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Inside High School Sports
Saturday, November 11th

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G yard score. Real quiet maybe it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly hearing brought to you by mighty taco my entire school. So great right about now. My feelings have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and by deadly neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced in our view. Good morning welcome inside a high school sports Emmy host Tony Caligiuri along with France's back from Western New York athletics. Frank Wolf well deserved morning off Roger Weis is here. Rich Sanders assistant coach of west Seneca west fresh off of their victory last night. Talking high school football playoffs this weekend you're down three games last night monsignor Martin and section five vs section six. So we'll get into all of that this hour good morning guys. Modern Nadal. So it's all nothing you up if you are ago. I don't Francis I'm doing well this morning great to have you here Anthony you can tolerance in Jamaica. The games ovaries that standing out in the cold anymore he can. Take off campus clothes you look like he's still warming up from last night it was local aid and a whole honor I want to. I want to friendlies last night period because. Maple Grove game was streamed. The US senate and he was then spectrum so Wallace DB area. So after yes right down the street you know while I got there. On earlier midway through. Through the first quarter because of the state billions of maple over three quarters of the maple. And when Joe's when Eddie he does and start the fourth quarter races this and I'll I'll I'll I'll read about it in newspapers get time it was Cole yeah it was and it's in the hood. Not very nice today either I think we're going to be in the thirties balmy compared to last night at least whose street games and they'll replay daylight nets. We're talking 115 degrees colder last night and it will be when they play this afternoon that one out someone's going to assume ruled the opponent. And news. Those fumes are weren't enough and they don't want when it's started Erica Hale's Gnomedex. That. I'd facility on a first put Zuckerberg could tell it like did they actually have snow on the field early plot to field yet that moves north or through. While I Soledad you know what rank at the end zone. Map and you all know there's little jubilation that wall. All right we're gonna get and they all of that out coming operate now let's get in the news and notes. Frances what we have well Wednesday was the beginning early signing case the schools. All around Erie had there signing days. We castor was the big players -- high schools they had eleven kids sign eat when division 110. Yeah. Saint Bonaventure mete out while college wise they attend kids six going to sop all three men the process male swimmer. How big ones out there is you know anti Murkowski eight tan is going to the gates and she'll be pitching for the bonnies. Granddaughter retention program collapse. Class and I am Tony no law really Joyce Harvey Ziemer is her maternal grandmother and and director for program probably jemaah plea please Paul if he went to Seneca vocational as well. Cool and then three kids that are playing tonight for Lancaster Carlos to run so injure her seemed enemies there. Carl Crosse players they're going to saint Bonaventure two. The cart all haring. Crash you to look at the micro small and open. It fall asleep under the Mike that the I see a triple C get stronger again and was a baseball softball league just keep it local talent. In sodas today sodas. Pewter and Niagara University. The O'Hare girls' basketball. Trend of sending girls the next level continues. Here at Johnson's going eastern Michigan. Caleb lots and sacred heart's going to play field hockey in north western. Charlie Mack shortstop it will he's going to be playing baseball Clemson and summer Slade of Saint Mary's a Lancaster girls. Volleyball is gonna play eighteen Cain. So and that's just a few of the names that are going on to the next level congratulations to all those who are signing. You know we should mention. The killer Ryan pursuit graders play. Darn right you had anything for news and notes I is Ron Ron mentioned dollar volleyball three out of our five vause sections girls' volleyball. One law fire was regional at Damon. One C united church usually Thursday night and off yesterday. Clarence cat peed. They were one and one in May were I had known just. Doc Victor just turn it up a notch and freedom of three games to one will les Schwab dot. Iran according they're looking real good I like their chances and I especially like his chances of port Phil. And Panama Panama clashed here defending state champions. Only lost one girl from a year ago. Saying. Athletic girls a plan that basketball team and urban state runners up for three years or one enjoyed the girl. That they're just. Representing a southern tier real while port well cattle revolved. They beat Eden Eden for the first time since I think Tony was in kindergarten her night going to the states. And we can look for some good camp partition between the Newport fill the next couple years does. Very few seniors on either one of those team so I like I like our chances for three out of five sections so when girls volleyball. Outstanding at a court of volatile question no you mentioned. You know one team we'll start off with you are