11-13 The Nightcap with Ryan Gates

Monday, November 13th

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It's. The nightcap with Ryan gates yeah nurture. And nightcap with rice and gates need. This person. Nightcap with Ryan gates. Soon. Time now for the nightcap fund telling you she are. Sports Radio fight. All right everybody what's going on. Lying gates hanging out with you here tonight caps on WGR. And not actually spent a long time ago this week Julio got about forty minutes here before we take you to Monday Night Football. Miami at Carolina house trying to read on the sport and I knew that Miami was playing in this game. But I I was having a real difficult time reading Miami at someone wrote up here so I was kind of questioning what someone roughly a Miami Carolina. Is the Monday Night Football game tonight and for the next forty minutes whether you should start dean Ian Williams. Or canyon Drake. Neither you have ball neither. Neither and I'll be the right answer is canyon Drake jail I think it's the mighty Dana Williams and not on now now it's it's clearly cable is questionable. So that's why go Kenny and drinking a lot played questionable or the other way to look at it is this might even not be needed to argue. Because you might play. So I. I'm Bryce canyon Drake start canyon Drake. And there that's that's the my cap on WG no of course saw yesterday. Embarrassing. Really bad boss. To the New Orleans Saints stands. It just gets frustrating ads as a fan I now pay gets frustrating as a fan and when it when he gets to this point of the season where. They they get five in two. Five and four now. And a trip to the West Coast against any. A team that at the beginning of the season I think a lot of people want to give credit to but first your head coach at the land if he wins there. Just recently coming out that Philip Rivers is in concussion protocol. For the chargers. So that adds a wrinkle to. Excuse me the recalled due to the game on Sunday. And yesterday was just it just another abysmal performance. And what might look at this team. Certainly there were. There were warning signs about this team and people wanted you to point those out a little bit and maybe I was just a little. I know I wanna devote that to be ignorant of it I wanted to think that this team could beat. A little bit different and there's still have a chance to prove that they can be different because believe it or not. The bills have a chance to go six and four on the season through ten games. For the first time since the year 2000. Since the year 2000. I was nine years old. I'm now trying just turned 26 last week I was nine years old the year 2000. Was the last time the bills had a record of six and four they have the opportunity. To do that this week ends. And it's. I don't think it's completely out of the question how to deceive is completely out of the question yeah parts. Patrick team like that. After game like that one of the biggest things that I hang out with this game ends the phone lines are open or 30551888550. To fight if you think some of phone calls. Before we we had over to Monday Night Football. But you you go into this game you obviously have these stinker against the jets the F ten days to prepare and come out and you have. Used to run over is it absolutely run over the Buffalo Bills and it's against a team that. Is going to be a Super Bowl contender it appears they've won seven straight. Their lone teams are the waters in a two headed beast are running back got Drew Brees the quarterback their defense is playing excellent. So. You're going up against a contending team and I don't think any of us. Well I'm not gonna speak for everyone but. I was sitting here looking at the bills as a Super Bowl contender a Super Bowl caliber team even one they were five in two. And that certainly wasn't I'm my mind is you know inform the fun right. Fun ride me before the for the season. Maybe we can get something out of the season won't be number eat meat seasoned guy I predicted at the beginning at number seven in ninth season. And that's the point of the season where where things turned to unravel. For bill's teams previously. Obviously there's 200820111000. Seasons are always looked out. As I didn't spiraling out of control. And a classic bills drought season. And the bills right now are in a position to. Not have that but they have to really. Have to fix a lot of things. That affects a lot of things figured go on up against a contender team and I think now especially after beating up the bill so badly. People are looking and thinking you know what this contending team for the super ball. And it just goes to show how far away the Buffalo Bills work because it didn't look like those two teams you belong on the same field. The office supply could get a push the defense of wind begin to push the their running a similar play up the middle. To the left side a little bit and getting huge chunks of yardage against the defense anytime they want it. Time place 94 yards. Rod rod run run run run run run run run run. It was absurd. Everyone knew what was coming. Everyone on the football field everyone in this stadium everybody watching on TV knew what was coming and the bills were powerless to stop it. That's what. Makes you crazy as the bills. It just makes you absolutely insane. There's one of those losses this just yeah. You you think about its if this season spirals out of control meaning there's a point in the season where where is it okay. I'll look at look at this the where they're being exposed and there hasn't been a whole lot of adjustments that I'd buy couple monetary