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Back her tour event know that just comes with the position you know and it's a lot more than just this morning guys though oh say that you know from what I've been the starter college and things like that you know it's it's always team game you to do my job whatever they ecosystem is due and to support the starters were sexist. They've been Bittermann there. Played a little bit yesterday if you missed the game. Was toward the end. He's such power hungry they were just but let me get back and it when he. From the women he amended. Yes he does he's he's. Ruffling feathers out there and you got a really list. Evan is whether it's next on WGR eleven. They got going thanks. First noticed that a lot of Tyrod hater I just wanted to challenge Michael little bit to know a lot of people kinda could almost a majority of bills and it kind of turned it and Tyrod. I'm not a Tyrod a year bought. I think the majority of bills fans didn't like him the first day. Because they you know he was too small and who's gonna get hurt and rose. It I think mostly cited over the process that capsule one EJ Manuel. Went on my erratic but anyway via that I wanted to get to. There's there's a a couple of often step keep Pico and see how the offense is going and all three years this is just for this year this is all your act 1516 and out seventeen. First downs per play in and re now percentage for me it's cute. And appeal that I'm like damn near last in the league all three years Tyrod as a starter and that immediate is a killer. And I think it showed on appeal I think I mean I don't they come as a surprise. And an altitude wanted to ask why you think you almost don't income fall on Tyrod like because just because someone is in that doesn't necessarily. Mean their good night so I got I don't think you can call ironic good player and I think effort you call him I would player a lot sure if a white. You're kind of like me you wanna seeking that the pats pats pats are a big effort is there before don't even on the ball and I know that. Puke yeah that's right I'm kind of wait you think Tyrod could ever. No no but I hold no. Particular aspirations for the bills to ever be that team the bills of almost never been anything I want. Oh what a hurricane watch golf which core though our quarterback who's let the leak for years like. 3030 for the 32 we get Reno percentage. I've never looked at three and out percentage I don't know what else in my getting like his interception ratio is super low. It's actually when I get rushing yards out of Taylor that have value you know I think he's a bug. Well good leader I think he's only ever represented the franchise well I mean I'd I don't know like I just think that there's a lot to look at. And I don't think he's the quarterback to throw the ball over the field but. Again I don't ever think realistically about the bills being that team all that almost everything they've ever done since I got into broadcasting his. Do the opposite of what. My fantasies work but they're just gonna run it and you know be conservative and Hoyer conservative people and like I it. About I don't know that I'd be right it's just like those are might football fantasies. And so no I guess he wouldn't be my quarterback by how does that work to get to pick anyone I want. Rated to pick Aaron Rodgers and have him be the quarterback in my team to I got to pick somebody out of college or who who who are my options part of my. Feeling about Tyrod Taylor right now is what are my options what that's the real world. What is gonna happen here in the off season and if if they drafted a quarterback early in the draft even win a playoff appearance. As we've been saying. I do not consider that surprising I wouldn't consider that surprising. Or even really that controversial. Because you wanna be better so you can go tried to do that. And I would probably want that even after the playoffs but I just. If I may say one more thing. That the guy was like sort of trying to dig in the mile what is going on in my head working on the show having these conversations. It's I I. Think I'll be better off not doing this but it's always the micro for me not the macro it's a horrible points the condom to move our feet. It's a horrible points that like the the guy before the last update. Horrible but just give him nor respect bit make these grand. Horrible. It conclusions. Of of all why things are the way things are on the field. And so yeah but it sounds like a pretty damned dog again because it's so bad the argument is so bad. And a comment about how good he is can be one thing and what that sounds like the callers presumptive. On the errors is another. Camby and other. I like I don't dumb I don't dislike him but I definitely want to be better. I'm always gonna wanna be better and this the just because I think we know Taylor is. And yesterday is a part of that nobody be he comes with Lou the potential to have days that are that bad. You know nothing there's been a lot of fifty yard passing days and I don't mean overstated but he yet the potential to have a days and are just ugly. But also has the potential to have some good days and I think he's had more good