doing well and then the other team just miles from a massive comeback is that. Kind of like football we just see momentum slipping by in you just can't grab it back. Yeah out you know off. Victor won the first game and am match against. A Clarence girls. And a second game Clarence comeback to win and they went up in the air crews and at fifteen to two they were up fifteen tendons third set and lost. Yeah you know if you think about it what happens to lose when you're up fifteen Jan. The team is down harassing yet fourteen points. Before the other team gets nine. In order to you know that's a tough call there. And especially now it's not like the old days when not hear the expressions side outside out. We'll sign out is redundant because side outfit term came about years ago all. And we're talking in line old thirty plus years are going 84 Olympics. Back then and volleyball you could only get a point and yours are right I remember that and most games went around forever and ever. Her rows were the second ship the LA Olympics come home and watch in those things. Because how long it takes you got get appointment I was up to 4:5 o'clock in the morning watching late night volleyball and all it. But gather momentum just turned around and wants stricter turn that around us Clarence couldn't recover because. At one point in time may have the upper hand and am matched to a tricky momentum but Aetna at all small can be chopped when he asked absolutely. And you know you mentioned. That you know that they hadn't eaten in an instance housing kindergarten. Air raid around that time be and yesterday we were celebrated veterans day. In Roger's wife post a picture of Roger and 1967. In his you reform. In I'm staring at this picture and trying to make that I don't see ruptured there and we'll look at in the and Mario I want after rioters threw TOR pepper Rodgers there and I act comment is that I was the reuse. The saw hosed just off of kindergarten. But thank you for serving that they Q for all veterans for wearing the uniform who would truly appreciate it yeah. Muscles all oil lost a lot of o.s and basic training near the end and all add Mosul the bigger when I went into basic training on you. Now we you drafted or you you all in the softly drafted. Him what to you're what what was your what animal or. Was animal lasts more us military occupational specialty. I ended up. What happened I went to law. Infantry AIG. And then I'd qualified for infantry OC yes. And halfway through I just call them the commander's office not. He says you know all we just don't think you quite have the capability of leading an infantry platoon in Vietnam. And I wish I handle. The cool orders spectrum disorder it's giant Yangtze yes thank. Closure for a school server personal almost forty years old now gonna go over to what infantry outfit and give orders through law. Fifteen and forty year and CEOs and all ahead in infantry situation. You know they whitish pat Meehan in Dallas would like to deal. I say it. You know who you ask yes because. You know we have so many young Q you know leading in the infantry platoon insult. The good thing that came out of bed and I secret clearance and Holler they needed this for special weapons over in Europe. I guess and over to Europe and so out of Asia. And I had switched artillery which is our one of the cabinet Aaron wanted in the first place. So where does he irony of that comment but so are you fired big guns always. Special weapons I'd. Guess I can now. Talked about it now theoretically was still classified Batman but I think you know like you are right it just downgraded every three years and unclassified after twelve or whatever I can't those fifty years ago Anthony. I can't remember Roy ran for breakfast yesterday that you are minorities over seekers who have been at. I think you raise you just picture Roger go through basic training. I'll happily. I. There was yeah shape. You know. Believe me no doubt there's a lot of people out there were. Even if you join a reserves pinnacle active duty six months which is basically be your basic training and advanced individual training your view of the expression AIG in the advanced individual training and more every year I'm always is going to be. Whether it's infantry artillery. Photography. Owls a single as far as saying financed is also finance officers that image are those that come out with. No bachelor's degree in accounting or somewhere and ROTC. But I wish everybody would have should have the effort to article three weeks of basic training they would be better for when I got out. I believe it absolutely it was a something why you go through it viewing all the guys term basic training. I'm sure Vietnam was the talk of of everybody. Well actually it's low draft was in no place back then I'm not. You know you chances are you've got drafted. Unless you have something Enron really a special talent if you wanted to do our nanny cam red arms you've basically got to listen take an extra year. Or else be awfully lucky while I was awfully lucky. Once again Roger thank you very much for wearing the uniform. Vigorously you. Our let's talk about games going out last night Roger mentioned he went to the Saint Francis and saint Joe's game. Things didn't go that well for Saint Francis is they dropped to Joe's eighteen. 