general we have Rick Anderson throughout the season because I thought. That he has kind of adjust to the off fans as season had gone. But it seems these previous two games and maybe it's something that the defense is doing that it's it's revert it is reverted back. Tyrod Taylor is a running play action he's not getting outside the pocket the things that I think he needs to do to be successful. And if that's going to continue. And it's going to be these teams you know containing Tyrod Taylor keep him in the pocket as Cameron Jordan said after the game make him be a quarterback. And you lose these next few games. Native Peter is going to be in the game against the Indianapolis Colts. If it continues to go to on the stat it's just I think it's gonna be a fact if it continues on this past. Now I look at Tyrod Taylor and it won't build the biggest thing that I think anyone can say about Tyrod Taylor right now. Is he is a polarizing figure. He isn't enormously polarizing figure in buffalo sports the national perception album vs maybe fans' perception local media perception of him. He's a polarizing figure. People have. Vastly different opinions on him. And I think when it comes down to is he's not consistent all the time with what he's doing. He's not consistently. A good passer. He's not consistently moving the offense on the basis that I think this offense wants to be consistently moving. They going to after the game they talk about rhythm based offense. This is not an offense the entire year that I feel has had a ton of rhythm. Taken advantage of some pretty nice situations off of turnovers. But when I think of this offense it's never all yeah look at this offense they're on rhythm and they'll really get after a couple games maybe. But the raiders game was turnovers the Buccaneers game was turnovers. The New York just gave on the in the the first week of the season. Maybe a little bit maybe there was a tiny little bit of rhythm there. But otherwise this has never been an offense that I. Think of as OK they are getting drives. There's they're playing with a lot of rhythm they're getting chunks of yardage just continuing to move on the field. There's been certain moments where they vote that way. Where they do get a few yards on first down they put themselves in third and manageable like Eric what was talking about earlier today which opened the Bulldog. And that is when the offense successful because when you get to Eric Taylor in June. Third and short situations I think he'd be pretty effective as a quarterback just because yes multiple weapons that he can use. Arm like east York. Butts. Yesterday. When the offensive minds getting a push I think courting black is huge piece of this offensive line. I know he was all there on Thursday night against the giants and got beat up pretty bad against the jets but without him out there that left side of the offensive line looked. Pretty. There were moments when there is as defenders right there and Shawn McCoy states. Indeed. On the giants sweep there was a guy irate parents on that jet sweep you got Mike Tolbert. In the backfield I'm not really sure how much of a deep calling Mike Tolbert is going to be in that situation. If you are wrong now play with bush or McCoy. Back there acting as the decoy okay. How much of a decoy is Mike Tolbert. And Mike Tolbert I forget about them talking about Mike Tolbert for awhile now bans. That is aimed at getting peace of all this is the fact that. Key plays a specific kind of role he plays special teams he's. A locker room guy I got us I would know because I'm not in the locker room but the players seem to love him. I was watching video of him in the locker room and it's him playing basketball with a couple of his teammates Joseph lab and Kelvin Benjamin from Carolina. So he's well liked in the locker room all that apple at. May I just. Seeing these check down throws to him. Is is just get it it's so frustrating that so maddening to watch all that unfold in real time in front of you. To continue to watch it happen over and over and over again and this. They need to figure it out. They need to figure out what they're doing what Tyrod Taylor and that offense. They can't have him just beat this quarterback that stands in the pocket throws the ball. They can not be the answer that they're looking for. They need to if he is going to be the starting quarterback which is going to be the starting cornerback going this week last post LA. You need to do things that he is going to be effective. And he is not an effective pocket passer. He's just not. And I think we've all seen it now. That it was kind of encouraging on the first drive of the game first drive of the game the first pass that he throws. Is that nice slant to Calvin Benjamin something that against Carolina in Carolina game we're looking at slot plays we're. It appears that the receivers wide open. And he's not hitting them on the slant because it's more of a timing play he times it he'd lots Benjamin make a play. And I've been makes the play because he's six foot five and big bodied and that's the type play you can make. That's the type of play have to give them the opportunity to make it he's going to be on this football team. But when you're down 33. I cannot. I hear that clip from. Jody being pulled out of that clip from Rick Dennison. Talking about that play where it's third and thirteen checked on the Mike Tolbert and what Rick Dennison says about that. Addicts explanation of it drives me absolutely insane. All my guy. It's 3013 they dropped. Deep coverage. They had guys at the sticks and guys beyond that. No way