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They're pretty much sums it up or we'll name. All president did anything wrong that's arson me so overall Baghdad something that's saying that we have learned definitely learned missile. It's Baghdad and overall. All right so Tyrod agrees with the U he was bad. And the whole team was bad. 47 time I mean that's the that's. It's rare fighter. Even for the bills. For losses. Of the stumping for release him back started here reduce argue about stuff. You know we are here we were. Were local treasure or perhaps the show was a local treasure. And on days like this. Here's Jim on WGR Jim. I've elevated their quarterback can't reverse the between these two days. It. I don't think so. I got a question did Europe I think it nobody back there now are you got that he would what are your Google. And he stuff eatery or tenure as it is that illegal and there is that the coach. Colleague of. It's probably both so this is this is really the source of my frustration from before is because like what do you think and I don't have a number in front me okay Jim but what do you think. NFL quarterback success rate is on third and fifteen. You know like even even Brady if you want Albany times are they gonna convert that play. So battery now mark bright out so I just like not in a nice and judging Taylor on third and fifteen I know that everybody. Knows now he doesn't take a lot of chances but that's also a good thing. Eric you've got to mention that. Nobody does liberty target that was watched mostly if he had. Woods is every block you take great gains yesterday I think what they're like 150 yards at least block is at about 48 people pit touchdowns. Yeah woods had ninety for a one point brightness and a pusher total pre thanks Jim there there are good I mean they're not. Watkins is catching many balls but. They've got a lot of guys and they've got a super bright young coach at its seems that it is all about. Offense and pass saying in the heels of Greg Gurley which makes his passing game better. Also through girly. Mark he's Goodwin caught an 83 yard touchdown pass yesterday sell out because that tends that does that happen for us all it wants. Margaret did all the things that for a month or two McConnell liked him were saying they just all. Splat right I'm on one day to Taiwan Jones beyond Dave Thompson bush and Andre Holmes. So my forgetting Brendon de. Niro. It's your turn. And yesterday. Bill starting quarterback threw for 56 yards and all of the guys used to play for the team and catch passes from him scored touched. It's. All we get whenever those three guys are articles of the top three receivers the previous employers. Maroney being celebrated. Brian Malarkey at six and three all stalled once you know here we are mute wondering if the trouble reverend. Chris is next actress. You know I just wondering if when I was watching the jets game about ten days ago. I was watching it with a bunch of guys in and saying you know there they're not looking good in the first half an hour and what you're doing is they're here and tyra scrap. Straight back and the jets are on it seems like he's best when he's rolling out. And they did not make that adjustment. In the second half and ensure enough. Watching that game yesterday. Is the same thing they never have like I rollout in plea to his strength. If the line isn't doing their job. Keeping him on Iran and seems to be when he's at his palace and I I guess what I don't understand and I repeat creativity insight into it. Why is that why is that action not. Seen whether. Our quarterback. Short or he does not need defense as well when he's in the pocket. Why not only amount it seem to be really successful. And some of those games that we won. I can't call them I don't edit. I don't know disqualifies is inside him and I I have I have an opinion we did is if not I'm sitting here and I'm I'm using the word terrible to describe Taylor's performance. That's how I feel about it I don't think his coaching is doing him any favors. You know more issues with the line in the loss the jets than any thing. There to lead to even like talk about the coaching when you're just manhandled up front. Taylor had really very little choice in what was happening to him against the jets. I either get a game like yesterday I think I think you ask a good question what are rolling out hordes just extending place. Good these the Oakland game is is a group there's a great example of him. All of the source rolling out as it was it was a piece on out of the pocket in the and reset and I made mention of it numerous times that that the big plays he made in the game. Who were in place where. The ball was not delivered on time. It was him feeling pressure getting away from it and then re setting and then still delivering from the pocket but it just took an extra couple seconds. And you know that's not something I think you can exactly draw all if you're codes that you can't. If you want to move and you could operate. More exclusively out of the shotgun which he seems to be more productive and so I don't know that the coaching is doing an atomic