213 you said you left it was eighteen to salve then. Oh what was saint Joe's doing that was click and was off Kelly. I don't know if you really exactly see it clicking eighteen I think if law. I mean obviously we'll play at a beauty Arnold Smith that I after three quarters angels would be held eighteen I think you've taken man. And say join them via their offense couldn't do anything out. I op. Saint Francis terrorist freshman they bought up from GB of play quarterback. Who's their quarterback. Was I can't think of his name Dawson tiger yes they used him as a you know skilled player and a back field on the topic can utilize. His talents. Is running abilities right. And I guess safe for a jury felt that young lad and javy was ready for this with. Jason enough of backfield and all that they were held a seven points they do is score another touchdown. In the fourth quarter. Basically I guess it was a carbon copy of the game. Earlier in the season when I guess saint Joe's was down and they were driving for a go ahead touchdown in just stopped. Inside the five yard line if I'm not mistaken I wasn't a bad game either but what basically. Same thing happened Chez Francis going down the field for a chance to score the winning touchdown in the same saint Joe's defense held. Well Lester that's the same team we saw so inferences their strength was offense. And we're back quarterback leaving it was Nigeria Nixon Nixon and those huge for them along with the departure McCarthy. I mean that was their bread and butter and they have this receiver number seven a whose name escapes me that debts and really their might and I really think it he's a great athlete corner and Weber series. And I think this year they just didn't have anybody to do it the ball. To those receivers in the schools skill guys. And now you'll have a running game. Like you did before with Mike Duffy so what do you do wanna office you know you either have to play defense of game and that's stuff just stops NGOs and think you're gonna hold them. So be able to be in a game where you scored. One touched our conference. And are gonna win that game right you've got to realize and I cobra action for any stymied in the year analysts say France's my I was one up. That was a football game of united defense especially as I don't know that was your. Bailey went there when you were at times and they'll look at my operator. Al. Coming out general was a coming out game went. There's some wanna put on Dolan that Duffy knows I think I remember that as we DC even Internet Myers boy those two guys your goal wall. Those homes on points in the and a. Well now they move around they'll play the winner of kinesis and O'Hair they play today at 2 o'clock. I don't unless I was at 1 o'clock today 2 o'clock next Saturday. At the stadium will be months and Maarten championship. So Los saint Joe's already punched their ticket. Now we'll see between you know airplay can be she's tough earlier this year different three quarters now edits when he when suddenly I believe current. Below it and I'm like in my comeback that item on oxygen duration or do now only some of the other not to take or air lightly that's for sure they're good they're going to be focused dialed in. And ready to go so that's going to be into Steve of course as always we were Western New York whether to play a factor and the time we don't know what it's gonna do. Next week's we have gone. We'll have that no more wins is going to be I think it's going to be good. Championship game type things are reasonable his room there. We'll see we'll see a colossal bust a lot to our two teams playing today and again next week they'll go added to that 20 clock. At the nerve in Orchard Park. I'll Wear it well get into a little bit last night that you guys win west Seneca west beating Wilson of section 540. To 22. You guys came in ranked number fifth in the state Wilson I believe ranked number ninth. I was able to get some odd notes offer of a Rochester. Paper our good buddy Johnson does a great job of covering. The and to some of his notes Andy. York stock while okay yeah west cynical should probably be the favorite Cologne in this it I don't know. But you know that you face a section five there are always gonna be tough. Your thoughts going into the game. We thought the match so. You know favored us. Pretty pretty strongly they they really have vote space struggled throwing the ball so. Our strength and our defense is actually stopping the run. So I mean we have specific things that we've put in every week you know we see a lot of seems like Peter according I like to run the ball so we've. You know worked on this all season so they played in sorcerer and they tried to adjust and go spread and then run off the spread but we were going forward ornament espresso and and why and so. When you look at team that likes to run the ball obviously you look at Alf they're offensive line play. In other zone blocking and I think Poland which way. Did he give any tips is to. Any you know tells us to which way they're going were you able to see any of that Tony was incredible all week. We song and multiple games. There are left tackle would give his stance runner Paris. And oh man that's a gift I'll have a it was like 97%. Out of all the players of which three games we saw. So it was amazing for two of us right to be eulogized read that and we had a specific call for. So pre snap every play we know was a runner past and as this on the defenders once they see at the park and out on and everybody knows we have a code word and for that week. And our guys don't know and are alarmed archery were. Playwright and sort of plan pass or don't