no way he hears that clip protect us. Like most of all our players were trying to see what they do best at that point time wanna play Izzo wanted to call that that situation and clarify I was out. I have confidence in Mike I think he can do to. Coverage deeper we were working on high level throat change recovers from treaty to TV everybody dropped or at mystics they were at the levels in Norman the first I have to get a completion it's either shoving it down in their deep respect risking the ball for an interception or checking it down you know what hindsight we talked remote some not mix changed chances like we said. He took it is we need to find the Czech economy if we can make a first. In hindsight we said to him we need to take some chances and he'd hook it adds. Chucking it down and allowing. Mike Tolbert to make a play. Eight yards behind the stacks. That is absolutely absurd. It's just absurd. You have to take some risks that's not tracking down checking down to the opposite of risky is literally the exact opposite and at that point the game. You need to. It's already on hand it's like you're gonna come back and win the game. If you're worried about the score being out of hand it's already ferried three at that point and ended up being 47 attack. He got bigger risk. He has brought in this guy I don't care he was double covered. I I've I've mentioned this last night I'm watching the the Houston game last night against the Ali Lance. In Houston is getting smoked his is getting smoked by the light got Robert was of the 94 yard touchdown Sammy Watkins catching a screen for a touchdown. More insult to injury for bills fans out there after they watch Drew Brees and a seven yard touchdown into the end zone. Just more or insult to injury but you know what Tom savage was doing when he was down thirty to seven. Puck yeah Andre Hopkins he's running down the sideline there's two people on them. Throws it up any other Hopkins goes up and makes a play. We've seen it happen with Tyrod Taylor before he is capable of it. I always go back to the Kansas City Chiefs game in the first half of Sammy Watkins when there was multiple times Sammy Watkins is double covered and Tyrod Taylor gave him a chance to make the play. He's capable of doing it but he is unwilling to do it. I'm not sure it's coaching because you hear Rick done is in the air say Ali you know is there there at the levels it sticks in indeed. Throw the ball take a chance. The coaches and tell and you do what you need to figure it out yourself. In 030551888550. To 550 get a few calls here Korea and a break in Monday Night Football Jerry come what's going on them. Yeah I have one major point but. I kept thinking I think it irritate you. Or me to know. And second now so you don't know right. It seemed like we get third manageable. You not to. Worry about. Not all take care of the ball we have terrible ball yesterday where to get. You know there's a patent did yesterday. That every had a alcove to that he deeply governor. Helping we couldn't stop and didn't find the need to Joseph how are quite like it we. Get at you. And it worked every single time. And it worked now it's the elephant in the rule and every one know okay. I know everybody thinks it was garbage time but I got. Right when it happened. All out in time period. You know what I'm talking about. All come out. And and it never. Out. I know hey Jerry I and it's something that I I saw. In another game and it was the Denver Broncos game ads Brock costs Weiler who. I mean he's not any beacon of a great quarterback but he's not a good quarterback. But one of the points made by guys respond to block out there is a radio analyst he's kind of an insider Benjamin Albright. He mentioned during that game and it was against the patriots so I guess the patriots aren't team as any sort of great elite pass rusher anything. But charter Simien was taking a lot of sacks when he was quarterback of the Denver Broncos. And what Brock Oslo has been doing is getting the ball out on time I guess you'd say. And they did he gets acted yesterday now what's against the patriots pass rush is it really effective. I saw another stat tweet about I Jeremy White earlier. It's the percentage of pressure being put on quarterbacks by drop back. The bills are the worst in the league of putting pressure on the quarterback at eighteen point something percent and that's I think third worst were the patriots at twenty point something percent. So that's not team up with a ton of pressure on the quarterback but the Dell's got after Trevor Ximian. Els earlier in the season and they are getting a little more push out of their pass rush plots. If it's something that. I think the reasons Tyrod Taylor in the game is because you you committed to own this year as your starting quarterback. You're going to given that chance to be your starting quarterback as long as he has a winning record. As long as you're still in the playoff hunt and I thought that since the beginning of the season. And as soon as you go away from Tyrod Taylor there's no going back to. They're just absolutely no going back to sell you make the move you make the move this week you can't go back to it. You just have to stick with Peterman at that point and I mean. Honestly I am. It's it's crazy because I'm not fully very gaps for Peter man I'm really not. But I am much more receptive to it and I know it's a couple bad games from Tyrod Taylor but every time he has a bad gig you hear the same thing out of defense is every single time. Many can be a quarter. May can be a cornerback keep him in the pocket and made can be a