believers. In a game like yesterday I think. That you still have a situation where they are trying. To have improved to them. That he can play the way they want a quarterback to play right and that is not necessarily going to be his failing when it doesn't work because you're not necessarily best utilizing his skill set. But bay they try to make him do something yesterday that he's hasn't been good at and he was trouble. Soul. One of my trying to do you know. More so. The round peg in a square hole with with Tyrod and I am I kind of agree with you might that. I'm not putting the blame on him but at what point are they getting used him to his strengths and trying to make him. Go their way it just again whether it's the Eastern Shore. Or he doesn't read defense as well from within the packet and and it just it's a shame that they can't use him in a different fashion because he is a flat. And he does seem to in other elements of currency benefits Burris was back in when you're running a play action. Just just and they just they just abandoned altogether the last two games and it's just the am back just the occasional. Well I think it's a really good observation. Thank you Chris and it's a really good observation is right I mean the organization. Would have. Decisions to make a bowel. Wind if ever you compromise what you are on offense given you know what your record is what the match up is what have you. I think this is pretty much on it and I think your point at the end was was correct that. That they are trying to have him be more of what they're revisionists. Coming in. That's McDermott it's Rick Dennison who was not their first choice for that job it is just the collective. As they want and there have been times this year work Taylor has made great plays doing it that way not just on the rough. So. There are also going to be times naturally where it doesn't work out in these two games they've given up more than eighty points. What he's it has that much of a chance. I don't know I got I just a hang in there with this season. He's the quarterback he's going to be the quarterback this week. In a couple weeks if that they don't want again may be he comes out and this season is over. Like it has spend as December comes many times in this playoff drought. But it's not situation today and I'm not really focused on and him as the long term option today really. But I think what you have here is what's just been said that they have is they have offensive. Scheme and they have a vision in this way and they're trying to make him work. As best they can or is it as best they can yeah I don't know him that I I think what what that does this has been a question. Almost from the outset here. Is it makes meager anyway question. There are level of confidence in him period they you know not so much a bigger setting him up to fail. So that's going to bet to me is going too far. And stating this but it if they have an idea about how the position is going to be played. It would take someone who they have extreme confidence in to break out of that in other words like. While this guy so good. All of this stuff that. It's sowell are approximates a little nervous. It's not exactly our cyst dumb but man the results are so impressive that we just need to wait. We we need to tailor this thing sorry not trying to be Q around. His skill set. And instead. You get. Suton really more the opposite which is. Yeah we know we know you can do that stuff we don't really know how to draw that up and we don't have beef it matter that makes us nervous soul. Here but it was a reason why when Peterman steps it is studs and even you know in the pre season when he only completed about 50% of his passes. Or even yesterday when he steps on the field. And it's possible. Because the ball gets out of it he just he's that he plays the position. Whether he's good enough to do whatever level. That is record of a starter in the NFL we have no idea yet. But he definitely adds the traits that I think they want. In a quarterback. It in that it's going to be 123 the ball is out over there. West Coast he's when Matt I mean this guy bet that's what he Dawes. We'll big picture. What they do a quarterback is. The big question one of the big questions goes without saying here's re yesterday ones for me. 16195. For a touchdown next possession three for a touchdown next possession eleven time nine. 9151111567. For touchdown. Three possessions in a row. All Russia's. Obscene. Yardage. And three scores like if I'm remembering the C game when the drop to 25 years. It's that. It's it's it's that it's the Mark Ingram and Camaro looks like the ultimate combination of butch and Sundance against me and I had a good season going amend this this team to town. It's and not not at all about Tyrod that point good or bad it's just. That was the story yesterday this team New Orleans. Just I mean that's like the big eight. Number the big Jae Kuk topic before was the big twelve but that's the big eight that's Nebraska or Kansas or something. I I I did I agree without a city yesterday I wrote today I mean you don't lose their. You know the quarterback is always going to