fall for play action. And it was as beautiful a work program was at that attack was door like some weight position to stand VW being a three point stance when he was passing and then you do it's who points since rooms around. Why would a coach allows such an easy tell lie be that from the existence seen that in notes and that in they'll have it through forums are. All sewn. Maybe it's just not known that night each position as a coach and their maybe just Roman. Put in order to restore. Who don't make sense are able to take a break when we come back a wanna. Talk a little bit more about the classic match up between you guys. And we'll see you guys came on top forty to 22 will be back with more inside high school sports after this. Puff puff up off all. If you guys only heard what goes on during the break. I'm Michelle welcome back to inside high school sports. I'm Tony Caligiuri Lama Francis back. Roger Weis enrich Sanders. No right really that's where it happened alright we're talking about the game last night. West Seneca west beating Wilson of section 540. Guitar 22 and coverage being assistant coach for west Seneca Wallace who talked about. You guys picking up I'll read or tell that they were given away to you bark out the you know you're cold as to what it's going to be. And was just everybody flies of the ball. Yeah I mean. You don't want. Put a 100% on it. Because teams can adjust and to grow you know say they know we're doing sorts plays against them. But you you kind of have like linebackers Rosevelt reader reads that. Normally on Ryan would be for you know you see the run go. If you know what's going to be a pass and play action you still reach that put that run. Now instead of reits have with their run you don't step forward you step towards a pastor. And that's gives you half a second closer or earlier to get into that dropped north into Paris. So not what was it that you guys RO US of the reason you guys have a success on offense what were you guys able to do. On offense I think the stroke when against man coverage that they wanted to stay in man coverage and then finally they decided the room to our safety. They were given pressure on us the middle Rome with a line. And so Matt's ability to scramble played huge in her like one of his runs. Touchdown run I mean. Monitors arm I saw it angle the safety had announced Larry's dorm rooms. And then when it close he pulled away I was very well. So we just get into another gear yes it was like a fifty years it does he did at the Yangon aligned Myers all of them you know he's. Military I've I've seen that for years now and I knew we had no speed or are so. Last year outside of terrorism. And I was like aren't average four yards and see which rilya. And motorcycle career Africa yeah. And by the time we got its when he started to pull it from me and I tried to put in another year. Which I haven't done like ten years. And I couldn't get there was Chancery did you pull out of bullets to fifty took off and that's what I realize our he's deceiving me fast. So I wouldn't be surprised he runs for five somewhere there. While some old. Not bad at all so you guys are when they have grown into their man you guys just taken advantage of it picking it apart yet you know. We've if we were had a little bit better protection harassment we could've done more things on the field but I think we. When we accomplished enough down on the field to keep the Morris and our running game could do going early and home but it's. Based on what you saw on film did you know it's always my excuse with kids and and this environment I think last week would mean to suggest a world class future. On what's up or renting last week the first half of that game I think our kids were kind of these guys were a dog fight after they were star struck. That were playing into airfield in arbiter of forces so it's a big deal. Com and then we got down those two thoughts on book one thing that I learned about this team. And next he'd seen it now is they believe any southerner and the will to continue on. Is just. It's something that they have no now they actually after last week there were down two touchdowns. And you know I said the message you have a story can make for an economic story to tell your grandkids are down two touchdowns in the room forty gonna do. And he came out and they respond. And then we got a huge player from our arms and who. Won over coaches -- Oz was working with them all week over inaudible operative on the ball. And the play came. And he has made in his own blue. We'll talk about lake. I remember he there he hit the fumble many after the tech and then the next ready comes out it's proper about sixty years. What happened in between that interception. And then that big play what changed about his demeanor in talking about last week yet last week. Yet well I mean I just think that. That last week was accommodation of those say they have great hardware itself power. And it was you know that is the matzo you know so it was our harbors there weren't and sovereigns are Meyer and then Greg. Britain razzle on their side I mean there. It was a challenge so I think a lot of things that we came in warning to do. Offensively. Kind of we had to kind of just because we didn't expect some of the things that they were have success on asks us counsel. Met trying to Wu's I think with the wrestler guys kind of starstruck and our first first have a lot of pressure. But they settled down and you know responded. Obviously