quarterback. I'm not sure how you. How I was talking about this last night a little bit with neat to you I think Tyrod Taylor. Unless there's some sort of you know great polish they make the playoffs I think Tyrod Taylor has an opportunity to stick around I don't even think that's a foregone conclusion. At this point if they break the drought. Make the playoffs and Tyrod tort Tyrod Taylor is their quarterback. I don't even think it's a guarantee they bring them back. A must be restructured his contract again and takes another nine million dollar salary. I don't think it's a guarantee at all at this point. Bites. It's. Well they say show. I don't know I was watching a high school football team come back from nineteen downpayment left why do that right now that happened like a week ago because it just tweeted I didn't see it. Well it's pretty goes critical all news jail. Almost anyways if you go to Tyrod Taylor. There's there's just drew big computer excuse me there's no going back to it. There's no going back Tyrod Taylor and I think he's in there because they came in this offseason this. The staff in salt what he was in and the kind of workers any laws is they don't lunch pail kind of guy in the blue collar kind of guy always the underdog. That's kind of mentality. That they're approaching the game with right now and he fits that he absolutely fits that. After a couple bad games from Tyrod Taylor. It's easier to get there but I think I'm opening up to a much more than I was before because. We've seen the bad games and we've seen the great games. And we've seen the average games the average teams are 160 yards the bills have to have pretty good defense and if they get down by a lot it's. Going to be extremely difficult for them to move the football. Especially this year because they've lost their identity completely of being a football team a running football team they've lost that identity which they previously had. And now they're they're pretty much scrambling at this point in the season they don't have an identity on offense right now. They don't I don't I don't know what they do well on offense and actually this last night with me as well. Their identity on offense is not turning the football over and that's not good enough. That's not good enough. If real fight if you want 888. 5525. If your phone numbers here but had a break I'll run through some phone calls after the break in the mall will get to Monday Night Football. Miami and Carolina right here on WGR. Stay connected to our shows and get in a much conversation follow us on Twitter WGR. 550. Hey buffalo to lynch here from Burkle local office. Hey buffalo. Bryan gates here from WGR Sports Radio 550. It's my cap on WGR. Sneaky shown they're trying to take away in my airtime with some spots. Meets Finland. Timbaland. The good guy dead too much. It unreal by 51 EE eight by 5250. Or the phone numbers here. Got Miami Carolina Monday Night Football coming up. The first like saw a truck or some some phone calls. Quickly before I I forget I remembered I was trying to say let's talk about Tyrod Taylor potentially leaving this offseason even if they do make the playoffs. And I think he could go to a team. Where they they use him in a way that. Fits him. I really I know it's it's hot right now with with Kansas City. And with the Philadelphia Eagles I think the last of the Eagles and with Kansas City I think tyra can be really effective and he kind of offense at Kansas City is running. And I really wish that the bills would use more run pass option. It makes so much sense to use with the kind of personnel that you. With LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor it just makes way too much sense to me but that's not. That's not the case it's not the case with the the office coordinator that we have who. Can apparently not clearly communicate. When he talks about taking risks that he's not talking about checking down on third and thirteen. Yeah some job. You old school he is old school he is old school comes from that. Shanahan old school style. The West Coast the zone on hands yeah that's. I think there could be. An offensive mind that would properly use Tyrod Taylor but it's it's not hear the combination right now for me of Rick Dunston and Tyrod Taylor. Just is not working. And probably is never going to work. And it's spent three offensive coordinators for Tyrod Taylor. I really don't like Reagan as an offensive coordinator at at this point of the season barring some significant changes. I haven't liked him too much is offensive coordinator so I don't know I can. I don't know where to go on already don't know what the direction is I'm hoping they know it's comes Sunday. Six and for the first time since the year 2000. That the B six and four. In all BL OK and Tyrod Taylor hasn't he scheme on defense doesn't look like they're gonna get run over every single time. I hope we get there. And then McIntyre start talking about all of the deep into the the season stretch. The bills meal we have to be nine inside and if they wanna budget conference games into the playoffs. Maybe you'll get there. Maybe we'll get their vote right now after yesterday's game. It's nearly impossible to talk like I think that's still on the table. But it's just so tough talk. That's the way you are now with that loss. 97 you know 43 dress the way you got three you really hard gains at Kansas City and two against New England. Which either means you win one of those gains you're not supposed to do or you basically go perfect in the games that if these fans around here think you should win. But it like Vegas certainly is gonna