days than bad days. There and all that said I think that still means I need to be better crack I think I do need to be better. I don't have the third down stuff memorized nor my studying it but. They want why it would matter to me is an inning game that say like the Oakland game last year that's getting away from me. I'm going three and out three and out in my defense getting right back on the field I'm like I don't know I guess I have I don't have McDermott in my head or any coach talking about. What we're one of the newest buzz he were freezes and football complementary football spike and just. Give me a break and just give me give you thirty yards and I don't even need a big explosion blade I just need a break. This is getting away from us. And situations like that. May be think about the three and arts. Soul you know it does not everything but. It's it can be a problem. I think it is indicative of a player that does not have. Consistently the capability just moved my offense. By passing the ball. He can make he'll make it was gonna make big plays only those count too when he's won more than these laws but I don't know that there's enough there. So I'm still gonna be searching for that and there's no guarantee I'm gonna find it when I address this player next April were wherever I choose and if I do. But I think I gotta keep walking. Here is mark next time mark. Our guys. What are the what are what are fully familiar there. Is the school and actually. I do appreciate them laughing anyway. I'm I guess they Ouattara supporter and I've all I've liked him since he's under pews are here one of the things I've looked at what's happened throughout his career here since. Positive yards and I want to say positive yards I don't just mean gas in your I mean what he thought he'd also if you look at is total yardage. Which combined rushing yards you break up that are which. You know some of I'd say he's up. I've been at least lived over 50% as far as yardage goes the one thing that I saw. Though like with the New York game that offensive line it was so horrible and he is sitting there a chance to green back there at all. Soros open that you would come back and actually look respectable against Hussein. And at some point during that game yesterday I was like all right and possibly not let's just take a look at here man. And get a chance to look at him and not real. Life game. You know all. Type of that mr. I would like to see him in the third order somewhere along the way you know justice feel we got. Yacht we asked McDermott about win do you take it take him out when you take Taylor route I think he might I don't know how specific he wasn't his answer but. You might want to. Guard against and I would guess that he would be this way. The perception that you were auditioning. Taylor's replacement it's still Tyrod Taylor season. So what he got what will we got was Biederman went in when the game was vet far gone. And that's also when Brees came out because the game was bat Fargo on all the backups were in. By gun so. A vehicle like a lot of coaches McDermott comes off to me as. That any of the questions about who the quarterback is our annoying. And can be problematic. If you don't put them right down he gives very short answers but it's a quick no when you ask about. Whether Tyrod Taylor. Will be you know bright replace you do anything but put a guy in at at and liked it as late as he put Peter. You were I think run the risk of having even the team think. We don't quite get bruises where we. We need trying to get it in the game by doing this that's interesting crowd wasn't expecting that. What do you do right that's as old and allocated to right so. You know we'll see I think you know you lose a couple of games in a row now it's it's it's something mean before the jet game. And I would've been guilty of assuming the Eagles were going to be the jets' Leon was not anticipating. Losing that game it was points possible assuming we're expecting them to get. And warmed like they did. But it it got at five and true it got pretty. Pretty common. To hear me say. The idea of Peter and playing is dying. But that that is what is happening here this season that is dying and you lose a couple of games in a role and now you've got the chargers in the chiefs on the road and guess what. Click oh or losing streak and of that is. And that is backed above ground for me it's Indianapolis at the soonest and it's only if they lose every game between now or would be would be Oakland. And the M Indianapolis. Here is Jim where thus urge them. And Gary thank you Michael I woke up when I'm feeling minute quick observation that he and there's I've read it would senior you know one of things that everybody kind of like the respectable boy terror interceptions and a lot of turnover and I think when it becomes a price. You know it. Our way to go equally here are intercepts. But pirate who worked and I and I think pirate it or did they think he looks ticket window like maybe Benjamin quick opinion. Not reject it over but as they wait. I don't think we have well I don't think you have right tackle football in high powered down the field ops I agree with. And I believe it was back. And Benjamin