hit a good fit. But yet that was army you guys were hitting in and a dog fight was South Park. Great he would go before Watson has so I mean you guys are now and probably peaking at the right time we just say. Joseph noses through it's our they have little hope Lawrence over. Loose on Mars or urged you know consumer. That's Roman emperor. Room that the now. Well you guys came out on and on top Iraqi you're looking at you know we always talk about what should get past section five. The road to the doll. Are from their price is it. Is it gonna get harder for less cynical last or have they pretty much. Gone by the the best that they're gonna. I don't think so that class a job. Again. If there's a lot of better teams I'm sure in section three and section four. That are broader and off you know Wilson magnet and down state to somebody other sections maybe. Classy indeed he had beaten give law. By classified you got a real good Shaq. I don't think. Section five is would be years it. You could drop. You know bank and if you beat him you're gonna wanna say I just don't think Clancy section five was all that good social more true to listen to our lord who has seen. Union an echo those of us aren't so we put weights Borough yes. And I hit there right appear on wage pearl some law. Some guy from law the U victims flea market well yeah I'm an emotional letter spoke payroll every now. So law. Literally and make up there I don't mark tells us we always does. That your government to be up there while law. I am going to do a brilliant soft and eat I'm playing hooky next week with Tony too because. I'm gonna go to the out. Nebraska Penn State game next Saturday are well. We get you to pick out we had driven garbage plates brought in. You're gonna have to miss some rules would vanish in the all right I tried to hide your dogs. Friday night. It's my going there Friday night and resort you don't go to an morning meg gonna get up early and only for Saturday. I don't know all my bright a 45 years when he's actually appreciate. We have probably not what happens but yeah Marc well good right off off. We. Know what we need to know borrow points for all next week in 2000 reverend moon though. Yeah. I want to I threw all right well while risk goes over that in class. Beating Clyde Savannah 61. To 28 obviously no contest there from behind to win you can pick and they didn't acquire its advantages score for dad's doing the that was the last time Arizona and. And the running game that may grow. I mean that there was a stir in one backed the bush Hebrew words thirty tackles on the mash. You'll only every year. In the outpost season if you wanna call it. I don't Ali doesn't but her always as somebody who has a coming out game. A year ago is that for Brees you know in the outplay optional from law. The far west regionals I'm down. And who escapes you and it is Sarah calico finalist a year ago I can't remember but for Brees you know. And whatever was. You know oil and Kurt Fisher does he. He doesn't show his cards during the regular season. I'm tell me the team that we sought to ruffle weaker goal last night and it's especially good team last night. Was nowhere near the team that I saw I grew so much better than a team I saw in week three it has stopped. Eligible Franklin bill and yet be missed point and last night I mean. If morals and cal Mumford that they beat if they cannot they just ran through them like the defense wasn't there you all how law. Rich says that they knew what. Or there. Mattel we're gonna as a runner past despite this stance there ahead of these often work. These guys just ran it was like you're there our run defense is nonexistent. Now I don't know because of the threw two long passes and jitters through a week earlier that once per scores in the are set up a score in me. I'll give bill Franklin real game and they were worried about the past I mean. This three guys there were honored Harris last night Iran's until you know doing. I know from experience apparent from going against great backs in College Board Michael Turner the burner and remove north. When he gives twenty degrees sometimes. Guys just don't wanna tackle. OK sometimes guys look at the score and say you know put. I'm and make a business decision here. Our dollars in it and I'm senators. Well they don't act I imagine that we'll look at Clyde Savannah was undefeated coming in that is it. Laps should count on for its leader and I think they're ranked number one. And Maple Grove moderate number five. I mean that's you I think it was you that sad when when Dick Gallagher was here. That will cushion thought it was going to be Franklin's LL can tell you thought that that was going to be their. We're probably able groh went around and read Franklin alt control why wouldn't I think that we're right up Maple Grove hoist those. Why haven't we jump to their conversation about above us cents one of statesmanship. At that time I you know I'll Clancy was I didn't the would you want to see you just and I still think that. I'm saying now what are you doing now I still think our best chances classy program. Our I don't own -- wrong again as I hope you do all over all the way it always know what they wanted to have ago don't you think I want you to prove on the good and the reds what is this act. I. Else I ever say this audio save this all else and years and lastly. Randolph Maple Grove the longest section six pretty much honesty. Is almost as long as I've been doing this for and it