end up swallowing us whole thing. You know I almost by virtual I'll be handled him to begin with it's just always a topic for conversation. But if we want it that way are we right we have. Haven't that way exactly if the device but if I'm really I'm living right now in one MIA we're not worried about here. You don't. I'm not at all expecting Taylor to over 56 yards against the chargers. You know I might be on the high and hoping for two quarter you know maybe forty yards rushing and like okay. I'll take that I'll take that day and and I could get a day. Wolf what I'm wondering is whether they'll be enough if my if my defense is. On the able to tackle and he. But we won't week I didn't all I mean I just I am really that. Team to give to get mauled that way. Is alarming and it's not just one game thing did happen in the jet came to both sides of the ball well world world even worse in the jet game and the good news for the office goes anyway. But. I. That's what's gonna be there you know I don't know exactly overstate this or keeping me all night leading up to the charger games are probably sleep all right. Bought. I'm an anybody to work I think that the test I'm gonna sleep if you're Samie hopefully tonight will be tonight here's JB with a solo. Hey guys yelled we are doing great today. You. Earlier earlier so you're you're talking about Jeremy that this morning. A pretty hard yards passing game. Was the same as the 300 yard rushing game and you send your agreed with the logic. I'm just curious you you agree haven't seen passing for 300 yards in the game the same as a team rushing with 300 yards in the game. Well mostly I mean in a literal sense sure to same number yards a meaning if you're gonna if you're gonna give me statistics about teams' records in those situations I can explain why those three different. I'm not about Uga but I mean. Think that the same I mean from a from a from a football game airport because acted. Have you reassert John at least pared record but I'll bet there are multiple in multiple dozens of teams that have passed for 300 yards per game. In lost. Yes that's right that's what I try to pay it off by what I said. Because they're behind in their throwing all the time and that's all you get there if you're rushing for 300 times 300 yards yer head all day. Slick yesterday. All of them so you you agree with that logic so would you agree that. You know 12100 pound dogs are our older tall order last year. Amid the. Ronald and I don't know it sounds so similar. What what just happened with the dogs in the steer I don't know man and I'm confused. I think if you run for 300 yards you're probably gonna win the game there's you know you don't that it didn't research it. The raiders threw for 314 yards and the Eagles beat him by twenty. OK so early there there's an example of over 300 yard game. Through the error that was impetus. These you run for 300 yards you probably controlled the game. Sold in gift or just of course over. But it is up the not the okay well the ball multiple streams of brokered 300 yards and a lot but I. Yeah but we we acknowledge that and are saying that bet TU every time you're talking about columns. I know I know that's true I told you why that's true bulldogs tried to tell you whether it's true and you're telling us what you guys you don't know that that's not true. Yes we do know that her critics and. And it's not the day. It's not throwing for 300 yards and did not the same as a team Russia or three because why. Number one if you were 300 yards to deflect what happened yesterday you were utterly demoralized it demolished but. Okay well if I come out and I throw for 300 yards right from the start of the game and take the lead which does not have been too much in the NFL Madden college football and if I do that I don't. I don't care if you're demoralized and winning but we don't see that in the NFL there's no point in having this argument. Because 300 yard passing games happened differently than the very rare 300 yard rushing games and we all know that. Thanks for telling us yeah I got it I got it I got it dogs and steer all my god I got it I know I watched the league. Europe to tell me that yesterday was a rarity. And New Orleans one big. Having it be related to their rushing stats I Knoll. Somebody who says the other point which as you wouldn't Tizzy for reasons beyond my comprehension. Just making a point literally about the yards or darts. Eight to get ten for a first down you don't need to rush for them a pass for them you can do either that's it that's that's as far as it goes and it probably shouldn't be taken anymore seriously the Mac. But thanks for the lesson. This is the eighteenth year of this. And and are being a real little. Freed I don't know I feel like I am I feel like I'm showing jurors exposure they're sure if now is a good time to backtrack. At all but. Which he's referring to 12100. Pound dogs worried 12100 pound dog because I don't know that such an animal. We'll have to find out tomorrow Isner and I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow. Two million more children the Bulldog back with the headlines next