doesn't get open and Jordan Matthews doesn't get open Lindsay Jones is hurt. So good luck. It impacted you act in open but at air Roger. On both the guys were pretty much upper. Both completed at. I know but I'm not comfortable making them the standard especially Rogers you're right your your point is is correct. But there can't be only that highest of standards for whether or not you can get along we your quarterback. He'll probably in the middle would be a good shot what did you know lately before it got hurt was thrown through airport arched up yes but we're interception. But again in the shot. Which you're talking about to go is the biggest talent that the raised a lot of quarterbacks that have gotten a lot of credit Derek Carr is one Matt Ryan is one. Tammy hill I guess is one without as much credit these are guys flack go these are guys who to me are not better than Taylor. Taylor is right in that class you wanna rank nominees that first okay like Matt Ryan. But he eased in that group he's different than those guys but he is comparable. To meet to those guys even Alex Smith. Guys that do not like Watson Rodgers and Favre. Deliver Watson who looked very small number of games amazing. Colossal touchdown plays you know it's just it's more reined in. Yeah I think I think the point also here he's to be made it is in Bob this subject is on the table that interceptions overall. Are just guys throw fewer except you mentioned Brett Favre. And the idea of player playing the way he played now. He just does not it just does not happen. As quarterbacks. Are coached to take better care of the ball the idea of the gunslinger. Putting you don't. Putting his team at risk by turn the ball over is almost all but dead in the week it just it just does not happen. But it guys take care of all the best guys take terrible. Well you make your right now that they want ordered the anabolic are being under anymore. It's more fun yeah that's more Fun League if you got ice truck on the ball all over the place you've got turnovers and like it if everybody's playing that way great. Thanks very much better get up. Yeah I mean this team thank you Jim. Were about out of time for calls this team got to five in two. Because of interceptions. I mean as much as anything else because of interceptions. So I'd advise against dismissing it you know with respect to tailor it. What he threw one yesterday's thrown three this year to have bounced off of Charles clay. Like. You put them on clay if it were like a could if this network kept differently some of these interception will be on the quarterback and others would not at The Beatles would not. To of course expect our well. Eric Wood coming up Eric has his event at big ditch tonight forest foundation. And women we mention it with salmon were going to it so we will look talked to tomorrow but stay tuned for Eric Wood on Buffalo Bills football Monday then Ryan. And then Monday Night Football Miami at Carolina coming up here on WGR. Buffalo Bills football Monday from the home of the deals WGR. Sports Radio 550. Hello I'm Eric would join show in the northwest made this. North tower automotive. Sales service and selection to the nth degree in computer search payroll services Buffalo's payroll service with the buffalo prices. Part of harassment western New York's traffic it turns your ticket to justice dot com. Welcome back Buffalo Bills football Monday. What show with a Bulldog here are joined by bill senator Eric ward who by the way. Has an event tonight at big ditch Eric you select tickets for sale. Are police so I've been noticeable only. I salute you ability to look at extort one log of that sort so not tonight it sort of leakage current open. For your foundation and Samir teammates will be there. You know magic the other they're pretty a pretty good turnout some team. Made yet though but the money will go directly to appear or fund. We provide financial assistance to spammers who secured your horse you're. Excellent well no way wordy set up really is cold for here Eric what do you think happened yesterday. Glorious there was about as we get you know we. You know speaking authentically. We external. Drive and then back for export. So you know mop up duty at the end there there was. We couldn't get anything going we. Or. Know. Negative plays in got a lot of Burton law owns. There were talks tough to give we didn't convert them in that we did have third and shorts I was reading convert those stand appeal. You know that you'd like that was with an offense like they have. We knew we wanted to stay on the show how old plot. What do you do that and you don't just to support us. Did. They do something that you weren't anticipating. Or was it just breakdowns. All over the place on your and. Also most gorgeous the lack of execution. You know besides. You know they had at a time we play call state blitz that they're all the loot to eclipse the motor running York jets week. In the got to make a couple of what do not necessarily looking out he's it is not a you know the pressure that you. They aren't. First and second out in the old out of this and they've they were little pressure that all that and they just Collison when there though probably call on the