probably should've won in last year and order a fluke. I'm not all of it game over for Maple Grove they lose a ball when it probably would have scored and they went game over. Exit it's it's a tough deal when you can you open which you would mention plane in any. We awestruck plane at like the stadium and when these teams golden dome you know Heidi get over that. I mean you got to get cigars settled down you know. The last you know last week was executive mansion the players are so amp stop at that point I mean well once you get through the first quarter owners and it don't they can national sometimes I mean you look at there's like 5000 people there. And that's another thing that's part of the biggest crowd that last night and yet it was a great crowd earlier is all week ago. And so I mean that adds into a two and then you know these guys have grown up going to that stadium sitting in a certain chair. With their parents were receiving game and now they're actually on the field with the logo I mean. The video broadcast and that's another thing you know you'll rulers these little things but like you got a video bar broadcast so you can see the play. It's you just made or you just missed right there you know on. Or look at the scoreboard to see press chasing you pay are exactly so these things is new to so I think that all plays ensued. I mean at the it's still it's over that's right sixteen cents notes over there. Well either way I mean you get to you get to the dome and you know I know plane at the stadium every state of rich at the nerve is a big deal what you're going to the dol home. And your plane for the state championship the judges the fact that state championship. Is on the line I think that it is posted up even more. With the pressure but we've seen teams come in their mid Lucy Goosen co author when our murmured nor tonne Wanda. Grown in the dome and they were. Lucy you could be and that's our response to a detectives to just relies another game different venues keystone don't on eleven times for. Julia what will practice week been like for you guys parts nothing insurance. Nothing's guns aren't outside of just yell studying and and look for the things that you're gonna look for right in your opponent now heartless pretty much your source for. Game film my it is not united you you're you're gonna guess unfamiliar territory that's what's common Paul right now hollow as a source book and the next. Two years it will be some girls all races nation there you go how of them will do world what a shame this is you you have the online access to video. In DC the breakdowns are a game so. That's how you're gonna learn about their team is how they're gonna learn about you you have we don't see we don't get the whole season. The only exchange three games all restaurants so you you really tariffs and pieced together through other. Venues in different ways have seen if there's anything has changed from tendencies or maybe you know he might know somebody that's seen this team is later. And Carlos Ferrero Mazzone you know and daughter's room talked him. Eric definitely get your 50% of the two prior three games. The last is an app where I would rather have those trees anniversary in the season yet and yet boots sometimes so sometimes it's the season we start off. With a certain strategy and then they change it and then. Don't know why they changed. But you can see all the games and you'll understand why the change in what they do certain things and you kind of eliminate. Some say they were they and their review spread offense the whole season and they try to spread it didn't work. And they went suits have access. Now you know that coming but by this time relies treating you you're talking now far west regional and section championship. Rule I we just think it would even deviate from stoplight. Well no then they can go back to it right as what is is to throw that breakaway Liza Yost talk about it on the match ups. So they may look at us and say and these guys are good against the run we need to spread tomorrow and we deplorable. And so let's go back towards front office and the and they rep that all week all week and they did in his season seat. And I mean who knows of some our schools of this complex but we have the Google spread rim booze and tuba. And will run the ball were possible I think a lot of teams that you see that are successful in Lancaster norm as well. So to nieces and another. I must take a break when we come back we'll talk about the matchups. Going on today. And don't forget sports talk Saturday at 11 o'clock with cell and then at 7 o'clock. Sabres and Montreal race here on WGR Sports Radio 515. We're back one last segment of inside high school sports. And sports talk Saturday. Follows us again sabres and Montreal tonight. At seven lot of good college football on two today you've got. You know on a phone bills tomorrow so. Great time to be a sports fan during the football season all right let's look at some of the games going on today in class B. Cheektowaga is gonna take Einhorn now Cornell it no stranger. Two going deep into the state. Playoffs always a good program. And they column and at number five. Cheektowaga data Cornell is undefeated that'll be at 4 o'clock match up there. I'd hazard zones is doomed them room to room. Horn knows is good I mean there's gears here and you're out there are fantastic program. As tough team to be a Grier should absolutely so wish from the vast hopefully they can pull it off I'll