort of stuff like is their passion. Is there enough. Lack of acceptance of losing you know all those sort of factors commit where I think that a coach can make a difference. He's there were a lot of these professional hockey players like that there has to be too much strategy axes and always. Sometimes seems they're over coaching everybody's over coached sometimes ending to this level. But the coach can help with some of those other things. And I don't know quite right now old what's sort of path they'll house Lee sending them down in that area and I think it's right or wrong it is I'm not quite sure. Feel like I'm getting mixed messages from him does he want a left the team off the hook or does he wanna go after room. He says he's still not sure of what he has here still even on this pregame interview today. They and one of the reporters asked communal. Our heck are you kind of disappointed about the start or be taken back by and and and Housley kind of answer with a well I'm now I'm still not quite sure what I have here yet and you know I I think a lot of us in the watching quite an instinct. We can tell you what some of these players are gonna do that because we've been watching it and it's not gonna change. 51 Dallas is the final Brian Cole still here on the post game. Thank you for the call Eric to wane in title one is next I joined. Gave thanks and I really appreciate your passing through here really act going in a lot of things that I thought. Over the last three weeks Aki team I've. The immediate stage here for a man argument why are our the last eighteen years not thirty years all playing hockey and is twelve and not been coaching wood and seven year. And I've never. In my life. Eight even at eighteen. Pat hired. On the and I never seen that team. Was such a lack of heart and passion in the game. No grit and you know I'll echo the sentiment that all out in the not a science arm and you need players like and your team. And I am I might even when you might you might get figured let me put this argument not and specifically. But you know a guy like markets. Because he's going to skate through Wall Street view you know he's not gonna put up was that dark vision of the not the way we view. Are usually not a knock you out here are you and your back and if you take liberties that you're goalie and you know what they'll take a beating a product that right now are. In Portland not present are now. Is of Tamil riot tired and don't get me wrong good or not but you know what. Shouldn't be like and I've never seen them more so off. Soccer side of the front and highlights. And we right now. And role players EU role players and role players rarely you know college is a majority. Jordan Nolan. You guys are there to score. In your primary issue in any major Edgar Peters once and awhile. The gonna go out there a game like this it's a solar jumped about and each is someone they. But is it the crowd into the at a home game you don't if it sparked some light and that team and we just don't. Have that and you don't like and want quick analogy I like to make all from one sport to another Obama on an avid Red Sox spent. And back in 2012. And Brad actual biggest collapses I think the wreck actually seen. They are up thirteen game going and going and jail and make it. They'd be able to spot in the playoffs. And you know what they've maxed your they've brought and Utley Johnny gold and all the role players not guys. We're gonna put runs on the board they brought it role players that there in XP than they want the World Series grant and a lot about a ballplayer that you begin let. What they've brought her role players guys are there that weren't gonna take crap from some guy making a crazy big paycheck. Yep thank you thank you doing I appreciate it good points I wanna get on to some other things here are some of the calls the the role player point I think. Can be validated by what robbery said at the end of the second period when Sagan. Boards one of the sabres. Into the wall it's 51. I'm not necessarily a guy that's gonna sit here and say I need fighting. Every single night I need. You know the raw rock guys. I don't want necessarily nick Delorean playing a lot of ice time when he was here. But your point is made and Marcus Foleo happen to be the name that you brought up but it's a player like him. Jordan Nolan was the player that Paul Hamilton called out of the second period they'll look. If you're not gonna do anything in a situation like tonight the wire you on the roster and I think that's a good point too. I guess I say and kind of in the middle on the old school is a well go jump that guy. I feel like. Sometimes those comments can be is sad because well that's just what we used to say but I also feel like at times there is a value and it. I don't need it to happen on and on a nightly basis. That's not the reason I like hockey is for fighting or things like that but. I understand while within the rules that there is a role for it at times and I thought tonight robs point of it in Paul's backing of that I thought. Maybe this is the night where you do it. Where this team seems like the games RD over. And if you take a penalty and taken instigate a friendly if you get yourself thrown out of the game after Jordan Nolan played well that's why you or your here. So you're not here to score you're not going to score. So you're not gonna try to help your team out motivated in some capacity or wake them up then. You know what a pretty here I feel like he's the get the guys to do it so. Again I'm not mr. I need fighting every night guy. But that's not what I like about the NH dollar at least on the silent about hockey the NHL sometimes doesn't resemble good hockey anyway but nevertheless. There's times because it's within the rules that I feel like it could be needed and tonight would have been a perfect example of that. Whether it's a player like Marcus fully know that was here in the past. Or currently Jordan Nolan or whoever it's going to be putt. And even a night like this is it somebody that's even if it comes out of character they need to start swinging at somebody. Maybe that is even a bigger impact. But there wasn't even a sniff of it tonight. Scrabble mark caller Leah we got to get