on WGR. This kind of didn't whenever things. What I want and don't roll it trigger phone I mean what we wanted to save yards sabers are to meet him through four there there's there's the sabres are terrible some other news in the league you'd care bills lost like 37. Which you knew already let's that you are a giveaway right now for trans Siberian orchestra. And a pair of tickets to check them out on Saturday December 16 at 8 PM values prizes fifty bucks. Courtesy of our friends that live nation in general contest rules apply a. 64 point 98 Saturday caller five an addict who bought Italy failed to make the World Cup and it's uninteresting. Item for headlines. That you might not have known already because of her body work was talking about this one maybe they weren't right Italy is not going to the World Cup for the first time is 1958. That's like even is that even older than Howard the CR old is that hold on a long ago was that. 59 years it's close is your 59. You can you might remember it. Remember thinking wow Italy's not go to the World Cup also I'm a baby. Here's Gerald where thus hello Gerald. I know aria. You know I really trust us you'll have to take this summer. But you know I kind of didn't think much of it until Iowa. You know I don't think it's this game has left blowout game it's going to be on the we have a dropped five years from now for me I had a great epiphany. After we lost to Carol apparently who mean oh my god. That's who we feel the trial gave. Well but you understand here of course Gerald reference or something from months ago. The way the wheels are out works and we're powerless it it just lands on a game the all the games were on the air so you know this game yesterday and the only way the only way this game or or that Carolina game don't end up on the wheel drought is if they win four more games or five more games and and the drought. There are real trial had its own power and it picked the most humiliating. Game. I am a herald wrote yeah thank you and thank you well yesterday was a memorable and its own way. And I think goes into memorable two bit that Sunday Night Football is ever come here once since it became the league's signature brand. And it was on schedule flexed in in the bills lost 56 the time. Is a signature. Drought event. Perhaps the signature Troutman. And that was a blowout. You now here is Brian without solo Bryant. One prominent defense but they want often eat sensibly. I'm honored there are playing while we are off or receiver unit but either it hurts yet but we treat others seem like it's raining a fine. You're going against Drew Brees well packer quarterback history in the elite eight ordered arts and I think if you want a view that is so Iran. They've quite outdated but to. That you or upload Iran's side that you would 230 pound linebacker now that report it turned around that top. This little earlier at the line got Ryan and work. At. And then. I mean you're got into brutal roster everywhere on the heat that the big game no doubt recorder go to Al. You know you got powerball number is there turning and a belt flatter plane maker app for so I think that. The biggest problem defensively and how are buried back your old seat is out there every game. Health care about the as the wind location that we talk about they're not good. And offensively. I mean remind me at that particular game do I mean that thirteen miners Bobby Burton it. They don't try to pro ball at all outfielder or right back there where we always are up well with. Similar where we will try to work where you are asking well. Is that the court Beckett we played the pro can not seen the light call you instructed not to allow radical it you know we have as a coach. Booster. That was not something you'll that it Bert and it's all about the epic yet. That they got in Iran are after the fall and now it's rare it's rare but we're never gonna compete I thought I thought I might. It's. It's not this team though we are I know Bryant like I I know third and long it's just. One of coach what is anybody's chances on the kind of down and distance. It's just. They haven't built that team yet and I think they want to but we have a season here that was unexpected. And you hold it up to the light. And there are issues and there should pay. And all of those are issues that they can't they're not gonna win throwing the ball all the time with this group. He still doesn't have wide receivers that can pick and play a mean meat beat Benjamin doing a specific thing can be of value to the bill but. How much so when there isn't a compliment that they don't have that team built the only chance this team has is how they were winning before. LeSean McCoy and this and that from Taylor sprinkled in. And takeaways. They don't get sacks. And they're not slow so that's all we're gonna do if they're gonna do it. And they played a couple of mistake prone teams that accommodated them and they beat them and that's the best you can into an game it's to win so they won those games and that's to their credit and maybe they can win more. There are still games on the schedule enough games. For media think it is