plead tells taken nine cal mom referred. Byron berg and that's at 1 o'clock today. You know cleaves Nomar was a year ago today were at stadium. Watch them Carl real poured onto a comfortable first half lead and a self destruct in the second half. And number it was like two different teams. Any area talked Obama met him he just see moment gold toilet and every area on guard climbed gramley accusers you know usually. You have to get clean fill early if you don't Cleveland and usually control on. For whatever reason it was just like you're never came around like government after the event total us in my assortment of this is going to be a tough game. Absolutely tough game matter I measure earlier that don't object tomorrow. The only has he shown below announcements yet and I don't think as a we're down oranges thing it is it is our nose and ill or elderly powerhouse but there was a classy and her moon and it doesn't matter now are whenever class there and they do well. Well then it's kinda like about four years as they've been not this fire. Fellow right up that I read is right yeah 2012 was last animated. Far west regional. The. The other going to be it's going to be a tough match up again they during the rankled about higher than. So we'll see. The big game that everybody's obviously talking about Lancaster against a quine is. Lancaster comes into this ranked number two in the state acquire this number salve and require us has one loss as to 7 o'clock tonight. I mean it's a quiet as again a program. Every year there there there seems like they're the team to beat and they weren't even the best in the Rochester area at least during the regular season. My question you're able to Florida out of the playoffs. Now all my sources told Reid. It's transfered to unit debut weekend at all was a much better team. But allegedly at least in your opinion in my source they got completely out coached. Quite as hasn't given up more than two touchdowns and gained. This season are gonna go up against a powerful. A Lancaster offense that's a sentiment cancer isn't it no more than two dose of Susan under. It was somewhere something's gotta give and what is it what is gonna give in this game I guess that is Sanders can relate. Thirteen twelve gamers so point at a fair ball to reform. Well I to be honest I think is going to be offices and I think there's going to be scoring go lower here. But I don't know if Lancaster. News. Enough athletes. Shoes staying with the court's. They have multiple athletes that are there could be primary arms and hunting them seven I'm far. TJ Jones he had DOS it's 117 yards. They have rushing noble June here. Karen Robinson had 897. Yards and nine touchdowns. I mean you go up and down the roster they got guys that perform. No Pittsburgh Pittsburgh was a good team this that are. Yeah pitched poorly in or alternatively the president and register guard scenario so can nieces beat Pittsburgh 42 joins our current. Intel cornice be contagious 31 so. So like we said before my address or hasn't seen anything. The season in this area. And I think last week was to us bases perimeter. Against weapons of north not as drivers is concerned about like Kessler and I tested. Is it chemistry thing though I mean you look at link you talked about you know guys leave your guys believing in each other it seems like Lancaster is is the same way. There's the the out of each other's back to believing the child on Christmas seems like they have great teen chemistry. A 100% and I believe that's irreverent and one kids are CO in the store owner of the haircut thing I love that we're all a matter of Mars the bomber there's going to be. That's something that the team just buys into and they don't know believe once they are and that's very. But when it comes down to it. That cannot overcome a really religious thing and and that's what they're facing today for the first time this season I think their Friesen religions and I can't say anybody that they faced all year was a really good team. Coach once told me it's not the x.s and knows the jimmies and Joes in no way back Coates is a liar. Poker because it's always that X and o's it's always the coats. It's never the jimmies and jewels. As we are what I think your point being you're batting average and reason chose to do TXI aren't -- I don't believe I believe you can take someone that's averaged. And make them good. With x.s and knows. And then you can take someone good and make them great with x.s and correct it ain't about the Jimmy's in the Joe's because this really vote. The coaches and in the nose and you know what you know as a coats to be able to make the Jimmy in the zone move and do the right thing. Right and I think Eric rock is a solid is his enemy you talk about our rising star of a young coach I don't know person Robert groupings tomorrow. And programs these results there have seen his second year Cilic is boggles my mind though much success he's had. This really is careers they've bought into what he wants to accomplish army don't forget they were going through rough spot before he took over. And now all of a sudden their power house so at the airport deserves a lot of credit here. All right guys that's gonna do if Ross special lock. To the sections six teams today going up against section five check out our FaceBook page should there be results on there a little bit later on as. As they conclude and we'll have all of that much more next week with more inside high school sports west.