think that experts are gonna think that. That they would beat the chargers colts and Miami twice. Going forward all those gains is going to be very difficult. And that's one of my major points about these past two games and by the bills really I thought. These are such big games it's strictly because of that positioning at the end of the season and allowing yourself to have those bulbs at the end of the season. Instead of maybe having the right now. Especially against the shots now oh loss against the saints and FC team. I wish more of happen they just completely demolished man of your team demolition excuse me. That happened and you were demolished by the jets. So it's that. Just feels that the just feels bad. But it's still there. Now I have seen it looks like trash in the bills. No matter what happens tonight that the dolphins couldn't match their record F five and four but the still bills will still hold the sixth. Seed in the AFC wildcard so they're still in control their own destiny but it's not day a team that's really. Right now in the past two games has instilled Hewitt any faith that they could. Go down the stretch and beat all the teams that they have to be. Of this phone calls and moderately hot for two on Mikey Jersey's ex Microsoft man. Well hi Ryan. Tyrod Michael allotted and it. Hey man I love that red carpet today. A packet mortal buffalo in 1999 and my first year lows he had a near the DiMarco. I want it to page you know in the mighty right. Just. What what I wanna youth we need to get played. You know fraction. You know hungry offensive and defensive coordinator. No it's not like that our problem but I think we need to do we need to get old guys look you know they have their outdated. And I think we're multiply or tightly Cordelia under you like directing that. That we need to go. And you're thinking about you do work in the area so they get chiropractor that you are. I'm not sure I'm on that farm like plots I mean that's hey you wanna you wanna get that sponsored you only started go find me and get some money for a billboard. It's on the on. I won't get that far yet but what it. Yeah I I'd love the idea that idea I don't know who that would be. Well who's good young hungry offensive coordinator coming up with new schemes in new ideas I would love to know exactly who that is. I couldn't Alia. I definitely gonna tally I think that's why get so many of these recycled guys coming in and out of the league. Because it's OK at least this guy's done the job before and knows the duties. Ship Cali. Chipped out and get real. Get real jail he would be what he's looking for not young but not young you are you kind of rally live rash definitely can be. I think he would probably fit Tyrod Taylor still pretty well that's I think that would work bullets you get out years ago. Chip Kelly it's awful. Pilot however quite New York Times a simulator is running through that a little bit nine and seven bills have 73% chance make the last eight Nate still 20%. Yes how bad the AFC's. It's not seen anything about the Buffalo Bills. You get to time in six as the Buffalo Bills tonight you're in. It's June Jones says 99. You're at. You're and it's not 100% but you're in if you get a ten wins this year in the AFC York and nine inside and and you beat a budget conference opponents which I mean that's the only way you're gonna get to 97 at this point you're probably and barring improbable runs from Baltimore. War. Don't raiders. These these teams are they have to make him problem out there for five but I thought one game off the bills pace. It would it's a tough road. The tough road for those teams top road for the bells and it's a tough road for those teams as well it got pat in the middle of nowhere pat where are you. Automatic victory. How. Poland whereabouts I that's my neck of the woods. I. Yeah. Paul Allen who just you wrote well let's go to our pentagon for me tonight. I. At. At a park and I'm article that. Got out. Ever. That. Your error but at all. I'm. Odom. I app. I. Well I. Well. That's our. But I think. Our. On our. All right. Eric. There. Yeah I'm adhered Daria is not being in the I think there's a point he made for that. He's batting Jacksonville. And he's a part of their rotation there was just part of the rotation here but they're decent run defense has improved to two games the bills' defense. Run defense and spent three games for for Marcel Darius. As has gone down. And of course against the raiders since a whole lot of rushing yards against them against the raiders. But that's because the raiders are and throwing a lot since Derek Carr threw for over 300 yards apart turnovers as well. I agree and I don't think it's time yachts. For. Peter gonna come and it would absolutely. Be a panic move in my opinion absolutely would be written. You've you've kind of stock your chain to Tyrod Taylor this far into the season he's got you. Not by himself with Tyrod Taylor is the epitome of a quarterback where things have to go right around and he's got you know 254. And I think he's still does deserve the opportunity to get this team into the playoffs. And the bills have a chance to get to 64 this week and tailors the guy for that it's like continues to spiral. That's in the offense can't move the ball. And for me it's still. At this point. They have to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs until then moves made I think that's what happens when the bills are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs what might not app and because Joba SharePoint percent chance at some point we get money for all about it here thanks Joseph later.