realistic. That the bills can still make it. And you never know from the locker anyway the chargers. The chargers are the franchise in the league right now. For excruciating losses. They've come up with for the second you're rolled in a bad record. But a good team and they come up with the screwing us ways to lose all due yesterday to winning in Jacksonville in the final moments was not formal. And the fall and lost like that's the chargers restaurant ice ice island you're an interception late in the fourth quarter with a guy like it's almost celebrated. Yeah the British want you to needled. There were three turnovers in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter of and all they had to do to win was not bumble and fumble and so if you find a way to I'll mistake that team but now. They'll get their Africa that the that the and they have big. They've blown it. So. I don't like it feels right after game like that I guess to just be that's I guess because it was such a beat down but I'm not I'm choosing to do it. And choosing not to do what you just in the NFL. It really is hard to predict and the bills are in the middle. And most of the games they have left organs teams in the mid. Most of them moved to after this one coming up this Sunday is not loaded at the same game it felt. Very much I mean you know it's it's hard to make this point after you watched it and and they just got my. Mall. I mean chest just taken part. But. It was the least important game they had like that doesn't mean like you should have not tried to tackle any one all the water. That's a sloppy way to put it I'm sure they try to bring it to good Scott Dohmann. So. But. It is if you're gonna avoid the skid that has people reminiscing on pleasantly about 2011. This charger game is it is. Is like going on the schedule to me. Mean Kansas City may be is it what Kansas City looked like in the first month that month or so of the season. Right now but that that's a team that's not gonna give me the ball probably I am not expecting them anyway. To be a puppy a hole for cobra law play in the chiefs and Alex Smith because he just does not give the ball way usually so look out. If I don't get this charger game that is the chiefs and then as the patriots. And if nothing else here in a couple weeks where the bills have been manhandled twice. The patriots. Have hit the gas. We are you know. Denver snow covered group routine now they've lost what six games in a row I think Denver and rock cost Walters a quarterback. But the patriots that gap is back you know. Before a couple of losses here I was entertaining. A couple here and I can maybe tracked down New England like that dream is dead I bet money on it. Yet but I bet money on the bills to win the division and its parent. Six to one or something yeah assuming I'm unbeaten soul like that's over to me. But this game this game and is no way the the chargers are three and six right. And Obama's post the site. Told her forgot it like. If if they eat it's only Monday and I know this is gonna last. If they win this game Tyrod Taylor could go to the media and do Kelly in New Orleans and 92. With all right how many we thought we were gonna win today. And the chargers are three and six there are a four point favorite you know look. The point spread was for a game in New Orleans were Kelly was all cocky about how everybody thought they'd lose three path. The six or three and a half point favorite in 1992 against buffalo. Having home field if the game have been played here the bills would have been favored there's Kelly after they game going how many have you thought we'd win at 25 years later we remember that because like help. It was like it's accentuated his coolness he was wrong. It was not true that everybody thought they would lose because there are three point favorite but whatever it makes for good movie. I think Tyrod could do the same thing. Our British trying to show in the door I guess around your body to do that is our bigger underdog right now in that game and the same kind of despair is in the air I mean you got to do it first I talked this way last year the talk this way a lot of these years when it's not over. And then it gets to the point where it's almost over and then I'm willing to accept over ness and bomb but what this is not that moment this is not that week. They have to go and beat that it would be a significant price if they dated may. Right now they are in a playoff spot. Told it would still you know one night I think if they work win next week. Then Kansas City is cool again and Kenzie is now third game trying to. Kansas City. Here is Jesse next hello Jessie. Craig guy a portal for quick things go to prep majority though and and I'm actual question. Now awkward fingers. Now I optical output coaches. Come out after the halftime. And you've seen some kind of just had to say that I want them all the same ride that goal side came W us without a touched out. I wanted to open the last three games with a screen and two quick passes instead of establishing the line of scrimmage. Turnaround in demand for both that's established Ryan Polska. We kind of did that