other one. Waksal. What are we get all right. But you're down like that you don't sit on the field here's our get that many opportunities so. Biopic picture and it. Getting a lot we need to build more productive person second doubt that personal stories about converter doubt they'll appeal. And then. Kind of small picture. This little more one on one matchups. That's you know sort of problems. How Hulk frustrated is your group in particular with what what we've got is now two games in a row that just tonight. Physically did not go your way. Source. A autopsy mr. That hasn't shaken we've. We've had two tough weeks. But that you know this it's along to you that we replica ball here. Which echo in the tank this poison works in the spotlight for. You know we. You have a lot of football atlases. That a great opportunities but also. Or focus from. You know right now forward is beyond. You know. Getting back to fundamentals. They had it figured out a way to beat the chargers. Eric help out judge assured the emotions of this scheme I mean it really was about as one sided game as I can remember taught there in bills history in that respect. And you start you get the ball first and there are couple of dashes in in the in the running game with McCoy and then Tyrod and I don't know it's very early but somebody might have thought Wallace's. It's looking great this could be easy for whatever reason this match up is. Is nice for the bills and then the team goes 180 degrees. The other way and I'm guessing that for awhile you're like okay were hanging in there and then it gets to some point. And maybe you just goal what is going on with people leave this happening just may be like other fans wore. In this game so what what time do you recall about just how you felt yesterday in that way. Yeah all in all we can all at war and brought. Great little looser and more on we've been really a lot of power third ward where prowler slipped to shady. That those great call all of our next lawyer I guess to play later I don't regret back to all later biased. You just want to give them a couple so they'll play it outwards when the gun and do it pitches. Do you tire battles dual aired then we ran a great girl there. But in that we had hoped although it out so stall it. Such as he sort off. What certain little. Eat. You know especially with the game still are hardly even know. Our amnesty. Recruitment and use it and then we we never got out one way. Hey Eric were to take a time routers happened last week who sometimes you're sort of breaking up in the middle your point so it's just maybe take a second and see if we can't. Rectify that bill senator Eric would put us on the one last week to economic times are really hard to hear him so I don't know fees. You know driving or whatever the deal is that we can establish a better better lines yeah we'll just play them did did you have any certain thought early in the day like. Oh Wallace who BC no holes Knoll you know what I didn't say anything to you because I'm not be proud of this I was I was I was really nervous about the game. I really didn't feel good about the game and I think those you know again my mood was probably affected by the hockey team you know we Friday Saturday it was really. The depressing to me watching the sabres. I got to the game yesterday just thought all I'm I'm and I'm worried they're gonna get some and I never said it and like what I mean. What does that really worked. But I did not know even when it's started. I thought OK well. We will see I was not Tom. We're not the I never felt comfortable at all about the matchup in my can't really tell you why. I did not worried I wasn't worried about them on defense in this game but I was I was wrong not to be beaten beaten. All right Eric you back. About good all right thanks hopefully we'll have better. Federal lockyer. So what you've said already like you you guys you think your guys are confident in everything. I mean fans or are you some fans will be like that most will be. Not confident and in harking back to. All of her years. I am assuming you think it's very important not to allow all of the players were. As a player to do that. Yeah absolutely in. You know and so we haven't given the Ayatollah DP excited a couple of weeks on the same output. Totally. You know we we played great all of which are our people to go. Yeah we need to back then hurried into it like it or I have copied back to playing ball. What gutsy display this year. How whole whole different issue on McDermott. After these games I mean this is a coach that you don't your bureau little more than halfway through your first season. With this guy and I know you your reviews of him your opinion of him. Have been booted a very positive. But a couple of very crooked games in a row and maybe especially with it being home game yesterday. And I'm curious about his approach to the team may be right after the game and then even Monday morning. The approach such element that we need that we that we need look at the Celtics go to our look at it. Have an honest. Look at it. Ever wondered if it is our. Poem into daughter probably you know at least he always talks about you don't lose a work permit in that you continue