a break in your bridal and so snapped necks hi Brian god. Warm and then they agree that one of the caller. Putting great. I do think if furcal who look long term ankle and he. We need to look at hallmark meat eat it here now right away but me in the next month or Booth. Beat that this game is the point where we've gay hit it is being beat the (%expletive) and look at how and mature and grow because he'd meet for a period of forty I say increasing that no pre season but that only god organized it you say they've been at its. Increased he's been. I think you Bryant. Yeah I mean it's so hard for me to read the evaluate the goalies. Whether or not like I'm it's I'm. Writing the book on letter yes or no because everybody in front of these goalies in this soap or. I don't think Robin latter's been. At his best for most of this year again he had a nice game against Detroit he sentences here and there. I don't think he's had a tremendous start to the year. But again I'm not putting him at the top of my eight blameless I think the people in front of him are a hand in that category. Where a ton of tweets and taxing here but one interesting point that somebody makes. You know as we're talking about somebody stepping up somebody saying something somebody's taking accountability not just being excuses about bounces. Just something to think about this might not even be a discussion for tonight in the post game but. There is no captain on the steam does that matter. Is that something that is needed in this day and age I don't know. If there is a quote captain in the room. Is that person more apt to maybe speak up. Or do something on the ice to try to shake up things. Maybe. My Pia a good topic for a talk show at some point this week on our station but. There is no captain your right and two weeks do we hear anyone that sounds like captain. After a night like this is not anybody including the head coach that sounds like captain material to me. 51 of stars rolled the sabres timeout. More post game in a moment I'm rankles deal this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. The thing that got Karzai comes back to the point is have you Brister. A nice deflection stop quite Johnson is a tricky one of the. Dan Donnelly be on the call Chad Johnson right there are there Geico save of the game brought you by your local Geico agency 15% in just fifteen minutes. If your free Geico quote today from local agent Scott Coleman or Tim lynch welcome back here to the post game rankles with few stars rolled the sabres five to one. The comments in the room from the players and more importantly from head coach Phil Housley I know drawing the year in the eyes of many sabre fans here tonight. Few won't get a chance and get your comments in here on the post game. Feel free to you send me your thoughts on Twitter at Brian WGR. And of course will be getting you ready for the sabres and Washington speaking of the capital's. As we look around the league here tonight they beat Boston by three to score. Other are four other games going on right now out there zone of the coyotes. May might get a win they're leading Carolina. By a score of one to nothing that's got to be a thriller tonight with the coyotes and the hurricanes. Friends and Finley only their TJ or karma probably tag game in the night if you're asking me endless. That one's a dog in the game Arizona Carolina. It's one nothing in the third or with Ford ago. Not really exciting yeah Pittsburgh in Vancouver 11 early seconds. Nashville up two to nothing a Los Angeles late first period. And Anaheim one to nothing over San Jose at the end of the first all the other games are final. Which. Means we can update the standings for pretty much everyone. Sabres right now with Florida. Getting a point tonight they now have ten. And Montreal getting a win the Al eleventh so what does that do to the conference while yes for that puts the sabres. Back in the last. They had ten points and if you. Do it by the rankings of the tiebreaker is right now the sabres are in last in the east although they point wise of the same as Florida. And Carolina so ten points for buffalo. And Washington is up next the capitals as I said one tonight against the Bruins they've won three in a row they are 76 in one right now. And so far had fifteen points. Tonight oh best in Wilson's course twice so that's in the illegal score and the capitals won a Washington will play on Monday. At home against Arizona. So the capitals will be traveling late Monday night giving in probably a little early Tuesday morning. So the sabres will be home and rested. Again the no excuses in terms of the resting coming ready to play thirty category will plot of that game but we shall see how it plays out we know at least talent wise the capitals at the edge. In that once anyway that'll be our next broadcast Tuesday night 6 o'clock pregame 7 o'clock puck drop of keybank senator. Hope he can he win us then right here on the sabres radio network. Right let's get our top shelf goal the game and right now before we leave you here. And Stephen Johns at 1027. Puts Dallas up three did nothing in ends the night for Robin Lehner. It's brought up by facts laid off for the it's. Been for the stick my. So John scores a second of the year letter was called. Really didn't get much better from that point on Dallas wins it five to one but that goal from Johns are. Top shelf gold game brought to by Clarence did you design studio for beautiful top shopping your dream kitchen visit Clarence kitchen design studio. And start dreaming right so capitals up next on Tuesday home Friday for the Panthers road. In Montreal on Saturday there's the next week for the Buffalo Sabres. And for now that'll put a wrap on our Paul Williams felt post game thanks for listening with us here tonight. When I think our crew in house TJ allotment our network producer pat mullah Carl anchoring all night long. Paul Hamilton our reporter in Dallas and for our game announcers Dan Dunleavy and rob break miners rankles you'll think you've delisting the final against Dallas five buffalo one. Enjoy the rest your weekend and we'll talk to you Tuesday night from downtown buffalo with the sabres in the capital's. Right here on the Buffalo Sabres radio network.