yesterday no they didn't do that didn't have a very good first drive. That not even know what I standard of bearings first. Wondered who play the game establishing the violence grow as we check how would. But you know Jesse your number of plays arbitrary. They they started with a good drive McCoy gash that sort of tyra white is they have to be to place only if the third play has good. I'm just pointed out that the first three day. We just got to establish Iran scrimmage OK so important and that says. The question I won't let you guys here's how long are we gonna give these coaches that honeymoon. Plan. I don't know statement so we established and they're saying you know. What do we don't hear. It only took I don't know I grabbed red ball missile or at or after Tim Urquhart Stewart we don't wanna talk Obama. And yeah. I don't know how long I'm going to be before I want to coach fired. I under I IE ID and very grateful this job does not require me to get my fingernails dirty and lift heavy objects. This question is the equivalent of bat in whatever world I live event. You you you go for you go to five and two unexpectedly. And then. What ten days later guys really witnessed a honeymoon period over Purdue's coach. You want the quarterback benched and we're here in a playoff spot you want the coach fired when you're in a playoff spot and he's a rookie coach. It's still better than lifting I still would rather him have this conversation in front of people and lift heavy things and carry them around. Brooms. And have to you know work like that like real work years ago I don't know I might I might. I might take but now if I had the list of them backward. I agree on amenity word. You want that line of scrimmage defined by the first four plays when the fifth play is good and they lose 47 time you could say guys really important your climate itself the slightest Herbert the first four plays fight is about the same thing. They got beat every where. It's not strategy. They got beat everywhere. Watched the game back and watch a goal for Washington. He's a pill all in this game to the saints center or guard. Snapped. But. Really strategy. When is the beauty get a chance to answer when is the honeymoon period over. I only wish to break bread is the honeymoon period over. Now is when money moon period is over a guy just ended with Jesse's call at 543. On Monday November 3 thing it did so that's where the honeymoon period at coaches watch that sit the honeymoon is over. Got that. We will take a break and talk about ice cream and a second much over the bulldogs WGR. Hey I would get a chance to win contests here for some world junior championships tickets. Prepare tickets the USA play Slovakia. Thursday December 20 at keybank senator. Text keyword hockey to 55515. Right now for your chance at bat that this prize is 180 bucks. General contest rules apply. Make sure you get your tickets check out the outdoor game you are saying candid take their hockey rivalry outdoors new air field. Friday December 29 as part of the world junior championships here in buffalo. Tickets are on sale of violent world which is buffalo world juniors dot com. Here's Jason next hi Jason. Eight a that we don't great linkages. Are still a great time to gain even though the law you did a real streaker. Bin Abdullah LeBron probably arrogant I ride yesterday. That's a popular. Line these days Diddy did you see it right from the start. We elected he run from the other end zone all the way here we're well what was reported entries right I missed his point of entry. Bet the all the other end don't away from the play come out. Ed and it at all evaluate port security guards and as I mean sure we could I don't right. Well no wonder he fell down at the end they you have been tired mean running a hundred yards buck naked in forty degrees like I was always tire me there I. Every time I run naked forty we you know on regards I get tired. Basically you've got to go to bring real called out man and anyone at CNET is Mac gonna be complementary. But I do a lot it is day. Our opponent don't respect iPod you know that's why they play the defense that they deal. And that's why we're struggling out and that's why I think over the last two days even argue. And it just says you know why why why risk injury he would get turnovers for the three and out power to the count. You know moon really. Yeah really really come on that's a horrible taken you know or may or. Did you know Lloyds. Right cotton. You know our frustration and Ankara and you know sure that's no excuse I'm frustrated about some angst. You you're you're called a radio show and asserting that the defense quit because they think Tyrod is terrible. You know what I'm proud of the leadership or they were you're entered or guy I know this is not justification. This team is ahead below average defense all three years got a winning record why pol. They are who are in the beginning at Erie. It's always make no don't don't put words in my mouth and this take these all lead. When when they win it's goes the defense tried when they loose screws the quarterbacks thinks is that just the rule about. Critically