to get better. And you'll coaches pretty consistent win or lose. You know gold belt the grind getting back to work. Dictator from a winner needs. Then insert it was a different we took a look at film. You never saw him after daylight just put. It's that surgery and on the Arctic I think there will be growth came out yesterday. Although. So problems. Little Richard didn't take that to happen. Eric the two coordinators also did org offense and defense of coordinator did some media today to and I read that Rick Dennison said. That he called want to steal. To talk about the game and said that the bills have to do more of quote what we do best. What do you think that is so as you see it I not not even necessarily what he means in your mind but just what you think. Is what you do best and may be whether you know this is a good idea. I anticipate this question after that he says that I don't in my opinion I don't it's. So buckle inflation won't. What we do perhaps as we can stay on schedule with grown and play action on normal down and distance. It's a third a manageable. Loan and then take a workshop please you know mixing screen withdrawal of what what not let. New York shot placement in special forces have some awful play action. Play actually generally is more when you're sitting out here to bring it urban games like that Denver and we wouldn't run the almost perfect or you're prepared Lawrence. But it kept them honest enough that. All the hard yards came in the play action game so you know I think it did in in guessed it would look like that if we're Republican or some of those. Third downs in it and we give them a total of but until those big negatives the large play so. You know that's. That's what I believe we'll get back Q that's not a secret that's that's how we're built the hotel to talk about wanting to play only to be here until we have proposed pure play like. I'm curious when you do spend their time looking at the film where like how how often in any game that went the way yesterday's game went. Will you see examples. Of well all banned Vick they were in this and we didn't recognize it and we should be changed a photo of what we were doing. And and if you met I'm curious did the how much freedom does Taylor have as you know it. To change things at the line of scrimmage of the defense is giving you guys a certain walk. Tom hit some sort of on. Generally. You know all of our players can be. Try to try to go to a different place he could potentially check it. Or it looks. Early heart to secure its task well good. It just on the Nextel holders there's generally built didn't protection were warned not to like change of formation and they did it go a drastic growth. I don't know but it. Does Britain aimed in it and all of the walks so yesterday. The net so excuse mr. Koppel. On all the help reduce. That we're timely and their end when we head. Certain ones on each individual or internal pressure and so are not like in their output. Them you know ultimately. If we get a push upfront about Burton won at those sometimes it doesn't matter if there's an actor the undercover. More with bill senator Eric Wood next here on WGR. Yeah. Derek Roy without so much show the Bulldog WGR. There here's the point that came up on the post game show yesterday. I'm still thinking about. So Mark Ingram after his first touchdown jaunt into the crowd and was therefore I don't know ten or fifteen seconds in the receipts fans all around them. And a guy called companies like how could the bill's not. Goal over there and get them out of there. And like my first reaction was I didn't really even think about that seems a little old fashioned but I I still. Wonder if maybe there would be. Players on the team who wish they had or even I don't have even noticed it was a talked about what what do you think of this this question. Both. Personally I didn't even notice it alone. You know. I don't know exactly how to build up that it would probably be to follow on do I was born he took that happened around here. It's sixers on the that happened around it's an architectural direction would be. I'm sure we're. I don't I don't know really what to say regional and built a purpose experience. If you took the new group but also temperature and voter check in a pretty quickly themselves. But in a situation like that it's. It stops its starters you're probably gonna get by the unit in drastic. Until you some drastic it might not suspect any let's talk about also usher. Right brilliant fans could be involved to Flickr's rightly be data element of it as well but I have the same sort of hesitation about this I feel like I can hear your voice. In the back your mind so some voices telling you defended Dirk like it's pathetic it's a him dropping into the crowd early in a home game is not you know. I don't know it's if it's a slight or anything but sensibly and you guys would would appreciate. College something similar happened but it took it a little forward Oleg getting ticket that would play against. Oh West Virginia much needed here and that you like jump at that fueled our logo there and you know to mow all kicked off about it ain't so Joseph Arnold down in the end zone or adults are consistent