I think I have a winning record with Taylor is the quarterback the defense has been below average every year how do you tell someone who puts the facts in front of you. How that is. I am just saying I need to hear that. Where's Peter and obviously any minute rain beat him. You can't even try to answer that. Peter read in the pre season is your answer to that. Can't shouldn't a fan have to try to answer that question here to walk around criticizing the guy I met as he was simple question you won't even try to answer it. I didn't ask your question again I didn't hear what are you making that statement I apologize. They have had below average to bad defense his entire career here is got a winning record Powell. I don't know how that's how well that. You can't answer that yet I think for five seconds and it better quarterback. OK you know. You and you've got such a fine handle on what Iran is no doubt your right come on geez and you can't even try to think about it. I want you to I just over 500 right. Just like where the bell or. Wolf would be good enough Freel. Something impossible probably would be good enough for you I don't know for a bag and I'm not afraid to throw ball. And that we can't discussion table and this discussion two weeks ago when they were fired into into it Taylor was playing very well I don't remember your voice why you don't what we didn't meet Tyrod we want in spite Kyra if you say so thirty it's 17 over Tampa. Bay 34 points against a raiders I don't I don't judge like you we're from guys like you every day it doesn't matter what he does it's always not because of him successes are now because him and failures or all because program. All right that's why I get mad bull dog when he makes a reasonable point because I'm in this this such rich goat here I'm like. Kevin good to defend Tyrod Taylor in the big against the likes of vests there's no critical thinking here at all. There is just oh they must have tried harder if they won. How how are leaving the critical thinking that you can sit there in Atlanta bald face Greg McDermott and ever got to earn it and that he'd kind of I wouldn't it be seen. Peterman will be obvious joy. And it picked Taylor. What is this point now. My point is already there will it be any logic in that argument and you're gonna look at and AT and when you got Peter mainly above and beyond my shoulders. When it comes at a quarter. I think I think it's possible this would be releasing a lot. That the most ridiculous thing you've said in these four minutes. Is to express any confidence at all. Bet you any knowledge at all that you know what Nathan Peterman would be as a starting quarterback in the NFL because there is not one person who would know that. But you are building your whole case on it you'll just have it down you know he's good. Anybody running track wonder I needed better than Tyrod all of gave law. Hit two drives you were there user you're there hit two drives in the game there is not one person on earth. Who knows whether he would be good. You claim to know. No you don't have to give him a shot. You're actually what you would urge you would do it you would evaluate him obviously like I would like to assume the bills do. And then decide with actual information which I dated day analytical approach to looking at him and judging it. Not five pre season passes and a talk show. Ancient secret you covered with. You don't think you can outrage and ironic great statement. I don't think it matters. What he was in the pre season dislike it doesn't matter what any other quarterback is or was in the pre season every season. You can't judge like that you can't know it's amazing. That you seem to think you know these things when you can't know I'm not even the bill would know them Jason you will come up. You know again it takes to make Victor Matt's ability to a chair particular okay all of a horrible valued at Peterman is the third quarter. All the fans are gonna tell me all the fans were saying now okay. I know how I know important all right Eric I could talk to fans it awhile awhile and I know. All right Jason thanks for being a good sport. They kept coming up give Medicare common yup Neil there was really nothing there but he kept common goal bowl they'll. The good reads chargers. All we can go back to not hearing from. People right if and when the shuttle back to not hear from people as we go back to talking to each other that's hot dogs more better. I will say. I kind of known Jason a little bit he calls giggles my shall lot in his defiance even when the bills are way he was calling about it appear. The kernel so I was still hearing from him and he was still on that he has and he's. We're gonna walk around thinking that I told them or we told them that Peerman will be bad which we didn't we just assume that's usually how that seems to go. When. You know I don't know it I tried the tried actually just get somewhere. Why that's a question for me why would you try late we we are lately it was early. With the juices late in the drought is running the show today. Back after a timeout here much over the bulldogs thanks for listening to WGR.