all our players. Upload it to excite the sort of what's gonna jump around these dual. Don't jump on it you'll. Archives are right there and I think it's an epic fight are our that are sorely. Didn't. Luckily didn't connect. To put it all on the outs. And discharge him was right above all our friends silica here talking he and I would go public now that were actually this time. Mean I thought that line up how about the streaker though that a word now it's 47 to ten or whatever. Like Q and you laugh and if you wanna laugh or you're trying to not get caught laughing. I was lost in all of first thought it was a fight you know you hear the crowd struggles grumbling you know the sooners are fighting on the secure. In in the stands addictions streaker. Home. Mean very able political thought naked. I'm sure he'd give middle archer a water. People talk about that torture content like the same sentences expose herself children spoke sure. Were it not that she and her kids and women that worked at the event but. Pretty old Luke. Now it's not it's not something that. And all players would take lightly to say the least you know what a guy who's not supposed to be their running around probably drunk. Acute you don't know you might think you know it's harmless but you don't know that. What power you in these situations and you know of a teammate that it takes it especially seriously. No army have had we want to put your crush a move out to predict popular topic of arsenic in the walker got some game we're pretty you know the oh yeah there was an all of the discussion. Strictly about that their shorts on. Ultimately had to. I would dinner you know you're like octave and how this today and you're you're you're blessed by a security guard his regular turn and run out of the tunnel it out here called. Oh observing. Market at assembly or further tell they had that particular that though it. For me and him. There was note that we give up without a conversation that they're sure yeah. He dealt some mean I don't know what the view though the penalties hear could be pretty severe and serious. So I'm reluctant to say the weight exercise it this way yesterday like he got his money's worth. Mom immediately got it all out of that that you could get out. I would tell me he got the full feel old got millions home there's an end zone dance there are a little bit flaky. It took awhile for them to apprehend him sole. Again I don't know what n.'s opinion worth and immunities you know serving time for this there there's a far bigger fine it's important. Maybe it's not your money's worth. Boy it was whose memorable single. Memorable. Out of the year and they look like he sought. The look but he thought it'd take you now before when this all about bringing people global now all of their upfront right double. You know but maybe there's getaway. Vehicle. I make it out of their self. I would guess that enough that I have any experience in these sorts of things that there's probably not that quite that much planning. Korea I would agree on a technical. The they're. Little did you get demolish the post or actually it went down you know was a day. There aren't Jeremiah told those ought not one little W wanna listen side. Well. Hey Eric are you doing the thing this week like you did in Seattle last year where you are trying to stay on the same time's own. Yeah we'll be forwarded brought audible and bullets you know he's just don't want it. Or hockey submitted. Oca today do you know anybody who's played a game in that stadium Mets really small and may be it's. Like unusual for players. Art don't. Dorgan interfere with Nick Hardwick tomorrow who's. The short little sort of apology or yourself out there again outplayed us ask him about battle with our. I mean fields same size so. Right but it's like 27000 seats and not a lot of chargers fans it seems. Other sport all all told that all the all all the old boy question. It was its own bills broker solutions wolf we'll have proposed criminal record this year. And a 100000 seats or so where he met him. The chargers are talked to block against. You're watching local market today and I'll vote so looks good you're urged. All call our. All the other routes region. Currently being chocolate out a lot of there are also means if you in my house. Fill out all you can lob and then it but I don't want to put it. Dude also our own little world for good another good test. This week. Are able hang in there tough one yesterday but we're so lucky enough LA thanks. Campbell C tonight right right yeah you want to mention that again and he's going to be trouble something out but it does it big ditch 69. Don't think this is so volatile market. And they are also good also didn't do you do have to look at also lost the king wants you to white. Yacht may be we did that mean streaker questions. From the charger stadium would probably do but merry right thanks again we'll see down there later. Although he hopes okay Ryan is up within a very short show. It might not even get past the credits. Then Monday Night Football Miami at Carolina CF sneaky Joseph makes an appearance in the Ryan's lineup tonight. Mike's over the bulldogs see tomorrow sabres game tomorrow night this is WGR.